#035 - You can't handle the truth!

#035 - You can't handle the truth!

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And that was without the likes of Facebook LinkedIn. Or, any social media platform because, there wasn't one at the time Google was in its it was, with MySpace doing, the other - myspace, who, speaks no, did you ever ask. You as you say come on MySpace. Hey. Everybody is John Anderson here alongside my, good friend and business partner mr. Jason Bachman we're, here for another episode of the big idea podcast, we're as always is our job, to help you get more customers and. Make more money with, us working, hard so, they further do let's dive straight into, this, fontana so. Hey. Buddy welcome to the February, edition of, the bigger their podcast Johnny long so Jason as always how you doing buddy I'm very well thank you John good good and we've, been we've been shopping, this. Last month on Wayne we've done a little bit shopping we have we've been doing some mystery, shopping. Mainly, for our clients, mm-hm. We, do like to test them every, now and then that way we do. It's. Very interesting, to see because also we do a lot of teaching throughout, the year. Both. On the podcast and in ambitious. Lifestyle business and also obviously what's a club about. The. Correct, way no, no not the correct there isn't a there's no right and wrong ways it's. Another way that you, could the, best way that we believe things. Should be happening yeah yeah exactly so, things, like. Go. To your quotation, process. How. Quickly. You might follow, up on a lead. The. Process, of, sending. Emails, you. Know what point you hand over to your team what happens, then. What, about the after sales process. What happens, to the to. The whole customer. Journey so. For. Regular listeners, we think, we might have brought it up about six months ago the same kind, of thing wasn't it really we did a little bit of mystery shopping in the summer on two, or three of our private. Clients at that time so. Yeah these are kind of revisiting, that to see how things have we've, done in those six months yeah, have, they not, really already. It's. It's very interesting because. You. Know we. Need to do more of it in our business as well because I know everyone. Knows what should happen mm-hmm. We've. All got these. Systems. And we all the processes, in place and we put it in the right when. A customer joins, you. Send in this email and then you do this and then you send them this bit, of direct mail here and then they get a phone call and they get onboarding and it does this all works brilliantly, in. Theory. But. I mean again we talked, about the. Founder in an episode didn't we and we have the systems and processes in place for the MacDonalds well related, to that somewhat I used, to do mystery shopping for, or Burger, King which again is obviously they've got themselves to the systems and processes that Ray. Kroc could put into McDonald's to make sure that every piece of food that went out within a good amount of time there's no waiting that, you've got till the service so they, mystery shop every month every store, in the country to make sure that their systems and their processes are, being met and their standards and the quality is it be you know is achieved, each to it every time so. Yeah. So I did that so that's a committee interesting I get to make sure this so your job was to make sure that the burger looked exactly like it does in the picture yeah. But. It was very similar I mean we had got a three or four page questionnaire, thing, we had to fill out at the end of it yeah we. Had to, paint. Pens to be fair to do it but again to keep the chicken, what the meal I think it was we used to have had. To be the same meal every time, and everybody across the country have that same yes anything. Consistent. Exactly. That's it yeah and yes you had to kind of judge when you went off when dogs missed the cue when you got to the counter when you reserved how low years wait for your food after you assert how it was presented where. It came in you know how things were wrapped it's so far queues permit in Berlin you knew it was the chicken whopper meal mm-hmm, did.

