За 5 минут узнай как получить 200$ без обмана и вложений! |200$ for 5 minutes without investments!

За 5 минут узнай как получить 200$   без обмана и вложений! |200$ for 5 minutes without investments!

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All the, Hello to links Gabit Musa and in, this all hi on ties Gabit Musa and in this video all. Who his will watch now, video everyone who will watch it now will receive by 200 dollars and this not joke and they'll get 200 and it's no joke and know what, now people will share on seen, we know that now people will be divided into two two categories this those people who just. Two categories are those people who just listen to my, opinion who already listen to my opinion who already knows me what I bullshit not doing and. Will receive 200 dollars nothing to pay anyone do not need and who none send no one need to and whom no one to send don't need one make do not need just. You have to pass by reference and pass registration and 2 categories people those who, 1 and 2 categories of people those who say about I in this do not believe a you prove a he'll say Oh I don't believe it and you prove it eh you show blah blah blah blah blah blah none you show blah blah blah blah blah to nobody nothing prove not going just. I'm not going to prove anything just already, will late this who already do not managed it will be too late this one who has not had time here already never not catch up because what there will never catch up because such more not will this information. Not this will not happen again this information is not for General nothing, what was y I as for anything I had on channel this is just. Airdrop me. On the channel it's just airdrop which I participate and I want share with you. Utility know useful information comes you know useful information comes very rarely and this it right now y extremely rare and here it is right now you right now if the, you want get you right now if you want to get 200 dollars none for what just so bottom. 200 dollars for nothing just like that. is under this video link there is a link under this video go by, this link, follow this link register present. By mail register by email present name last name because. What need real name the names because we must will pass then verification to will pass then verification to withdraw money and get, withdraw money and receive dollars and. When, you this do dollars and when will you do it return to this. Video to understand. How it works why is true and, how we is. Why is this true and how do we do it used previously as, we on this we already used before as we on this we already earn before this. Right now now. Follow the link register get 200 dollars put like, get 200 dollars put like required per per utility write.

Be sure to write for this utility useful comment, Any Ko me on useful comment any to me on channel and subscribe on youtube if in, channel and subscribe to youtube if in future you want receive such same in the future you want to get the same mailing or news pair. Drop or newsletters or news pair drop or some too new where can on somehow too new where can be on freebies earn money, or get freebies earn money or get very valuable formation first total world a very valuable formation for the whole world below will be. More and new channel which at the bottom there will be a new channel which now I created on this telegram channel now I created on this telegram channel no nothing do not will write it none no one would write anything he would write to no one not will interfere but I there will throw off will not interfere but I'll be there to throw important insights to you up too. Down important insights so you can too down with me earn where then money and with me earn somewhere money and say to me thank you thank you habit what. You tell me thank you thank you Gabit that you subscribe on your channel what share with subscribe to your channel that I share with you useful formations, therefore I love you are a useful formation so I love share and I as to do not sorry share and me as would not pity return, by come back on if that how you this do pass. After you do that go through get here dollars returns get here dollars back I hope you already this made and you I hope you've already done that and you returned on this video now I you. I'll tell you what the point is see the point is what now passes. Airdrop very. That now passes airdrop very major exchange which botnet 2018 year. On the stock exchange which will be open until 2018 this cryptocurrency a exchange which it is a cryptocurrency and exchange which released on days releases own. New released on days rolls its a new token which, is called Central Bank. Token which is called CSB so here this token is coming out in in so this token goes into circulation already in January, 1 Jan this may it already already in January 1 January his can he already will trade on exchange its can will be traded on the stock exchange it can be will calm sell withdraw any will quietly sell withdraw any money which there is and what is. Air the money that is there and what is air / I you later tell and why this. I'll get back to you and tell why it is exchange it distributes too tell what the exchange distributes it too I'll tell you what such in General as this in General this all is that even how it all it all works now this. Air drop works works now this air drop works until 20 December until December 20 you need, have time today pass you need to have time to pass today registration and, throw, this link link register to send this link to your friends acquaintances unpretentious to they friends acquaintances unpretentious that they also received 200 dollars and nobody not also got 200 dollars and no one it is necessary to persuade it is necessary to persuade who is do not believe may do not believe and will who do not believe it does not believe will be side please hate. People aside please I hate people which start swing, right and talk which are beginning pump rights and to speak his bullshit some before them very and it's bullshit to have a very and use and all I gave utility and enjoy, and all I gave the usefulness and used received.

