$5980 Profit! 14 Day Streak! Stimulus - Debate - Live Trading - Stock News

$5980 Profit! 14 Day Streak! Stimulus - Debate - Live Trading - Stock News

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Perfect. April long three four and a half ten points. That's exactly what i wanted to see. Okay so i'm gonna take i'm gonna take that for 16 and be done. Everybody got it that's a quick. One. Uh, vixx is at 32 and a. Quarter. No questions, go ahead. Yes, 342, the app also, has. Um. All right what's up everybody welcome to the show good morning dtp. Waking up after a nice. Sleep. Watch the debate last night things are looking a little more uh, stable for markets, than. Um. Let me get in this position here. And i was expecting, going into uh this week everything looks great and lovely and wonderful uh we're gonna try to make the street continue and go. Uh get a nice. Setup. And. Uh all signs look good. I'm gonna play into a kind of a wider position around my hedge pressure, got a bull along this morning looking great. Um. Yeah. How are you doing today welcome to the show everybody welcome welcome. We'll see you in a little bit you guys ready to make some trades. I know you are. You ready to do this. Are you ready to make some trades. I know i am, come on guys let's get ready to. Go. Let's go away. What's going on everybody. Hey yo. Good, morning. How's everything going, welcome to the show today, d2 matt, front and center. As always. Thank you for tuning in. Um. The music cause i'm playing i always say that music on. Atp. Where's music. Uh, i watched the debate last night did you guys watch the debate. What'd you think of it. Give me your. Give me your honest thoughts about that. Who do you think won. Do you think anybody, won. Who did you want to win. Which one do you think is better for the year for the market for you. We're gonna talk about that today, we're gonna figure some of these things out, um. I'm trying to load into a bull long trade i'm only getting a really small records position and i do have a 341. Uh. And a half hedge pressure. And so i'm gonna go right in here actually let's make that. Half. Good morning what's up what's up john, what's up, what's up what's up. Well. Channel. Is that really that still has that old, i need to go change that thumbnail, really quick. It still says the trump s covet thing. I've been lazy. I've been busy though. Good morning. Yeah. She was uh, yeah i'll talk about my, my thoughts and debate a little bit um. Again a nice full long i want to get 16 points off of here if it goes from here to third again that's a 16 point drop too, so i'm going to double down with a micro and take from 30 if i can get it, uh a stable debate. Right. We had a. I would say on the debate, side right yeah the republicans. Walked into that thing. Just prepared, and ready to go sound, again i'm moderately, middle of the road don't care about politics. Um. You as a traitor. Benefit. Much better. And it's much better much more stable market. With republican, victory, in this climate, you will. Lot not these volatile, swings not these fears of large. Sweeping, government, shutdowns, changes like that in this environment. We like lobix, trading here, republicans. Are going to deliver that so it's on a silver platter, so if you're rooting for somebody just for your own job as a trader. You know republicans, are going to be the way to go. If you. Care about you know different. Policies, and politics, themselves. You know. They come at different costs, and so you know none of your business what i believe. I sure can't argue with the idea of an easy job though. Nice easy. You know four year bull market that'd be kind of cool. Right. Um. When i walked in there and i watched the debate it just seemed, kind of like. I compared, it today. And our morning meeting to watching. First time in texas debates in the playoffs. And it was matt shaw versus tom brady. And it's like watching, a jv, team play a varsity, team. Just, they're both, good enough to be on the team but man one of them was just. Three steps ahead every single thing he threw at him they were just like. The other one was kind of like. You could tell they were winging it a lot unprepared. Not politically. Experienced, enough so there's a clear winner in the debate, and i'm not rude for either one i go in watching it in the middle so i can make a good trading decision. But in my opinion, pence just, dominated. Not just one but every, response, was just on point. And it's funny that like, when you go to your facebook, or whatever and you read what everybody says. You can tell the response, everybody they had nothing bad to say. About him other than there's a fly on his head which is kind of funny. The whole time he's flat on his head i'm like oh god i was like just, move your head like it was making me cringe i was like i can't watch it for like two whole minutes.

Two Whole minutes there was a fly on his head it was so funny. And. It got on his head and i was like what if it's one of those little cia, you know i mean the cia, flyer planes that they would play around. And like they landed the fly on his head. Just to embarrass him or something right. Anyways. Um you go to your, facebook, or something after fact and everybody's like. Your republican, friends are all like, calmly, harrison didn't do you dodged the thing on stuffing the courts. She. Um. Lied about, wanting to use not frack, and then. All she did was kind of appeal, emotion, appeal, which is a fallacy like appeal emotions. For the current social commentary, going on right now talking about racism, and police brutality. And, and the stuff that people, are really, kind of passionate about right now, she just name drops stuff just to kind of like, you know appeal to emotions. Which is a debate, tact it's just considered a fallacy because it's not really, debating, something. So people were like saying that's, what she did and then you go to your democratic, friends they're like, there's a floyd. And i was like so i'm like that's how you can tell in a trading sense i want to see what the public believes is a clear winner. And, clearly the public acknowledged, that pence was the winner because. They didn't have much to say about him other than he had a fly on his head, when you make fun of the way. Somebody, looks. Or somebody, talks, or whatever and you don't hit their substance, then their substance, is good. So remember as a traitor i'm always looking for unique ways to determine. Answers of stuff going on in the public. And of course people had some really good, things against them you know i don't agree with either side on a bunch of the. Topics. I'm i'm kind of in the middle of the road myself, i don't have much of an allegiance to anybody. Ending, and get my libraries, here your videos. I'm taking a bull long from hedge which i think is a good trait to make for myself. Um. The algorithm should be correctly working this morning. Test it out on your stocks we're gonna run. Power arrow on stock, spy. Oops. That's weird. That's the right. Number. It's running six minutes later. We're pulling it more than once. Hold. On. Before i, at them, i wonder for. That's the correct spy. But it's running later in the morning. Interesting. It's working. That's the right answer.