All The staff know, that, they were going to be mystery shoppers are they shaking what for me it happened, every time there was no I mean I did it for two years I think and every month it was the same, always. Like saying yeah always. My favorite everything so I'll guessing that's one of their popular lines I'm guessing so therefore a CUNY they don't know whose mystery open because there's lots of those welcome, you as much remember when I was. A civil servant we used to be mystery shopped. Again. It was on a monthly basis but, we. Were bloody prepped and, towed right there. Is what they're gonna be mystery shopping you on you're gonna be asked questions related, so as soon as the person phones up and starts have some questions entire mystery. Shopper here yes. No I know the answer flying honest yes. Yes. The correct answer for your question is well. That. Completely. Goes against the objection, of the objective, of a, mystery. Shop the mystery shop should be. The. Same standard that every customer gets do, you think Ofsted they do mystery, shopping on you know old schools, and things I know they do give them warning this economic physician he's not ready industry that comes under ready but I'm. Not solution for that he looks like 50. Variation. All the rest but. Risky. Shopping, where they do actually go in there they check the standards, the levels and all of that kind of stuff and it faster, that's the principles involved it's about checking to make sure that what you think is happening in your business is actually happening. In your business actually you say principles, because principles, is or was the book of the box laughs was it it was and that was a very key point from there it's about the. Actual, truth. About. The business not what should, happen in the business but what actually is. Happening as, so many business owners can. Tell you what should happen mm-hm when a customer gets a quote when a customer, accepts. A quote when a customer, goes silent and doesn't get back to you when, a customer, buys when a customer is unhappy they'll tell you what should happen, but. Often, isn't the actual truth and, of. Course the other and. Then there is I what if he do a mystery shop and, it comes back that something's gone wrong you. Have to then actually act, on that there's, a certain. Organization, we frequent, I'm, on a kind of four, nightly basis who. Constantly, ask for feedback on the F who is every time we're there they asked us for feedback I was, it today was, it a bit slower than normal was the food code again. You. Know and every, time, they get feedback and then. Two weeks later it's. Pretty. Crap again then. Again they ask for feedback and we give them the same feedback still it's okay I'll let them know yeah, that's, me action taken I've let them know. They're. Not actually sing. All that advice you know mm-hmm. So, much say that actually we've stopped giving that advice now because it becomes a bit of a comedy yeah only. What is the point so therefore if your customers are becoming apathetic about, your business which, is kind of where we are now if that particular organization, is like this is how it's always going to be who's got economies iron ourselves you know we go there for other, reasons other than that particular service point if it was what your business was is that service and actually your customers coming apathetic if they won't be coming tea for very long there if we were to choose to go there for that particular service we wouldn't be going there would we we'd be looking for somewhere else so it's, actually if you're gonna ask. For feedback in. Order to promote your customer then the best experiences, again you do have to act on it you do because, your apathy goes, to your customers apathy and they don't have to spend their pennies with you. It's. Alright yeah get, off. So. Last. Month's book of the month Jim. What I love doing this baby do you make fifty always such great fun to find out what. Key takeaways, you've had from. The. Book of mud so last month's book the month was Sarah what was it again it was about having principles about a family was called prints from the. Called. Happily, yeah, what's he called no idea. To. Be honest I look at the twelve books over the month and find the one that I'm game is gonna be the most learning for me and that becomes my book of the year which is really good. Ray. Dalio, was the guy who, wrote principle hi yeah, that's him. It. Was a tougher, you don't be honest with you I obviously, you realize you didn't send it very well because you said to barbecue month is principles, it's 16 hours and it's not gonna be vague interesting. To go through so how do you didn't sell it I don't. Think I said it wasn't gonna be very anything I did find it interesting okay, but I found, that you're pleasantly surprised me um.

Yeah. I. Found. It was more of like, a Lord light corporations. Or you know people. Who were looking to build. Decent-sized. Teams. You. Know not, it. Wasn't, it wasn't for me. Some. Interesting things are to take out of it though, they. Touched. On just now it's, more about finding. The truth within, your business. What. He calls ruled you know it's basically rules based decision. Making so. What. Is the actual truth of the situation we're going through now it's, probably not, as bad as we think it is and. If. We think things are going great for you not as great, think it is you know. Even. Though it's whose fault you know something goes wrong whose fault was it oh it's. The buying team's fault no no no whose. Fault, is it there's a person, who is responsible for this and it's. Encouraging them to, be. Able to say, that. Was Jason's fault without. Chasing the feeling oh my god I'm gonna made a scapegoat here I'm gonna lose my job because no why. Did Jason fail Oh Jason failed because he didn't know how to do this why didn't he know how to do this but, he didn't have the training in that or why don't you have the training that because it's not in our system as a process manual to give him the training ah ding, there we go so whose fault was that only exactly. Yeah. It's. That, person. Who creates a trainer who's why, didn't, that happen it's just following, that chain back to okay why did this actually happen. Another. Idea, that camera is he, talks about an idea, based, meritocracy. And, he keeps referring to this idea based meritocracies. Basically. Who. Actually knows, about this stuff mm-hmm. So look mr. magic we got you know we, film this around a table there's eight. Seats. Around this table the stomach of two of us here now but. Imagine there's eight seats around this table and, we want to talk about how we're going to use, facebook. Messenger ads to. Grow our business mm-hmm. Do. We take everyone's. Advice equally, from around the table or. Do. We speak to the one guy who's, been doing Facebook, marketing a facebook, facebook Messenger ads for the last 18, months and he's, absolutely crushing, it and it's the idea of okay that's. The meritocracy, he actually is the expert in this he knows what he's talking about it's, not one, person one vote mm-hmm. It's not let's all sit down and have a committee meeting, and. It's. Very interesting you talk about.