500 Dollars this took advantage got 500 dollars this true previous. Times I in Maxim in all. In father beer all their channels that you wrote guys have new. Them drop wrote guys there is a new their drop useful information. On me she reached here useful information on me she has peaked here is then then I went got 500. Dollars then then I walked in got 500 want here you link someone started want here is you the reference someone began to understand I do not became it even reply nothing prove someone believed decided just follow someone believed decided to simply follow my Board and all this people already received my advice and all these people have already received by 500 dollars themselves about and they all 500 each and they're all happy and lucky and thank you I satisfied and happy and thank me for stuff what I C them shared information for sharing information with them now already, 500 dollars nobody not can now already 500 dollars nobody can get because what time ended but get because time is over but there are third step this ir drop only three there is a third step of this ir drop only three step 1 was 1000 dollars I on it himself not caught the second was 500 dollars I on it and my the second was 500 dollars I on it and my friends to do not managed well who I believe friends are not managed well, who believe me who was showing off and something there was burning who was showing off and something was burning they already of course not got have third, they already of course not received there is the third step you can get 200 dollars and those step you can get 200 dollars and those who then still not obeyed who didn't listen then showing off just. Silently pass behind showing off just silently pass for retire get your freaking 200 retire get your fucking 200 bucks not need to nothing talk just bucks no need to say anything just please don't. Reproach don't do here and please don't reproach don't do that all now. Third, step last he before 20 all now the third step the latest he until 20 December managed handsome. Not forget, don't forget share with relatives family and.

Share with relatives relatives and close to not Just too got close to not simply too received 200 dollars nothing, not asks just 200 dollars asks nothing just these now, already, do not haste tell I will tell you now without haste as this working and why costs, this how it works and why it's worth it make and as can. Will withdraw money. I'm gonna get my face out of here. before than I you this all explain straight before I explain it to you directly now put bell like now put the bell like write comments subscribe to my write comments subscribe to my youtube channel because what it is where I youtube channel because that's where I am will share valuable information and bottom, I will share valuable information and at the bottom will new telegram channel now its there will be a new telegram channel now. creates a to which none none interfere do not will create on which no one no one hinder not is there will quiet but sometimes when y will there will quietly but sometimes when have me will valuable formation I will there I will be a valuable formation I'll be there spread to, you for EN was in spread to you for EN was in phone you not missed important so you didn't miss an important one information received some value from did you get any value from me free and thanked me. There me free and thanked me there in a there which to be lunch dinner I in the form of there what be lunch dinner I never not refuse never give up meeting C interest in which, from meetings with interesting people who are with me more and more let's go on. Me still and earn went further now detail tell how this everything now detail will talk as this all works so see. Go we first. Works so are looking goes we first on coins bit this as times there exchange on coins bit it's just there exchange which today does this handout. Before I tell you about all this the distribution of as this working I you show to distribution as it works I'll show you on most popular site which the most popular site which called coin market to bird to called coin market K bird K if someone is associated with cryptocurrency if someone is connected with cryptocurrency understand what this site most major on do you realize that this site is the largest on it is only useful information it has only useful information here no Scam never not there is no Scam ever sometimes do not will and no because what this sometimes it won't and it won't because it's most major know as as come in the biggest know how how to come in most large Bank say you all the biggest Bank you say of all cheat so. Here coin market hoof cheat so here's coin market hoof website all crypto, assets. Which exist real average. Value here bitcoin the real average cost here is bitcoin right now 18 October stands 7900. 37 right now October 18 costs 7900 37 dollars on moment records video Ethereum, dollars at the time of recording the Ethereum video worth since 82 dollar but and so next costs since 82 but so on so next in addition this here there is more.

