Лица Турции: Из Норвегии в Аланью. Жизнь и бизнес на 2 страны. Ирене Престерюд | Выпуск 4

Лица Турции: Из Норвегии в Аланью. Жизнь и бизнес на 2 страны. Ирене Престерюд | Выпуск 4

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Hello. To, you all from Sonia Alana and Turkey, you are watching faces. Of Turkey, on TV 82, in, our programs, we are telling stories, of interesting. People, living, in Turkey and today we are going to tell you the story of Irina. She's, from Norway, living. And doing business in alignment so please, stay with us it will be very, interesting. Hello. Hi hi hi Raymond ganache. Or the. Let's give a comment tell me clip each, area. My. Name is Serena. I'm. Norwegian and I, want to welcome you to my life here in Turkey. This. Is my this is my office I, used. To come here or when I'm in Turkey I come here every morning especially when we have new customers, I. Always. Like, to meet, the, new people when I can. We. Are doing that business. And, that. Means people, coming from Skinner Union actually in Norway but also other Scandinavian. The European, countries they, come to Turkey for dental treatment. So. We are organizing. The. Best I, must. Say the best dentists, in alanya, also. In Antalya and see that this, is actually our main office it's, not very big but it's big enough for me and my colleagues to to, organize, we do most of our work on, the, computer, when. I come here in the morning first thing I do is my coffee. I don't have a fancy coffee machine I have, this, just. Collecting, and hot, water from here so. I mean we. Sit. Over here and, start. Stop. Working at. The computer because. When I'm here I'll come early I come, a couple, hours before. Before. Any dentist show up they're still in bed I think when I start working. Parents. Remain, I. Do. My accountancy. Do. Making commercials, and I do the. Commercials, myself. Mainly. In the morning between, six and eight, thirty. We. Are doing commercials, on Facebook Internet that's, the main source, but. Also many, a couple, of Norwegian, medicines, my. Customers are mostly, from Norway, some. Swedish, Danish, but. Also European. Countries, but. 95%. I must say religions. Because. It's. It's. The, price it's much cheaper it's. About one third of. What. We pay in Norway. When. They come here we are working fast we can do most treatments, in one, or two weeks. Except. For implants, that they have to come twice to, Turkey. They. Also. Appreciate. That they can speak Norwegian, they can call me they can. Write. To me on mail I can be there I can be by their side and, explain everything if they need to they, can ask their questions, in Norwegian. That. Makes them feel very safe, and. When. Coming to us they also know that they. Will have all the same, materials, and everything that, they can have no way I have, to refer to the new widget customers, when they come to us they say I never seen any dental, clinic like ours, with.

