[06/28/2018] Trading Recap: Stocks FIGHT Back, Dow Up 98 Points... UP +$6,660.16 Today!

[06/28/2018] Trading Recap: Stocks FIGHT Back, Dow Up 98 Points... UP +$6,660.16 Today!

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Hey. What's going on everybody this is flu, Gil traitor Jeff, author of the book trading. Part-time today. Is Thursday. June. 28th, and welcome. The, faggio show. Alright. Everybody, whew, wasn't. Able to do the show yesterday, my, wife had her birthday so, of course we had to go out for her birthday but, if, you guys logged in to my blog, today you, saw that I posted. My my. Pics I posted. The setups, for, yesterday, and I, hope you were paying attention, because. Today, we. Got, paid. Baby. Paid. Ok, so again. I'm, also really quick want to point out that I don't know if you were saw, my facebook today or again on my blog I posted. A trader talk with Jeff today, I talked, about the hidden, secrets. To. Successful. Trader ok the hidden secrets, very, important, that y'all go watch that video especially for you beginning traders, out there I believe, that video will help you out tremendously. Ok comes, from my book there's, a section in my book called, hidden success. And I, did a video. On that, and, posted. It today so you have not checked out that video it's. Very critical, that should do ok, so again hopefully, the audio works out today I know we all have all sorts of Technology, problems. You, know I'm just a one-man show. Here, and so. Hopefully, here pretty soon we're gonna hire some people to help out and we'll have them do all this stuff so that way the audio is always good but anyway let's, go take a look at the account really. Quick see. How we did today. Ok. As, you can see, we. Were up. Six. Thousand. Six. Hundred. Sixty. Dollars and, sixteen. Cents, yep you heard it right baby six. Thousand, six. Hundred and sixty, dollars and. Sixteen. Cents. A couple. Days ago we were up five, thousand, dollars yesterday. We were down some, not a ton about eight, hundred and something so, in three, days were, up about. Nine, a, little. Bit over nine. Thousand. Dollars so in three days were up over nine. Thousand. Dollars today. We're up six, thousand, six. Hundred sixty. Dollars and sixteen, cents so. Yes. You, haven't, got my book, you. Might want to get it okay, so you can be participating. Also. If you're going to my blog check. Out the pics so you can participate and, then, today I posted, a video on. The. Hidden secrets, of successful, training, make. Sure you check that out because we're making money or, making lots of money and, we're hoping, that you guys, participate. In these. Games, that's why I'm doing this show you guys aren't participating, the what I'm what am I even doing this show for I mean I'm making this money anyway and. I'm doing this to help you acts I know a lot of you were interested in this a lot, of you I get the emails you, sign up for my blog I get it so, take that leap of faith and start, making some money take back control of your life okay, alright. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna switch to the paper-money, platform by, TD, Ameritrade, okay okay so we need to place any trades and, everything we look at is for educational, purposes only we're gonna look setups you might look at entry signals, we're gonna do a whole analysis. See, how we were up six, thousand, six, hundred sixty. Dollars and sixteen cents. That's, right. Okay.