So beyond that there's more exchange exchange. It like big market Bazaar exchange exchange is like a big market Bazaar Yes where someone sells cryptocurrency where does someone sell cryptocurrency someone buys but electrons click on. Someone buys but electrons click on their through top100. Write on look rating presents here only those exchange which, real has volume and. Those exchange which really has the volume and they are all fixed deemed and as, to they are all fixed counted and as it were im can trust here there a lot they can be trusted there are many here different bi schwat world bit max volume trades. In 24 hours of trial with 3 billion dollars by million Yes. There Kraken volume. Trades by the way Yes there Kraken trading volume 110 millions dollars and so next. In 110 million dollars and so on in General he a lot a lot a lot different. Exchanges in General it is many many many different exchanges so this where there are which we now there's a man here that we today will discuss coin shot down today we will discuss coin shot down which gives hand to, which gives the giveaway to it is on forty first place. Here it is in the forty first place here she scoin shot down times she is on site she's scoin shot down once she's online coin stamps hooves already says about Tom what coin brand hooves already says that it there this present this just it exists it is real it is simple indisputable fact with this just need. To accept and not to pick for a long time so here this exchange y us appeared here so here is this exchange have us emerged here is is launched have launched date appearance. August, 18 year then. Is date the emergence of August 18 year i.e. it started and today on this exchange it was launched today on this exchange over 30. Days for 30 days trades passes. On 6 10 700 14 trading takes place at 6 billion 700 14 million nine hundred thirty five nine hundred and thirty five million dollars every, 30 days per last 24 dollars every 30 days for the last 24 hours in Coem shoot down passed volume in 238 hours in which shoot down passed the volume of 238 million 152 2000. Dollars trades million 152 2000 dollars of trades go on this write click and see what. We go to this write click and see that the site is, runs coins bits . the site is run coins bit . and and and on this. Exchange you can buy and a and on this exchange you can buy sell coins type bitcoin Ethereum. Sell coins like bitcoin Ethereum vadka in. The finance. Queen the eat pub. Vadka in the finance queen that is pub us to and we too talk about and so next us to and we too will talk about and so on now to would. Funny was we straight with now to be funny we're right with this site coin market cup dot com this site coin market cup dot com go to site coins bit .. And and go and see that here opens, to it shot down such site coins opens to he shot down such a coins site trouble and. See, what is the real. Exchange it trouble and see that this is a real exchange it already working since eighteenth year on it already working with the eighteenth year on it already can produce trades in in it is already possible to make trades in principle Yes means, and and it is recognized the best Yes so it is and it is recognized as the best launch cryptocurrency both same 2018, year the launch of the cryptocurrency platform in 2018 escaped really cool started and avoided really cool started and today, exact today in January, it today, or rather today in January it runs the first a internal runs its very first internal cryptocurrency, which is called si EN bi a cryptocurrency called CNB which you, now how times and received which you just got 200 dollars so here this, exchange it's 200 so this is the exchange makes its coins it know how it, making your coins is you know how it is like stock company, then have company as a company stock that is a company decided sell part shares and. Part decided to sell part of the shares and part distribute to to people. Who help.

Somehow this company these people become Co-owners of this company become co-owners of this company if they want they can can sell if they want they can can sell these shares can them exchange for others these shares can be exchanged for others what then assets well and so next in > some assets and so on in General coins coins. Exchanges are by essence coins of this exchange are in fact shares this exchange, and these coins now shares of this exchange and these coins now nowhere not sold they only distributed they are not sold anywhere they are only distributed method airdrop. Distributed as a gift to all who participates, in this mover to involved in this drive to this is done for what later you this is done for what later you tell now on. This exchange is own. I'll tell you now this exchange has its own coins now before, than we pass, coins now before we go through further you will run as it is possible these coins still further you will run as it is possible these coins still and earn there get I you show and earn there get I'll show you what on my, balance on this exchange now what's on my balance on this exchange now straight lies, already pretty, except wings and straight lies already quite apart from the wings and amount this for two days without youtube a without sum this for two days without youtube and without nothing I did for two days on clean nothing I've done in two days on clean sundress radio then. There I earned these. Tsnb coins on sum four thousands three hundred fifty. Four thousand three hundred and fifty dollars and you stuff there y I lies 43 dollars and you that is I have 43 thousands five hundred coins each coin worth thousand five hundred coins each coin is worth by zero integer 1 dollar this is 0.1 this is on zero as much as 1 dollar this is 0.1 this starting price which, will have us in the starting price which will be at us in January trading, will begin in January and then. You can be calm all this money withdraw there, sell in any there bitcoin withdraw there sell at any time bitcoin in broadcast the mind or in true dollar this in the ether of the mind or in the present dollar. without mastercard withdraw without problems then without mastercard withdraw without problems then there are this this this so here here these.

