#20 KLOKOV getting SHIT DONE ! - with Dimitry Klokov (French subtitles)

#20 KLOKOV getting SHIT DONE ! - with Dimitry Klokov (French subtitles)

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In. The. Episode. Of. Psych little bit over to a victim. Of. Circuit, been dispersed and I thought you Dolan regional. Tournament. That's. Your business. Decision. Yeah it, was the truth. Versus. A substantive. Is, this man took a shortcut a. Way. To visually, two versus. Three, so we see BJ say it wasn't a nice okay. It was the most I thought that was always with me Papa sa. Documents. People. He would cast only a. Jacuzzi. Party how, do you, good. So. As. I said just before we're. Going to focus more on business, and. Carry, on now rather. Than the, aesthetic one, and. Usually, with podcast, together on, in together but we Greenwich today because of a dating coach and like, a gymnast. Waiting. To to when it's it is the weight history and I think they probably watched all the content of you on, YouTube like. Okay. So first, question is how, do you consider yourself, today more. Like an athlete a. Speaker. For Cigna a businessman, all, those things together. Listen, I I do thank, you for asking. This question, because people. Asking. Evolved like, in numbers. Yes. And, this. Is this. Is Ruth this is people. More interesting, care about, my, my. Regular, life making, the business at. Regular life and it's, also worry, about the business give it back another motivation, to do everything, wouldn't leave now and, I. Don't, know how you say this in in. France, in French now suppose a base in English but we. Have some special, world in Russian. Language okay, I want exactly, trying, to do what, every people, with, the sport yeah there's a difference even, ours make. Clothes in equipment whatever, because, poor guy, you know we. To make any more. To. Drink and also bring. Everything, inside. Sport so we want to stay like involved. In the field of sport like touching, to like Frank the point it meant well seeing yes, I must say I was spending my life for sport this is what I want or. Need. To do, my. Jewish state the sport for my life was, a different position make, the different levels different businesses. Different work but, I want to spend my life but that's a good start. To. Get involved in other sports and with lifting are displayed 15 I started. I. Start. From the soap, was. Play so it might be, that. For, business or what you're doing next. Of. Course when, I was written. Sport, from the wiggly piece portable that just my penis's was on, this transport, because at how many people, and. The different strikes for mrs. Peggy this was people who easy because I understand the sport but now we. Move little bit more to another sports and for example and I begged a. Kids. Sports. Kids festival it's, for festival for the next year which is in October and this, is already was another, supports martial arts. We. Can, stretch forth for me now is like, little. Bit too small I wanna for my personal, charity you know I want to change myself who, didn't know I wanna go for another sports to do okay something to try to drive my, achievement, and why, you cheated, she done for the computers, the, club this. Is a. Big. Question because, I was work for six. Years with, the big. Guys yeah, I, do, businesses. With. This people. And was, organizing, many competitions, and. Many things and origami. Is not only business. I try to. Make. Some philosophy, where it might be maybe, not agree with everything what I was trying to do not what I believe but I try to do this and when, we talking, about something for example with you with your age you, already have some like. The facts, you know have, some ideas, you have feel true or something like this and. I. Will became involved you will not lose. Me was making what was maintenance, because we have people you have you information you have your true and this. Is like facts, you know and, I want to go a little bit. Yes. Because he's, his. First. In, the sport is like that you and I, want to talk about the sport from the beginning you know how to. Do this because, this many things to talk you know yeah. And also this is. This. Is good for business III teach this is what I believe is also good for. Yes. By. So many. By. So many things like it bushes that but before, the clip you ready to spend. On my officer, this is more. Money in the kids. Kids. Business than I. Think. This is what I think this is well yes. This. If. You want. To keep in the new, cold in the new t-shirt, yeah you hear in the news activities. You respond, to only money for this and also if you can, give good product for the brand services, like food product, this also would really like to sell, something some.

