#1 Email Marketing Secret: How To Grow A MASSIVE List

#1 Email Marketing Secret: How To Grow A MASSIVE List

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Hey miles here miles back there calm in this video you are getting full access to my premium, email marketing training right here on YouTube, now this video training series used to be only available to my inner circle members who are paying $97. Per month, but right now I realize, it's more important, for me to help you become, an economic engine, for your community. To really help you take control of your financial future and I got to make sure that the right how to information. To build a business online is readily, available for, you and for everyone, regardless of, where, you came from where you grew up how much money you got to invest I don't, think this kind of content should be gated behind 997. Or $2.99 7, courses anymore so I'm being, the change I want to see in the world and I'm giving it away for free inside. Of this training ok what you're about to get here right here in this one video on YouTube it used to be three separate, videos laid, out in succession I have edited, them together because, it's going to be easier, for you to go through right here on YouTube, without possibly, getting lost get, a notepad out get ready to take some notes we're doing a deep dive on email, marketing I've generated millions, of dollars online through, sending out emails and you're gonna learn the secret, of what makes that all work, here in this video and then we're really gonna dive deep on how, to build a lead, magnet that is going to explode, your list growth and explode your business fast. I not only teach you how and tell you how with a slideshow, training, that I go through I then, jump on my computer and you're literally going to follow along as I build, a lead magnet in real, time so, you can get a real understanding of what goes into it how to do it yourself you're gonna walk away from this ready to launch and then at, the very end I'll show you where you can build your landing, page and get your email marketing system up and running for free if you don't have that yet I wish, you all the success in the world with this internet business leave me a comment if you like these premium trainings here on YouTube and go. Forth take notes cause Arrakis, build, something amazing you can change your life and email marketing is one of the keys to the castle here you go miles here and welcome to the email list growth, mastery, training at this point you are inside, of the trust building, segments of the training, and really, you're working on building the trust engine, for your business, again, the overarching, philosophy is, that phase, is to grow your audience Phase, two is to grow trust, with that audience that's where you're at right now and then phase three is to monetize, so we're, looking at really, what is the trust, engine, within your, business, and you've probably heard the saying before that, the money is in the list and I don't believe that's exactly right it's partially, right the truth is that the money is in the relationship. That you have with your list, so, the relationship, you have with your list is your number one asset which means the, actual, mechanisms. That grow your list is, ultimately. The engine, that, grows your asset, right, and the asset is where the cash flow comes from so there's a direct correlation to, your income, and your, list but, it's not just list size it's really the relationship. Specifically. When, I was first growing my list my list was at 3,500.

Subscribers And, I did an email campaign. It, was about a three email campaign, along with one video, and it was an affiliate promotion, I generated, over thirty thousand, dollars in profit, from those three emails when my list was only thirty-five hundred subscribers I, got, on the phone with the vendor whose product I was selling and he's like who says Miles Beckler guy that came out of nowhere and. I beat out some really, really big, name, affiliates. Who had over a hundred thousand subscribers on their list and it really just goes to proof that it's not the size of the list it's how connected. You are it's how much trust, is there and that's really what we're gonna get into here but I want you to think about email, marketing as permission. Marketing this, is actually the title of Seth Godin, book from 1999. And the big idea here is that people who give you permission, to market to them are 10x, to a hundred, X more valuable than, people you simply interrupt. Right, so a Facebook ad is just interruption. Marketing they're trying to waste time on Facebook they're trying to make the lives, look better than it is they're, spying on an ax who knows what they're doing on Facebook but we interrupt, them with our advertisement. Okay and that marketing, isn't, necessarily, going to be as compelling it's not gonna hold as much weight there's not as much as much trust involved there's no relationship, there therefore, it's simply not going to work as well as, permission-based. Marketing, that's, why the number one goal and everything I is to, really after gaining their attention so the number one goal after gaining, their attention, is to, invite them into a deeper relationship where. They give you permission, to market, to them so you can build trust right, so step one gotta get their attention, step two is ask for, and obtain, permission, to. Market to them now I say market to them loosely because ultimately, through email marketing we give lots and lots of value, and that is a key, component because, if you're just sending offers it's never going to ultimately, work because, you're not going to build the trust that you need so, they trust you when they click on your affiliate link or they click on your sales page they, trust that you can actually get them the result you could build up that trust through the process that we're going to go for here so why, is an email list required for success, well 95 to.

99.999%. Plus. Of people, don't, buy on the first click okay, the greatest, marketers, in the world, rarely. Get a 5% conversion, rate from, a cold traffic, click in fact, some of the best marketers, in the world get less than a 1% conversion. Rate from, a cold traffic click to an actual sale and when, you build your list you're giving yourself multiple, opportunities to, convert, that sale Dean. Jackson, from the I love marketing podcast, he's a brilliant marketer, and he said many many times that of all, the people who are going to purchase from you right not everyone's gonna purchase period, but of all the people that hundred percent of people who are going to eventually purchase, from you fifteen. Percent of purchased for fifteen, percent of people who, purchase, do, so in the first 90 days. 85. Percent of people who will purchase from you are going to do so after that 90-day. Mark so, the 8020 rule is actually skewed, in favor of after. 90, days so, after, 90 days of that first interaction is when most people are going to buy so are you staying in touch with them are you building the relationship, are you giving value email. Is the mechanism at which we can do this the best so, you get more attempts to make the sale right and you can also offer, more, things, you, don't just offer your, stuff you're able to offer other people's stuff if you were to count up and tally up the volume, of sale I've made through the miles back there, and by. Far, the majority of, sales have been for other people's, products, as an, affiliate right I do sell, obviously, this membership program, but most of the transactions, I've been able to initiate are actually, for other people's, things, generally. It's because I'm showing exactly, how to do something here's, how to do keyword research and by the way you need this paid tool so, that kind of mechanism. Of reminding, people here's the result that you want here's how to go get it send them an email that's well time they click and they end up purchasing, because they watch the training they want the results that's, how I actually make most of my income so. It's all about trust and ultimately. The email opt-in is the first transactional. Experience, this, is your opportunity to, get them to trust you because their first thought is can I really trust them with my email address do I believe that they're gonna help me get the result that they're saying I'm gonna get in this lead magnet thing and we're gonna talk about all these bits and pieces but it's, trust, when they give you their email and then you actually deliver on what you promised they take action, on that thing that you gave them they get on the path to achieving their goals then, the belief gets instilled that you can actually help them achieve their goals and it's when, you cross that threshold that. You're ultimately, on the path to making that sale it gives you the, opportunity. To give more value so you can build up reciprocity, you, can also overcome, objections through. Emails when you get really good at this you could build the beliefs that are required to make, sure that they know that they'll be able to get results working, with you and ultimately, this is how you become their trusted adviser now.

