[07/23/2018] Trading Recap: Finished yesterday

[07/23/2018] Trading Recap: Finished yesterday

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Hey, what's going, on everybody, this is fluke Gill trader, Jeff author. Of the book training part time today. Is another, week it's. Monday, July. 23rd. About, 23rd. Welcome. To. The full show. All. Right everybody all right everybody. Hopefully. Technology. Works today the last week was crazy you, know sometimes, I have to film it one way sometimes. I have to do it another way but we're gonna try our best today first of all thank, you everybody who's joining hey. Guys you know get one thing I'm constantly, asking you guys if you like this show please please, hit. The like button share it, with your friends. Let, people know about this, show I'm delivering, this, stuff for free for. You I'm analyzing, the market, looking up setups, just, going over a whole bunch of stuff that nobody, else is going over with you guys for free so please, yeah. I see her joining hey thanks for joining Kevin Eric. Yeah. Robert. If you guys can just hit the like button share it, with your friends, I, appreciate. It guys appreciate, just like share share share share whoo, all right man it, seems like I haven't been on forever I don't, think I know I wasn't here on Friday had, an anniversary party, to go to but. We traded, I just didn't I wasn't able to share, with you guys what, we did but we're back today hopefully, technology. Hey guys appreciate, it glad you're here just hit the like button and share really, quick let's get into what we did today and, then, we're gonna analyze a lot of stuff today, what, a start, to the week guys what. A start, today's Monday, we. Started, off this week up seven. Thousand. Seven. Hundred four, dollars and. 33. Cents. Yep. Seven. Thousand, seven. Hundred four dollars and 33 cents, what a way, to start. The. Week and this, is just in our stocks world don't even get me started about, the Forex. But, I keep that stuff reserved, for. The people that are in my forex class okay that's why I will show you guys the stocks class but, man seven, thousand, seven. Hundred and four dollars thirty. Three cents, ching. Ching. -, ching, beautiful. Right uh-huh. Hey. What's. Going on Tim. What's. Going on Mike what's, going on Robert. Jesse. Hey. Guys that for those of you just joining and, I appreciate, it if you hit the like button share the, show come on hit the like button guys share, it share it share and I'd appreciate it, we're up big we're delivering this message we got a lot of stuff to look at today so. Let's, jump and analyze. What. Happened, first, I am going to point out. That. Right here today for. Those of you saw Facebook, I I. Posted. If you're in my live master, class I actually analyzed, these, two traits live, today, during the. Market but it's only available for, our private, Facebook Facebook. Group but, today we. I, put. Some trades on this, one right here the. British Pound. United. States dollar okay, and I told you for the full analysis. We, have a seven, day free trial. Into, the forex. Masterclass. Okay but also part of the master class is I go. Live, almost. Every, single day and, I, demonstrate, so this is a screenshot, of. The. Trade, but, I actually shot, a live, video. Analyzing. That today so for, those of you in my master, class make, sure you go to the, all-in-one, forex. Group, and watch. That video that one was on the British Pound United States dollar. Also. I went live today on, the Euro Japanese. Yen. Okay so. And I even have my positions, right there but, in the. Forex group I actually shot, a video. Showing. That so you've got the screenshot right now but. I actually shut the video, live. Why. We're placing those, so that's the Euro Japanese. Yen. Okay I want. To start off this analysis. Before. We get into the TD Ameritrade platform, we're, gonna look at the charting, package by trading, view it's free.