To Also pay the tractor organize. The competition good, competition, you're trying to make, good product this is. Years. Six. We were talking about your, your, daughter. You. Make. A lot of sense star in the world what. Is like to make. A lot of sense. Everywhere. In the world and, that's your family is, it something that so, no so this is difficult but. I travel around the world and. This, is very difficult for you to stay home most, of the time but. For. My wife for example this is not. Normal about you. Okay. With this because she has. And this. Was always a, fool. Because. I was staying at the training camp like a explain three years in the state with training camp almost full dependencies, for this for you and if, you wanna see, you she, must go to. This training, camp to see you to stay with you something like this because you can go wherever. You like no, time inside you can do this you have to sustain, folks yeah and now solute, mole is the same proportion. Of traveling with me all the time if you see some nice. Places. On. The schedule they have couple of days will stay on the beach go, to spend, time with you just by the. Visas. We. Take. A break, like, for relaxing, we prefer. To stay in English yeah, yeah, this is where bitch. Yeah, they, really, make, you sound like. You. Were talking about the training camps - you, can train for a, lot of years has been like 24 years of training do. You still like training after all listeners when he's right now all right. This. Is this. Year's. Duty, training. Wanna, stop. This you take the languages but this will keep going keep going keep going and now the same know sometimes. When they break I think. I wanna. Try but when I started training but no like the later this. All the time so how is going you know how if, everything is going good you like this if you take some injuries if you have some problems superstar, good for though you, take this right now this is exactly the training, for. Fun we try to maintain your physique you go now, just, for fun and I, try. To not find, new, magicians, I try. To do I try to stay, with the. Just. A little. Juice. Yes. Because. If I will find new iteration, what I have to do I have to Train I have to spend my tank I have to spend my house and. Business. Also you know you're. All in games. And. Do. You think that a lot of high-level at least don't. Force people I train like training, is it something that a lot when. You're handling train a lot and you're like, it's, a necessity you have to do it do you think that a lot of people like don't, really like it. When. They do it well this. Is more this. Is this, is your job whenever. If you going lutely like this because, this is good for everything in your life is good for emotions is good for my name is before families don't have any problems, everything is like a good but how often this happens. Business. You. Work with the problem yeah, you almost always fight, with the subproblems. Finishing. People. So. Many snowfield, the same ideals details, yeah work for the details the same idea with the sport you with, the details, people, can see this but when you understand, this is not good this isn't about this. Yeah. That's. What I mean I you have to choose the brand. Beginning. With. The. Question. Is like a two-part, question. First parties do a most. Memorable, moment you carry on like one, day and is demonstrated, listen this. Is Oracle question, have the many people think with my the, best thing this was engaged.

