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#14 The Daily Business Vlog

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What. Everyone I hope you all well hope you all, are ready to, go another day, don't. Know the dollar as they say but, just really super excited, I want to share with you, I've. Got Martin, Dorey coming, in today for a podcast, session. For. Those who don't and haven't heard of Martin Dorey he, is, the. Andy. Of to move Beach clean is, a TED, talk speaker, he. Is a copy writer he, is, a book. Writer, he's. Written the book I think, it's called the campervan cookbook. And, I. Don't, anybody but, if you look very closely in that book okay. My wife is hiring there in it so. Well that's why funny so. We're friends with Martin and Martin's, a super lovely guy. So. Can't wait really I'm. See Martin for. Having. A. So. Yeah so I haven't see Martin for, quite. A while actually just I'm caught up with and I. Can't, wait to hear what he's been up to where's, lace laters. Escapades. Being what has been doing, is, there a sore King controvert, the conservationist, obviously, been involved two minutes DT clean and, it's. Gonna be great I really can't wait it's gonna be exciting. So that's. Something really to look forward to so that, podcast me coming out pretty next week and. Yeah. Go from there and that really, got a deadline to hit for, the dates, aside for the tech startup, in, all. Honesty I think we're gonna miss, that deadline which, I'm not happy about at, all, it's our first deadline, we've actually soap in place it's all about having these mini deadlines and we're. Gonna be I think we're gonna be struggling McHale I talked about it yesterday yesterday. How, is quite. Complex trying, to build, these rules, which. We're going to use to. Populate. Test. Data and the rules have to be realistic. That's the point because if they're not it just won't make any sense when we go and do a demo, and. It's just a game, it's complex, and it's like every little step there's a hurdle and it's really, frustrating but, everyone you know we just got to keep moving forward. And, said that although we're looking to create, testator for. We're, going to create, test a the full retail for, office, and full. Warehouse. We. This. Is type of commercial properties but lately. We. Possibly have had one set, we've done so what we might try, the other one I've quit meter with the guys and to say look can we just crack. On and start, pumping. That data in for one segment of the of. What we're looking to do to, see, if. We're on the right track and B if it, doesn't, look like it's you know will it make, sense if them if that make sense so. Rather. Than just obviously waiting till all that all this rules to be made to then second it won't go, so we'll see we'll see a, lot. Of chat see what's what so. I've. Got a push ahead of game with the website we're gonna be working with a website today. Some. More because again you guys know there's a deadline that we need to get. It done by. What. Else. There's. Lots of little bits are, my brains a bit frazzled, had. A good night out with. A few mates last night so. Yeah. Again. Just. See. Them working. Which. Is usually the case or, last. Night. Sociable. We're. Pretty. Good fun catching up some friends really, enjoyed it saw the new film red Sparrow, highly, recommend. Highly. Recommends a really good film. Yeah. Got lots more I thought I can't throw up did today just got my sword say I'm. Gonna make a list of things to do and when I get in and we. Just got a crack on really say let. Me carry, on driving and I'll, catch up with you guys later. So. Just setting, up and getting ready for Martin, Dorey who's coming in shortly yes. Super excited I'm gonna see if I can film. It as well as put, on the podcast because I think I might be quite nice few. Peeps and. Yeah.