There is this this is real so here are these here are Coins here are the coins 4350 from. From I received air drop only 4350 of them I got air drop only 500 rest. I earned you now if 500 the rest I earned you now if pass register 500 not get but pass registration 500 not arrive at but you get 200p drops then have two you arrive at 200R drops i.e. two thousands coins y you will to thousands of coins you will have to earn how I you need something earn like me you need something make but about this a little later first to make but more about that later first I will explain what is r2 I'll explain what r2 is now go on google just write. Now go to google just write search engine, there or in youtube what is search engine there or in youtube what is drop cryptocurrency because what just ir drop cryptocurrency because just ir drop this other thing airdrop drop is another thing airdrop cryptocurrency this other thing cryptocurrency is another thing see to first value r drop see until the first value of r drop cryptocurrencies this click and look this, cryptocurrencies is click and watch it free distribution distribution blockchain free distribution on blockchain here here we all go inside this. And here we all go inside it opportunity earn money. Without money opportunity to earn money without money like advertising. For companies r drop this as advertising for companies r drop it free distribution defined large free giveaway with big project its tokens. Eighth, project their tokens eighth suit startups to, new some suit new start-UPS to some projects but exchange coins. Bit it already projects but exchange coins bit it already works 18, years she already known standing works 18 year she already known are worth stands on forty first place in ranking, all the world cryptocurrency I mean so it is already. Not cryptocurrency I mean so it's not startup but coin been seen by this startup but the coin has been seen by this startup coins, families startups she startup of the coins of the family of startups it creates a this this in end total and so in the end target Europe this advertising project that there the goal of Europe is to advertise the project that is company gives us money to us her the company gives us money to buy it advertised past and we another and can do not advertised further and we still can not just get p fraction we more and can just get the R fraction we can earn seen Yes I earned already. Method of works here I told people what I such, here I was telling people what I was like bijah what. Too worked how much bijah that worked too how much earned 7500. Well done congratulations. Coins because there is information there is two days to earn have time too. Two days to earn time too earn and throw their native they. You will say thank you in January fed in main lunch man no matter in General I don't care about the man in General what this r drop about, clear this that such r drop roughly understandable this advertising project form coins, who she advertising in the form of coins which she itself issues then these. Coins come out she issues then these coins come out trading and starts price growth now. Trade and price growth begins now pass with by you. Real real case see many my friends to this managed earn my friends on this managed to earn but then I still was not very aware about but then I was still not very aware of cryptocurrency therefore, I in this do not cryptocurrency so I'm not in it and and in vain they all earned but. To and in vain they all earned but to sorry I not managed this times I. Not sorry I didn't make it this time I didn't I'll skip here there such trouble is called miss here is there is such a the trouble is called Ben from she started year earlier in July Ben from it launched a year earlier in July seventeenth year today. On this money seventeenth year today on this money on these exchange Benz traded in day.