In, 2008, when take. This thing a second, place but is no. This. Wasn't. What. I. Think. Terrible. Injury true I, will. Sleep, in 2005, and that. Was what I was originally chose, everything is good and I think what this book like many, years like this but next year when I start referring to the second World Cup worship I take, injury my shoulder and this was like a terrible I was, thinking about that normally sport and after, this I. Still. Keep weight with the training but I was, not dreaming about. Big. Results, I just trying to stay this level, competing. Make some waves, and I was. Okay I take. Some metals I win some money. Is, good but still not with the big, way and in, 2011, I just, wait for the next level who is results, I'm just, blessing my result and snatch the drew and this give me another motivation, is give me like, there's enough emotions, you know and I remember this moment this was most remembering, on you after long, time the. Sport career review was just strength here. Emotion. You know this is this is was good and then say miss motherhood because before when he was worried about your health, he, was trying to do, more careful with your trainings, with your pure. So something where, you start to. Do. Some, the game this is, phony. Friends, soul like, poorest. Community. And the other part of my question is, what. Is the biggest lift, of feet, of tracks that you've done in your career for me inspector, 195. From. Deficit. But. Which. Feat of strength I, don't, have. Three. Three. Meters hotel. I don't have because. People on recording, this list and this, is power, linen, Street Press 180. States. 170, but this is was many, years ago. Just. Video what they want to see what that what I have this is boring, and strippers, 1:18, they, second no they don't have this jerk, from the REC, 26262. And. The. Third video when I was talking about yesterday Romanian. That lips tight grip with the cookie taken, attack. The. Coach of the high heel, recording, this video but the cake this was covered. But. Which. One of the three. This. Huge. Compress. An ultimate, 262. Us your, body weight is that nobody, can do yeah. Not. Many people ladies but, also. And they will see what some people who in curly, close to these numbers this, is, 170. Full bleeps man, yeah. This also be. 150, but yeah for. My group is what my trip is strong can see once, they wonderful, yeah this was also flexi, good numbers bring number you see. Because. He failed 275. Towards that was it a plea in terms of shoulder right. Yes. Maybe for me 262. Is not the. Best because. One. Week later I was. Planning. To do to 65, to. 45, and, I put 255, we speaking with my job will be to -. 65, - 65 years, for the PPP. But. They make, some mistakes and I broke this over this way I know to 62. This, was not my maximum pain because I was pretty formal way 180. Yeah, this is good, 310. With the coop. The. Business side so, we're. Gonna get back on Mississippi, now so what. The. World. Guys. A. Great. Body of work so what, drive you to stop giving so much time. October. 14. Episode. To. Stop. Listen. After. 2012. Myself. Was going down because. If. You don't complete you not to make a man, they. Start thinking what they have to do to make, like. Money in, my sport career for trade leaders if you if, you not only team. Not. Pay for your stay the training camp you have to make, money and respect, for stay in the training can I start thinking what I have to do for this and then. That moment. You. Do this it, will be growing start, going and, I. Start thinking what maybe this is a good platform for. Make. Some money for the sponsors and, I start work. For some we. Can tell for the people we just I. Don't know what is the cross. In. Many. People. What. Is the cross route starting. With these people what they need what they do it what they wanted and. Finally. Start talking with different people, mustafa. Kemal the synapse so in figure we start we start work. For the YouTube I start work for you too we. Start talk, with the people and some, requests, was. Going to me in the same moment because. I. Responses, I put my direct, contacts. Email. Everywhere, in my social medias and everyone can, send, any. Requests, now a message, this is what happens now, this, was for all night for all mine thank, you switch immediately today, was very crazy and. It. Was because for, example my, holding like. The winner grant. Start. To make, this causing, in 2006. In. 2006, and, we talking about, 2015. 14 in the tournament will work with the closet contact, but this. Was not enough time not enough. Pushing this business portal and after, when with the Cygnus give. Me some money, I started, okay we have a question do with a little bit more I won't organize the, competition I, wanna make this I wanna do this or something that this was like a traveling, okay, for the, westerly, winds, you main goal yeah this yes this is what dropping seminars was, the trumpeting because, this give you some more.

Suffering. When I answer, it like this yeah, we appreciate, about that, what. Are those a business that you you, are you have outside. Of seminar like Christine, situation, yeah cruising. The, Coliseum pointing to selectively the more important. There's, not the most interesting what they like to do most interesting, what I like to do it this is catalyst for my new life this, is organized, the event, some combination, for example when I was in school, when. We was prepping, for retired from school, we have something when you, know this and the nice this, event from my class or another class I, make, some contacts. Contact. Or something this for me this was interesting. For when this would ever really like to organize the competition ever. Different. Yeah this is what I'd like to do for. My - oh, we're, closing, brand this is something, like the fields of business would you start when years ago and for you this is like the most important, because it's like you feel yeah. This is why I like this and I really work on this and. Other businesses, for. Example, this. Is just, change. Just. Challenge and business was before that time for this time this is just something, what you have to do. Businesses. They do this because they have committed no. Matter what you just have to make money for. Your life for your life your family life this, is not what you wanna do all the time of course if everything, is going your, business and your vision, like, your motivation. But. Not so many people do this all the time you, just have to work you have to make, money this is what I'm. Doing, for some for some businesses, you know for example like. G like, equipment this is what they have to do and also this is for a challenge for example all the guys way, to the nightclub they. Wanna, have, nightlife when. People with the CrossFit, box they technique about opening, his own CrossFit, box something, like do something like this is whose equipment this is with the with the gym this is like, a chat can you do this one, can, be opening this and managing you so long because. So, many CompUSA, I'm gonna organize my own but yes I will. These are other projects, that we don't know about that, we are walking. Outside. Manasa. Listen. Some events, maybe, yes. But the, businesses. It's. Just a. Show. This. Is, celebrity. Splash, that, basic with the star assess the reality. Shows, for TV but, I was working for my reality shows for my charity was a multi quality, this, is three seasons. This is was very Russian. Speakers. Something. Like duration, by other any other people, right we, was going to, the same, time. Who, was ranked big bill and. If. Famous. People, from the strengths force was living together and ready together, for. The ten days and we, make the content for the people some blue formation, some funny, things the supplement is me and this is what story overload, and of course this is for. For. My challenge and also this was purporting, to do because if the social medias is going to popularity, growing you, can, represent. Different, people. Of course this is an, opportunity. To go outside to, this brand back outside. Of just doing. This. Is. For this. Is the sport and if you bring this boot this, before befell this, hell movies discount for me this is what I try to do and, I mean as I said that, the challenge it's what gives II don't mean everything like Evan when you wear a training exactly. Challenge. Was probably one of you are must like, like. My teammate did you throw a long time and I sing like you just fight it on something else because you want to keep the job listen, I think this is for, you to say you know just. Some will, be good for yourself good for you and you just trying to make this happen so you know for example for me from the beginning did, because. Cherish was, getting. Better than my father yeah, bit my father was the numbers rose up with his like, a total, instantly. No competition. Was, 440. Kilos in total and. This was my dream for the beginning. Yeah. 42.5. Human. Snatch for. Future. I believe humans in total and only. One dream one. Goal for me this is jerk this is what Hawaii's was. Working. Local de jure and this. Was. I. Was. Trying to beat him and some, goals was with. Me someone something, broke, - por correo de tous they, show the roadways for a maybe get more yeah the, same idea for example, I do different.

