#039 - The KING of Routine

#039 - The KING of Routine

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I'm a candy kind of person live, a king of can be. Quite. The king of routine but. Goes. Together a formidable force we. Are formidable. We can do routine. Hey. Everybody is John Anderson here alongside my, good friend and business partner mr. Jason Bachman we're, here for another episode of the big idea podcast where as always is our job, to help you get, more customers and, make more money with, out working. Harder so, without further due let's dive straight into. This Fonseca so. Everybody. Was into the May edition of, the bigger the air podcast. So. I was, being interviewed for a. Different, podcast. Last. Week and, the. Interviewer had. This little throwaway, comment that he said to me he. Said odd you're the king of routine on you it's. Been the king of many things this. Every farm ever I've been accused of many things before but actually I, like. That I'm. Having, that under I am the routine machine, and. It. Got me think about most. Of the success that we've had and it, doesn't tend to come from that. Big. Bang in a moment it. Comes from doing, the boring, the. Routine, but, the crap that like. Bores you to tears. But. Works mm-hmm. And it comes from doing that routinely. By. Doing it every yeah. The. Little softer words every day or every week or every month how. Many times have we said to someone you. Know you've got a really good piece of marketing here it's, a hot spring here but the sales letters work really well for us cool when did you last send it hmm, oh oh, I don't know right. Make it every team let's do it every. Six, months every nine months let's send this, sales, letter again. We. Had one of our clients had fantastic. Black. Friday which. Sits right let's. Not wait a year for the next one let's revisit. This campaign let's routinely, do this campaign and. Let's do it three times a year let's have three Black Friday teen year. That's. That's, a secret. You. Go back to. When. We had our real, hockey stick growth with our main sports betting business which would have been kind of. 2013-2014. Our. Entire. Marketing. Plan was. One. Page of a4 mm-hmm, and. It was just did. This. Selection, win, today, yes. Okay, if so create. This Facebook, post. Send this, email. Post. This, on Twitter. If. It didn't win do. This instead and. It was just a simple, routine, it was one sheet of a4 that I could follow on, a daily. Basis every, single day and I called it my daily, marketing. Planner it, was of my occasional, marketing. Plan it wasn't my own I suppose a better think about doing some marketing planet no it was a daily. Plan. Every. Single day without. Fail I did, something, to. Bring in new customers we're chucked in a way because we're looking over half of mobs like well. I. Would. Dig out my one-page marketing, plan for you Rob you're okay I think. When you, when. You embrace that that. Routine. Things. Like, sending. Emails posting. Facebook, updates. Recruiting. People. Collecting. Email addresses selling. Becomes. As natural. As. Brushing. Your teeth does because, you don't have, to think about it it's just routine. Especially. If it kind of works really if there's something that's actually working for you and it's worked for the last time it'll work the next time you might want to tweak it you might want to do something a little bit different but actually it's. Worked so let's let's do that again let's, do it again let's do it again it's, not as Extreme as the shine in your church she said you're, one pager I mean your routine is pretty, much, in concrete isn't it you know your little orange sheet of paper, yep with your days mapped, out in front of you what sir you know how that's going to pan out you've. Got all your bits in there which you're, gonna do every week you know your gym sessions book tinium and all of those all things are there aren't they yeah and all the meetings then get filled in there all of these podcasts, and where for us they're all on your sheets they're all ready to go see, you know exactly what you're kind of doing so actually yeah you you're very OCD. About, this routine, kind of it reads on the king of Reno I must go in the sauna no I can listen, to this and I've got to take the doctor what we listen to this book and unless but it's getting those things done there that's the thing that actually if you don't have the routine and kind, of out of the scattergun. Approach, to anything then. That's not you know a few things may hit the target, but actually this. Way you kind of know that everything's, hitting a target as, long as it's moving yourself forward do.