But. Here's Bitcoin and oh my, gosh. For. Those of you last week. I mean. Look what's happening, look, what's happening were you paying attention to me talking about Bitcoin, last, week I pointed. Out over a week ago this inverted, Head & Shoulders pattern yes. I did, and I, said we got a break of the neckline that. You could have entered right, here, now, we were waiting for the pullback we, haven't got the pullback Bitcoin. Was. Massive. Today right, now we're sitting at seven. Thousand. Seven hundred dollars on Bitcoin. Okay. And again. Look at this inverted head and shoulders it's playing, out beautiful, our, price target, is up here to. 9,000. 9,000. Hang on one second everybody hang, on one second. Hang. On. Okay. So. Hang. On. Bear. With me one second guys. Okay. And so, our. Price target, is right up here in the nine thousand. Seven hundred dollar range now, we, don't expect Bitcoin. To go right, to that price target, we could get several, bull, flags, along, the way so. If you know how to trade the bull flag price, pattern, we, could get several but Bitcoin, was massively. Strong today I told. You guys a, week ago about this inverted, head and shoulder right so. Now let's take a look at aetherium, now, a theorem. Very. Interesting, as well we. Had that same you, know we back it out a minute we had that same downtrend. Right as Bitcoin, now this chart is looking a little bit different right now Bitcoin so let's see here we, didn't have an inverted, head and shoulders we had aw. Bottom. It broke, through our neckline, fell back down but, if you notice. We. Have this black, line right here, so, price right. Now is. Hoops. Let's see here this is not my charting, package so I'm trying to figure. It out here. Okay. So. Give me a second this is what I had to do a minute ago go back here, drop. It down. Either. Way not. My charting package you can't do nothing about it but. All. We can see how you get rid of air you don't get rid of it so. What you can see though is you can see this w bottom pattern now. We, have our order, sitting, right up here it's what's called a buy stop. Order. Okay. It's a buy stop order, and. It's, buy stop order we're, looking to catch the momentum, as soon as it theorem, shoots. Back to the up side but right now it, is aw, bottom, pattern, now. We're just waiting for that momentum, to come up Bitcoin, has been stronger, than etherium, recently. But, aetherium, I love this pattern and we've got an order waiting to get into it okay. So. Let's. Do, that so that is aetherium, that's. Bitcoin, now, what we're going to do is we're gonna switch to the paper-money platform by, TD Ameritrade, okay. I'm not affiliated with TD Ameritrade but this way if we need to place any conditional, orders we, can do so let's go ahead and switch really quick to this paper-money. Platform by TD, Ameritrade. A ride. Let's. See here I. Wanted. To take, a look really quick to see if I got filled this. Is one of my orders just the Euro Japanese yen. We talked about that one right this is the one I place, an order on today I think, I still want to place the owner on today hey I'm gonna go pull it back up my facebook right. Here yeah so what we did was the I'm gonna pull it over here to the side. The. British. Pound. United. States dollar okay. Got. Arrow there okay so, if you see here this is that chart that we put on earlier, and I'm just wanted to see if we got filled. Now. We're looking for momentum to. Break down again watch that video but we're not in there yet okay let. Me analyze really, quickly the euro United, States dollar okay your United States dollars in a channel, okay. So, what we're doing right now is we're watching, the Euro this is the strength. Of the euro dollar versus, the US. Dollar right, now it's in a sideways, channel, okay, for, those of you who have been watching, me for a while now you know, I got in this position, a long, time, ago I.

Got. In this position way back, here, we're. Still, haven't. Broken through, this mess, yet, but. If you're not in it watch this resistance. Line right, here, okay, or, you. Can draw like, I did right here to where you have a sideways, channel, and then, you can put an order a sell, limit order. Up here, or. A buy, limit, water, down, there if. You're unfamiliar. With those order, types then. Get, my book in, my book I talk about buy, limit orders sell, limit orders all that stuff but right now you. Could put a sell, limit order. Up here, in this area or a buy limit order down here, or, if, you, drew the chart like I drew, the chart you, could have a diagonal, resistance. That you can be looking to break you. Know over maybe I would get it tomorrow right now it hasn't broken yet but, you'd want to see it closed above that line okay again. For those of you my Forex master class will analyze all the stuff we had a wonderful class on Saturday and, we're gonna continue this to bang it out but now let's. Get into the market, review, the, united states market, okay, so. The strongest. Index. On the day was the Nasdaq, 100. The. Nasdaq, 100 was, up, 21. Points. 0.29%. Today. Okay. If you see here let me make this little charm little differently there if. You see, we. Broke the resistance, about a week ago right here was that break of resistance, but. Look it's pretty much went sideways it, fell down right now we're at a sideways, channel, but. West wrong today but we'd like to see that momentum, push to the upside if. Momentum, pushes, to the upside you're gonna be looking at the QQQ. You, could put a buy, stop order. That. If it breaks, through, that, resistance. Mark okay, buy, stop order on, QQQ. But the nasdaq-100, was. The strongest, index, today, the. Next strongest one was the S&P, 500, it, looks very, similar. We, broke through the resistance, about a week ago, it's. Kind of went up and now it's just really sitting, right at the support, level, so if, you know how to trade, support.