Things But something, we do something is not and someone is to make money in some projects, you spend - but when you when, everything is working together this is just back here one, train you know it does playing this is your way this is your way this is what we personally use your chair this way you want to be in there I hope this and I just doing this different. Different. Stations, different. Positions. You, spend money make money but. From, the final. Enemy's, oldest businesses, is there a vision like some message you want a shirt and spreading, everything. You do is there a move like a message in this seminar something, that you want people to know vision. This. Is I like. To. Recommend. Something, for. The rigamarole and it goes I'm beginnin, yeah, he in, sport. Because. I spent my 23. Years for this for my father's open his 20 years we know something about we dipped in this way can recommend something for the people you know but, in the regular life and the businesses are a beginner Monica, Keena like, I, just, wrapped the, same, way we talked. About yesterday the same who practiced, today with. The people this is the same how I feel now myself, in the regular life this will our communities. But what I think what, I would, McGee with me you. Must understand. What is your final destination, what is your final call planet Earth because. If you for example Quentin, of, course I can save it if you. Have. When. You went, this way you can make so many state, and, this. Mistake no give each other company. Do. You know why it's bogus. They. Know the details and the, most. Difficult part is not make so. Many mistakes. You, have to stay with character sometimes you wanna say stop if you ever wanna do something but you can make it appeals for, the final goal this is not good for the final challenge this is not this, is very digital December this portal the same with the sport if, you for example prepared for any games, this. Is mega teach what we have to do you have to growing your result you have to make, your reputation because, people, for example who's the head coach is the president, they have to believe in you because, if you come, in five acts in the world chakra, it'll always.

Make. Some travel. Different. Takes, you. Work. You, make some problems and when, you. Prepare for the biggest goal like for the biggest event begin. Play fifa, we, take goal of five times in the different international, competition. And when. We have two weeks to take you here this, is over line this. Is a long. Time and to stay in the focus to do. This. Yes. So. How do you focus like the business where. You. Have technique you have like step. That you do on a regular basis, to see for Christa stuck with us, listen. My my flows free is. Try. To make. Some good products, and don't, like other people, something. Like this I, like. For the people I do I lose a lot of money because, I'm not trying to in. This. Image. Yes for, example no. One to. My you 411. Signals can say we just come to make. Money only know. If. They can, say is they just hate me they don't like me they want to say something but this is if. Night. When, I person say like, this like is working. He just, work. For us not, just for the money and the. 0.1%, will say something but this is okay we. Not fifty, percentages. Of critical said no this is just to deny this, is with all my businesses if I understand, what this is not, what if I will make some problem, some mistake. Yeah, but you're doing your best and thank you for your focus on the people as to say you focus on keeping back. This, is what we. So sorry you really put time in like yesterday we talked, for six hours without any break. Any break because. It. Is not. This. Is what I want to say I want to stay we support people said lambdas yeah if I go lose another. Kind. Of businesses, this, look like question yeah maybe. You. Know this is why I want to stay this portal to. Enjoy. Sport, I love I, feel with this, make me feel good I, stand, this I can't talk about this, I just, please. You know, okay. And. So now. It's. A little bit before that what do you think about crossly. First regarding the sport aspect of, it and then, the business aspect of it first and fourth aspect. Something. Something that but, why, is, respectively. Closely because. They, kicking. The ass, for. Many. Sports for.

