#4 365 Driven with Tony Whatley, Business Coach, Author, and Seasoned Entrepreneur

#4 365 Driven with Tony Whatley, Business Coach, Author, and Seasoned Entrepreneur

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All. Right everyone its, Krista again with another video, from my series coffee, with coaches, and today. I am so excited to. Have someone. On my podcast a, special, guest Toni, Watley who is the. Who. Wrote this amazing book, called. The side hustle millionaire is, that right. Toni, and, you have a very interesting story. Can you tell us a little bit about your main your, main side hustle, because it's it's. It's a very a great. One, so. Some background wise, I'm in Houston Texas area, and I, am a mechanical, engineer I worked in the oil and gas industry, for the last 25, years corporate. World made it to middle management working. For the majors really, successful, career by many standards, but. That wasn't, enough for me I was always building companies, on the side and, I happened to be a car fanatic so, I was, working in oil I guess but I was not getting the car and the automotive scene that I wanted to be involved, in so I created businesses, within that and in. 2001, I started one of the online, communities, based on the performance, cars of Corvette, Camaro Firebird, just, basically any General Motors performance, cars and it, grew into one of the largest, forums. Of its type so we, had about a hundred thousand people that showed up every single day on that website and even, today that business, still, exists I sold it in 2007, about six years into the business for, a multiple seven-figure, exit plan which, kind of came the title of cytosol, millionaire we actually profit, in millions of dollars from that business before selling it and after. Sale so. Understand that that was all done in my spare time a lot of people think like oh my god some crazy amount of money but if, you the, right business models and they, create a lot of valuation, and these companies you, can actually sell those for high high profit, as long as you have those goals in line with the valuation, that it's creating the right business model so. That, business is only taking about an hour of my time per day generating. Over four hundred thousand dollars a year in profit. That. Is very very, impressive. And for, anyone who's not following, Tony you're, going to want to because, he has, also an, amazing do you have your own podcast I think I'm subscribed, to your podcast right, yes, you. Have your own podcast we're gonna put the details of your podcast in the info of this video and you, also have, so, you've got your book your podcast, your, business, and what's and. Your cars I mean if you follow Tony on Facebook, or, I suppose Instagram, too you can see some of the cars Tony has really, good taste guys. But. That's not the main reason to follow him that's just kind of a perk the main reason to follow him is because he, is one. Of the top business mentors. That I have encountered and, I have encountered, quite a few over the years especially in, the. Realm of people. Pitching do you want to start a side hustle you're, legit, so do. You really tell teach, people how so in addition to your online business, your physical, business. Your. Book your podcasts, you also have really built a successful. Mentorship. Program, right where you teach people beyond, your book how. To how. To do it right I mean so. Can you tell us that's that's what my focus of this particular interview, would be is I want to hear more about about. How when, did you decide to coach people was it was, it when you were building this business or, after. Your before, your book after like, tell us a little bit about that story I think.

Coaching, And mentoring, is something that's a it's a characteristic. Of an individual, I think you have to have it within you to be a teacher or, a coach or a mentor it's not everybody can do that let's be honest you have to have the patience, and to be the effective communicator, to be able to relay your messages, into a simple point where they're, your mentees or your students can understand, things these, are skills, that you learn to become better at communicating. And being a coach from being an influencer, and leading. By example. But. I've been doing that my entire life so I remember even as a child I was helping other kids do stunts. On their skateboards. And BMX, bikes and teaching. People anything I knew I was always willing to learn I'm like a sponge I always like to learn something every day and, I'm always looking to apply that see, if it works through the sniff test kind of filter the things out that don't really work and then, I would endorse the things that I actually did find value and that actually did work and maybe, add my own experience, under those and teach, owes to other people, so it's something. That I've always stepped into the mentorship role whether it was in the corporate journey or, in business so, honestly for the last 10 to 15 years I've, been helping my friends my own inner circle, of friends, help. With them start their businesses some of them have built 7 and 8-figure companies. With the advice I've helped them with and they. Were always saying hey Tony you have a like a lot of passion for helping people start, businesses like, you should do this full-time but. I had this you. Know imagine of myself like now, put myself through college and, had a successful career and I still own two companies on the side is like I mean I just don't have time to do that as much as I love doing that I just, have, too many things on my plate I'm just being honest, with myself and, I, didn't want to start, carving into more of my free time to be able to do that because it wasn't about the money it's, about just helping them but. Then the oil downturn, comes around three years ago and, when you're in your 40s and you're at that level of income is, very hard to find a replacement job, I said, you know what I'm tired of these downturns, it happens every seven eight years in my industry as I. Get older it's very hard to replace that job so I'm gonna bet on myself and actually take my part-time, companies.

