[08/14/2018] Trading Recap: DOW Up 112 Points

[08/14/2018] Trading Recap: DOW Up 112 Points

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Hey. What's going on everybody this, is a Jeff Moore I'll, throw up the book training, part-time where I teach people how to trade stocks bonds. Options. Forex, and cryptocurrency. Today. Is Tuesday, it is August 14th. It's, an exciting, day can't. Wait, to share with you so, let's get into the show. All. Right everybody welcome. To the show it's August the 14th, today's Tuesday, rockin, and rollin today today was an, incredible. Damn, going through my notecards and, I've. Been taking a lot of notes and, here we go yesterday. Guys. The. Hint went real quick, crazy, crazy. Beautiful. Day to, be in the market you, know it's an awesome. Feeling on that you can work for yourself not have to answer to anybody, and just make tremendous amounts of money you, know taking back control of your life you. Know not. Having to just worry really about anything as long as you got an internet good to go get it just pays to know what you're doing I don't know how many of you today had. A great day hopefully you did have a great day we. Had, a great day all right so let's take a look at the account really quick see what we did. Okay. So, yesterday. So. Let me see here yesterday. Which, was August, the 13th. We, were up. 1617. Dollars and 14, cents, actually let's. Switch. That we. Were not up yesterday. We, were down. Yesterday. We were down. 1617. Dollars I told you but, today boy. Did, we fight back we fought back with the vengeance, right there baby, today. Tuesday. August. You're gonna hear noise in the background we got kids playing and those sorts of stuff that's part of the reality, we were up nine. Thousand. Three hundred. And thirteen. Dollars, and forty-one cents, nine. Thousand. Three hundred, thirteen, dollars and. Forty-one cents let. That process, for a minute yesterday. We, were down. 1617. Today. We were up, nine. Thousand. Three hundred and thirteen, dollars, so, if we add our two. Day total, we. Were up today, well let's just kind of do that over nine thousand, three hundred thirteen, dollars, -. 1617. Our, two, day total even, after, the beatin yesterday, were a seven. Thousand, six. Hundred ninety, six. Dollars seven. Thousand, six, hundred ninety. Six dollars boom today was a great, day all around, our option, trades worked out our stock trades worked out everything okay so. What we're gonna do is we're gonna get into the show can't. Wait to dive again we made nine thousand. Dollars today we're. Gonna show you how we did it all right so, this is where we'll bid, you farewell but. If you want to watch the remainder of the show go, to the blog right. Now because. It's there if not that's okay we'll see you on the next time because again the blog the show is reserved, for people who want to make money lots. Of money where, they don't have to work for anybody anymore okay or if they work for themselves, right now learn. How to manage and grow their accounts, alright alright everybody we'll see you in just a minute beside the blog. Where'd, everybody run, the blog got my coffee yes. Got. My coffee. Today. Is an incredible, day like I said we were up nine thousand. Dollars and that's just this account, I'm, gonna switch it counts to another real account, that's, the account that I have designated, for this class it's, a smaller portfolio. I have smaller, positions. But, I kind of want to mimic you, know the average person. Or maybe you, know right around there okay this other account is. A bigger account, you. Know because we're managing you know our whole retirement, and, everything but. We're. Gonna use that really quick and then we're going to switch to that. One and we're gonna get rolling, okay so I don't know how many of you watched at Facebook, today but on the facebook when I went live in the morning I did my market, review in the morning I went, live on the afternoon, looking, for vertical setups, there credit spreads we, didn't get we, didn't have any vertical spreads today, but, yesterday, we, got into quite a few vertical spreads in this account and our, vertical spreads were up, $199. Okay we were up in this account one.