On this exchange Benz traded per day only 800 27. Millions dollars go only 800 27 million dollars go on Benz see what is too here real. On Benz see that this too here is the real exchange to which trade bitcoins and the exchange on which you trade bitcoins and movies only in other already quantities, films only in other already quantities she already popular and here this here finance. It has also created its own cryptocurrency which, is called HDD cryptocurrency which is called HDD I you now I show a little not. Happened I'll show you what almost happened and how my friends on this earned. Why am I recording this to you understand what I that man. Who saw it with his own eyes now then baby be on sky today price. This then baby be on sky today the price of this coins 18, bucks capitalization gold. Coins 2 billion eight hundred twenty million dollars then eat this. Coin in a million dollars that is this coin in this coin people invested 2. 1 this coin people have invested 2 billion eight hundred twenty one million dollars, eight hundred and twenty one million dollars and here here. So now, this coin has and so now this coin has its graph itself. Here General graph your schedule itself here is a General schedule ul press and see she appeared in world then click and see it appeared in the world trading started 25. July 2017 year trading started on 25 July 2017 remember, our coin here this cn trouble remember our coin here is this not the trouble will appear 1, January in trade binds out will appear January 1 in the trade the binds out 25 Julia seventeenth. Year so here she 25 Julia of the seventeenth year now here she is exited by exchange rate see price sd 0.1. Came out at the rate see price sd 0.1 it exactly also cost 0 1 dollar as and it is exactly the same cost 0 1 dollar as our which now and earning 0 1 our goal now and earn 0 1 dollar then, this coin released on and then this coin was released on exchange and people to those who wanted withdraw exchange and people to those who wanted to withdraw their money they them started sell. They started selling their money someone started. Buy and demand increased, someone started buying and demand increased all people wanted her buy example. Coins all people wanted to buy it example coins battle now nothing not buy you not the battle now does not buy what you don't can not where buy these coins you can you can not where to buy these coins you can only their get p groups a 200 only their obtain R in the form of 200 dollars none per what just per registration dollars for nothing just for registration either can as, I earn by, either you can as I earn by recommendations if, suddenly you want also recommendations if suddenly you want also like I earn me but buy them how do I earn money but buy them cannot and here those people who do not want you can't and here are the people who don't want to earn a want buy say there to make and want to buy say there on million dollars these coins seeing what a million dollars of these coins seeing that horse horse shot down real cool I there see horse horse shot down really cool I see there it works develops, they start it works develops they start buy these coins and coins coins to buy these coins and the coins start grow in price and here when began big rise in price and that's when the big one started demand this already was in Julie 13 18 years to 1 demand this already was in Julie 13 18 year until 1 January to. January January to January eighteenth year this coins coins eighteenth year this coins. to, 24, bucks then eat started 0 1 dollar up to 24 dollars that is 0 1 dollar and then grew to 24 now. Let's I and then grew until 24 now let us I you give real example you let's say. I will give you a real example you say took also took was heard exactly the voice also sounded precise so same as and now ir drop. You received 1,000 coins I have right now already there seen on many thousands there saw on many thousands of example you, received total thousand and we, example you only got a thousand and we waited when coin, will rise to prices.

We waited for the coin to rise to the price 24, You another multiply to 24 mean, you 24 you still multiply by 24 means you earned 24000. Dollars on this peak earned $ 24,000 at this peak if you her not sold she fell would in if you hadn't sold it it would have fallen into price you would earned less here she and you would earn less here she is cost 10 dollars, then here some cost 10 dollars then here some time here at peak time is at its peak this was in 19 year 2 2 January it cost this was in 19 year 2 2 January she cost 39 dollars having, thousand coins you you already 39 dollars having a thousand coins you you already earned 39. Thousands dollars millions earned 39 thousand dollars you know on logic on logic have me, in koem shoot down and pa0 single lies at me in which to bring down and pa0 to one lies 43 thousands five hundred coins and gold and I. 43 thousand five hundred coins and that and me only started two days work active just started two days keep up the good work I a coming two days before 2 December will I and the next two days until 2 December will tractors everywhere as this is as this tractors everywhere how is it done how is it earn iambom a little later tell I'll tell you about it later in General. How worked coin baby so how did baby's coin work clear if even. We see course well, I see even if we see the course well let will there do not know may do not will let it be there I don't know let it not be he is there 30 bucks let our. Bijan. Dollars wait there empty 5 dollars you of course can in January sell and you can of course sell in January and output all to, zero panel one four. Bring all to zero one by one four thousands three hundred fifty dollars y me I have three hundred and fifty dollars will in January will be released in January but if I them not sell 43 500A wait but if I don't sell them 43 500A I'll wait course a I by must bite course and I on should bite 43, 500 multiply. By 5 dollars suppose 43,500 times 5 dollars let's say wait 5 dollars exchange rate. I'll wait for $ 5. but of course. Understand what you such numbers not but of course understand that you such figures not let take, from here although would half. Let's take at least half of it approximately high. Possible earn about high you can earn okay hope. Now you understood what okay I hope now you understand that such r drop and Europe exists. Everywhere this r drop and Europe exists everywhere well in all cryptocurrency industries they exist normal tech, drops dealt in form 20 normal tech drops are dealt in the form of 20 dollars 50 dollars. 100 dollars sometimes dollars 50 dollars 100 dollars sometimes and two even 200 dollars sometimes even 300 and two even 200 sometimes even 300 or 500 dollars give so here, coins bits or 500 dollars give so here is coins bit gives 200 dollars today until 20 December gives 200 dollars today until December 20 all who will pass by, referral link all who will pass on the referral link under this video fold and, straight now under this video you throw off and right now to your acquaintances too received to your friends also received suspend you as earn more than let's show you how to earn more than 200 dollars 200 for. Lazy went. Charged did nothing waited speaking in January sold these coins speaking in January, he sold those coins received my 200 dollars happy got my $ 200. satisfied said, sure thank you pleased said necessarily thank you remembered what we him helped gave remembered that we helped him gave information and to goodbye, information and goodbye if you, active person you General.