And Go full time with them and I actually started 365. Driven, which. Is my coaching brand that also is the umbrella brand from the podcast. And the books I'm gonna write and the book that did right so, I created that company in the middle of 2017. And, really just went all-in on that it's like you know what this is my duty to do this I have an important, story to share I've, got a lot of lessons but, I need to become a better and effective communicator, and able to get those out there so I started doing the public speaking training I wrote. The book did the marketing of all that I just I went to branding and marketing a spin-off a website online company means I feel of different companies so again, a lot of different skill set, getting. To where I'm at and, that, was very important to just be able to do, that and be that coach so now I'm all in doing it full-time really. Something I enjoy doing. You. You. You. You. All. Right Tony you're back my my headphones, my headphones, this beauty, of technology, needs a. No, battery, right but. Now you're on speaker, so I can still hear you sorry I'm not at home with my usual fancy, equipment. But. Your this, is amazing, and you know may I say that I love your brand I think. That 365. Driven expresses. Just. You, know you hear, that you know right away that what. That's about, and and. Just. Keeping. That as almost like a mantra for your business growth is is is, very powerful, so I love it and so. You're good at branding, as well obviously because, wrapped. Everything under, that umbrella. So, what, was what. Do you think the, biggest challenges for you were, when you took that coaching. Business full-time. Like. Tell, us a little bit maybe was it finding, the right fit for you, was that hard to find people who or. Maybe people who are really committed to themselves, like tell us a little bit about the challenges you, faced with that I. Would. Say the the hardest. Part of getting into the coaching, sphere, or the personal development space, is just building your reputation within, that it's, like I said I'd only helped people in my inner circle I had definitely had the results I believed in the things I did I used, the mindset, the strategies, that I share to, build that the companies that I've built so I already knew that they worked but. A lot of people with let's face it we're all skeptics, out there a lot of people are watching all these people that just kind of jump into coaching, it, seems it's kind of popular. On Facebook Instagram, to say you're a coach to some sort but. I think, we're also you, and I we tend to see a little bit more of that because we tend to have those groups of people that are in that same sphere I think, the average ordinary. Person out there doesn't, really see a lot of that because they don't have a lot of friends doing that so, I think it's unfair that we kind of judge ourselves on what, we see versus what the average person would see on their feed but. The thing is you have to be able to, build that reputation. Build, that branding, build that trust, in the people who, are willing to be your first customer so and.

So You create enough value until, you keep showing your consistency, and your passion and your knowledge for the project, and these things that you're working on people, don't believe you because they've seen thousands, of people come and go before you that, were really weren't that serious about it they're maybe they're doing it for the wrong reasons they're just doing it to earn money instead. Of help, you and, maybe they didn't have the experience because a lot of times people just take it for granted you know hey there, coach they're telling me their business coach but I guess, they know what they're doing so I kind of fall into that trap and. Honestly. That, was part of the reason for me to get into it like I saw I saw this things that were being shared and you're not gonna laugh about this all night we see a lot of things online that we completely, disagree with and. You start doing the research on that person even if it's a best-selling, author you're. Like this person has never accomplished. Anything until. That book came out. Yeah. It's, true and I think there there, is a big debate about legitimacy. And Trent, trying to discern. Legitimate. From phony, and, people. Are using titles, that they shouldn't be using they're calling themselves keynote, speakers, when they you. Know they spoke for free in front of the Lions Club you. Know so, we you and I I think maybe because we've both been around the block I mean. You. Know I've got 17, years of marketing, experience under my belt 12 of those years I ran my own agency, grew, it sold my shares in 2017. Similar to you consulted. And now I'm going all in on my own my. Own personal. Branded, coaching, business so, you. Know different backgrounds, but we've we've, we've been around the block but, the, thing about coaching, as well as what is coaching so when you said I think. That not only building. Legitimacy. Through. Reputation. But also figuring, out what. Are the realistic, value. Propositions. Being sold to people you. And I see through those but for your average person they, might not so they don't know. What. To expect if someone says to them you know if you hire me I can, help you build a seven-figure. Business in, six, months, or even three months or, you, know there's this get-rich-quick. Schemes. Going, on out there and. There's. No way you and I know that there's no way that we can guarantee. What. The person, is gonna do with our advice so. Even if you and I are like oh I can build a seven-figure, business in six months that does not mean that you can coach someone, to, do that there's. No way that you can claim that you can only show results you can highlight there some of your clients right so you're like I myself have, done it so, there's a legitimate, claim, then. I've coached these people, and they they're willing to provide. Testimonial. Of what they were able to accomplish but there's no way you can put a amount, a dollar amount or a timeline on it right I. Think. That's one of the biggest fallacies I see and honestly. There's. A lot of people out there Christa that fall into the get-rich-quick scheme. They think that hey this job isn't working out for me what can I do to become a millionaire and they're looking for things and a pry finding my book on Amazon because the millionaire's, on the title they're searching, that but they're actually gonna find value in my book that's the difference, because. You'll find that a lot of times people are having these business books side. Hustle books especially I hate to call out the rest of the side hustle community but they, think too damn small, they.