Let's Go check it out ham. Okay. So. This. Is what happened today the. Leading index, on the day was the Nasdaq. 100, now. Lots. Of lines here lots. Of lines because I got a lot of support, levels, a lot of resistance, levels but I want you to know it was up 61. Points, today, point, eight nine percent that's. A nice, update, now yesterday, we, had a huge, down. Yesterday. Was ugly. Ugly. Ugly and I posted that information on my blog trading. Part-time comm and I pointed out all the different setups, for today again, those setups paid nicely. Today but, today we had an update it, fought, back now, this is what's called a piercing. The line candle, patterning gaps down in the morning price. Fights, back and it closes about this halfway mark so it's a piercing, line, candle. Pattern this, is a bullish. Tamo, pattern, so if. You got in this trade bearishly. Yesterday. Or a couple days ago I want, you to move your stop losses down. Because. Remember these. Moves is, bearish, moves they, need to happen fast, any. Signs, of bullish, candles, we're out of there quickly okay so move, your stop down, just. In case now. Again we could be in for a blue tomorrow but what I want you to be mindful of this let's go to the QQQ, okay what. I want you to be mindful of is. This. 30 day moving average once price falls below the, 30 day moving average, lots of times this 30 day moving average will now act as resistance so. Price will come back up take, its head up here and then, roll over now, we don't know what's gonna happen but all we can do is prepare ourself that if price bounces, up, we're. Gonna get out of our bearish. Trades if you're, not in this trade at all right. Now you do not have a bullish, setup. Nor, a bearish. Setup, okay but, it was up today and. That's great. The. Next strongest index, was the S&P 500. Sixteen. Point six, eight, points. 0.62%. The, picture, looks pretty, similar, in a sense of, price. Fell, below the, 30 day moving average we, got that piercing, line candle, pattern again be mindful we could get a bounce, tomorrow, but. Watch this 30 day moving average okay so let's extend it what. I want to do is I want to draw this so it's kind of. Watch. This 30 day moving average of Vegas price could go up hit, its head roll. Over now, you're, gonna be trading, the SP. Y picture, looks the same given. Once it fell, beneath this 30 day moving average for me I don't like trading stocks, bullish. Ly when they're below, the, 30 day moving, average I just don't like to do it but, again positive. Sign today if you're bullish, because it was up one. Point five four point five seven percent, okay, the. Next. Index on the day was the Dow Jones thirty. Pub, 98. Points. 98. Points, it's a nice day point.

For 1% but look at this it. Is way, below, the 30 day moving house okay, bigger than diamonds, okay same, thing it's, way below the, 30 day moving average and. It. Did break through support, yesterday. And close-packed. Up above support so again if bullish, momentum continues. This. Line is gonna go down, price. Is gonna come up watch what happens when those two collides like the perfect spot I'm not the I'll saw that movie with that thing, was Mark Wahlberg, where they had a hurricane, and, a. George Clooney another. Hurricane and they admit it was a perfect, storm so, in this 30 day moving average meets, the. Price that's, our perfect storm it's either gonna bust through it or, it's gonna roll over with the vengeance, okay so. There's no trade setup today at. All and again you go you could try to support, bounce but. I don't like trading, bullish, Lee when I'm underneath, this 30 day, don't, like that and, since it's my money and I have a choice to trade and I was up six thousand six hundred and sixty, dollars and sixteen cents I want. To keep that. Russell. 2000. It, was the weakest index on the day but it wasn't, weak I mean hey it has been the strongest this, is a nice, upward, trend, but today, we. Got a hammer, candle, pattern, now, this is a, bull flag, but. Again. It's underneath, the 30 day moving, average I do not, like trading bullish lis underneath. The 30 day moving after okay cuz, again it could kick up tomorrow, hit. Its head on, this 30 day moving average and then, roll over so watch out for the bear trap as we call it the bear trap it's a hookup, rolls. Over but. If you're in this trade bearishly, you need to move your stop-loss, down. Because. If it does kick up I don't. Want to be in a varus position, okay but anyway we're out of the trade we got out way up here you know it wasn't it was a QQQ, okay. We. Wouldn't well not the QQQ, my bad hi WM okay. So we got in down here and we. Forgot to draw our line but you know we got out of here just. Go back to some of the recordings you can see it so we. Just make that green because we got a lot of profit, okay. So, if you see here we got in down here, and, we. Got out of here so we we're not in this trade right now but. We. We. Did well okay but it was up now, we're gonna take a look at the VIX cuz, if this and, the sp500, was way up this Vic should be down and it was so. What you guys are gonna look at is the beat xx, if you want to trade, the, opposite, direction the. VXX, so one, ways to hedge your portfolio. Is if you're trading. You know heavily, bullish, and you, believe the markets gonna roll over you can buy V, X X, okay. Cuz that's the ETF, that represents. The VIX and the VIX moves opposite. SP 500 s P 500 was up today. VXX, where the VIX was