($200+/day) *New* TOP 15 Side Hustles of 2022

($200+/day) *New* TOP 15 Side Hustles of 2022

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Fresh fun and new side hustles. That's what you can expect today in today's video. On top of that, you can expect no ideas that you've probably never heard about before that are profitable, that could most likely bring an extra income stream to your pocket fast.

Some of these side hustles range from making 20 bucks a day and all the way up to 300, $400 a day. So I figured let's just call it in the middle 200 bucks a day on average from all these different types of side hustles that we have from you in today's video. So if you're excited about today's video and how that sounds comment below hustle hard, and let's get to today's video, by the way, this video is sponsored by skills, share more on that exciting news later on in this video. Now talking about a really fun and fresh idea. We are talking about 3D printing as a side hustle. Now,

if you've never heard of this good, it is a side hustle that I recently found that is very profitable and a very fun one specifically, the came to share this from an individual who actually lives in the San Francisco bay area in California. Now this gentleman started a 3d printing company and he was able to do this as a side hustle. So he had a job where he worked for an electrical company. Sometimes in that company, he would work really long hours like 12 hour days back to back. Okay. And it was cool because on the days that he head off, he would just go hard. He would hustle and build up this income of 3d printing.

And he got into a really cool niche of printing costumes, so different costumes and objects that you need to make the co the costume complete. So the math, maybe it's a sword, maybe just different things to compliment the costume. So he built up this side hustle to $8,400 per month. This is just a side hustle.

So this isn't even including his job and full-time gig that he has at the electrical company. And so this is really fun. There is obviously an upfront cost to have the 3d machine, which could range anywhere from $400 for a basic machine, all the way up to $4,000, if you want a fancier machine. So you would have to do your due diligence in researching which machine is best for this startup side hustle that you're doing, but it can get really, really fun. I've looked at people that are doing three E D printing for,

you know, shoes like creating flip flops, specifically in custom sandals that they print out and you can sell those custom sandals in flip flops. Another idea is printing out jewelry, right? There's a whole range of different type of jewelry. When you have the freedom to print, whatever you want, you can print out jewelry, earrings, necklaces, et cetera. The other thing is ornament. So any type of ornament you know, especially during Christmas time, this would be very fun, really any ornament that you can create for any of the seasons or holidays throughout the year is a fun idea. And of course. You know, movie props and costumes like this guy from the bay area did, which is huge because I'm a huge Halloween person. Like I love Halloween.

It is my favorite holiday of the year, and there's never anything on Amazon and there's always lame costumes. And I always have to figure out how to do this by myself. If I could pay you or somebody with a 3d printing service to print out the exact cost I want, I will go to you every single year. So definitely consider 3d printing as a fun new side hustle that is already proven in the marketplace to be profitable. All right, the next side hustle that we are reviewing today is TaskRabbit. Now, what is task of it? It is a app slash website where you can sign up and complete different tasks for different types of jobs.

People that need things to be done around the house really popular tasks or popular tasks can include things like moving furniture installing different equipment. So like for example, when people order a desk, they don't wanna do it. They'll hire you to put the desk together. Something like that. Other tasks that I heard about are just running errands for people, you could do things like one time I knew a woman who has this dog who was elderly and their, the back legs were starting to get very weak.

So she needed help and got somebody on task rabbit to help her come and bring a dog wheelchair and help her put it on the dog. So just really random things that people need help with and that they need you to to, to help them complete. It could be. And again, it could be anything from painting to just different types of chores around the house. And I personally know people,

people who have used TaskRabbit and also worked for TaskRabbit, and I came across an article not too long ago, about a 23 year old guy from Hong Kong who got started on TaskRabbit and, you know, started from zero from a brand new profile and worked his way to making over $130,000 per year. Like that's insane just from this side hustle. And you know, he, the story goes, he just wanted something to bring him extra income. So in the first week of starting on TaskRabbit, he was making by the end of that week, like a hundred dollars a day. And he was just like, whoa, like, this is, this is a lot of money.

And so he became specialized is in the moving department and helping with furniture and building up things and putting different furniture pieces together. Right. And so as he started, you know, he started off with like charging 15 bucks an hour as he got more and more five star reviews and people wanting to hire him for more and more jobs and returning customers, he then charged, you know, it went from 15 bucks an hour, I believe to 25 and 30. I'm not sure what the current price is for his services, but he was able to scale his income, his hourly rate, higher, faster, cuz he got a lot of reviews and that's the key he was able to, you know, after a couple of bad experiences like and not setting clear boundaries and expectations with the people or the customers on task rabbit. Once he started making clear expectations and saying like, you know, this is what you hired me to do. If you want me to finish by 5:00 PM, you have to hire me by and have, have me get started by 11:00 AM, stuff like that. So the clear expectations really helped with his success on task rabbit.