This, Is a screenshot from one of my three different shopping carts this is the last 365. Days, and I'm showing you this because I want you to see the spikes I want you to see the almost heartbeat. Light shape, to this and everywhere. That there's a spike, on this in income, there, was an email directly, or a series, of emails generally. Speaking it's a first email we got a special offer coming out and there's a limited time and then there's a final email which, is why you can see on most of these there's a big spike up right away it goes down a little bit in the period between the opening and the closing of the cart and then it goes way up for that last call, and this is ultimately. Every single spike right in here you literally, could go back into my email autoresponder. Series and you can see that there are emails, that are directing, people towards. Offers, and this is where we make most of our money right, here I do also, often, run pay-per-click promotions. In conjunction. With these rights so when I open, the cart and I've got a big promotion running I'm definitely. Going to be running pay-per-click, emails, but over 90% of my eat my sales come directly, from the emails themselves and, then those low points in the revenue these. Are when we're sending value, emails to our list so we're rebuilding, the, the value we're making more deposits. Into that value account, before asking, for that sale again in the future and also, that's kind of the revenue that's showing up usually on those are the one-time offer sales, income. Without. An email, list is a big-time, danger. Zone so whether you've heard my an origin. Story or, not I started making money online in 2003. It's worth going back over this briefly, because, there's such a truth in here now I was direct linking people from a social media website myspace. In this day over to, an affiliate offer and I was making thousands, upon thousands, of dollars but. Myspace. Got bought out by Fox, News Corporation. And myspace. Decided, to block my links, and essentially. Rendered, my method, no longer in alignment with their Terms of Service and they shut me down overnight, and my income that at that point in my life I had learned, to live on I was spending every, penny I made from my day job and from, my several, thousand dollars a month from my affiliate thing living, on near the beach in Santa Monica California, literally.

My Income dried, up overnight it went to zero and I had no, recourse, had, I grown a list I would have been able to make more money in, the short term right because I would have followed up with people so the, whole time I'm actually running that kind of affiliate. Marketing campaign. I would have been able to follow up with more people and make more sales in the short term but, then once, they turned off my links, I still would have been able to keep earning income I would have weathered that storm and, I would have been able to grow that for the long term I could have replaced that traffic as long, as I would have been able to keep emailing I could have kept that income going so, now let's contrast this a couple of years ago with Melanie on Facebook when, when the Facebook organic, marketing. Was in its heyday Melanie. Was was just a profound, marketer, on that platform and we were getting over three, hundred thousand, visits, a month to our website organically. And then, the algorithm changed, and we lost literally, 90 percent of that traffic overnight. It's actually way more than 90 percent of traffic okay, but here's the cool part our income, didn't really budge and we were able to replace that traffic source now Pinterest, organic is a big-time, place where we're getting a lot of our organic social, traffic from but, our email, list was still, delivering, approximately. The same number of sales before, we, lost that traffic as it was after and that's because we focus all of our efforts on the email list growth so, I made the mistake once I rectified. The mistake and survived, a very very similar. Kind. Of catastrophe within. The business on the traffic level and. I'm with your both of these to be able to make, sure it's a hundred percent abundantly, clear to you that you must be growing an email list it really truly is the, asset, that your business is built on which means this is where all the value and the income comes for you the required pieces to the puzzle so we've got the lead magnet which is the offer itself, that's the thing you give away right the mp3, the videos whatever, it might be the PDF etc, then, there's the opt-in page or the pop-up this is the mechanism, or the moment, you actually, deliver. Your offer and you use a headline and you kind of give them that opportunity to. Take you up on that offer then, there's a Thank You page this, is the page that they see immediately. After, taking that option, that action then you have the autoresponder this, is once they're on to your email list you need to deliver the item and then follow up and send broadcast etc, then you have a delivery page we don't deliver the product right away we want to deliver it via email so you need a special delivery page for that and then there's split testing you know the whole world of, billing at building, out your email marketing machine.

