$20K Bitcoin By Christmas

$20K Bitcoin By Christmas

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Live. From the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin. The creased o of crypto, is your, boy BK, and if you don't like me you must. Not like money thank, you for joining me everybody today is December, 13th. And as you can see bitcoin. Is still north, of. $16,000. You. Know what I'm saying, coming, from Northeast Ohio you, know you know you don't you don't really get the chance to just hold on a 16. Grand, you, know and watch it go up and value, a lot of times I think as people we're used to being. Suppressed. Of. Resources. And, suppressed. Of. Real. Value, and that's, what we have here everybody is the opportunity. To acquire, and, obtain. Something. Of some real value not, only now but in the, future if, this is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my, name is BK you know me as the crypto, trader and I am the boasts, of these charts as you will soon find out, every. Day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you, get the profit as a result, and today, is no exception so if you just now coming, around my channel then, congratulation. BAM make sure you hit that red button and. Join. The money team. 17,000. Community, members growing, every. Day and, after. You subscribe come on over to facebook.com. Type. In number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag. One, Bitcoin. And we. Go pop-up this is where sixteen thousand, of eighteen, eighteen. Thousand. Of, my best friends come together seven, days a week with one agenda one initiative, and that's to keep each other empowered. And to keep each other in, profit. Every. Day I graced this microphone with my voice I'm giving, away cash, money. To. The people so, here we go guys what I'm doing right now is, we, are jumping live, in, our group. To. See who's, gonna win some, free theorem. Out of my pocket. Just. For kicking it with the boss so let's see who that's gonna be today's, date is December. 13th, 1 2 1 3 that's. A good number combination, um, 3, 4 a.m., 7, mmm, lucky number, 7 7, up from. The bottle 1 2, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 shout out the Curtiss though saying let the boss walk again, I appreciate, that man looking forward to our next conversation too big Jarrod you. Are our, winner of the day what I'm gonna do is I'm a safe free. Cereal. Hit. Me up. Do. Me a favor man message me on Facebook. Send me your theory, I'm wallet and I will send you a couple bucks in f as a token of my appreciation Thank, You Jordan thank you everybody else for joining me Blake if you ain't got your money you, better message, me like. Don't be don't be don't be putting our business out in the streets like that talking about talking about I don't paint oh I'll, pay to people out Young's. An old old don't be jumping jumping out of pocket Blake, I'm. Serious I got I got honestly, I got like a hundred messages, so. If yours got mixed in there I don't see your name at, the top of the list so, if you didn't get paid then hit me up it's, not hard to get ahold of me there. We go guys we're about to jump on the charts right now. This is Bitcoin, to. The USD, we, are looking, at trading view, dot-com, you guys what. I have is a, patented. Method that. Works, it's. Called the boss method, its intellectual property designed. By. Yours truly, and, it's for. The, people this, thing works something, serious, if you are profit-seeking entity Wall, Street bank hey it's fun but, do shiera you do not will not ever have, my express written consent to use my method if you are person i, empower. You to use it and use it abundantly. It works quite well it's. Simple, harmonics. A little bit of resonance, and a lot a bit of fractal, geometry. On. Two, simple, moving. Averages a. Seven. And. A. Seventy seven the, seven simple moving average is the white line the 77. Is the blue and when. One cross the other you. Know what to do by. White. Above by white, below, SIL, right, so real easy way, to remember. That we just look for the white line if, that white line is up we. Buy it if. That white line is, down, we. Sell it just that easy to get paid you guys don't, let these scam artists on Wall Street try and try and lie to you thinking thinking you need somebody making $300,000.