Thousand, Four hundred and. Thirty four, dollars. We're. Up nine thousand, dollars in the big account, another. Fourteen, hundred dollars in this account then. In a Forex position, we were up five hundred and sixty eight dollars. Okay so I mean. Looking. Good, looking good alright so let's go ahead really quickly today. We're, going to take a look at the major indexes, the it. Was a huge day in the market guys the russell 2000. Was, the strongest. Okay. Was the strongest today it was up 17, points one point zero three, percent, that. Was followed by the S&P, 500, of 18. Points. 0.64%. Beautiful. Bull flag there and then, that was then. Followed, by the Nasdaq, 100 the. Nasdaq, 100 was. Up 45. Points, point six, two percent on the day and then. The Dow. Jones 30. Of. 112. Points, so yesterday, the Dow was down, 125. And then, today that Dow was up 112. We hit the jackpot of the day get. Another bull flag okay. So if I take a look at the sectors. The. Sector today the. Strongest, sector, was, Excel, why okay. So Excel. Why now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna back it off this is a bullish, sector. Okay it's, because these lines are going up so I'm gonna right click and, I'm gonna add it to my. Bullish. Sectors. Okay excel, why was the strongest, today the. Financials. This. Is starting, to go up this. Is starting, to go up but, it's, still inside. This channel, so, until it gets out of that channel, I'm gonna keep it in my. Sideways. Watchlist I don't know if I have, a watch list here the sideways, where I just have bullish, for you guys. Neutral. Sectors, okay that's. What I'm gonna put in my neutral. Sectors. Then. That was followed by basic, materials, that's going sideways, so, that's gonna go in our neutral. Sectors. Excel. I the industrials. Was the next strongest that's another, one it looks like the financials, so, I'm gonna put that on my neutral. Sectors. And then we have X, LP. X. LP is, going, up. Beautiful. Bull flag, on that trade and it's a beautiful bull flag set up okay so. I am going to right-click and I'm gonna add that to, my bullish. Sectors, okay. Xlk. That's. Going, up so that's our bullish, sectors, all I'm doing guys I'm taking a look at the 20 moving average and the 40, and, I'm seeing the, direction. It's going up so, I'm adding it to my bullish. XLV. Super. Strong right, click add to bullish. Sectors. XLR. II that's. Been going up so that's again. This point like I said a part of the routine is just going through the sector's seeing, the strength of the day seeing which one of those are in the uptrend, seeing. Which one of those are down trend and, seeing which one of those are sideways, energy. Was up today okay. Right-click, add to. Neutral. One thing I want to mention guys is all the indexes were up to date it was a huge day in the market I'm we cleaned up today in the market, all the sectors. Were up today I mean you can't. Get much better than that if your portfolio. Is bullish, like ours is, bullish because again if, you take a look at this chart it's going, up, that. Means the trend of the market is going up so, we want to follow suit when that trend shifts. Turns. Then. We'll shift our portfolio. But right now we're trying to take advantage of that movement okay so. Huge. Huge day and. On top it off with a quick and just take a look at the VIX right the, VIX mix.

Was Down which we would expect that. Because. The market was up okay so now we're gonna do is gonna look at our market, posture, so, we're gonna switch over to the SP why it's. The ETF, that tracks, the sp500, first. Thing we want to do is we want to look at our long-term, posture. Long-term. Posture, ei 10 e 40, that's the exponential. Moving average ten exponential. Moving average 40 they're going up so our long-term, posture. Is up. Because, we're loud betrayed bullish trades bottom. Line Tim now, let's drop it down into a six month daily and. Let's go over here to this, study set we, want to see the direction of the 30 day moving. Average, that this indicator, this indicator is, going up, so. Our intermediate, term, posture. Is up or some, people would like to say bullish. Now. What I want to do is I want to check to see if I have posture, permission. This. Is what gives me permission to trade, intermediate-term. Trades when I do not have posture, permission, we can't trade, intermediate-term, trades it's, in the upper, reversal. Zone that means posture. Permission. Yes. So. Because my intermediate postures. Up if I see a reversal. Pattern setup I can place, a full position, on that, trade and because. We have parts permission I can do that trade we didn't have parts permission to, do it so, now what I'm gonna do is I want to drop it down into a three month and I'm gonna go to my ATR. Study set. Okay. ADR, study set so. I'm gonna take a look the SP Y now if you noticed, okay work, we. Had a higher high, we. Have equal, lows this. High is higher than this high this low is equal now right. Here, until, we get a close. Above, the high of the load a this is load eight we need to close above, the high until. That. Happens. We. Until. That happens we, do, not have an established low. So. Because we don't have established low, my posture. Is, short-term. It's still up to. Sideways. Or up to neutral or bullish decide when you're having the call so in this case it's up. Because. It's a higher high it's, neutral, because, we have not made a higher low so, when that happens, I can take a half, a position, on my short-term trades, so, if I trade an option, strategy, and I normally take ten contracts. Okay so, for example if I go over here to this ATR. And. I normally take ten, contracts. These are option, trades. That. Means I can take five. So. We're gonna be looking to. See. If we have any ATR. Setups, which. Are Average True Range setups, and, we're gonna try to play some some charts okay so, now that we have our posture, next.