down okay, now this. Is at resistance. Okay. So if price continues to. Roll over, then. This. Shark could, definitely get that bounce okay so you want to look at the intro. Clothes okay VX. X SP. Check. Them out we. Got phones ringing everywhere we're gonna stay right here, sorry. Guys we'll be right back here. What's. Up. Hopefully. Everything's still working but, we're gonna have to call them back okay, Ben, anyway so that's. What happened there right now. What I want to do is I wanna take a look at the euro United. States dollar oh look. At that yeah down, today. So the Euro even. Though it was up was. On point too he, dabbed, down so. The dollar was super, strong has the open and then it kind of closed about, fin. Okay. Which means once, our, markets. Opened, up this. Was pretty much done on today but again look we're down here it's support, this. Is the area, that if I'm going to place a trade this. Would be where I would do it now I do want to point something out, here okay I want. To point something out on this chart, okay. So, if I go here to my drawing, items. This. Is ad. Sending. Triangle. So when it comes in a downtrend. It hits its head upon resistance, it's, a support, resistance. Down this is ad, sending. Triangle, and a downtrend, so, by me looking at this technical, pattern I would expect price that bounce up into this, area and then, if it breaks through the resistance. Then. I'm gonna target this area but. If it rolls over basically, what I'm trying to tell you guys is if, you're not in this trade, right now is not an entry, point okay, we want we don't want to see what it's doing inside, this channel, we want to see when it breaks through the channel, or, to the downside, okay, so, right now it's just forming, a descending.

Triangle, And a downward trend but this is not a spot, to get in it now we'll wait okay, waiting. And if. We go to the I want, to say it's the New Zealand dollar, the. New Zealand United State now it broke, through, support, a couple days ago and it's just in a downtrend. Today, we got a bullish, cluster, ok, bullish, cluster, is good, it's, not confirmation, that the trend is gonna reverse but, I look at that cluster, that gives me clues, that it could be changing, here pretty soon and then, I'm just gonna watch it and then when I get evidence. That's, what I'm gonna trade I see this broke, support, so, if you were gonna get in this trade you should have got into it here, and you should have traded the New Zealand weakness. Dollar. Strength, so, right now you look like this 4 X pattern, can't. Quite I got to do nothing yet okay, when I can do nothing yet I do want, to look at the United, States Canadian. Dollar so. This is the US dollar versus, the Canadian dollar okay. And so. Today, it. Was the dollar was, weak. And, the Canadian dollar was strong okay, so I get I'm in this trade I'm when I'm wanting this chart to roll over some, so, what I'm thinking is, that United States dollar is gonna be weak against the Canadian, dollar over, the next week or so okay but again this, is the forex, market, it's the biggest, market in the world it's highly. Leveraged, so highly, leveraged but. And there's what, I mean by highly leverages you can have a small, amount of money and make a big, gain. Okay, this mark but you gotta know what you're doing because. It moves quick. Okay, but again there's a tremendous. Amount of gains in the courtesy, market, I am offering my Forex, class for those of you who want to learn how to trade this market okay again you can do it smaller portfolios. That's, positive, also, this market rates 24, hours a day so. If you wake up in the middle of night you want to do something you can trade it because, it's open okay and, I got all my currency. Pairs over here today the Australian, dollar Australian. Dollar was super, strong against the New Zealand dollar, okay. The euro was strong against the New Zealand dollar let me just go to a couple of these quick see if I see any patterns, that I'm like. What. I'm doing here, is. Okay. Right here, this, is a symmetrical. Triangle forming. Up so again we don't trade inside, the triangles, if price breaks out. Of the triangle, that's, her injury or price breaks, down. That's, your injury so I'm gonna leave this triangle, up because again what we're trying to do is see patterns, and then, trade based on the patterns, so, let's go take a look at the next one this is nothing yet nothing. Yet okay so. Here. We ready look at that one, my favorite, chart it's a euro United States dollar but I am watching this descending, trying okay wanted, to point that out I do want to go take a look at oil really quickly oil, today, was, up, and, actually. Oil today, broke. Through. The. Resistance. Today. Was a valid. Intermediate. Term breakout and what I mean by intermediate. Is this trade is about two months long, so, my prized target, would be around. 