Think About how they can make an extra couple hundred extra bucks a month and it's blows my mind like I can, make a couple. Under. An extra budget for money email that doesn't take a month to do so why, are these people out here acting and they're proclaiming that they're experts, and things that they've never accomplished, and they're, encouraging, people to think too small and they're creating all these self-limiting, beliefs on people you're trying to leave the workforce to create a company, and they're, just limiting, their beliefs right off the bat and it just frustrates the hell out I mean there's so many things going on out there and if you're the get rich quick type person, bad news, spoiler alert there is no such thing as get-rich-quick, there's only work, there's only work the anything, that has value anything worth having takes. Work it takes effort, you're gonna be putting the work in and I'll tell you even if you're working with me you're, still gonna be putting in at least a year of hard work to build that brand establish. The company and then maybe it starts to become passive but there's no passive, from the get-go, it takes about a year six months minimum if you're really aggressive in your really hustle but, I'd say a year is about the average to get people up to speed where their company is actually creating some kind of a profit and even. Then again you may not be paying or so for the next two years until. They can, scale to something that can support the income that you want well. It also it, also depends, where you start off right I mean if someone comes to you and they're like you know I got, laid off I'm 41, I'm, having a hard time getting, jobs because, there's ageism, and in. My industry so, I'm considering, starting a side hustle and they, have zero knowledge. Of sales and marketing you. Know they, have their expertise, whatever their skill set is and they have an idea of this business, that's. Very very different than someone who comes and says I've already built and sold several businesses, I have this new idea and I just really would, benefit from working with a coach to keep me motivated to, keep, me you know what we call the mental 6-pack, going. Then. They, might take off much sooner and see passive, income returns, quicker. Because they've already got a following, through. Their their previous, reputation. They've got already you. Know a large, community online following. Them and you know whatever they do next is probably going to take off because those, people are rooting for them and will. Buy their products, because they trust them right so it's about the starting point. That's. Purposely true it's a the network that you have is very valuable and if you've built the the right, personal, brand this. Is portable you carry that with you your entire life so whatever you get into whatever, your next projects are whatever your next companies are whatever the next partnerships, are people. Are genuinely curious and interesting because they see any winning in different levels of different games. Absolutely. That's what I love is like once you create the momentum, nothing. Can stop you so if you say tomorrow hey, I decided, to open a. Fitness. Product, brand, you know like I'm gonna sell protein powder people, will probably buy it not. Because, of the, protein powder but because you are selling it to them so relationship. Marketing, attraction marketing, is, something.

That I find is underrated, that more people should think about, even, before they hire a coach, you, should be thinking right now what are you doing to develop. Your own persona. Right versus. Attaching. That to one little piece of the pie and, what you said earlier about some. Of the coaches. Maybe. Setting, the goals too low, I. Think that what, I've seen that in affiliate, marketing a, lot you know where they're they're trying to get people in, an entry-level, mindset. Where they're like you know, not. Really to live off of or to become really successful but, just to have some extra dollars to take the kids on vacation or pay off a loan or something and I, think the real, root. Of that problem is the coach. Themselves. Aiming. Too low so I think, that if you work with a coach and the coaches is telling, you to stay. Small, probably. The coach is. You. Know not aiming high enough themselves. So I always would look for a coach guys who's like aiming. Really high like. If your coach is aiming high, they're, gonna pull you up because. Some coaches, may even have inferiority, complex. Where they don't feel. Comfortable coaching. Someone who could surpass, their income and that's. A sad thing because I'm always hoping, that my, clients, will surpass my income but for me that's the best success, and I want to represent someone, just, like a, personal. Trainer wants to someone who goes to the Olympics, even though they themselves know. That they don't have that in them to go to the Olympics I want you, guys to challenge. Yourselves to do something even, crazier than what I would be willing to do what. Do you think Tony I think. It's important and you touched, on, mentoring. People, beyond your own skill set that's very important because you, and I we've built the seven-figure, companies, right so that, doesn't mean we lack the knowledge to build an eight-figure or nine figure company that honestly, the first seven figures is where you learn the Entrepreneurship, yeah, that's where you really showcase.

