$5 Vs. $980 Swimsuit

$5 Vs. $980 Swimsuit

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This is about 950, whoa, I knew, she was going to bet, he's off, to. See your fat, ass. We'll. See what happens. Hey. I'm Chloe I'm Jasmine, Mina, and it is swimsuit. Season yeah. That. Means trying. To find swimsuits. From, all over the place to look good on your body that are cute that are you fit. Well look, good in pictures yes, we are going to compare a bunch, of different swimsuits at three very, different price points so you can make the best possible decision, of where to buy them and how much to pay etc etc, so, what we're going to try and do is find the cheapest, ones we can anywhere, on the internet see how that works out for us since we can't try them on cause I'm nervous then we're gonna go to like, your mall stores. Mall let's. Go, they. Were gonna go to two mall, stores. I'd like a mid price range, and then what we're gonna do we're gonna have a stylist, come and show, us the high-class expensive. Swimsuit, that none of us will ever that's right again, this. Is a once in a lifetime experience, yep, I'm expecting. To be surprised, by the low, costing. One because I feel, like I'm always shocked, when things are super inexpensive the, high-priced, one I'm like it's a swimsuit that's what I'm like how how, much. Hendy, value be like is it made out of diamonds so how do you guys feel about some suits I'm like okay, on them listen I love going in the water and where. We live you can't be nude don't have to find a swimsuit my thing is that I love like, a nice black, one-piece, I love to keep it classic, my biggest, difficulty, comes with, like when you get into two pieces because, my chest is like pretty big for my frame sometimes, they sell the top and bottom together. Things. That like yeah you're probably why, yeah, I feel like I'm just looking, for something that's really good and really solid I don't swim. As much as you probably do I'm a waterfall. Of it yeah. I'm more for the Instagram, aesthetic, like, can I take a picture, this will, my ass show, I hope so but, my problem is having, things fit in store. Is just not an option for me and buying, things online can. Be really, difficult I mean I'm really lucky in that I can shop online or in-store and, everything, fits. Me I love swimsuits, but I'm only just kind of like really, getting into them so I want to try out all different ones just to see like my favorite, type this year's the first year that I've liked showing. A little booty yeah. All. Right I think it's time to go find some suits suit, up. I'm, gonna start on a wish is insanely. To you it's just that the shipping is really slow but we, have time I'm gonna go to, the, first place where I would look anyway, which. Is Amazon. Feel, like Amazon has a decent, range of. Sizes. That, have a way filtering, from legs are high which is really annoying so I'm, just gonna skate to filter and I'll just click 0 to 5 bucks because who, needs a swimsuit there's more than $5 feel like to be competitive, I need to find a swimsuit that's not your $10. But everything that's cute is over $10, it says, it could be $6. But it only goes to size 16. Which I specifically, typed in plus-size that's, like a very small plus size so just how this is only two dollars it does cost six dollars to ship you can't, really, tell how, it looks because this is the same woman 20 times over I changed, it my strategy, and I was like hmm what's another, place I go to for. Cheap things physically. Walmart. There's this one but. They don't have a medium oh I think different, sizes. And different colors cost, more or less though I'd say I'd like red see, now it's $5 rude. Nobody's. Reviewed this one so maybe it's secretly good I found this site called. To dress elite here. A few, friends and also you may actually be able to get it in what I actually want. Fingers, round one it is five dollars it's, pretty simple but I like the cheeky bot. Of. Two x's an 18-4, X zoom, not a 2x, or 4x I. Am going with this. Black, one piece with like some mesh detail, on, the torso I'm also. Going. To pray. The, 4x is a little, bit bigger, but, there's. A lot of like strings, I'm hoping I can maybe adjust, it I think this was it. Okay. Our swimsuits came and. All. Of these are pretty low prices, it makes me curious about, the quality yeah. Let's. Do it I'm really into the pattern I feel like the frills are maybe yeah. Imagine. You in like. That's. Cute I like it it's hard to go wrong with. Black. Location. I really like the color of mine, yeah I'll, say those fees are way. To see your photos and legit a spa. I. Think. That actually looks really good, Oh Joe I like this cuz like I feel confident, and I feel good in it it's not a WoW piece but, it is like a solid, steady kind of thing perfect, you need in your life, I like this cinch right here because it still draws to your cleavage, um.

It's Really cute I don't feel like I'm gonna spill out I feel like I could like. Ya. Can. Either let, me test oh my. Gosh. My. Literal, only issue with it is that the, straps aren't adjustable, this is okay the material, is good the fit is okay, I think the style is, just very not me I feel like it works in the top yeah, settle this for sure I don't. The bottom is a lot this is I, feel like I'm wearing an apron yeah that's what it looks like yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. And that's the thing I feel like with a lot of like plus-sized, places. That want to have plus-sized swimsuits they're like oh you must want to cover up so let's add extra. Coverage, I would definitely, take a picture, and lounge in this but. That's. About it well mine is, too. Small on the bottom but not real it's, just it's just tighten, the top okay oh I feel yeah yeah yeah it's just too. Small it doesn't I mean I still probably would wear it but if I, were to choose it from a store I'd call slides off on the bottoms it's very cheeky and I'm a little nervous about that feel like it's very like, sporty, maybe 40s. But a much more ease by yeah I can't, do a flip personal, I like the fact it looks boy because a lot of my stuff is like flowery, color flowers yeah oh no I think these are great yeah I. Think it's time to go to the mall and. Look at the mid-tier ones okay, let's. Go, we're. On our way to hmm. Where. Chloe, and mean are gonna try on. There. Are a lot of swimsuits here so I'm super excited to start looking at them and seeing which ones I want to try on I think this will be a good time, for you guys to maybe. Experiment. With something you've never done, before I'm. Gonna be choosing one swimsuit. For each of you that's, a little pick. Of mine I'm. Excited. Alright, this caught my eye because I love glitz uh it's. Cute it's first. Oh it, is so, small. It. Hasn't got a top five minutes. Like this yet oh okay, I'll do and this is like the statement item, this is my guy I like like, the ridges, I don't have anything like that it's. Got a little goofy. Back yeah that's when you might not actually work in my favorite but I want to try out now it's my turn Chloe doesn't have a one-piece, this. Is kind of classic, Chloe Nina, doesn't do color. We. Need to find bottoms, though this will be a little out of her comfort zone so, this will bring it back in Chloe I'm giving you this one Michael, this is who me yes, I wanted, to do something that was honestly different, but you're already doing really different, stuff so I was like let's, do something that really might draw, some attention to, your, yeah. I. Wanted. To see you in a bright color I also put. It with some high-waisted black bottom so you would still be comfortable, so I would still like you exactly. Yeah. I. Love, it I really like it I mean it's simple. Yeah but it's so good the material it feels like nice thick. You could do different things with your hair you can wear different colored lipsticks. It's like having a little black dress yeah to be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to like the different types of materials the different flow, but this is like this statement like BAM and, this is like the let me calm it down a little bit I have tops this probably would not think of a swimsuit yeah it's, like. My. Ass let's see that but but it's a lot of fun alright, next swimsuits, are my pegs, yeah. Yeah. These. Are so different they, are by. You, and I are going to different party yes I really liked the color blocking I was, hesitant about the neon woohoo, but I think the neon works with my skin tone he's like string, tops, just don't work for me because of the size of my chest they're being held up but like my deck is gonna it's I'm gonna get decapitated but, I like this thing if you look amazing, I love best I really like the cut of it and I like the back because it's low I would wear this as a shirt I mean it's quite open but I do like it looks, good I have no boobs so I have no fear of them like popping out the side because it's gonna stay good, these, are if, I had to spend what this costs on this I would feel comfortable yeah, and there are so many to choose from I feel like for the price you'll find one that looks good yeah for sure alright, onwards. So today today we're, going to tour it and I'm going to be trying on some. Of their swimsuits, there, I've never worn a torrid swimsuit, but, I know in the plus-size community, that, is definitely, a thing. I'm. Excited, to find some cute swimsuits, are you guys excited for you I am excited for you yes. I'm here to help I'm here to judge yes good. Offer advice okay let's go look, I'm. Into, this yes I, like the point of food I always like a defined blueberry I like just it's.