Elections. For example, that's. Not that's not an idea based meritocracy, that's not well. Let's put, running, the country mm-hmm. One of those important tasks, we've. Got in. The hands of people who actually know what they're doing is not well actually you. Know who decides who the chance for the objective it is people, who actually know the economy mm-hmm, know they've got one vote same. As the guy who's sweeping. The roads and knows nothing, about it they've, got the same power, sure, whereas. Actually there's, an argument that what, why not put together a meritocracy and say actually if, you, are. You. Know an Oxford, trained, professor. Of economics. Then. Perhaps a great. Role for the Chancellor either is it really should have a little bit more weight, than. Someone is so you've worked, in the, NHS, so. Should you when it comes to election, time have. More say with your votes on, who. The health secretary should, be, than. On, policies. Relating to. The NHS. Than. Someone. Who worked, in the Department, of Defence actually. And they should have more of a say on the defence budgets, because. They. Know what they're talking about where's. The rest of us have a general, idea which, is fed by the media but that's that's for. Another day you know it is another day oh but. Yeah I just found it really interesting it's about getting, to, the actual truth, via. People who know what they're talking about and having. The humility to say role doesn't. Matter if I'm wrong. You. Know the copy. This liner do you want to be right what you wanna be rich and. Obviously. He's a hedge, fund manager so you, must be rich mm-hmm, he doesn't care about being. Right, because. But. We've all seen the apprentice suddently yep so, we're gonna listen, to the focus group today and we're here to find out whose, idea is the best and I've listened to your idea and I've listened to your idea and coughed everyone obviously liked your idea. We're. Going to win mine because I'm the group leader, and. You see it every, single year and. That is not an, idea of a meritocracy that is a. Dictatorship. And. I don't mind running a dictatorship, as long as I'm probably. Dictator. Fair. Enough the. Other thing has been in the book was first order decisions, versus second order decisions, and this is basically. Short-term. Gratification versus. Long-term gratification. So. Putting. In the example of dieting. As we just come out of January of me. You. Know going, to the gym and eating salad that. Is a second, order decision, because you know actually it's good for you whereas first our decisions are look at that cupcake that's. Rather nice I might just just, I'm a little by her lap now that, is a first order decision, which is a very, easy decision to make it's very easy to pick up that cupcake. It's. Not as easy to say I'm gonna live on chicken and steamed broccoli for. The next month so the first order decision, gives you that like. Short-term gratification. But. Actually, in the long term causes, you more pain, whereas. The second order decisions what you really really should be doing but it is harder, you've. Got that short-term pain but. You get the long term gratification. Goes. Back to I think we've talked about on the podcast before the. Ben. Hur Davis will it make the boat go faster the, Olympic. Rowing team from. The 2000s, yeah they, switched. Their thinking from first order decisions, do. I want to get up at 5:00 a.m.. Do. I wanna go training today oh it's still two years away from the Olympics I think I can ever give up tonight to. Second. Order decisions. Will. Disappoint us a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. No. It's. Just by shifting that thinking, all. Right they had that short-term pain of oh my god why am I doing this why, am I getting up at 5:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning when it's freezing cold outside and, I'm, training when I'm still two years away from competing, it.

Doesn't Really matter does it well. Yes Martin, Games it does matter, but then got that long term gratification of, here. We are no 18 years later still. Talking about them as gold. Medal winners at the Sydney Olympics as, opposed to what. They did at the 1996. Olympics. They finished seventh or, when they did at the 98 Commonwealth, Games where they finished seventh, or, I think previous Commonwealth Games where they finished seventh, and, they were consistently. Seventh. Seventh they were they were just missing, out on the finals and, they went from that to go medal just by switching their thinking from, first-order. Immediate, gratification to. Second-order. Decisions, I long. Term gratification short, term pain so. Your dad to get quite a bit of hair looking really well it was 16 hours we. Did. Until - 16 hours of it now that's that only, yeah so anyway it. Was, 16 hours so I made a promise no, I, made. A suggestion, to. People that I probably, wouldn't, have. Such. A long, book for. February's, book-of-the-month. Sorry. Everybody. It's. Another 16 hours earlier, it is but. It. Is a fantastic, fantastic. But, I am loving, this book. So. I'm I'm not quite finished it yeah I'm got, about an hour to go I. Will. Probably read it again. This. Month I would probably go straight back and read it again now I'm little. Bit of caviar I'll see not everyone I know listens to audible but, this. Book on audible is. Not. Read by the author mmm-hmm. Which, does make a difference because. This, is an autobiography, it's, this. Guy's a life story and. What a story is but. It's not directed by the author it's read by professional, narrator right. My. Book by the way bigger additional businesses will be read by the author John, Hamilton I still have my auditions, do you don't know that for sure you know I've got the gig they told me that I've got the gate here they can always change it you've an affair so they'll always do the first second order decisions.