You Know who's the toast is good at hitting targets. Greg. Norman Greg. Norman world famous golfer okay, much, like ourselves we've been playing golf recently win we have yeah you're my new year's resolutions, going very well you, are playing so golf Greg Norman. Has. Got me standing on one leg, as. He mm-hmm, George though he's done that he. Asked you nicely I, was. Really happy with him and one. Of the questions he was asked was what weird, habits, or routines do you have and, he. Said when. I clean my teeth I stand, on one leg. It's. A great exercise, for the leg it's great exercise for the core really, improves your stability in your balance, now. I remembered reading this two years ago with, some sports scientist, about oh you know the best thing you can do as, you start to age is to work on your balance and the best thing you do that is when you brush your teeth stand, on one leg and, I'd, format the habit the routine I don't know that actually that's. Something I know I can do so every day you know. Without. Having to think about it because I'm cleaning, my teeth anyway this, is lost time, that. I was otherwise it just stood, there. Brushing. My teeth now, I'm stood there. Wobble. There I'm having an abs workout I'm, working, with glue some work in me quads and. I'm. Thinking, about what a great golfer, I'm gonna be. As. A result of this new easy. To implement have. It in routine all, right so, also, you. Serve its soldiers they hmm. I've tried. To implement a brand new routine. Standing. On one lake, in the sauna I've. Already done that masters at that okay stand on your head in the sauna I would. Like I need to, floss. My teeth more regularly mm-hmm okay because that was something that I did. Quite. Often after visiting the dentist you. Need to floss them often yes I do don't I right I'm gonna do that and I did it more often and then. I did it a little bit less often an ER did it hardly ever and, then I did it when I got a bit me, stuck in between. This needs to become habit, this needs become a routine so. Every night now the. Sauna every night that is a routine so. Now every night before I get in the sauna, I've lost my teeth, takes. Me an extra one minute, per, day but I've had just attached. What. I want to do to. Something I'm really doing that is already a routine so I want, to improve my balance want to improve, my core understand, on one leg and get that stability so. I attach that to cleaning my teeth I want, to floss my teeth so I'm going to attach that to. Going. In sawing so I don't want to do it at the same time as brushing there's all sorts of reasons, scientifically, behind that but. Just. Easy getting, that that. Routine, in there you've. Really you know everyone has already got a routine, it. May be a very loose routine or there may be a few things that they do their routine but and almost, everybody, brushes.

Their Teeth almost. Everybody gets, dressed in the morning I. Think. Robbie's dressed you're, okay there. And. He's just really getting, this thinning so for me when I do what I'm planning out the week all, those, routines. Go in the, planner first. So we batch all of our meetings for. A Monday so Monday, is just like meeting meeting meeting meeting. Jim. On Tuesdays. And Thursdays, almost. Always at the same time. Again. People it, didn't take long for people, at the gym to. Notice that I'm there at the same time every week oh you. Hear first, time at this time so yeah I come every Tuesday at exactly 10:30 so. Why because. It's a routine because. I know I can implant stuff around it I know, where, I am what I'm doing, our. Team huddle 9:30. Every Wednesday used. To be midday. Somebody. Had to change. That which messed with our our. Naming, of it something chronic, because we had a nice little zoom, at noon name, for and now we can't think of a name that. Works for a 9:30 meeting, on a Wednesday and. Needless to say we still forget about it so it's all good. Yeah, family. Day happy Friday afternoon most, afternoons so this, might be listen to this. We. Do try and do it but you know but. That that's, structure, of. The, routine of having, the. Same thing happening at the same time every. Week or the same thing doing every single day that gives me the freedom that, I. Need to actually work, around, that so you. Know when I'm having a conversation with someone today it's alright you know can. We fit this in oh yeah, we got time for a meeting got time for a chat I can. Instantly go have. It on Monday have it on Tuesday I can do Wednesday morning, on Thursday afternoon, I think. That that's it my, weeks. Are free so it's no good yeah, where's a lot of people say well yeah, go on then, I'm, free now and then, oh that's something else doesn't get done and then something else gets kicked down the road the, important stuffs in, there that's the scaffolding, that's the framework that everything else fits around, am.