It's Not a done once and done forever part, of your business okay successful, businesses, are always, optimizing. Their opt-in process, for maximum ROI melanie's. Business is over ten years old we're still optimizing, testing new offers, testing, new upsells, testing, new email follow-up sequences, because ultimately this is where all of the money is at within our business so. The first piece of that was your lead magnet right we're gonna help you figure out what is a high-value easy, to consume, piece, of content for your audio that's fast for you to create this, is key because you might need to iterate a few times to find that thing that really clicks with them your, lead magnet needs to get your audience into action, right you want to help them get off the couch and get moving, because those are the people they trust can, help them get, essentially, the desired outcomes they want in their life right and, you want to get them on the path to, their desired result you don't always get them the actual desired result, this is the idea that your opt-in, is actually preparing. Them to become a customer okay they need to have the experience of WoW miles, really can help me get closer to my dreams of a successful online business right, that's what my opt-in, is there to serve so, when the time comes to offer my product, or like man you know I went through his free thing a cat that was really good I bet it's paid stuffs great, and why did they have that belief because. They took action and they, got on the path to their desired result and it became more believable, for them so this is really the key at this point and this is what this whole training, is designed to do is to help you get going fast, we, need you to get version, 1.0, up and running fast so you can start to build your email list so, you can have a location to send people to to get your free thing that's gonna be exciting, for them so, you can start to prove, to your audience members that you can help. Them you are the trusted adviser you are that friendly, helpful guide who can help them achieve their goals everyone. In this world seeks. To, improve their lives we all want more happiness we all want less frustration, there's, things we all want and literally. Secretive, secretly, maybe, not even secretly we're all looking, around for, people we can trust who, can guide us to, get us that which we desire, and, when you prove yourself as that person, for your audience that you're committed, to them that, you're trustworthy, that you can actually help them get results, that is the moment you've actually won, in business and that's why this little, segment this little section here is truthfully. The key all, right at this point we're into the actual lead magnet, portion, of the training and the goal here in this training is to help you build out your irresistible, lead, magnet, yes. The main purpose is to get the opt-in right that's so why you create the lead magnet that's why we build the lead pages that's why we're growing our list but ultimately. Your lead magnet needs to prepare your audience, to buy our, goal here is not to solve all of their problems you, want to get them on the path to a better life so they believe that, you can help them solve their problems and achieve their goals okay, so ultimately, you want to give them the first steps give them an easy win and get them into, action, it's, key to remember that no one wants more email literally, zero people woke up this morning thinking I hope I can get more emails in my inbox today, and and, really if you think about it they don't even want what you sell they, want the result there, one a better life and what. That means is different, to every single human being on this planet right so so some people might define a better life as less, pain right, less knee pain less back pain less, emotional. Pain a lot of different ways that can manifest some. People might look at a better life as less. Weight but. Yet another person might look at a better life has more weight right somebody might want to lose weight because they're obese and they want to get skinny whereas. Somebody else might be skinny and they want to bulk up and have muscles, okay somebody. Might want more time more fun more joy the, truth is that every human on earth wants, to experience, more happiness okay. Happiness, is relative to, them their, world their situation, and each, and every one of us is always, choosing. What. We are willing to put and focus our time on and our income on and our money on because, we think it's going to bring us more happiness, for, some people spending all day on Sunday in a man cave drinking.

Beer Watching American, football and winning. At fantasy football that, is their ultimate happiness, and we, can think of a yogi. Who wants nothing more than to do a 30. Day silent retreat and that is their happiness and I can't really think of much. Other extremes, to, make. The clear point, and this is the key point here is that everyone. Has a different vision, of happiness, and, ultimately. You. Need to know what that is for your customer, avatar because. You need to help get them on that path and when you're the one who gets them on that path you become, their helpful guide and that's really what they want because what there is is there's a gap between where they are now and where they want to be they need help crossing that, gap and that's where you come in that, is our job, as digital marketers is we, help people get results, what result it's happiness, they, want more happiness and they might think losing weight is that happiness they might think gaining more muscle is that happiness they, might think that learning how to make quilts, is that, happiness it could be a billion, different things right so they're, willing to invest in that which they believe is going to bring them more happiness, there's, a gap between where, they are now and where, they want to be which they think that being, there is where they're going to be happy right winning, at fantasy. Football then, all be happy having. A business that generates 10 grand a month then I'll be happy having. A Facebook, ad that converts 5%. Of people to click then I'll be happy these, are the things they think of and we build those bridges for, them and the first steps on that bridge is ultimately, the lead magnet now, these individuals are skeptical, and they also, have thousands. Of different desires, they can spend their time and money on okay so there's they're always making, kind of on demand, judgment. Decisions, real-time, judgment decisions, on what. They're actually gonna put their money and their time their attention, towards, and they're, really only gonna care about your. Lead magnet they're, only gonna care about your, offers. If it helps them get more of what they value, most, when. You show them that, you can help them get the results that they desire and when. They value, that result, that you can help get them more than, the million other desires that they have they're, ready to take a step in your direction not.

Just For the lead magnet not just for the emails not, just for the products that you offer but, really ultimately for the results, that they desire, most. So. Preparing, them to buy is actually. One of the key things that your lead magnet will do, what. Will, they these are at least three questions you're looking at right here on your screen these are great questions to be asking, yourself right this is this is kind of taking what you know from the customer avatar and bringing it into the world of how, do I actually bridge them from where they're at to help them get on the path to get the result to ultimately, purchasing. My course my coaching program my training, that affiliate thing I recommend, that. Is going, get them the result that they desire so you need to think about what will they need to believe in order to buy my product or service, what. Objections, might they have before, buying that's exactly. What we can do right now is we can we can answer their objections, before they ever come up on a sales page with, this kind of content with the, ultimately. With the lead magnet in the follow-up emails what. Pain or desperation, precedes. Their purchasing, okay what is that moment what does that inciting, incident, what is that thing, that happens that okay, now, I'm ready to start losing weight or okay. Now, I'm ready to hit the gym and bulk up okay, what is that actual moment that thing so, your goal isn't to solve all the problems and it's not to sell them something it's, preparing, them to buy and proving. To them that you can help them get what they want you, need to install the beliefs, required. For them to purchase your core product and one, of these beliefs is you know can I trust this person that's one of them can this person help me has this person helped anyone else do what they say they're about to help me these are all of the beliefs that need to be built up in their mind before they're ready to click the Buy button on, a sales page okay, so this is your opportunity to overcome their objections before they ever hear this the sales offer and really. Solving. That first key, pain, point on a long path is the, ticket here if you sell a Facebook Ads course then, having a Facebook Ads checklist, is a great way to help them make sure they don't mess up their first campaign, because, if they're just launching, their face first Facebook Ads campaign, they might not be ready to buy your three hundred five hundred dollar course on Facebook Ads they might be thinking. I'm gonna go at it alone I'm just gonna launch this out but the moment before they click that button they're like wow did I forget anything did, I miss anything, oh I don't mess this up and if they can go get for free your checklist, you someone, who has spent hundreds. Of thousands of dollars successfully, on Facebook Ads you who, has created millions of dollars in revenue right if they can go get your actual checklist for free just, to be sure that they got everything done that is, going, to make them feel happy in that moment that is how they get confidence, and happiness in that exact moment and, that is a great, connection. Point for, someone who might actually be interested in buying your full course in the future that's how this works a great, lead magnet, is quick, and easy to consume it. Instantly, actionable. And his results-focused okay. And it's focused. Not, generic right it's specific. Not, generic people. Are extremely, busy we're all surrounded, by distractions, and we have very short attention spans, the number of distractions, that are bombarding, each and every one of us today is so. Much greater than it was 10 20 years ago 30, 40 years ago that, we have more distractions. To compete with right you, have to figure out a way to become the signal, within, the noise and there's more noise today than ever so, your content needs to be quick and easy to consume and it needs to be simple to understand, if they can't get in and quote-unquote, get it right and understand, it and be able to put that into action quickly, the. Next distractions, gonna come up that next alerts gonna happen on their phone the kids gonna come in with with bloody elbows because they fell off their bicycle, something. Is going to distract them if you don't get, them captivate. Them and get them on the path almost instantly. So a huge win for you is when they start taking action when, they experience, the results, based on your teachings, and they have a moment of hey I kind of get this I think I might actually cross that gap and get to where I want to go the, Facebook advertising checklist.