Bounce, Trades, you. Could place an order right, there okay, in. My live. Trading. And my master, class in my life stocks class I demonstrated. Today that. Trade, but it wasn't that one it was this trade sp why I demonstrated. A bounce, trade okay, because, we set this order, up in class, so, if you're not involved, in our online. Coaching or our master, class take. A look at it because we place an order today but the sp500, was. The second, strongest index. The. Russell, 2000. The. Russell. 2000. Was. The third now, if you've noticed I pointed, this out like. Two weeks ago we, have an a. Sending. Triangle, pattern that is just coiling. Up today, was an up day but, if I got my line right here if you want to see it I'll make it even bigger let's, make it purple so you can really see it I have, a buy, stop. Order. Right. There okay buy stop, which means I want to catch the momentum, and if the momentum, continues then. I will buy this. Now. I won't buy the Russell. I will, buy the I, WMC. Maligns. I was just demonstrating it, on. The. Index, okay but. We'll go here, let's. Fatten, it up so. For those of you know how to trade, buy. Stop, order. Right. There. Okay buy. Stop order to, catch the momentum, if we break through this ascending. Triangle so if you know how to trade ascending, triangle patterns, buy, stop order right. There guys, okay. Now this was interesting the, Dow Jones was. Down, the dow jones 30 was down 13. Points today. Point. Zero six one eight what's going on y'all hey. Thanks for joining appreciated. John thanks, for joining, jessica, appreciate, it hey guys by, the way if you up yep, thanks, a lot hey, if if you haven't hit the like button yet please hit the like button hit the like button share this, video share share. Share it, hit the like button you, know I would, appreciate it, like I said I'm giving you guys so, much information that, you don't even realize, it for those of you who are learning how to trade you realize but please hit the like button share thank, you thank, you I appreciate that, alright. Guys so but again the Dow Jones 30, was down today that's interesting. Because the Nasdaq, was up the S&P 500 was up the, Russell, 2000, was up and the. Dow Jones was. Down, hi. Our friend of Vic's new the, S&P 500, is up we'd, like to see if this was a valid, move and lots of times we can look at the VIX to, get confirmation this chart should be down if it's a valid move this chart should be down it, was down good. The. VIX was down 1.8. 7.24. Right point to 41.87. Percent, it's, still sitting here as support it was a heavy down day today but. We're gonna watch because if it bounces, off the support, the, sp500. Couldn't roll over so you guys know the V X X, is the et n this is what you would trade, to the upside. To. Hedge your portfolio. Okay, again. We were up seven. Thousand. Seven, hundred and five $1 today and 33, cents, see this, is what training is all about you guys know when the market was down we, focused on protection, and we've been doing really, great in our defense, and then when we get an update like today we, take advantage when we make, $7,000. Today's Monday we're up 7 G's and actually almost 8,000. For the week, looking. Great but, the VXX. If you are just watching this show for the first time this is one of the instruments. That you can use to, head your portfolio, okay all, right so, now we've, looked at we looked at some Forex pairs, we looked at Bitcoin we've, looked at aetherium we've, looked at the indexes. I've given you an idea on, IWM. You, can place a buy stop order. Conditional. Order for, this ascending, triangle the, SP, y-you, could place a bounced order.

