8 Figure Dream Lifestyle 2018-2019 Business Overview Webinar

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle 2018-2019 Business Overview Webinar

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Eight. FDL. Dot-com. Hi. Everyone Mike Kingman here and I'd like to welcome you to the eight-figure dream lifestyle, webinar, for, 2018. Heading into 2019. Now. The presentation, is gonna begin here in just a moment but I just want you to know upfront that if you're somebody who. Is technically. Challenged, computer. Illiterate, basically. You can turn your computer on maybe, you can check an email you, can click a button if. That is the extent, of your computer skills well, I think you might find it be a good fit for this so, don't be intimidated by, technology because, you don't have to go and learn technology, or be technical, at all and that's the great thing about this business in, fact we have professions. From all walks of life from, truck, drivers, to chiropractors. To. Physicians, to people in the workforce you name it this, business is attracting, all kinds, of different people from different professions so. By all means watch, the whole webinar and then at the end if you feel like you might be a good fit just. Follow the instructions there for step two and, I'm gonna go ahead and turn it over to Alex right now enjoy. The webinar. Hey. Everybody thanks for take your time to watch this webinar, really, appreciate you guys being out here we've. Got Alex here, Gerry Brian, and, guys. We're not gonna waste your time we're gonna walk you through something that's actually been able to help a lot of people being able to transition from, being able to make money, online. Going, from full-time, job. And a business to a full-time online within 60 to 90 days and so we're, gonna get right into it okay so, with that said in the next 60 minutes yours, when we're going to show you we're gonna show you how to you're gonna be able to discover how. To make 10k. A month online, each and every month even if, you don't have a product know, how to market and even if you're not a techie the, best part is what, we developed, here is the system that anyone, can be able to plug into so. You could be a retiree you can be a business owner you can be have a job and not have done anything online we've, had people there seventy-two, years old that I made one hundred fifty thousand dollars in the last year with us so if they can do it you can do it too that's what we're going to show you so, it's really important, right now, focus and pay. Attention what we're gonna be sharing with you and when you stay till the end of the webinar you're. Gonna get a free gift that's actually one of our products that is going that's literally worth one thousand, four and ninety five dollars that's, going to allow you to overcome. Any, fears, of limitations. Stop beliefs fear. Of letting go of the past that, these are audio tracks you literally listen to at night when you sleep and the. Best part is it will reprogram. Your brain for success it's one of our products and it's worth one thousand four and $95, value we're giving it to you for free and the best part is it's like I said any of your time you can listen to it while you sleep you're, gonna absolutely love it just for staying until, the end of the webinar so. With. That said we're gonna tell you what are everyone's. Goal is I'm attorney to Brian for that so take it away bright yeah, thanks Alex so our, goal right now I want you to fill in the blank right I wish, I had more what, and I bet I can guess what your answer is but. 94%. Of people, who respond, to this say one of the two fought one of the following things here it's either time and money, and by watching this and sticking with us here today you're, gonna learn how you can, have more time and more money thanks. Alex you bet but the biggest challenge is most, of us don't even know like how do we get started online and when Brian, Jerry and I wanted, to transition from my.

Job Brian's, business, and in a Jerry with his MLM, backgrounds like how do we get to doing this full-time right, so, what are we all missing marketing, no one knows how to market online not having the money to get started who's, got the time to be able to learn it you're not great at selling or you don't want to you, don't have the products, ready to go which probably one of the biggest ingredient, and, even if you had all those where do you get support in case you got questions once you get started and. Probably, what a lot of people are dealing with they're like wow I don't even have the technical savviness, of being able to get started online so. Here's a key what, if we developed a system and that's what we're gonna show you by the end of this webinar you gonna see us literally go step by step, and you can have a system that you can knock out each one of these reasons in. The best part all these systems are in one online. System, so. With, that said who's just business good for I'm gonna throw it to Jerry take it away my friend hey thanks a lot Alex so. We, have three specific types of people one of them is of course the people that want to fire your. Boss so, if you want to fire your boss you want to use your own experience. Finally, and your, skills for yourself, and build your own dream, instead, of someone else's dream, of course this is for you our, business, honors that want to build your ideal, business well. Finally, you want to build a business that can actually give you the lifestyle, of your dreams you, don't want any headaches so you don't want to manage any employees. Or have access to those physical, products, it's all about headaches right well, this is for you those, business, owners and lastly. Our retirees. Our favorite, core group of people you want extra income right well, don't you want to make sure that your golden years are actually golden, this, is perfect. For you back, to you Alex thanks, so a little bit of background on us so you know it's coming, to speaking of being able to fire your boss I was able to do that I was actually in, the private equity real estate space.