Be Very summer, yeah yeah it's very cutesy very summery I actually like don't know what this would be like on you because I haven't seen you in like amendment. I know I'm. Really cute, like an outfit. Yeah whenever, I wear swimsuits I like to make it a look, and this, to me feels like it would be easy to make into a look I'm, ready to try on. Really. Good it's cute I love how, this is all structured. The, fabric, feels great, I don't feel like it I'm like squished or anything I feel very comfortable you know you want the the boobs to stand out exactly, I'm standing out it's very curvy I also feel like I would throw like jean. Shorts over this and wear it as like a body see ya next, week -. Have. You come to seduce us right. I. Liked, it more than I expected to be honest yeah, it looks a lot more shapely now on you like, like, hugs your curves more I love, the neckline. I love, the, lace can, you twerk in it I could twerk in it it's great I. Like. This one a lot it shows a little bit more yes. I, don't wear ruffles, a lot so, I was like I'm not sure but it's really cute, um. I like the bottoms, you are showing more, cleavage you don't feel like they're gonna fall out or is it like they're, just there but they're staying where they are I feel very secure because sometimes, when you wear deep cut V's you're like you've the nips coming out to be any moment, this is cute and I kind of like it because it makes me feel really fat this was a great experience, like to come into a store and to find swimsuits. That actually, fit me is very. Rare so, I am so excited that I found more. My. Name is Taylor I am a celebrity, in fashion stylist, I have brought some swimsuits, for you they're designer size points for bearing from like $600. Up to at, most thousand. So. Some really fun ones to try, yeah. Let's, get started. Yes. I'm. Sorry this is all I need Gucci. Yes. I took us through these swimsuits. Obviously. And. About. 950. Little. Shore should be allowed to touch this this is a suit by swimsuits, we're all I'm excited it looks kind of sporty and this is a suit by Pat Bo they've got 650, it does have kind of a sheer coverage up, along the bus it is very revealing but I'm into it well I think we should get you into the dressing rooms and get them on yes. Okay. What do we think I'm rich you look, rich this is beautiful. Yeah, I think my embroider is insane. On this it really does feel like something that you have to pay a lot of money for like there, isn't like the, $16, version of this or whatever nor, should there be I also love this little like wrap. Yeah I really like it like my only thing is that it's a halter so it's like a little bit of pressure on the neck but it might be worth it what do you think yes I love this I think it's comfortable it, looks very sporty, I love this color on me I love the food, yeah. I've, never wear like any, type of blue tones, he's right Gucci bag yeah I love the pattern and I love the color and I love the Gucci sign it is very low-cut. Here, I am so used to having like high legs, and suits it's, very, like old-school. Silhouette. It's not my personal style but I'm glad that I tried it because it's something different funny thing, about this suit it's actually not meant to be used in coronated, water can. You go in any water, in it yeah go in the sea salt you know okay. Oh, all. Right well I think it's time for the next. Please. Keep giving me a lesson lesson, so. This is adorable. It's a freaking jacket, I know it's, a little the, Nina's holding her Versace suit that runs for about 800. And. Then jasmine, has a Cynthia, Rowley baby about $200. I've never seen anything like this in my life so this is a male swim this is about eight, hundred dollars total maybe 900 I think we should head into the fitting room, oh. My. Gosh I. Okay. How do we feel about them, great. Yeah yeah, I'm in love with this yeah I'm in love with that this is so chic, you. Look like villainously, wealthy, but like it's been a very hot chic way yeah like. I want you to yell it's, nothing that I was like you know what a swimsuit needs, a cardigan, baby but this, is really cute I. Love. This it feels really, good you know like I've tried on swimsuits before every material is like swimsuit, material, but this feels good. When you're, like bigger, and, trying to look for swimsuits. Especially. One pieces, and I'm tall so I'm like I don't know is this gonna match with my hamster, everything but everything like fits perfectly. When we think we're. Great. I do like, the pattern actually like I know I go on and on about black but I really do like like a statement pattern, yeah I just wish there was more of it but.

I Like that it's a little yeah. You just pull the little string we got Versace on the floor right there we, have just one more suit for each of you to try. We. Have here today okay. This one is $1,000. Insane. This is so. And. Then Justin we have another Cynthia rally for you wet, suit. Yeah. I. Like the block let's get them on. This. Looks good. But it looks so impossible to wear I love a basic black swimsuit and I think this is like the luxury version of that yeah I'm very into, the gold button I love very the. Fabric is amazing for me it's just the deep cut I just don't know who could wear it I think you have to have fake boobs or no. So. Great, ani of the color blockings, and it's, comfortable, this. Material. Is really. Hard to get into I welcome, your dad probably, if it matches your hair so well okay, what do we think of our a trophies this fits amazingly. Everything, like just hugs. The right spots and like gives me a shape which I really have the two prints, are excellent. Like I did I wouldn't think these two go together I always use the term it's so bad that it's, good it's not, $1,000. Cool yes. You would spend a thousand bucks if I was the kind of person who spent $1,000. On swimsuits I'm shocked that all, of them worked for me yeah I feel like finding swimwear. Being, plus-size like, sucks then when you add a high end on to it you. There's, like not many, options, and to be honest we didn't find stuff that was 500. No 200 plus dollars oh thank you so much for coming, in and helping us out before we started, this my hesitation, was that like how expensive. Can, these expensive, so he's like really look, and it definitely shows. These look expensive, and pinkies, up kind of stuff well. Thank you guys so much for having me I was really excited to be a part of us yeah that. Was an experience yeah, that was a lot what do you guys think your favorite, price range was so honestly I never thought I'd say this but I actually like the high-end ones best. Like. I could kind of see why they're expensive I still think they're too expensive the thing is is that I can. Find them gorgeous because they fit me that high-end stuff is like made for a body type like me or smaller and I just don't think that it's something that like everyone can wear and so that is frustrating, I really wanted, to like the high-end.

One I loved your high-end selection, for me I think my favors probably, the. Here even though there were still some fit issues it, still had more stuff that worked for me also I think the mid to your range first of all it was nice being in store, and trying things on and second of all I know there, are other places like a sews that are that mid tier that I buy swimsuits from, all the time from the low end to the mid, and there, wasn't that much difference, in quality that's. True but I do feel like there was a bit of a difference between, the mid, tier range and the high amazing. Prices, I was also surprised it might not actually be, a thousand, dollar difference but. There's definitely something. Yeah, so we've learned a lot we, have experts. On swimwear what. Do you want to see us try next yes let us know in the comments.

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Damn, talking about beaching a whale, a moose and a sting bean

Jazz complains too much

My favorite was the periwinkle one. Girl, you looked GOOD. I want it for myself


You lady’s are beautiful

#27 on trending

Every. Single. Video. With. This. Girl. In. Them: My boobs are bigger than usual for my frame. We get it.

These girls straight up modeling in their Instagram photos lol these are not regular people

I love torrid I’m a big girl and the clothes they have are so my style!

Jasmine you looked hotttt! I think it’s the radiating confidence you have girl!

I'm excited for you, yes

What are these things? Bye

I really like seeing women of different sizes trying on swimwear together and looking confident in it. I always feel like if I don’t look like a fitness model in my bathing suit than I should feel self conscious

Good job! U guys are 27 on trending!

Wow. That fat and slovenly lady really makes me vomit. I think I would run off if I met her in the street alone.

MdotTdot go That’s not very nice. She also has a name btw, not “that fat and slovenly lady.” Guess what, people being mean makes me vomit

nip slip 17:46

If I have to work more then a month to buy 1 thing I don't need it

Didn't know it came in sea world size

Go to shein

I bet she taste so good in those thongs

Torrid swim suits are so amazing. I’ve lost a lot of weight and can’t fit them anymore.. but even when I was at the beach in a 3x, I’d have girls of all sizes gushing over my bikinis and wondering where they’re from. Granted, I’m in Canada, so they’d never seen such nice plus size before (Canada’s plus size is nothing compared to the US)

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Everyone is complaining about jazzs expensive suit not being $600. High fashion does not cater above a size 8; and even that is rare. If someone can afford a $600 bathing suit and needs it. bigger than a size 2-4, high end average, then they can probably just afford a custom bathing suit to be made for them.

Yay! Thank you, video creating staff(?), for having such different body types in this video! Greatly appreciated.



I mean no real reason for the video to be 20 minutes long but good video

Useless video

...I freaking love Jazz’s Thot necklace and I kinda really need one

11:57 I love it!! She looks so nice in that

people that doesnt have large boibs wouldnt understand the pain of wearing a swim suite top that ties around your kneck.

Bruhh they are trying the bathing suits without underwear

There is no way Nina is old enough to remember the spice girls

Chloe sounds like Nanny McPhee for some reason.

Jazz better have bought that black mid priced one piece!!!! SO gorgeous on her!!!!

this is a scam of worth it

the last cynthia rowley suit literallyperfectly matched her hair, lips and earrings omg

Here we go again lmao I swear every time Nina is in a video she always talks about her “large chest”

I need jasmines Thot necklace

Clicked because of boobs, nothing else.

orgy? It's a jokeee lol

1:23 Jazz looks a lil disappointed haha

They had jazzy getting 200 dollar swim suits and the other girls close to a thousand or is this just me Ok I thought so too


Lol, one of them looks like she's about to sue a "white" guy on a hate crime for calling her out for having multiple items on an express aisle. #ericathomas

Did anyone else notice that the other two girls were getting swimsuits between 700 and $1,000 dollars and Jasmine was getting swimsuits from $100 to $200 like come on now don't single her out and you can tell by the expression on her face she did not like any of the swimsuits she may have even felt kind of singled out because the other girls were getting expensive swimsuits then her


Target plus online has a really good selection. Also Old Navy plus is my go to

ok but OMG that frilly floral swimsuit that Jazz wore in the beginning is gorgeous!

FYI shein has bomb suits good quality super cheap

In conclusion: Jazz looks good in everything

I'm not overweight but im not skinny either so I stoped wereing 2 pieces a year ago but back then I was so confident and I don't know what happened so I wore a one pieces it was ok I would just rather have a 2 pieces so this video inspired me and i am going to take it slow and get some hight rise swimming shorts and a nice colorfull top so that I am showing the perfect amount of skin just like Nina I can't wait to go shopping

The price difference for the plus size bathing suit vs what the other two found at h&m is insane damn torrid be pricey

I LOVE all the swimsuits Jazz tried on in store

OMG I love Jazzmyne's hair!!!!!!

Worth it is quaking.

They had jazzy getting 200 dollar swim suits and the other girls close to a thousand or is this just me Ok I thought so too

orgy? It's a jokeee lol

I really want to go swimming but having a hard time finding a maternity swimsuit that doesn't cost a fortune

DIGGING the hair Jaz!

i like it when she said "little butt!" it was so funny to me xD

I love Jazzy's confidence. I am heavy in the top and I would not be able to pull her suit off. I would be worried about everything. From showing too much to spilling out. I hate being heavier and curvy and trying to fit a swimsuit, but she makes it look so easy and beautiful.

Woah jazmine is getting bigger

wait how did no one try on chromat?

Gosh that girl is soooo big. Yikes.

I wish Gucci made more plus size bikinis omg bc it seems like they only make bathing suits for small people.

Lady in the middle is bigger than those 2 women

I love how comfortable they are with their bodies. I'm so self-conscious I would never even dream of doing this video.