Thing We're gonna do is we're gonna look at any adjustments. And we're gonna see what we got filled on today so, PG. We. Got filled on, PG. PG. Was right, here if you noticed, this right here broke, my rules, and entered the trade early, at 8165, my. Injury, was 81 96, but I entered. Early, I was, leaving, and I, put that trade in and I broke, the rules okay so. Doesn't, mean this tray is not gonna work out but I didn't, follow, my rules I entered in early you. Know I guess agreed I saw the market, was going up so you got greedy so, in the mornings I've been trading for 10 years and this. Is why I teach you guys not to stare at the market during the day place your trades in the morning. Look. At your trades at night. Looking. In during the day your emotions, tend to get in the way I looked at this during the day and, I got him early, and look I got it at 81 65, it went down so on that trade, I'm. Losing. $85. Right all ready. But, again. We're not out of the trade so here we go now it's time to make an adjustment so what, we do is we go over here and. Would follow our rules and we, make our trade, adjustments. So right here we're. Gonna go to our working orders, and I'm gonna go to PG, okay, again I'm making money this trade is a this. Trade is we're, making adjustments. Every day it's a two-day to 5-day. Trade, so if you're looking to make money in a week like make money consistently. Or just quickly. This. Strategy, it's an option strategy, and it's quick so, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go for tomorrow cuz I like to do a time stamp, and I'm gonna look at this trade in the morning so, if you're part of the Facebook, group, I am. Going to look at this trade in the morning and make sure that it's not gapping, over, but. I'm, gonna raise the stop to at10. So. I'm gonna sell this at at or below eighty one three and I'm gonna set it for five minutes after the market, opens tomorrow okay. And. That's just the way it goes and then I'm gonna draw my line because, I've moved my stop-loss. Up and. Again I I broke, my rules I shouldn't have got in it but hey if it goes up tomorrow you. Know what we'll be glad we did if it doesn't, shame. On us because that's part of the game right so, there we go that's my new stop-loss, and its, really close guys it's really close but that's what this trade a strategy, does it say it. Is a, it's. A quick trade you know you get in it hit. Your target get, out right, that's what it is it's an ATR trade so here I get, it I got in 8165. My. Stop-loss was, 80 94 I moved, it up my, target, is 81, 96, okay, and I've already added that, to my let, me see right click and, let's add it to our. Holdings. Short term okay, what, else let me get into today, so. We bought six. TLT. Puts. TLT. Here on the bonds we, bought six puts we notice. Weakness. Right here closing below this. Low right, actually. If you see here this is the high day here's. The low it closed below the low of the high day so. If you are protecting. And we're protecting, because we have. 500. Shares, okay, I don't, know if the stock goes down that's, quite a bit of drawdown so, I entered into a protective. Put today so if the stock rolls, over then, I could at least collect, money, on the protection, and I don't lose as. Much so. That's something we got to fill for today guys so. If. We, have. Already made our adjustments, here's, our credit spreads that we got into we. Were over like I said $199. A day on our credit spreads that's good these are what we took at the end of the day so, if you're able to look at the stock market at about 2:30, to 3:00 o'clock is, whenever you put on your vertical spreads, okay.