Had. A pretty good life making, about six figures a year been a serial entrepreneur for, fifteen years but, it wanted, to be able to spend more time at home with my family had a brand new fiance once, spent more time with my family, my mom is she aged as well and, what's been great is we transition, from doing a hundred thousand a year to make it over two million dollars in the last two years online, the, best part is I set my own schedule I do what I want when I want and, now. That, we know we've got the success we want to help others to be able to do it my, background, actually is, in building systems, for other companies but, instead of doing it for somebody else they decide to do it for ourselves and. So engagements. That get married here literally here. In May and. I live on Beauty beautiful Laguna Beach so if. You guys want to fire your boss that's my story now if you guys are a business owner you definitely want to listen to Bryan's who's actually coming up next so take it away bright thank. You Alex yep so my name is Brian coach Brian I am, an ex business owner I own some retail stores I've been married for 19 years, now to my beautiful wife I have, three great kids all teenagers, now so doing that I've, been an entrepreneur for. 21. Years both online and, offline, and I'm super proud to say that this. Just going, this much farther forward I am a six coach and trainer. And helping other people achieve their goals very, proud of the fact that I'm a seven-figure, income earner done, that both online and, offline. I had. A successful, pawn shop for 11 years so yes I am a true real-life pawn star, and I. Ended. Up selling that for 1.2, million, dollars, back in oh wait and proceeded. Very quickly, well not quickly but to lose all that money so. I'd. Be in an entrepreneur, I started, new things had to get something else going I came, across this, awesome, opportunity here, we are today I've rebuilt, I'm doing much better than before, so.

Thanks Alex you, bet now for somebody you guys might have a background maybe you've done MLM, or other home-based businesses, if that's you you definitely wanna listen to Jerry's story oh boy, here we go, so. Yes I'm married I do have two daughters they're both once, 21, and 23 are ready so but. I grew up going to school and get a good education and, became an employee so I was that, corporate, rat as well for about 26, years but, he always got I always, had a bug to be my own boss so I started my own video production business invested, about 60,000. Overall, money back then I was, very successful in that but I knew that I just didn't want to be busy on the weekends. Right I'm on, top of working a full time job so I looked elsewhere and I started with Amway multi-level. Marketing anybody. Got that well. I could tell you that I failed miserably in that and I want, I literally you know I was in people's houses showing the plan drawing the circles the whole bit but I will tell you this there's a brighter there's a pride of future, and so. My experiences, around 20, years as an entrepreneur, but, finally, when I got a line I found one system. That changed, everything for me and it's this business model I did about actually. I love the underdog I became a super man truly in about, five months because of this business model that you're gonna watch right now as we go forward and that's because I did about a hundred, thousand in my first five months so, I know what, it takes to be a success, I know what, you're gonna share what we're gonna share with you today you're, gonna want to hold on to your chair because it's really gonna be it's. Some something very very exciting all right so now I'm a coach I love training, the people to get results. That they want and. Now, it's your turn, alright so back to you Alex that's awesome thanks Jerry so guys here's the key between the three of us why you guys want to listen this presentation, Bryan's. Done over three million other than close to two and Jerry here is breaking throughout the 1.7, million so, guys collectively, together, we've, done a little bit over, guys. Could take a look at the numbers think. It's about, six point five million right but, more importantly, your some of our company highlights in the last two years we've actually paid out over twenty, five million dollars in commissions to, members, have utilized, our system online each. Month, we highlight new members with regards to our public Facebook was made at least six thousand over twenty thousand dollars so, I'm, not going to spend a lot of time telling you stories by these because at the end of this webinar if you guys want to stick around and see all the stories you can but, we want to get into the brass tactic so whether, you guys are looking to replace your job like Don did here or you have a family, and you want to be able to stay at home with your like James and Hanako or you.

