$1 to $4208 | Best binary options strategy 2022 | Live

$1 to $4208 | Best binary options strategy 2022 | Live

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Hey there! I'm glad you are watching my channel By the way, I am Lara. And I am about how to earn $4,000 from $1 in the next 20 minutes. I want you to make even more, not only today but every day! So there is no magic. Just be strategic.

So How? Just follow my advice and earn even more. Here are the the steps you must follow: Click Subscribe down below. Find and follow my secret link on Telegram. DM me a secret code I WANT TO CLUB in Telegram Easy as it gets. Now you can you DM me and get real-time trading advice. Enough theory.

Watch till the end for even more insights! Well, guys, and today I want to start my video with show you how to withdraw money from Quotex binary broker. And today I want to withdraw all my balance out. And for this simple option, let's put this bottom to withdraw. Okay. And here again, we can see that all my money of available for withdrawal , and all we need just to put these price here and I want to have just $1 today. Then I used payment method is a USD tether.

(USDt). You can choose any you want, but for me, it’s more comfortable. And then right here I choose the wallet number, and there I put this button to confirm. Ok, guys, everything going well, so right here, I can see my waiting confirmation that money will come on my USDT wallet in forty eight hours, so all we need is wait . And that's all.

All right, guys, you can see that there, I have got my prize getting out to my wallet with USDT and this OK, so let's continue and start our trading session. Let's start our trading session today, so this video can be very interesting for beginners with binary options. I want to make an experience today and I have got just one dollar on my life account, you can see right here. So let's make experience with how many money we can do with this balance.

And four first step with this strategy, I will choose my lovely lovely Keltner channel indicator. Ok. This one, as always, I recommend you to use default settings. Very good. Then let's take one more trend indicators. It's going to be zigzag right here, very well, and last step of indicator.

I want to take a stochastic accelerator, my lovely oscillator. You can see these lines here. Everything periods is fine. Everything great. So

next step. Let's choose our currency pairs with market today, and we can see that this pair is very high percent of pay out. So take it.

Well done. All right. And let's take a couple more, with probably USD. Ok, I take this one. Very well, all right.

And I want to take one more. Here, it's going to be this one. Yeah, that's very cool. so , let's start our trades and first one, probably I want to trade here. Yeah, great. And you can see guys this candle, green candle start to cross the Keltner channel indicator, and it means that we can trade right here with one dollar to call option right now.

great guys, first profit right now. And you can see that I took this trade with call option ,because right now we can see lower trend with this graph and I called option right on the good time. So let's continue. and let's choose first currency pair for trade.

Well Done. And right here, what we have got, we can see a little upper trend for half a day. So right here. Green Candle start to cross again the Keltner Journal corridor.

And I think it's a good point right here to trade again with one dollar in one minute to call option right now. Great guys, second profit in a row. And we can see ,that it's amazing , because I really have got two dollars, seventy three cents. And it means that our trade can grow step by step, every trade can be much more. So let's go check the third currency pair. Well Done, and what we have got there, you can see it's a good situation with this strategy, because it's an upper trend for all day long.

And right now, stochastic oscillator is on lower position. So right here I will trade with two dollars right now. Ok, one minute trade again and let's go put option right now. All right, guys, one more profit right now, this is a very good.

And so you can see that it's right decision to put option on this point ,because you can see right now these red candle means that price can grow very fast. Ok. And we continue. So let's choose first currency pair now. Ok. And right here, kind the same situation and the kind the same graph.

So after this candle, remember we won on this one, I will decide right here. Trade with four dollars, one minute trade and stochastic right now is on the good position. So let's go call option right now. Great guys.

Good profit now, and you can see that it was the right decision to Call option on this point, because after this very short price get down. Here, of course, can be a little support area. And we were on it. So, let's check then see the situation with second currency pair. Ok. And interesting moment right now,

we can see that it's a lower trend for today. Very long. Global trends and this is a probably support level can be here. So, with this green candles in a row, I think it's time to trade with seven dollars.

All right. From this situation, let's go put option right now. Great guys, amazing profit here. So I have got right now thirteen dollars in profit. This is amazing. So you can see that I was right with put option at this point , because stochastic stay too long on a higher position and it means that put option on this situation was the right decision.

So let's check our first graph again. Ok. Oh, interesting. And you can see that the price right now make a really short trade with this one. And right now, graph stay with the lower level with Keltner, so I will decide to trade with 13 dollars here. Ok, to put option right now.