And The ones that we put yesterday we're, up $200, today good, we, have an option trend trade so, only have $10 there's nothing we're gonna do here so that's really all the management I just wanted to see what I got filled, on for the day see. What type of working orders I have I don't have any short-term working orders okay, if you have any short-term working orders that's when you would make the adjustments, so, now. We're gonna go look for some trades, to. See if we can get into right, because again this is our job this is our business we're here to make money, so, I'm gonna go here to my at the gates bull flag we. Put these in our watch plus yesterday, and then today during. The at. The, close Facebook. Live video I, went. Through that list I made some adjustments so, make sure check out that video okay. So I like this setup here this. Setup is the. Arcade, beat but what I saw today was there are no options, the. Arcade, -, b/c. There's no options. And. Since. That's the case. I'm. Not gonna trade it this. Is an option trading strategy, so. I'm. Not gonna trade as a matter of fact I'm just gonna take it right out of my watchlist go, here okay, so this this, is a good bull flag setup, but, it fell below this level I don't, like that okay and again when it comes to the real money account I'm looking for quality of setup so, here's one right here so. First thing I'm going to do ec, oh let's go see the option, chain. 770. Volume, that's not very strong okay. We're gonna look at 38. Days out right, here. Not. Much volume, in this pan the. Deltas below 40, I don't trade the strategy when, that Delta's below 40 so we're. Moving on this. Is rolled over. Into. That so, I'm not gonna do that right. Here. Okay, so let me check something out first of all I know Nike, has good option spreads okay six million shares, today good. Tight option spreads but. I want to check one thing out again this is what me going through my rules right seeing. If I'm able to place, this trade the ATR was 1.30. That's, 82 14. Nope. Okay so, what I did was I took my entry. Signal, okay, my entry, signal, and again. I teach. This in my classes my, entry, signal, plus, the ATR, has, to be, lower. Than. This, high, it. Was not lower, than that high so. I can't. Place that trade right, because I want to take the high.

$80. 84. Cents, plus. My. Him. $80. 84. Cents, plus, my. Entry. Plus the ATR. 82. 34. Nope. It's above it I'm, gonna look to see if there's any option. Juice this is the implied volatility, this is what gives us how. Much credit, we're, gonna be able to get in our, options, and if I look over here. 7750. Or is that down. Here I looked. At it earlier and, there wasn't enough juice but let me check out it now maybe we got a little bit of juice so this is a two dollar and fifty cent widespread. Vertical. Spread. No. 21, percent return, 21. Percent return is not good, enough okay, so. Can't, do that, 1ua. Nope. Right. Here, fell. Underneath no so. Now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna go through our entire. Watch. List of stocks. We. Shouldn't, probably find, anything because if we did our study yesterday. We. Pretty much. Noticed. All the ones that were potential, but hey you know what we'll go through them because there, might have been some that we're setting up yesterday, or, they're close to setting up that we didn't. We. Didn't take so now. We're gonna go through high-powered. And we're gonna go through our watch, list and we. Are going, to look for. Setups. Okay first thing I want to do is I'm noticing, the direction, this line these two lines have to be going up the. 20 moving average and the 40 moon average have to be going up now, I see setups everywhere but I'm looking for a TR, bull flag setups, if L belief there fell. Beneath there, its, quality, is set up okay so I'm just going through this going through this fell. Beneath. Nope. Nope. I see. Breakout setups but we ain't looking for breakout setups we. Ready to look at that one no. Juice. Nothing. Also. If I see any reversal. Patterns, then. I can trade those because I have permission to trade those okay no. The. PPG no. You. Know what's going fast. You. Know I don't know if y'all can see I might move it out for you guys now I'm gonna move it back to three I'm trying to move it out for y'all but you know what this is my money so I got a I got, a stick to what I see see I see a potential, reversal in the making, but not yet okay. Yet. Sideways, just looking at this I'm watching these lines I can go through these because I'm looking at the direction of these lines and all I'm doing is my eyes are on this right side, okay. Go. Back here, fell below this, nope it's below that Cline don't like hit we already look at that too bad there's no options on that one fell. It's in the middle of those we like to see it pull back above, this. Knot. You know again it has to be close to that 20, pull, back nope. Nope. See. Nope, nope. Right. Here we're in that trade SPG, I think we did at vertical yeah we're in that vertical spread we're looking beautiful now nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. And I. Can go through these so fast guys because, I know, exactly, what I'm looking for I'm trained, to, look at a specific setup okay. It's, my favorite strategy, the bull flag strategy, I actually have a video training, course on that strategy I think I'm gonna put in the feet if not you can go find it on my blog but I talked specifically, about that. Strategy. Of what I'm looking for okay no hitting. And I'm just flying titties watch those guys that's what we do every day we go through it go. Through it this. Could be a potential, this is Facebook we. Don't have yet, we might be in the future. Getting. Us a. Reversal. Bottoming. Pattern. Okay. Hewlett-packard. Back. Here no to go to the top. We're. Already in that trade vertical, spread see we're in a trade vertical, Microsoft, one looking beautiful in that one. Not. That was too much so I draw my line right here about the quality, of the setup quality. Of the setup guys. Sending. Triangle, but. This is not an ascending, triangle class. I'm. In that trade vertical, spread. No. They're. Okay. I mean. We're in it that was a good good entry we got a message today we broke our rules we moved our stop up to 80 103. That's. Not good, she'd, be breaking your rules, okay. Whoa look, at this man we. Got stopped out of WBA, a couple days ago I'm gonna look at today see.