Guys Are near retirees, and you want to really break through stuff in figures the good part is you've got the opportunity to do that here now. I want you to imagine you, have the ability to be able to build with, a laptop and a phone just like this guy here and you can really do this from anywhere, and be able to spend time with your families because that's what we're going to show you here in fact again, this is the last 87 days it's just basically one one of our accounts together this is a real bank statement, if you take a look it's, a hundred ninety one thousand, what I want you to realize though that was literally done with only fourteen or fifteen sales, did, not take a lot that's an average of close to twelve thousand dollars per transaction one. Sale here can literally double or triple your monthly income so I want you to make sure you pay attention because. This system. Is all about getting your results and that's what we're going to show you now, of course results may vary and, what I'm sharing with you is obviously what is possible. And with, regards, to what you could potentially do, with regards, to an online system, that has everything, you need to get started from day one so. With that said let's talk about why you're here a lot of you guys are here because you want time freedom and you want money freedom right so, how do you do that how do you break away from the from a job and transition, within 30 to 60. Many days to, being online full-time, well, by the end of this webinar you guys are going to discover all. The seven reasons why most people fail and the seven systems that we built so, the first one house 72 year old literally. Yes the 72 year old made over 10k in our first 30 days without. Knowing how to market, products, ready to go even though she hates selling you can too then, we're gonna show you why, online, into two things you've got to have to. Generate income online and one of the magic ingredients, is a licensing. Model so you can just start with the products right off the bat we're gonna share with you that powerful strategy, that, allows you to make money over and over again even, though you. Just paid, once and the third thing that we're gonna share with you guys if you don't have the time or the money I could, start this literally in ten to fifteen hours and be able to build it stop all your monthly expenses paid so you can do this full time so, what Dad said we're gonna start with secret number one and Brian's gonna tell us all about it, yep, Thank You Alec so secret, number one how a 72. Year old made, ten thousand dollars in her first 30 days with absolutely. No marketing, skills with, ready to go products, even, though she hates selling it isn't very technical, and we're gonna talk about how you can, too so. The, two secret, wealth strategies, that you can use right now to, generate $10,000. In do it in less than 20 hours a week number, one is automation. We, are huge on automation over here and you, it. Win any business you can't do it all by yourself you have to have tools and you have to have resources to help you the second secret is. Outsourcing. So again, with not being along. Those lines with not doing it all yourself we. We, use outsourcing, and when I mean outsourcing, we use virtual, assistants, to help us with a lot of the tasks, that take up a lot of the time that's, going to allow you to focus on money-making, activities so. Automation. And outsourcing thanks.

A Lot Alex you, bet thanks bride so guys so now here's. The key we have emails texting, templates we're gonna show you exactly how we mark it we have a simple four steps but, let's start out with why, this model works out really well and why. You want, to have digital products, is what you want to market online digital. Products are great because they're informational, products are online and the best part is you, can market a 90 percent automated. System and, versus having to sell one product at a time so why is that so important, because there's no products, you don't you have to reproduce, there's no recurring, monthly cost, there's no employees, there's no hassles there's no headaches and so. How do we do that we do what I've mentions, a licensing. Model so I want you guys to think about licensing. You pay for it once and you, can make money on it over and over and over again if. You guys saw how much we made mean over two over one to two million dollars but we only paid one time that's it so that allows you for a huge profit margin, so without. Any recurring, cost so if you think about it think about Bill Gates right, Bill, Gates went in a software company called ms-dos says I want to put a computer, into every, home and now, it's become what we all now known, as Microsoft. Similar. Concept, but we're gonna share with you our products that's a fifty billion dollar. Market. That, people spend five hours a day on already, so, they already are looking for what you want we've, got the very best in line so, with that said how, do we make money we're, gonna go over we, have a ten minute video that literally explains the best bells and whistles but for the purposes, of this webinar we're, just gonna tell you exactly what it is with, the nuts and bolts we've got six different product, packages, it could start all the way from $500. To 21,000. You, can make two to four hundred to four hundred dollars to referral, all the way to, $21,000. Per sale, so, here's, the key which ever packaged you purchase, you can make money up to that licensing, amount which, means you can actually make up to guys listen, to this it's not 10% or 20% you. Can make up to 50%, of your first two sales once. You get started now what's so great about that is you make 50% after your second sale you, can actually make up 200, percent commissions, for sales that's, absolutely, huge have you ever heard of a hundred percent well, that's the value, of the licensing, model which means you make three, or four times more for one sale, the. Best part is after that, you, actually make 50% of the first two sales of anyone you sponsor, so, you have a residual, effect and that allows you to be able to make an incredible, amount of money the, month of December I went traveling for three weeks I made eighty two thousand dollars thirty, to thirty, thousand of that was was, active, thirty-eight, thousand of that was passive, so I want you guys to realize there's a residual, effect that, allows you to be able to make money as you build this business not.

In Two or three years but literally within six months or less right, and, what, I do want you understand is week as much as we. Love multi-level. We're not multi-level, there's only one, thing so think of this more like a franchise, like or a broker. Agency, were you able to make a percentage off the, person that you sponsor it's exact, same model and that's, why it works so well but, without any of the headaches of a traditional, business so. With, that said I'm gonna get right into the ten reasons why this business works it's, a franchise like model which means think, about McDonald's, what does McDonald's, do they give you the entire ingredient. Of everything. You need from marketing, the products everything and they say look if, you do what I'm going to show you you're gonna be able to get the exact same results, we do the same thing except we do it with a franchise like model, that's online without any of the headaches and the hassles, so, how do we market, this, part you guys are going to love the best because it's, going to show you how you can do this in literally 10 to 15 hours a week starting, right now versus. Later every. Other business requires you to have to spend time on it guys you can start making money 10 to 15 hours here and be able to transition, to doing this full-time we. Understood that as a business owner as an employee, we, wanted to make sure that we built assist them around that so with that said Jerry's. Gonna tell you about our simple core steps of success taking away Jer hey thanks Alex yes and this is actually how I was able to literally fire my boss in record time was because I was able to implement marketing, right. Out of the gate right so, step number one is we're gonna share with you how to do that how to start, your marketing, campaign, step, number two is how to utilize, the automation, tools to follow up with your leads and Brian, actually kind of shared a little bit about that but we're, gonna show more about this in a little bit by using emailing. Texting it's. Incredible, how simple, the automation, tools will follow up with your leads for you okay so step number three is we're gonna follow up with those leads you're, gonna follow with. With, them because they're interested, because they filled out an application on. Your sales funnel it's actually one of our key, components. To our entire marketing campaign, and step. Number four you're, gonna collect the sale and you're gonna plug your members already into, our training system and that's, already, being that's, already how people, get started because, we, have mentors mentors, that are already 30k, a month earners, and they, are already plugging, in and they're already training, your members, for you so your responsibility, is just to continue marketing, your business and let, the system take over the training okay, cool.