Ok, guys, profits again, and this is already great results, so I'm in profit from one dollar to twenty-five. This is awesome. So, guys, remember that I have got a Telegram chat, where you can text me, ask me questions about binary options or if you want to speak about financial independence, so the links are under the description, and we are continuing. So, let's check the third graph right now. Okay. Ok. And I am very like the situation here

because it's a long way super trend. That means that right here, Zig-Zag have a little support point from this. And right now, I think we can decide to trade with twenty-five dollars, OK, to call option right now. Well done, guys. One more profit right now, and you can see right here, Zig Zag draw this line to going up.

And it means that it's an interesting moment to back on this graph later. So for this moment, let's check the situation with first one currency pair. And right here, you can see that the graph continue going down. So I think , because stochastic is on the low position for too long ,for these red candles over here, it's good point here to trade with forty five dollars, OK ,to call option right now. Ok, guys, this one is not in a profit, but it's OK , because you can see I called Opcion right in the point when the trade closed.

So it's all right. Let's check and continue. So right here ,I want to call again. With forty five dollars. All right.

To uh, maybe not. Maybe right now I want to, uh, put option right here. Great guys.

This one in profits. This is a fine, so you can see that it was very interesting situation here , because I put option on this way when the candle start to touch the Keltner and then it again, back to the lower trend and the graph probably continue to go down. So let's continue. And right now, let's see the situation with second one. All right. And right here, remember fine situation.

But for this reason, I think the graph will be continue to draw a lower trend and this is the kind support area here. So let's trade with $80 now. Ok ,and put option right now.

Great guys. As I told you, you can see that the graphs start to continue falling down, and it means that why I put option it was a good one ,stochastic close to the lower position, so I was right. Let's continue and let's go back to the third currency pair. Well Done, and right here kind of the same situation, but this graph going up ,so right here, I think it's a kind support area here ,with these red candles in a row. So I will trade next with one hundred fifty dollars. Ok, one minute trade again and let's go put option right now.

Great guys. Crazy profits right now, my balance is two hundred seventy six dollars, and on these points you can see ,because the stochastic accelerator looks down. It was right decision to put option right here.

So let's go check again first currency pair. Ok. And right here, I like the situation , because you can see the graph looks down again and these candles is not touch the Keltner channel indicator yet, and stochastic is on the lower position too long. So let's go trade with two hundred seventy dollars, OK and call option right now. Amazing, amazing results right now, so my balance is five hundred dollars, guys, we start from one dollar today. This is a crazy.

So let's continue make perfect trades today. You can see this is an amazing strategy. So don't forget ,that you can ask me about any strategies you love on my YouTube channel.

More details if you want to upgrade your skills or anything, but I will continue, and let's go check the situation with second currency pair , very well. And right now, uh, I think that, uh, global trends continue to be. You can see right here the support area continued to stay. So in this point, let's trade with five hundred dollars, OK , in one minute to put options right now. Very good guys , crazy profits right now. My balance is close to one thousand dollars and you can see that as I told you, support area here, This is a very interesting moment to trade when you can catch the situation like me today.

So let's check the situation with the first currency pair. All right and right here, I think we can continue trade with probably put option on this situation because sarcastic right now across the lower line. So let's trade with nine hundred dollars, OK and put option right now. Awesome.

Very good profit, this one was a little risky, guys, I was really nervous, but my balance is $1700 right here. This is the crazy. And for today, I think it's time to make a couple more trades . I want to make a result more than two thousand dollars.

Okay. And uh, right now, let's check the situation with, uh, this position here. And OK, let's check the second graph right now.

Very good. So you can see that situation is not change a lot. But uh, right here, stochastic stay on the top positions ,kind where you long, and it means that we can decide trade with one thousand dollars here All right. And let's go call option right now. Oh, my God, guys, this is crazy, I don't believe it. My balance is two thousand and a half dollars.

Very crazy result. Do you what do you think about it? So I think it's time to make one more trade today. And I like the market so much. So let's see the situation with third currency pair . Well. And right here, I will decide ,because the upper trend continue to make his works ,trade with double bet with 2 thousand dollars and put option right now. Wow guys this is crazy I have got $4,000 in profit! This is a very good! see I keep my promise he made even more than $4,000 in 20 minutes so what because 15 out of 16 threats are a profitable.

Wanna get them every day? Subscribe to my Youtube channel, join our team at Telegram, and start making huge profits today! Text me I WANT TO CLUB in Telegram. Here is your third perk! Get access to the success stories of other happy members! Be in a winners community and get energized for daily breakthroughs! See ya soon

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