This is a great team - seem to work good together

Jazz is so gorgeous!

Can we talk about the first yellow dress Nina was wearing??? Where can I get it or a version of it, sis?!

This trio is iconic!! Also small youtuber who just posted

I love Jazzy's pick for Chole at the mall. Sooooo cute!

It’s not about swimming suit it’s about your body... captain obvious here

I loved the one with the jacket!

Is it just me or did u see jazz's armpit hairs

why is chole losing her accent pls someone take her back to england before she loses her accent completly

The fat pig needs to go.

Obese girl feels comfortable showing her stuff. Go girl! ☀️

Noone told me she hulk was even filmed

20:47 her face is so cute

I only clicked on this to say that the thumbnail is very scary

Bro Jazz is fine

So fat and gross



I LOVE how CONFIDENT Jazz is because I could never be that confident

Please for the love of God please please please never use a thumbnail like that again. I almost threw up in my bed.

#48 on trending

She is literally a grass block from Minecraft

Torrid swimsuits are cute but sometimes the cups run really small

the only problem is buying fast fashion pieces does not entirely promote feminism, it supports sweat-shops and human trafficking.

Why is this on my recommended???

The title should've been "Regular Swimsuits vs Danielle Cohn's Swimsuits

Defenitly not copying another channels idea

Said Mall Spoke by me Moooooooool

Bro the swimsuit with the jacket was so extra but so cute

Who’s the fat chick with green hair, wasn’t she dating that girl from camp rock who turned lesbian..

Wear swimsuits all you want no matter the size, but please do not dye your hair fluorescent color's.

Same issues every video. Jazz and Nina have large breasts. Nina always mentions it yet neither she nor anyone selecting clothing for her ever seems to take that into consideration. She winds up with too low cut and/or no support styles that just make her breasts look saggy. Jazz seems to prefer outfits that show her breasts but again all we see is sag...not a good look. How about a video addressing how to buy a decent bra if you have large breasts and how to find tops that fit and flatter rather than reveal so much skin and sag.

Pleae report for promoting terrorism

You guys looked more expensive in the mall bikinis than the over-priced bikinis

I am just here to see women's in bikinis :) so you are

But the middle girl is a little big but she wears bekinies

Just don't go swimming and then you don't have to do this anymore

when the mid range suits for the straight sized girls were ~$30 but jazz's was $100

Thats easy...the Green Whale needs a blanket....the Dark Chick needs a Wet Suit....the fake Blonde can make do with just about anything...DONE

Why are they not keeping their underwear when trying on the swimsuits in store

When I think of $900 swim suits I'm thinking of techsuits and kneeskins....

I thought about giving buzzfeed a second chance. And it’s still just as bad when I unsubscribed.

Jazzmyne ate each swimsuit?

She hungry

The big fat one in the Middle definitely wants to eat the girl she staring at 00:47

How dare you manspread me

Who would want to see that in a swim suit ? How you going to make that look good ? A sheet comes to mind



Jazzmyne is so confident and I love it

What I wanna know is where did Jazzmyn get that green top???

Why do yall support severely obese people? She won’t be able to walk in 10 years

firstname lastname Facts are scary

How dare you mansplain reality

Can u say.....gross

Nina is so hot

Awesome trailer. Cat wait for the next Shrek movie!!

Jazzmyne was cheated on the high end one

Did anybody notice that Jazzmynes hair color keeps changing from green to brown????

The green haired girl made me vomit on my phone

No I'm chloe

Jazz already wears stuff from swim suits for all ...

Shecup is great for any style bathing suits, it's a website FOR swimwear

Ha ha is the Worth It

Wonder how this got to trending ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jazzmyne is so pretty

I'm really surprised the swimsuit from DressLily came in, they're known to scam people and to just never send the items you bought.

For $980 that swimsuit better convert to 10 other suits and a winter coat!

Cellulite, soggy

Jazzmyne is basically real-life Shego in that last outfit

Jazzmyne looks beautiful in anything.

The high end stylist did a terrible job giving the girls good matches :/

I would love to see a video on different price ranges of shoes and how they feel after a day! not necessarily heels, but just cheap, Wish/Primark kind of shoes vs. Italian leather shoes, or even custom shoes.

I think I would wear Jazz’s swimsuit. I like the cutaway parts on the sides

Oh my god! I love Jazz’s hair. It I was her, for Halloween I would put a model farm and cow on my head so it would look like a farm on a grassy hill!

3:30 what happened to her fingers lmao

Jazz keeps touching and snatching things without people’s permission. I would be heated if she did that to me

please do jumpsuits!!!

How come jazz's swimsuit was sooo BASIC.

aren’t you supposed to keep underwear on while trying on swimsuits


I love dresslily! I've.gotten three bathing suits from it (I'm a plus size) and I've only disliked one just because of how it looked on me.

14:29 you can see.. HER WHOLE GODDAMN BOOB + NIPPLE

The black one from Torrid was literally SO ADORABLE! I absolutely wish I saw that one at Torrid in Hawaii.

In love with Jazzmyme’s outfit at the start. Omg I need

9:28 not gonna lie, Chloe looks like she’s in underwear. And 10:19 if I were going to the beach I would pear Chloe’s swimsuit with high waist light blue shorts.

Dresslily is actually a decent online store. I bought 2 two pieces last years and not only did they fot perfectly, they haven't suffered any damages

i love love love the one with oranges form torrid, i almost bought it but i already have one with lemons and no one needs to spend money like that

Why just because chloe was the slimmest, she received the most expensive swimsuits at the end?? I think their high-end swimsuits should have all been close in price to each other to make this somewhat fair

Internally crying because I can neverrrr be as confident as Jazz, even tho I try my best.. but my family keeps telling me that I have gained sooo much weight and that I am fat yadayada... kill me

My family is the same

Amy vansteenkiste Family doesn’t always understand but I promise that wholistic health is about how you feel about your body, not them

I really want to see some korean fashion on you guys~~

I love how Jazz is wearing that shirt!

they literally didnt give jazz a luxury one at all but okay... $200 isnt luxury for bathing suits whrn the others are getting $800+ ones

Reagan Labiak right?? And the stylist didn’t even try to get her a style that fit her personality. That blue one was terrible!

they really need to do these video w a super petite person to showcase that finding suits that arent a M is *impossible* someone like YB needs to be in this

Reagan Labiak you shoulda edited your comment and had it as one comment

A lot of high end, fashion brands just don’t make plus sizes. So they did the best they could for Jazz. She seemed fine through it all, I think Nina was pretty uncomfortable tho & I felt bad for her :(

happy world overconsumption day

Nobody is the same size on top and bottom

Also Nina, love you but ya gotta separate and conquer honey. You beautiful but they looked so good that way! In a friendly girl way.

Kinsey Huckabey you know you can edit your comments, right...?

Y’all should do an Asos swimsuit video cause they can easily be personalized and the ones on sale are even cheaper, and there’s a big selection

The lavender suit looks AMAZING on Jazz. Omg

The black and fruity bathing suit’s on ja

chloe's "mawl" at 0:51 is cracking me up

I'm so envious that Jaz has so much confidence in herself to wear what makes her feel good ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wish I had that much self confidence

I got my fav swimsuit at amazon for $20 dollars. It is such good quality at such a good size. I recommend looking there. I was trying to find like a modest bikini and I love it.

nobody: nina: i have big boobs for my size

How come they all fitted into everything they tried on. I am a different size in every shop!!

I hope one day I can be as confident as the three of them! This girls rock!!

its so sad that jas couldn't shop in the same stores as the other girls- it shows how much name brands need to improve their size diversity to include everyone and to promote body positivity

I want jazz to style me!!! She’s so beautiful

they should have tested the swim suits in the water

hoakaswimwear.com has amaazing swimsuits with so many sizes and styles & u can get 10% off your order using my code SYDNEYMONMINIE

Jazzymne’s necklace I’m deadddd

Jazzmyne is such a fashion queen

:/ i want the links to those cute suitsss...

Why didn’t she try chromat or alpine butterfly? She didn’t look very hard.


I'd love to see y'all try ROMWE for the low to mid price clothes. They sell pretty high quality clothes for about as cheap as Wish. It's an app.

okay but who edited this

*Welcome to the comfort group*

- Has to comment on her big boobs all the time, I was annoyed (Even though it's evident it's her insecurity) -Jazz is awesome, none of her tops fit correctly tho. -...Is Chloe wearing a thong and/or a panty liner? Please say yes ALL IN ALL, DIFFERENT BODY TYPES AND ALL WERE AWESOME; I love how this shows not all women have the same bodies but we all look great

3:07 did anyone see the heart on her tooth?

The last one on Jazz is so cute!!

3:32 white lines through/around the model's hands from bad photoshopping trying to make them look smaller!

I love Jazz's mascara!! I wonder what she uses...

My only complaint for swimsuits in general is that the tops don't support women with breasts. Give us some structure! Loved the video though

The plus size swim suits were super cute!

i’m wearing the same top as chloe is at 13.40 from h and m , i love that shirttttt

It would be cool to see a things like this but period products, especially if the video included a woman with a light flow, heavy, super active / sporty etc. These products can vary in price so much!

Jazz looked like a potato sac at the start

What I love most about this clip is how body-confident the girls are. thumbs up to that!

i feel like the high end part did jazz dirty

I could pay my rent with the cost of the first Gucci one lol

cupshe is what I use! Amazing quality, mostly 23 dollars each one :P

Stop trying to twerk jazz

I hate how for the designer suits Jazzmyn were a lot lamer and cheaper.

Why were the plus sized ones so much cheaper??

I love all these women. They are amazing and beautiful, they all deserve the best in life.