So Jeremy, tell us all about the traffic sources where we got in place so. We have an ad FDL lead store already in place this has already been tested we, have traffic co-ops that includes email, ads and we. Also have facebook ads done for you as well now. This right here is our exclusive, and private actually. It's a lead store and all, the way on the top left you can see there's a bunch of lead, sources already, and we've already picked out the lead sources that are already working for you now, the best part is actually go back one second Alexes because it's very important DC the very bottom it says the range, of prices start at 65. Cents, per lead all the way up to five thousand fifty cents but it's pretty amazing, now. Coming soon is because we are testing, as owners we test, differently. Strategies, we have a youtube co-op that's coming out we, also have, pay-per-click. Google, Ads yes as a co-op and Facebook, ads as a co-op so. And, again like I said we test and test and test and test prior. Before you take advantage of these testing. Resources okay so, the best part area is all the leads that are already there been tested so the only place that everyone's, dealing with on those leads is actually, the ones that are tested are the one in the lead store correct that, is correct sweet, so. Now this is actually I'm gonna really walk you through the process here, but our marketing, is you go to the lead store your, purchased leads you can see the pricing, this is only one specific type of lead source it's, the one that's at five fifty but like I said we at pricing, starting at sixty five cents per, lead, so, number one and this. Right here honest, this is actually how the leech show up and, you can see most likely you won't even see this because out, emailing, and texting and, our automation, and virtual assistants, actually take care of all this for you but on the right-hand side look at the quality of the leaves you got Director, of Finance and read you, have a builder, for the last 25, years in green and in black there you can see there's a marketing director so. You know this is just a sample, of different, types of leads that are going to be coming your way now, automated and follow-up system is very important, you can see right here on the top left that's. Our texting software, and texting. Is really, let's face it that's how people get, information today, so we want to plug you into texting. And this is an automated, follow-up, process that's. Already created for you now, on the bottom left you can see that that's where emails, are and those emails are already, pre-written, so we're giving, you two email templates, that you basically, emails, are going to be sent out automatically, for you and right over there on the right hand side what about members did over two million dollars yes two men two million in sales with, a list of only 17,000. Right in the last two years pretty, pretty amazing numbers. So. Results, obviously are what counts this is just one simple example where, you can see a lead, came in on August 29th, shot, up went to the webinar, on August 31st and joined, as a paid member, literally. On September, 18th, and, on the next image you'll see proof, of payment a wire, they came in on September, 19th, for six thousand dollars one, of our average, sales that we make here awesome. Thanks Jerry so guys if you could see with, all the automation that's already in place you.