I Free from eating, the. Answer could be no you, know someone says to me on on Wednesday. And, I've already felt my diary for the rest of the week you free for a meeting. No. No no let. Me look at next week. It's. It's about getting those priorities in there I was. Reading a. Reading. A book at, the weekend and this is kinda he was a, limpid. Power lifter I believe and. He was talked about how important. Routine was to him mm-hmm, and apparently his father had said to him I know, never, to die or. Have my funeral on one of your lifting days because I know you won't be there. But. That is how important. Routine. Is to him and it's how important it was to me I remember, when. I went to an event in London last year. Chant. A few attendees, down we, started, talking we're at a restaurant and. We started talking about routine, and, how. You know withering where the routine was important to us now and I said yeah it's quite important to me at which point I reached into my bag and, pulled out the hotel notebook. On which I'd written, 7:45. Lam call. 755. Shower, 8:15. Facebook, live video 8:40. Leave apartment. Walk to venue room have, coffee you know like morning. Bread time, you. Know and. It was like yeah 1730. You, know 1735. Walk, to gourmet. Burger kitchen for evening, meal no that's about this Saturday I, said and then I've got to do this I've been through that I've got a per meeting here done I'm going to Paddington. Done in winter tivitz and then went to drive home there's like I'd literally. Really. All day my entire day, when. All I was doing really was having a jolly in London and going to a conference but I'd still planned I was like no I'm gonna make the most of this day I'm, gonna, how can I squeeze in a facebook like well let's schedule it I try, doing that for holiday last year I decide, family very well I have to go all out to family's, going so. Here's. Our itinerary I what, how'd, you know itinerary, Phillip and yeah, let's, have them it got me something, chronic but I wasn't like a 35-hour, having breakfast it wasn't that bad but it was gonna we're gonna do this we're gonna have we're gonna be here for travelling time and. I got it all worked out so I'm not donating since cuz I was ridiculed, ridiculed. I was gives you the freedom we're in a killed in gbk the, or agender. Of the day no, I think they were in or worth me I think. They were like. Oh my gosh I think they they said oh my god it's a, it, is just nope that's the king of routine I. Am. Definitely embracing, that title king of reason I can't run can't decide, whether to go for king of routine or, routine, machine. When, does the lazy entrepreneur. Become, the common routine that's why there's. A bit of a slidy there isn't it no there isn't because because. I have that routine that means that gives me the freedom to be lazy okay, that gives me the freedom say I'm gonna go to the gym I'm gonna, have some me time I am, NOT gonna work beyond three o'clock in the afternoon I'm gonna spend time with the kids I'm gonna take Friday, afternoons, off that's, what enables me to do that if. I just had the complete freedom of the whole week to say I've thought, what I'm gonna do then. I wouldn't. Be a half as effective as I am the. Share I need to do need. To get done wouldn't get done and. I. Wouldn't then have the freedom to be lazy hmm. So. Yeah the last month's book month was Grit by Angela. Duckworth. No. Relation to Jack did I do that joke last one I'm not sure I was going to fear okay, I thought we put fear in this time I know relation to be worth it, I, really. Enjoyed this book I'm guessing you haven't read it yet good guess you asked me before we started to do that say no it's not much of a guess if I've showed you the answer is it you're, not meant to think that we've actually prepared for this in any way or but that's the only. Ideas. So. What what. I'd give me is take away so gripped. What, what is great if you have to say what grip was what how would you describe grit, I'm. Guessing in the determination. Kind of where your thinking is exactly, the desire and actually getting things done and actually keeping on with it and actually being yeah, seeing things through yeah perseverance.