So. Put up with a short-term pain of it. Listening. To your voice yes it'd be really stressful businesses will be read by the author and I having. Listened. To this book I can see what a difference it makes come on tell us by. What it's about the book is called the. Answer, is yes now. What was the question. Subtitle. How I turned, 37, pence into a hundred million pounds and. It's by Neville Wright who. Is the founder of kitty care okay. Who used. To or they still do they sell. Process. And yeah, cots and kid stuff. It's basically his life story from starting. Out as. A pig. Farmer, basically. And. He started to clean windows that's where his first first 37, pence when it was. On a bit, cloth to clean your window I'm gonna stop you there because you can't tell the whole story because you've got now it again as. Well so stop okay, so wait I honestly. That's. Not gonna last year everyone, raved about she doc mmm-hmm Phil nights book his, story about, Nike mmm-hmm. No. But Nike, is how you pronounce it yeah. Like. A bikie is, it just like a bike you when you go for a hike II. Like. To me. This is a better, book than shoe dog um don't. Get me wrong it's, a little bit random. At places it's a little bit in terms of the time scares a little bit all over the place never. By, his own admission is dyslexic. Yeah. He's written a fantastic book, should. Have read it yourself but I'll, let you off it's. Basically, the story of Harry normal. Bloke and you really, really get story in it what just what a normal, bloke. He is made. It very, very, big and sale see the, subtitle, of how I turned it into a hundred million pounds kind of gives away given me anyway he's made it it does on the front cover of the book. He. Does it by doing simple. Stuff. Excellent, consistently. And. It's just there's so many lessons in there there's so much inspirational. Stuff, and a lot of just, laugh-out-loud. Stuff, in there this I'll read it John okay. Okay. Before you tell me everything I don't need to read it okay. So. The answer is yes yes level, right, to know what was the question, something. About turning 37 P into 100 million that was it see I'm good aren't I - phase, a fantastic, read I'm absolutely loving it yeah. Well. You've been talking a little bit about the hedge funds and stuff and that's a huge amount of risk isn't it sort of thing but there is a huge amount of reward and I think that's the title of our next session it is yeah we're looking at risk versus, reward now, see I've done, a few investments have done a few property deals so I'm kinda. Used juggling. That risk. Versus, reward, factor. But. This came to mind as a conversation, I had last week with a guy about potential, property deal. Basically. He would have needed to spend, about. Six. Thousand pounds. And. He would made about. An extra thirty thousand pounds profit. Oh no thirty thousand pounds out of this property, deal so basically, spent. Six make thirty so I saw the the. Potential. 24k. Profit. There and huh whereas. To go speaker to could. Not see past. Six. Thousand pounds, you've been spending six thousand pounds I could lose six.

Days This to some work I'm gonna lose six days of pens uh-huh. Where's. Our lives I said okay probability, but not working is very very, small. Probability. Of breaking, even is probably, 95%. Probability. Of. 5x. In my money is. Probably. 50, 60 percent. That's. A risk versus reward ratio, that I'm happy with and it is that case of looking at okay. What's the reward versus, what's the risk and it's there two are inversely. Correlated. Mm-hm, so. You. Could put your money in a, high. Street current. Account. Which. Is safe. The route the risk, there is very low you're. Covered by the FSCS. So $85,000. Pounds. But. The rewards for that are not point two five percent if. You're lucky if you're lucky I, mean. That's not a risk versus reward ratio, that I'm happy with particularly, when inflation is, so I true, inflation, it's, about five percent I don't care what the official figures are to me true inflation is about five percent moment. So. To, me that's not a risk versus reward ratio of halfway whereas that sort of deal do I spend six grand to, make thirty. Depends. What the odds are making thirty are it's not just how much money can I make it's, can. It go to zero if, it. Can go to zero what. Are the chances, of it going to zero what. Needs. To happen for it to go to zero therefore, I need to do my due diligence I need to find out what, the truth is in, that investment. And. If it can. Go to zero, could. It also go to the moon so. A, very. Good example of this at Norwich I'm starting, to dabble with cryptocurrencies. Man, can, I go zero oh hell. Yes then. Go 2-0. Why not you know came to the - I think of - figures yeah well, you could depends if you're borrowing or leveraging - there to, invest in it if, you're like getting hacked but. To. Me that can. Go to zero, so. I'm putting, in a little bit of risk. Capital, that. Is capital that I know I, can. Afford to lose if, it goes to zero, then. It goes to zero and I fully accept that I'm, not yeah fun part in five grand in that's. Not my last five grand that's, not all I've got left in the world if, it. Was I would not be putting cryptocurrencies, yes, it could, yeah, it's got a potential but. 5 grand turning, into 50 grand quite, possible, you know, I know a guy who's turned twenty five thousand dollars into a million dollars mm-hmm, very aggressively. Trading, Kryptos not, for the average person. His. Advice is to just do that truck risk capital. Into. A kind. Of a tracker fund for. All the cryptocurrencies not just Bitcoin you, know people think kryptos is just Bitcoin it's not it's there's, thousands. Of them out there so if lots of them is in the 3G. Evidence, comes into it and yes whose set, them up who's organizing them who's doing them it's yeah it's a bit of a monkey wasn't it you want them exactly it's kind of yeah get to know it a little bit put. Some risk capital, in it kudos a moon it could go to zero again, I guess it's one of those things about actually I want to do some crypto stuff who's who's, got a seat around my table that knows about that and if there isn't anybody who, can I kind of get yeah who does know their, stuff most. People do they ask the taxi driver on the street who's listened to a radio show about crypto, season and thinks that he knows it all.