41 And a half. But it's running six minutes later it keeps running every time i run it so they're pulling it like every minute or two, they keep re-pulling, it which is interesting. Pretty, freaking awesome maddie b what's up good morning, pence looked real, pence looked really last night. Anyways, i got into trading. How do you make it back this i am, getting back. Trading. Yeah, that's what that does though depth reruns, the. One of the equations. Uh, to. Look for. A certain. Hedging. Depth if he may. Hold on. Uh i'm just gonna pull along i'm gonna take three four and a half and ten points and sit in my my spot is gonna be a sixteen and a half point run, so i got six i'm gonna get 16, total from the bottom and. Go. All right let's run some socks for y'all how good should we work and ready to go. Well spy has to break through hatch pressure and close red i've got a pretty easy setup that's, everything's, bull long today on the algos so, i have to follow the algo says, which is good. My heart says it's going to close red today my heart says we're flat into the election. It's just that a more stable, certain. Outcome of the election, is what the market price is in bullish. Last election the market floated down, and had some selling into the election. Remember we got like three weeks and were there, three or four weeks. Um. But after, a big debate like last night where there's. Unanimously. Most, people can agree. If you don't think about the candidate you're rooting for so i'm rooting for neither candidate which means i can make a. Kind of unbiased, decision. You know my personal opinion. Last night's debate for the, republicans. Came out ahead. And so for the market, that's, good and stable, and that's why it was good and stable. Right. The market. Is not going to be extremely, bullish, and non-volatile. Unless there's a. Chance republican, incumbents, won't win statistically, they win, that's why the market's pricing and republican, victory. Markets all-time high incumbents, don't lose the race. They don't. Statistics. So, if trump goes in and embarrasses, himself then the market's going to be like. Because the chance he may not win, if the republicans, just stay the course. They go in and just do exactly, what they're supposed to do, don't rock the boat don't say something controversial, just appear professional, nice. They're gonna just waltz into a victory because statistically, they've always every both sides democrats, have and republicans, have. Obama did the same thing clinton did the same thing. Uh bush did the same thing everybody just walks in and wins the election again as the bull market keeps going. All right. So. Discipline, you guys have the algo. You're, you don't have, you have the algo brother. Let's run it. That's interesting. I'm curious, why. It's running, at 9 36, again it took them five minutes to. Confirm that the market was open. Maybe that's what's going on. As we add a 930. Data point now we have a 936, data. Point. Maybe he reset, it. What's up good morning marie. So, the point i'm the only reason i'm talking about the debate is because. Um. When you're trading. Like especially our style non-volatile, markets are the win, all the time. It's easier to trade non-volatile, markets and you can clearly, see that, what what wall street perceived as a republican victory in that debate. Is a less volatile market. Does everybody understand that i'm trying to hear tickle your political, feelings. I don't like his stance, my stance is i want the damn vicks below here so daddy can get back to making some trades. That's my stance. Why'd you go along without waiting for a hedge pressure we're finding lower lows in the vix, and i always go long without waiting for hedge pressure with the exception, of. Higher highs on vicks. Vixx is in decay, i am taking a little bit of bigger risk, from. Here. Question jim. Right, the vix finding lower lows. I feel great taking that gamble. Right. So as the vix is not finding lower lows, i'm not going to jump in and chase a wall trade, right. So it is right it's a it's a discretionary.

Decision I make that says okay we are belong. I'm going to hop in here and i'm going to take my second entry, only at hedge and buffers 10. right. That's how we do. It. Pretty cool. Right. So i feel more comfortable taking. It. All right one second. Y'all. Do. Okay. I'll just killing it y'all. I look it's looking good like um. The data's coming out pretty good, so hopefully they fixed that code. Man. I'm. Excited. Yeah i'm adding a head treasure as well. I'm gonna take a big position from here though because i know if i get that 16 points it's gonna be a pretty easy trade. So, if it's a loss it's a loss to be the first loss but that's okay. Welcome to the show everybody we love having ellie all here, every morning. Front and center. All right, call this. You fashion, show. Um. Um. Yeah it looks good um. He must have reset something at the beginning because it's running a little later but that's interesting. That when he got spy a little later. Uh the data came out a little better. I might and one of the things is that td's api might just be, might be actually. Pulling. Late data, like and i don't know if any of you are experts at tds api that's just our test api. We're about to flip on as soon as we get this thing cleared up we're about to flip on better data. Um. Tim sent me a message oh i love how he's on top of it tim my boy. My boy. He says we're viewing the morning pole day i don't think things are working crazy, reviewing more to come we might probably need to review with you it currently appears the api data is weird. Um. I. Saw. That, you guys. Pulled. A few times. Oh thank you. For writing. Buddy. These guys are stressed out too i know we'll be. Show them we're listening. Uh, so you guys pulled a few times and actually. The spy. Data, came out correct. Matching. Your. Api. With, tos. On our end. Which. Is interesting. Anybody here know if td's api, actually sends delayed data by a couple minutes. Let's look and see revolution. Yeah. E936. 48. Is immaculate. The. 9305. Or whatever it was. If she was off, by. 0.5. Likely, a product. Of the difference. Between, the api, and tos, which, is, acceptable, error. Because. We're, likely. Going to switch. Apis. Anyway. Um, acceptable, error proving. Am i going to say that's going to confuse the hell of them. Thank you for being on top of this. All right. They're on fire dude, some tiny man when i get with them and i'm like. Steve jobs in it. We get we get results, see and this is what i'm saying some people. You motivate them properly, they're gonna they're gonna come in and motivate. What's the difference between the data from tdap, and the data you're going to, uh, quite a bit and i'll show you. Um some testing that we did actually let's pull that front center if you guys are brand new here, uh throw some merchandise. Give me some tickers let's talk about it. I'm gonna show you guys we've invented a state-of-the-art, algorithm that's gonna blow your mind.