16. And again. Don't expect, it to go right to the price target we could get several bull flags along the way but today was, a valid. Breakout so you could take a half a position, on the breakout, then, if you get the pullback and a test you, can enter the other half you, know really quick gonna look at CL because move I told, you guys it's. On record I like, this and you see this is where I entered, this half position right, here on this breakout okay. And today. It's, testing, so, now what I can do is I can place an order to get into the other half, if momentum. Continues, okay that is what I'm gonna tell you enough that, is what I'm going to do this. Trade I like, this trade I told you guys a long time ago I like how it kicked out here, first. Bull flag after, a downtrend, that's. Where you. Can make place, another your. Second, half okay so you should be only in this trade right now with a half a position. Ready. To pounce on the, other half awesome. Now, since we looked at oil with the breakout I really could want to look at the energy, sector, energy, sector, was down interesting. Okay now. The energy, sector, broke, through, the 30 day moving average and it's sitting right at the 30 day so, if oil rolls, over tomorrow this, could continue to the downside hopefully, interviews, not giving us a clue into what, can happen and what's gonna happen with oil so, if you entered, oil today. Bullish. Lee watch. The energy sector, and it was down point 1-0 it was actually, the, weakest. Sector, on the day so. Be mindful if, you entered, oil okay. Now, what was the strongest, second, technology, and, since the nasdaq-100 was, the strongest index, we would expect technology to, be way at the top and it was okay, pictures, look the same today. Was a piercing, line candle, pattern right, gap.

Down Price. Closed above, the halfway mark this is a bullish, candle pattern, but. But. It's. Underneath, the 30 day moving average so, watch out if you're in this trade bullish Lee it, could kick its head on a 30 day moving average I formed that perfect, storm they, were talking about if, you're in this trade bearishly, move. Your stop-loss down. So that way you can get out of this trade at the momentum continues bullets, you tomorrow, real. Estate look. How beautiful, we're looking guys we. Got in real estate right here okay, and, we got in a half a position, on the breakout, now, we. Have not got the pullback so right now this is why I tell you get in a half a position, because some of those trades will just take off that. Won't come back but if it rolls over, and. We get a bull flag I'm, gonna enter the, second, half of the, position, we, got phones ringing everywhere. Okay. Awesome. If you got in real estate like I did and if you're watching this show hopefully you did. That's. Probably part, of the reason why we had six thousand dollars profits, today. Financial. Sector, sickening. You don't know how much I do not like this sector right now yes it was up today but, that means nothing to me it, was up going to three point eight seven so you like the financial, sector have. I don't. Like it not. Right now um. Discretionary. We got out way up here so look at this we, got in here we, got out of time nothing very time I'm close to the top price rolled over but. Look what's happening now he'd hit our 30 day moving, average and we're sitting right there so, what. I I. Would. Do is. You can trade this bullish, lay because it's above the 30 day moving average or you can go find that strong stocks, in that sector I'm, making that note so like that note we. Can look for those up training bull flags okay but I do like that and I'm running down because what we do we have time we're gonna go look at real quick, basic. Materials. It, was up so and we entered that support, bounce trade here, we, had a down day update, down that update so hopefully it doesn't fall on a pattern on a down day tomorrow but listen we're, still in this trade because we traded, a support, bounce trade we, have not got stopped out yet which, means we're just sitting back and we're letting the rules take. Care of himself, but, if you're not in this trade you can enter a support, bounce trade, tonight. But. Again it's under the 30 day moving average be. Mindful but it was up point. 22.3%. Basic, materials, in, dust. Riyals. Looks. Pretty similar, to basic, materials. Down. Here support, way underneath the 30 day moving average see when I see stuff like this I like to trade, options, spread, trades that, way it doesn't have to go up you, can even go down a little bit but it just we are thinking, that the stocks gonna be sideways over, the next 35. Days that, usually the timeframe that we're looking at okay, but it's down here, so. You. Know just trade it accordingly. Again. Nothing. Wrong to, see if we can find any strong stocks, in that, sector okay it's at the industrial. Sector so, you can go find the strong stocks in that sector take advantage that move make some money fire your boss I'm. Just kidding. Okay. So health, care we, got it the bounce here, okay. We probably already got stopped out of this but the, reality is let's just analyze it, as, today so. Today, we, got them it's, a hammer type. Of candle pattern but. It's underneath, the 30 day moving average so this is a bullish, candle pattern, but again it's underneath, the 30 day moving average I do not, like, to trade bullish, ly underneath. See, we got any hair it's above, the 30 day yes, price rolled over I don't, care we, don't know what's gonna happen we just follow our rules and whenever, our rule whatever the stocks are moving, that direction that our assumptions, are we make 6,000, bucks like we did today and. $9,000. In 3 days. 9,000. We're averaging 3, grand, a day. It. Pays to know what you're doing get, my book, or. Not. You. Guys keep watching this show give me a bunch of free value, so I'm hoping that you guys get in there and buy my book I'm giving you this show for free so. You know what I'm, asking you guys go buy my book man so you can know what's going on trading.