The Equipment with yep, with. Everything we have here. Today. We are participating. In the annual meeting. Of Alanna, Chamber, of Commerce. Committee. For women and, young entrepreneurs. And. Irina. She, is the member of this committee, the first Norwegian, in, Turkish, history, and unfortunately, she could not come today but, we are very. Happy that, she. Is in, this committee, and the, first-ever. Norwegian. In, Turkey. And. Mammoths. With shiny is the president, of the London Chamber of Commerce. Can. You please give, information. About. Coming. Khedira shoot anonymous choke analysis, I Rivera's, anastacio, know that, anger issues Lorena's, number of ALS fish. Evangeline. Dada you, know I Elodie elaborate, famous job, Angela ran for, the Soron marina it. - Donna, is. That again ability of soon as our embassies, are selected the yellow column days hyeri, we have calculus, is that the ejector. Cousin baggage given service helps, to talk is really love Colossians, epsilon. Emotional, and angle any appeal there, was a head for Jessica, Miller we shall Academy, education generally. Poor, denisovich, a leash balarama's diametric to Karthik charm. Is the dog, as a petrol chaplain in Keller day initial. Research of a linear color shabanam. Kazama connection miss amici vision Tillich choppin em live is there to gyrus an iota so Laura do, you know the way look in there there, secures hardened against fishing strategy where. Yonder. The Secretary, shall. The visual image but here on the press room among suburban pasta. Amateur. Can carry in the tekwar eat Mary. Ashley. Well. Reutimann, what. They. Were 20 Buddha chocolates. He's been on booze now there was another part of it the. Half was like a bundle of gives. Did, you hear that a joke son. Sarita, is a very, active. Member of International. Society, my. People. Make, program. Is work also because, now she's very busy she's good a very. Big international, project. Which is very important, for Lavanya. In. The next program. Another. Of course everybody, will wonder. How. Is. It to do business in Turkey how. Did you start it when did you start and, especially. Why. You started. This, company. If. It's. Not very difficult, in, fact it's easier, than people believe. But. There are just a few things you have to be aware of. Most. Important, thing believe. Is that you have. The food control, yourself. About everything you do. From. The movie from the toilet, from the very darkness, you. Have to know you have to find out you have to learn all these. But. What to do what to do if you don't know the language because. My dear foreigners, come not only from Nora, but from all over the world and. They. Want to do business here but, they don't know the language how, do you manage, this. The. Most important, thing is to plant trust of all people people. You really can trust. That. Speak, good English, that also know the rules okay. Know. Something, about business they're not necessary, then you mostly have to no use. And. Of course they have a competition of, course that's the most yeah, so where to find somebody. That's. Recommended. Not, only of. Recommended. By one to not read of with mental by, many. People yeah, tell, me what they liked the most about, the, Lamia, like. You know people say and I, felt also myself. When. You come to Anya for the first time you, fall. In love and you stay here like forever did, this happen to you too yeah kinda, and the first thing, I. I, was coming here by bus from Cedar and, we took a boat trip. Very. First memory from here. The. Hardware is a very nice area yeah, and. You stayed inside, in the hotel, yes at, that time I was a potency.

During. The daytime you work, right, you go yellow fish spoons what do you do when you have free time or, on Sundays, for example, where'd you go do you go to the beach for example yeah when I'm in Alanya I love, to go to the beach on Sundays. Go. There. Where, exactly the swimming a bit and yeah normally, as in over you know yeah each 15 or 16. Sometimes. 11 but it's, anova yeah today I'm back at the beach even if it's Monday. Enjoy. A Lamia. Just perfect. And. Do. You also try, to like. Travel. A little bit around alanya, or, do, you go for example to dim choice sometimes yes, I got it inch I especially when it's very, warm. Weather and summer then. It's like you. Can cool down there, yes you can cool down because, it's. Water. Is coming down from the mountains there so the water in the river it's nice and swim yes it's about an Intendant, and the degrees. 10 degrees yeah, so. You really get cool down up there. So. As we said before in alanya there are so many, natural. Attractions. Historical. Attractions, and also, what I say. There. Is airport here gassy posh airport so if you feel absolutely, board. Like, bored you cannot stand it anymore you, can go to Antalya where opera, and ballet house there or, you can get on the plane and go to Istanbul, yes or go from Istanbul, anywhere, in the world you. Want to go so. Don't we want to do that what, I do. Know. Is sometimes, Ericsson is care from Melania have we go for weekend, for example to Istanbul. So it's, perfect. When. I'm not here at the office in Alanya, or home. In Norway I like to travel. In. Turkey there are so. Many exciting, places to go I have. Been all. Around the west coasts, from. Kush which, is a beautiful, velocity. To. Marmaris. Is. Mill. Ionic. Channel. :. Istanbul. All the western, coast of to Istanbul. Konya, especially. Next. On my, wish. List, is. To go to the. East to, the al Bakir and mountain, omelette which. I only see no pictures, but it just had this place looks like so. I hope to go down under this end of October actually. Other, places I would like to go is trump. Zone I haven't, been there either looks, like a lovely place. Iran. Turkey there are lots, and lots and, lots of stone. Wherever. You come there is. Ruins. There, is so much history or I don't know if there is any place in the world that have, so much history. Inside. It's further than 30, so. It's very very exciting to go around. It's. Easy to go in your own you can go by there are many other people, arranging. First. Many tour companies, but, it's also easy to come on your own you. Can rent a car if you don't have one, yourself and you, can just drive. Around it's easy and it's. If. You like if you like the traffic I mean if the traffic is scaring but, if you manage to try the car in this traffic it's. Just. Fantastic, thing to do. Because. We do we do business with people and do it for people yeah, exactly. From, the beginning, it's very important, to be.