Example, That I did a moment ago right when they have that moment of like okay I'm, now confident. That I got all of the bits and pieces in the right place I'm ready, to launch this campaign and when, you help them gain that confidence you. Have just taken a gigantic, step forward, in that, role of being their trusted adviser this. Is also a chance to support yourself as the, absolute, authority in, your field getting. Known as a master, of one thing is going, to help you immensely. In your business being, a great Facebook ad writer, versus. Being a great, Facebook, ad pay-per-click, Pro versus. Being a social, media marketing Pro versus. Being a digital marketing Pro okay, when, people are in the moment looking, to solve a specific problem they, want a specific answer, and someone. Who says hey I'm a digital marketing pro I can help you with Facebook I can help you with everything, versus. The, person who has an issue their, ads not working they know their ads not work and they know they need a better ad they are going to go seek out the, best Facebook, ad writers. And teachers of Facebook ad writers out there so, when you're specific. You, have that opportunity to meet them where they are okay. I hope. That's I hope that makes sense because the, specificity. And everything that you do we live in the age of longtail, you can go look on YouTube and you can find channels. About, everything. About model, trains about, figurines. Like just, there's so, many super. Specific, niche, desires. Being. Kind. Of tuned into, through the world of the cell phone through the world of the Google and the apps that we all love the, Facebook groups the the forums that there's we're all congregating. Together in these hyper, hyper focused, niche pursuits, of ours and you, need to take that approach as a content, creator and as someone making your lead magnet here, so. What, are the different types of lead magnets, webinars. Video trainings, ebooks audio interviews, audio, files and interviews, strategy. Sessions consulting, checklist, guides blueprints, templates cheat sheets this, is a wide, variety and there's more than this right anything that you can give away obviously, could be a lead magnet but, not all lead magnets, bring in the same volume of leads and. Not. All lead magnets bringing the same quality. Of leads, so, what we're helping you figure out here is what. Actual, items are going to give you the best balance, of volume. And quality, because. Honestly if you have a big, list of a hundred thousand subscribers and they're very low quality leads you aren't gonna make good money long term if, you have a really, focused, list maybe 2500. Or 3500 people, who are really, really focused on a list and you know exactly what they want there's super high quality you can often make more money with this small list than you can with a big list which, is exactly why you can't go scrape, a million emails from the internet which they're software tools that will do that and make any money because they, don't know who you are they don't trust you they don't you don't know what they're interested in there's not that relevance. Right, so, when, I was growing my list at 3,500. Subscribers I, did an email promotion, and in three emails I generated over thirty thousand, dollars in revenue, actually that was profit for me right so, why, did that work with such a small list when other people with a hundred thousand subscribers on their list did, not perform as well as I did it's, because I know these. People deeply, innately, right the customer avatar exercise.