Many. Presidents. Managers. People. CrossFit. Demonstrate, for us how. Sporting. In. This time must, look like how, you must be, wherever. We want to represent the sport for, example in we live to sport for. A long time what. Was changing only, bothered behind their plot it, just changes the one. This. Is the same. Same. Setup Senate exam the, same they. Don't. Change themselves to change too they don't try to do this they not try, to make this more like a show in a tractor, to. Make some point obtaining. Sort of play music, yes. Try. To do some new challenges you know but, I think, this. Should be no. Big. Games but. This is. For. Us this boring because, what. Will, be happening. Percent, well, mister who will say, well I said this before the competition, will only see the competition because well this thing's are people was prepared a competition, isn't, interested, forth. For, people who don't know borders the weightlifting, who, know Tina stick innovative who don't know anything about readings, we have to give some show and this is the problem now this is the problem the, people who. They. Demonstrate. This is good example, how, this can be you, can see this and you can feel. Yes you can mr., they, make one. Because. They would. You. Exercises. You, us. They try to pull different things completely, different, which last year is two years ago they trying to change it because people, would do this today and they like this but, next year this will be boring because people understand, and they. Changing. This every, year this is why. I said they kicking there's the - for Skamania magnitudes. For mr. Elvidge incident, it's a real means like it keeps evolving and with weightlifting, in. France, for example most. Of the people in weightlifting are all people and they don't really care about like show everything so, I like, it it's just more about me like they take people that, are a number which. Is not me maybe, not the case in weightlifting. Anybody, sports in general I don't know how this in France. Because. Our country was for. The longtime Black Sabbath country and Nestle was different mentality many people, still, living with the roots what, was in another, country. Sport, is for free. Sport, is just system. You come into this competition if, you could equate the next competition for, less competition, and tall indicates, if you win the games gonna do some prices. You. Have some reputation did have some, good. If. You. Like. You put that and you, can't. Be cold. People. Not respectable, this is your whole way, because, it's not good for mine this, is not pushing you to the next level you going down from the peak you going down because from peak of the professional. Athlete to peak of the, training. Career is. Not the same thing this is much more time. Is changing time change this is this is why no and. If. You understand, now, time. To change, something let's. Say wait now, sport. This is more like a business, yeah because, sport is the show if know if sport, on death row, we. Don't have one. If. Sport. Is not show people. Not follow this poor people everything is well this, is difficult for promoting, difficult. To grow. Yes we. Give another example there, you, see whether because of short people, understand what this is the business people. Make right and if you like this front if you like this if you support this you spend money for closing, four, tickets if you want to. Know. Ask why, CMOS. Is full or for the man or a great with your family if you see him and you know say why it is not for free if. You wanna see this. Question. Suppose, poor people, people this actors people. Who are competition. They. Should. Be for free before when. This was said it country and government pay for everything okay make sense this. Is us for free because government. Pay for this, garment. Be covering, all the - hold the baby for payment, now, is not okay, with shapes are but people still. Feeling, a little freaky before no way yes. My question was you, traveling. All over the world watching, across regions and cross with people and. Weightlifting. Do. You have some differences, between countries. We have maybe the procedure of better our hospitality. The. French the Spanish, Americans. We, are differences. I can. Say. How. People. Focused. In community, maybe a little bit different some, people is more, interesting, and is just trying to do this more for fun another. Country is more serious this. Is yes some countries, are different in this but mistakes, will they agree this is more less the same because, information. What they use for. Starting, yet this is the same crossroads.