Your Entrepreneurship, and then beyond then it's just scaling adding. More team at thing, more resources, getting more funding whatever it costs but the, knowledge is there so I can teach people because, I've, already created, people that had eight figure companies, I've managed nine figure portfolios, at, a corporate level so, I'm very familiar with all different aspects of ranges of money so understand that the mentoring, versus. Coaching, I know that's one of the things that we discuss on here is coaching. First, mentoring, that's very there's. A distinction between those and you need to understand those if you're looking for somebody a coach. Is generally some of us who. Hasn't done the things that you want to learn but they've been educated in, a coaching process, or, a coaching, system, to, ask really, spirited, questions, to really dig deep beyond. The surface level questions, to finally. Have you arrive at the answers for yourself that's. That's the basis of fundamental, coaching I've done some of those courses. I understand, that even as a middle, management type person in corporate we had to take coaching lessons to, be able to help our employees they're. Just gonna keep asking you questions and. They're good questions are very targeted, questions, is it kind of helped you lead, you along the right path but. The difference, between a coach and a mentor as a mentor is actually someone who has accomplished, the things that you would like to achieve it's, someone that has personal, experience that's, not only going to ask you those same type of questions, but, they're also going to be able to say hey, that. Mistake, that you're talking about cost me a million dollars like, let's not go down that path or you know this is how I would objectify. This thing and this is the angle I would attack this problem with based. On my own experience. So now they're in, or you know they're basically giving the right coaching advice but they're also coming. From a pace of actual, experience. So that's very distinction. Between the, coaching, verse Mentors, now I get it there's a lot of people that are calling themself mentors as well it's because. It honestly it isn't it's a more prestigious title, but, when, you come across those people and you want to qualify them as a mentor, ask them. The questions what have you accomplished, what is the name of the company that you built did, you have an exit plan do, you have a balance, sheet that I could see that you know shows me the the profitability. Even, the company you created because you'll, find a lot of these people out there that are trying to entice people to become their clients they, speak purely, in revenue, numbers. Revenue. Is only half the story most people don't realize that when you say hey I've. Got a seven-figure, company, like, when you tell someone like Christo or myself that we're like cool, like, is that your balance sheet. If. You're making a seven-figure. Income but. Your expenses, are eight eight figure. As, you took out way too many loans you.

Know That's where Tony. And I will know whereas, somebody else might not know that they're, gonna be bought bought, in by the the big numbers and that that, will blind them from looking, underneath, the carpet, guys. That's. So so, good advice Tony about asking, qualifying, questions of, your coach speaking, of which another, thing. That people touch on to me when we talk about coaching, is how to vet, credentials. So you talked right now about vetting, credentials, for mentoring, the, credential, should be have you built a seven figure eight figure business if you're telling me that that's what you're offering me that's. A mentoring, thing but if you're a coach, are. There criteria. That you would look for like, a certain, accreditation. Agency, that you think they have to go through or, what. Would your, qualifiers. Be or would you recommend to people who are looking I know. That there are some popular, accreditation. --zz like ICF, international coaching. Federation, those things you see there's there's, basically. A lot of these mentors, out there Gary sell their own programs. So. That you know these famous authors have their own coaching programs, but. But honestly here's, the thing that I take away from coaching, to me a. Lot. Of times you find that coaches, some, of them have the accreditation, and they're not really good coach they, don't they're just they, studied, really hard and I paid to get the thing that hangs on the wall that shows that they've done of course anybody. Can do that I think. When you find an actual coach somebody that's really more of an accountability partner let's be honest they're trying to keep you on track toward kind of trying, to keep your mindset they're trying to keep your actions on track based on the things that they've learned, it's. More of a personality, fit you're finding people that you can actually work with and you, want to find a coach that you actually want to impress, you want to find a coach that you actually have, respect, for and you don't want to let them down because if you are, working with somebody that as your coach and you're looking at them you're listening to them you're speaking to them and and you're, feeling judgmental, like man, I can run circles around this coach your, guts come and tell you everything, your guts gonna be like hey can I can. I come to a place where I want to make sure I'm not letting this coach down that's, important, that's important, it's a personality, it's a character mix I don't really care about their accreditation, hey.