Perseverance. That's one of the key words achieve, she reckons, it's a combination, of, passion. And perseverance. So you love what you do and you're, determined, to see it through and so she, comes as it's multiplied, so it's not passionate plus perseverance, it's, passion x, / spirits that's when the real magic. Happens that's, what keeps you going, until. Things. Are. Routine. You've. Always plan this moment so. I'd listen, to this book primarily, as a. Parent, rather, than a business owner because you. Do need true grit to get you through passage. But. Jack. Our, oldest. We. Are often. Teasing. Him and saying look look you don't persevere get my stuff you didn't stick my stuff and he started to I, persevere, all the time what like you did with karate well I can't I did that for a bit and football, that, was the end of term that wasn't you quit early Oh was, anyone weaker. What. About swimming I know we've made you do swimming that's right the. Age I. Keep. Sensing that you need to persevere, more you need to so I want to know how do I, encouraged. Him. To, persevere. Without being. That. Parent, mm-hmm, remember, there was a, character, in Fast Show pushy. Dad or something. Like that and he was like, unless. You know in London, there was a seamless claim cricket, and, it's like no unless you can get in both them out in one shot. You're, no son of mine I. Remember. Having read. Andre. Agassi's book. Year. Before I've lost I think it was known he. Had a very very pushy dad it's. The reason he was so successful at. Tennis, so, he had that perseverance, but he wasn't, actually given, a choice, as. To whether the persevere he was literally had the the racket taped to, his wrists, before, he was strong enough to hold them, and. So he didn't have that passion for it so it's getting that balance right so. Andrew. Says you need to be supportive mm-hmm. You're. Here to help them you're there for them you talk, to them, you. Need to be respectful so, give them, freedom. To choose certain, things their own you, know the ability to have their, own point of view I'd already like tennis dad don't care, swing swing as. Opposed to only like tennis that okay that's, fair enough why don't you like tennis yeah let's have a conversation about that almost. Did you rubber that oh but. Finally, being. Demanding. Mm-hmm. And saying look you. Can do better, than this I, expect. I've got very high expectations, of you I, expect. You to. Do your best. Even. Though it's hard and that is perseverance, is this. Is hard but. I'm still going to do it and the passion most, problem for us but multiplied, by the perseverance, is I. Enjoy. This even. Though it's hard even though I struggle, at this I enjoy. It that's. That's when the real magic. Happens so you found Jack to do them that he's going to have that passion and perseverance. We. Found anything yet uh it's. Finding that thing that actually he wants to, persevere, with a goal for that was not one he gave up gosh. Yeah. It offers a great example, of grit to be fair isn't it because you do have to have a passion, to want to go out and do it but you've also here a lot of perseverance, lots, of practice and a lot of. Disappointment. We played last week than me and I think a few of my shots ended up in the grit. A. Good. Example so with Harry is a good example because we, run on holiday end of last month and he. He's. Learning, to swim. But. In, my mind he can actually swim he, just needs to convince himself he, can swim so, we. Had so, I'd obviously just read this book and. So I was in my mind that I needed to be supportive, nuclear ight okay so. We had a where. Their own pool in the villa there so I'm out in the middle the pool beyond, his depth so I'm holding on to him he's, clinging, on the dear life now so. I was supportive, but like I'm. Here for you mate what, you're afraid of you know I, was illustration I was. Respectful. You. Know it's like okay what. You felt I don't want to do this okay why didn't want do this and then we then, I was demand things like okay, you.

Are You are capable of doing this I know, you can do it I know, it's hard I know you feel, that, you're. Not any better breather you not American side but look I am. Here mummy's. There Jack's. There you know Don to him if you want pull him under the water. You. Can hold on to the side there the side there other side there the side there you're. Gonna be absolutely fine and, I. Know you can do it my expectations. Of you are, here, your expectations, are lower, you don't believe you can do it I nursed under the water line yet I know that you can do it and it was what. Actually got into swimmingly, and was that, demanding. Streak, of I'm, not, accepting. No finance here because I know you can do it and it wasn't just know. I'm you. Know gonna get to quit boy you're, just gonna do this it's sink or swim it was no I know you. Can do this you've. Done it with before. We in your lessons you've done it with you the Woggle you've, done it with the float you wants. To swim teacher actually pretend. It to, tie the float on so she had the the float spot my strap all. The time she pretended she, did, it up snapped it on right, off you go to Harry and he swam away because. He thought we had a float on his back you didn't have any flow at all so we know he can do it, and. It's just given, him that ultimatum, of. No. And it was I wasn't accepting no France if it was likely she was clinging on to it but right you, are, going to swim I'm going to let go and you were going to swim and I think once he realized I. Can't. Talk my way over this one I'm going to have to do it. Literally. I let go and he, just did it just swam like okay, to you and then literally, from there could not stop him he was just jumping in like certain swimming playing. Fetch the whole lot and he was just and he was so proud of himself. But. He, he, was lacking that, little. Bit of perseverance. So. He had the passion, for I think he enjoyed it, but. As, soon as he toned it come now suppose, it hard like oh stop now because it's hard and. It's just nudging. Through, that say no no you're. Going to do this even, though it's hard and. It's it's not saying oh this. Is easy it's. Saying no this is hard, but. You're capable of doing hard things and this, is just one more hard thing that. You're gonna do. So. Next month's book, of the month he's someone who I would, say has. Tremendous. Grit. Tremendous, determination and, he's certainly no, stranger to. Doing, hard things he's thinking because he out of this world he. Will be planning. On being it it, is of course Elon.