I can't help but notice that the mall/ mid price option for plus size wasn't actually less expensive than some of the high price designer options. The bikini she tried on was over $100 for two pieces and the first designer bikini was $120. If plus size actually had mid price options that would be nice. It sucks to have to pay over $100 for something I can buy my daughter for $30.

Jazz has green and brown hair

I’m not just saying this cuz I’m a lesbian... but these GIRLS ARE GORGEOUS!!! ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )

I see a fellow Brit

Damn. I'm just now noticing how sexy Jazzmyne is. I need some of whatever she has going on in her aura. She exudes an effortless fly energy.

I'm all for body positivity but I feel Buzzfeed is promoting obesity which isn't healthy. Why? Because people e.g like Jazz constantly say it's about loving yourself but how are you supposed to do that when your having a heart attack? I think it doesn't matter what your look like as long as your healthy, and if you eat the recommended serving sizes (unless of a medical condition) you won't get fat.

3:31 Hella Photoshopped in the swimsuit photo

oeeh little butt

Nina's boob tape at the end

Does Jazzmyne have a jewel on her tooth??

it’s sad how the high end swim suits for bigger girls are wayyy cheaper then the smaller girls suits

The expensive swimsuits were the least nice (apart from Jazzmynes) the mid range ones were smoking

This was posted on my birthday on a totally unrelated note :) also I love how you all love your body's and not afraid to show them

Chloe, you should get a chest tattoo - you have the perfect placement for it.

do sustainable clothes, swimsuits etc.

Jazz's skin is clean like a baby

why are plus size mid ranges so damn expensive?

I want to puke

Leah's Vlogs it sucks huh...

Pause the video and click this 9:09

where can i get jazzmynes necklace

i actually read the title as lawsuit

Im living for jasmines new chest/torso tattoo. Beautiful.

I went from Smoking pot videos, to what race would you not date, to this

Don’t discredit yourself you are pretty either way it go’s periodt

jazz's expensive suit are all under 200. well well

*Everyone: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Her: My little butt

Jasmine's h&m pics looked great on the girls!

3:15 that pink swimsuit at the top left corner i have it...wore it to jamacia it was nice

I love torrid, all my clothes is from there. I just wish they weren't so damn expensive.

So no ones gonna talk about her necklace at 4:43 no ok

“Ooo, no one’s reviewed this one, so maybe it’s secretly good!” Is something I’ve never thought or said. Props to you for being so positive! Lol

I’m super upset as a plus size girl that Jazz didn’t get a single designer swimsuit. Her swimsuits were a quarter of the price. What’s up with that? Torrid coming in clutch with the same price and way cuter options.



Loved it

Why did they pick a girl that only likes black one pieces to be in this lol

Chloe is absolutely gorgeous

Worth It who?

i honestly feel bad for jazzy when they went to H&M but she was a really good sport about it

I feel so bad for jazz because she can’t shop at regular stores I wish other stores had more plus size options

Honestly Target has the best swimsuits hands down

Are we gonna talk about Nina's entire nipple being out in that see through suit oooooorr?

the only reason Chloe's was more expensive was because it was by Gucci not cause of the size duh.

How tf did jazz get into that green shirt?????????????

17:57 Jazzy AHH

“you just pull that little string you got versace on the floor right there” and i oop-

When you have bacne

since when can you try on swim suite in the store what if you dont want it ? Thats nasty

nina & chloe: get high-detail embroidery and gucci jazz: gets handed plain blue

This has been the most toxic comments and video i have seen like Nina if you hate your boobs soo much get a brest reduction Jazz im so sorry that plus size women dont catter in high end fashion and Nicole im sorry you have gotten basicly all of the beauty attention for your type of body taken away the spotlight

I really love the fact that they have women in different kinds of shape trying on these things;

I thought Chloe was her sister for a minute

It made me sad when jazzmine kept getting suits less then $200 it made me feel like the styleist was giving them too her in case she stretched them out :(

I swear all three of them could be models

Jazz looks Amazeballs from the mid point one onwards....

This was the day before my birthday late recall! -w-

At 12min mark Uber pretty

Who tries on bathing suits at the store without underwear on...

Words can’t describe how much I love jazz’s swimsuit!!! 12:00

3 minutes in this and already 2 HIMYM references, and im very happy

I mean second hand high quality swimsuits all the way for me I may spend up to a hundred in them but first of all, second hand swimsuits are sold dirt cheap for obvious reasons even if brand new, if there's no panty liner you deserve that 300% drop in price, and second of all once you try high end swimsuits you can't go back to cheap ones, you'd just feel very naked and unflattered Then maybe I'm just gonna use these swimsuits for the years to come but like I'm wearing them 10 times a year maybe so they're not gonna wear out anytime soon :')

1:45 feel you

I'm over here frustrated when tops and bottoms are sold separately lol

im disgusted on how they did not wear underwear during trying on the swimsuits

Ew Chloe’s hair is so dated and doesn’t suit her omg girl you look like a clown


Jackets, jeans, or suits

I need jazz’s confidence

I feel bad for Jasmine And Nina because the skinniest girl got the most expensive because she was so skinny

I pray to god they kept their underwear

Jazz lime green haircut is a lewk

y’all it’s called zaful

6:11 lol the bathing suit in between her belly rolls

I love these videos but for some reason the set really looks like Clevver to me


Everytime chloe says "MAAAAAAAAALLL" dead.


Jazz is so fat

Nena is so pretty

Romwe is a good place to get cheep but cute suits

I’m not mad about the prize for not going over $200 I’m mad about the style and how everyone else had a glam type and she didn’t

the main reason jazzmyne was given the cheapest swimsuits out of all in the expensive catagory is because designer brands don’t offer swimsuits or really any clothes in her size.

So basically all of Jazz’s “designer” suits weren’t really designer they were from expensive online boutiques.

the black lace swimsuit Jazz was wearing was absolutely STUNNING

i got triggered looking at the torrid swimwear because i worked at torrid 2 months ago and those exact swimwear was my view every. single. day.

Kinda wish they had someone with my body type so I could literally buy the same swimsuits that I know would look good on me. I have trouble finding swimsuits that fit my curves and doesn’t cut off my thighs.

i don't like how all of the designer brands (Gucci, Versace) don't make plus-size suits :(


17:45 Are we just gonna pretend like that's not happening...... Cuz its happening

9:31 Chloe didn't want her butt to be seen but everyone saw it in the mirror

Jazz was so sweet and made the best of a crappy situation where it was evident that her body type is not deemed as important enough to the high end fashion brands.

It’s also frustratinly hard to find swimsuits when you’re petite and everything’s just so freaking big on you that’s gonna drop any second and I do not want to wear my little pony swimsuits

How was Dresslily Jazz?

That stylist was adorable


Those tiddies are depressed. They are so down.

wait they’re not allowed to try on swimsuits without underwear

I love them but their coochies were in them swimsuits and people after them probably bought them or even tried them on in the store

Loved Jazz's suites

Ladies! I would love to see a video comparing purses! They can get crazy expensive and also crazy cheap. Are there big differences??

The Gucci one is so distasteful

14:29 bro her whole nipple is showing.

Chloe looks like maddie ziegler at 18:57


It’d be nice to see a video with ethical and sustainable brands. I’m trying to be more conscious of what I buy and when you look at the impact of fast fashion, it’s horrifying. I’ve been swearing off brands like Wish and all those super cheap online retailers, the hidden human cost behind is huge. Ethical brands are more expensive because they sustain a business model that doesn’t exploit. And although I don’t have a lot of money, I have been buying one piece a month (building up slowly my wardrobe) rather than go on huge shopping spree coming back with clothes that fall apart after couple months. I had to shift my mindset to the long term and been actually saving money that way. It’s really problematic to expect to have everything super cheap, any clothes that’s under $5 is a big red flag for me... I recommend Fashion Revolution to learn more about the impact of fast fashion.

Chloe honestly looked good in everything.

Chloes first one was a bit like a scam look

is no one talking about how this is the same exact concept as Beauty Break AND THE BACKGROUD IS LITERALLY THE SAME

The long sleeve pant suit looking bathing suit Troian Bellisario has

For cheap online SHEIN it’s cheap but they are good quality and ship fast

Ty for the Bruno mars reference

Nina looked way better in bikinis

*AliExpress* is super cheap try it

Jazz killed it in the torrid suits!

Y'all popping off about prices when I'm pretty sure they weren't wearing underwear when they tried on those swimsuits in store

“Oh now it’s five dollars” “RUDE!”

Jazzmine I love your hair

When she said “little butt” at 2:47 I died

Low key, sorry but Jazz looks like she's just broken out of prison and she's trying to style it like a normal outfit so maybe no one will notice.

haven't watched buzzfeed in a while and now I know why - this feels like a home shopping network show with the lighting, uncomfortable talking, set, weird music

i love the tall girls personality

17:00 *bruno mars has entered the chat*

My ant goes to torrid

Jazz gave me chills by how beautiful she was in that black one-piece with the lacy neckline

Torrid is a life changing experience for big girls man. I bought my graduation dress. And my grad party dress from there. That store is a godsend

Is anyone gonna say that they tried on swim suits with no underwear and didn’t get it

why do i love the cheaper ones more then the expensive

I just watched a 20 minute ad

I really loved this

You three look like the "Weird Sisters"

I think Jazz ate her swim suits

Ok so chloe is actually like a model!!! Oh my goodness she’s so adorable

Worth it swimsuits

I'm jealousofJazz's body/figure. I'm plus size to but I'm so narrow with a belly

The most expensive bathing suit i owned is a black one peice fifty bucks thats it

Omg that first black swimsuit on jazz is EVERYTHING!! ❤️

I find swimsuits at Cupshe, why has no one discovered this site? It's soo good

So lesson is the skinnier you are the more expensive your stuff will be sooo ALL YALL SKINNY BITCHES CALLING ME FAT CAN KISS YOUR WALLET GOODBYE WHILE I SPEND MY EXTRA MONEY ON CAKE CUZ I LOVE MY BODY

LOVE this video!!!!!!

