#19 The Daily Business Vlog

#19 The Daily Business Vlog

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Morning. Everyone gonna be a good day today I'm gonna be looking, at the visualizations. Of the tech startup sucking, in the data that's really exciting got, an awesome podcast. Session. With Paul. Spencer, or good virus marketing, definitely. Check them out super, nice guy I've only met on. Social. Media but he works there's. Bits and pieces my wife's I've heard very good things about him and, really. Excited to hear his story I think I said yesterday yesterday's. Daily you know sir sterling what's talking find out a bit more by that so that's interesting and, what. Else we got we've got also, gonna, be running through the. Idea. For the growth strategy for Buffalo Joe so that's going to be quite exciting, and get some feedback on that before we start implementing. And moving that forward so join. Me and it's, gonna be a good day so let's go in there go find out what's gonna happen next. Just. Seeing in. The town. So. Just, well just try to figure out this new. Camera, well actually zone you can just, say I was, coming here one that you never really use that I'll, just go pinch. It and. We're just trying to get it all set up for the podcast. Session, with pulse, boats that good vibes Markley, we're. Good actually to our film app you can see the other camera there with, wheels we're going to try and just get a couple of angles and. Get. It all set up for when Paul. Comes in any minute now so, should. Be interesting, hopefully. Will. Be great if, we can still use it while he's charging that means we could just put your laptop on the side with it, yeah. Good shouts we could actually put that over there come away. Else. He's. Just, come. Up and film the podcast. We. Finished taking a few photos. Poke. Spencer, good vibes marketing, just arrived. So. We have actually met away by another nice ending this really like. Actually. That's the thing when you see people on there you, know when there's people in podcaster, you see people on live instagramming. Things you just feel like you know them. It's. Almost like a 21st century network. Connects. With. Yeah. And it's kind of real isn't it you know like you know what, you're doing when you kind of in your car up in Mumbai it's kind of like they're just your thoughts there and then online very natural, scripts you, know. That's. The reality, yeah yeah this, morning. In the morning. That's. A whole nother story with my data issues. That's. Why just. Fat is still plugged in as you guys know who've been watching I'm still, transferring, data so. It's. Crazy huh so. Wicked. Sunny, yeah. All right well we will, just, help us get set up I'm trying to get Yang's rules with pretty graphs with pictures we look at the stories yeah. Get. Everything. Set up here. On. The other side yeah. It. Was. Because. I use this anchor. Yes. It. Is. The. Beginning. You. Know. He's. Like an ongoing joke constantly. Like pretty much every day every time I film it in the car it flies off it. Costs. You, know I think summer, short. Yeah. Maybe. People just have to listen, to a dive in dive out I, think so the. Beauty hidden here like ours listened to a few years and this morning I didn't finish. I. Think. A so amazing because it's. Like the song to a radio show but. Actually live radio if you do, all kind of room you've lost. Obviously. Do, can you into. Thick. Yeah, I think I think so in, all the years I used to you know try from bit of fuzz been 11 years bottle, from Biddeford to Tillerson every day. About podcasters, I, gradually got into my audio. Otherwise. I was just driving this to music it's like an hour two hours of your day hmm, my.