Today. Is, the day that you wish you were still in the trade we, got stopped out our. Target. Was, 7007. We would be looking good price. Went down stopped, us out boom, rally back up it's, part of the game you know okay. Here's one right here well. Quality. Is set up those are the very high look at this earlier see. How it fell below that or. Like that we're. Looking for perfect setups. Even if that means we're not placing any trade perfect. Like, this is a symmetrical. Triangle. You. Know I, have rules to, trade symmetrical, triangles, but not my ATR, setup it's very specific. Very. Specific okay. I want. To do it. Going. Through it just, flying. Through this guy's. Here. Vertical, see if it's perfect setup but it was a vertical. It. Wasn't a perfect setup that's why I did it vertical I was a perfect setup I wanted to the ATR tree because I don't that to move quick. Fiser. The. ATR, $0.59. I need this to be 80 can't. Do it okay. Very specific. No. And, I mean I'm going through these stocks so, fast have. About a hundred stocks, that I look at every day just. Waiting for myself, we looked at this a minute ago Nike so I'm not going back through there. Is. It. We. Flew through 100. Stocks in less than 10, minutes. Guys, because, we're looking for something very specific. I just. Collapse these a little quick. And. We'll do some talking, okay so. There's. No 80 hour trade for us to do there's no bull there's, no credit. Spread trade, to do or. In already several, trades again we don't force trades we go to our watch list and, we don't see any setups we're, done right we did our market analysis, we took the sector's which ones are strong we at our open positions that's. It nothing, else going on I mean they'd be say about you know what that's part of the breaks I wish we had a trade to place but we. Don't hey I'll give you a little taste of this let me look at the euro United, States dollar you know us since we're here let. Me go look at the euro right, now man, it, was down big, today the dollar was, SuperDuper. Strong oh by the way the, Kryptos are getting crushed right now but, there's. Some good, potentials. In, the crypto space coming up okay so if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency. How. To trade, cryptocurrency, to take advantage, of when it's at the bottom or. Crypto, mining, how, you basically, can get cryptocurrency. At wholesale, then, message. Me I shouldn't. Have in the feed message, me and ask, me a question, to tell me you'd like to learn more and I'll, definitely get, that to you because. Today. This. Is Ariel to see here I'm, in the.

Beautiful. Day-to-day 1500. This account, over. 9000, daily count of. Five hundred and forty five bucks in the. Forex. Market, what. A beautiful I mean we made women like me, like 13 14 thousand, dollars a day Oh God, look at his big red candle. Now. I'm just moving my stop down guys I'm just protecting. Protecting. Profit. Okay. This, way if price rose over reverses. We. Have cleaned. Up on this trade, okay. Cleaned, up, but a price goes back up or up 620. If, price goes back up, it'll stop us out boom. No big. Deal like I said we've we're. In this trade we need that sucker to reverse, it. Was a very speculative trade we got in the British Pound US dollar but we, did a buy limit order down here but, again what I really like about this, is they're getting beat up that means the dollar is very strong which. Means it's only a matter of time before it reverses, and. When it does we're. Gonna take advantage of all right everybody that's, it that's. It for the day make sure you join us on our classes, make sure you check out the morning, review. At the open, it's in the Facebook group and then you, know what I'll try to go on the afternoon for, the at the close not, sure and then of course always got the show until, next time everybody I am I Jeff Moore author of the book trading. Part-time or I teach people how to trade stocks options. Bonds. Forex. Cryptocurrency. Till, next time peace.

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