Musk. The, famous, PayPal, founder. Tesla. Crater. And. SpaceX. He's, going to take us to Mars hmm. And, I firmly, believe that so this is his. Biography. Is by somebody, called Ashley advanced, I. Believe, it's an official biography. And. It's. I, think it's a chance for us to get inspired by a, man who. Doesn't. Say it's not possible, yeah, I, mean, I I just, doesn't, say that as anything I remember, as a. Thinking. About space travel. The. Moon was our limit wasn't it mm-hmm, we could not go anywhere else because by. The time you got to, the nearest planet Mars, the. Average human would have died because. It's going to take you $1000, years to get there. What. Numbers. May not be a. But. I certainly member thinking oh well that's. Our limit we will never get to Mars because. Humans. Are not capable of that and. Heed. Our musket just gone why, the hell not and, he. Was a man who. Don't. Give away too much of the book have now she read the book again but his. Man who knew nothing about space. Travel he knew nothing about rocket, propulsion, he. Was a banker mold accounts, for PayPal, made. A shitload of money I thought right, what I'm going to do then is I'm gonna read every book I can find on space. Travel on building, rockets and, then. I'm gonna make notes on the discrepancies, where they agree where they disagree and. Then I'm gonna try and get these people in a room and talk to them and figure out and eventually I will. Be the. World's most knowledgeable, person about this because I've read every book and, I've taught one-to-one with every expert, therefore. Making me the primary expert, in global, space travel, mm-hmm, who. The hell thinks like that. Not. Normal people no, so, we. Are I'm recommending this book as the book of the month, not. For. People to emulate. Him I'm not saying let's all go, and. Gamble. Massively. The way that Elon Musk has let's not, you. Know go. With these massive, projects, but I, reckon. Once. I've read this book I will, just be thinking a little. Bit bigger and. A little bit more long-term mm-hmm, I'm not gonna be perhaps, thinking about the next 12 months much but I may be thinking what, is possible. In. A decade what could I achieve in a decade if, I can. Routinely. Do. The right things to, keep nudging me towards that goal but at the moment looks. As ridiculous. As. If. You were to step back in time to 2008. And say. We're. Gonna be planning. Global. Space travel for everyone, we're all gonna go into opal into space mm-hmm, humans, are gonna travel and possibly. Colonize, Mars and we're. Going to have self-driving cars on the road, don't. Be so stupid, oh and, by the way one, man's going to do all of that and. We're talking, ten years only ya talking twenty years and we've got mobile phones that are like computers that in your pocket so so it's not an awful long time is it it's not it's increasingly, Oh can-do attitude oh he can do attitude I'm a can-do kind of person Dov a king of can be. Quite. The king of routine. Butts. Together a formidable force we. Are formidable, we can do routine. So. Um bonus. Bonus Book, of the Month not. Official. Recommendation. For book month but I it's a book I'm reading at the moment and I'm thoroughly enjoying it it's, called extreme ownership. Mm-hmm, it's by jakka willing and late life, babban Lake, babban is, a fantastic, and I'm listening to the audiobook and he. Sounds, just like Batman, he. Has got the world's most gravelly, voice I'm Batman, yeah he's, just like that but actually I eat in the rating. Basically, joke, only our stream, ownership, but, no. That's the guy that announces. The trailers. Coming, soon to a theater near you. They. Are US. Navy, SEALs or former US Navy SEALs and now they teach leadership and, skills. That they learnt out in, Iraq. And Iran. Apparently. Sponsored. By a young Steve, Jobs haha. All. About the leadership and how to actually create, better.