We're Breaking the market with this algorithm. Okay. Why are we hanging out to retail, schmucks, and, grandma mabel and grandpa, joe. Well if we give it out to enough people graham hall, joe eventually is going to be retired, hedge fund, manager grandpa joe's going to have a buddy and then he's going to call him and talking about dtp. And somebody's come by daddy on he's gonna be a billionaire, that's why we're handing it out to grandpa joe and grandma mabel. Nobody knows who we are who we are, same reason i started dtp it gets lonely. Trading, and sitting alone in a room it's great to have a bunch of friends to trade. With. Goals start a hedge fund we want to be players in the space, we've invented, something, very cool so hopefully, we, get enough people to notice. Then some the right person will eventually notice. Bro, everybody, give diego pats on back congratulations. Promotion, your job. What what is your promotion. That's awesome dude. See what i'm telling you you got that go-getter, mentality. We've always said that man diego you're kind of like the, like everybody's little brother man. Everybody here has been pulling for you the entire time you've been here. Andrew can talk to his uncle. That's what i'm saying one eventually, one day. Morning paul wonkey man justin's on top of his calculator. The theaters for 109 looks strange the theta is all exchanged when we can organize daddy career theosados. Dude. Justin. Man these guys are on point today i love it when i wake up and they're doing what i've wanted to do this entire time. This is what i'm talking about now i properly motivate, people. Um they're gonna do it right, i love it. Sending me the data so i can look it up myself let's look at the data well there's some tickers out there. Go to, go. You run that sell it you're only no andrew let me tell you something. If somebody buys out, dtp's, technology, you guys come with it that's a rule, that is the rule. By if a if a, mortgage stanley comes up and says hey want to buy your technology and say oh you're buying me with it and you're sponsoring my hedge fund and all my current clients. I'm gonna, put in, five percent of the sale price of the i'll go into a hedge fund each one that gets an equal split after a lifetime member. I'm gonna loan that money to the fund, personally. Or gift it to y'all and pay the gift tax. So i'll do whatever i can. If they take the technology, away from us then all you lifetime members. Will let we'll let them let us use it still to run a fund and then i'll just i i told everybody is it is uh.

Originally. I would either give you all your money back times three. Yeah 100, promise. I will give five percent, of this my share of the sale. After taxes. To a fund if they sponsor me for a fund. That's what i said a long time ago 100. Percent. You guys come with me. I think you promise. What, if, listen dude i i'm happy with millions of dollars, in my life, billions of dollars it's just money that's going to charity. I don't need any more money than i already have. I've got everything i want in life. I live an okay life i'm not complaining. I live an okay life that i i can still donate lots of money to charity, it's kind of nice. Um, any more money is just. For family legacy, right, to pass down. And to help the world and do bigger things in the world so yeah i mean i would love to do bigger things in the world by helping all of you have your dreams come true 100. So the idea, is. When people said well what if they buy your algo right down the road someone's gonna buy your ago it's inevitable, somebody will buy this technology, from us because it's as good as it is. What it does is something people need now my one suspicion, is that these big firms already have something. Similar. And. They'd probably be like hey the hedge fresher thing yeah we figured that out too. Which i'm sure they do. I'm not i'm sure i'm not the only. Smart brain in wall street. I'm sure there's a thousand people smarter than me, other people have come to the same conclusion, to try. Our models to be slightly different but i'm sure, and if but if there's a firm out there that says yeah we need something like that we'll buy you guys. I said i would take five percent of the sale price. And say, i want five percent, putting a fund on your behalf. Then i can manage on behalf of my clients. All the current payment members they no longer get to use the software. But, i get to use the software, and manage it for them. And i'll get my license to be a fun manager. Then i'm saying. That'd be kind of like.

So The idea is i would say you have to buy me and my guys my guys and girls with me, and if they say no, sorry. That's still no go and i'll go okay. Then i'll refund you guys. Worst case scenario, three times what you ever paid, ttv, i was like i'll just refund everybody times three. But at the end of the day nobody, i would donate my own money personally, into my own. Five percent of the sale of my share after taxes. Expenses. Be kind of cool right if it was a billion dollars and i put a five million dollars into a fund and that was just everybody's, nest egg. Like that's our you know thank you consolation, prize. To buy us all out because i always wanted to run a fun and i want you guys to still be front center with me if i do it. We're gonna take the s3. John with the car. Yes five. Oh the series three oh, i was like, because i mentioned i was looking at audi's again i'm getting seriously i'm studying for the series 3 right now yeah. Correct. Why tell them to f themselves if you already have enough money. Let us keep making money. I mean at some point. Well. Well the funny thing is is people the reason why i have those discussions, is not because we're being cocky it's because dtp again we're engineers right we have to think of everything. Every possible, solution we have to think of. And so some of our discussions, was like man this is really big. What happens if matt you you get to the end of the you know into the line somebody wants to buy you out, right we had a big we had a big town hall where we discussed these things. Let me bring up the data really quick uh for just some good data. Today. Let me pull this up for y'all i don't know if this is showing too much my email address okay throw some tickers at me guys let's do it. All right, my goal is to be to make sure that. It's not just they buy mad out and matt says sayonara, has suckers. That if they if anybody ever does buy us out i'm gonna be like you're buying everybody out. In some way. We invented this. For all of us to benefit from, we're not throwing our members under the bus. And to them it's a penny it's a pennies in the bucket not gonna care. Got 92 on the series three damn, john. When i took a prac the practice series through the last one i took i got a perfect, score, on the non-technical. I mean on the uh the non-math, part. Just the um. The verbal stuff. I get every question right and i even study. But it's because i've been training futures for long enough it was. Stuff i already knew, it's stuff that if you've been trading futures for five years you should know pretty much most of it. Um the math, part i didn't pass. Because i didn't know all the little nuances. Of, and i it's because, i i didn't know. Half of the stuff i should have that's the part i'm studying now is the math part. It was like, if you buy. Gold bullion. Trade with this and you bought a call option what's the maximum. Profit on this trade or something like that, and i was like. Oh wait what's the margin. I was like what's the value how much and i was like i didn't know half of the stuff that i needed to know and like, okay i need to go study the the math portion of it. The practice was extremely. Easy. Um. On the on the ver the verbal side like when, it was like, just technical, fundamental, questions about how futures contracts, work. And how futures trading works now futures industries, and regulations, and things like that. That part i got all the questions right the first one i took. I was like yeah. But when we came to the math part i was like no. I gotta study that. So i don't think i can just waltz in and take the test and do super okay so i've been, practicing that i just haven't had time to go take it. But yeah, series three is next on my list. Um this is the date of justin sent let's shoot on really quick guys show me some tickers to the algo let's do it show me show me, what do y'all want to see, good morning. Hey bo kim good morning it's your first day here welcome, to the show what. What's going on the market. Okay, hold on. Juice what are you doing. Let me pull up my other. Thing. Oh it's nine o'clock, oh, yeah. Um. Um let's see what the let's see if the numbers came out. Yeah jobless games today. They're, uh much better. Than forecasted, which is good. Um. In the news anything going on. Nothing good. Anything crazy. Um. The nine o'clock candle had something really interesting. I'm with that. Broker, okay. Turn that really quick. Take a look. Once. Again. Yeah let me let me talk this. Let me talk to these dudes really.