Don't Have to figure out the marketing, and you don't have to figure out the follow-up we have texting, emailing already, in place which, is why we say it's like a franchise so, all your news plugging your leads into that, system. And they're basically going to your funnel to watch a webinar that's just very much like this we do these we. Have these recorded, we also have them where we do them live a few times a week so you guys will actually get access to that so. That's, how you're able to do this literally in 10 to 15 hours to build up a consistent, 5 figure income in 60 to 90 days now. As far as the sales the best part is how, you guys like a webinar like this explaining. Everything by the founders, for you well, that's why you're here you're actually going through the, information, system, right now and the, person that has referred you is probably sitting at home relaxing. Or being able to do the things that they need to do with life without having to talk to you until they know that you're interested that's, what makes a system such a genius model, right so, now that you guys understand, the marketing, the time the sales let's talk about the products and how when you purchase, the packages, you have a hundred percent rights to resell and be able to make 100 percent and commissions so there's, two things you've got to have online in order to be able to generate the income the, first thing is you gotta have products that are already hiding them in right we don't want to chase anyone we want them coming to us and utilizing, say wow yeah I'm already using those products I would love to monetize, on them and then, once, you know that what. We you want are the best in the market well, we've done is we taken the highest demand and products with, the best in the market, so you can actually be able to get that from day one so, let's talk about this market shall we it's a fifty billion, dollar, market, so there's a huge demand everybody. Already knows it and uses these products, have, you guys heard of Facebook YouTube. Amazon, in. Fact most, of you have not only heard of it the average, person, spends over five hours a day utilizing. The exact same products, that you will have to market and, the best part is businesses, all want, them to learn how to market online to double and triple their sales so. Here's, just some of the name brands that we have Facebook, communities, have you ever wanted had a passion, wanted to be able to monetize on that I'll show you guys how to do that Facebook. Ads can you guys be able to run traffic, and be able to double or triple your sales if we show you how to do that if, you've ever had a physical, product that you wanted to be able to market it we have Amazon, and at. The end of the day once we all not only show you how to be able to use these physical, products, we'll also show you how you can actually utilize. Our investment, product and have your money grow for you now, what I want to make sure you understand is you, don't have to learn all these this, is the marketing, that we have well, we discovered, when we launched these there's certain ones that are business owners that want to go. Ahead and double, or triple their sales but people like myself and, sherry who were professionals we, didn't have it a business so we wanted to use the system, that's, why the licensing. Model will work for you so, with that said I'm gonna throw it to Brian who's gonna tell us all about the Facebook communities, take it away Brian thank. You so much excuse, me got a couple of eyes here guys Facebook communities, are amazing, we have an awesome product that talks about it so, they're a fantastic, way to monetize, on what you're passionate about again travel, lifestyle, motivation, music whatever it is and guess, what each subscriber. Or fan that you get on your Facebook, page is worth, approximately, 10, cents when you monetize that correctly, so think, about that just for a minute at 15,000. Fans or subscribers, on your page you're, talking, $1,500, a month passively. 30,000. Subscribers or, fans on your page that's, $3,000. A month passively, hundred. Thousand subscribers. $10,000. A month passive. Lee, so here's a couple of the pages that we have. Addicted. To classic rock I want you to look at those red arrows there this, particular page, eighty. Two thousand. Fans and I think this page is probably over a hundred thousand fans now what, we just talked about that's eighty two hundred dollars a month passively. Here's. Another. Page we have called success hacks this, one has eighty five hundred likes, or fans okay, so over two thousand followers just, this week and then, you can look over here eight thousand, five hundred and fifty-two, followers, in 30 days.

Perfect. Thanks Brian so how about Facebook, Ads when it comes down to it have, you guys ever wanted, to double triple your sales and want more customers do you know any businesses, that want more customers of course we do so, who could use Facebook Ads a realtor, a restaurant, owner mortgage, broker coach or author fitness, owner so. Basically, who can use it any business, what. Kind of business any. Business. It works for all businesses. Okay so, what we actually have, is an awesome Facebook Ads training, we, had a restaurant that was a Pizza owner spent, $200 on ads made, 600, bucks picked up ten new clients but now it's been over two, years who's, been utilizing this one product, his, monthly, sales have gone from forty thousand, to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month. Just utilizing, Facebook he's got over 3,000, friends now he just markets to come for free so that is the value of Facebook, Ads Amazon. You guys think anyone be interested in Amazon, well have you ever heard of anyone the house of physical product what if we had a course that showed you how to make money online selling, physical products, that already hind them in that, you can get the exact target audience, that wants them you, can get the product for dirt cheap and then you can resell it online to the exact customers, for a huge profits, that's. Amazon, and what's. So great about what we have the, person that markets, our course has made over twenty million dollars, on Amazon so, just, so you know guys we spent over seventy. Five thousand, dollars going. To, masterminds, meeting, these product lines building relationships, over the last two years so, when you start you can literally have these from scratch and, it's. Our relationships. That allows you to be able to get started from day one without, having, to go spend the time or the money to be able to do it and with. This one product you can whether you're newbie or you're an expert you can literally should learn how to make money on Amazon and once, we show you guys how. To make the money we're, gonna show you how to have the peace of mind to be able to use that money to make you money and then the. Biggest part about this is if you got a strategy, that showed you not only how to keep it but grow it at the same time that. Would be great right but what if I enough not only showed you that but showed you how to do that passively. In four to five hours a month our. Entrepreneurs. Playbook, let's just put it this way the, gentleman, who teaches this is 34. Years old he, manages, 23. Of his own properties. And he manages, it only four hours a month how, many of us want that we, all do right the, best part we want to have the assets, but without having to take the time and the hassles of having to go collect the rent and do all those things over. Here you'll learn how to partner where it won't take up your time but, you can collect those residual, cash flows from, your investments.

