[07/05/2018] Trading Recap: [FACEBOOK - YAH BABY] Dow Jones Up 181 Points. UP +$8,712.01 Today!

[07/05/2018] Trading Recap: [FACEBOOK - YAH BABY] Dow Jones Up 181 Points. UP +$8,712.01 Today!

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Hey. What's going on everybody, this is flu Gill trader Jeff, author. Of the book trading, part-time, today. Is the. Fifth of July it, is Thursday, I forgot there for a minute welcome. Alright. Everybody. Whoa, first. Of all let. Me just start off by saying. That hopefully, everybody had a great 4th of July. You, know yesterday. You, know states, safe. Fireworks. Barbecues, all that good stuff the, market was closed yesterday so. We didn't have the show but. Boy did it open, back up today and, boy. Did. We get paid for it ok, I always, tell y'all this game, is about protection, protection. Protection, and then, when the market gives you an opportunity, take. It that's, what it's about, we have no idea, whenever, the markets, gonna give, us that, opportunity but. When it does if we're ready we, can take advantage of it ok so, let's go ahead and get to the account when it quick so, we cannot check. Out see what we did today. All. Right everybody right, there right, there as you can see. We. Finished. The day. Eight. Thousand. Seven. Hundred, twelve. Dollars. In. One sense. Let. Me say that again so let's sing, said eight. Thousand. Seven. Hundred twelve. Dollars, and one. Cents. Man. That, is a. Beautiful. Day and you know what two, days ago we were up. 1890. Three dollars, and four cents so in three, days and again one of them was a holiday so in reality, in two days were. Up. $9,700. In two days today. 8712. Oh one and that, doesn't, even include my, Forex position okay but. Anyway let's. Switch. To the paper-money, platform we're. Gonna dive right into the analysis, we're gonna look at Forex we're gonna look at stocks, we're gonna just look at setups all that stuff I don't know if we're gonna get the crypto currency today cuz. We're kind of limited on time but, we're, gonna get into the really good stuff today I think that crypto, currency was down anyway I, believe. So alright, so we're, switching the pick money platform by TD Ameritrade y'all know the drill I'm not affiliated with them illustrative, purposes only, everything.

We Looked at today is for just educational, purposes so let's get down to the form. Alright. Everybody looking. At the Chuck looks, a little bit different right now so let me put on a different, you know back to my patented. Indicators. Here might be used to this one now I got lines everywhere, okay but that's not the point, today, the, strongest, index, on the day was the Nasdaq. 100 of. 86. Points one. Point two, three percent. Big. Big, white day but again it's still underneath the 30 day moving average so, this. Index, although it was beautiful, today we've, had down day update, down date update, down that update, I don't know if the stepchild, is gonna give us a down day tomorrow, but, it. Was positive today, and it's. A technology, so, that's a good thing okay but again it's still underneath that 30 day moving average so. We're, patient. We're. Not gonna attack that sector, yeah let's get into the second, strongest or that index Oh. Second. Strongest index, today based on percentage. Was the Russell. 2000. Of. 19. Points. Today but, look what we got, this, is what we wait for, okay. Raphel, underneath the 30 day moving average we had the. The. Shooting, star we, had the shooting, star candle, pattern I keep. Getting track on my days Tuesday, and I, told you that's a bearish, candle pattern but does it mean that it has to roll over we're prepared, to trade either way we don't care. Understand. This when, you know how to trade the market you could care less if the market goes up down. Sideways. Doesn't. Matter what, we do is we have strategies. That we trade, that take advantage of all movement. If the markets going down we're. Gonna trade down if, the markets going sideways we're. Gonna trade sideways if the markets going up we're. Gonna trade up we don't, care, it, means nothing to us okay, this isn't a buying whole game well we buy and your financial adviser tells, you to hold, on to the trade because we're from 10 20 30 years and when the market goes down where they say, hey. We're in it for the long haul man we ain't in it for the long haul we. Have trades that last specific, period of times okay so. We're making money we're not gonna wait 20 to 30 years to try to make some money and hope that over time everything goes up any what we do this ain't the hoping game okay this is the Train and making money game yeah eight thousand, seven hundred twelve dollars today. Man. I'd get passionate about this because I want some, of you are on the ride and I want you got other ones that are watching they're on the fence get. Off the fence you got nothing, to lose and everything to gain maybe, you have a small smaller. Portfolio, so, what I'm gonna show you how to trade with a smaller portfolio, if you have a bigger portfolio, even better, but, don't let that discourage you some, of you don't even know where to start as far as what platform, don't worry get in the game I'll help you okay but. Look at this day today we. Shot, up through the 30 day moving average that, is. Positive. Okay that's. What we like we like to see this line going up and stocks breaking that okay so very, powerful day today. S&P. 500. Was the third, strongest. It was up 23. Points, 0.86%. That's, a nice move okay, but. Again we're still underneath, that 30 day moving average so what's it gonna be tomorrow I don't know because look we get down, there update down it update down there this looks just like the Nasdaq, right underneath, the 30 day moving average so so far. Converse stuff and I'm gonna if I was gonna trade one of those three I trade the rustle I'm not saying I'm gonna trade the rustle because it doesn't have a set up yet but. This still, underneath the 30 day moving average but it helped us today and, we got paid the. Weakest, index. On the day even though it was not week, was. The Dow Jones, of. 181. Points, thattaboy. Thattaboy. Okay so again, all this contributed, to our monster. Dollar making, gain today we're gonna go after this Warner we're. Gonna I can tell you we're gonna go we're gonna go eat some big old steak about that, big we're. Gonna just splurge, because you know what I don't, know how many you make eight thousand, seven hundred and twelve dollars today but we, did and I know some of you who trade with us you, did well I don't know if you made that much today or what I know you did good hey what, would you like be like if, you just earned an extra three to five hundred dollars a month would that make a difference would.