A Year driving, a Ferrari to go handle your money empower. Yourself, learn these charts and become, your own bank welcome. To the world of Bitcoin. So. Here we go this is what we're doing right now we are looking on this, chart now if you have a free account which. Most people do just getting started off no difference, just, use the 4-hour, chart you. Can see it'll still show up pretty much the same, and. You, can use the 4-hour chart for free in addition, to that if you're just getting started you just click on indicators. Right, there type in BK. Bamm-bamm. And, you can click that little button 500. People using. This method right now making money on the charts, with. The boss, so. Click, that button download. My. Method. And use, it right I'm. Using a 343. This is an, option you have on the paid account. And this is what we'll be going through the, chart on, it. Just makes the fractals. Lineup a little bit better and really makes it a lot more clear for. You guys to see how this energy is happening behind the scenes I'm also going to turn on this 21 day moving average just. So we have a few more intersections. To anchor, into now. What, do we see guys what do we see first, things first, everybody. Always talking you. Know. Everybody's. Talking about oh my god. I heard. Bitcoin crashed last. Week. Are. You okay, I look. At him and say. Bro, I'm. Up twelve hundred percent. In. Nine. Months. I'm. More, than okay. You. Know what you know what the bobbleheads, on TV, you. Know what they were referring to. This. Bitcoin. Crashed. I'm. Saying as, I'm saying just turn on turn on turn on Google, Bitcoin crash and that's the event they're gonna be talking about if it was dated between September. 8th, and the, 13th, that's, what they're talking about. But. They're not talking about that this. Is real that's the real deal you guys you, know if you don't know nothing about me just know that you know I know how to make money, I know numbers. I know energy, I know resonance, and, I'm here for the people I gave, up 150,000. A year, 401. K in my cubicle, for a microphone and a conscience, and so, that's what we go do we go make this bread, together. So. We. Can see that we're up quite a bit and this. Thing has basically skyrocketed. You, know since. Thanksgiving. You, know middle of October, we're. Up almost 180, percent so what I'm going to do now I'm gonna jump down to, a, 77. Minute candle, if you're, on the free version, you can use, the. One, hour, candle. Right. Exact, same exact, same fractal. Level in the, one hour. So. Let me just bring Chad, over here I'll also um, I know I know people people on the livestream, said that it's the logo up there so I'll just smooth. This thing out a little bit that way you don't have that logo on your way, so. What I'm doing now is. Showing. You guys that. On. A, the seven-minute. Chart. This. Is how we're gonna break this thing down. What. I'm gonna look for is this. Last breakout, area, to. Really try to figure out what's happening next, so. That's the area to chart that I'm focusing, on right. What. We see is that, right around it look like the 13th. We. Had this little spike right. There see. That so. That's gonna be one of the areas that I've tuned into so what I'm gonna do for now is I'm just gonna draw a. Box. Around that area that's, they'll be point number one I mean. Two points to make our correlation, and. I'm gonna make this one.

That. Dip right there because. To, be honest, it's. So much information, on, top, of. That. Blue line that, it's. Pretty hard to understand, anything but when you go below it. It's. A lot easier right and so. That's what I'm doing now is I'm on a one-hour, chart 77. Minutes hard and I'm going to the two intersections, that fell below that. Blue. Line, right. So. Let's do that real quick see. What we get Fibonacci. We're. Gonna go from that intersection. We're. In white intersection. All. The way up y'all, to. This intersection. Let's. See what happened. That's. Pretty good that, was. Pretty good you. Can see we just barely. Kissed. That, 3:2. Right, there. Right. But, again you'll see you'll see I'm not I'm not really looking, for those tops, right now you'll see what I'm doing in a second. But. It does give, us a pretty good, conformation, because essentially, what happened here is this. One 6 and that's what I was looking for the, 1 6 was, almost like an acceleration. Point, when we. When. We broke through, that, point right here. This. Thing basically hit the gas pedal and, that's. What you want that's that's basically a full. Circuit. A full sequence and now we're coming up on the three two and guess. What, we're. Breaking down this. Is what happens this is what I say you have to look for the areas in the chart where the floors become the ceilings, and the ceilings, become the floors this, was a ceiling, over here, and a, floor over, there if it would have broke all the way down I don't think it got all the way down low. Right. Just. The same as over here this, is a ceiling, right now but once we break through it, it. Will be a floor right. So. We have that swing point right there at 12,000. Flat, that's. A good number. 12,000. Flat is about our floor, right. That's. Good, another. Thing I'm gonna do is. Try. To figure out and let, me clean this up a little bit so we don't have all these squigglies all over the place. Now. That, we, know, what. The relationship, is like. Going. Up. What. Do we got to do next we, got to figure out what's. Happening going, out. Right. So. We got the spacial relationship, going up now we need to go out how do we do that we bring back our, cyclic. Lines. One. Of the favorite tools right there one. Two three, four five six down just. Put a little star about at cyclic, lines you will use it a lot because, energy. Repeats. And. So. What I'm gonna do now is then we're gonna take this breakout, right. There and stretch. It all the, way up all, the way. Up. To. That breakdown, right. There. Right. And. What this is gonna give me are.