If you are an active person who at all how would Not difficult there earn on this no matter how difficult it is there to capitalize on this and wants earn date in personal and wants to earn money in personal office enter, this to yourself in personal you come here to his personal account and in, personal account account and personal account need will pass verification so, it will be necessary to pass verification therefore use real, data if is given use the real data if given not match you money your not return do not match your money will not return earned, even so this important only earned even so it's only important one account must. Be present well one account must be real well how would your referrals, program click how would your referrals program click and see, and see I, invited 46 man and earn I invited 46 people and ... thirty four thousands seven hundred fifty thirty four thousand seven hundred and fifty coins this 3000 475 dollars only, on coins this 3,000 475 dollars only on these literals then have have referral these literals that is there is a referral program it pretty short the program it is quite short only two days today tomorrow it'll only be two days today tomorrow day after tomorrow more not valid so here the day after tomorrow doesn't work anymore so in this my referral code you your code in this my referral code you your code take copy throw off, your native and close if you will so same as I. Active if you're as active as I am throw off once, you get discount once you get several thousands dollars. Dollars as I a few thousand dollars dollars like me know here these money which. Showed you know that money I showed you already before 4300, dollars I earned without already up to 4300 dollars I earned without youtube and and so next what did I youtube and and so on what did I do copied this piece copied this thing and just in their chat and who me is in and simply in their chat and which me there is in father OPEC telegram I wrote message in the OPEC telegram I wrote a message all example who wants free get anyone who wants to get free 500 dollars this real theme can me 500 dollars is a real topic can I < go through. Register this is r do not register this is r coffin a little bit airdrop yourself read shorter a coffin a little bit of airdrop themselves esteem in short and get here you real opportunity and get here's a real opportunity for you you have only one day pass registration someone believe some do not believe and someone believed someone did not believe and someone registered received by 500 dollars someone zaregalsya received on 500 dollars all happy a those who not believed everyone is happy and those who do not believe today wrote say I too want today, I wrote saying I want get game fool you late get the game fool you're late then was 500 me 500 next what then was 500 me 500 forth that dollars you give only 200 but this they'll only give you 200 dollars but that's too well yesterday I took made more one too well yesterday I took made another newsletter wrote guys, who then not the newsletter was written by the guys who then don't managed here you more 200 dollars and here y managed here is you still 200 dollars and here is have me yesterday checked in 46 man yesterday I registered 46 people I, earned and day before yesterday 34 thousands. I earned and the day before yesterday 34 thousand one hundred fifty dollars without youtube and so. A hundred and fifty dollars without youtube and so next only own simple. Chats forth only their ordinary chat rooms which were have me in youtube and youtubers.