Quick. Um, so justin sent this data in a second ago. Uh, docu, oh yeah let's do that for y'all in just a second. He sent this data, and said. Time stamp, strike theta delta, open, bin. Let's look at different stuff. What is this. He says the theta looks different, the greeks are different. He's just comparing, the data. To see if there's a poll. It looks good um. Let me send him an email. So he's just pulling like what we're doing analyst testing the integrity of the api. To see if the data matches think or swim. We have we have found, previously. That the theta. And the. Um. Ivs, are different. Because think or swim uses different. Um. Uh, assumptions, for risk-free, rate. And so, it doesn't. Look. Doesn't look bad it just does look off they don't match, what we have. And so. Our hedge pressure model came off. Half a point off. From api, which is not bad, but it's just because the thetas are different they look weird. They certainly do look weird. Andy apostle, yeah sure. I don't want me watching staring at data all day let's talk about some stocks. Early the other day. Um let's actually let's draw some of these in order let's do docusign, people are asking. Let's pull it up front and. Center. I'll respond to them a little bit let's get some stocks up there baby. Uh docusign, we ran that 225, hedge pressure. Right and you guys join lifetime you can use this yourself, this is your own algo to play with. Uh it's a. Unfortunately, for. Here. So what he just gave us was a raw. Dump of, some of the grease he's pulling, to look at it we got with them yesterday. To get them to run a test for us to pull data in the. Mornings. It's just not showing where to the right. Try to see. Uh and this is actually running. It keeps running like later in the day though that's not right. Why does it keep running that's what i want to know. Let me just fly really quick.

It Keeps. Running. Oh no that's okay that's okay nevermind. That's okay, i'm done. So it opened bull long with a one point two twenty five two, uh. Two. Two and a half so one strike distance is default buffer, so. 222. And a half would kind of be where that that stopping, phase is on donkey, right. So, on the algo side it opens certainly up in bullish. But as you can see the market, it's kind of. Teetering, at where that stop would be. On the uh the break of hedge futures this is very close to being a hedge break, what else do you want to see. Roku. Um. Yo mods everybody here you wanna help get the d2, word out there. You wanna play a game today you wanna play stock market blip blitzkrieg. Everyone, today. Let's see if we can't get the stream to 100 viewers for the first time ever okay. If we get 100 viewers today i'll wear a shirt with palm trees on it tomorrow. I'll find myself a blue shirt with palm trees. And i'll overnight that and wear it tomorrow. Because 100 people in here go out there and just post everywhere on social media about the i'll go every ticker every reach you can. Watch me wear like a goofy ass. I'll find a blue shirt that's got a palm tree on. It. I'll i'll wear some goofy shirt tomorrow. Yeah, you guys typically get restless when i try to look at data on the screen so let's not let's actually just focus on the stock today. Jacques yes you're right. Let's draw this really quick uh we haven't looked at roku in a while so actually let me let me pull this front and center. 217.5. A bull, long, case on. Roku. 220. 225. 20. 15.. And again the default, buffer. If you don't have an extended, period of volatility, is gonna be the strike distance. All right let's run a contest. Contest. Does. So anytime, you have, bull market, and. Uh the hedging, pressure is long. You can see now even though this happened before the market open you can see the market is just already drifting away from it. Right. The way i trade is when i have a bull long market my stop, is. General rule of thumb one strike distance. Below hedge. Or whatever the buffer is and that's the minimum buffer is the strike distance between walls. Or the minimum wall distance. And the buffer can get bigger, but so. I look for, the distance, there. And i buy it every wall so if i was long again like this is rallying really hard i wouldn't i'm not personally buying into. A large rally, so. I have to discretionarily. Choose. If i want to sit out or take a trade on this one so, right the way that i, if i was trading this which i'm not. I personally would be buying here, here and here with the stop there for some upper target. Now when something's rallying like this you must calculate your yellow lines like we've done. Right, and yellow line is a pretty cool trick that can predict highs. I don't know where that last yellow line is but i'm pretty certain it's probably in here. Somewhere. We need to go look at that really quick and i'll give you that answer. I do think yesterday's, debate. Kind of, calmed the, uncertainties. About the election down a little bit. Right people got little things got a little volatile. During the trump debate. This particular. Uh. Pence harris debate was a little milder, and it was a little more. You can actually. Tell. Who was a stronger. Debater. And so, the calmness. Of. Incumbent, victory. Is. Why the market, has become less volatile. And the i again don't let you feel like feeling good don't just hurt your feelings. Wall street. Is telling you today. That pence won the debate. Because, incumbent, victory, of a four-year, rally, is another four-year rally it's how wall street thinks of it.

Um, And again not not politically, preaching, not saying who i wanted to win or who i don't want to win. Um as a traitor. You kind of want things to not, be. You don't want things to change that's what you don't want. Now your political. Beliefs, may be different but as a trader you want things to stay the same. As much as you can. Wall street hates, uncertainty. Volatility. Matt hates training volatility. And, a certain market. Is an easy market to trade easier market to trade. I think we're here. So. You know. Throwing a curveball. A biden victory is a curveball, right because the market, hasn't, um. Experienced. That president before so we wouldn't know. What we're in for so volatility, gets a little higher. Uncertainty, will price in to a potential. Um. Higher vix market. The same guy wins again the vix is going to be okay with that and i like trading livik's. Environments. Can't you make the argument the way green stocks have been running it's pricing and democratic, win. Uh pricing a democratic, win. We wouldn't have returned to all-time highs, before coveting, higher. That's the one thing that i want you guys to understand about that. We were if we were pricing a democratic, win we wouldn't be we would we would not be at 3 400., we would probably, be somewhere, between the lows and highs of coven. We're pricing, in, 2019. Again where republicans, are president. Right. And one may say that the the, halt. Of, the bull run, is because of the uncertainty of the outcome the election which is true. Right so i believe that in that particular, sense. Yeah, they've mostly been extremely bullish. The reason the market's slowing down because it always slows down for an election. People are going to get out and take profits because the election was so severe, it crashed the market. It meant that it did. Uh, i looked at the news something happened at nine o'clock. I didn't see anything big come out and nothing hit the headlines, so. Not really sure. Nothing in the twitter side. Yes health secretary, i expect having enough doses of cover 19 vaccine, for every american, who wants one, by march to april 2021. I like the idea of every american who wants one. I hate the idea of, stick out your arm or else we arrest you. I fear. I fear that the world we're going to live in, is going to, this is my biggest fear again i'm not picking a side but my biggest fear of a democratic, victory because the we have like a republican. Governor, and we have, a democratic. Harris county which is the largest county in houston. At odds with each other he's like we're going to open bars up to 50, capacity. And give, local judges, the ability to say it and she's like nope not opening it up until kobe's under control can't go to bars. Huge fight down here in houston. Oh by green, stocks, oh oh oh oh oh yeah bo kim sorry. Uh we talked about the green stocks yesterday. The green stocks are likely running because, of some legislation. That's changed and it's going to come out and change the rules in november. There was some legislation. About. Low producing, green energy we did it yesterday on the stream i don't know if you saw you can re-watch the video and we talked about it i didn't know the answer but we searched for it and we found out that there's. Um. Some legislation, from the 70s, that made it harder, for. Smaller. Producers. To. Have like a flexible, pricing model to be competitive. And that legislation. That bill came out in july. Which, comes, to fruition. And the rules change in november. So green stocks are pricing that in. What we believe. That's, that might be what happening but yes you are correct another reason why green stocks. Would be rallying, is that people would be betting on a a biden victory crack that also, would, would contribute, to that. That uh legislation, i think is the bigger the bigger moving factor so roku has a yellow line here and again. Uh we are bouncing in its current yellow line in here so the pivots are between here and here. And. The dips are down in there, right. Everything still has bullish pressure on it, johnny craig every bar in houston is coated as a restaurant, hell yeah.