That Help you pay your car payment, well that'd help towards your rent or your your, your mortgage, would that help towards some of your credit cards what, would five hundred. Dollars a month, extra. Income. Do, for you if it, would do a lot or, then what do you got to lose join us in our classes, I have the forex class and I have the stocks class join. Us get. In there you got nothing to lose okay okay, well you can sit on the sidelines, while we, continue, to make money but, it's underneath the 30 day moving average the Dow strong, today but again down up down up down up, okay so, of the indexes, I still like the Russell, the best but. Again very happy on today so, let's take a look at the VIX because the VIX should be down which, is the fear indicator, which, means if the market was up people, shouldn't, be fearful so this chart when I hit enter should. Be down. And. It was down 7%. 1.17. Good, okay. Oops. Back it out okay. But again right, here support, so, if, price, breaks through. This support, level our SP 500, could. Take off and if that happens tomorrow again. We are primarily bullish. In our portfolio, maybe, we'll have another, $8,000. Day I don't know okay just like that shows I don't know I don't I don't I don't know if I'll have enough time but, now I got some time because we trade we make it money all over the place, ban, euro, United, States dollar I do want to look at that because I have, been in this trade I'm gonna switch to this chart real quick I like this chart what. Do I like today I'll tell you for all you forex, traders out there a couple things that I like number, one is I'd like that we finally, closed, above, this diagonal. Resistance, now, phones, ringing and everyone we've still got in this trade right here but today today. If, you're not in this trade you could if you trade, diagonal. Breaks, it, could get, into that trade okay you, could get into that trade now there's a strategy I'm gonna work I'm gonna teach tomorrow, with. My Forex, class today's. An entry, for an intermediate. Term, trade, on the, Euro United States dollar, intermediate. Term trades aren't an overnight, trade, they, last a while but we're trying to take advantage of the trends, and in this market, if you catch a big trend you can make five hundred a thousand. Two, thousand. Five thousand, percent return on your money and that is no joke but, today was a diagonal, break, entry. I'm, already in it so. I'm, just sitting back looking. Good New. Zealand, United States dollar okay. I've. Been watching, this pair okay yes we've had a couple up days but. What we'll want to see is come up to here, stall. Bearish. Candles, and then I can short, the. New Zealand versus. The US dollar but. My, favorite pair in the world as you guys know is this one okay, now, I posted. A trade today on my facebook, you have to be in our members, area and it, was the British Pound. Australian. Dollar okay. I posted, a trade okay. Couple things I like about it when I look at this is it cleared, the 30 day moving average came. Back and kissed it and I'm alright here okay and so, if you want to know what we did, or. What I how, I analyzed. This trade you're gonna have to go to my feed. I think, it's digital, currency movement, dot-com, backslash. Market. Analysis, because you have to subscribe to. Get access to. See that it's free, but, you got to describe subscribe, I gave, an analysis, on this trade and I'm not gonna go over now because you've gotta be members to do that so we're looking good I do want to see gold, today, because. The market was up strong, and there, was no. Fear, gold, was up today okay gold, serves two purposes people. Trade gold for a couple of things number one is whenever, they're fearful people go to gold Gold's a good safety, play also, Gold's, a potential. Hedge against inflation so. If the people believe or if, they believe inflation. Is around the corner and they'll go to gold okay but again people, will still just trade gold for whatever reason, but those are the two big reasons an inflation, hedge, and then, a fear, today, was up I don't think it was related to fear because the market were strong they're probably just people killing, a little bit of gold okay but again it could be a bear, trap, we. Have a bearish, trend and, a bear trap, is, when a price goes up and rolls over now there's specific clues. That let us know in a bear trap but. I told you and I told you you can go back and watch the shows I told you that if we hit this level there was a high probability that, I was gonna get into this trade high, probability.

