[07/06/2018] Trading Recap: [HUGE DAY] Markets Rise! Up +$11,803.05 Today!

[07/06/2018] Trading Recap: [HUGE DAY] Markets Rise! Up +$11,803.05 Today!

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Hey, what's going on everybody this. Is flu Gil trainer chef author. Of the book training, part time today. Is, Friday. July. The 6th. Welcome, to. Forgive show. It. Just gets better a better. And better guys ok, I mean, I can't. Even describe you're gonna hear some noise because we're off you, know it's pretty exciting stuff ok. So will. Kind of show you here in a second, let me just write something down okay. Man. I'll tell you what it was beautiful. Beautiful beautiful, you, know what we have my Forex class in the morning, that, was awesome we had a bunch, of traders, wanting. To learn how to trade the currency, market, I mean we were on fire. Then. We heard a presentation on, crypto, mining, talking about some crypto currency and then, when I came back. This. Is what I saw we're, gonna take a look at the account, see. How we did, and, boy. Was. It a good day so. Let's just uh take. A look on, it yeah you hear babies crying dogs, screaming. Everything my phone let's, take a look at the account. Alright. You. See it. You. Guys see it right. There, pl-4. The, day, profit. And loss. For. The day. 11800. Three. Dollars, and five cents, say, what, eleven. Thousand, eight. Hundred and three, dollars and, five, cents, boy I, told. You. That. You. Have to put yourself, in the position, to. Take advantage of. What's. Coming so. Yesterday. We. Were up eight. Thousand. Seven. Hundred and. Twelve. Dollars and one sense, the. Day before was. A holiday, the, day prior to that we were up. 1890. Three, dollars, and twenty four cents, today. Were. Up eleven, thousand, eight, hundred and three, dollars and. Five. Cents, so. In, four. Days and again really just three trading days cuz one was a holiday. Four. Days. Three. Trading, days. Twenty. Yeah. You hear babies crying. Twenty. Two, thousand. Four. Hundred. Eight. Dollars. And thirty eight. E83. Thirty, cents twenty. Two thousand. Four. Hundred eight dollars. And. Thirty, cents. Eleven. Thousand, eight hundred three dollars today. 8712. Yesterday. Two days before thousand.

Eight Hundred twenty. Two thousand. Four hundred eight dollars, and thirty cents, in, four. Days. Eleven. Geez no actually 12 G's today so. Let's. Take a look to see how it did because hopefully. You guys are paying attention you, come on the show every day and I tell you I tell you I tell you so if you're not placing the stuff that we're talking about that. Is your own fault okay I'm giving, it to you free, so, let's pull up the paper money account by TD Ameritrade, not affiliated with TD Ameritrade but we are gonna look at their platform, okay you know the drill okay. So. I have my study set let me change to my study. Sets that I like but boy. 11800. $3.05. 8712. We. Should have one of those mic drops. I. Might need that. Eleven. Twenty. Two thousand, four hundred. $8.30. Boy. Look at that big white candle. Today, we got it okay we'll get let's. Look at the strongest index really quick okay, strongest, index on the day the, Nasdaq. Nasdaq. 100 of. 106. Points today. 106. Points look. At that we were hovering around the resistance. And, today, we, shattered. It we shattered, through two levels. Of resistance, we only have one more level to go if, we can hit this level up here and break through we are off to the races but I liked it now I told, you I didn't like it because it was underneath that 30-day moving average but now we're. Paying attention. Looking. Good then. The. Second, strongest is the S&P, 500, and, boom. Broke. Through that 30-day, moving average, that's. What we were waiting for, okay, so, powerful. Move up 23. Points. 0.85%. Like. It not, saying I'm trading it yet, I'll tell you when but, we're not trading that one anyway we're trading that. One okay. But what we love is broke, out of this slop, and remember, down up down. Up down up up, -, up days in a row we're on a 2 game hitting streak we're. On a 22,000. Hitting, streak ok for. Some of you that just joined we're. Up eleven thousand, eight hundred and three dollars and five cents today. 