Why didn't jazz get any of the really expensive suits??

Felicia Blom because most designers brands are either French or Italian and nobody is size xxl here

I'm sorry but Jazz be looking like a damn grass block

If im spending 900 dollars on a swimsuit it better swim for me

chloe should be a model. periodt.

im 3 minutes into the vid and there’s already been 3 how i met your mother jokes

I hope jazz doesn’t change at all! She’s actually amazing... we all love a thicc sister

I literally own one swimsuit that cost £10 from sports direct and is pretty boring. I'm also extremely modest so.

Loved all of torrid swimsuits on jazz. Specially the black. I think ninjas boots look better in a two piece swimsuit than a one piece. The one piece make them look crushed

let's not support h&m pleaseee.

Chloe is beautifulllllo

The confidence

when they say “it’s so small” I can only think that those are kinda big for me as a brazilian

*off topic but i absolutely lOve jazz's 'thot' necklace*

They need to step up their plus sized game.

Forever 21 has great swimsuits for thick girls

Have to make swimsuits with cups and bra sizes

38 30...hard to find a 2 piece

if you do a kids one please find me a pplane ticket and i will be ther ickety split

I love the swimsuit with the jacket thing.

Please stop encouraging people to shop fast fashion?!?!?!!

why does jazz look absolutely stunning in everything? kinda jealous

Jazz: Nina doesn’t do color Also Jazz: *still gets it for Nina* Also Also Jazz: creepy witchy laugh *heheehehehe*

I love jazzmyne so much


Hello fellow comment scroller


That asian looking chick really needs to get a boob reduction job! I've never seen someone so uncomfortable with their own body...

I love how Jazzmyne is always so comfortable in her body- like, she is such a good role model :)

i know this like an experiment thing but it just made me gayer bc damn these girls

Yeah like. Super beautiful swim suits for the two thinner girls and Jazz is just from swim suits for all. Like, torrid suits cost more than that. That was complete bs. Get her another “stylist” who will treat her better.

16:27 that tattoo on her arm is not what you think it is

I loooove the gold on the teeth of Jasmine!!

Maybe you could also try on bathing suits in a speciality lingerie store (brands like aubade, avocado, panache, freya)? I feel like these suits went up in price due to name and maybe material but definitely not more support. I would love to see these girls get professionally fitted and maybe even see a range of prices in the 'lingerie'-branche of swimwear! I was also just thinking this would be a really cool collaboration with the big/fuller bust blogger community. (comicgirlsneedbras, bigcup littlecup, sweet nothings, curvy girl thin, and of course check the ever helpful https://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/ ) Just an idea. I've struggled with bathing suits and lingerie for a long time (I'm a UK 30GG) and I think this type of video could be super educational for a lot of people!

I like some of the body confidence I saw here.

I have to tell ya...my dog picked this video. But I am looking for a new swimsuit. Might have to look into that black Walmart suit.

would really love to see you girls try on wedding dresses!

Wow, *TWO* HIMYM references within the first 3 minutes of the video

I love that she pointed out the different top and bottom sizes, it’s like bras come in so many different sizes why do swim tops come in one variation

expensive swimsuits -Chloe-$950 -Nina-$650 -Jazz-$120 just becasue azz has got a different body type doesnt mean they have to spend so much less on her! this actually gets me upset.

i meant Jazz

That stylist was such a fail. Those women did a great job on their own! The stylist did nothing to find suits that would work for the two curvier girls. Next time just skip the stylist!

I like how confident all 3 women are about their body

imagine being able to look good in every swimsuit you try on

Still wish Nina would shut up. I'm over her.

on the last round the black swimsuit, you can see nipple

I'm concerned about the ladies trying on swimsuits with what appears no underwear on. germs can live on clothing for a long time and catching an STD from trying on swimsuits is a real thing. those plastic liner strips on the swimsuit do nothing for you. It's not cute or comfortable but wearing briefs(the thicker the better) and a big panty liner is a must before you attempt any close contact with something that touched another person's crotch. At the very least Lysol that area of the swimsuit!

Designer brands need to make more plus size swim wear

I’m upset that jazzes high end swimsuit was only $120-$200 while the two others got 600+

i liked almost all of the swimsuits chloe tried


It’s unfortunate that designers don’t cater to plus size women but are we really about to complain that a swimsuit isn’t expensive enough...?

“Nina doesn’t do color- HEHEHE” witch laugh intensify

SHEIN swimsuits are

The most expensive make up and shoes

I love Jazz’s confidence! But it’s a shame that the Torrid swim suits were all full coverage, no bum or tummy showing etc when the ones at H&M were like thongs. Not all plus sized people want or need to hide their bodies.

Cringiest motherfuckers on the internet

So what happens if you don't buy the awim suit you tried? I'm genuinely curious

The black lace peplum swim dress is EVERYTHING on Jazzmyne. I want one now.

The plus size girls body is absolutely stunning

The suits Jazzmyne picked for Nina and Chloe were great!

The bigger one should really try to lose weight. So many diseases associated with obesity.

I feel for Nina. I feel like she constantly got stuck with halters. Big natural boobs and halters are annoying. There are other colorful suits that don't have halters

nina looks so pretty in a two piece

why did she give jazz all the boring ones ?

Stylist: so our options range from 600-1000 Also the stylist: so this ones 150

The definition of a minecraft grass block.

That green hair girl is STUNNING

Wow Torrid! Nice suits

I love Jazz's outfits

Got an amazing hoco dress for $30 on dress lily

This generation is so lucky. When I was in my teens all I had was the option of solid colored bikini or a old lady one piece

I wonder if this got demonized ?

Jazzmynes hair looks like a tennis ball and I love it

11:56 I

Anyone else wondering why the 'celebrity stylist' was both low key fat shaming and seeming a little bit racist?

Nikki Moon yes, she was a big fail! They did a better job on their own!

That pink string bikini top is the best thing I’ve ever seen on Nina! It looks so good on her!

I wish the ones jazz tried on were more expensive...

"Little butt"

i love the fact that this video had three women of different body types not just three blondes who are a size zero...

Id literally just jump on Aliexpress

Everybodys swimsuits apart from jazz's went over 200

First of all I'm loving that they have real body's trying on these suits! Addressing real body issues women have finding suits. Also loving the confidence level on these lady's. 10:16 I love love love that one piece flower number! It looks amazing on her! I could see the other girl not liking the tie string but that hot pink was an amazing color on her!! Loving the black one piece on the last lady

I hope y’all bought them, especially when some of them went up y’all asses

Do they get to keep the swimsuits tho?

Shein for your inexpensive clothing items!

the stylist did not give nina good swimsuits that suited her; in fact all the wrong ones when it was a chance to make her feel real good!

I live in Hawaii, and there everyone is into designer swimsuits that tend to retail about $200. They’re swimsuits that are meant to endure the saltwater of the ocean, and can actually get discoloration and stuff from over chlorinated pools

You have to realize jazz doesn’t have a lot of designer options that are like 900 because she’s plus size

The expensive ones were all hideous

Imagine me buying a swimsuit for 950$

Jazz deserves better the other girls got designer like she thought we wouldn’t realize she was definitely judging her by jazz’s size

Nina i love u

imagine being as confident as chloe tbh..


All the expensive ones mere either gross or meh

I think you should try wigs

Nina s soo me I hate colour

Jazz honestly looked so cute

Jazz's weren't expensive

Savannah Zemlicka because she’s plus size and designer brands don’t think fat people deserve to wear their clothes

A "celebrity and fashion" stylist? Jazz picked better swimsuits at torrid than ANY of the ones she picked.

I really want to see you try high slit clothing

I honestly liked all of Jazz's swimsuits except for the designer ones

Stop it with the boring black. Blue? Gray? Bordeaux? Deep purple?

I love how 90% of the time they talked about their boobs and cleavage lmaoooo

9:37 : person in the Usa Not enough butt! Have to transform in thong!!! : most of Italian girls

jasmines lip jewl is so long

*upper lip

jazz is serving serious vibessss with all her outfits and the HAIR


dude they don't sell swim suits for obese people

Jazz rocked that plain blue

I Bought a $40 swimsuit from H&M and it got discolored.

I bet y’all my entire life savings that the swimsuits came right out of their paycheques

I’m a simple man, I see girls and bikinis, I click the video

how come jazz got like the cheapest stuff?

0:38 sounds like a trivago commercial djkdjddkdn

I hate my body I don’t wear any kind of swimsuit when it’s summer I don’t go to the beach because of my body

Jazz is literally a hippo

omg that’s the girl who makes glitter lipstick

I love how jazz isn’t afraid to show her body when she plus size. Love you jazz

why does jazzmyne just annoy me sooo fkn much

I LIVED for the last swimsuit that nina tried

Honestly H&M’s the best

Chloe: Hi I'm Chloe Jazzmyne: I'm jazzmyne Nina: Nina Me: Ohh my gwad is that Frank Ocean

I'm LIVING for the black and white jacket bathing suit

Jasmine gets all the cheap bathing suits with the lady at the end

Those high end suits were not flattering to any of those girls. If you are gonna spend that much money on a bathing suit it better look amazing. None of them hit the mark

17:44 anyone see what i see

Chloe looks SOOOO GOOD in EVERYTHING and it makes me mad.

I seriously love jazz

One thing I learn from this is that designers don’t cater to plus size women. I think the stylist here really tried but Jazz only got her “designer” swim suits from higher end boutiques. That’s just sad...