Setup Okay, you could place that trea we did that in our live class today but, you can do that right there it's valid, okay. Let's take a look at the sector. Believe. It or not the, financial, sector was up the strongest, interesting. 0.38. 1.3. 8%. It's still. Not where I want it to be it's still in this mess, but. If we, can get another couple, of days and price, can break. Through this area and, get, out of this mess, then. I'm gonna start to pay attention I'm. Not really focusing, on the financial sector, yet, at all but. It was the strongest sector, today so JP. Morgan bank of america, goldman. Sachs all, those good was right, the. Next strongest sector. Was the. Technology. Sector look it's very similar, than s py look, we broke out gone. Sideways. So. Again what we want to wait for is a break, of this area which could happen tomorrow so you can put a conditional. Order. Breakout. Order, tonight. That. Is moment and I'll do in purple okay. So. You can put a conditional. Order that momentum. Continues, tomorrow you, can get in, - that trait on the technology, sector okay, get. Into this. Position because. One of the things is we don't like to just buy to, buy we look for breakouts, we. Look for bull flags we look for sinning triangles, inverted, head and shoulders, we look at all the price patterns, that we know how to trade that's. What we look for okay but again good sign. Technology. Was up today buy. Stop order sitting. There right so. The. Next was the healthcare. XLV. Okay. Again it broke through the resistance, and it's going sideways so, again guys we could do the same, exact. Thing, right. Here if, price breaks up. Through this area I'm gonna put a conditional, order to. Get in this trade if it breaks through. That, area, I like to do it in purple again. Okay. Again I'm, not saying that's what you should do I'm just telling you that's what I'm doing, XLV. Valid. Well it's not a valid setup yet but I'm looking for the next breakout, and that's where I'll take that half a position, right, XL. Wide the discretionary. This is very interesting to guys only, three sectors were up today, three. Sectors were up and seven, sectors, were down I need to write that down so. Three sectors, were up. Seven. Sectors. Were down. Okay. That's interesting, three. Indexes were up one. Index was down. All. Right here we go so we. Broke through the resistance, we, pulled, back and. Now. We. Have a bull, flag. We. Have a bull flag set, up on. Xly. Discretionary. And this, is a hammer, candle, pattern, so, what we could do is we could place a conditional. Buy, stop. Order, yeah. We got conditional, orders every that if momentum. Momentum. Continues. To the other side tomorrow, we can get in a valid. Bull. Flag this is a bull flag set, up by. Stop order okay I love. This, pattern so I'm not saying get into discretionary. Today, but, if you trade wool flag patterns, this is a valid, bull, flag set, up for. Tomorrow, real. Estate was down looks. Kind of similar but it's in more of a we, call it a bull flag type, of channel. Okay, it's, not as clean as the other one let, me erase some of these lines here this was from several, trades ago but. It's more of a bull flag, channel. I mean it is a valid bull flag so, if you're gonna trade, this you. Need to wait for it to break this resistance, area so we got a hammer today at the, 30 day moving average that's good but. What we want to see is a break through this resistance. Area, okay so put, that on your radar. XLR. E real. Estate, down. Today but. It could be setting up here in the. Near future, so. We have xle, energy, energy, has, been Oh Glee, over, the last two, and a half months, we, got an energy, over. A month, ago and. It's just going, sideways. This. Is a mess is a mess okay so. If you're not in this trade then, what you could do is if it comes down to this area I would like to see you trade what's called a vertical, spread a, vertical. Spread is an option, trade that. Would be the, choice. On this one or, if you just know how to trade stocks you. Can put a buy limit, order, down here so price goes down it. Triggers, your order, and then, you want it to go back up or. You. Could have price go down here. Give, you some evidence, of a couple, bullish candle, patterns and then do a buy, stop order, if. These, orders, are just going way, over your head that's, okay, the thing that I would suggest is if you get my book I talk all, about these. Order. Entry, types in my. Book down. Since, energy was down and it's in a sideways, messed how is oil doing. Let's. Take a look Internet's a little bit slow, okay. Oil. Was down today it's not a sideways. Mess, but if you see I got lines everywhere, okay, one, thing I do like it has pulled, up to a higher high it. Has pulled, back into a higher, low we're. Sitting at the 30 day moving average okay again so this this.