Sure That, your. Business will go the way we planned to, go great yes, and. You need need to have, the full control because. For. Me as a new vision I mean the country is only. Language. That statement. Language. Is kind of this. Is in the. Culture cultural. Differences, that's much, more or much, more difficult because I, can say something, and everybody. Understand. What I'm saying and less if that's okay but, I think it's like. Some, stupid thing which can be very very important, for me in my way of doing business yeah. So the cultural thing. Actually. Is actually, actually what you mentioned. It's. Very important, because. Every. Company, and every person. Does business in different ways, right, so. To, do it your, way you have to insist, on your, rules yet you say yeah more things maybe, some people who think at all it's something stupid, unnecessary. But if you feel and it's important, you, have to insist. Yeah you have to say this is important, and it will be like this, because it's necessary, for my business and for all, you know this is actually very important, because we, do the same not. The. Rules we have some. People also think, like. Interested. In. They say interested in domestic this. Is this is the way we do yeah but, in a way I'm doing a Norwegian company in a Norwegian, way inside. Of Turkey, but. It still has to be in the region way of moving exact, we have to be trustful we, have to, mess. With anything. Magic. Calendar, widget coffee, you know I don't know how you do it but it's really really, tasty and you know. In. Norway, when, you come to Norway I remember, it from my like lava strips, and of. Course from my life and our way that anywhere, you go to. The office to the airport, is I don't know to any place it smells coffee yeah and it smells good, coffee and it's like a Norway. First, one I think about Norway, is like. Tasty. Smell welcoming. Smell of coffee now and it feels like and it feels like home really, hmm, so it's I. Think. Obvious the same in Norway as tea is in, Turkey, yeah giggity. Everywhere, and. How. Many cups of coffee do, you drink every day what in the office Oh many many facts. It's. So. And. Of course. Turkish. Coffee do you like Turkish, coffee, nah, no, not, really, I have. A little cup from time to time but it's, not my favorite, somewhere. In Turkey I prefer chai chai, in Turkish. Yeah. So. Let's. Go and drink after. The, region coffee let's go great Turkish, chai is another. One of the most beautiful, places enough, actually, if, you talk about alanya there are so many places to eat and I, have a question, to you I'd ask everyone, what, do. You say. When, you hear this when. You hear people saying Allah being so boring, oh I. Don't agree on that I don't, agree on that. You. Need any help in here it's. So. Many things to do here there's so much everything, here it's like whatever you like you, do it's you can do it here and it's good, for everyone. Small. Big, at. The, teenager. Or, whatever, but you know. The. Most important, is to know what you want if. You don't know what you want, many, things can be disappointed. Right reporters. Many. People write to me oh we don't like the beach because there are so many stones yeah there are so many good beaches. So. Please find. Out what you like if you like sandy beach for example I don't like sandy beaches and. If you like sandy, beach find, out where I milania their scent beaches, and run. The hotel there or apartment, or my apartment there right, if you want. Beaches. With small stones, find. The place and feel comfortable there, so this. Is very, important, to know yeah it's also important, to know about the food because if you come from Scandinavia. And you like sausages and you, go to a restaurant and you find out early menu they have some sausages, and you order it you will be very difficult, and yeah because the sausages, here is not it's, not the same as L schedule no no but, all other type of food is very, very good okay, but we don't recommend the sausages. Yeah. Okay, let's go yeah okay we go.