8712. Yesterday and then a couple more the other day three. Four days three, trading, days so really three days twenty two, thousand. Three days three. Days man. I was at my previous job and I couldn't come close to making that I made twenty two thousand, and three days what the heck am i doing working over somebody else you. Know again. If you learn how to trade the stock market, you can, take advantage of these moves and like, I always say, fire. Your boss take. Control of your life and if you are a boss. Then. Learn how now you can learn how to manage your own money so, you can grow bigger because, it's 22 G's. 11,000. And. I got so much a diamond or eight thousand a day but what I want you guys to know is we talk about all, the stuff you could be doing this as well but, I love it because it broke through that a 30 day moving, average we. Are now next, week oh man. Russell. 2014. Points we have four up days in a row so momentum is strong okay, now that line was from one of my classes now I got lines everywhere. Everywhere. BAM. This is what we're looking at now this, we want to see what happens when price comes up to here but I like this momentum, but, again you. Know eventually, we got to pull back and so what worth you know we're looking at this you, know we're, thinking that when it gets up here that might be where it starts to test the area and start to get some bearish movement. We don't know, okay. We don't know the future we don't pretend another future but we look at charts and this is the chart that you'll trade see, we got out right here we pull back broke. Through that 30 day so, I'm watching that okay, I'll. Let you guys know win and if you can play some of the trades that we're talking about maybe you can start making some money okay. This is the this is the, it's. The dow jones 30, okay the, dow jones 30, it's, it, was up today almost a hundred points okay so it. Was the weakest of the indexes, but it was still wheat I mean it was still up it, was up 90 99, points. The. S&P was up was. At 23, and so I'll go back to that. The. S&P was up you had 23. Points, so. You had. All. Four, indexes, up actually. Every, sector was up to all 10, sectors were up today.

Was A powerful. Powerful day and that's why we we made where. Should we make. 11800. $3.05. Highlight. That because it looks so, so. Good so. Good, you. Know let's take a look at that one more time real quick yep. $11,800. Yeah we got traits everywhere, to everywhere. But. That's the way it rolls baby so, back, to the. Dow, Jones 30 up. Today positive. But. It's still underneath that 30 day moving average so I'm not too excited about it yet but, what I am excited about is, you, know it's the may companies, the 30 biggest. Companies in the world they got international, play because they're so big like McDonald's. Exxon Mobil. JPMorgan. Things like that but. Here's the thing when. People go to large. Caps it's more of a safety play so, I like to see them lagging, because when the large caps are lagging and you've, got the technology, sectors, and the Russell's. Outperforming. It that's, good that means people aren't as fearful, when the markets start to pull back and they start to go into like a bear market the Dow Jones the. Bigger companies, are I mean they're gonna go down too but, they're usually the ones that are you know I'll perform the others but I'm gonna say I'll perform I don't mean they can go up okay. But. The. Beautiful thing here, is. We. Are rocking and rolling now the VIX when I look at this next chart and I have not looked I've been gone all day see. This the mint that you have to sit in front of the computer there's. That myth that you must be there in front of the computer, non-stop. Watching, it man I already told you I taught. A class this morning of Forex to some awesome people they. A bunch, of people then, I took. Off we, do about crypto mining, and crypto. Currency, and then, I came back at. Eleven thousand eight hundred three dollars I wasn't even in front of the market hardly at all today so. That's. A myth guys, not. The way I trade, and, I'm here to make money I don't need to stare at this computer 24, like 7. That's. Not how I teach and the people in my classes the, ones that I teach they. Know that ok you watching, this that, aren't in my classes, you don't. Know that but if you think that guys you, don't have