And so now I think this gentleman has over 1400 tasks completed on the platform. That's a lot, right? And he says that now he is reinvesting the money that he makes from task rabbit back into his business. So he's buying better tools. He's buying things that will help him become more efficient in his job and you know, better serve his customers. And his goal ultimately is to use that side hustle money or the TaskRabbit money to reinvest in another type of business that he wants to do in the future.

So I thought that was really fun and a really great option if you're looking to build a side hustle and get something profitable on the side fairly quickly. So for the next side hustle, you've heard of babysitting, you've heard of dog sitting and cat sitting and pet sitting, but have you heard of this? Can you think of something else that is alive in house that needs taken care of while a family goes on vacation? Yep. You guessed it. That is plants and that is coming up with a plant hotel. So that is creating a plant hotel business. I mean, think about it.

How many households have plants that need taking care of while they're gone on vacation or sometimes families need to evacuate the house because they're having, let's say a termite not inspection, but a termite FUM or whatever. And they need to leave their house for a week. For the treatment to settle, they have to, you know, take the plants outta the house. So this is a fun one. Plant hotels are like an up and coming new business slash side hustle. And it could be obviously something that could be done on the side, cuz plants don't need attention all day long, like babies like dogs, like other types of pets. And so the other thing is it is plant lovers. There are, it's a passionate niche, right? People love their plant.

It is, it is something that help helps people, you know, just with relieving stress, like watering the plants, growing the plants, watching, watching them flourish. And so if they need to go somewhere for a week a month, whatever, and they need someone to, or somewhere to take their plants in order to you know, keep them alive. Then that's where you come in with your new plant hotel.

And so it is very reasonable to get cash flow on this type of business fast. The number one barrier to entry for this side hustle is finding the space to do it. Whether you know, you are looking at a warehouse space or somewhere to rent. I was reading a little bit more into this side hustle and a reasonable annual income for it is around $15,000 all the way up to, and that would be like a part-time gig and all the way up to $55,000 annual income, if you are going more full-time with this business. And so obviously income will vary depending on, on your clientele.

Maybe you could target businesses, specifically shopping malls, office complexes, hotels. And so some clients will net more profit than others. You just gotta be strategic about it in the beginning of starting your plant hotel now as content creating and content creators and content creation, whatever you want to call it is the fastest growing type of small business in the world. I can't go without mentioning, starting a YouTube channel as the next side hustle. Now this is something that I personally teach, and this is actually what our company specializes in is helping individuals out there get started with their content creation business and their passive income business by leveraging the YouTube platform.

And so I have entire videos dedicated to YouTube marketing and making money on YouTube. So I'll leave a couple of links in the description for you to reference. But I would just say, as I was explaining on a podcast, not the other day why would people want to start with YouTube when they get started on their content creation journey and making money online? Right. And I say starting with YouTube because it is by far the most powerful traffic out there out of everything you see out of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest out of LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, you name it.

Youtube is number one. And that's because of these for factors right here, it is SEO based. So search engine optimization optimization base, which means the content on the channel is evergreen. And so people are always searching for, you know, topics that you'll be talking about on your channel. And when they come to your channel, you can refer them to different to your funnel and the description. You can refer them to different affiliate offers.

You can refer them really to anything and any type of offer you are selling online. And so the other factor of why it's so profitable is because it is video and video is the next best thing to, to shaking somebody's hand in person and for establishing that relationship and a way for somebody to get to know you, right? Like as you were watching me right now, if you're brand new to my channel in this video, you you're getting to know my style, the way I talk my voice, my personality, right. And you've never met me in person. Or maybe you have, I don't know, let me know if we've met in person in the comments, but that's kind of the point in why I fell in love with being a content creator or a YouTube content creator.

Also teaching it because not only are you able to make a huge impact and help so many lives, hundreds, thousands, millions of people's lives it's a great revenue source and it's a way to create multiple income streams, not just one, like not just sending traffic to your coaching program or not just marketing affiliate offers or something like that. There's so many different ways and avenues to monetize a YouTube channel I've said, and I've broken down on other previous videos, recent videos actually like last year in the calendar year, this channel broke six figures alone and Google a sense revenue. And that was not even the highest source of revenue. That was just the automated revenue and income produced from the channel.