Again. You know everyone's got an opinion on Bitcoin, yeah. Bitcoin, is now. Common. Language. Around, most. Pubs. And coffee, shops, but. How. Many people actually own, Bitcoin. Hmm. Less. Than, 1% of, the population mm-hmm. Everyone. Knows what it is Evans got an opinion on it if it's good if you know. Into next well very, few people are experts but it's having that risk versus reward ratio, to me at, the moment the, possible. Rewards. Outstrip. The risk there's very high risk very very very high rewards. Are. Then liken that to some, of those like the silver bullion, investments. I do is that gonna be to zero no it's never gonna go to zero and guarantee, you've never could zero because obviously silver does have a. Will. Always have a value but. I'm actually buying silver, bullion which. Is actually a coin so on the front of the coin that says it's, worth two quid so the lowest it can go is to quit so I know it's not gonna go to 0 that. Is my risk my, greatest risk is it can go from where I'm buying it now about 15 pound an ounce down. To two pounds that, is my risk. Chance. Of that happening very very low because. Finite, amounts of silver cost more to extract it from the ground than it has does to actually buy it. You. Know it's actually I think probably. Being kept artificially low, it's, a super, hedge against inflation it's, a long-term stored, well there's so much going for it that I say well actually the risk of the reward rather going. Forward, it's. Pretty good I'm pretty, bullish, about it I'm not saying it's gonna be you. Know but. It was I'm not gonna 10x, my money on that if. I was gonna turn out to the money on it there's a chance it could zero and a very good chance of that but I would, be fairly. Confident, I could, double. My money on that given, ten. Years. So. Some, money's going in there because the risk versus reward ratio, so you'll becoming a consumer, of investments, and that's that that's all well and good I mean it's not in lots of people's stretch. I'm setting as a small, business only you may not be into that and, things really but how can we kind of turn that into a business lesson, I guess as I say you're becoming a consumer, of that investment, probably whatever that investment will it might be but your customers, as a small business owner they're, investing, in, your company whether, that's your products that you're selling or your service is that you're giving and so therefore there's, a risk involved for them when you're making that decision to buy into, your product to your service yeah absolutely it's, what, you can do to reduce that risk to. The customer. Don't. Give too much away but in. Novels, Berg, he's. Got a brilliant way of doing it so he had a shop in Peterborough which sold. Kitty's. Stuff. So. He wanted to get, parents. Of young. Children to. His shop this. Is pre-internet. Mail order Dennison. So. He. Loves it so uh what's the risks what's people's objections, well I live an hour away so. I've. Got to drive all the way there and. All. The way back and. It, may not even be the right stuff so, he, came up with the, free, petrol. Offer. Whereby. All. You had to do was. Walk into the shop with your driving licence and he'd, look at the driving license look. At where the postcode is. Actually. Was an old to dance we probably looking. Phonic. We postcode is the workout distance, and shop the work couplet pence. Per mile and they, said they'd go they should check via. Petrol you did not need to buy, anything. You, could literally. Go. Into the store they gave you free tea and coffee as well so.