Okay You, can take that for what it's worth we were up eight thousand, dollars because, this is a longer-term support, area up today, gold. Let's. Look at the bond market, some of y'all might have some the. Bond market, was up to date man we broke through this bull flag channel and we've just been going, up we went up bull flag up. We, broke through today, the resistance. Area actually. Yeah we, closed, above, the resistance there we closed above the resistance area a couple days ago but today was a nice follow-through so if you trade bonds, you, could have entered a half a position. Hopefully. My audio is working guys you could have entered a half a position. And then, way from the pool at but. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Qualcomm. Okay. I'll get that here to say. Technology. Technology, was the strongest. Sector. On the day a point, nine eight one, point four one. Percent. Okay, get. Down up, down, up down, up underneath, this but, today. If you actually look, in the technology. Sector Qualcomm. Of, the. Stocks that were in mind were, it was the strongest look, at that Qualcomm today, was up three, point, seven one percent, the, sector, was up one point four one so, Qualcomm. Was two-and-a-half times, as strong as. In. The, sector but it's, still underneath, the thirty day moving average so if I go over here to my technology, watchlist. And, I go through a couple of things, let's. See here Betsy that's underneath the thirty day moving average underneath, the thirty day moving average Oh today. Facebook. BAM. If, you weren't in Facebook, today was a valid, bull flag now I got in Facebook on the breakout I told you half, position, when. It pulls back today, was the actual other half okay, the full disclosure I got into Facebook again today with the second, half so, I entered, that half a position, here, when, it rolled over I entered the second, house so I'm now in it at a full position, today. Valid. Bull, flag, you, know when let's take a look at the option, channel Facebook really quick I'm, watching time to guys but I want to take a look at the option chain to see if we can do a credit, spread so. I'm gonna go to thirty five days out I'm. Gonna be looking for the Delta that's closest to 35, which is this one the one ninety, two point, five and, I want to see if that's under two levels, of support one, ninety, two point five the, answer is No. So, one ninety, let me look at the 190, which is right here so I'm gonna sell the 190. Vertical. And. I'm gonna buy the 187. So what that means is I want price to stay above, the. 190. Mark. Right. 190. Mark by. Expert. Raishin so, which means price can go down. $8.00. Did. You hear me price. Could go down, $8.00. And we could still win this trade now we have, to check to see if what juice is in it but, that's what we're looking for okay so if we sell the 190, buy that we get a ooh. 70. Cent credit oh, man. That's awesome, yeah. So. If we take 70. Divided. By. 180. Oh man, that's a 38 percent return. Okay. Guys I love. That so, what we got here is Facebook. We. Have a 38. Percent return, and the. Probability. Of this trade working out is. 65%. Oh. Okay. So, let's recap because I'm placing this trade right now now, yes this is paper money but I pretty, much almost guaranteed at the moment this class is over I'm dropping a hammer and the real I said, drop the hammer I'll follow my rules but let's point this out so, if I sell the 190.