Arms Get tired. Seriously. I said, work on the, muscles. Phone. Is, still. Daily, I'll put, yeah. Yeah. Even. If you take photo then go back. Into your photos it syncs, with you I just killed your date literally. I learned, this from the, guys I think, a mobile mobile. Phone sorted out yeah. I. See more I see mostly dailies. But. They were brilliant and speedy. Up there and Chris you, know super, nice guys now amazing. Service, you. Know why everyone doesn't just use you. Know those. Guys that get direct I do not know but. The point to know it, is and things you wouldn't know but if you've got a problem you can come pick that blade walk well. They offer is that whole other. Layer of you. Know knowledge which I didn't know and what they shared Nick was basically. Every time you take, a picture do video not. Only are blows up to the clouds, the. Whole cloud is checked, yeah so if you go yeah as I say thousands. Of pictures your videos literally. It hasn't gave everything not, just that latest one which, is what it takes I think it's, like releasing isn't it when you first start doing something. Is there anyone like around me always as a freelance or when you're starting a new business from scratch almost went somewhat lengthy that kind of say this, is this is like the ideal you need any small problem you like. When. You're at home you, are the art which. Is not good for me yeah but, if you, are though you've got a fixed whatever that problem yeah. Yeah. I mean on, the. Front. Friday and. For. Those that don't know we got where this means the literary right next door to us so, we're really fortunate that's why with you've in front Friday and. They let's bring the plates back. We. Went next door for beer back, to the day because everyone's. Like. Any stress, about. Sun's shining. Yes. Just. Quick coffin at the office yeah. Yeah. Those school runs and if you back up it's almost half, a day. Yeah. It's. Nice little it's really nice little school you know this. Small. Village school. You. Know it's beautiful beautiful well that's crazy, you know I've been. Australia. Yeah. There's lots of more places I'm not to go and visit but yeah in, my own country I. Think. I'm the same really I was on a call with someone of the day was talking about Brighton, troubled. Loads in the UK as well as I was seen I've never been to Brighton never, strange. Yeah. It's. Strange but it's all normal as well because you've, got no reason to sort of go there I guess everybody's. I'm sure boys the same, tell, me it if not. Nucleus. Actually. And I wonder you know genuinely how, businesses. Here. Be. Better and, succeed. More and create. More opportunities, for more people here because, there's no there's hardly any opportunities, for young people in, tech. Startup, and the potentially that could be. Love. To, be able to have. It. Was like a given him I hope, I'm gonna stay in Hall you. Know that there, was no way that I was staying over and working she's, like 18. Minutes. Now. Oh then I think the thing will be is, whether. The. Infrastructure, is. Allow. Me to. See. What's. Up on a couple of employees and. They were ready to be young out of college here and I actually you. Know give them experience, that they otherwise, wouldn't have happened without that. Would be huge that would that would be amazing, yeah and that's what it's. All about as well, those. Opportunities, actually. Something I've. Done it's, the apprenticeship, framework I. Think. It's amazing and that's why I did, that Petra things I want to support yeah, them and, really. Does their job. Really. Yeah she, seems like they're long so that's, how, I. Think it's amazing I think you. Know there, just needs to be back, done at scale don't, make an impact secondly and, this is, challenging for any small businesses grow and be able to have, that impact.