We'll. See. Good. News looks, as though the data is going, to be ok for one of the groups when we get that over to a notice, trying to suck in that test data that's really positive and, had. Some good news had a business. Market research for, bar. Financial in terms of. Growth. Strategy, and, I was just reaching out to a guy in America, to see how they, also. When you do that you've no idea I've seen this actually get a bother and was holding some. Good response there so I need to delve in to see. What he was saying and stop, building that relationship so. This. Can meet the man himself. Martin. Come, say hello three things I need one. Is, away. 3, is a mortgage. Okay. Guys just, don't. Pop one podcast session with like your friend Martin Dorey. We. Just ran out of time a little bit Martha let's see we're. Talking. Too much talking, too much but we, just had to get a podcast back up and, talk. About maybe some TV, stuff yeah. I. Can't. Wait to about that as well yeah yeah we're. Only gonna do this about 20 minutes so we'll see. Let's. See you in the other side okay. Just finish the podcast session wasn't Dori we, were having so much fun we, did the first part and Martin ran of money on his ticket the pocket, his cars he had to run out and put. Some more money to make sure he didn't get a parking ticket so, we, split up into two parts and you. Know what I could talk to that guy all day. It was yeah, fantastic loved, every minute fascinated. Him back to minute speech clean how it. Almost didn't pick. Up and succeed, and how it is now fascinating. To hear his story about the. TV work and part to that was a lot more of that and just fascinated to hear about his whole business journey so, definitely. Want, to listen out for you know this guy you, know he's done TED Talks he's, been on TV he's written several books more books are coming out he's, got a copyright. Business he's got the, you know he's the founder of the two-minute speech clean he's an awesome guy needs. To check him out hey, mate we just we just did a quick catch-up on way we are I've just come out of a podcast, sexual, Ross and Dori we. Just have a quick catch up about, you've. Got the deadline which is today for data and.

Mini. Deadline so. Where we'd, be modeling the industrial. Comparables. Data this is just to share with you the reason I'm asking, at all with these it's, really complex and I'll probably forget half, of what you just said so I thought in on video. So. Yeah it would be modeling, industrial. Comparables. For the industrial. Property type and. Lauren. Has written. A set of rules to generate some, test data yeah I talked about that and, what. I'm doing now is I, am taking those rules and. Using. Talent to. Implement. Those rules so we can generate test dates have based on values, of data that we've already got so. That hopefully by the end of the exercise we'll have. Test. Dates if we industrial, properties. And. Where we now, we're. Right now how's the challenge were facing now is I, am trying to create a talent, job to suck in a. Excel. Schema, and the, data within. The excel sheet into. A database and. During. That process I'm gonna implement the rules and talent but, um it's. Not sucking in the first bit so I'm fixing that and then once I've done that I mean four levels. Yes. But we'll get there frustrations, sure is that something, trivial. Yeah. But, you know what everything, we've done is there's always been hurt or something that yeah it's, just never been a smooth learning, straightforward, but we've always got there yeah we'll. Get there again just keep battling yeah, okay. Scrabble. Approach, five. Minutes let's grab something to eat got to get back on it me too busy morning had a awesome podcast session to know with Martin. Dorey. It's. Still a bit of a instagramming. Trying to promote him help. Him promote the, two-minute speech Keeneland, himself and do, what, I can from my small, her followers. Mr. Graham foods get, back and then do. A few more business planning a bit. Not. Much time so. He. Hates this this, stuff he. Does he's cutting, his face of it but a. Nose. Is fitted me and we've almost. You. Saw your back. Alice's. Up day me we haven't quite here our deadline which. We Roma for and that. We're very close so let's just, hear. From the horse's mouth well, we're we're because, I don't get it it's very complicated, it's alright. Built. Is. A test harness in Tallinn, that. Means that we can suck. In, a. Comparables. Schema. Any schema and. We. Can generate test, values, for. Any condition, and any, range and, then. Generate. Realistic. Test data and then. We can. So. What was the problem you're, facing is will haven't a program create, the. Problem is facing programmatic. Yet. In Talland we want to be able to, basically. Create, formulas. Programmatically. But really, flexible, formulas, so. I've had to use this components. New component, called the T Java. Role that, some have ever used one of ours but and, it. Means that as you, suck rolls in. For. Each role in an. Excel, file you've got lots of columns each color represents a, comparable, value. Attribute. And, then each row represents a property as, you've read in each role we, can take we, can auto, generate, values, for. Different columns based, on any value, of any other column or any range or anything programmatic really long and then. That's the value that gets assigned and, that's what we say that at the database it generally, means we can generate test dates and what we'll be battling with we. Were battling with a. Limitation. Of. What, we knew already knew about Talland which is this mapping. Component, T map it. Does allow you to create conditions. But, it's really, really limited and we needed much, more flexibility, so, it had to, research. And use so, that's a new skill movement yes and, it means now that this little setup, here means, that we have a test harness so. We can reuse this and modify it to, create.