to ok when, I pull up this chart we want this this, should be way down we would expect this chart to be dent and it was big, time down see we. Know what we're doing man crash. Through the support, we're going down to this level so look we, could be in for another down, move. Monday. And we have a down move, one day that could be great, for the SP, which means we since. We have a bullish portfolio, we, might make another, $11,000. On Monday, well, we just. That's. Twenty two thousand, bucks on like three trading days guys that eleven thousand eight hundred dollars today. Today. And I. Was. Talking about trading all day. And. It's so fun not to have to go work for somebody, you. Know it's, so beautiful not having to work with somebody man, I was working at a job and I had to work for somebody telling, me what to do hi, is, so, beautiful, not, having anybody tell me what to do okay that's beautiful. So, if you dream for that type of life as well you don't have anybody tell you what to do it starts. With a single, step and, that, step is getting. Involved, and what I'm talking about so you too can fire, yeah, boss. Okay. So, we're. Looking at well again. We. Don't know what's gonna happen but I would, like to see it come down to support and I want to see them break through support, but anyway down there that's perfect let's take a look at the Euro United, States dollar this is what we talked about today we're talking about crypto, currencies, and Forex, currencies, and all, that good stuff okay, what. The heck is going on an anomaly, man this. Chart sometimes, it happens so we have to go over here to a different package hopefully, it didn't happen on this one too sometimes. Okay good okay. So, we are looking sweet. In this chart as well guys so, this is the euro United. States dollar I told, you we got into, it down here, it hit, its head on resistance, bounce down the support, it broke, through, resistance, and, look, one. Of y'all can see this but this is one of my indicators, it's called a relative strength indicator I talked about it today and what. Happened was I, drew. This line and it broke through. This line on this day. But. Price had. Not broken through, my, resistance. Line, so.

This, Was an indication because. It had already broke through. That price, would get. Not, a hundred percent but. This was an indication that this would happen see how I broke through my line and then it broke through the next day I got, into it down there y'all know because I was playing a support bounce but, we're getting paid really. Nice this is the euro United, States dollar got. This, other chart I use is jacked. Up because that's stupid, anomaly, okay they'll, fix it, hopefully. To do, but. Either. Way. The. Euro was strong today the, United, States dollar was weak and I was talking about that today in my class you know I've said that the United States dollar is more of a safety type of currency and so. Today obviously there, was no fear whatsoever in the market I mean every sector was up all the index was up the VIX plummeted. The dollar was weak so you, know, let me take a look at the Aussie Japanese. Yen this is called the carry trade okay and it usually goes in lockstep. With the market, okay so today, was up the Aussie, was stronger than the Japanese, yen the, Japanese, yen is a safety, currency, okay and so when we know the forex, market, if we see money going, into the Japanese, yen, they're, doing it for safety, so that could mean that, our market, is about to collapse or. You. Know they see, it again nothing's 100% don't, get me wrong but. We look at correlations and, the yen is a safety. Currency. So I can watch this pair as some, potential clues, into, what. Might be happening down. The road okay so. What. About this one we were doing we're in the New Zealand dollar full disclosure we're in this trade as well and we're getting paid. See. This is the New Zealand dollar, okay, the, New Zealand dollar, against. The United, States dollar today was strong so, the New Zealand dollar was very strong but look I drew my lines on this indicator and it broke through here, so, that's when I got into it because it broke through my line, I got, into it so, what I'm watching is price to come up in this area, and then, if I start to see bearish, candle.