Level. Some. Information. From you who is the best fortune. Most. People, take the information from the state witness why mistakes is more or less the same, okay. So. I think. Question. And then we go to the question of. Waiver. So, the last question is what, are. Your products or the future what do you see yourself in five years yeah but, just the project they can't right now or, how do you want to develop in. The next five years how do you see. For. Sure for sure I why I would like to change. For. Sure my my life to. Go to this time I will. Try to do this maybe, few. Years like two or three years what. I do now I don't know I wanna do before my life I mean, make. The closing. Oh, so. Close, but, I don't, want to say this 100 I wanna, do but this is for, sure. Juicy. Fresh. Tender is receiving, this it's something you're gonna. Have to stop, at. Some time utility like. Very. Difficult. To managing, all the businesses, with a 102. Impression, Monday, I should be more in Russia Moscow, Russia this is the first. Reason. Second. This is not good for health, because. Who is travelling with jet lag this, is difficult. I. Was. Not. So. Not. In the end of the next year maybe in. The first half of masters of 2020. First and they. Wanna restore, it to do this non-stop. For, something, different. Yes, so just, so you know that, for. 60. Countries. People. Ask I'm gonna try to just ask the question, there that are s somewhat, interesting, not, trade. Questions. Someone. Asked, when, do you what is the best to, improve your. Resume. The weightlifting, to, a simple. Simple. Way do, you think that it would be just a gem plus, a. Catch, he's. A wizard with a week like, ponies, thinking. That weightlifting. Is just a jump in a catch. Six. Hours non-stop and. I. Say, now you know this is. This. Is more like the, lifting. The weights you know adjust, the meaning of what I would push to your head before, we start practice, they will tow. Him Amala technical, feats will practice. The, seminar I will say or, they may be amended like 5% of deformation would I personally, camp you and, that imagine how many people can, say, the same this is. All. We have to learn this. Will make you better better all the time I'm still learning for example, this. Is what I'd like to see, the people who thinking what they know everything you know for, example some people would okay okay, babe if you do it they. Look chambers. Of the little, the way that they eat what the they can't learn anything, else from somewhere for no one know it's. So funny because I try to remember me. In, 2005. When I win the world championship 2008. When I will take seven member rindy kids and I. Can. They teach. Anyone. Especially. To. No no. Honey who said I can't do it now oh I. Can explain okey. Yeah I can explain how. This. World I. Know. People, put you to the gold cage they. Support, you for the moon and, you just woman you know with, all the well Tiffany. String. Trio. They, don't set back outside the US Embassy oh yeah but when you start thinking what exactly, doing at, that moment. Yes. You. Can teach people without, experience, with the teaching people good, at the desert good coach, is. Having Lucinda, forms. What some people say. Good. Good. Can be good coach yeah. Now, before. He, goes. So big, well. They can't. Lose anyone who say like. The. Kennedys people resolved exclusive. Yeah because, your mom is gonna go with you such was the question there is no simple, way to describe. What. Would, be for you to believe money great. Change like a, phrase. Motivation. By. Jeannette for me in sport because. Of my father for me sport was. They, all the time the same. Sport. Is like small Y small. Y. In. The school in the school in elementary school prepared, for the future yes. People. Try, to communicate. Sometimes. Fight. They, like. It, they maybe have a friend you have. Some challenging, you have some good things bad things you, preparing for the future life in the sea for example Agnes for example Sport, is something the same but just different levels, you know and as you're. Finishing this period. Of your life as. You. Do next for example. Many. People say so true, to feel get, make. The most comfortable. Most coolest. Very. Comfortable, time but, this is just small you know for example angry, 2015. F150, - is, like everything, with, my house it can be the same time. But. Depends, how who was, living before before. Sport. Is just like trampoline and. Position. Position. You. Just going to this to learn how, to be. Small. Try. To learn the bogus. So. For you at region like the, sinuous, a is like you gotta focus on that, thing. There's. Nothing special this is yet just your personal evil is, your personal project if you leave this good it's not enough it's. It you see you're opening some people opening books and they other. People opening the box in the government man is it personal challenge this. Is. Interesting for the people there. Also some, social. Project. Because if, you businessman, people.