Really, Understanding. Who they are and then building that trust when it was time to you, know focus them on this unique, opportunity they. Were ready to take action, so. We're gonna break down the differences, between each and every one of these in the next slides but, really I recommend, you focusing on the right-hand, column because, these items the checklist the blueprints the templates the cheat sheets they're really easy to create for you and they're easy to consume for your audience, which is key and they also can be extremely, actionable. So they're gonna help your subscribers. Start seeing results fast, that a little Facebook example, with with the checklist that I gave you earlier right that individual downloads, that checklist when they're about to launch their campaign, and then they go through it may go yep okay I got that yep check that off - okay yep I got that and they're able to go right through that within a couple of minutes you know five minutes seven, minutes and they're done and they're like I got everything or maybe. You helped them identify something, that they haven't done yet and they don't have their custom conversions, set up and you actually show them that they're whole I'm really, glad I downloaded, this before I launched this out that would have been a big mistake you're, quickly, able, to help them get real-world, results, with. All the items on the right side plus, they're easy to create. So they're easy to iterate they're easy to test you, might end up testing several different lead magnets, in the coming months to truly identify what, your audience responds, to best so a little story here on the miles bechler brand the first thing I put together was an audio file it was a downloadable, mp3. I was only able to get about 18 percent conversion rate on that the. Second one was a video training it was actually a video case study, is, how I presented it but it was effectively. A video training that, didn't work all that well either but, when I came to the seven step blueprint, that I'm still running today as I record this that, has worked wonders, because most, of the people who are attracted, to my content, they want a plan, they can trust they want a plan that is proven, and when I finally broke everything down into, that seven step blueprint, they, really, started to work and that converts about 56%. For me at this point in time note, that I tried three separate, things right, three separate deliverables, or lead magnets, before I found the one that worked for me my wife the, second, thing she tried, worked really well which is an mp3 file and since we sell an audio, file since we sell audio files, giving. Away an audio file is actually a really good way. For us to prepare them to buy but. We're now testing other ones we're testing different types of PDFs, we're testing different things, still to this day 10 years in that business, we, had a 45. To 48 percent conversion. Rate with, the audio but now I'm getting over 60% with, my newest tests, right there's always an opportunity to, improve and if you're buying traffic, your, conversion, rates on your opt-in page are everything. So let's jump into all of these different bits and pieces so first the webinars and the video trainings now, webinars, and video trainings can be highly, desired which can lead you to getting great quality leads, but, they're difficult to consume, and often times they take a long time to produce for, you, webinars, specifically. You might be able to get your script dialed, in by following like the perfect webinar, script or something but, you're probably gonna have to perform that webinar 30, 40, 50 sometimes, upwards of a hundred times to, really get, the presentation, down people, who do a webinar once or twice and then record it have terrible, results people who go perform, that webinar over, and over and over it's just like speaking from stage right it's an act that you have to master, so. They, also require scheduling, at the webinar level and you're, always going, to lose a percentage, of people after opting. In who never show up right so when with a webinar you don't only have your opt-in, rate but you have your show up rate that you have to manage and often, times you'll lose half of the people who opt-in to your actual, webinar itself, and what this does is it drives up the cost and, even though you might be getting really, good people, right high quality leads the, fact that you're getting so few, of them to actually show up means. You have to pay a lot of money to get a customer and it's oftentimes, cost. Prohibitive. Because, of these challenges, I think. Also people are starting to associate, the word webinar.

With Sales pitch so, this also drives up the because, I probably. Learn one or two things out of this but I don't really want to watch a sales pitch right now that's not true in every niche but in many niches that is absolutely, starting to happen right now so this can actually be one of the most expensive, of all lead magnets, to promote now, video trainings, that are accessed on demand they're easier for people to watch and they don't have that show. Up rate so, there can be a greater value for your audience long term in those but they're difficult to produce and they're difficult to consume, right, when someone just signs up for free and they get a three hour video training, or a long series, of video trainings or even a full hour video training, they have to stop everything, else they're doing in life to go through that video training, and then, they'll start to wonder is this, person, gonna help me get on the path to, success quick, enough or am I just gonna drown in lots of content compare, that with the checklist that we talked about earlier where they could download it they can go through what they're doing and within a few minutes they've identified yes. I'm on the right path or be I miss this I need to go back and work on this we, want to help them, get. On that path quickly, so I don't necessarily recommend, this it can absolutely work in certain niches but you gotta be a pro to get this stuff to work right then. There's ebooks and book, X EPS, excerpts, excuse me depending. On the audience these, can have a very low perceived value the world of e-books has been kind of blown out of proportion for, a very long time and ebooks have been used as lead magnets for just way too long, and book, excerpts. Are even, worse because they're not even gonna give you the big picture right by definition if you're just getting a chapter of a book you're not going to get the whole big picture out of that book so just, getting a piece and not the whole idea is not all that valuable. And it's definitely, not going to be all that actionable. Most, books aren't actionable, let alone. Most. Books aren't actionable, let alone the excerpt, being actionable, itself, so, you're not necessarily gonna be able to get them on the path an e-book. Feels, like it's gonna take a long time to consume and everybody's, experience downloading, an e-book that was absolutely, terrible it feels, like a waste of time and when, they have that moment of like how god this just took much of my time this is I I don't even know what to do with is like I'm out of here you've lost them right because you didn't get them on the path to success quickly. Mp3s. And interviews. So, if you're an affiliate marketer and you're focused on a specific product. Or series of products, interviewing. Those product, creators, can make for a great lead, magnet this is a wonderful, way for you to bridge the gap from being, someone who's trying to help people in a niche that you're not necessarily an expert in and surrounding, yourself with those experts, and giving. Your, audience members an experience. Of teaching, of learning, of connecting, with the, creators. The experts, behind the products that you do actually, recommend, it can be a really powerful opportunity.

And A lot of these course creators and a lot of these vendors, if you will who sell their affiliate products will be willing to get on and create great content with you you just got to reach out and kind of schedule that so, mp3s, are easier. To create the video courses and they're easier to consume, generally. Speaking for the end users right it's easier just to listen you could do other things while you're listening but, they don't always hold as high of perceived, value which is potentially, a challenge also. There's, very, seldomly. A correlation. Between listening, to an mp3 file, and having a feeling of like this, is really gonna get me on the path to creating the life I desire it's, good information, but it's not always actionable. And you see that a lot in the world of podcasts, and audiobooks it's, great to fill our brain with positive, stuff but, ultimately, with your lead magnet getting, them into action is the biggest, key, because, then they trust you can help them get results because you got them into action seeing results so, these do work again you know my wife and I we've, given, away hundreds. And hundreds of thousands of mp3s. But. Again that's because we sell mp3, so for our business, it prepares, people to buy very well if you're not doing, something in the world of mp3s, it may, or may not work, but the idea of using interviews. Where, you're interviewing, the other experts, in your space that could be a very very, very powerful and, valuable item. If you get the right experts, for, the right people next. Are the strategy sessions, and the free consultations. Now to, be perfectly real here these are just sales calls and everybody, knows it I don't know about you but I avoid, my phone like a plague at this point my life it's full of spam Robo dials etc, I think the phone is quickly, like the actual phone where you dial, numbers and you pick up to talk to people I personally. Believe that the phone is quickly turning into a world of spam that most, people, avoid at. All costs, so on this, world of giving away a free strategy session or, a free consultation, you are absolutely, going, to have the lowest opt-in, rate and the highest cost per lead you're, also probably going to have the lowest chopped show up rate which is probably going to be even lower than webinars because there's that that schedule conflicting, thing right so with. All of those challenges, stacked, on that means you're probably gonna spend a whole lot more to actually have those conversations and, you are gonna need to be a master closer, for this to work the benefit. Is that you can get really high quality leads, okay so somebody who's willing to get on the phone with you for a strategy session or, a free consultation they. Clearly. Are motivated. Enough to solve. Their problem, to, jump, through all of those different hoops but, if you have to pay hundreds, and hundreds of dollars per lead, you're, really gonna have to just be an expert closer, in order to get enough people in to recoup, those costs I. Personally. Believe that the right kind of checklist or template, would be a better, front, and lead, magnet, and you can offer the strategy, session after. Building the relationship, and after. Helping them get on the path okay, so what, I'm saying here is use. One of the simpler, approaches. As your cold traffic offer and then put the strategy, session as a back end offer in your autoresponder or. Something you mentioned on your future broadcast, emails, to, take out of those group of people on your email list out of your audience who's subscribed who. Is ready, to take that next step they, already know you they already like you they already trust you and at this point getting on the phone with you is a little bit more of a valuable, proposition. Than some random ad, they just saw on Facebook, or YouTube. So. Next we're getting in the ones that I really, think are some, of the smartest places for people to start checklists, and cheat sheets when, working on a new project or when, people are working in a new platform everyone.