Patterns That's, when I'm gonna move my stop up. Because. This. Is a bearish, trend and. I'm, trading against. The primary trend, but we're making a tremendous. Amount. Of money into for, X so, we made eleven thousand, eight hundred three dollars just in the equity, market. Forex. Market you know different rules I'm, I'm. Working on some stuff guys but we're. Looking good okay that chart doing bad let's take a look at oil really quick mm-hmm, energy was up today so oil, was up look oil was at 0.18, one. Point to 2%, we. Talked about this just yesterday go watch the recording, and if you don't know how to get to the recording go follow my blog cuz it's their price, broke through we. Said it pull back we were waiting for some bullish, camera and boy did we get it again, I just talked about this yesterday man, you, paying attention gasps, where's. Money jump me today hopefully a lot because I'm telling you every, single goal not every day but almost every day you. Know this is not a joke man this, is a job this, is what we do for a living but we trade the stock market, and we coach people how to trade a stock market, for living, okay, I have courses that I sell that people are buying all over the world okay, and they're working, because they're making money. Oil. So, oil was up energy, should be up and energy, was up okay you know I'm skipping ahead let's go to the strongest sector sorry guys I'm just so excited healthcare. Oh my god. Shattered. Through the, resistance. Today it's at the next resistance this. Is the big resistance. Area, that's happened over the last four, months okay. So, Monday is critical, in that health care space. Okay, we got in it right here, so, we're finally, caught. Back up we were we, were losing money for a long time but today we're finally back in a positive on health care but, if it breaks through this area we could be off to the races and look I drew, this line like a month ago and look at this we don't make this up price. Literally, went up to, that line and then sellers pullback so if you see that little wick, little. Wick right I don't even see it I can zoom in you might be able to see it this little wick went. All the way up to my line that I drew month ago a month. Ago okay. I love, looking at these candlesticks, man it's like a forensic, analysis. I look at these candlesticks, and all these little lines and just beautiful, patterns. You know how artists they paint and they just see this beautiful sculpture, well, when I look at these charts I just see beautiful. Patterns I mean I can draw a pattern after pattern, after pattern, and that's why we're cleaning up very, very, very. Powerful. Today. We. Really go on a sizzler today. Technology. Up okay we knew that because the nez that was trying it broke, through the 30 day moving average that's good that's. Good we like to see that we still got a ways to go to break through this, level, of resistance but we like we. Like what, we see powerful. Day technology. Way to go way to go, and. We're gonna see today guys cuz remember I told you a couple Pink's let me find them yesterday we're. Gonna check the exact pics that I just showed y'all yesterday. I got. Him and, I just told you yesterday and I've said write, them down I haven't looked at him all day but. I ended up getting in him so we're gonna see the exact ones that we talked about yesterday. Yesterday. So. If you would have listened to me yesterday we're gonna see how well we, did today, and I just said it yesterday and Facebook, is one of them and I have no idea how they did today I know, we were up a lot so. Maybe we did good. Discretionary. Sector it's, still in a sideways Channel what's positive today but I would like to see it get out of this mess and come up here but again very strong. Discretionary. Up point eight six. Okay. Utilities. Was the next utilities. Was up point four one oh my god this chart is like a missile. This. Is like a freaking missile, I mean are you kidding.

Me See, this is what pisses me off we. Hit our target here. Look. What prizes that we haven't had a chance to get back in it hasn't pulled back this, is why I say guys you need to take a half a position, on the breakout, I tell. You all the time take a half a position on the breakout, because it may not pull back and this chart has just run. It, has not pulled back. We'll, but. We haven't had a chance to get in it we can't get in there right now we, and again we got targeted, out which is great because we made profit, but, dang it this, chart has been so, strong and the reason I say dengan is because I'm not in it maybe we would have made $20,000. Today if I was in it energy. Up. It's, still in the sideways channel I got. Into it right here so I'm still in it I'm just like come. On move come on move come on come on move, so. We're, still on a channel positive, today but I don't get too excited about it watching. That channel we, did take a look at oil right as well see, oil is leading the energy sector so that's, positive because, today we got a piercing, line piercing. A line candle, pattern at support, piercing. Line, it's a strong, bullish, candle, pattern so, this