Part-time Calm go, get. My, book ok so, you can you. Can understand. What we're talking about a lot of you've already got my book and you're watching this show and I know that it's paying off because I get the emails every, single day. Ok. We, entered half a position on Excel P it was flat, today it was actually 0 ok, but again it's in a nice bull, flag pattern, ok and, it's above the 30 day moving average so I like. The staples. Sector. Ok up, day well, actually flat buddy in bull flat that's what I like about it. Utilities. Worse down, today, but. Look at the run utilities, had no look we got out here we got a huge profit, we, got the breakout today. Is a shooting. Star. Candle. Pattern it's a bearish. Candle, pattern but, remember, 70%. Of the stocks the breakout will test the breakout, area so we expect. This. Is what we expect, to happen we, expect it to roll over and, test this area and I could fall underneath that that's ok because again our next. Support levels down there. Okay but, right now if you're in this trade, move, your stop-loss up, okay, so, today nine, sectors. Were positive, to. Sexually. Seven. Sectors, positive, one. Sector, flat two. Sectors, down energy. Was the weakest, today oil. Was up all. Four, indexes, were up the. VIX was down so, you know we can place an order trade on the VXX. Right the, euro United, States dollar, pretty. Much flat, on the day it's at support. Right okay. It's. Well, it's in a descending, triangle, okay, so it's best the way to see what happens after the be sending triangle, what. Else did I look at I looked at something that little. Picture. Just. Caught that one this is the euro Canadian dollar, we don't have nothing yet but look at this so. I like this I'm waiting for the tomorrow to see what happens, okay we'll. Get that bull flag right, at this level. Zealand, broke. This. Canadian. We broke support, right, broke. Support I'm trying to see what it was what I looked, at earlier there. It is right there United. States Japanese. Yet, this is the United States dollar versus, the Japanese, yet we're, in this symmetrical, triangle, so we could get a pool down tomorrow bounce. Out, probably. Coil, up into here break, one way or break the other way could break straight, out but again I'm not trading until price, shows. Me what. It wants to do so. Now what I want to do is I want to go look at the discretionary. Sector, I talked about the discretionary, sector, so I want to see if, I can find any strong, stock in the sector, to maybe, trade. So. Let's look at these real quick Amazon. Now. I drew my support. Line here so price is underneath. The support, yes it's above the 30 day moving average but I told you I don't like trading these bull flags that, fall below. Support. So. That's not a setup for me definitely, not a setup for me definitely. Not a setup for me not. A setup, we got a bull, we got an extended. Bull flag but. Again fell below my area all I'm doing is going through my watch list so looking okay now, this is an extended. Bull flag. It is above. My resistance, that's. Good and. It's above the 30 day moving average so I can go to Home Depot because it's extended, this is what I'm gonna do Home, Depot and I'm, gonna look at doing a vertical spread, 35. Days out I'm gonna look at 35, Delta, closest. To that as the 192, 50 let me see where that's at 190 250, that's. About right here. That's. Underneath, the 30 day moving average I like to get it a little bit lower so let me use look, at the 190, I want, to sell. Vertical. I'm, gonna sell the 190. Put ok, and I'm gonna buy the, 180, 7.5. Foot so. That's way down here good ok because. I want to make sure that I sell a strike, below. At least two levels of support this. Is the first level support and then. This is the second, level support so, we will be below two, levels. Of support so. Let's see if we got another juice, in that trade now this trade is a 60. When. Is that about a 67. Percent probability. Of success. Okay. Yeah. So, it's a 60, so. We have a 67. Percent chance, this. Trade being successful. Let's, see if we have enough reward in, this trade so, we're gonna risk 50, well we're gonna risk a hundred and ninety one dollars to make fifty nine dollars let's, pull out my calculator. 59. / 161, three-point. 91. To. Make 59. Well. One. More time $59. /, 191. 30%. Return. Perfect. Meets, our rules so, we have a 30%, return. Which. Is huge, and this is 36, days so. Basically. How. Many of you out there can, get 30%, return in, 36. Days am, I saying we will but. We have a 67. Percent probability. Of success, of, this trade. Finishing. Above. Our strike, on expiration.