Any Test data, we. Want for anything, Wow so. When. We've done this bit you, know we should be able to generate so. At the moment we'll focus on creating test data for just, exited properties. But. When, we've done this bit and got it all working which which shouldn't be too long we. Can then generate, any test data for any geography any. Comparable. Attributes. Because. It all kind of follows this structure, you know was super fascinating, I did a podcast, today with Martin. Dorey and he's. Found, 2-minute beach clean oh yeah. They. Developed. An app and. It. Helps them collect data and they're, now using big data to. Help. Gather, insights, and. See how that. Can help with the bigger I, guessed. A or. Reducing, waste. And litter and actually making. You. Know finding accountability. And having evidence to back that up and finding. Solutions, to problems basically, you haven't had gettin insights which they would never have got otherwise so that was. So. It, was good. Yeah. So pleased. So we reckon we're about half. A day half. A day to a day hopefully so, same day behind just, got to play behind target yeah and the reason we're, a bit delayed is because, this. Programmatic, car one has to be done in Java and, although I know C++ it's, similar to Java syntax. Is slightly different so I need to look things up yeah on the how doing things so, good. All googles there's a lot things up yeah, so. Yeah. That's. Really positive hopefully, in another day we'll have a full test honest up, and running generating, values and then we can move on to, looking. At, visualizations. For this awesome, cool. All right also. Just to say the. Rest the team had a really productive dates that was massively, pleasing. Got. Quite a few cases through. So. Just, chance a no hay day, yeah. We feel quite positive doing yeah I think we're really positive we're just talking off-camera just. It's. Quite exciting we can use that test data we just and this should pump out and really, make. It relevant so, yeah. Or you into saying we could use it because. What we can do. Like. Generate. Just sharing with you quickly we're, just talking about whether. We could use that almost correct predictive, data and. It, was a bit before. We thinking I didn't know from what was took saying made any sense but. You're just thinking because. All it's doing is it's a test knowledge that generates data so, that data. If. It's realistic. We, have a straight, it yeah, which will end late as though agents, are generating, it so. You, know what I mean building. And also predictive, analysis. Is, about. Making. Assumptions, about the future isn't it yeah you know you'd be use predictions, to say okay well let's. Predict, the, markets and grow by 5% what's, that going to look like that's. Just working for parameter, isn't it yeah and rules. And I said oh yes so. Kind, of it needs bit more for a lot more face, yeah. Yeah. But the fact that we've created, that logic, and able to do that that's the. Fact that we know how to do this now and yeah. Yeah. Hey. Guys so. As. You know won't be enough today it's been a really good day but. What's also nice is the whole team have been feeling very positive and, very infused, with getting. Done so, that was that's been brilliant and it's always it's always great when you. Know the whole team are. Finger. Energized and pleased they're satisfied so it's. A it's a team effort in the day so. Yeah. That's really nice it's. Shutting it down, outside. By the way this will evening brushing back now put. A take, my. Boy it's a football training. Which. Anyone. Twice. A week and. Yeah. It really productive day and really satisfying, although, we didn't hit our target, as you know we, had a target to, hit a mini target, within. The tech startup and, we'll send ourselves little targets. To, achieve we haven't quite hit it but, we have made progress and my, god I always say we're definitely coming up against, little hurdles every, single, step so there's, not at.