These Little micro, cycles, just. Like we did before. We came on air with a few other charts it, basically gives you like the sequence, of cycles. That. You're dealing with in addition. To that we can start to draw some trend lines in here. And. So this is gonna be one that I'm gonna draw. Bam. Bam, right. And. The. Next one. Will. Be. Bam. Bam. Right. So. This is our. Breakdown. Trendline. This. Is our breakout, trend. Line. And. Guess what happens when. We copy and paste this one. Let's. See what happened, right, there. Right. There we're to. Cross. That pink line, we. More or less triangulate. The. Energy, and it's not perfect, because I didn't take the time to go all the way in on it but. Basically that gives us. Pretty. Much the area where that white crossed back over that blue, this. Is more or less showing, you guys that this, chart is in, resonance, with itself. If, you know anything about spatial, relationship. Geometric. This. Is more or less triangulation. Where you define an, unknown, point by a spatial. Relation, between two, unknown points, this is how you. Know the early days how. Navigation. Work, you, didn't know where you were going but as long as you knew you, know the angle and distance between, two. Places you've been before you can figure out where you want that's, called triangulation. That's. What we just did right here, in addition. To that, the. Reason I put, this. Line let you guys were probably like ybk, Toronto cycle lines in there because, this one is a, pretty important, line. What. I'll do is I'll make this one like white so. That's. Pretty important, line right there. Because. When. We copy and paste. Watch. This. I've. Told you that that area was very important. Where that 7 crossed over that one 6 remember, that. The. Watch this. We're. Gonna have that be our little focus. Area right we're, all that energy. Basically. Look at this look at this all, this, energy is what, we want that's what we want to harness right. All. Of that right there is. Like amazing. Right, but. It's all captured between those two points so, if we understand. The. Points, of origin. For. Those two coordinates. We. Should, be able. Do. Something, like this. That. Will in turn. Give. Us the exact area, weeks, with another. Confirmation. Right. There. But. This is essentially, gonna be. The. Area of the chart. Where. We have the most energy. Between there and. There. Because. This. Is already drawn into, the chart. That's. How it works. That's. Already drawn into the chart. So. What do I expect to happen I, said. All that to say this. Somebody. Said don't forget to date this chart okay so what I'll do is, I. Will I. Don't. Leave. A little thing. Right. Here. Today's. Date. Number. 13. That's. Cool thank. You I appreciate that. That. Way when this thing saves and. I come back and look at it I can know what I was looking fo. And. I'll just leave this over here that way, that's the that's this is like the golden area of the chart right now because. You have a lot of energy basically triangulated, all of that energy, all of this mess. Right here. It's, basically coming back and recreating. Itself, inside. This area and this is what I think can happen you guys look. At that. And. It's. Basically, recreating. What. Appears to be. Pretty. Close to. Isn't. That is that it this, might be it. Look. At that. It. Could easily be to do that follow. Right into a 30-60-90. Triangle. That. Could very easily be, the growth rate, that. We have. To. Fill this pattern out. Let's. See if we can make that fit. It's just. I think, where would this go. Yeah. Well. That. Might be yeah. It's. Interesting. It's. Something up there something up there it's anchoring, into. And. It. Pulls into, it. Right. Because, you see even when it gets too high it. Almost self, balances. And. Comes back to. The center almost. Like the epicenter, of that, triangle. Right. So. This may very well be. How. We break. Look. At that day. This. Is how we break. 20,000. Baht, Christmas. Bamm-bamm. Merry. Christmas. From. Bitcoin. That's. Cool. Color. That green. That's. Cool. That's. Essentially. The. Energy I could, easily feel I keep in mind if we bottomed out then, you, know this, thing will probably settle down here, you, know and we'll look for the next wave the next ascension wave but. We. Do have a lot of energy inside this chart, primed. Up around that one six to.