You Could drive to, Peterborough, we. Could go from Plymouth we could drive Kleber to Peterborough right, have. A free cup of coffee maybe. Even a cake because we quite a long way, given. My driving license and get paid for the, petrol, completely. Took the risk out of it yes. They had some chances, who, like, lived and, our way but worth to Peter where they tried coming in every day very. Powerful. But. He said he absolutely made. It a no-brainer. Completely risk-free said yo people would go in there and be embarrassed and they'd be like um hi. Can, i and I saw you if you had your patrimony. Yet no, and they'd literally walk up to people and say have you had your petrol money yet no, no and they just created this, complete. No, risk. Atmosphere. In the shop it, got the shop busy it got the shot full of people know what else happens, if. You. Have you have a rep I hate. This word reciprocity. Mr.. Prosser yeah, I always try to say. Well. If I if I hand you a check it is very nice for me then I'll do some a lot for you you've given me some money now you know I with, no obligation, to buy anything, the. Second thing is we'll. Be in how aren't we mm-hmm, we've driven an hour we've. Got a drive an hour back I'm not driving up with an empty car we. Just divide by the pram and me mm-hmm, got, a check here for 25 quid on us up let stuff do better, models away yeah. I mean it just completely. Took, that risk guy and he just identified. What is the risk to. The. Customer but risk, is I waste, 20. Bit on fuel driving, there I would, say every day we've kind of. Leading. Vacuum. Cleaner type companies, that have a kind of 7 years, completely. Guaranteed. Or there's, a car coming again, there's only a kind of anything goes wrong when it just bring it back and we'll sort it out so there's, different ways of doing this isn't it and some people believe in the product and that and actually be able to do something like that yeah which again takes the risk out of it for them from the consumers point of view but also in the pregame is a selector, or something different than you can buy from a different manufacturer, because they don't have that so actually you've differentiated, yourself. Against your competition, again. And that can be a leading. Driver. For the consumer, yeah it's. Yeah and we've we've done it with free, racin tips before with our. Gold Package yeah our, top level package, basically, if you follow this. System, for. At. Least three months, you kind of take, guarantees make profit but we do but we did about guarantee in place that basically if you follow it for three months and you don't make a profit, we'll. Give you money back mm-hm you know it's just it just removes that risk of what if it doesn't work you. Know what if something goes wrong okay that just these are the things that your customers are already thinking, they're. Thinking yeah that's great you're telling me this work you tell me it's brilliant boy. If it isn't hmm, what is that what if you're lying to me what if you're just a marketer. Which. I think finally kind of takes us on to the next one because it's not only just what you can do for your products and your services but.

What Your customers, can do too and I think that's kind of you can build up a community of your customers and things that are actually singing your praises and doing things for you and. That therefore takes, away the risk from the customers because they cannot see or you could potential, consumers because they can say actually there's a whole wealth of people here who are singing your praises saying that you did a good job or you've got a good product or you've got a good service and actually, that. Does it all for you so that again takes away some of the risk doesn't it yeah I really think our next section is talked about the about community building is oh my god yeah I was having a conversation this morning him literally, about community. Building I said it's it's what we've done it's what we've always done from the very first business net free stuff mm-hmm, that, was a community based business, right it was a directory, of stuff you could get free. Samples on the internet but we built of community, around that and that was without the likes of Facebook or, LinkedIn or any social. Media platform because, there wasn't one at the time Google, was in its it was, it was MySpace doing. The other -, MySpace. Who, speaks no do, the other you, as. You say come on MySpace. But. These are the days without the easy-to-use, community. Tooling, things that are out there at the moment which, you can easily build up a community yeah, no we did regret it's just huge community we've done it again we've done here free wasted tips now we've built up you know we had a Facebook page 127. Thousand, people on there we got a Facebook group now 15, pairs of mcclure all, chatting. All talking to you because they've got a common, a. Common. Goal common, needs they. Got something in common with each other and. What we have is that relationship, with them I mean you know a band, it's a big numbers right there yes yeah 200, days dominating, this, 127. Days on a Facebook it's, not about the, numbers it's not about how, many people, you've, got in your community well. If you if you're watching if. You're watching us live right now as we're recording this you'll be seeing these of our Facebook group so we've got a community of business owners small business owners around. About 800 of those in, our in our Facebook group so that you can find us on Big Idea code UK forward slash Facebook. But, you'll find us you'll, find us there and another 800, like-minded, individuals who, are. There to find, a chair and have a common purpose and that is to do better in their business and to achieve a better lifestyle, for themselves well is that they've all got a common goal is we've, created a fun.