In the telegram and in fathers you, Take also your. Reference copy write audio message desirable live audio audio message preferably live audio message Hello friends, Yes interesting message hi friends there is interesting those to them drop shorter is 200, dollars those to their drop in short wasn 200 dollars nothing not ask pass parcels do not ask anything about the parcel register and then you can register and then you can ask I ready you reply what this and I am ready to answer you that this subject real and throw my video I, you theme the real and throw off my video I you tell what here here this same video. I I will tell you that here is the same video I I will tell how this works and all so I'll tell you how it works and all that way have you will many rituals would that way you will have a lot of rituals would earn money now how much pay earn money now how much is paid how much pays if. You invited personally how much does it pay if you are invited in person person you. For personal pays 1000 man you for personal pays 1,000 coins this. 100 dollars by today and that's $ 100 today course which 01 know us already if the course you know us already if your people decided invite their stuff you your people decided to invite their then you earn each them invited by earn each of their invitees by 50 dollars this 500 coins you live by 50 dollars is 500 coins you live by my link passed 29 this, without youtube a my link went 29 it's without youtube huh now will 1000 by my came for shift now at them links elapsed six and at now on them references passed six and on their links passed one of human here I their references passed one of the person here I am earned by 25 was times each of these earned 25 was times each of these a low man and bottom I see, a low man and below I see accrual here they here 25 dollars. Yes accrual here they are here 25 dollars Yes sleep dollar and 25 to 50 dollars here 50 sleep a dollar and 25 to 50 dollars that's 50 dollars from 50. Someone good works dollars from 50 someone works well after all here 100 dollars 100 dollars and so after all here is 100 dollars 100 dollars and so next in addition moreover. What we earn next in addition to what we earn then what people just kick we another and the fact that people just kick we also can future all life get this we can spend our whole lives getting these trades if someone of this masses people and if any of this mass of people who will go.

On this Exchange will in. Future who will enter this exchange will be in the future trade but it is not mandatory condition trade but this is not a prerequisite Yes but if the suddenly some solve trade Yes, but if suddenly someone decides to trade on this exchange on this exchange that with them trade we will receive 25 then with their trade we will receive 25 percentage commissions them, people 15 percentage of the Commission percentage of their people is 15 percent of their people 10 percent here such just their people 10 percent here is such a simply rectorate here this Commission works, forever I even understand what you me see I even know you're watching me now not traders and you this special not now not traders and you this particularly not interesting even on this on simple interestingly even on this on simple registration promotion. Service can to promote the service you can already earn advice some amount money in, already earn advice a certain amount of money in principle on this I you base explained the principle I explained to you the base believe believe do not believe do not believe to 20 believe believe don't believe don't believe until 20 number there time want help his if you have time do you want to help your native close throw, too I personally native close throw off too I personally moved and dad and brother and sister. It, all your family chat and got rid of who believed one believe stuff do not believe tut do not believe believed he believed then disbelieved then believed neither how would not important heat me hot not hotly I my money earned but more and share I earned my money but I also share with people recommend you do so same with people I recommend you to do the same but if you don't want nobody manage but if you don't want to control anyone even 200, dollars I will will think even 200 dollars I will I think will you in principle pretty, good. Will you in principle quite a good here, with you on communication was finished Musa here is with you on ties was dobit Musa subscribe to my YouTube channel cat subscribe to my YouTube channel Kotu called also habit Musa under my called also Gabit Musa under my youtube channel feature and referral youtube channel has a referral link then more there link on.

My The reference then still there is the reference on my telegram chatbot cinecitta, channel where telegram chatbot cinecitta channel where today day I will track today I will track such temki on request on their friends such temki on the request on their friends there you can do not each throw a this there you can not everyone to fold but hour make channel please case. An hour to make a channel please deal connect write. Comments if connect write comments if you was useful I very. Love when you was useful I very love when people not stink just saying thank you for people don't stink just saying thank you for itself information useful useful. None the information itself is useful useful no passed past and nothing none none do not passed by and nothing no one no one placed on communication good. Battle with all, while waiting for you in next video a this. Waiting for you in the next video and this got sound I same. Forgot bottom it turned out to sound I forgot the bottom still not stopped and 3 recording. Video.

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