Replicate, And recreate, itself right there which, ultimately. Take. Us up to that pinnacle. Right. There at the four six that's basically like the. Finish line for, this fractal. Pattern going, all the, way back to. November so this is like one, hump. Two. Uh three, hump. Oh. That's. Pretty much how it goes you guys that's uh I've, never done that before especially live, on the air that's. Pretty incredible. But, that that's how energy works and he's charts right and again all I did was I just really, looked, at the intersections. Understood. The. Lines inside of it the, ley lines so to speak and just. Use a little bit of geometry to show that, if this thing plays all the way out that's. Where we're going to end up right, north of 20,000. Just. In time. You, know I'm Sam for Santa Claus to eat his milk and cookies, you. Know Christmas mulling, it there. You go guys that is how you chart, like, Oh folks. Well. So. If you appreciate this kind of content you guys make sure you hit that thumbs up button we do have a global community. All around the world people. Wake up at all hours of the day to watch this content, so if you hit that thumbs up it will guarantee that. YouTube. You, know promotes, it and let people know about it I am, I think I might be monetized, my channel, I'm. Not a fan of the. You. Know system. That YouTube, is using, to. More. Or less siphon, wealth, and, redistributed. To the, voices they want heard so I. Am, self volunteering. I do believe to D monetize, my channel so YouTube's, not paying me anymore. Never. Did really but. You know we'll. Figure that out. So. This video is d monetized enjoy, it again. It's educational, content, hopefully, you did find some value, in it and if, you did again if you're just now getting set, up we, do have the number one Facebook. Group, in the world completely. Free I do these videos. Almost. Every day to week completely, free and then we got balls up Bitcoin. You. Go to that website you go see my man on the right hand side suited, him booted in the red white and blue looking like the American dream they say there's a hard job being a boss but somebody, got to do it so, he put the tu-16 on his back bring. It to the middle of the map and, put it to put together a few packages for you guys to, purchase if that's, what you're looking for in order to streamline your path. Success, hey everybody, if you are in the chat right now do, me a favor shout. Your country out I'm coming right back to you in 30 seconds. So go ahead shout your country outlet let's show the world that, we have a global, community. People, are asking about steam it I will be getting that channel up this week, I just had to make a new one I actually lost my password, and private, key to my other Steam account so I can't get back in there so, I've got to make a new statement so that's gonna come soon dream, team the next, generation of greatness when I made this list these, coins were between. One. And two dollars apiece and, so much that you could buy every, coin on this list with. A $20 bill I don't know if that's still the case it, may very well be I think it is but. Long story short these coins haven't. Been proven yet and in this market they're undervalued. And. Also. On. A downtrend, so if you're more of an investor, this is actually you dollar cost average, it and this is one, of the better lists, for you they won't have the immediate return but over the next three, to six months, they will probably have one of the most impactful, returns. During, that span for, the price right, the profit package is really just the legacy coins the movers the Shakers and, the money makers these are coins that been around the block a billion, dollar plus market, cap you know when they talk to other coins, listen. Right, one, of the coins on this list is light coin so for example light coin just broke out you, know 200, percent in three days if you bought the profit package you would know that that coin was getting set up if you watch my video two weeks ago, you would know that the boy predicted. It like a false, next. One crip doppel is this is one of my favorite ones you guys this is actually uh you, know as we look into the future right, and I'm really gonna have to trade that picture for Sofia we see it as AI artificial. Intelligence leading, us to a new land, where. Is she taking us it's. Yet to be determined but. A lot of the coins are literally. Rebuilding. Civilization from, the inside out sort. Of corns on this list are the coins that I've identified on, the blockchain it was a community effort I reached out to my mods and we put together you, know 10.