But on the back end and monetizing in other ways on the channel we were able to make much more than that with our digital digital products and other services that we offer in our company. So that was really special. And again, I'll leave a couple in, in the description to learn more about being a YouTube creator and how much really, and how powerful it could be to monetize this platform. And if you are interested in learning more, go ahead and download our subscribers to sell blueprint right up here, or first link in the description.

And it goes over the six steps to creating a really successful YouTube chain, monetizing it, building a business, all that great stuff. All right. So the next profitable side hustle we're talking about is a cleaning business. And now before you roll your eyes and you're like, Mrs, I'm not gonna just clean houses and do this dirty work that I don't wanna do. Wait a minute, I'm talking about building a automated business, automated house business, where you don't even have to pick up and lift them up. You don't have to pick up a broom or use a vacuum cleaner. You would basically build this business and automate all of the functionalities from the beginning. Now,

why is this becoming a more profitable and more appealing side hustle to individuals? It's because while cleaning houses is a service, that's going to be needed forever. It's a demand as our population grows. And as bigger metropolitan cities expand cleaners are gonna be in more and more demand. And so there's a couple that I recently came across that talks about how they built their house cleaning business from scratch, from nothing in the past three years have almost made a million dollars in revenue, right? And as I mentioned, they have, have not picked up a room. They haven't done any of the cleaning themselves.

They have outsourced all of the labor intensive positions of this business. And they've also, you know, gotten like, you know, contracts, agreements pricing, just customer service, all of these things automated and in line. So it's really cool that they can operate this business from wherever they want ever in the world. And they don't need to be physically in the city where their business is hosted. So it's really fun. And I think it's really cool just to say, in general,

as a side hustle, automating any type of business is a really fun idea. And I think that is doable for any type of business model you are interested in doing. So I think this is a great moment to interrupt and say, today is video is sponsored by Skillshare. Now, what is Skillshare? It's an amazing online learning community where there's a whole think of it as a digital library, full of thousands of classes where you can learn and sharpen any skill.

The idea is with these classes and the ability to learn virtually more on any topic that you're interested in, it'll inspire, you know, creativity, and it'll be a lot funer to level up your learning experience. And so, for example, in today's video, you're interested in learning about side hustles. Well, Skillshare offers a ton of great classes about side hustles and how to successful side hustle. And as a matter of fact, one of my favorite teachers,

Ali Abdal has a class on just this starting a successful side hustle. And I love all of the classes he teaches because he's really excellent at what he does. And so it was really fun taking his side hustle class, cuz this guy is amazing. I mean, he's a YouTuber, he's a doctor and has built a, an online business, a seven fit your online business on the side.

So when it comes to side hustles, I'm really gonna trust his advice. And he goes over all the steps and concepts of a successful hi side hustle in his class. And I really get inspired by learning from him. And I know that you will as well. And guess who else is it gonna become a Skillshare teacher this year? That's right. You guessed it me,

I love the community so much and I'm really excited to make my debut with my first class. And so you definitely want to join the Skillshare community. And so as a matter of fact, the first thousand people to use the link in the description will get a month free trial of Skillshare. So click the link below and start your trial today. All right. So the next hustle we're talking about is an online bakery. Now this is a fun one, especially if you love baking, if that is your niche and you love to, you know, make desserts and cakes and cupcakes for other people, this is your go-to where you're able to start this side hustle do it virtually. So you don't need to open an actual bakery, right? That's why it's called online because you can you know, if you wanted to do this from your house in theory, you could.

And so some of the things that you need to be aware of are just the home bakery laws in your state, in your province, wherever you are. And there's certain regulations that you have to follow when opening up a bakery business. And so some home bakery startup costs to consider are renovations, kitchen equip. The recipes you'll need the ingredients you'll need to get started maybe.

And also the development of a menu, license fees, insurance, stuff like that. And so an online bakery could be a perfect side hustle for bakers because of the fact that it could be an at home business and you can save majorly on startup costs. I personally found a milk prep company that I love around here in my local area.