Like Clockwork so. With, that said any realtors, in the room well, we've got a product for you how. Would you guys like to have unlimited, leads in your real estate business so you can be able to sell, more houses and find more buyers we've. Got hundreds, of testimonials, like this we're, here we have a realtor made 17,000. In Commission and he just had actually started out with the system in five weeks huge thank you to you and your team December. I ran an ad an, ad and I made 6k and commissions already thanks, guys and those, are the kind of things you'll see so, if you're in real estate you, can be able to utilize our products right off the bat there and that is just the beginning, we have branding, that's actually done for anyone who wants to learn how to do branding that's. Actually done by someone who consults, fortune 100 companies. Our, sales expertise, is actually done by someone who teaches you how to double your trail share, PO yourselves without being pushy or salesy, our, success. Mastery, is done by real estate moguls, none of our hundred, millions and deals using. Biblical principles. And here's, the mindset, one that you're going to get for free at the end of this webinar and, the best part is we even have a course on relationships. Why, because, we know if you get all the success in business but if you don't have success at home there's, no success at all and the, best part of this course is actually saved 10,000, marriages and, not. Only that done it without any couples, counseling, it only requires one person, to make it work so, the bottom line is any one of these five products, Facebook. Ads Facebook communities. Amazon, investments. Real estate guys. Any one of them you can make back your entire investment, alone, plus. A ton of profit, from just one of these products, right but, here's the key as I mentioned some of you are out, here and this is what we discover being, able to see that we actually had a great business or businesses, people can utilize these products, for businesses, but what about for the average person, what, we decided to do is do a licensing. Model so the average person can now be able to get started to, be able to license, these products, and be able to make money like everyone, else and be able to market it so, whether you're a business owner looking, to expand your business online, that's, great but, if you're looking where for a way to be able to have time and money but being able to have the license, here and promote our products online from anywhere in the world you. Have that opportunity and, as I mentioned to you the average sale is $12,000. Per sale okay, so how would you guys like to see our back office so you can see exactly what it looks like when you get started so, the best part to this is you have the opportunity, to, come here and, you get a back office is just like this stores. Your products for you everything is already there and you guys can see here over 1.95, 5 million but only 132. Sales, guys it does not take a lot for you to be able to do it so, once you make a sale the best part is the sale sent directly to you so there's no middleman no no company, to worry about and then, all you're going to do is come to your back-office click, on the link then, click on the confirmation button, and. Once. You click Submit the, best part is guys that's your drop shipping it only took you how long literally.

A Few minutes to be able to get those products out that's. What you call a seamless, system and, so, to show you where's our average sales that what I want you to realize is 95%, of your sales are going, to be above 6,000, because. The average person and most members want to make at least $6,000. In. One sale so they can be able to transition to doing this business full-time very, quickly now, check this out this is my back-office you guys gonna see here there's, the date and the time right. So, the, last sale I made was a little while ago and before that it was 7 to 8 months ago on, the 6000, so look at the 12,000, just, made a sale one out here in, May, if, you guys take a look at this in February made $24,000. So, now so. Where are most of the sales you're probably wondering, at, the 21 thousand so if you're wondering guys do people actually pay, $21,000. Take, a look for yourself, in January. There's one two, three, four, five, that's, a hundred and five thousand, and here, it is for the month of April. 42,000. The last 32 days in the last 30 days I've, done over fifty four thousand dollars with only three sales so, it does not take a lot for you guys to make a significant. Amount of income, with, this business so. When, it comes down to which. What, the products are remember, you can make money up to the licensing, package, that you own set, the 6000 guys you'll get the brandy, the sales the Facebook, and the reprogramming, your brain for success the. Advanced level will have the. Real estate mogul Facebook. Communities, Amazon. Is well, as Facebook Ads and then at the 21,000. You're. Going to get the YouTube ads which we didn't even mention but. We've had members that made over, $800,000. With, zero ad costs, because, the best part about YouTube, it's free you can actually be able to drive traffic to any business our, relationship. Course unlimited. Leads for real estate and at. The end we'll show you how to protect your assets and have a peace. Of mind of security, as you make money with our system, so the, bottom line is for all the seven reasons that we discovered, why people fail online no. Marketing, we already have the marketing traffic that's simple easy to use with, unlimited. Sources, of traffic and leads in place for you no time you can start off at 10 to 15 hours with our quick and easy automation. System to build up to 10k in 60, day to 90 days or less, not. Great a selling you don't want to sell we have our automated webinar system that does 90%. Of the work where, members can watch a webinar just like this and the mentors will actually help to close the deals for you no, products, we already, have a licensing. Model which you can start with name-brand, products, in a 50 billion dollar market, that is high in demand where, people are using it 5 hours, a day where, they're going to want to utilize and, use the system. 5. If you don't have the support the, best part is guys we have mentors who've already made 30 km on they're now contributing back to show you how you can get the same results, and our. Community, support you have 24/7. Support for, absolutely, free and even, if you're not technically savvy all, the systems, that you saw here we helped to set up for you and you have support, on demand, which means you can book have someone jump on your computer, and help walk you through anything. That you need so, essentially. With. All the reasons that you have in place we're. Helping people guys, get, the results, so at the end you can utilize this exact same system to, be able to get started to make money, very quickly so. Now when it comes we just explained all the reasons other, than the money, aspect we. Covered all the six reasons but what about the money some of you were wondering how can I be able to get started well the best part is we have a wide range of products, so, you can start at the level where, you want, to get started you decide but, having said that some of you may be thinking I want to come in at the higher level so I can be able to maximize what I make so, with that Jerry is gonna cover secret number three for us so take it away Jerry all, right great, so let's get started and let's share with you how you can get started part-time, have.