O Oo Oof Oo O

I love Torid

I love jazz’s height

hol up someone tell me where nina got her long sleeved yellow dress its so cuTE

I love Chloe's H&M one piece like i would buy it!

They should have put my girl Jazz in a monif C swimsuit

I love jazz

Worth it?

Wow!You guys are very brave and cute! Congrats!!! But with all respect, a good swimsuit- just like a perfect bra or undergarment- should not only cover properly the boobs, but efficiently support them. Hold them in the proper spot, to make you look better. So for all girls/ladies who have bigger, heavier breasts- a better construction is the way to go. That’s why structured or underwire tops/ suits ( these are often more expensive)are working so well for larger chest. It gives the comfort, the lift, the look and the confidence to all ! Jazz, you looked amazing in the mid priced options, as they were designed for your body type- and I believe, you felt the best in those. It’s also the best for those, who either lost the shape of their boobs during the years or raising children or who feel uncomfortable because of differences between their breasts in size.Its more common, that you think. Overall you guys were amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing the experience ☺️

romwe romwe romwe

I'm not really that big. I'm a size 12 at 5'10. It really sucks because a lot of clothes don't fit me right despite not being fat or being exceptionally tall since I've graduated high school (like acc 6 foot tall). The girls modeling the clothes are the same height as me or taller, but because I'm built averagely like everyone else who shops there while also tall I'm treated like I'm fat. And at that moment I thought to myself, "this is actually a really toxic way to function a business". What are we doing to perfectly healthy girls who vary more in height than health? Then I thought about feeling that way everywhere I went. At the beach, eating lunch, walking home and I was paralyzed. I feel for Jazz so much now. I know I benefit from skinny privilege in a lot of scenarios but feeling just a bit of what bigger people have to go through really made me feel guilty and like people need to change. I imagined being bigger and no matter how big I imagined myself I couldn't find a size where I felt like I deserved how ostracized I felt. I know there are health issues associated with obesity, but no one wants to heal and take care of themselves when they don't feel welcome. You can't change people and so I think we really need to take responsibility and shift as a society to give these people room to grow and let them be strong and self-assured, and I don't think losing weight needs to come before that. It's such a basic human necessity and you don't really realize how fundamental it is until you're the one going without. (classic case of 'wasn't concerned until I was affected' so like it's not a realization to be proud of just sharing experience)

Even though jazz has the largest body and is the fattest of the 3, she always has on the most trendy, bright and fashionable outfits.

poor jazz :/

Wished I had the confidence to wear some of the swinging suits the plus size woman wore. I've tena versicolor and many things I cannot wear because no medication has worked for me plus I'm chunky double belly.

Tights (pantyhose) for big and tall women please

I want the swim suit with that jacket! Its so cute!!

I think Chloe got spoiled

The Aussie one has an amazing body wow!

There is just....so much fast fashion in this video....

Censor this @As/ls

This needs to be censored 18:22 pause and look at women on left

11:18 u wrong


I just bought a Zaful swimsuit for 6.99 and it was great in case Y’all want a cheap one that looks good too

OK but Jazz is my favorite

The indian girl look great with the one before tye last one (the bikini).

There is a plus size community?

4x is small on you

the last swimsuit that jazz wore watched her hair ahh

i love everything jazz wore and i love the floral one piece that chloe (if that’s her name) wore

can we make this a series wit these 3 ??? PLS CUZ I WOULD WATCH IT

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chloe's suit that Jazz chose!

The suits that were expensive , weren't as flattering as the cheaper ones?

The fact that jazz’s “expensive” options are the most affordable.

That Versacci bikini was hideous, and the black velour one piece was all boob saggage.

14:04 Vs model or what?

she says it's too tight on the bottom swimsuits loosen in water

I don't know why jazzmyne's face reminds me of Katy Perry

please tell me they were wearing underwear when they were trying on swim suits at the mall.

My only critique is that Jazz's boobs are spilling out of almost every suit, even the 2 pieces. If she's comfortable OK, but I don't see how it's comfortable with like 1/3 of your boob not in the top

That Taylor lady did my girl Nina wrong.

_‘i have no boobs’_ *most relatable statement i’ve ever heard*

Are there any clothing companies that make swimsuits based off of your measurements?

Torrid: we make clothes for plus sized people!!! Also Torrid: all it’ll cost for a shirt is 10$ mil, a pair of AirPods, llama wool, and your firstborn child

Poor jasmine not being able to wear an expensive swimsuit like the rest. Hers was at most 200$

17:45 am I the only one who saw the nip slip tho?

If u guys don't stop saying stuff about jazz not getting designer bathing suits / most stores don't have plus size bathing suits if u guys hear what she said gosh

6:48 the camera starts to go up when she is trying to show booty and its hilarious

I love there bathing suits

No ones going to talk how they took everything off and put there private parts where other people have..?

I got the longest Nonshipable buzz feed add...


You are so beautiful

AliExpress has some cute ones for cheap

Oh my goodness! That girl in t

Wait so "designer" swimsuits for jazz was only 140-190$ but for Chole and Nina it's 500-1000$. Why is it that the plus size swimsuits were the cheapest??

Nina's ladies were crying out for support!

everyone's getting hung up that jazz didn't get seriously expensive suits. like, we all know designers only want heroin chic models and deliberately don't expand their size range

The fat one

So is anybody else a little bothered by the fact that when they were trying on the swimsuits they didn't have anything on underneath? I was always told to keep your underwear on when trying on underwear/swimsuits, because its unsanitary.

Jazz!!! What lipstick are you wearing??

can we talk about how supportive they all are towards eachother

I found a 260$ one piece for kids and my mom was shooked

So are we all ignoring the fact that they tried on swim suits in the store without underwear???

They didn’t wear any periodd omggg

That is not Nina style at all jasmine did so much better giving her the swimsuit

Chloe looks way better with dark hair

17:45 = NIP SLIP.

yall really did jazz wrong in this lmao

My names Paris from Australia & I’m Plus size, Curvy, Fat or BBW whatever you’d like to say. I notice with our swimsuits there either patterns for more of elderly age (nothing wrong with that) or just black (nothing wrong with that either) I’m always looking for affordable swimsuits that are “average girl size” I hate that I can’t just go to a store find a cute ruffle swimsuit or swimsuit, in general, it leaves me very discouraged at the end of the day because brands don’t see that “bigger” girls can wear the same thing and make it affordable for people who don’t have the money as well. This video has brought a lot of light to my eyes thank you Jaz

I love how Jazz is so confident with herself and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Loved Nina’s dress when they went to torrid!!!

Wait... 12:43 they say jazz’s showing more cleavige but the first suit she had on her boobs are practically falling out

I love dresslily

@6:44 i love it . looks very comfy and i love the color ♥

I’d rather buy more expensive brands used off mercari/poshmark/mercari than buying from zaful or forever21. Same price but look 10000x better

jazz and that blue looks so good

Shein and romwe are two amazing sites

Nobody: Nina in every single video: I have a really big torso for my frame and body.

How has nobody pointed out the fact that Ninas first bathing suit is toooo small on the bottom (6:56)

When you try on swimsuits do y'all do it without underwear I dont wear and never have worn a swimsuit

Who else thinks the Gucci swimsuit isn’t cute?

Little Butt (‿ˠ‿)

Ok so why is it that Jazz get swimsuit that not that pricy while the others got the high end swimsuits....hmmm

since people seem to miss this, high-end swimwear for plus-sized is going to be really small market. people with more money, have access to better resources, so they will be thinner. Although historically, being heavier was associated with wealth because it indicated access to a resource rich environment. But in modern day, being overweight is associated with lower socioeconomic status, because fatty foods/carbohydrates are more cost-affordable. Additionally, higher educated people tend to lead healthier lives. And YES being plus-sized is unhealthy.

the amount of how i met your mother referencessss

The fact that they really gave Jaz swimsuits that didn’t exceed $200 but the other got over 700$ ones

No piece of fabric unless made out of gold, is worth $980. Mermaid tails made from silicons which are pieces of art are cheaper,

If you can see your own nipple you know it’s too small

just because it comes in ur size doesn’t mean you should wear it.

15:55 that amaio swimsuit is absolutely stunning!!! I’m in love

for the cheap ones you should try shein or romwe

The "luxury" that Jazz tried on was barely any more than the torrid swimsuits. JAZZ DESIRES A GOLD SWIMSUIT.

The black on Jazz was super understated sexy.

Boobs to big for your frame?

Ally Fuentes maybe they hurt her neck?

That blue 2 piece looks great on Jazz! And the colour blocked one piece was beautiful. But imagine trying to get it on and off wet!

Nina looks goos in the bright pink top and high waisted bottoms

8:17 i bought that !

The Versace swimsuit looks like it was from target in 2013

Not my proudest fap

Is it just me or did you see Nina’s nipple in the black button one

dat cardigan swimsuit looked so gorgeous on her!!!!

this is like the worth it for swim suits

Am I the only one that notices the first black suit is being worn inside out? Lol

Hate when people pack their fat all in their tights

i wouldn't say designer brands are size-ist but plus sized women are definitely not their target market

Make your own content. Literally stealing ideas from other YouTubers

Mirada Senior does their name start with an S?

i need jazz to style me every day

Ok but their mid-price ones were already too expensive for me

I didn't expect to see a beached whale with moss for hair when I clicked onto this video, seriously ew

jimbo james wow i can’t imagine anyone else as disgusting as you. seriously earn human decency.

they literally copied worth it TO THE PHRASES

Am I the only one who feels like they’re not trying on these things with underwear

favouritism much, chloe got all the cool, expensive ones n jazz got a thing you can order from boo hoo

I love jazz’s last suit!

fatty mc'fat fat couldn't get a suit at h&m but i bet she got a big mac on the way home

Indian girl is hot, fat black thing is nasty, white girl is fly

nice gunt.. you fat pig

Sakura -Chan what’s the difference?