Best Coins that we see having the biggest impact to really read, create this. New digital, society. And. So just imagine when we have a trillion, dollar market, cap which when I built, this list seems like a long time away you, know probably will be the middle of next summer sometime, these, coins should, lead, the way in getting us there and most certainly will lead the way and, onboarding, the masses, to, the blockchain and to, a seamless. Digital. Society and. Last thing we got a one-on-one meeting with the boss this is when you know I'm saying I had two or three meetings today this is when we just gets FaceTime like you know when I just come on come on step out the booth you know and then you, know saying turn Clark Kent the Superman you know we talked about Joe money and how to get you paid this is one of my best. Moments. Of my day actually I was just thinking about this today is that I said. In front of chart 14 on Earth Day but, just for me to be able to connect with somebody to actually instill, all that energy all of that knowledge into, somebody into you, know kind of watch their eyes light. Up when they actually get, it and they you, know can understand. The. Chart, that's. That's that's really, empowering. I, really, try to make. Sure, I talk to somebody every day because. More people I talked to the more people I can help the more the more they get empowered the more people they can help and we just literally snowball. This thing to. Where we can begin to. Empower. Each other it's. Really unfortunate. But you know in this world we live in our. Financial. Freedom was sold long, ago right this. Was gambled, and lost by Wall Street you, know probably long before any, of us ever even came to be on this earth. Then. Two or three global. Corrections. One. That they talked about in the history books most notably that of 2007. Before that you had the energy crisis and I think 78. 80 88, somewhere, in there 83, and. Then before that it's it's it's been something like every 15, years to, where the banks get rich and people get poorer and after after, after about the third or fourth time of that happened people really just don't have anything anymore so so what I did you, know I'm saying I put this this, but this a beautiful, manifestation.

Inside. My head to, work on the tarts and I built a method for the people to get some of that money back it's, called the boss method, and it works, it, works very well. But. In doing that it's really not about making. Money because money has been used to, enslave us money has been used to suppress, us money has been used used, to constrain us to turn us against, each other bicker, and fight and banter, over nothing, you know I'm saying a prime. Example, that you turn, on the bobbleheads on TV and they can give you 25, different reasons, you should be separated, from me, to. Self-identify, with whatever box they put you in but one not one label that brings us together, right. That's why I have that bridge, behind my back, because I'm a bridge builder I bring people together right. We together we are venturing. Into a land yet to be built and. That's pretty scary over, there to a lot of people some people like staying over here would look at what they know well, guess what over here you got Goldman Sachs Wells Fargo JP Morgan Chase. Bank, you know TD Ameritrade, all these billion-dollar, Wall Street bankers, that have defaulted. And bankrupt. Theater the, economy, probably, five or six times in the past hundred years so, if that's who you want a role with them by all means you, know god bless and be on your way but if you're ready to walk across. That bridge and built. This built built this land out together you know I just had a call today with with, two brilliant, women that are that are literally, you. Know creating. Products. To manifest positive. Energy, through, the. Environment I'm talking water I'm. Talking, I'm talking. Energy. I'm talking pure, produce. None of this GMO. Beetle. Wax you. Know crap. That, they that they force-feed, us through through, food, deserts, because nobody even has access to real food anymore I just saw store the other day a woman with ruined vegetables, in our front yard in Miami and they came and shut her down said you can't grow no vegetables that's what we got that grocery store for don't, get you some more GMO. So. Long, story short I'm here footed people I work for. The people of the people by the people. And. If you're down with that down, with me hit, that red button come. On over to the money team you know I'm saying we here seven days a week and the doors are always open so, let's go ahead and jump into our community. See who we got rocking out I know I see, my man right, now holding. It down strong. For, Costa, Rica my man big seven thank you for joining us man I appreciate, you hanging out I was on the air for a long time I'm glad you you know I'm saying just just just stuff around so I do appreciate it man if you haven't, let me tell you something if you haven't, seen this man's channel and the, knowledge that he is dropping, to. The world you, definitely, need to jump over there it is inner standing. I am in II are, standing. This, is some Saban Bowman, and, and he is literally putting, his mind his consciousness, his energy, his intellect, you know and he just getting set up with crypto, - he walking, across that bridge Whitney, you know I'm saying he said DK I see you set up pretty good over there saying you know what you right come on come on let's do it you. Know so we go we go be working together we go be building some things again I want to get on a call with you man we need to just you know have like a freestyle, Friday where we just chop it up you. Know and and let. The people hang out cuz this is just really amazing man energy, and the power and this is this is so selected, to like, attracts, Lex and when you self-select, you, leave all that all that autumn, sheep and all them drones you leave that behind and, we are literally. Manifesting. A new destiny, right now and this is one of the guys that's doing it so shout out to, the big homie thank. You for the support you've given he thank you for the vote of confidence I sincerely do appreciate it you know I'm saying I'm not here to let the people down so.