Which Is different, with you, because. It also demonstrates, up for. The for the kids. What. Is the good. How. You think, about the life you think about the health you present, the, good way of the life of the, person business. Politics, this already like the TV before Hispanics, or for, the many people this is good. One good things good way you know and this is so much more difficult. For you because you like a regular, guy you want to do something some, but it can be days when, you businessman, do. Something. Business working mm. I'm, businessman, a book opinion, detail. Materials, no I don't have a businessman. And to where I work for big money when, you opted is little bit different you make money su personal fortune but people, would. Be different you represent, something. Exposure. This is what I want to say and this is special little people you know for the Keith's poster for the teenagers, of soft my boobs before, asking the next question like, there was someone didn't wait thank you for your kindness because, he came to two hundred senators advance equality thank you and then. Someone. Wants to know what, stick about the admins so, you what, you say after. Translating. Translation. Yeah this also means nothing this is just something like, expression. Expression. Something. That you want serrated seminar yesterday. You want to know because he knew that you. Worked. Out alone for ten years at the Italian Court and, he wanted to know how did you keep your motivation, you might start at least I didn't. Say like enjoy. Dissing. Throw from the beginning that this was. I. Start. With not because of my offers, about my father because. Everyone. Around. My. Family this. For this was people funders from, the wicked and. It. Was like. A friend. Of my family of. My parents he, pushing my father to pushing. Me to eat if he said look at his legs look, this must be, small it, should. Go through the wicket eSport my father said no no you. Will not go to weekly TV because I want, to pushing him to some, beautification. Things. Like. He. Was. And. This, was possible, when you give me some, something. Like this but. The whole people rock my father said no wait wait wait is it what, is it okay with it but, from the beginning first. Day when we will see if we see him after Michaels training he said okay, I said, okay you. Can do this but, who will work like. Like. A professional there's, another hallelujah. 12:04, more like professionals, because. I don't want to spend, your life. From. Us before now because. Many, people start. Many people finish include, this. Way if he was pushing me so far from the beginning that was not agree with this, I was, crying, many times because you want to go away with your friends, but you going. To the gym for work and sometimes, this. Is not good, bad bass you know juicy, chicken very sharp and, very. Stressful. You. Know and. Because. All people around my father was way different little. Bit little bit I start thinking was able to demonstrate what. I, started getting up on and this was like a real small. Situation. From the beginning and every year I was trying to be, better than kids. Who is my age and in. One moment I just start thinking about my father I said okay if you. Work. With me think, like a coach also. This. Is like a good wave if, if. Getting. Better than his. Coach do job, yeah. This. Was my motivation. Image. Yeah this motivation, okay so we're gonna and, on this, thank.

You For your time thank you and. I. Hope they will like it and. See. You next time for San Jose Costa. If. You love. It with the desert vista somebody. And Rasheeda excited a podcaster comes on at the gates also. Critical.

2019-12-12 07:18

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super podcast ! Merci d'avoir posé la question, le terme simple avait pour objectif de donner aux débutants des clefs pour qu'ils comprennent plus facilement l'intégration des phases des 2 mouvements . La réponse est difficile a donnée je suppose car l'haltérophilie est loin d'être seulement une manière de bouger mais de philosophie :), difficile donc a d'écrire ''simplement''. Encore merci !

J'ai eu le plaisir de le traduire 0à Lyon pour le séminaire à Crossfit Novelty

Encore plus impressionnant en vrai

Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно)))

Le best

Le meuilleur parmi les meuilleurs


Super cool ce podcast avec le papa!

Good job, bravo le couz


Salut, est ce que vous pourriez mettre les podcasts manquant sur spotify ce serai top merci. :)


Salut, oui je le mets au plus vite ! Désolé, j'ai tendance à oublier Spotify ! Mehdi

Ca aurai ete bcp mieux de fair une seance d'entrainement dans votre salle avec klokov l'une des légende de se sport

@POWERCAMP | CrossFit PWC oui merci bcp Je ne pense pas qu'il a arrêté un vrais haltero ne s'arrete jamais jusqu'a la mort

Nous sommes personnellement plus intéressés par une discussion d'1h avec lui qui nous apprend des choses sur sa personne que par une vidéo d'entraînement qu'il aurait refusé car il ne s'entraîne plus ! J’espère que la vidéo t'a quand même plus ;) Mehdi

@Alexander KATKOV hehehe

Amine Laklalech peut être bientôt de retour ;)

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