You Know what ask for some references, talk to some of their current clients, that's a good way so he'd give me two or three names of current clients that I can talk to you and I'd. Be happy to do that so anyone who's a coach that it's, not within private matters, of course because I get it within some coaching, especially, in business coaching, sometimes our clients don't want to be known because. They don't want people to know that they're working with coaches they they, want to reap the benefits and we're all for that as a business coach but you, do have some clients to me I'll talk to them I'm sure you know you just have to understand that your clients are well. One of the other warning, signs you touched on a lot of them but one of the other warning, signs I say to people is how. Are they showing up every day on social media if you see. A pattern that every single, time they show up on social media it's - its. - like. Vanity, where they're just talking about themselves and, saying the same old sales pitch over and over like almost. Like in an ironic tone like hey you suckers. Working 9:00 to 5:00 I. I'm, here on the beach and they've got their like cocktail, in their hand and they've got the beautiful, background, or maybe they're leaning against a fancy, car like a nice sports car and they're like almost mocking you on the screen like hey, you, know this. Is the dream life and you, know what I personally, don't think there's anything wrong with that if it's every once in a while but. If it's every, single post that's all you hear about is their money and their fame i would. I would call them out it's like the rooster with the you know inflated. Rest and like going, around the. Peacock in their peacocking. Exactly, so so why don't you guys look underneath, that and see do they provide any substance, like have you seen a single post of theirs where they give away free business advice are, they writing reputable, articles, like in Forbes or Inc or even on their social media feed do you guys see regularly. Stuff that resonates, with you besides, the money and if it's only the money I would run. Even. Then if you come to me and you're only wanting to make money that I'm probably not gonna work with you because I know that your purpose is not strong enough to get through the hard time of your business, because let's.

Face It if you don't have a strong enough purpose and you don't have passion in the subject if you're trying to sell or sell, to other people they're gonna see right through that I know you're gonna fail and. Times, do get tough and every business especially startup, phase let's be honest like you're gonna put some hours and initially, you're, gonna feel like you're be talking to an empty room you're gonna feel like why am I doing this you're, gonna feel impostor syndrome you're gonna be thinking Who, am I to like do this like why would people listen, to me and really. Believe in this product and you're gonna feel like nobody's, watching you and you're gonna want to quit but if your purpose is strong enough that's what's gonna see you through and if your purpose is just to make money that, is a very weak purpose and it's not like, money is a scorecard yeah, money money is the result, of good, value it's, not the goal it's it's, a it's a result and until, people understand, that they're not gonna have a good business they're not gonna be successful but. To, touch on that that partner you come up with a fakery and all that if. I see coaches out there always asking, to sell something, like hey. Join my program, there's only two slots left and you know it and I've got clients. That have made millions of dollars and, they're just talking about money money money in there they're trying to use scarcity, to get you to sign up and they're always trying to get you to join their programs, or buy a product from them but they're never adding. Any value and, they're, just pitching pitching pitching like, huge. Turnoff that's a huge turnoff that might work for some idiots, a you, know he that appeals to is they get rich quick people and. Honestly people who aren't willing to put in the work anyway it's directly. Explain, to them in the initial, call that they're gonna have to work really hard and they're, gonna have to take risks, they, get, scared off like oh no I thought this was you know I sign up here and then the money starts rolling in kind of thing so.