Let's Do it with, everybody else. Here. We go. Let. Me. Costa Rica one, time Canada. In the. Building, Slovenia. Australia. Let's. See let's see let's see I. Want. To make sure we ain't we ain't miss nobody big. Blake said Dallas Texas, what's going on. Esteban. Said thank you BK for all the knowledge and wisdom life-changing. Blessings thank you sir hold hold this that's, right our wholeness Ole Miss Manchester. UK the, D in the. Building Australia. Canada. Slovakia. Portland. There's. A lot of people from Canada. Let's. Do one more one more. In. Australia. Good, a to the people Down Under, shout. Out to everybody thank you for joining me if, you found this content, useful. Again. Hit that thumbs up button it does help me especially since I'm not giving YouTube you know I'm saying no equity, on my channel you know I'm saying I say I speak for the people I don't speak for the bobbleheads, and YouTube want to pay hold. On hold on hold on since I got y'all here since. Since we are since we all friends and family right just. Check this out real quick check this out real quick you. Know I might have to break this out into another video, but. Let's say let's, say. You're. Just a guest, no. Click that little guest button your guest, with. No history of. Anything. Bitcoin. No searches nothing just, type in YouTube that time and. You're a guest you say oh oh, you. Know and I heard about this Bitcoin stuff what's. That all about what's. That all about Jakub, results search query Bitcoin, first. Of all. You. See King bobblehead, right there in front of. Him, in. Front of all that propaganda, behind, him. But. Secondly. Secondly. Oh they switched it up that's interesting, cuz, two days ago I took a screenshot it is they had the top news at. The top of the page, like. They are literally. Force-feeding. Peep. What. Corporate-owned. Fake. News stations, are talking, about and. You. Can even hit that button and my, content, literally gets drowned out by all these bobbleheads, bobblehead. Bobblehead. I've never seen this dude before in my life who is this guy a hundred and thirty-eight thousand, views how, I, was. An. Bobble. Head. Don't. Even know, he cool he cool I thought that was Charlie leave for a minute oh about state Charlie. He. Hadn't even got no pupils, how, you go how you gonna trust somebody I ain't got no pupils. Still. Gained you guys I'm fighting, an uphill battle with. Just you know having, any type of accessible, real estate this, MF, right here, I'm learning a lot from Dave Ramsey about about, how to manage money but I tell you what if this is who you go trust, with, your financial empowerment for the future you, know a bunch, of a bunch of em. Come. On come, on a bunch of bowtie-wearing. People. People. With both has I don't got no bowtie you know why. Cuz. I never get invited no vet you gotta wear a bowtie - I. Might. Wear a bowtie. But. I'm damn sure one just wear it out and open like that and, we had to be a special occasion but I'm just saying I'm just I, digress so, you can see guys this is literally like an uphill battle because these bobbleheads, bobbleheads. Have come and taken, up prime time real estate and you to give it to them you. Know I'm saying I'll, type in Bitcoin do you think I won't Michael Williams where does that even come from come, on, you, see but this is what they know this is crazy it's, ridiculous, so that's why I'm big monetizing, my channel you, know I'm saying I don't I don't need their money but. I do appreciate your, support, because. I'm against all it is this doesn't make any sense I've been making videos, you know and watching. This content, who is this guy right. CollegeHumor, does CollegeHumor, you know come on like so so I digress, i bobl. Here right, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry some, of these people are cool, some of these people are cool some. Of these people pump Ponzi schemes but you know all of that energies comes back comes back full circle right. This. Guy these.