Eleni. You said that you love Turkish tea yes I do yes, finally, I got it yeah. Nothing. It's a bit hot nothing. Happens, in Turkey result Turkish tea right, anywhere. You go. So. Why. Do you like Turkish tea I don't like Turkish tea so much you said that you don't like Turkish coffee so so yeah for, me it's absolutely, opposite, Turkish. Coffee I like Turkish, tea I, drink. Only. When I go somewhere and if they serve but. Never. T never, - no but I. Always. Drink. Tea. So. It's like a tradition. And. What about Turkish, schools what, do you like best. There. Are very good with bigger tables registered many. Parrot. Was. Definitely, so. System. Different. Tomato. Paste, and yeah, like. It it's even, if you eat in the restaurant, it feels like it's a whole wave, kind. Of somebody. Every, day, oh my. Dinner yeah it's, just curved. It's. Like, I. Do like for example. Turkish. Desserts likes to touch normally. Is too sweet for me, there. Are some I can. Swallow. To. See. Only one piece I can. Miss. The Turkish tea I can take you one piece Polaroid, yeah. But. It's it's we, now, for the certificate, for the food. And, what, about the markets, do you go to the bazaar, not, as much as I should because, when I'm here and the market. Monday's. Only. Happy. Occasion. So. Not. As much as I should but we time to time yes but, do it a good form I. Used. To I yield you ask a business, this, question, I used to be very good at but. Not. So, much anymore now, you. Know that they have this. In. Shock yeah. No. Don't tell me that. I'm. Home alone I don't. Take the time to but. You can order like P I know I do it I do that sometimes also you can also order kids somewhere I mean usually, there is a pizza restaurant, yeah. But. Norwegian, food is, so, different, from, Norwegian, cuisine, so different, from Turkish, cuisine yeah so how, you got. Used it work do, you have also Norwegian, food at home do you cook it at home or, do, you take from norway, norwegian. No normally, I don't I. Sometimes. I'd be taking, for somebody that. But. How. Long time did, it get did. It take so you got to all you got to, use it used, to it immediately. I, got used to it immediately I'm, not that difficult when it comes to food. But. When I came to Turkey. We, had. Dinners. At the office and a Turkish lady was cooking dishes, Turkish. Homemade, food and it. Took me a couple months, to be really to get used to becoming, yeah because actually. Russian food and Norwegian, food they. Very. Simple, it's sausages. Tomatoes. Potatoes. After all it's very simple, but here in Turkey they mix the air is much so. Some, vegetables. So it really took me. One. Two. Maybe two three months really, but, every, day when. It was dinnertime I went, to the kitchen and I ate it. Even. It was so, good but after that I have felt. Not. So good in my stomach because. I, don't, know maybe the body was getting used to it but still, I said to myself I don't care if I will feel pain I don't care I just. Was. On. The. Markets what is your favorite, fruit. Every. Day I know. Not, every day I don't eat food every day. What. Is your grapes grapes. What about Norwegian system five. Fruit. A day that's. Not me. Yeah. Sometimes I do but, I eat a lot of vegetables yeah, yeah, so. For you it's not quite free today like, it's more like five or ten. Vegetables. And. Fruit let's take them let's eat. The, let's taste and say, because, you know better than me it better be. It's. Good. I normally, drink, I don't wanna drink with the sugar, you know, I don't eat, because, if I really, if I drink tea without sugar. Maybe that's why I don't like Turkish tea so much I feel, so easy I feel like. It. Doesn't matter. If. I'm. Hungry, or not if, I drink tickets. So, Iran, what. Would you advise, to. New. Norwegians, who. Come to alanya to do when, they have some, questions, about, living in. When they cup something, and they mind they wonder. About what, would you advise them to do.