All Easy and, literally. Every step we take is this it's a step forward two steps back so, we're putting care of the hurdle moving, forward so the great thing is it sounds as I will moving forward and we've got some. Some. Progression, there like. I said we don't quite fit our target, of, where we wanted to be but I reckon, and. I was saying pretty, much half day behind let's. Be conservative, and let's say a day behind so if we, can get, to where we wanted to. Today. By Monday, then, that's, going to be satisfying, and maybe we can make up time, for. Our next deadline, so. Yeah we'll see really good really exciting just. To show you guys one. Of the guys that we was, helping, shape the tech. Startup at the beginning, was a a. Senior. Director. Something at UBS. Very. High up in in. -. In that type of organization. And. Working with him was a phenomenal, phenomenal experience. So. He's actually, down. In, Devon. This weekend. So. Hopefully might catch up with him and. You, know what's that band about every single time and. It's. Trying. To accelerate. On a slight, incline and. It doesn't like it so sorry, about that, as. You know some, of you haven't seen my videos before Byam tenancy to come. IPhone, just. Head fine because, I don't secure, it it's this really lean against my Saturn app so. I do everything a little bit this, bra. Up and little bit on. The fly, nothing's, all fancy setups or fancy. Gizmos, so, all. Fun and games so, I'd. Be good to. Hopefully catch up with my name's Tony and. Yeah. Be really good to catch up with him and see see what he's up to you basically, he's in his forties. He retired. The. Banking world. Really. High-ups and, did. A base in the world and then pretty much just, they've. All, pasted and Dartmouth and for. Boats and sales, world and has a, great time so take all locals um so. Tony was brilliant and very, instrumental. In helping shape it's, very it's raining so he's strung to hear me I apologize so, it was really helpful in terms of the project management side of building. Proposal. Shape helping, shape the up there the ideas, and some destruction things like that so it, was very having Tony on board and. You're. Not involved at the moment but, he'll it's only something I'll be looking to potentially bring into their the, leadership, team. Once. You, know obviously when things progress and hopefully it's a goer so we'll see an, obviously of us pursue me after Tony wants to be part. Of it so well take, it from there. So. Really protective date like I said in terms of the. Credit. Expansion, plans I'm pretty excited to feel like I've got programs I've been battling with it recently, trying. To shape it base and I'm trying to shape a different model friend straight and that's the challenge literally. Not using, existing, models, for, our existing, industry which, obviously I know I know and so now it's like if the industry are working but trying, to create a cup totally, different model, or maybe not totally different particular tweak on the model and just and, analyzing.

It In debt I'll just just. Generally have a look at it so that's where I'm at feel like I'm making progress, happy. And. Yeah. Looking, forward to the, weekend, so. Hope. You guys are too and we'll catch up with you soon. I've, got big words as he's nice I might speak to you later all right laters so. Kids are down and, everyone's. My. Wife Sienna Betty's she's. She's shattered so. But. If, you need to finish off a few bits everyone's. Down and ones chill chilling, out more. Sleeping and I. Just. Crack on and eat upload the daily. Make. Sure that's done it can be frustrated. Because it. Just takes a long time to upload, to the cloud and, I'm. Just wait for that to happen so I'm just thinking what I can do the meantime rather, than, to. Surround myself by there's a few bits I can be doing so. I'm gonna do that and crackling. The day they get that done and. Yes. You see. Okay. Just. Okay. Just finish my latest vlog and this all right. Star. Game. Just. I haven't. Been talking I've just been constantly, my voice bought something wasn't working so just got word latest. Dailies. Edited. And published both from the YouTube and it's, a Facebook page, so. Yeah. Please it's late and I. Wanted, to get a bit of an early night so yeah. Yeah. Listen thanks guys for, for. Watching and, yeah. Keep. Tuned here for much more a little, subscribe button there, thumbs, up it would be awesome really appreciate this obvious this is a new thing and any. Support and. Comments. Would, be hugely appreciated, and actually, any insights or any sort of top tips will be amazing because I. Think it's it's, great to you. Know learn from other people there's a lot of really generous people out there who are willing to share a huge. Amount of knowledge, huge. And it's phenomenal so, I just wanna say thanks so guys take, it easy and subscribe. And, catch. You on the other side take care.

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