Because Every bar in houston serving potato, chips. With your glass of wine. You have to have a minimum. So a lot of the bars are getting really sneaky like i own a bunch of bars and restaurants. I would literally. Make everybody. Buy. Um. The minimum, 15. Of like i don't know chips and hummus right something really cheap to make. You have to buy a, food item. And you're welcome to buy the food item and and not take it. All right. Is there a law that says you must present, if it's food item, your bar can become a restaurant. So a lot of the wine bars are serving like bags of chips, to go with your wine. Oh shiny from houston too cool man. Cool we have so many houston, peeps here i love it. Um. Dtv's got at least like. Like 10 or 11 people just from houston alone we've got like 30 40 texans, there's so many people from texas here. It's great. All right uh, docu. Let's look at some of them yeah bo i think you're right because. A lot of that price is in. Amd, let's put that, in. Right green energy was going to always price in a bite and victor the problem is is. Wall street in general, is not pricing in a democratic, victory. So my history is being a traitor. Wall street right now is like 90, certain trump's gonna win that's exactly what they're, betting on. And they're, the reason why i know that is because they're betting for the same circumstances. As last year they're betting on a volatile, market. The trump election. Crashed circuit breakers that night for it rallied, so the market has been pricing in, the potential, of that volatility. Right but that was a little more uncertain, market. Because you had two really horrible, candidates, at the time now don't again. I'm making fun of everybody equally. I'm like saturday night live just with better jokes. So don't get mad at me for saying your candidate sucks they all suck in my opinion. But they were both really shitty. And, they both were just nasty to each other and it was a very uncertain election because. You had two. Wild extremes, coming off of like a. You know. Bush was good obama was good forget their policies, leaders they were good they didn't do anything. Personally, radical their policies may have been radical in your eyes, but they didn't think personally radical obama was a well-spoken. Um. Articulate. Leader. Like a kennedy, just very much like a good leader. Bush, was, a smart leader. Who wasn't as well spoken. I like. Them both equally, as people. Right as leaders. Their policies, not about their policies, but, going into like a. A hillary clinton versus a trump it was like a reality. Show at that point, the uncertainty was really high. And so. The market priced, in a man. This is gonna be a weird, year if either one of these people get elected. And. The circuit breaker nobody know what to do and it crashed the market that night i mean the volatility, was so high. On election. Night. I don't see any storm today weather was beautiful yesterday. I'm not sure. I haven't looked i need to though here was here was the election, night. The market just had this huge volatile swing and got back on track, so the market was already pricing, in the trump victory had expected. But for some reason they just swept everybody out for a rally probably just to nuke some traders i really don't know. But you can see how we're pricing in that, that same anticipation. Right we had covid. Um. Social unrest, and then. Well when trump won it crashed to market last year so let's just get into some volatility, so people have been pricing it in. A volatile, victory, not a bearish victory but a vault like a. Swingy victory. Vinny if you ever say that again i'm going to ban you from the stream dude don't demonetize. Me. Take your. Take your weird. Goofy. And your whatever, cue or whatever that you talking about stop. The mods, talk about you all the time and they talk about banning you i'm telling you now on the stream, you need to cut that out. Don't ruin dtp. So you come here and. Post your tinfoil, theory. Talk about socks bro, i love you. Waiting for hp hp, still gang yeah i'm waiting for well i'm going to double down hp. Just be. We're monetized. Now baby. Don't take away my two dollars a week that i make from youtube. I need that two dollars. Love you we love you vinnie we're just meaning you know that. Can't call politicians, criminals, you know why. Because. Youtube people are gonna be like. Everyone here censors everyone now welcome welcome to china. Where you can't do anything, your your tv watches you more than you watch your tv. Do i know trades by matt yeah i know. Matt. Man i have chad a few times. That's cool kid i like him. Yeah vinnie ain't wrong again, vinnie, we're, we're winking at you right. We're. Just don't. Don't say it because big brother is watching, okay. Two dollars, is bound to rise man hell yeah it is.