Yeah. Maybe it's a maybe it's actually a blessing in disguise Krista, that there are people out there doing, that whole spiel and like just pitching all the time because, they're filtering, out of the people that we don't want to work with anyways, to be honest, that's. So true and honest, honestly, you touched on a different, aspect is, that I coach sometimes coaches, on, sales because. There, has to be this fine balance, there has to be a balance a balance between providing. Consistently. Value, and giving away stuff for, free to. Show off your expertise. In a, very generous. Giving, open. Way that's. What builds your reputation, but. If you never have a call to action and you never tell people okay you know I'm I'm opening, up a mastermind, or I have, a new program if you never do that then. You'll, be like I I'm up there every day speaking. To myself to, the empty void. And, I'm not getting any clients, so I think you have to learn how to do both right. Absolutely. If you you know it's either all or nothing, that's not gonna work for for. You, but. That brings me to the other question, is just to vet people so, we talked about how, you. Know we that, may be a blessing in disguise cuz, will scare off the gift get-rich-quick. Hopeful. Customer, do. You do, you have an initial call, with the person, if they reach out to you and say Tony I'm considering, hiring you for coaching, I want to know more. Yes, I do a 30 minute discovery call it's on basically. A zoom video conference, because I believe in seeing them I die it's like you and I are having this conversation over a video conference right now you, can read facial expressions, you can see body language, things, that are indicating like hey if things are going well tomato. Qing is also it's got to be a personality match if I if. I can tell that I can't work with you I can tell like the way you're speaking the things that you're not going to do I could if I could come, stubbornness. Or, come self-limiting, beliefs that I'm not gonna be able to crack through yeah I am NOT a psychologist, or a psychiatrist, there's. Other mental things that it can be work on if you kind of doing the businesses, and questions and and focus, that's when I can help you on but in 30, minutes honestly in the first 10 minutes of those 30 minute calls I can pretty much tell if I need to work with that person or not.

Well. I love that because it is very personal, this is guys, this, is someone who you're going to tell you, if you're not truthful with your coach you're not gonna get anything out of it so what, you said at the very beginning mark all about having respect for that person maybe. You've, observed, them on social media or someone mentioned, them and you started checking them out you're following, them you're loving what they're saying maybe. You like Tony of a podcast, you have a book maybe, you check that out at first, and then you really understand, Wow Tony, is speaking, my language like, this is exactly, what no one's told me before or the way he communicates. Is, really, up my alley then. You reach out and say Tony I'm would. You work with me, there's. Already by default, gonna be some synergy, versus. Just, contacting. Random people without doing your homework I don't know about you Tony but as a business, to, business owners, I like. To do my homework before business calls so I want to know who, my client, is I check, them out and check. Out my cup their competition, so I'm like prepared when I go into my meetings and so, guys if you're gonna hire a coach do the same thing check. Him out in advance so you know what kind of language they use and then, the call the 30 minute discovery, call should just confirm, it yes or no if you, guys have that synergy right, absolutely. And I think it's important, to do that you definitely want to do your due diligence and, look up, background, to see what they're doing, google, tells you a lot of different things there's a lot of people out there making these bold claims and you go google them and you look like two years and like they're they're not doing anything that they claimed they did and I'll tell you that nothing, is safe from that I've, even read some very very high-profile, best South New York Times bestselling, authors, there's, a lot of personal development books out there who. Are preaching a big game and you go and that was a great book let, me go do some research on who that author is and see what they've accomplished, and the google tells everything, like these, people did not exist until those books came out or they were just selling middle. Level employee at some company never started a business in their life and. They created a persona, based. On a book that, now everybody's, like oh my god there's such a guru no that means they just regurgitated, all, the crap that they've read in other books there's, nothing original in their book these are reworded things because they've never applied any other things that they've actually preached. Good. Point and I would say that there's not a big investment, involved in buying someone's, book or reading someone's article, but, coaching, is a bigger investment guys so we, didn't touch on this yet but, coaching.

Is Not something. That you go in you put down, $100. And you come out making, seven figures it is a process it's, a two-way street it's, a partnership the, coach has, to vet you as well to see if they want to work with you they. Don't want to work with people who aren't gonna put in the work or who aren't going to become successful frankly. We want you to succeed so. With. That said what. Do you think you. Know realistic, expectation. Is for somebody who says I want to work with a coach is it. One. Session, and it's over or is it six months three months what do you like to tell, people they. Should explain, I think that a good coach or a good mentor, honestly. You should be able to learn everything you need to learn from that person within one year and, if you haven't learned everything within one year then they're probably not a good coach so they're just stringing you along I don't believe, in keeping, people dependent. On me I try, to encourage, them to have this thought process the mindset, that I have to, able to be able to make their own decisions, like I don't want to have to and hold people I want to help them along that journey make. Them very strong-minded and very independent and able to analyze, and make decisions on their own that's, the important skills that they're gonna take and hopefully, when they're done with me they go find someone that can make them the nine-figure business, owner and those, are the kind of coaches I have liked so if you have coaches that are not being coached themselves, how. Do they believe in selling you the coaching prior you know there's a lot of coaches that have never have been coached before that doesn't make any sense to me like how, how, can I still use something, that I don't believe in or I haven't used myself so. That's another good question you know a so like hey who, do you consider your mentors, whether, virtual or in-person, you. Know Tony what you just said showed me that you, have. Your heart in the right place and, your. Ego in check, because. I, have, seen some coaches, have inflated, egos, and sadly. To say Fame, can go right to your head not, just in coaching, but in general and not. Only do they double, triple their prices, overnight, and start, start talking, big like oh I've got a waiting list backed up for four years, you know I have a lottery to pick who gets to work with me such, an honor but. Also they. They forget, that, they are not God so. We coaches. We. Give you guys everything from, inside of us but that's, you. Know you, should grow, like.