BRUH should have just gone to Target

My name is chloe

caUUUUUTE set!!

So I went to h&m immediately after this video and ordered Chloes copper bikini combo because its too darn cute

Why did she say that it looked like a thong?!!

Sorryyyy I keep forgetting that Americans say things different to Aussie

It’s funny even when it’s a video about swimsuits you can tell buzzfeed has a certain agenda. When they showed the housewives they made sure she looked sad. Like being one is a bad thing.

Jazz’s high end swimsuits weren’t Gucci or Versailles they were from the same price range as the middle priced things. I’m small and I fell like plus side people need more equality!!

Torrid’s swimsuits were honestly better looking/fitting for Jazz then the designer ones

Wanna be friends with all of them I love them so much

17:56 jazzys scream omg it's so cute

Is this worth it, clothing version??

I feel like Jazz picking Ninas bikini top and the stylist picking the swimsuits for Nina, did more justice for Nina's chest then the simple black swimsuits that Nina picks for herself.

I love jazz’s confidence. Like I want to be her

i love the fact that they all have different body types and they are real and show how people actually look. instead of having slim thick “societally perfect” women.

Im sorry green hair girl but who wanna see dat

Jazz went to my high school :’-)

they singled jazz out!

I love how she one day has neon and the next she doesn’t Did anyone notice that

Yea I'll do a vacay tho instead of $1000 swimsuit.

every one of you is so vivacious and good-natured that I wasnt even watching for the bathing suits anymore. thanks for the vid!

I freaking hate the 2 piece, sold together suits!!! I’m hour glass shaped, but small, yet my bust is bigger than my hips! Then if HIGH WAIST fit my hips, it’s too big for my waist! I just get a bunch, and see what sticks!!! FOOLISHNESS!

As a fat gay guy, it really hurts me to see heavy set women struggling to find fitting clothes. I'm gonna learn how to make clothes, and sell them at a decent price to girls that are bigger than their competitors.

"Funny thing about this suit. It isn't even meant for water"

I love how you all have different body types but still are confident and in love with your curves. It's so in-powering

I just got to say that none of them got curves except the girl with the green hair luv u not saying bc if fat hits bc it’s true

Nina was almost naked... I hated it

ummm, nina your nipple is showing ...

I hate the fact that the other girl got the most expensive cloths for the blonde one

The black and gold swimsuit is gorgeous on jazz, it's definitely worth the price!!!

Tech suit vibes? Any swimmers here?

Omfg jazzes thot necklace. Lmao.

Ok, I need to know how Jazz looked fire in every swimsuit?!? Like someone pls explain. edit: so did nina and chloe but jazz somehow made every different style work.

Are they even allowed to try swimsuits on without buying them ?

Torrid was so expensive. i don’t get how people can say $100 is a normal swimsuit price ?!

"you look like villainously wealthy, but like in a very hot chic way, like I want you to yell at me" um same lol


I can't get over the stylist saying the Gucci suit isnt meant for chlorinated water, only the ocean salt water. Does no one understand that salt water is one of the largest sources of chlorine on earth?

Jazz's swim wear was not luxury..

Can anyone tell me where to get the black dress Nina had at the beginning of the video? Thank you

Jazz’s green hair

what i learned from this video: high end designers do not make clothing for plus size bodies in any form. its not okay!

Okay so the Cardigan one on Chloe literally made me gayer Jesus Christ

Sad they didn't go to Target

“Let’s go to the mall”, “suit up”, all I could think about was How I Met Your Mother

The expensive ones were horrible

Swimsuit Prices Chloe’s Swimsuits: $950,$873,$980 Nina’s Swimsuits:$650,$750,$755 Jazz’s Swimsuit:$120,$165,$185

The Torrid ones were my favorite. I wish I could find structured and supportive swimsuits like that for my size!

I’m so annoyed. How is it fair that jazz gets $100-$150 and Nina and Chloe get $600-$1000 swimsuits. Just because she’s bigger doesn’t matter. Jazz didn’t even get designer swimsuits. It’s so messed up.

I love the diversity in the body types


For everyone on about how it’s not fair about jazz having cheaper suits, designers don’t do designer plus size suits. Plus size suits are cheaper normally become they tend to be stretchy and loose so that the buyer can fit comfortably into them, and the thinner girls have expensive stuff nes because designers make their size. Each woman looked flawless though, price doesn’t matter. ☺️

My favs from this are all so different! For Jazz I love the little black dress from torrid, it's like lingerie! For Nina I like the first black 1piece. And for Chloe I like the H&M terracotta bikini. I love it so much that I might actually go buy it!

I'm bored; skinny girls always get so much more! Buzzfeed should focus more on curvy girls fashion since it's generally harder to find good stuff and WE WANNA KNOW, PLEASE HELP US OUT. Big surprise thin people can get swimsuits from target, what am I supposed to do with that information? Rant: finished.

The struggle is real! Im 25 and I need to shop in juniors for bathing suits and clothes but for suits I need L or XL cups, but I need the top to be an XS or S band wise and then I wear XS or S for bottoms.

Jazmin's khaki nightmare of an outfit gets a negative 10

I loooove jazz

omg the green haired girl is just huuuugeee that`s not healthy

Jasmine got all the cheap ones

Is it just me or has Chloe’s confidence gone up

I loved the pineapple and orange one. Love ya guys!!

Chloe looks and sounds like Chloe rose art

*900 for a swimsuit ?* *I better be able to turn into a mermaid .

I don’t know if anyone watch (Lance210) but the bigger girl reminds me of codde

why are they not wearing underwear with the bottoms at the store.....ew

Gucci one wins. Hands down. Dang, that bling. (Name = bling, not actual bling).

why did the hot one get the most unflattering suits by the stylist????

Plus size and swimming costumes is hard. Like jazz said it's like they want you to cover up or you want to cover yourself up. But literally jazz looks amazing in everything

Thank y’all for always being so positive about all body shapes seeing such a variety of body shapes & sizes and such levels of confidence really help my insecurities & is giving me hope about gaining my confidence after having a baby, thank you again:)

My mom and aunt love to shop at Torrid, they have some cute stuff there tbh.

I forgot her name but the girl in the middle her height against them is all my friends with me

her name is jazz, I legit have the opposite problem I am so short XD

Chloe's H&M BOTTOMS actually have a Glittery Top Pair. Idk why they dont have it in this video or in that store

I felt bad for jaz because she wasn’t even getting designer just boutique store swimsuits that were 160-200 price range when the other two girls were getting 700-1000 I thought they were trying designer not boutique......

Omfg Jasmines hairrrrr

I love Chloe’s second one. The one jazz chose

Jazz deserved better swimsuits from the designer :(

Why did Chloe get all of the expensive swimming costumes? I thought it was just me who noticed it but I've just read the comments and everyone else is saying it too. Even Nina got expensive swimming costumes that looked expensive and Jasmine got really cheap ones compared to the others. Her ones looked like they could've been bought in target. Your here trying to promote body positivity and this doesn't show that at all! Why didn't Jazz get an expensive swimming costume????? Nina barely got any too!!

I feel like Nina had the worst ones and she didnt really like them. Also she should have a swimsuit that is special for her boob shape. I mean those strap bikinis look bad on her boobs and the c thru one in my opinion is more like Instagram pic or a fashion week not an actuall swimming suit and also not even tanning suit.

Jazz’s third shirt is amazing I feel like she has such amazing taste in fashion

not to be rude but y nina boob and butt are so saggy??

Not to be rude, but the one girls head looks like a freshly mowed lawn

I don’t think the stylist did a good job

I wondered how long it would take before the my chest is really big explanation would emerge with Nina

so many people are getting upset that Jazz only went up to $200, but not many designer brands make plus size bathing suits, (which is very upsetting) so finding a very expensive small swim suit is easier than finding a very expensive plus size swim suit both with high end brands

$980 swimsuit better save me from drowning.

life hack: buy period underwear and wear spandex/volleyball short shorts and u will be just fine! i’m speaking from experience

Oh my god you refrenced "how i met your mother" and i love that show so much!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how I didn't even notice that Jaz's hair was green but I was so suprised when I saw Chloes blonde hair

I've seen train wrecks that were more attractive than this panel.

Any swimsuit that's over $30 is not worth your time XD

You can see how annoyed jazz got when she got handed plane DESIGNER Swim suits.

Why are all Jazz's under $200 which is basically like mall quality level, she kinda got cheated out of the experience of trying on super expensive bathing suits which was the point, they got to try on 900 dollar swim suits and she gets boring mall quality. I feel bad for her because she clearly seems disappointed but still trying to have fun while the other two girls seem oblivious to the fact she's not being included really.

Girls go to shein.com they have all kinds of swimsuits and there are ones that are really good quality and super cheap, i would never buy a swimsuit above $100, and it has to fascinates me to pay that much.

i am from brazil, and their “so small” is really normal here HAHAHA


“have you-“ *looks at the camera* “have you come to seduce us?”

“so i would still like you.. yea..”

For girls looking for cheap swimsuits try ZAFUL, SHIEN and ROMWE

I love how the less the material the more money it is?

It doesn’t shock me that there’s not a lot of expensive swim suits for plus size girls. Look at all the plus size actress and actors who can’t get high end designers to dress them for award shows. It’s really not fair. Also what’s the point of a swimsuit if I can’t swim in it!

In case no one told you today

the swimsuit with oranges on it looked sooo good on jazz it went really well with her skin tone

Jazz’s “designer suits” are 1/3 of the price of the other girls’ suits and I’m assuming that’s because most designer brands aren’t inclusive with most body types * :( * and although it’s nobody’s fault in buzzfeed and it’s the brands’ fault, it still makes me sad

$980??? You better be able to breathe underwater with that

I hope they bought all the ones they tried cause I’m pretty sure they tried them on naked

LOOOL btec 'worth it'

the british girl is so pretty

Who saw Nina’s ....