It's Cancel club dude. When you said that mark zuckerberg, was like. He hasn't even owned youtube. And sergey and mark are sending each other an email right now hey man i got this guy over here. He doesn't agree with us politically we should censor and demonetize, him just to punish him, that's the world we live in. These days. So we got it we got we gotta. We gotta play with cancel club. Cancel, club cancel. Culture. Okay. Vixen lower lows i feel comfortable the market's just gonna slowly retire, today. Vinnie i don't think that's true at all man. Jim's it jim's a very wise dude. You don't know what jim knows. Don't drop the hammocks don't have anybody to argue with you need to find some new meat leo, somebody to. Somebody to have your own debates with okay let's pull up a contest you guys ready. Uh d2 if you're new here let's get some tickers up throw some stuff at the algon i'll show you guys how to make trade plans with this very simple. How to make your trade plans with the risk management stuff. We can't we we can't we have to censor, because we get censored isn't that how censorship, works right, it sucks. I wish minnie can say whatever he wants and i don't give a. But because somebody censors me i gotta censor him isn't that funny how censorship, works. Such a that's how that's how this stuff works in this world right. Who's at the top who started it all. Let's add a new betting profile, will. Smp. By. Lunchtime. A. Um, what are we looking for. We're gonna do one risk interval 25, to 40.. 34.40. Up. Uh. 34345. Down. Either. Yeah, small tight one risk interval, range. Do that going for the next hour next two hours. Minimum. Bet. Okay, let me start starting the bat. Boom go. Netflix, yeah. Let me see what these guys are showing really quick. The data. And he's in hedge. Netflix. Uh, netflix, got a criminal, charges, pressed against them. A corporation, has criminal charges pressed against him, by uh. Some. Some county in texas, somebody press charge against netflix, for cuties. The exploitation, of children. Criminal, charges, pressed on a corporation. That doesn't come with jail time. Uh what i read and only comes with the fine, i believe, isn't that crazy. I can't remember which county, it was or who did it but it's from uh somewhere in texas. Somewhere, somewhere local. Sued net or press charges on netflix or filed. A complaint. And the, da press charges on netflix. Do you hear about that. Because of the, cuties, movie. Movie that shows, little girls twerking for what i've been told. I'll explain something to you about cuties the movie. I had this theory. The cuties the movie was was done to.

Sniff Out some pedophiles. Like it was put there. So that. The the big censorship, world we live in like if you're netflix. People. You can generate a list of. How many. Single men between the age of you know, 20 and. 60. Watch that movie more than five times that you could generate a list to give to the fbi. I i actually was like that's what a stupid, business move to have a movie like that, but then i said. What if they put in something that's really, not, so bad but it's i mean it's bad, because i've never seen it i don't even know what it is. But what they put in something, just so they can make a list of how many of you freaks, out there watch that three or four times. You know what i'm saying, i was like maybe they put out something that was somewhat suggestive, in this whole. Save the children movement that that was actually done heroically. To, generate a list of, like if you're, if you're a per if you like some guy that's 30 years old and you've watched that three times. I want you i want your ass on a list. That gets investigated. Right you know what i'm saying. If you watch that movie every night netflix, turns that list over the fbi and they go out and sweep a bunch of pedophiles, and lock them up. Can't argue with that right. Um and i was like maybe that's why they did that because who in their right mind. Would have such a controversial. Thing. In the height of their business right netflix is just screaming, because, everybody has a netflix account because of covid. Why would you do something so risque, like that unless you actually have a good agenda, to bust some pedophiles. And i have to watch it to see no no no don't watch it. Don't watch it no. Don't. Don't get don't put your name on a list. Don't. Abort. I got on my facebook, dude and there was somebody it was like. This guy was like this. Idiot i went to high school with, this guy used to like staple his nuts to two by fours he was like a jackass. Wannabe. You remember, jackass. This kid's. Brother. Rode his bike into a net of a tennis court. Slingshot, and backwards, and cracked his skull on the ground they filmed. He's like laying on the ground twitching they're like dude, that was awesome. Like, this guy on my, facebook. I don't think cuties, is that bad i watched, it, i watched it a couple of times it's actually a very artistic, thing and i'm like bro, you're the you are the guy that watched that multiple times you, weirdo. Like seriously. This is the kind of guy that would have like a samurai, sword above his bed and a body pillow with an anime character on it oh hell yeah dude. I'm like, i hope and that inspired, me i was like. Oh. Wait a minute. What if they just put this because it's not like nudity or sex or anything it's little girls and they're twerking, and again twerking is a sexually subjective, dance. Not appropriate, for children right i have a young one myself, i. I don't think that's appropriate, i think thinking like a father would. I don't think it's appropriate for children to to dance, suggestively. It's actually like that but they're not like doing anything. It's like here, like there's no nudity or actual sex they're not kissing boys nothing like that, so i'm like what if netflix, put that in there. So that this like idiot on my facebook, watches it three or four times and the fbi has a list. Some politician. Watches that movie three or four times boom comes out for the election, right. I was thinking about that. I was i was like. Whoa, i was like what if it's a cia, thing. What if they're doing this. To find, people in power, that are pedophiles. And i go. Whoa. Because, now again let's play devil's advocate. Okay we're all in agreement right we think it's it's bad for any kind of, exploitation, of children now let's take the devil's advocate, of we're the cia and we want to catch a bunch of pedophiles. We put something in there. And promote, it as sexually promiscuous. In social media. And then we sit back like chris hansen or whatever his name was and we watched to see who shows up to the door with wine, coolers. Uh so i'm here to watch cuties for the fifth time. Hi hi i'm chris hanson let's have it was that chris hanson whatever hi, uh we're here to have a talk with.