Is Kind of up and down up and down if. I'm gonna trade anything on oil that's gonna be an option trade, spread, trade but well was down energy, was down that's. What we would expect, basic. Materials, down. Today, we, got a basement materials, like, a month ago it's, not doing, nothing for us but. Again we, already got our stop loss down here, we're. Still in this trade if, you're not in this trade you, can put a buy limit order, right in this area which means if price goes down it, can trigger your order, and bounce. You up or, again you, can wait for price to come down to that area start. To give you some bullish. Candles. And then, put a buy stop okay, basic. Material, goes down, okay. I'm gonna look at gold really quick before I get to the next one as you know I talked, about gold, last week I love this divergence, right here this, MACD, bullish divergence. This. Is a potential, reversal pattern you see how prices going down, momentum. Is going up this, is a potential, reversal now. I have a buy stop order that. Has not triggered, yet right here okay because, I've told you I put that order in but momentum, had to continue, momentum, has it continued, yet so, right now I. Love. This pattern, that's setting up it's a potential. Bullish. Reversal pattern. Remember when you buy stock, your objective, is to buy low sell high. This. Is low, so. Again I'm leading my order, right where it's at and I'm gonna put it in purple I did it in green on that one but I'm gonna put it in purple because today we're talking about purple, so, if momentum, continues, tomorrow to the upside I expect. To get into that trade, and that, would be a. Huge. Huge. Trade. To the upside I think, I left off with the industrials. That was the next weakest, sector we talked about basic materials, it was down this. Is in the sideways, mess. Industrials. Was down point, four six point. Six two percent, nothing. To brag home about their staples. Staples. Was, down but, I do like, staples, I'm a week we. Told you entry, here entry, here entry here entry, here. Down. To it's been sideways, over the last week but, we would expect that because right now we've got this big old resistance. And the, bet on the Bulls and the Bears they're battling, at that area what we would like to see if we're bullish, is a break through this. Area that. Would give us. Some. Serious. Breathing room to, the upside but, I'm watching the staple, sector, very closely, okay so, what I might do is I might gonna look at some of the stocks in the stable sector here in a second, right exhale. You X, L you utilities. Was, the weakest, sector, today it. Is forming, it it's, forming a symmetrical. Triangle we talked about that the other day. Symmetrical. Triangle, so price is just coiling. Up inside. A symmetrical. Triangle we don't trade inside. Of the symmetrical, triangle we wait for the break above or. The break below okay, and since, momentum, is going up we. Would expect. Oh the chart, would suggest, that. Price, is gonna switch. And break to the upside doesn't, mean that it will I'm. Prepared. To go either way. Trade. Either way, you. Know what I mean hey, guys again thank you, we got a lot of new people join in hey. Thank you so much for joining. Gabe. We. Got Jaime. We. Got Cesar, hey thanks guys I appreciate it and you know what just. Do me a favor you guys are new and you haven't hit the like button yet please hit the like button, share it.

With Your friends, talk about this show just spread, the word I mean I'm, doing all this for I'm giving you guys you know in. Like insights, into all sorts of wonderful things okay so, hopefully appreciate that utilities, was down what, I want to do is I want to go to the staple, sector I liked it the way the sector, was looking so what happens is when you like the. Sector, or you have a strong bullish sector, then you dive deeper, that's. When you look, at stocks within that sector so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to the, staple, sector, my. Watchlist, and I. Am going to break it down into a three-month, chart and I'm, gonna look for, patterns. Patterns. To trade ok this. Messy. No. Pattern, I'm just gonna flip this he just was a higher high we, got in here we. Is as Costco, you. Do. We hit our price target today. We're. Close our price targets up here so. We're really close to our price target, guys so we have been cleaning, up on Costco, we're not out we're not we. Haven't hit a price target yet but we are going to slip into profit, management rules for those of you who know what I'm talking, about I'm gonna slip it to profit, management rules on Costco. I don't want to lose all this, money, but. If you're not in Costco no, setup today coca-cola, no, setup today. Mondelez. No. Setup today earnings, is right around the corner we don't trade short-term, setups, we, don't trade short-term, setups, two, weeks before