Nobody. Wanting, it will take time yeah, but it's what's happening it's, just happen into that sort. Of knowledge isn't here in the areas where I have to expect somewhere in the day about you. Know even if you just say freelancers, you, know and, even godlike itself, or you know there's so much talent, you, know. Yes. I. Think it's much, like. Right now I'm just. I'm. Not still get from doing it because we're talking about yeah. Something else also you tie, a noose try. To capture the moment yeah. And. Genuinely. Like. These, business meetings it's. About a totally. Trading platform for you yeah. Pre-decision yeah said like help you because I, think all, of us some business we. Want our journey yeah, it's. Hard yeah, so, and then mercy and, actually really talk by baby but that local aspect of working with, local people, now it's really important isn't it like you, know if, I can I will compute right. Yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But. Yeah it's interesting, it is interesting but no. He's. Time concealing I'm trying to it's. Like the thing is I'm finding that, these thing I'm finding is this whole issue with the data and, transferring. It to be, and so, much and that's I think it's like anything new when you stop doing it it's really, inefficient, something. Over time okay. In. Terms of creating, content this is like. Yeah. I, don't mean that's you know coming back things like Instagram that's just how accessible, it is now everything's. Just, and. The quality is good. So. It's fun you. Know you've said early, about the. Frustration is working time. If. You. Freezing. Rain. But, you're helping me with you, know the time and skills, and you, have you. Know. I, think. I do yeah. Yeah yeah, absolutely. We could we could talk about it explained at the moment we've got this like it's. Quite a long space like. Yom. Is it the house previously, it basically i think he was like a bedroom and a dining room and they're not through downstairs. Downstairs, budget, I know. But, now one of this office and the whole we script either we've got dining hall it's made into playroom. Course. It down some, leave my fryer place this, fryer it's cold but, something. That goes into designing this its office area. Almost. It's. Going to stuff my face so cinnamon in my space which is like minimalist, is Heidi. Is. Much my only like sanity. But. Your space those are that and, then when you're working at home you need your own space. Yeah. And. In fact New Zealand as well New, Zealanders are well laid back actually. Actually. Their, culture is very much about. The. You. Know the. Wholesome, life. Outside of work, yes, you, know outside lifestyle. Is getting, down the beach hello Barbie, yeah, you know catch on with mates you, know friends neighbors all the rest of it it's a lovely culture and lovely lovely place to live, yeah I was, there for a year, we just just love about them anything, we almost emigrate, digit. What we have the visa yeah. Yeah I'll, start you well. They. Just kind of short, tabs. Probably, the graphic design she. The. Visa and. Obviously. Spouse. But. Before. We. Close. To that period time so busily a visa process takes four years yes, why, some of these came three were. Married and, tap. Was pregnant, well that first one right so and. Also I was about. To start the, business right. So. It, was or, maybe had just started out like just just. Started it will may be about to holla back. So. He was just really bad finding, yeah we were really so. We went out to without. Their to do like a recce yeah ready which. Was to keep their amazing water very interesting was we went to we would have had to live in Adelaide they restrict where you can be so, you can get a signal. Because. They, put you where the work is, required. Within the cup. But. But. Was. Our. Impression of a blade was from. When we went travelling which was the, CDP. Rubbish. Small. Not. Very exciting and. But. When we actually, went. There and and, got under the surface, of the place. We. Obviously have the place yeah. Because I guess you've living it from a different perspective from, where is our blade like your. Sucker Strega south, and, boys are put in me, whatever. Things like. So. Yeah, you would be living there you know you know you and that's. Pop you know go to Sydney for a shopping. Spree you know you be mission. Would. Be glancin euros. So. Yeah but we fact we found out that it was amazing but. When you go under the surface of it it was such a lovely lovely place great, place that family, beautiful. Beaches great people, and I just. It's. Interesting when you get dig, beneath the surface of the place your, first impressions, are not. Very good and there's no why you know why this is amazing, yeah and what was really interesting then we went to Sydney, where. We pay for that. It's. Just, big and smelling yeah. Yeah. Can't. Even, really yeah. Just. Really weird how our perceptions, have changed and I have you.

Know, Experience. You, know you changed, my. Cloris and. They. Lived in Sydney for seven. Years eight years they've. Been back now about, eighteen. Months maybe so. But they they got visa so. They they completely got set up there and. So. They actually did that there they did it yeah so my sister actually went traveling on a run for. A bit but was, with. I. Think. He went over there he was working for Price Waterhouse, really. Clever. Guy. As. An analyst so. He, was. Working up in knotting her and they kind of got set up in Moscow. Go. Back to was and. She was a pharmacist, working, in hospital so. She had a skill that they were desperate, for. So. Was relatively easy for her and he got a transfer, with Price Waterhouse so. There is first thing they ended up in Sydney. You. Know and I think it took the way took about five years to get assistantship, five six years get business you. Took. About five six years to generate, enough money to actually buy a house you know like literally every house put you're pretty much you need a million quid what, you need to get me out to get a mortgage for a million quid hard. To get any party some house a very acidic there in the Manimal, and, so a million quid would not even get them a particularly great house and was an entry level, you. Know it's. Insane it's ridiculous, so they eventually got the point where they can get this. And. Then. Yeah. Yeah. I. Think it was. Basically. On the. Beach. Because. They liked it. I. Think. So. Just wrap it up Paul's about to leave Paul, thanks for coming here I bet also you enjoy it. Yeah. She. Goes what, some day had an amazing podcast session, with Poole Spence of good vibes marketing, check them out podcasters, coming out pretty. Necks or next week now and. We. Can we video there so that's gonna be coming out shortly as well so check it out check, out good vibes marketing, guys. I am super stoked to, finally, get the podcast session. I had with Martin, Dorey. Just, publish literally, right this second, and so. Chuffed with it because in. Ordi. You. Know what I had so much fun with Marty and hanging out with him and Chan to him and just, yeah. Just talking, about his. Journey his story I mean this guy if you haven't checked Martin Dorey out he's. You. Know true inspiration, who's trying to change the world in terms of cleaning, up our beaches and what he's doing is phenomenal, so please I beg you check him out podcast. Session is funny it's um we, just had a crack near the right so definitely. Definitely check it. Well. Guys had. A, really. Good meeting with. Lauren. Talking about business, plans for. Bar, financial, terms, of our greatest strategy, and I. Just shared with us what I was going. Through so I'm just checking myself I hope because I'm trying. To leave the office. And. I'm going away this weekend, mister, friends 40th real looking forward to it that's. Going to good fun, what's. Up in Nottingham so I'm not sure where the weather's, gonna be like. There's. A storm brewing and. We'll. See if I get caught in there so let's hope not.