Strike Okay. 36. Days to expiration, price. Can go down. $8. $8. Which is again, it doesn't have to go up it. Can go down okay. And, this. Trade, is a, 65%. Probability. Of success, so there's a 65%. Probability. That, this trade is gonna finish above, that stripe that means we win so. It's a 65%. Probability. And their return on risk, the RoR, the, ROI is. 38%. 38. Percent, return on our money so. We have a 65. Percent probability. With, a 38. Percent, return. On our money in, the next 35 days how, many of you watching this show right, now can. Get a 38, percent return, on your money, in the, next 35 days with. A 65. Percent probability. Of success, oh and by the way the, stock can still go down a dollar, this is huge so, what doing right now is. But. A risk of thousand, dollars, so. I'm. Gonna sell, five contracts. Okay which, means I have a potential profit, of 350. Dollars, maximum. Loss 900. When you divide those two it's a 38 percent return, so I can make, $350, to lose 900. Now I'm not gonna lose 900. Because, 900, is if I keep it till expiration. In the very end and it finishes under. Our strike our, rules don't let us go that. Long but, again, to, lose again with this strategy the. Way I teach it is what I learned for my mentors is we avoid, maximum. Loss but, this is a beautiful, trait so if you don't write that down then, don't. Write it down because the people that are gonna write it down and take it and I'm hitting confirm and sin BAM. Facebook. Love. It. Okay. But again see, the difference though I'm gonna go back to the second run now and see the difference it's above, the 30 day moving average it's in the technology, sector we're in we're already in it twice I'm gonna probably drop and I'm probably am gonna do another one but, this is awesome, I love. This. I'm highlighting, it 50. Million. Times. Hopefully, my audio works because I'm still, get excited I hit stuff. Facebook. You. Write that down I'm probably gonna put that in the title today, Facebook. Option. Trade. Okay. Boom. Technology. Was the strongest, is below, the 30-day Facebook, sup love it state, pools was the second strongest look, at the picture so different look at all these yellows, these, yellows mean times remember we said you could have got in here we got in here you could have got in here you could have got in here you're, missing, it man you're missing it. Breakout. Setup so you can play some breakout, set, up well. Set, up so you can place a conditional. Order to get in this trade if momentum, continues, tomorrow because you got a breakout setup you don't know how to trade breakouts, get. My box get my box, get my book or go to the blog I don't, know if some of you know but I have a spot on my blog under course you, can speak with me one-on-one and, I'll do a personal WebEx. With. You one-on-one. Personal. WebEx anything, stock related, I don't. Know if you knew that so. You can go to my blog trading part-time comm, go, to courses, schedule. It one on one to speak with me and it'll just be me and you but. We can go over all that stuff because today is, a break out setup and. Guess what if you miss it again that means you would have missed four. Setups. Or. Entries. In. Like. Less. Than a month for. Don't. Miss it. Real. Estate oh my. Gosh see. So. So, sweet I hope you guys are still watching this show because you're getting so much information you don't even know it we entered a half a position, right, there on. The breakout now we say we entered a half a position because if it rolls over what are we gonna do, we're.

Gonna Enter the other half it, didn't roll over prices. Just going up and that's, why we entered a half because. This way if it doesn't, roll over we, still get to participate in, the gains and that's why we were up eight thousand seven hundred dollars today, get. When, it does pull back and it will eventually we, can get in the other half but we are looking good real estate thank, you you're paying us baby you are ugly for a long time. Health. Care health. Care broke. Through the 30-day that's positive, it's still underneath the resistance, but it broke through so, you could go look for stocks, in that, sector, okay. Stocks. In that sector, that are stronger, than that now, we already got in it we're still in its or happy, and we got paid today hey. Going. To sizzler we, going to Sizzla. Basic. Material, 0.5. 0.07%, man. Come on come on we, got in and on that you know support, down here we've had sideways, movement, but today was up but, hopefully it doesn't fall into pattern and be down tomorrow but come on man breakthrough cuz we're still in this trade it's going sideways so it ain't doing, nothing and again that's the product if we traded underneath the 30 day moving average. But. We traded that vertical, spread so we're okay for okay up today. Utilities. Up Oh God. Utilities. We. Got out right here because we hit our target. And. We haven't had a chance to get back in yet we're missing, this man if, you didn't get in right here, the. Entry was right here. It. Could have been right here depending, on your rules but at least right here, you, would have gotten half a position, and you'd be looking good, dynomite. We. Haven't got a pull back so we're hoping, to take a break, pull, back let. Us get in it. Beautiful. Discretionary. Up. 0.5, for, hoverin. It's still sideways, but it's above the 30-day so, you can maybe look for stocks, I'm just giving you guys clues of what you can do not close I'm telling you you can go look for stocks, in that sector because it's above 30-day don't. Look for the stocks in the sectors that are below the 30-day look, for stocks and the sectors that are above the 30. Industrials. See below, up, nice, below, bad ok. But again it's a sideways, slop nothing. To do here at support, but again we're looking for strong stocks, but it was up today so if. You're in that sector you got paid I hate this sector I hate this sector I want to punch. It on a double through the wall it was up today but I don't care ugly financials. Hate you up, 0.23%. But, I ain't want to say about it the only second that was down today was energy, energy. Was down for, indexes up nine, sectors up, Qualcomm. Intel. Google. Oracle. IBM. Verizon. I mean. Awesome paint. Paint paint paint paint energy. Down. Yeah. Back down below that 30 days so let's take a look at oil oil. Was also down see oil you're. Doing a turn energy sector but I broke. Through what do we got. What. Do we got all. Right. Since. None of you want to answer what.