earnings. Okay, earnings. Is coming up looks, like a lot of these have earnings coming up ooh love, it not ready yet right write, it down. Pepsi. I'm. Gonna add Pepsi, to my, bullish. Watchlist. I love. This setup, this. Is a higher, high today. Was the first down day so. What we were hoping, to see happen, in Pepsi's a couple, more down days give. Us a nice bull, flag and then we can do a buy limit I mean I buy limited buy stop order we. Can do, an option, trade we can either sell an option, we, can buy an option we can do a vertical, spread, we can bull, call spread if. You know any. Of this stuff that I'm talking about love. What, I am seeing, okay so write that down, potential. Bull flags set, up but not yet, it's not there yet, that's sideways. Mess. Earnings. Has passed that's, good so what we could do is we could. Draw. Our resistance, line right, here for, potential. Bullish. Breakout. So what you would do is you. Would do a conditional. Buy stop or I've been talking, about that all night let's, make it purple, okay. Purple. And so, if momentum, continues, to the upside, then we can get into that trade, with a buy stop, order we're, not getting in today but. Right, Philip, Morris, down because. That is another buy. Stop. Potential. Forest, guys couple. More WBA. That's ugly, okay. Well what we did was we got our break out we, talked about entering, a half a position, on the break of resistance, and then, if it pulls back we can enter the other half so, what. You can do is you can place, a buy stop order, so. Right Walmart, down I don't know if a lot of you shop at, Walmart but. I like going to Walmart so, Walmart, takes, your money you, go buy stuff, at Walmart it takes your money so one way that you can get Walmart, back, is it, learning how to trade, WM. T, make. Some money trading, the chart and then. That money you can use to go buy the stuff at Walmart so this way this is how you get free, groceries. Free. Stuff you. Get free stuff because, you learn how to trade, their. Symbol, you, make money and you use that to buy that way it's never your money, gas, same, thing you trade oil make. Money use, that money to go you want to go to Best Buy learn. How to trade best buy symbol. Make. Money use that money Costco. I go to Costco, all the time so cos, T I've been cleaning up do you think I go spend, my own money when, I go to Costco, I don't. Think, I trade. See. OST. I am, raking this. Profit, is what I'm gonna use to go by costal, Costco's, buying my. Groceries, it, ain't the other way around, McDonald's.

MCD. Save, damn you guys go to McDonald's, learn, how to trade, in CD. So. They can buy your food sorry. I went on this tangent here we're almost done but back to Walmart buy, stop, order right. There okay, everybody. Super. Glad to be back Oh. 7000, let's, go back to that really quick up. Seven, thousand, seven, hundred and four dollars and, 33 cents, a day that is a beautiful. What a way to start the week we, looked at big coin powerful. We looked at aetherium it's come in we. Looked at the euro US dollar the, Aussie dollar the, Japanese, yen the British Pound we looked at all that stuff for you guys that are my Forex class I went live today twice. In my all-in-one forks, masterclass, group, we, analyzed, trades, the. Indexes, three indexes were up one, index was down, sectors. Only three sectors were up seven, went down we looked at all of them the VIX was down that's good, Gold down. A little bit but we're waiting for the bounce all right everybody, you. Haven't got a cup in my book and you want to do so grab, my book because this, is your roadmap to, learning how to do this stuff okay this is your first step if you're on the fence about learning on a trade this. Is your first step into. Learning, all, this wonderful stuff so. You too can. Make. Some money fire. Your boss and, start. Working from yourself, you can go on vacation go, play golf make, some money okay you don't have to work for anybody okay fire, your boss work. For yourself and if you are a boss learn. How to do this so, you don't have to pay somebody else to manage your money who probably doesn't even know what they're doing anyway. Okay that's the reality whether you accept it or not, alright everybody, super, excited, thank you so much continue, to hit the like button share it with your friends, my, Forex, people that are in here I know you're in my classes, hopefully you got value in this man we're rocking and rolling get some money those, of you on my trading part-time master, class beautiful, my stocks class beautiful. Will rock-and-roll until next time everybody on in fluvial trader Jeff author, of the book trading. Part-time and we, might see you tomorrow we might not but hey, hopefully you're learning this stuff so that way you can start to do some of the stuff on you alright peace.

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