But. Anyway forget that yeah. I had a really good business meeting, with, Lauren, run her through the strategy the ideas plans very early stages you know something, I've been shaping a map and because it's so different and quite, radical, from. What the industry does. It. Was very much to a high level perspective and, I know Lauren, was getting right down to the detest at our game or by this issue what about this issue and they're, all really important, they really are because being, in such a tightly regulated industry, you got a really tight close, oversight, and, it's. A lot more challenging and. Running. Most, other businesses because, I. Can't. Describe for those of you who are in financial services, just. Sort of pack up and talk at the same time. How. Tightly regulated, we are I mean is just. Nuts. But actually, I think it's really good because, what it means is it, creates. A real professionalism, within. Our industry. And it, means. And. They do have cowboys and, and. All. The rest of it in our industry which they used to be, now. You know it's, funny I've talked about this before actually I'll talk about at. Then the, real world with. Every. Type of industry it's a little bit like the Wild West where. People can just do what they want really without, a huge amount of oversight in, our industry there's just tons I don't get off the tangent there but the. Point is this there needs to be a lot more detailed thinking. In terms of the mechanics. And nitty-gritty of okay. That's what we'll have good great ideas. How. Do we deal with this. And this so that's, where we're at so it's. Quite pleased to get. That. Positive feedback. From her and. Yes. The next phase is really, going. It's a lot more detail a lot, more detail so. That's, where we're really. Excited about that like. I said I'm just packed up now and, I've. Got a literally Drive because. It's Nottingham. Sorry. What, else yeah, so just a really, cracking. Day like, as I said. They've. Got the, podcast. Session out with Martin Dorey and, check it out it's awesome and. Kind. Of had. An. Actual life pork a session with. I'm. Sponsored if I was locked in again yeah you, know Morse you guys love. In these podcast, sessions they are. Just. So much fun I mean genuinely it is fascinating here about businesses, so. You. Know I'm learning something or, something, but towards these guys and you know it's some of them have been in business for a while some, you. Know some just starting you up literally so it's. Really fascinating I really hope that you. Listen, anyone out there who's thinking, about doing a business on a business in, business whatever, if you want to come talk about business. Give. Me a shout we'll hook up and we'll just make it happen we'll get a podcast, session that, have to be in, person it could be over the anchor app check it out if you haven't already so. Yeah. It was awesome awesome awesome hey, by the way if you've ever seen this these videos before when you look at the clock same. I. Talk. About privacy's. And. For. Me for. The battery, in. A clock isn't. My major priority, it's. Not working, so I just. Focus on you know. Focus. Actually, mission critical. You. Know no one else is gonna do, it so to. Get around to it it's just looking, up the office cool. Good game and. I'm. Gonna actually say, goodbye because, I'm. Not gonna vlog, in the car because. I'm just gonna I. Think. Listening to some other podcasts, listen to some other, podcasters. In. On the drive. Because. This stuff obviously you guys have a podcast you need to there's.

Some Great stuff out there so that's not gonna do so, I'll say goodbye or the walk and. I'll. See you on the other side subscribe, the amazing and, I catch you guys see.

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Awesome time Ben, thank you! Really enjoyed it !

Hey it was my pleasure and it was great to hear about your story. So thanks for sharing this on the podcast. The YouTube video of the podcast will be coming out soon :)

Nice_vid!! you_can_watch_a_video_on_my_channel_if_you_need_a_free_music_to_help_improve_your_videos.

Thank you.

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