And I, although it's not a bakery, I always always add on extra desserts that they make like their keto cheesecake and their protein donuts. And I'm just like, oh my gosh, if they opened a bakery portion of this milk prep company, I would be on it cuz their desserts are, are delicious. So check out the demand in your local area for, you know, bakeries and you could even get into sub niches of the bakery like vegan keto, and it could be a really, really cool and exciting idea for you. Now, the next side hustle is earning interest with crypto currency.

And so this is dipping into our new era of, you know, web 3.0 crypto currency, all these fun things, decentralized finance. And so step one of this whole process is to own crypto currency, right? It doesn't have to be Bitcoin. It could be any of the coins that you are interested in. But the idea is that you would host or put your cryptocurrency in an exchange that offers high interest rates. So like Gemini offers 8% interest per year.

So basically by having your crypto in this Gemini account, you would earn 8% on it and you could you know, see if I put a thousand dollars this year, what does that look like after one year, two years, et cetera, the same thing with an exchange like block five where you could earn 9.2, 5% AP Y. And this is really cool because as opposed to earning 0.01% at a normal bank at a conventional bank, it's kind of, kind of like, it's nothing, I mean, it's a penny you're earning versus nine, 8%, 9% per year that you could be earning and really compounding that interest. And you can kind of take it a step further if you're interested and this would take more effort and like hustling part, right, where you would get into decentralized finance and do an advanced strategy called yield farming. So you would use different tokens,

stable coins of different, of the different blockchain technology. And so the specific strategy behind this it's called staking or yield farming where you would provide you would lend out your cryptocurrency, right? And you would let other people trade with it. So this helps the market of cryptocurrency. And this is really cool because as you lend out your coins, you get rewarded for it. So when people trade and make profits, you get a cut of that. So it's really, really cool to just be able to lend out your cryptocurrency and make passive income from the work that other people are doing.

And so the next side hustle we're talking about today is a smash room smash room. So you would be smash some not you, but you would provide a space, a room where people can go and they can, you know, just smash some, some old electronics, they could smash different auto parts, just things that are, people have recycled or thrown away, you would provide a smash room space. So people can, could do that. There's been a lot of like great benefits and people talking about the, like the benefits of relieving stress and having the ability to just go and just let loose and get out like the stress and whatever you're going through through that day. And this is a fun side hustle model because with a smash room you can charge monthly recurring subscription. So maybe I did see a, a place,

a smash room in Texas where they charge on the low end 45 bucks a month. And that gets you X amount of minutes per month to do some smashing, right? And if, and on the high end they charge $165. And you know, that includes, you could bring a friend, you could bring your spouse, whatever, and long, a longer timeframe to be in the room and smash some stuff.

And this is really interesting because this is a new thing. Like this is a new type of business that isn't, that we've never really seen before, like a smash room. Right? And so I was looking at, at the results of a business owner who talked about the success of his smash room, where he grew it to in two years he was able to have 15,000 customers come through the room. And it's really cool because not only is it a wellness outlet for your customers, they're also smashing down the material, which of it is recyclable material. So then, you know, as the, as the material gets smashed, you can then take that material and go get it recycled. And so that material goes to a good cause cuz it's going to get further recycled. And so the,

the hard work is done cause it's already like smashed into little pieces. And so obviously the startup cost for this would be the space, the space to have this room also considering like where you're going to get these items to smash, right? So that the customers can have something that they can go. And also providing things like the suit.

I think they provide a body suit goggles and protective gloves, stuff like that. So you don't get cut so you don't have people coming in their, or smashing some something and then, you know, bleeding and it's just like, oh crap, this is what I meant. So those are some things to consider as upfront cause for a smash room, the next side hustle we are talking about is starting a glamping business. Okay. This is, this is fun because I've personally stayed in glamping type of accom on Airbnb.

And just about any place you look at on Airbnb that has glamping style, you know sites, they charge like a hundred bucks a night. It's not, it's not cheap just cuz it's a, a glorified tent does not mean it's cheap and which means that it could be a cash flow positive business for you really assume so out. Let's talk about the YTS the tents, the actual glamping little houses, I guess you could say you can buy them.

Those do take an initial upfront cost anywhere for the lower quality tents and YTS, it could be a thousand dollars up to your fancy YTS could be $6,000 if you want like different types of features in it like a stove some type of bathroom, whatever it is, the there's websites that sell these different types of products for you. And there's again, all different types of price ranges with different features. But the good news is in relatively speaking, that's not expensive. I mean, think about a car, a car is double that price, triple that price. There's lots of even like motorcycles, just things like I know that my dad recently invested in a very fancy mountain bike, which cost six grand. I'm like, whoa. So I mean to have a cash flow, positive side hustle and business with this glamping an upfront cost of a thousand to six grand, isn't a lot when you can make that cash back pretty quickly from once you open up the business and start having tenants renting out the space.