Organizations. So now we're the, reason I've done this we're looking at we're hiring an an MD for one of our businesses at the moment and, we're looking at what qualities, are, we, looking for in. Somebody. To lead our businesses, no we've, only ever led our own businesses, so we are the leaders, that. Have led those of them and they we're looking for someone better. Than us, shouldn't. Be difficult. It's. Not very high. But. We need to know what, we're looking for you know what. Quality should do so a, couple. Of things that have come after leadership, really. Can make all the difference and there's a great story I think, it was jock of tails in, one. Of the one of the chapters about, training. To. Become a, Navy SEAL and there's this thing called hell, week which. Is where they basically beast you and try and break you and you, know of the. 200. People that start hell, week seven. Are left by the end of the week is literally, separates. The men from the boys and as. Part of that they had a boat. Race and it's yeah basically, teams. Of say. Eight have. To run. Down to the shore grab. The boat run, with a boat off to the off to the start of the water row. Out to somewhere collect a flag bring, it back. Pick. Up the boat run half a mile up the beach to, the finish line and that's it it's kind of a race here six teams of eight, I think it was and. Every. Single time they. Found that like boat team number two, would. Win and boating. Number six would lose and the. Others were kind of intermingle each other every, time boat team two were well a in front boat, team six were always last. And. So what. They did is they got the leaders of both teams two and six come come come report. Right. You guys swapping. So. Book. Team six leader you're no lenient book team - Brooks him - leader your no leading boat team six and. They. Went out and they raced and they thought well so what. Happened previously was boat team six leader went well. The reason we haven't won or reason we've come last it's, my team, they're. Just awful. They. Don't work together as a team they're, they never, talk to each other. That. It's not very good the other team the other leaders, were lucky, because they got a good team I got the worst team someone's, gonna have the worst team in ER it was just luck of the draw that, I as, leader got the worst team and.

Boat. Team to, lead it awfully well to my great leadership that's, that's cause this that's why they're there weren't nothing you know or perhaps, a good a good team so this Watson would let me find out how they did. So. Vote team 2 under. Their new leadership and you can do any spoilers in amongst this story it's, okay I'm gonna give you the results, okay yeah that's gonna be a spoiler spoiler alert, gotta give you the results, hurry, booting. - yep who'd. Won every previous race now had, the. Worst. Leader or the leader of the worst team leading them and, they finished. Second. So. They still did quite well. Both. Team six. Every. Single time the worst team then. Had leader. Of building - in charge of them and they. Won by, a County most of the worst team, became. The best team and the only thing that changed, was the, person in charge, the. Leader given out the orders I said. That shows you what a difference. Leadership. Actually makes, to a team because all of a sudden that, team of individuals, and they were a team of individuals in team sex suddenly. Became 18 mm-hmm, and, obviously. They had a leader they respected, because, he was able to come in say oh I've won the previous five races so. Right, guys I know what we need to do you did this you did that he did right when there if he's struggling and you cover him and boom right let's give it we can do this and they believed that they could do it because the, leader was telling him whereas previously, was like well you guys have rubbish so. Let's just try not be last they mm-hmm. Interestingly. The, worst leader, went. To the best team nice. No finished second they didn't let, performance didn't really deteriorate that badly because these two teams were. Head and shoulders above all the other teams so. What. Happened there is actually what happened was the. Leadership that was instilled, in. The. Best team. Remained. They. Still worked together I think they still knew what to do despite. Having cramped. Leadership, but. Because they had good, leadership they. Still had all the routines, they, still knew what, to do and, they could pretty much, pay. A good time and almost be in that race without. The leader so. They kind of did it despite, that and. One. Of the things I took from that is that the best thing and the reason it's called extreme ownership, one of the best things a good leader does is. Success. Total. Ownership. Of. All, the problems. So. With we. Had a question, posted, in AOB last. Week a week before about. Hiring staff and, it. Attracted a comment which rely. Will actually yes on Facebook is, on Facebook is me it'll be is on Facebook isn't a big idea don't cut your cake for slash Facebook and a, lady there wanted to know whether or not she was better off hiring, a staff or. Taking somebody who's self-employed, on, instead, as it was it better to hire well better to take, it you're contracting kind of ate sauce yeah yeah yeah, and. We yeah we there. Was a comment which really, stood. Out as a beacon. Amongst. All the other cuz lot who said well actually my, experience is I prefer to have in-house, staff for this reason I like, I was sourcing cuz it gives you the freedom the flexibility, brother Wampus, said don't, hire anyone, you. Do it yourself you always get let down employing. Staff is a nightmare, the, system screws, you as an employer the. System, doesn't, favor you as a small business I wouldn't, hire anybody. I would try and do it all yourself. Now. Clearly that person's had a bad experience mm-hmm. With, staff, at. Some point in his. Or her business career. So. Whose fault is that. Well. If you'd listen to the words that he's, actually said it's clearly. Every. Member of staff he's ever had.