Has That that like underlying. Thought of did I forget something it's, the equivalent it's the digital equivalent of, you're going on a road trip and did I leave the coffee pot on or did I remember to close the window right we all have these kinds of thoughts and by, offering checklists. Cheat sheets you, can ultimately be their Savior right, these are highly, desired and they're actionable. Which is so key so a seven step checklist, for YouTube videos that rank is gonna be something that people who are trying to build a YouTube channel or all about then, they get it they could print it out they could have it right by them they can memorize it and they're like man that that, has helped me optimize, each and every video they can see the growth rate in their channel they love you in that point in time or maybe it's a nine step checklist for creating real estate listings, that sell fast right maybe, you've been a great listing agent you're able to do 50, deals per, year, which is about a deal a week which is very. Very fast for a real estate agent and you've got this process, and you're able to break your process, down into a nine step checklist and so other listing, agents, who want to sell more of their listings, who their listings aren't moving they, can go find your checklist they can look through it Wow I didn't, do step number six or seven that's why, my listing hasn't sold they take action they make those changes the listing sells, who. Do you think they're gonna be looking for for coaching, on getting more listings after, that happens obviously, it's. The person who gave them the checklist or maybe, it's an eleven step checklist, for profitable, yoga retreats this can be used in a very. Wide, variety of niches this is not digital, only this does not make money online marketing, only you, need to sometimes think about, it a little bit differently to kind of find those hooks where you can get in with a checklist but they're super actionable, which is why they're really, really great and I think they also prepare, people to buy very well just, with my kind of example. Right if if your YouTube, publishing. Checklist, helps, me, get, going and I can see actual growth of my youtube channel and you have an actual full on YouTube course well, I put your free thing into action it worked for me I liked it I loved the result man maybe I will get your course because that free thing works so well maybe I will actually take that course this, is the thought process this, happens and that's how they prepare people to buy, okay especially when. You're larger greater, system, is actually a deep dive training on every, single component in the checklist right so if your your process, is those seven steps and you just go deep into each and every one of them. Doing my best just trying to tick. Each of those seven boxes but you're gonna give me a deep dive training on each you've primed, me to realize, that all seven, steps are important. So when your sales page shows, me that you have the the trainings, for all seven steps and how each one builds, together to make a massive. YouTube channel I already, believe it okay that's how this works and that's why these are so powerful and what's funny is these are often super, easy to put together and super, easy to test, I think a lot of people spend way too long, building. Complex. Lead magnets, that they have no data points whether they're gonna work or not when, a single, simple, PDF checklist. Can, work wonders. When. They follow your checklist, and they feel confident, and taking the next step, you've really truly taken a big step into, the world of being their trusted advisor and their helpful guide this is such, a key again you've heard me repeat it over and over I'm gonna keep repeating it because that, is when you have one is when they look at you as the, person they can trust to, help them get that thing they want more of in their life, guides. And blueprints, so this is like handing someone a road map people, want to follow proven. Paths they want to use proven, systems, to create results that others have created okay. In my world when someone embarks, into, the world make money online or digital marketing, they, want, to know, that, the path they're on is, going, to create a person, a proven, result how do they know if that's gonna be true well, they follow people who have created the result and they like to follow people who have not only created the result but documented, the process along the way okay so. My 15, years of experience in digital, marketing mixed.