And so I would say the research that needs to be done up front is looking at the location, obviously outdoor places that aren't really, you know, in the middle of a big city or a space where people can feel like they have that camping experience would be a good idea. So thinking ahead of time of where you could rent land, lease land, maybe even buy land, if you want to take it seriously and you can have these different options to choose from in the beginning. And a recent study has shown that a lot of new glamping businesses can reach that six figure mark the a hundred K in profit pretty quickly, but you do have to be strategic about it. So if glamping sounds like fun, check it out. The next side hustle we're talking about today is focus. Groups are focus groups, right? And so what focus groups are, are there a basically you would participate in a study and get paid to do it.

So this could be in the form of participating in a group setting. So in person or online. And so essentially you're getting paid to share your experience, your opinion and whatever type of feedback you have on a product or service. The idea is big and small companies hire these research companies to help them do research on their products and services. And the in turn, these research companies hire focus groups, which are very small groups of individuals to help them with the research, right? Because they, you know, it, let's say you have a science background and the specific company wants your experience and feedback in that niche.

And you are very valuable and it is fun because you can get pages for participating, let's say in a five hour study or doing market research or something like that. They don't typically last very long. These studies can last, you know, just hours at a time.

It's not like you would have one study where you would spend three months. No, it's more like you would spend a couple hours a weekend, et cetera. And so the following websites are places you can go to find legit focus groups to participate in. So respondent.io pays on average, $140 per hour focus group.com, $75 to $150 per survey recruit and field a hundred to $275 per survey survey feeds. They pay about $2,000 per survey, offline, meaning in person and up to $300 per study online.

So those are some places where you can start. If you're interested in participating in some focus groups, helping people with and helping companies with predicting trends, improving products, making data driven decisions, et cetera. All right. So the next side hustle we're talking about is getting paid to conversate. Yes, that's right. To have conversations. If you're watching this video, it's likely,

well, maybe not likely, but it could be that your native language is English or that you're really good at English. Maybe you're bilingual, something like that. So if you were to join a platform like Kaley, you can just basically get paid to have conversations with students that need to learn English, you know, different age groups. And so in order to join Kaley, it's pretty cool. Cause all you would need is a webcam, an internet connection and your, you know, your laptop. So it's really cool to, and even, and even a phone would work too. I've I people who taught in tutor English online and they operate their whole, you know, tutoring business from their phone.

They're able to take that and just, you know, give classes wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection. And this is really cool because you can get paid and also learn about new people and new cultures and tutor and talk to people all around the world. So it's not just, you know, whatever country you're in. You're, you're limited to tutoring those people. It's anywhere in the world. People that want to learn the English language and Canali does pay and have their payments through PayPal. And so that would be the method that you would be receiving payments for teaching English online. The next side hustle is Lowy music production.

So on YouTube, most likely you've came across a music playlist where you just needed some music to just chill and be productive. And a lot of these playlists are called lofi beats. You know, lofi hip hop lofi cafe.

Just other types of sounds that that people just want to listen to while they're you know, trying to get productive and be creative, et cetera. And so if you know how to produce low, low five beats, this could be really fun and also a passive income stream. So not just, you know, putting in the work and hustling to create the music, but once you post it on a platform where you can sell your music, you can earn royalties from doing this. So for example, I know a lofi beat creator who made a bunch of lofi beats and put his music on artless.io.

And I think in one year from royalties and from payments, he made over 50 grand passively, cuz you know, obviously it takes work to produce the beats up front, but once you posted on these different types of websites that offer constant creators like myself the ability to buy and purchase copyright free music, this is a really profitable way and passive way to get paid for something you enjoy doing like creating music. And so you can also take this concept a little bit further. And if you want to, for example, sell things like animations, logos, different templates, things that people can buy over and over that you just need to produce once.