You Always, get. Let down so. All staff let you down yeah, the. System, screws, you as an employee so it's the system's fault mm-hmm the system, doesn't favor you as a small business is the government's, fault, who. Is the only person in, all. Those statements who was blameless. That. Was him he. Was the only person who was completely, without reproach it was not his fault no it was the staff members fault it was the system's, fault it was the government's, fault not. My father nothing to do with me. There's. A really really good example. That. Jocko in life life life is, about leave person life. Using. The book about. An encounter, which what they call a blue on blue what we would know was friendly fire and, so they. Were they had a team that was holed up in a, particular building in Iraq and. The. Subletting Marines went in to storm the building to, to, free them and it turned out that they, were actually shooting on the house that, these other people bring and there was I think there was one casualty, someone one of the Iraqi soldiers, that with died, and. Was a couple of wounds, as well so. Afterwards. Clearly there's a bit, of a discussion. About. What. Went wrong why did this happen. So. Jacoub goes in and first. He says right whose. Fault is this and. Someone. Said well actually actually. Sir I fired, the first shot so I'm. Gonna, accept responsibility, tonight-. Not, your fault, he. Said someone. Else said well I I didn't clearly identify, myself as, friendly. Forces so you know perhaps it was my fault it wasn't your fault whose, fault was it and. Eventually says oh why. I didn't, raid, him through at. The time when I was meant to okay. No you didn't it's not your fault whose. Fault is it and eventually. He was like a complete silence in that wall you, know if everyone had done the I'm smart. No it's not your fault but it must be Morfitt no it's not my fault mm-hmm come on whose fault is it. Don't. Know sir okay it's my fault I'm. Your commander you. Did radio through in time there's. A reason you didn't radio through in time it's because I did instruct you how important it is that you radio through in time you, fired the first shot well, you fired the first shot because you were following put school before, school set by me so. You. Want to know who's to blame for that, bloke being dead for you having, a grazing you armed for you being sent home I'm. To blame because, I take extreme ownership, it's all my, fault everything is my fault I'm the leader so, something. Goes wrong it's. It's on me and it's. Really. Really interesting to see because. I took a lot with the parallels between obviously. The Navy, SEALs career and what. They've done in business and to, see. Something's. Gone wrong you know we haven't our targets this year why. Not well. Because David. Sales hasn't been pulling his weight properly, whose. Fault that was David's fault did, you not hear me dave has it behaves don't hit his target so it's Dave's fault well. Why hasn't been Dave hit his targets, well. I don't. Know Oh actually his lie manager hasn't been pushing him hard enough so is his lie managers fault, okay. Who, does it lie matter you're 40 me, okay, your phone. It's. Just that accepting. That if you're the leader. Everything. Is your fault mm-hm if you are the business owner if you are the, entrepreneur, you are the head honcho. Everything. That feels right in your business effing it goes wrong in your business is your, fault, doesn't. Matter if why the. Agency that we used turned, out to be a bunch of charlatans, who, hire. Them you. Did right, who, monitored them Oh II nobody why didn't nobody monitor, them because you were meant to your fault. Doesn't, matter yo we, got our we you know we, had a bad member of staff and they stole from the till your. Fault don't. Blend in the double entendres staff hmm, it's. Your fault and I yeah. I've something really enjoying the book and I just think if I can leave you with one comment.

On There it is to everything. Absolutely. Everything that happens in your business is your fault. How. About happy no what, did you think you think she should hire. Employ, take, some being a self-employed contract or the answer is of course it depends it depends it depends. On what they're here we've done both and both. Have pros and cons since what fits for you and your business. Absolutely. Everything, even. Though I'm the most irresponsible. And. If you do fancy but then extreme, ownership, by bad man, it's. A good one today very. Good that's. It have a great May everybody, and we will see you next month for another edition of the, big idea podcast. So. There we are another episode in the can how. Was it for you please let us know how do you listen to these podcasts. Please. Leave a review on that platform let us know what we can do better what you like what you don't like and how, we can improve to make this show even better cool we'll, see you next time.

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Thanks for the great content as always. A boring tech question but how do you record the videos. I can see the snowball but what is that plugged into - is it direct into a phone or laptop? I want to get started on video content so interested to know what your set up is.

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