Am I the only one that’s like why Jazz getting the cheaper stuff

The mid range suits were prettier and fit better than the “designer” ones

Lmao is this worth it?

I feel bad for jasmine u could see how she felt when she got the cheapest outfits, she got cheated

Wish I have their confidence :C I'm thin, but because I had a couple of weight-gain and weight-loss, I have marks :C You see... people expect me to have a fit body and that makes me soooooo no confident of myself.

The "small" bottom piece cloe picked out was just normal for Brazilians tbh

The fact that they are talking about combining a swimsuit with a lipstick makes me question the use of a swimsuit. Like are they actually going to swim?

" Designer " brands don't cater to plus sized men and women at all

What I hate so much is that plus size is way more expensive than regular sizes....

i LoVe thE GUcCi SigN

Is it just me or was Jazz's So much cheaper than the other girls. I love Jazz so much, and I just feel like they were thinking "Well shes pretty Big let's just give her the cheap stuff so she does not beak it" I feel Soo Bad ):.

Honestly this video just made me mad that we don’t have more well made plus size swimwear available. torrid suits full price are about 60- 100 bucks depending on what style you buy. And my store doesn’t carry swim stuff because they didn’t sell enough last season. Forever21 has cute styles but honestly their sizing can be really inconsistent. I don’t think h&m is really a fair comparison here and I wish they had touched on what few options plus size women have available for quality swimwear that isn’t what our moms used to wear.

Am I the only one that thinks this was unfair on jazz????

Okay so it literally broke my heart when I watch this Jasmine is such a beautiful woman and when they handed her a plain blue two-piece swimsuit all I can think of is Nina and Chloe have wild patterned swimsuits a Gucci one and embroidered one and then they just give Jasmine the plain blue one like she doesn't matter then they gave her dress an animal print swimsuit that you could get literally anywhere how was that fair the only one I thought was somewhat different that you don't just go literally anyway and see if was the last when she tried on

When the we're in H&M, the Bikini next to the glitter Bikini (the Polka dir one) I have that one

Nina: "nobody has reviewed this one so maybe it's secretly good" lmao!

less fabric = more money

tbh i feel jazzmyne a lot, im a plus size too and she is such an insperation for me



I'm related to sporty spice

Please try on shoes like high heels

Blonde girl was lowkey being disrespectful to my girl..

I'm just imagining a man watching this and just thinking "what's whit these girls, just grab a swimsuit and done" XD

Oh my god they are stealing buzzfeed ideas

Omgggg the torrid suits were soooo cute. Torrid for the win

I LOVE how confident Jazz is!!

the stylist: “they all range between $600- $1000” also the stylist: (gives jazz less than $200 swimsuits) also the stylist: gives Chloe the most expensive swimsuit

Wedding dresses! Also pantsuits!

Living for Chloe's blonde.... but use a blue shampoo??

Chole looks the best

2 question 1. Why I'm seeing this in my recommend videos section?

its worth it

the apron girl looks a lot like tess

Shoes please

Jazz's green hair is amazing! also, Jazz, don't be hiding your curves girl!

The colour block swimsuit looked fab

For the cheap one you could have done Zaful or Shien. It’s so cheap and the quality isn’t bad

Everyone else: look at my new bikini! Me wearing full body suit: Yeah it’s great!

How many times the girls said yeah | | | ⬇️

ok Jazz lets not pretend that they didn't screw you over. Hands need to be thrown and if you don't do it I will.

Feminists take an idea made by two men... can you believe it

Forever 21 have plus size swimsuits and it's super cute!

Goodness me, i want Jazz to style me. Xx

That was fun! Jazz that black suit that looked like lingerie looked beautiful on you. Wow.. You guys make a fabulous team.

Y'all should so championship kneeskins.

I love how confident they are and I wish I had that much confidence

A fudging $900 swimsuit it better save my fricking life

Why does jazmine look like a chia pet??

Hold up they let u try on swim suits? Ima get crabs before i get to the beach

15:20 killed me lmao

That one moment when AirPods cost more than Jazz’s swimsuits..

Just call it Worth-It or dont copy

I love how they are supporting each other and not judging each other’s body types

Frustrated when the girls in these videos pick 3 things that are exactly the same. Like Nina picking 2 black swimsuits that are almost identical

Is any other plus sized gal a little pissed over jazz’s designer picks because torrid definitely sells them for close to the same price. Not mad at anything other the the fashion industry but still mad

Why’d I hear myself saying I’d fucc Jazz, I’m gonna slide on my suislide now

Expensive = less clothing

I feel bad for Jazz :(

Nina and chloe got really cute ones because they are more slim and especially with Chloe people think that plus size people always wear bland colours so they don't make them and it's really upsetting sometimes

That designer really did Jazz dirty

The girl with green hair would look fabulous with long hair

How are they different?

I looove jazzmyne she's hilarious

*Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh* _cute_

OhHHhH! LItTle bUtT! High quality content

120 isn’t crazy for a swimsuit that blue swimsuit should’ve been in the middle range

My body type is a lot like Nina's. I'm totally with her on the halter neck pain. I have to have a racer back or it just won't work for me.

Tell me why the super expensive ones were the ugliest one

I love Jazz's hair dark--the green is cute, but it's not really her

3:03 is a mood

Jazz gets always the cheapest clothes. That is so unfair...

Is jazmines brother in Spider-Man because I feel like they looks alike

It is so easy not

Sorry but the only ones that really looked good on Jazz were the ones from Torrid

15:14 there’s fresh water ya know

I am probably the one person who loves tops and bottoms that are sold together! I'm a very skinny muscular body type and I literally can't wear bikini tops with padding, because at my chest size, some designers decided that "yep, she needs some dangling water balloons on her chest" (It's ridiculous how much water thick padding can hold). I like really simple high-quality triangle bikini tops without padding and those are some of the only ones that tend to come in sets anyway. (And otherwise, quite often, the store is missing my size for either the top or bottom)

Jazz: Nina doesn't do colour *evil cackle*


It's so odd that the plus size options were always the cheaper options for the "more expensive range" I would have loved to see her rock some high end 1000 dollar swimsuits too :(

i relate to nina on a spiritual level.

I paid 300 for my swimsuit because I could not find anything that would fit my bust since I'm pretty small otherwise. They dont make swimsuits for people with that kind of body type. So they are sooo expensive

chloe got the most expensive ones everytime because shes skinny but then jazz gets the cheaper ones because shes bigger??

Sorry but... Low prices? Primark is low prices like £2 top £2 bottoms. Stupid americans

Jazz is prettier than any woman.

5:52 no need for THAT cleavage

I got kinda angry that Jasmine got the cheapest swimsuits to try on from the designer.

Sis you have no but

4:21... do people seriously think that models have to be THAT skinny to be pretty? Be yourself! Jeez!

Jazz have sometimes green hair and sometimes brown

Jazz's outfit in the last part of the video, when they try on designer swimsuits SLAYS SO HARD. I love the neon and how the black compliments it. And that neckline, oooof.

seeing Jazz's "luxury" outfits just ruined the video for me.... she got $200 swimsuits whereas the other girls got $800+

I’m sorry can we take a second why are the plus sized ones just 200 and yet the others were like 800

«If I was the kind of person that spend a thousand dollars on swimsuit...»

*Buy the $5 one and then give me the rest of $975. I'd take you all to Burger King!*

This is how many black one pieces Nina has ⬇️

Jazz y u so fat

The way Jaz looked at the swimsuits the designer gave her. Deep down she knew it wasn't her and was being lowballed.

Idc about the price jaz rocks anything !

I can see ur nip black swimsuits

Love how you represent all type of sizes and skin color here! They are Beautiful women and they are so respectful towards each other and seem very smart

Soo...is it only me or does Chloe look like tori from fbe react...from an angle.


Jasmine is so cool

Jazzmyne slaying that hair

2:13 belive me it will show !!!!

They so could have found her better plus size suits

I loved all the ones that Chloe tried on

Working for BuzzFeed seems kinda fun

I love how I buy ALL my swimsuits from amazon......

Lol this emoji is a high five XD

I guess if u were to ever have a business meeting and pool party at the same time.

They are trying to copy clevver and it's not working out well for them...

More videos like this ps they look fantastic ❤️

Jasmine looks so soft. I know that’s weird but someone had to say it

Monif C is a literal plus size swimsuit designer, why was none of her stuff featured for Jazz?

three different body types, I love it

17:45 is that her... is that her NiPplE

First of all, Jazz you look so beautiful in that black lace swim suit from torrid. And second of all it is Not okay that jazz got only like 100-200 dollar suits and the other girl got like 700-1000 dollar suits. U should be lucky she was still okay with it!!!

i literally saw the swimsuit i bought at h&m lmao

Try shoes?

I have a very similar body shape to Jazzmyne (although a small chest) and I wish I had half the confidence she has. One part of me would love to wear a two piece but the rest of me knows I'd be so self conscious, as my tummy is the thing I hate the most.

150, 165, 185? Honey.

I want that black lace swim suit!! It's super cute, you could almost pass it as a nice blouse, just slap some pants on it lol

Oh I'm sorry I'm not plus sized enough lmao. "Small plus size"

Begone thots

love from a small youtuber! subscribe!

I am h.e.r.e. for Jazz's Shego look

That lookd good ? Lose weight first.

as somebody who claims to be feminists you sure love fast fashion

$200 isn’t exactly luxury FOR A SWIMSUIT. I spend probably around $180 on mine I think they could have done better for jazz

They should have had someone skinny but with big boobs cause I have NEVER found something as nice as swimsuits my smaller busted friends have.

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