Okay, So, in layman's terms as, long as the stock stays above. 190. On exploration. So it can go down. 5.5. Points, as, long as it stays above, 190. On expiration. Then, we'll make a 30%. Return and. We have a 67. Percent probability, so if we're gonna risk a thousand, dollars on this trade. That. We can do five contracts, so, we're risking nine five nine hundred, fifty-five to make two hundred and ninety five dollars now. We're not gonna lose, 955. Because our rules this is if we keep the trade to expiration. We're. Not gonna do that our, rules don't tell us to do that but I'm gonna place this trade, because, I. Absolutely. Like. It and. It's in the discretionary, sector. Which, I wanted to look at so I'm placing a vertical, credit. Spread on Home, Depot, to get in this trade tomorrow. And my strikes are below two levels of support. 67. Percent return I mean. 30 percent return, 67. Percent probability, in the, next 36 days. Beautifully. All paying attention broke that down no. Setup in McDonald's. This. Is kind of ugly see how it bounced, up close down again you could do another, vertical. Spread so what I have ugly, looking bull Flags like I did a minute ago or extended. Bull flags this, is where I would go look to do a critic another, vertical so, write down Netflix. Then you later go, check the see if you, have enough juice, in this trip so I wrote that down I said I'm gonna take it I need to analyze, it make sure it meets my rules, nike, below. The 30 day moving out we do not trade bullish lee below, the 30 day moving average that is ugly Starbucks. You are ugly okay. Your. Coffee is not that good either but. The chart is will not good. Okay. For some reason Time Warner's not pulling up so let's go over here let's look at TW x, which is Time Warner, Cable. TWX. Time. Warner Time. Warner was up today, so, if I look at Time Warner Cable, it broke through right here we couldn't take a half position, now. We're waiting for the pullback to take the other half if, you didn't, take the half a position, but it pulls back if it pulls back and today is a bearish, hurrah me bearish. If it, pulls back that's, where we're gonna do it okay guys so number. One I. Happy. You're here watching this show hopefully you guys had an amazing day we. Did six, thousand, six, hundred, sixty. Dollars sixteen. Cents all four, indexes, were up we had, six. Seven. Positive. Sectors, one flat, sector, two down sectors, we.

Took A vertical, spread trade, on Home, Depot, and I, like the discretionary, sector, the industrial sector. And later. On I want you guys to go look at the staple, sector okay again lots. Of beautiful stuff, alright everybody great, show today make sure you subscribe, to my youtube channel today. I posted, a video, on, the, hidden, secrets, of successful. Hidden. Secrets to successful. Trading huge. That's, in my book but. It's big hidden, secrets, to, successful, trading make sure you go watch that video also go to my blog because. I posted my analysis. For yesterday, okay, and I posted that trader talk today all sorts, of good stuff happening. Money's happening, everywhere we're just gonna be throwing up money no we're not gonna be throwing up money we're very strategic, or very smart, and for, those of you watching this show you, are - all, right everybody until next time I am flu kill traitor chef author. Of the book trading, part-time, join. Us in stocks class the Forex class get. My book get, the blog get. My bull flag training, course all sorts of things that you can do to, help yourself take, back control of your life fire, your boss and, make, some money alright I but until next time peace. Out.

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