All Your monthly expenses paid, for and of course learn, how to do this with part-time, hours okay and especially with no money down but. First but those of you that definitely have the money to get started well you can get started by sending a certified, check using, credit, cards or okay, of course and then. For, many of you if you don't have that the funds ready available, but maybe you already have funds, perhaps, in a IRA, or a 401k, or stock investments, or even a life insurance policy we. Have many people have gotten started by getting a personal loan on their own a business lawn they sold things or they, borrowed money from friends and family but. What's most exciting is, that today we do have our own funding, partner, and this. Is a true, opportunity where we can help you to literally to get started, with no money down, so, this funding portal you're gonna want to actually get back in touch with the person who invited you but, this is our own in-house, funding, and it does have a couple of qualifications. But it is a seamless, process for. Individual, ofor qualified, individuals. Now those qualifications are pretty simple all right the, minimum is you have to be be, making about 30k. For. The annual income and have, a credit, score of a minimum of around 620. Okay. Now, funding. Takes only about 2 2 to 10 business, days and, that's how you get fully funded in order, to get started with, your own business. Ok. So you'll be able to get started right away because, like I said the funds are you, know literally in your bank account usually, within 2 to 10 days now for, many of you are thinking well what if my annual income I'm even my credit repair my credit us, or isn't up to par well. We are excited because we want to help and we want to serve all of you and that is because we do have our own credit, repair service, and, this. Is actually, partnered. With our credit repair company, and. There's. A proprietary, software that, they use that actually does everything, and I've spoken to many, people that have taken advantage of this and it's pretty much a hands-off, process, so, once you get started they start, working on your credit to get it jump-started. So then you'll see we, have seen people whose their credit, has increased, 125. Points within, their first two to three months of getting, started, a credit, repair it's very exciting stuff and then, we've seen people would have gotten points. As high, as 125, points within two to three weeks so. This, is something that we really want to put on the table for you because it's a it's there for each and every one of you okay so, with that said and, what if you don't qualify for funding oh my goodness Alex I'll tell you. Could take it from here so, guys here's a cool part a lot of the people that have gotten terms with us they've done loans most of the time you're able to get three to four year terms on the funding but, they're able to pay it back and literally three to four months or less because think about it one, sale can have you basically break even and after that you're, ahead but what if you don't qualify for funding well most, of our members are able to go through and get qualified but we still want to help those people out so we introducing, our coaching, for Life package, so, essentially, the difference between where you are today where you want to be is literally two things mindset. And strategy, so. The mindset is basically, the biggest part and what. We want to do is we want to give you access to mentors who are successful, to help you grow in three areas more money better. Health and better relationships. But. Here's the key most of the time you have a coach it, you normally spend maybe 500, or 100 bucks an hour to 500 bucks an hour well, with our coaching for Life package, here's how it works you get facebook members. Access you get access to Skype you. Typically. Would, have to spin an out 100, to 500 dollars per hour you. Get access to 10 live, calls, per week for only $500. And not for a month or a year for. A life. So the best part is you can make $200. Or $400. For every referral and the, most. Important, part guys why this is not the ideal area to start if you could come in at a higher level you want to come in at the highest level you can afford to come in it, does get you that your foot in the door and yet helps you to build up from there so at, the end of this guy's we literally overcome, all the reasons why most people fail online so.