Two These two they. Got primetime real estate over me talking about big if, you think these MF, they'll go make you some money to go ahead and subscribe to CNBC in, you, know wait. For it just like the rest of the world and tilt in I'm using the boss method I'm getting paid that being said it's that time of the day signing out piss the boss your, boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to the fake phone, ia all. The way back out dude jerk, money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time like, subscribe, and share copy, this video text. The URL to somebody you care to care about we've been getting a thousand, members a week everybody, without, you two diets do that for me if you appreciate, mine till we meet again stay cryptic yo pigs.

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Thanks Lana!

merry christmas bk :D

So i just need to set 2 moving avarages lines one at 7 and one at 77? and is it the SMA or EMA? Thanks

Its just that easy to get paid!! I used SMA's but you can use which ever works best for you!

I wonder why Tether hasn't Broke out yet? Is the total supply available? Would it be best to throw a couple of hundred and wait?

The purpose of tether is to allow you to "sideline" your earnings if you will. Where you can store your profits from trading and hold it during bear markets, or consolidation. Since tether mimics the USD, if the market turns bear, it gives you a stable platform to ride out the storm, until the market goes green again. Then you pull it out, and back into whatever cryptos you regularly invest in.

Tether is designed to mimic the dollar - which decreased 3-5% a year by design. This is called inflation. I would not suggest ever waiting for USD or USDT to increase your purchasing power because that is not what it is designed to do. Holding bitcoin gains more Dollars (and USDT) so I recommend doing that instead. Hope this helps!

Brandon your a legend!!! Appreciate your help man. Making people wealthy since leaving your job.

Id trade my cubicle for my conscience any day of the day!

Try Steemit , Brandon .

I have an account , but still haven't tried it yet, so why you think it sucks?

Rayan Crypt steemit sucks dude

Hey Brandon Bossman Hebrew ;), I live in Australia and just checked out your website and have a question, Do you post the Package to the postal address? as it asks for delivery address's. I need all the help I can get, as various advice from other youtube streamers deflated my already small nest egg that I slaved to get, it gets confusing on who to learn from. I know your the real deal 100%, feeling it. Cheers. Paul

Thank you!

Yeah man - I make enough on the charts - so I don't need their money.


Been using them since the beginning. No problems whatsoever

thats what I'm saying man - some sketchy shit going on behind the scenes...


TradingView: http://bit.ly/BKTradingView

Merry Christmas!!

The package is a digital document you buy it and download it and then u have it forever!


its the best bet right now - but you should never trust the boys in blue...

Great Technical & Inspirational Video. Thank you.

So do you think bitcoin will reach 20k by christmas just curious.

This guy doesn't know what he's doing, thumbs down this retarded pricks videos for spamming twitter

Looks like Christmas came right on schedule. This is amazing.

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