With My multiple, successful websites, has proven, me as someone who can create a specific result online, I can grow audiences, I can grow email lists and I can grow cash flow so, now I've broken. This up into my seven, step blueprint, this, is my blueprint, that I've followed that I've used multiple times over on multiple sites that's, what I give away and it's converting, very very well for me because, it's a proven system, so, I think when you're using the systems, and the excuse me the guides and the blueprints, you. Want to kind of either, break, it up into the number of steps or the number of minutes so, like the seven that blueprint to whatever it is or the nine step or the five step could be three steps or, the ten minute guide to blank, write the ten minute guide to intermittent. Fasting and you're, kind, of giving them the understanding that they're gonna get the full guide and it's gonna be quick and easy to consume that's, the key here and a seven step blueprint fills quick, and easy to consume even if each step is is rather comprehensive, which they might appreciate right, because I want high quality people, personally, I want people who look at all of the work I want them to be willing to do the work so I'm happy. To go comprehensive. On this level of training but, ultimately, you, want it to feel, at the moment it's displayed. As an offer on the opt-in page you want to feel relatively. Simple. I've also tested, on the steps add numbers, seem to test better than even numbers for me you, might want to test it in your world but I think you could just start off running, with the odd numbers. For the number of steps seems, to test better for me now, whether people are starting a brand new hobby whether, they're committing, to a specific, result like dieting or weight loss or weight gain muscle, game or, whether they're starting a side business anything. People do to go and they're, willing to be new at they're. Gonna have to go through the learning curve and they're. Probably gonna do research on it so two things are gonna happen number one they're gonna suck at it right away because we all that's that's just where you are when, you're in the beginning of the learning curve whether they're trying to learn how to drive, fly. Racing, drones whether, you want to learn how to quilt whether, you want to learn how to crochet, you're, just not gonna be good at it your first times then, the, natural tendency today is to go watch youtube videos to go read blogs to go look at Pinterest to go consume, content to get in the Facebook groups and then overwhelmed. Kicks in so not only are we not feeling, competent we're, not very good at it but we're also overwhelmed. With the amount of information that is out there and I think that that's the the big one-two punch of the challenge so when you give people a road map that helps them feel confident. So, they can take action and when, you sell deeper dive trainings, on all those pieces in the roadmap it's, a great way to get them ready to buy it's, a great way to get them on the path to success. Guides. And blueprints also allow you to really, go deep and reveal the route, problem, okay most, people are looking to solve, the the symptoms but there's often an underlying, root problem, and when you show the path but you also focus in on the big challenges. There's. There's a magical, thing that happens right when you are the person who best explains, the problem you're, always perceived, as the one with the solution, so you don't always want to give them the exact solution. Here you often want to just get them really clear on what the root, problem. Is in this scenario, because. Once you've explained. That better than anyone else and they're like wow this, person gets me they get the problem they get the challenges, that I'm going through because, you did the work from the customer avatar training at that moment the, logical.

Connection, That happens is well they obviously can help me solve the problem that if, they're that clear, about the problem and boy this is right I feel, it on every level my being they know exactly what my problem is and why it's problem okay they obviously, know. How to solve, the problem so then the, trick is a guide or a blueprint they can get in they can start taking action, they start seeing results in their world they're a better knitter there a better snowboarder, they're a better first, person drone racer whatever it is then. At that point in time they're ready, to consider, your, other products, right the belief is being built in that point in time and then, there's templates I really, think that templates are some of the most valuable and I've got a couple of, phony. Headlines, here for you and I just want you to feel what, you feel when I say this and this was an example of what a headline on an opt-in page could be so free, facebook ad template, that generated, seventy five thousand dollars in revenue in one month would. You like that Facebook ad template how about this one get, my autoresponder, sequence it has generated three hundred thousand dollars in revenue in the last year yeah. Interested, in that one so there's an there's a feeling, and a belief around a template that wow I could, just go take this template I could rework it I could plug in my stuff man that would probably even, if it didn't get me those exact numbers boy if I even got close that, would be magnitudes. Better than what I'm doing so templates. From, the standpoint, of the, user feel. Very, easy to implement and they. Also feel, very confident. Inducing, it makes them feel like wow you, know even if I don't get that exact, extreme, result. They got I'll probably, get a pretty good result and that pretty good result probably better than what I've been getting on my own you know what I am gonna grab this template and I am gonna give it a shot and you're getting them into action, quickly. And that's what really makes it so powerful here, the audience, when you're offering. It from the landing, page they, can see themselves implementing, a template fast and easy it's something you can do in a couple of minutes and a half hour and 5-10 minutes right so the, belief is, instantly. Placed. That, this could, work for me, and that, they can get a similar result that you got with it so it's the best way to give them a quick and easy win which is huge, for you long term and if you have them if you help them have one quick and easy win then they're gonna believe, that you can help them get even more, another, cool thing as templates are often, really easy for you to create you, can go back through what's worked for you and figure out how to template, eyes it right you might not want to give them your exact, subject, line you might not want to give them your exact Facebook, ad you might not want to give them your exact, quilt template, but, maybe you do or maybe, you can make it generic enough to. Where you take out the exact thing you have in and you just make it a little bit more generic so it becomes a fill-in-the-blank kind, of a thing that gets, them to replicate, your success, in their own way, and again this can work for everything from from cooking to to, cleaning, to to yard work to building, out a garden I mean there are templates. And plans, can, be used, in woodworking. And metalworking, and welding, as well. As the, digital world right the the Pinterest ads template, or whatever it might be for you in this world, so it makes templates extremely, desirable they're, extremely, actionable. They have a very, high likelihood of, helping, your audience actually get, on the path and start to experience the results and, of. Course, you. Want the results, you'll get them in your paid course, the things that they'll hear about after, they opt-in you, want those results to be similar with what these results are, meaning. If you have a Facebook Ads course giving, away Facebook Ads template makes sense if you have a Facebook Ads course giving away a Pinterest, Ads template, does not make any sense right again, preparing. Them to buy is one of the keys of what a lead and. Nobody talks about that but that's actually the. Key to what this works so then once, you choose which one for you works best you get into actually creating, your lead magnet you, need to really start with looking at the result you've created in your life and, the. Consistent, result that you've helped your one-on-one clients, and your students, and the people you've helped through free achieve, as well right. Again, we, as digital marketers, are helping people get results based, on what we've been able to accomplish, we, aren't making things up as, we go along we're, basing.