Safe. Place that people want to, be a part of we don't drag people, into our community or force anyone to stay there they're, all there. Because they want to be there they feel at home there's a sense of belonging. And. You know again, we're, encouraging, our one, percent Club, members nodes do, this too so we've got people. Particularly. Those who are teaching those who are teaching property. Investment, or horse. Training driven. Photography, skills. Social. Media coaching it's you know we're doing. We're. Encouraging all of these people to think about building, a community. And. I think we're. Gonna be putting together a master class on this, very. Soon because I Said's it's. What we've done for, the last. If. They've got a feeling, of ownership a little bit of belonging within that, thing and they need to feel as if the you know that there are an integral part of it them. There you become your ambassadors and they're the ones that are screaming about your business and they're talking about your outside of the platform outside of the group and that's getting you more and more business so thanks, but that doesn't, it with us and the original you know I'm the free net free stuff it was it was a case of them telling their friends about you know you can go grab yourself some free whatever, it may have been over. At net free stuff go there and actually that group was building and building and actually there mister doing the selling and selling for us really it makes it a lot a lot lot easier I think then, I came, across. The. Idea for, net free stuff via. Community. I was on each, one of these news, groups. Yeah. I'm. Not couldn't, a house called a news could happen if they even exist still. Yeah it was a brick series Havanese. News group. Oh. Yeah. It was it was the Facebook newsfeed, of its day wasn't it again. There was forums, and things like that which you know yeah but you've got this if those things is what I guess which yeah, which was their own community, groups then all, the lights that they moved into different platforms new things that's that's what it was you want to this forum and retain. People within a ob we. Know because of communities. That. We can part of now I can. Think of people who we've we've, come from three or four different communities, they're, all in the same in our community, mm-hm, but they've come from you. Know affiliate community or they've come from an entrepreneurs community or they've come from a local community and it's not actually you. Know they are all these communities all over the, place and you can just create, your own little, wall your own little world, with. People, who think like you do. And. It's just it's, a really great way to. Have. A list of people who, are interest in what you do and they love what you do and it's, just I think it's that telling is the best place or, best way for, most businesses, to. Thrive particularly. Online. Particularly. With social media I think if you create a community and. You actually really. Care, about that community, that, makes a difference it makes things so much easier. So, our last topic of the day well, it's a way to squeeze pages. But. Ultimately squeeze pages and kind of funnels and all that but not. As most people talk about them for. Like info marketing businesses, and we're gonna have remarketing. Steps here and let's get our whiteboard oh and double this now I want to talk about like squeeze pages and follow us for normal. Business. Is one of the things I mean I said when I saw Debra medium. Yes. And a lot of things that she said in she and it kind, of struck with me she said businesses, are. Very. Easily become over complicated, you said her strength is to make them very simple and I think that's a very good thing because for certainly we've when you talk about squeeze, pages and click phones and perhaps and press and all of that kind of stuff it can get over complicated, very very quickly yeah I think for this intersection we just go very simply, how, can you as a small business owner get. A new list by using a, funnel. And a squeeze page yeah how you're gonna get them from that list to enter your customer, list yeah so.

First Thing. You. Did, just a little bit yeah look I hope you GT spotters as well but. Unless. They're from Devon I've ever worn a rhombus everyone, in the 80s it -, no TV oh. So. What is a squeeze page first of all let's let's get really really basic why is it called a squeeze page it's called a squeeze page because, it's designed to squeeze, you, down that funnel, give, me your email address give me your even just give me your details, sign, up for my list or bugger, off those, are your options really with a squeeze page so it's basically it's a one-page wonder, where. Your only options are to either close, the window down and go away or. To, take, an action download. An ebook or, pop, in your for your, email address in the form that will give you some kind of lead. Bates, so. How. Can a real business did so the guy who asked this question was a photographer so I thought let's let's take his business first of all. So. What could you have on your squeeze page what could you, as an offer well I was. Thinking why not find out when our next family, shoot. Day is. Download. Our wedding. Brochure. Down. Another portfolio and. It's just putting things into that funnel of. You. Know you could have you could have an e-book that's awesome, I've, never a big fan of the e-book no, but I know they work and I've seen them working, so. You can yeah here's some examples, of my work mm-hmm. What the pitfalls of. Hiring. A poor, photographer, I mean these these are sort of things you could put into your funnel actually, so once they've given. Your email address give them a reason if you'd have an offer to be fair it could be something as simple and I'm gonna take you strip it back down to being seven simple it's somebody who's interested in a family shoot and here's an offer that they can have they get their free standard. Photograph, that everybody kind of gets but this is the voucher, for it and they could just be put in their email just in there to get their voucher yeah for a nice simple, free. Photograph, when you come and have your family she reversed this that you know really stripping it back really. Well. Removing. The risk remove the risk that's it come on we'll give you fell if you like it you do if you want to buy smaller than you do that so typical that, stop your face like when putting together offers, and putting, together, lead. Baton effort that's. A good place to start is what are the, risks that my customers, are thinking well I would do that but I could. Invest some time and get in there oh my god they're gonna sell me they're gonna hard sell me on a thousand, pounds worth of photos here oh my. God it's gonna end up costing a fortune, if. Your margins support it you could have that free photo but you could also do a cream.