bounces, up maybe. We, might get out of this mess I mean it work we're in it we're, just just. Waiting for stuff to happen, exhale. Be basic. Materials, up. Today but again it's like that it's underneath the 30 day but again I got into a week two, weeks ago I don't know but, it's just it's just it ain't doing much I mean today was up so I'm happy but. I just want to see it break. Through that level man break through that level will get us rolling and get us rolling financials. Hate this sector, still don't like it yeah it was up today but I don't, care about it up point one three I'm, not even gonna give it any time so if you're in the financial sector sorry. I'm not doing it God, real estate real estate look at this a couple. Of months ago real estate was a dog, it, was in the dog house horrific. I mean, horrific. Look. At this, we. Got an. Entry. Here. Entry. Here. We're. Races so. You could have got in right here hit. The resistance, pulled back you, would not have got stopped out we. Took a position here, so we're looking good in a real estate because we entered a half a position, right there and, it's. Off to the races it hasn't pull back we, haven't been able to, get. Any, second-chance. Entries. Into, but. Looking. Beautiful actually. Industrials. Industrials. Industrials. You. Were a point two-five. 0.35%. You. Were still ugly looking on, industrials. Ugly. Up today still in a sideways, channel. But. That's. Really all I can say about that it was up today, so if you're in the industrial, sector happy. We. Looked at staples, many times you had a breakout entry there bull, flag entry, their breakout, entry there and oh by the way guys today. Breakout. Today. Was a breakout entry so if you know how to trade breakout. Patterns. Today, was an entry you, get in today ok, half, a position, we get a half a position, on our breakouts right because, when it pulls back if it pulls back we're gonna take the other half if it doesn't pull back we. At least we're in it if it rolls over and stops us out immediately we only lose a half a position so we take a half a position, on our breakout, trades target. Is up. At the 53, mark so watch what happens at that level, could. Roll over though Monday we, don't know all, we, know is. We. Made. 11800, and 3.5 cents, yesterday. Eight thousand, seven to two. Days ago because again the market was closed it, was. Like. A thousand, eight hundred bottom. Line twenty. Two thousand four, hundred eight dollars and thirty cents in, three, days four, days three, training day 22 thousand were it's, incredible. And I and you this is only you know this was like four days so. If you've been watching this show you, have been seeing, everything, that I've been talking about and if you haven't participated.

Shame. On you, I'm. Giving I'm doing this for free this. Show is for free guys. So. Let's look at what we talked about yesterday I, told y'all write down a couple trades, I told. You to write down Facebook, Amgen. Guild Johnson. And gentlemen if I told you told, you so let's go and I have not looked at them so. Let's switch to a three-month chart and let's see, how, we did, today, on, the trade that I told you yesterday, so. You could have placed them I have, no idea so, let's start with Facebook oh. By. The way I got. In Facebook, I told. You I, told, all, of you I was getting in this trade and I, got into it and look at today up 2.4. 1%. It was, up more than, every, one of the sectors and every one of the indexes, it wasn't, up, from. Percentage. More. You. Could, have been paid. Just. Like I was and I told you this and I, no. Excuses, I even. Put in my title yesterday. Facebook. Yeah so you know what my title is gonna be today or it should be, yeah. Well I already put the title but, it's. Facebook. Well, we'll. Figure it out but bottom, line is I and I'm gonna put in there I told you, I. Told. You, if. You listen you pay it now there's. A breakout set up on. Facebook, I'm. Already, in it. Maxed. Out I got in the breakout here half, a position, pull, back I got, in the other half of position, so I'm, not getting into it anymore but this is a breakout, set up I'm maxed, out okay but, that's, one so. Check, I told. You let's go look at Amgen, we, talked about this yesterday, oh. This. Is probably why we got paid so much today see, that little circle. That's. Where we got in the, breakout half a position, and look what happened today. 1.95. Percent, up three. Point six five that's gonna be my title Facebook. Boy and there's gonna be am June guild and it's, just gonna say were. You listening. Were. You. Listening. Boom. Up. Like. A missile, and I told you. Amgen. Guild. Let's. See what happened Gil oh my. God. We. Got, into a cuz I told you it. Broke through and it was a missile, 3.3, z8o all of you all you guys could, have made a lot of money if you would have just listened, to me and taking some of these trades if you did you're sloppy, you know I yawn of your slide original you made money cuz I told every single one of you I don't even know if you finished watching this show because you had better stuff to do, what. Better step you got to go to hang out and go to the, bar ain't. No better stuff that's sitting just sitting there making some money and being able to enjoy time with your family. Rocket. Ship it was up 3.30%. 