What We deliver to people on our real-world experiences. And results, so, look back into your history what have you done what have you done that crushed it what have you done that flopped right, where can you pull these templates in this checklist what, systems, have you created. Or synthesized, that you've learned along the years that now you're just replicating, this system over and over and maybe you're able to pop out quilts, five times faster than everyone else because you have a quilting, system, that, you've kind of developed, through the years you learn a little bit from Grandma you learn a little bit from the neighbor lady you found that person on YouTube and you've made a synthesis. Of a, variety of things and your quilting, process is the fastest way to make great, warm quilts, and by the way winter is coming right like if that's that's what you're looking for and then you really just need to break it up into phases and steps, so, you want to take time to map out your overall, framework your system or your processes, for, me this is a very messy process I, don't know of any neat and tidy ways to do this I generally, start with free writing so. I'll take notes as I'm doing things when, I'm ready to teach someone something whether it's a teammate of mine whether it's a client whether it's an inner circle member I start. By taking notes on what I do I look at my process, whether I can go through that process now again, so, let's say I want to teach how to do Facebook Ads well when I go launch my next Facebook ad campaign. I'm gonna just take, detailed, notes on what, I do in what order and oftentimes, I find that I'm very inefficient, in my ordering which we'll talk about how to figure that out in a minute but what I just want to get it down right and when I say get it down I prefer. To use a pen, and real paper I got to bring it into the real world here, at this phase once, I get all the bits and pieces down I just free write for a while and I try to write out. Explanation. Of it so this whole training that you're going through right now actually. Was three, full-on. Pages, in my notebook eight. And a half by eleven no lines just just handwritten, and I just wrote wrote wrote as much as I could to, get the whole process then, not just the steps but my explanation. Of the steps is what came out in this next phase right so step one was just just try to get those steps out as best I could part, two was to write. Out the steps and their, explanations. Freehand. Super, scribble no one ever really looks at this but me I sometimes can't even read my own writing because I'm going quickly here I'm just trying to brain dump the ideas, and then. What, I do is I go back through with a different color pen usually, and I start to underline, the key pieces.

I Underline, those little quotes my little quotables, that came out and I go that actually sounded pretty good right so will underline all of those and I transfer, the steps with, those main bullet, points which are the quotables, on to, either post-it. Notes or three by five cards, now some people can go straight into like a PowerPoint presentation at, this point and sometimes I do that but, I'm usually not really, as organized, as I feel like I should be to. Teach this so I'll put it on two post-it notes and three by five cards and that allows me to move things around and so then I can start to put the different pieces in the different places and I kind of talk it out out loud and I'll be homey well actually that that step needs to be after that stuff so I'll move the three by five cards around a little bit and I'll add notes to the back of the cards or on the the post-it notes because I'll have an expansion I'll kind of explain it, aloud as if I'm sitting there as, if I'm doing for my youtube channel for example or as if I'm sitting there with a friend explaining. To them this process, there's. Something that happens when you speak it out loud just even in rough draft mode that that hearing, it bounced off the walls often, makes me think hmm I can't say that like that or I need to add that or if I tell them this, I need a reference back to the last, training the the customer avatar train or whatever that may be then. Once, you have your three by five cards you get it in the right order from here you can often put it into whether, it's an outline a word doc PowerPoint. Presentation, whatever that actual mechanism, needs to be a series, of questions for your interview, etc, etc. That's. Really it once I'm confident, I've got the process the template the seventh step blueprint in the right order. I just make into a draft and sometimes I'm I'm sitting on eight steps and oh my god man I really, want this to be seven steps and I'll find a way to mash up two of the steps right now find a way to make two of those 3x5 cards, marry each other to become one thing and if I have to change the name and I might have to reorganize if that's really what we're working at in this is what are those core pieces what are those core steps what are those core chunks and then you want to actually build, it out into a deliverable.

Into Something that's delivered, to them so depending on what kind of lead magnet you choose you're either gonna create a PDF an mp3 or, an mp4, video right that's really it you might have a call scheduler, like calendly, if you're doing the one-on-one bookings, type situation, but I really. Only recommend that for people who are absolute. Badasses, at selling, right if you're not if you are not an extremely. Competent. Like. Sales person on the phone don't, go in the direction of generating, more phone calls let's, leverage the power of email marketing to, build the relationship, first, before you go into that world so, really ultimately you're gonna make a PDF an mp3 or an mp4, you should host the PDFs or mp3s, or the videos on a third, party system you, don't necessarily want to host these on your web server you, can in the short term but, when you start to get 50, leads a day 30, leads a day and you're delivering a, bunch of audio files and PDFs it can slow down your web server so you want to use a third party system. Amazon's. AWS was. Just Amazon, Web Services, they have one that's called s3. It's, a simple, something, sending solutions, it's Amazon s3 it's. Essentially, cloud right you use the cloud to deliver it or you can use libsyn, li BSY and most. Notably, known for podcast, delivery, but you can deliver, videos. You can deliver mp3s, and you could also deliver PDFs, from libsyn, that's, where I deliver most of my PDFs and and a lot of those components if it's a video training you want to host it on Vimeo, Pro, and Vimeo. Pro vs. YouTube, is gonna eliminate all of the the distractions that come with YouTube, someone, could click on the title and disappear, into the world of YouTube when they're you're trying to get them to watch your training, or, when the training is done YouTube. Tries to recommend, also of other videos, whereas, vimeo you just get more control over that player again, eliminating. Distractions what, we talked about earlier is one of the keys here, you. Want to really take time to create, a high quality high, quality and branded, deliverable, that that really conveys, trust, okay, that the perceived value of everything, you do is important, from this point in the, conversation with your audience so people, judge the book by the cover you probably heard that right don't judge a book by a crabber well we all do it and if, your, document, looks like an unformatted. Dot. Do C with. Bad. Punctuation, and and, hasn't been proof read that's, just gonna reflect negatively on you. So, you do, want to hire whether it's a PDF designer, or an audio engineer or, a video editor, if you don't have those skills obviously, if you've got those skills just take, time, making, it great go back through the audio file pull out some of the the UM Xand the US and the crutch words and just really spend time mastering. A great audio, file if that's what you're doing okay, if it's a PDF I personally. I didn't do a PDF I did a kind, of a series of web pages but it was written content, I hired, a copy, editor and a proofreader and I just spent the extra time and money it took several days to get it go back and forth with them and to get it done but now I know that the commas are in the right places and the periods a

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