What You're giving your clients, Tony, they, should take it internalize, it use, those tools and grow and then, there's a point where they've outgrown you, right. And your ego you just showed me that you know that and, that's. Great because then you're not in it for just taking, their money and keeping them dependent, on you so. Very. Very good point and, that's another thing guys you might want to consider asking a coach up front do, a little ego check when you interview, them in. The discovery, call and ask them like how long do you want me to work with you what should I expect because. If they tell you well you'll never get anywhere unless you keep working, with me so it's a long long-term commitment. Run. Run, go to Tony go to someone else but please don't don't hire someone who isn't going to give you the tools to find, what's inside of you. And then. Grow. Incredible. I would say that it's it's. A minimum, of three months if you want to join any coach to, get it to create new habits it takes 90 days to create new habits new mindsets, and if you're with the right person within you, know there's three months those first three months you're gonna see some changes in your mindset your behaviors, your actions, now. I would say it takes probably about six months to really start to implement those things and really believe in yourself and start to get some execution. And have, some trust in your new abilities, in your new mindset, and then, within a year you should be fully, operational at, that point and honestly. A lot of times people will do, that first six months and they'll go execute. For six months on their own to try to practice what they've learned and if they need to they always come back they can always come back and pay and now I'm ready for that next step let's let's do it again let's let's, add a little bit more here I want to be more focused on marketing I want to do more focused on personal. Branding or or, public speaking whatever you want from that coach you, can always come back don't think it needs to be like just this duration, that never ends, because, the, the. Spaces that you're taking from their coaching they can open up that other people to help because as a coach I want my students to do well because, I don't feel like I succeed unless you succeed. That's. Great I mean everyone, needs to develop at their own pace so if you're giving them the tools and they, know what to do they might want to fly solo for a while and that also kind of breaks that dependency.

To See ok can, I do one, thing I teach my students, is self coaching, so, I'm like I don't want you just to wait for the you know the call that you have with me I want you to teach yourself how, we're, gonna do self coaching, because there's gonna be a day when you're on your own for. Any reason when, that very moment I'm not gonna be there you know maybe you're having the, worst client, deal, of your life and that self CeBIT or voice is just killing you just, killing, you with self-doubt, you know. You can, call up your coach and coaches, are really they're, there for you during that period anyway, but. It's. Not the same you've got to learn how to turn on and activate, that self coach right. Absolutely. So. Forward, I could talk to you all day Tony. But you've already given me so much great. Advice. That. Was so timely wasn't, it I promise, I didn't. But. But. Anyway you've given me so much great advice because I think people. Need to hear this people should work with coaches you should invest in yourself, coaches. Good coaches, aren't out there to steal your money or get rich off of you in fact, we're just natural, fixers we just love helping people and like, you said it's more of a calling versus, a skill, anybody, can go pay for an, accreditation. But. In the end they may really not have it in themselves, to. Coach, others, in a selfless way or their ego may be way too big and then, you'll know right away they'll be like okay this coach is only in it for the money and let's get out of here so. Anyway. It was great great, great talking, you Tony I mean I could talk to you all day I'm not joking. It's. Good to connect and you know we've been treading, on on Facebook, a while so it's it's it's always good to connect and out thank you for having me on your show always. I'll always be glad to come back and contribute more value when you need it I love. It and I'm gonna put the link to your book too on Amazon, after, this because I really think your, book is very valuable, whether or not people work with you and also your podcast, so you guys can get a little sense of who Tony is because. He's really shows up every day on social media, and gives. Back so, you're you, give back priceless. Advice thank, you so much thank. You.

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