Tea Or something completely different look at what everybody else is doing and do something up above, it you know, I can't differentiate, yourself, from what everybody else what else can you offer them along, with the family portrait will do you a head and shoulders shot for each of the parents and we would have the children all you know whatever that whatever you want to do you can kind of do but include that within the package again, if you're running, higher. Margins, are you, know not doing it one based on value or cost or price or anything like that you can do you can afford them to put the little extra nice things in there which then you. Know which then will make a difference to them coming to you as opposed to going to one of your competitors, I say strip it down making rice is it mum and thankfully some this year might be making, a simple keep. A simple stupid right I wasn't, gonna say. You. Just play it all the time it's just no. Think. About so once you've got them all on your list then. Most. Problems. That people have been is what the how do I send them yep so that's done when you go into your follow-up sequence and that's where I say you send them suddenly portfolio, send them examples of work so, if they've signed up for kids. Photoshoots, and examples. Of your kids filters you sign up for a wedding one setting, examples of wedding photos pets. Send them pass yeah. What the pitfall was why why don't you want to hire a cheap, photographer. Mm-hmm, you. Know. Testimonials. We must have shed, loaded testimonials, it can send that people, send. Them an offer free. Canvas print free, frame. Frame when you do this free cup of coffee when, you're coming for a session yes in your diary page, that they can book themselves in or get a nice as simple I think I, think, the most important, one which, goes back to mystery shopping again, follow-up, oh yeah, that's one don't forget to follow up with people hmm if, you give them a quote or you give them an offer follow-up, make sure they take it so there were a little bit of a caveat about squeeze. Pages mm-hmm. Sometimes. You don't want to have a squeeze page so. If. You are a. Plumber. That is, looking to win more corporate, business from, letting. Agents, then. You may want to have a squeeze page which. Says why. Landlords. Want to hire good, quality. Plumbers. And you, know how you can add value to properties, and every, can, put together a nice little EE Burt we can put together some kind of guide and send, them off down a funnel, but. If you're that same plumber and you're. Buying traffic, on Google AdWords for the keyword. Emergency. Plumber. People. Don't want to download an e-book about how, to add value to their property, by hiring a decent plumber they, want your phone number, just, stop the water that is narrower waist height, yep. And. It's just creating that you. Know and knowing where that customer, on the buying journey we made, that mistake once, so. In the sports betting business every, year we're doing it right now we put together a magazine for. The Cheltenham, Festival which, happens in March and this. Works, gangbusters. For us it's really, really good as lead. They would put up a squeeze page we find people who are interested, in horse racing we, send them to the squeeze page and we say hey give us your email address and, we will give you a free 32, page magazine, really. Glossy really, well-written loads of tips in there all, about, the chart the first one this worked brilliantly, and, the. First you did that but this is amazing. Working. Out see but we were buying leads are we getting a beta we getting leads off Facebook, 411. Pence a lead and we. Were just soso, chocolates, working absolutely brilliantly. Until. It didn't, and it. Changed, literally overnight, so, the conversions, were amazing, chugga festival starts on the Tuesday on. The Monday, before joining. Me commercial. Rate dropped a little bit mm-hmm, Tuesday. Morning it, dropped a bit more than. Tuesday lunchtime it went off a cliff mm-hmm. And, we couldn't figure out what the hell's going on these are the same people same. Target audience same. Squeeze page, same. Keywords been paid, for on Google Adwords they're. All coming in exactly the same places were targeting, and exactly the same and the. Conversion has, plummeted. The. Only thing that changed. Was that. The 130 was about to start he worked like an hour away from the 130 so people didn't, want to devour a 32-page. Magazine, yeah they, wanted to know who's gonna win the 130, so. Day. Two of, Charton. We completely changed it we removed the magazine we chopped that in the bin mm-hmm, that is they're completely worthless and, we said hey here's the results you missed out on from day one if, you, give it to your mother dress now we will give you instant.

Access, To. All the tips today - we've got tips for the 1:30 for the 2:15 to the 3 o'clock we and we listed out everything you negating idiot instantly. Mm-hmm, that. Was what people wanted, at that time but they're buying intent. Changed. Matically. Overnight. Near to, a much more pressing demand it's the. My. A, hire a plumber, versus. I need a plumber now and, you, know if one of them a squeeze page is a nice soft, way to get people into your world introduce. Them send them off down upon all you know get them all sewed, versus. I want. Your phone number now please, my, feet again rather soggy. Okay. Excellent. On that note I think we're gonna start off we are has been another excellent, month in the in the big idea world, will. See you with, a much shorter. Book-of-the-month. Enlarge a price shorter, the promise is written here so that is a public account again see maybe the book 14. Or 15 hours 40 minutes that's, right you can. Have a nice pamphlet, next time yes. As. Always guys show notes are on the website big idea cut UK forward slash podcasts. Come, join us in Facebook group Big Idea book for UK well such Facebook see. You later we'll see you take care of the line alright. So. There we are another episode in the can how. Was it for you please let us know how. Do you listen to these podcasts. Please. Leave a review on that platform let us know what we can do better what you like what you don't like and we, can improve to make this show even. We'll, see you next time.

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Love it guys, well done, love the rapport, the back and forth and the BANTER!! No seriously great content and great discussion. This is my first watch on here and have already subscribed on iTunes and will listen to the back catalogue, probably in my car, not going to my car to listen, just when I am driving it will be my chosen one for my next car journey!  Cheers!

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