We've Got is a pullback. To. Support. So, if we miss this breakout we now are getting a pullback so if we started to get some bullish, candle patterns there. Game. On, which. Means if that does happen and, it bounces this, puppy, might finally, break through okay, so. We love Facebook, you know that so really quick I wanted, to go look at the healthcare because it was above the 30-day and. Got much more time but this is kind of what I'm doing here for you guys hopefully, you appreciate it, if not that's okay because I enjoyed doing it anyway bear. Flag. Bear. So. When it's bear you don't trade it bullish late price came down hooked. Up so if it rolls over you, can enter a bear flag trade, but, if you're trading bullish, least stay away from 8 b, bv, Abbott, underneath. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go quick cuz I'm only gonna focus on the ones that are above that 30-day, above. The 30 day break out today, break, out, actually. Today is a break out entry, so, Amgen. You could have got in today breakout. Entry, right there, half. A position, half, a position so if your risk $500. Was 250, there is a thousand, risk 500, breakout. And. It's already it's not a setup in or announced an entry entry. Into, Amgen, if you like breakout. Go. Break. Out the, big breakout, breakout. Guild. Right. There breakout. If. No more waiting it's already, a breakout, okay so, you could enter up stuff popping up everywhere you can get into that trade valid, breakout, and if you do enter that trade your price target, is. You. Need to set a price target at about 75. 31, so the price target, for, this breakout, is 75. 31. That's another two. And a half three dollars, okay and again look, at your rules because, when. You when you judge, the risk to reward your, reward, needs to be twice, as big as your risk so, when you analyze this trade if your risk is. Two. Bucks and, your reward is only two dollars and 50 Cent's it's not enough that means you should have already because, I told you hopefully, I don't even know if I told you to tell. So much is this, was the setup right here you, could have placed your conditional, order and you would have got into this today made a lot of money probably, a lot more money than you made it your job today maybe, five, times my money you made it your job on one trade fire.

Your Boss learn. How to do this very passionate, about that and if you are a boss learn, how to do this you can grow your portfolio I. Think. You're not working at all and you really need to get it again make some money oh sorry. Good sidetrack, oh gosh. Man I hate these damn. Johnson. & Johnson. Breakout. And that's. Actually a breakout, let me see if it's a breakout entry. Hang. On. Nope. Almost. My. Rules you're close it's a setup you're, almost there you're only 4 cents away from an entry so that is a breakout, setup and you're not too late so Johnson & Johnson, I mean, damage, in on it I think it's called a mgn. Magazine. Engine. Amgen, guild, write. Those down that might be too far Johnson. & Johnson, nothing. Nothing. Getting, close but nothing. Fiser. Another. One for you guys, Fiser. Valid, breakout today, Pfizer. Telling. You right now man, Facebook, and then, these little four I can promise you one I'm gonna drop the hammer on it can't tell you which one but Pfizer. Entry. Breakout. Today, with, a target, of about 38, ish, based. On the way I measured, breakout timmy : oh I'm sorry inside. Joke not, inside joke but you'll find out very soon TM, Oh No. Yes. Is above the 30-day but no okay so, we, have so much good stuff that's happening so hopefully you're stuck around here number one, powerful. Day Dow. Was up S&P. Was up Russell's up Nasdaq, or up nine, sectors up one sector, down VIX was down gold, was up we. Made eight, thousand. Seven, hundred twelve, dollars, on one sense, take a moment to process that. Eight, thousand. Seven, hundred twelve, dollars and one sense take, a moment to process. Didn't. It what, are y'all doing man what y'all doing how. Much did you make today train to stock market, hopefully. You've made a lot okay. Facebook. Love. It love. It love it. Love that, credit. Spread thirty. Eight percent return, sixty, five percent probability. Nothing. Else to say about that below, support nothing. Else, XLV. Xly. Health, care you to discretionary. Then. We got Amgen. Guild, Johnson. & Johnson Pfizer two, of those are dad injuries today alright everybody hopefully. Again how to say fourth glad, to be back we'll, try to be here tomorrow, hopefully we'll provide as much excitement, and its energy because we're making money and making money almost ten thousand, dollars to date to trading days alright, everybody join us at all the classes get. In this class getting. A forest class getting, all the classes, but at, least get the book okay, please, get the book also, I posted. Some pics today Forex, you got to be a member, to see, that so make sure you join as well alright everybody until next, time floovio. Trader jeff popper, of the book, trade. A part time peace.

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