This is a great way to do it. And so lofi music production is something that is in very high demand. The next side hustle is a niche event planning. So event planning is nothing new to our world, right? There's been wedding event planners for years, but the point is there's new niches coming around that you can make event planning extremely profitable. The more niche your event type is, is the better. So for example, a girl was recently interviewed on make it NBC. I forget, I forget the network,

but she started a side hustle. It was literally just a side hustle where people hired her to help with planning bachelorette parties. So she got specific and she loved planning, bachelorette parties. And I think it was called like batch babes or something like that, that her her event or her business is called. And I think within just six months, she was able to gross $19,000 in the business in revenue, which is really impressive. Cause I was just six months after doing it. So this is getting more and more popular.

So like other another popular example is luxury picnics. People are loving luxury picnics and it took off, especially during the pandemic when people weren't able to be in enclosed, but outdoor picnics was a very COVID friendly activity. Right? And so that was really cool.

So if you have a niche and interested in a specific sub niche of events, maybe it's going away, party planning, whatever it is that would be really cool and a great way to start and just get your product, an idea and concept out there, monetize it. And as you grow it, you can hire people to help you like that. One girl did with the batch, babe, she just hiring people cuz there was so many bookings for her bachelorette party plannings that she needed help.

And that's how she was able to grow that business. And it's something that she thoroughly enjoys. And so it was, it was, it worked for her. So she's able to now expand, not only in her city, I think it was Nashville, but she's able to brought in her service to different states and different cities and offer it there. The next side hustle idea is a subscription box.

These are so popular and this is also something that is pretty pandemic friendly, right? Sending out different kits, cuz a lot of people transition to this side hustle model, this business model during the pandemic where weren't able to offer things in person anymore. So they made it virtual and they, they started mailing these different kits and these different boxes with different goodies inside of it to people's homes. So for example, again, any sub niche where you're interested and you like this niche and you have experience with it like a prenatal kit. So Nat kit for expecting moms, you know, you can add in like prenatal protein guides, just things like women resources to help women throughout their pregnancy.

Makeup kits. A lot of makeup companies send out different makeup boxes that have, you know, a pallet of eyeshadow, a new brush, just something that is really fun that they can get a new product. And it's really cool for the customer receiving the, the the box because every month they can look forward to receiving a new product and receiving a new guide, whatever it is. Another example is kids activity by boxes. We can send out different activity, books, coloring books, different books and things, and to keep kids busy. And the same thing applies for jewelry boxes, meal, prep, kits, tea kits, there's even a, a subscription box for pets.

Like you think it's called bark box and they send different types of toys and, and stuff to your pets and different treats and things like that. And going back to the meal prep kits, I recently tried a meal prep. It wasn't prep, it was meal ingredient kits.

Like they give you, they send you every single month or week. Actually they send you recipes, all the ingredients to cook each meal that they have on the recipe. And so they give recipes, they give you instructions step by, step on how to cook it. They give you everything you need like spices cream, cheese, rice, the meat, they send you the meat in the box. So it's really cool. You can get really creative with the different type of subscription box that you want to start. And so the next slide hustle is very simple.

Get good at something. And what I mean by that is if you've noticed a trend with all of these side hustles that we've talked about, it's just starting with some type of thing and getting good at it and just scaling it any and everything that we've mentioned in this video. And so I can give an example of getting good at something when it comes to all of these online business that are technically start up businesses and small companies like businesses that where people start off as solopreneurs and then they transition into CEO and actually building companies similar to my experience where you in any part of that business, you can get good at something, whether that's video editing, whether that's offering social media management, whether that's bring being a community manager, being a customer service representative, maybe you get good at being a virtual assistant. And then you can then start a company on teaching other virtual assistants, how to get good and how to get clients. And so really the sky's the limit with a skill that you can develop a high income producing skill that you get good at yourself first in offering that service as a freelancer. And then as you get better and better,

you can charge more and then obviously build a team around whatever it is you're doing. So it could be sales funnels. Again, it could be graphic design. It could be operations management. So helping business owners operate their teams.

It really there's some type of niche probably for you that you could be good at and help with bookkeeping tax consulting, anything like that, that will always be evergreen and high demand needs for any type. Of business. Get good at it. And you'll be surprised at how profitable and how quick you can start getting paid. All right guys, it's so cool that you've made it to this point in this video. I appreciate you. And if you made it this far, I guarantee you'll love the video coming up next, which talks about making money online and how to, if you're starting with a zero budget, like $0, how you can get started with nothing and make up to a hundred dollars a day with your online business. That video starts right here right now.

We'll see you on that video. How many times have you heard somebody tell you that starting a business is just too risky and it takes a lot of upfront money. Maybe you've also heard, somebody's say that the average startup cut.

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