You. You're making everyone curious curiosity, jails that's true. The point out the point i was saying is that. I hope that this whole because as a netflix. Ceo. Why would you allow why would you even, allow, something, something like that in this climate. So and he's not obviously they're not stupid. Why would they allow that, to be be a thing. And maybe it's because. They're generating a list to give to the fbi, and what would come of that is that a bunch of arrests happen and that makes me happy. That's not the right way to go about it. But this kid on my facebook was like oh it was it seemed artistic, and it's for and you guys just don't understand foreign films like i do and i'm like. Bro you're a sick pedophile, and i go. Wait a minute. You've watched that movie five times and, your account shows that you watch that movie five times. Netflix knows you watched that movie five times and what if the fbi. Knew you watching movie five times, if you watched that movie more than three times. I hope. Somebody starts digging into your internet files and seeing what you've been up to. You know what i'm saying, in the climate of the whole epstein, thing. It's just too coincidental, for that to have just showed up, as a bad management, choice and then of course when people complained, about it, if you've made a mistake, as a ceo, you would fess up to that and say hey. I'm very sorry we didn't even know this movie we watched it and it's disgusting, and we're pulling it down we're sorry everybody. And they never did that, which means there's a bigger agenda, there's no way there's no other explanation, in my opinion. So, if that's the case. It's got to be political in some way crazy right. Anyways as a trader i always try to think a little bit outside the box. If it again. I don't agree with the exploitation, of kids anyway oh you didn't know i had a little one. Y'all want to see pictures of gambo. There's that one i sent the other day. Hold on. I do. I'll show you one. Picture. This was from. Um. I think visit my mom. And uh. Two weeks. Ago. Let's make a little bigger. So this is a little mat right here. Do you look alike hold on wait. Can i make that any bigger. That give me a bigger. Two and a, half. Let me get a bigger version of that. There we go. And some devil isn't he. This is. We look alike. He's uh, he's like, matt with matt with filipino, eyes. Einstein, in the making. He's smart kid, do you like his do you like his einstein, hair too. Yeah. Um. He actually, can count he can count to 50 now. He doesn't talk in sentences but he counts to. 50.. Anytime, anytime he sees a clock he points at the clock and counts to 12 and sometimes he counts backwards. That is that is my kid if. There ever was one. Before we could say data you can count to 20 which is funny. These kids they watch that on youtube and it just sticks with them. Guys don't forget to do your bets bet up bet down. Um. It's very matte very mathematical. Mathematical. Is it it should be posting in chat, um scroll up. Well s p by lunch time. Um. Wait it's not showing, either one of them weird okay hold. On. It's not showing that hold on the settings is not showing the text. Okay that's weird it doesn't say. It's view at lunch time it's not showing the parameters, okay wait wait we're canceling this one nobody but nobody but, nobody, patchy hutch. Hold on wait. One second. Cancel. Cancel. Weird. Let me change this really quick. Reading is open. Options, it's not showing the options. Yeah well the. Smp. Go, hide. Thanks andrew let me try let me try to do it again hold on. It's really this bot is really wonky, hold on let me do this sp by. Lunchtime. We're gonna try something really quick. Done sir but don't don't use this bet though let me see what it. Says. See it doesn't say the options, right. Betting is it i haven't programmed they see the lunchtime, use bet up down 500. Dress your bets so i need to change this parameters, on, it's not printing what the options are.

Which Is very odd. Um. Maybe numbers, cancel it okay let me try a new one. Well the s p by lunchtime. Let's try this one. So netflix. Right, crashes, down and we're below, buffer on netflix, it was a it was a. An open on bull lawn that's broken through hedge fresher and that'd just be out for the day like if i was doing anything there let's see what this says. Nothing, up down. But it doesn't put the numbers that i put for the options. Okay. All right cancel them too. So i need to phrase this differently. The sv by lunchtime. Hits. 3440. 3405. Or neither. Now let's do it we'll just do it like this. We're gonna do these like there we go okay everybody your bets. I don't see one more hold. On. I'll see, i'll show you one more picture i gotta i can send a discord there for my phone hold. On. This one's. Funny. A video in here. Jlmr. Let's see if it shows him this card. Alright. I'll share one more this is. Funny. If it shows up. Ah, can't do. It. No no no no no okay. We'll run some uh tickers for y'all pretty soon. Give me a list of tickers you guys what what y'all want to do and i'll post them up. And we'll talk about some trade. Plans. If y'all want to see curly hair i'll show one. More. Your files are too powerful. X file size 8 mags up i guess no more pictures then. You don't like it. All right let's do this really quick let me let me check out, uh i'll go front and center, it's not looking bad i mean the data's coming out pretty good so. It's looking good. Yeah i always wondered if if if the netflix, qd thing was a sting, operation. Because i'll allow me to reiterate, let's put your feelings, aside for a little bit. Um, do you remember, that that show to catch a predator. Did exploit, children. For a moment. To catch predators, right they had a girl actor, come in. Acting out a part, to flirt with a guy. Before they busted him. It's. A movie with girl actors, acting out a part to bust a guy. Is it any different. That's why i was like maybe it's a big sting operation, if that's the case good man let's read the role of some, criminals, that'd be that'd be awesome.

You Know what i'm saying. That's what i thought because it seems like a stupid business choice why would they allow it to happen. Old. Why not immediately, apologize, admit fault and pull the movie down. Well. That guy on my facebook told me that i think they want to make a list of those dudes who would watch it 10 times. For the artistic, value of it, right. Some kid on my facebook, he's like the first thought he's like oh i've watched it three times just to make sure i'm like, gross dude. Really. You would watch something like that three times you. Pervert. Didn't audition 700, it's working 12 year olds i don't i don't listen i don't. I'm not being naive. I didn't pay i didn't pay attention to anything. I don't watch the movie at all i don't know what it's about. I just thought that it'd be interesting, because the ceo, doesn't pull it down there's some bigger reason that it's there. Why would you not immediately pull it down, as a businessman. I would immediately, pull that down. Horrible. Horrible thing that you can do to your own business, right. Why would you let that be there. That's all i'm saying. It's got to be some other. Motive. So anyways. Nothing wrong with uh. Nothing wrong with trying to figure out the motivations, behind, somebody's, actions so you can invest in the company right. I'm not you guys again if you say that don't be naive, that you're you don't understand what a trader is supposed to do get into the winning mindset of being a trader. Don't. Think about. How you're supposed to value something that's all this discussion, is ever about. Is there value, here. Right. You have to explore, things that go against conventional, wisdom. As a trader because you need to see something first before other people see it. Is it saying it right on the bet. It's pretty easy at this point john can y'all see that i try to make it. Self-explanatory. My job is to give a about. What's going on it's not my business my job is to find out what's going on as a trader. Here we go. So the bets are, we have loyalty points when you watch a stream like the stream follow the stream. Subscribe, you get these loyalty points and we have a huge contest, going on right now basically. Um, we're gonna start giving out prize. We're starting, out. Swag. Merchandise. Memberships, all kind of stuff. Andrew, s, listen. I make a living, thinking outside the box. I make a living thinking outside the box better than most of you guys do. The idea is you have to explore. Sinister. Words like that, don't belong, to trading discussion. Trading discussion, is not about how you feel about something or the right or wrongness of something. It's the statistics. Of something. We're not here to trade, based on how we feel about something. Like i already said i feel like it sounds like a disgusting, thing to me. But with that aside, i already. I already qualified. My neutral discussion, on the impact it has on the stock. If it becomes. Just a sting operation. Then. At the end of the day, netflix, being depressed, from it becomes a good. A good investment, in my opinion. Right for myself. If netflix, is just recklessly. Allowing. Pedophilia. To go on and their service and obviously it's a good short you have to analyze, it from the correct angles. On both boundaries, and be a traitor, a traitor's not floating in the middle and having feelings like every other sheep out there. It's about taking the boundary side on each case and finding out the best bet that you take. All right. All you have to say is an emotional, feel thing and people that train like that historically, lose money just think about it like that friend. This is not about, again, you can't, inject, feelings into a trading discussion, that's how you fail trading. Right. Trader, you're just uh. You're, outside, of the bubble, looking in at all, possibilities. Of what could be happening, so that you can make. An investment, decision, that somebody doesn't see before they before they see it. Right but do you hear does everybody, use andrew's response, as an example does everybody hear. How emotions. Can cloud your complete judgment even i'm directly, saying this is a neutral. Analysis. Of the value of a stock you still can't get over your feelings that's how people spiral. And hold on to bad trades, right. That's the point that's the point i'm saying you can't think like that as a trader that discussion, is to another that's another stream another podcast.