Probably. There, will be a good idea, for. Them to ask other Norwegian, and Scandinavians. Who, are already living here in, ilandia, what, to be working. And. There are many groups on Facebook also. Another social media yeah, you have also a group yeah best in alanya yeah that's not a group actually it's, a site so, I prefer to have them and. They're, pretty simple on your site you sure different. Yes I see and I also have my my. Company page of course showing, about the, dental treatment, and, yeah. That. Kind of experiences. So. If. Somebody, is wondering, about something, they're. Not alone they, can ask bacon, around us yes not only 1% many, people, different. People and then you will get, their opinions. And, then, you will decide yourself, the most important, is decide, yourself, what is best for you yes. Different. Places and. Decide decide, what's beautiful and of course as you change us as BIGBANG, can. Do. You the sport, what. Sport, what's that. Yeah. Unfortunately me, too but also, for people who want sports for example we are walking now on the. Magic, if working is Court I do sports yeah I'm, walking but. There are also many fitness. Centers, and lots. Of things to do so those who are interested you. Can ride a bike here, or swim. Many, different they are. So, a line is perfect, for everyone, yeah, recently the sport I've seen. Why, do, you prefer this. Just, it's, just like that when, we thought what our first shot here that, was a robot then we tried to. We, thought Kentucky looked so nice so we bought an apartment there, but that was not. We've been stuck in the same way so we were. There for one about the arrogant. Why. Because, in Alani it's more, like. Things. Going, on or more social, more, restaurants. Places, to go or maybe it's, more restaurants, and. New year. Be. A part of the community anyway. So. And, nobody, is very. Popular, the. Months came in heaven salami - lots. Of new agency, and. They come for holidays the. Apartments. Here so come from holiday won't be too weak and they come again and again, some, people will stay here to three months in. The poll and also in the spring. But also many men, in thousands, or their own apartment, here, what. About winter many, people, ask of course people who. Would. Not have apartments in pneumonia they ask if it's too cold in. The winter in, the line. How. Do you manage. The, call because they think that we. Don't have central heating here so house. How. Are you doing in winter in alanya.

The. Winter in Alanya is like an average Norwegian, summer so. It's very nice of you. And, we have different. Hitters we. Have different, air condition yeah you can choose you. I use air conditioned. I even, have glory a floor, heating. It's. Very very good solution for apartment. To the money to get the, authority, and of. Course. Sunsets. In Alanya. Nothing. Can compare that nothing. Every. Sunset is, completely. Different from another and. You, can. Enjoy. Sunsets but that, small breach for example if you go there it's. Just. And, the weather is so comfortable, in, October, you sit under the Sun MMC, or not it's, not so hot as in the summer now. And humidity. Is low. It's. Just a perfect time, I. Think. May and October is, the. So. In. The beginning. In. The beginning in. 2007. Years he had about ten years ago hmm. And, then, you. Opened. The office here. No. Not in the beginning I didn't have this office in the beginning, I was more like around. Meeting. People, still. I was about in Norway because what, I understood and, I can. So. Is the one who take, care of everything here. Well, you're not here yeah yes, controller, no I. I. Don't, know four years. Last. Time we did the program is same direction if you did not watch please watch the program is. Interested. You. Met every. For the first time and, it, was the natural you know because so. Cool. I. Remember. Last time we, spoke about his, life, when, he lifted. The custom yeah I'm Kelly Marie it was three years ago, it's only three years ago. Only. For. Me it was like yesterday, it. Was already three, years ago I was like three, years worth, just, disappeared, ago but, when, they come to heaven every, time she. Makes me. You. Know I don't, like this. Is. Beside no maybes the, rigid way you do it. This. Is my husband for. 30. Years or something 30 35, years something, like that. This. Is the residents, we are living in in Oba. We. Enjoy, very much staying here we have been here since it was new it's about five and a half years now. We've. Had a nice swimming, pool we. Have indoor, pool. Fitness. Center, sauna. And it's the garden here is very nice, green. Flowers. It's. Really a good place to stay. Arina. Thank you very much for your story of your life in Turkey it's. Very interesting. Exciting. And also, can be example. To someone. Someone. From Norway, or from another country, can come to Turkey live here the business, and your. Life this is the worst employee. And. It's open oh. Yeah. So this is kind, of. Little. Glance of my. Life. In Turkey of. Your happy life in Turkey yeah yeah, and. I. Hope that you. Enjoyed, this video please. Write. Your comments questions if, you have something Miranda, yes you're welcome and. Please. Watch our. Program, faces of turkey on TV 82, and, on. My youtube channel and, of. Course don't forget to subscribe to, our, Instagram. There. Are so many interesting news.

Pictures, Information. We share about Alania, there so. Welcome. To Turkey, and. Sonya. Anya, if. You are tourist if you want to live here and, we hope that your, stay and life here also will, be happy. And sunny.

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