3.30%. Are. You kidding me are. You kidding me I. Just. Wish I would have had more on this trade so that's three I told you in all three of those you would have been pretty, rich, johnson. And johnson i, don't know how did we do today ah, it. Was up today it, was up today, right. There, breakout, boom, still, up wasn't. Up as much as the other ones but we got into that trade today on the breakout so that's four. For. Four so, far we were last one Fiser right now we're four for four. Five. Four five. Five. Four, five. We. Got it up there in the breakout so. It. Continued, it's half a position to us all I wished see this is where you wish you would have not done just a half but you follow your rules that's okay so, up, to date point, six five percent so all, five. Of the trades that I told you about today you would have cleaned, up you. Would have cleaned up cleaned. Up. So. We're almost out of time I just want to look at a couple more I want to look at Baidu, okay. I know some of you might know a Baidu is it's, in the technology. Sector but, let's take a look at by anybody was up today okay it's, still underneath that 30 day moving average so I'm just telling you some of the things that I'm looking at here okay Microsoft. Okay. So Microsoft, broke, through, the. 30. Day moving average it, still got this resistance, hanging over its head, but I'm but I'm watching that okay let's. Look at Oracle. Oracle. Okay. Finally. Showing some life, let. Me see what else I want to do I want to look at a couple here let me let me gonna look at a couple here no, no. Just just just trust, my knees no, not. Yet no. No. No. No. This, is how fast you go do is flip flip flip I'm just looking for setups, no. No. Facebook. Where to know how that went to the moon no. No. No. This is how good when you when you know what you're doing you can just flip this job I'm looking for setups for you guys, where'd, Verizon's, at a big-time resistance, level so. We're gonna watch that one we. Already got in CL, I told you that a long time ago we entered a half a position, as a, matter of fact probably because I was doing my class I missed, the other half dang it I'm in this trade half a position crap, I missed, I was supposed to take the other half right there so. Now if it pulls back I'll take the other half I mean we're making money, but.

Okay. Costco. Some, of y'all go to Costco, I love, going to Costco today was a bull flag, entry. Today, it's not too late to. Get into Costco, this, is a bull flag valid. Entry, so maybe you can look at doing like a spread, trade or, you. Can do a call, or you can buy the stock, and you want to set your stop-loss. Underneath. Support. Okay so. If you get in this trade and again it's a positive move, today. Momentum. Strong. Valid. Bull flag and, hasn't. Went too far okay. So, you can get in that so write that one down Costco. Okay. So we've looked at a bunch of setups. The, we. Couldn't. Find much too, late the setups already happened but, this is one right there Costco, we have a couple breakout, setups, potentially, so, let's just cap this puppy off all four, indexes, up all the, sectors, up the. Euro was strong. Oil. Was up, gold. You. Know. I didn't. Look at gold gold was down again Gold's more of a safety inflation, plays so that's kind of the correlation, market, strong goes, a little bit soft no. Problem, so gold a little bit soft a New Zealand dollar looking, good all, five. Of those trades, that I told you guys over the last couple days I think yesterday today before I can't remember, you. Be raking, today Facebook am Jin Guild Johnson, & Johnson and Pfizer it's too late to get into them now now, you got to wait for the pullback okay so if you come to the show I'll do it alright everybody have a great safe. Weekend. Hopefully. The weather doesn't get too crazy, hopefully. You enjoyed this week on the shows you know we give you power, we made tremendous amounts. Of money, $22,000. In like three days. 11800. Three dollars today, and, we've been telling you every step of the way okay, everybody until next time hey get in my classes, get. In my classes, we have the Forex class and, there's. A lot of money in that market and we have the stocks class and, I'm even teaching some technical, analysis, and options, in some of those classes, get in or, get at least get one of my courses the course is you just get it for pay at one time and you have access to it forever. All right everybody I'm flew Gill trader Jeff I'm author of the book training part-time and again you, can only get the book I talk about all this stuff that you're watching in my book it's, a. 420, page book, and, I go into all this stuff I talk about patterns, and everything and I'm giving it away for free you just cover shipping 1295. You, kidding me alright. Everybody will go trader Jeff and we will see you, god-willing. Monday. If we're not out on a cruise spend all the money we've made peace.

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