We're Not here to discuss if something's filthy or not that's none of our business, that's none of our concern, in the stream. Our concern, is. What are the extremes. That could be happening. To create an opportunity as a trader. How do you understand. It's a is a nasdaq, by the dip on this or not. Because if it reports, to be a sting operation, or something. It actually won't kill, netflix's, stock but if it reports, that the netflix. Ceo, is a big pedophile. Then netflix, will crash, right you have to take both sides. Right. On a trading sense to analyze. It's not about, right or wrong. Netflix would squeeze no you're telling me that i'm naive, i'm not naive i'm the smartest one here. I'm the most educated one here. I'm not naive. Absolutely, not. In this discussion. I'm smart because i'm taking both sides, i'm not taking, an opinion at all i'm taking both sides. On, the, trading sense. That makes me the least naive, i'm taking. Naivety. Is your lack of experience, in something right. Um let me write just a real quick. So i'm taking. A both sided approach, which is the opposite and i have a d. I'm analyzing. Both equally. To match. The sense of which one's a better trade that's it. Do i think they would do all of that for a sting. I don't care. Again you don't you're not thinking like a traitor i don't care if they do all that first thing. Would that could they it's possible. But if they did. Then it's by the, netflix, that's the only reason i'm even saying it. Like you're not thinking of a traitor you're thinking about your feelings of the movie and that's that's the whole point right. All i'm looking for is value in netflix. I'm looking, it's netflix. That i get a coupon for netflix, because of, them getting criminal charges pressed on them. I'm not here to discuss the right or wrongness, this isn't an editorialist. Opinion, article. Right. This is a trading stream. But i gotta say is is there value in netflix. So, you have to say. What everybody else is saying yeah let them talk about that but i'm gonna step aside and say what are the bigger reasons for this. Is it a reckless ceo, or is there a bigger political, motive. What's the goal here and i have to see the trade so the way i make better trading decisions. Is how i you know, started out my career, betting on the oil crash. Before it was going to crash, because i was thinking of the things other people weren't thinking of, your job as a traitor is to think of the things people aren't thinking of. Jim. Yeah but don't don't say that i'm naive, dude come on. You're, you're disagreeing, with an opinion that you have, that's naive. You have to think both sides. And look at it from the outside, in, and say each one of these things could happen what's the value in each one of them, that's it. Better mentality, and do that everything. Right. Yesterday, why is why is green energy stocks squeezing. Well it could be because they're betting on a vitamin victory you can't say oh boy. Let's dude it's like that's not what we're it's not how trading works man.

Right. You can't just say. Well but biden's policy this now i'm like look. I look at the whole thing from the outside in like a guy seeing outside the universe viewing in, an ant farm. I'm looking at each of the pieces, and finding out which one has the best value as a traitor, that's all. Opinions, aside doesn't matter who's going to win doesn't matter if it's a criminal. Does it matter if it's murder exploitation. That stuff isn't the discussion, isn't what we're having here the right or wrongness, of. Things. Like when i said. The george floyd. Incident, is not going to cause the markets to crash. Well how come you don't know that it's destabilizing. The world and he was at this and he was and people are like he's that, it's bad cops this i'm. Like. This is why y'all aren't successful, traders yet. Get out of that mentality. Get in the mentality, that i have to see things without feelings. And you're gonna make better decisions, i promise. John i've been waiting for you to tell me i get my hair like say bro, feels great. And that is the point right. These three hours are not about debating, the right or wrongness or something even though i told you i believe that it's the movie sounds, like a wrong thing. But i also have to take the opinion of why would somebody. Allow it to be there. And not immediately rip it if i ran that company i would immediately take it down. And with a huge apology, and that didn't happen, so. That implies, they want it there. Why do they want it there well there's two reasons either a they're making more money off the controversy. By having people. Subscribe to netflix, just to watch a controversial, thing. Which is pretty evil or number two. They're. Doing something, political, with it right. Either way. You have to take those stances as a trader because each one of those has an outcome. Each one of those has a probabilistic, outcome. And there's probable, probabilistic. Outcomes have different values for different sides of the trade everybody say what i'm saying. As a trader, you have to think. A little, and to everyone else you're just going to sound insensitive, and you say well you know what money has no feelings, so. Sorry this is trading. Not all you did was give a logical, answer no what you did was you called me naive, which is incorrect, and i'm correcting. You. Naive, is a lack of experience, wisdom or judgment if you take one side of an argument, even if it's the right side, you're less naive than someone who takes both sides equally. To analyze, it that's actually technically. Linguistically. More correct use the word naive. If you already have a judgment. Thing that's not it's not, saying somebody's naive. Looking at everything in all angles. Wisdom is applied knowledge right an applied, knowledge in a whole broad sense isn't less is not naive at all. You know about that look at your current trade, i'm just waiting, for. Here. 16 and a half points off of hedge pressure if i can get it. Right and that comes down to that right is it a conspiracy. Yada yada and that's what you got to think of. People can spend, bad news or create bad things just to. Pump and dump a stock people actually do that all the time in penny stocks. There are there are entire, quantitative, firms out there designed to make up fake bad news and create viral impressions, and viral trends. You want let me tell you what i think happened with wayfair. Let me tell you what happened wayfair. Because i know people in this business and i know how this thing. Works. And how wall street works. Let me show you this really quick let me show you something really cool. So, anybody. That wants to, boost a stock. Is going to. A year in advance. Create a bunch of. Listings, on wayfarer. Give them, girls, names and sell an armoire for ten thousand dollars.

And Then. After a year of that. They're going to come in and start, spinning, fake news. That. They believe it has to do with children. And ge

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