I'm Gonna give you a quick recap on everything, that you're gonna be able to get you, get access to our preferred tools and software pre-written, email templates, the texting, templates, one on one quick start strategy, a daily. Success activities. Checklist, with videos your, pre-recorded, webinar just like this like the one you're watching now will. Work for you high, converting funnel, with live webinars, which you guys are gonna have an opportunity. To go through right, after we finish here payment. And commission system. 24/7. Automated training that's twenty-four thousand dollar value, and like, I mentioned we, spent over seventy, five thousand, dollars so far just lining, up the unbelievable, products that are the best in the market just. For you saying the time and effort that is saving you so you could start from day one well that's priceless so, the, retail, value you're getting there's literally one hundred fifty two thousand, nine hundred sixty seven and you get that for the price of the package, wherever. You decide to come in on. The range depending, on how much you want to make but, with that said I, know you're thinking this is great but, we want to even sweeten this deal for you even more so, I'm gonna throw it to Brian who's card cover the bonuses for you so take it away bride thank, you Alex yes we do have some good bonuses for you guys so number one how do I get started quickly, well. Guess what we have an onboarding, service that's a nine hundred and ninety seven five dollar value day. One you're gonna set up all your tools you're gonna copy and swipe our files day three you're, gonna test your system, make, sure it's working properly and. By. Day, five, you will be marketing, that is fast and that is. Something. That we offer for you guys for being a member with us bonus. Number two I love, to make sales but I hate to sell, so, in that case how would you like to have all those that are making thirty, thousand, dollars a month in, our system flow, your deals for, you well, you're gonna get access to our free live. Three-way sales and closing support that's a forty-nine hundred dollar value you, get it for free just, for getting started with us so. Alex. What all else do we get here so you got an onboarding, service 997. Live three-way, calls you add that together we got one hundred fifty eight thousand, dollar value, but Brian, should we swing the deal some more let's, do it you never get support you got a question you want to get addressed right away free. Skype chat and Facebook community you get that for, free it's, a part of our system I'm going, to tell you most of our members love the automation outsourcing. But have you ever wanted to join something and you want to make sure you have plenty of community support there are other people there just like you well, I call us a three percent Club because these are people that actually want, to be able to accomplish their goals and dreams versus, just dreaming, about them so you're gonna be surrounded by those individuals and have instant, access to them you're not very technical oh the best part is we get free access to our tech, support team daily, that's a 997, value, you get it for absolutely free do, you never get access to top leaders when you first join you.

Guys Get access, to an unbelievable, amount of live calls they're, done by a different, 30k month mentor as your personal Mentors guys, that is priceless the, ability, for you to go from where you're at to where you want to be is directly correlated to the people you surround yourself with the. Faster. You want to do it and the more people that you have that are successful, around you the fast track that you're going to be able to do it we're, gonna give you not only the strategy, but you're gonna be able to get the mindset through these calls my people have already done in to achieve the same results, they're gonna give it back to you now, I know all these bonuses are great and when I add them all together guys. Guess what you're gonna have a $160,000. Value, here, for whatever price you're going to be able to come in out with the bonus but, here's the key we. Know that at the end of the day it's about taking action and you. May be watching this webinar saying this is great but a lot of people watch webinars and they don't take action to move closer towards their life goals and dreams so, what we want to do is we want to make sure that you take action as soon as this finish it, and we're going to give you a huge, bonus, just, for that and here's how this is gonna work this, is actually called our fast start bonus when, you decide to give back to your person. Who invited you here by, basically clicking, on the link below and filling, out the application. And letting, them know you're interested if you guys have questions they'll, be happy to address them for you here's. What we're gonna do we're gonna bump you up to the next membership. Level for, absolutely, free what. Does that mean that, means you can actually invest six thousand, and we will bump you up to the, twelve thousand, which means you're actually going to be able to make up to twelve thousand dollars per sale. Throughout. Our system you, can invest twelve thousand, we will bump you up to twenty-one thereby you're saving nine thousand, dollars and, you can make up to twenty one thousand, what's, so great about this these. Particular, levels once, you qualified, you can make one hundred percent commission so as we discussed, earlier before, the best part to this is guys you can make fifty percent on your first two sale why. Are these bonuses, important, because you can invest six thousand, and, when you make twelve thousand on your first sale guys you, just recoup you're pretty, much your entire investment, same. Thing here you have twelve thousand, and you get bumped up to twenty one your, first sales twenty one and as you guys saw my back office there are a lot of sales at the $21,000. Level that's, ten thousand, and five hundred again you almost recoup your entire investment so. These, are great but a lot of our members told, us Alex what. If we wanted to bypass, the first two sales 50%. And we wanted to make one hundred percent from day one so, we can maximize, the Commission summer well.

That Is what our $21,000, level VIP is at, this level guys you. Start making a hundred, percent commissions, from, day, one so, you're not, waiting, which means when, you're making your money you're actually able to make money right off the bat the, second, part is we, do have events, around, the year and you can be actually be able to tend to, scale your business so. Our first goal is to help you make that, ten. Thousand within that 30 to 60-day, mark and then how you can scale it is come. To our one of our events where you not only get to meet us but all the men and be, able to scale that business to 20 or 30 thousand or more per month is a lot of our members had our first event guys we have had 21, people and we had half, a dozen make thirty to seventy thousand dollars the very next month, now, our mayor our events, have anywhere, from a hundred to two hundred members, we've, got so many people that have gotten to six figures and seven figures online just. By being able to come attend and learning, the tactics, and fully, immerse, themselves to get themselves to the next level but where do you start let's, get a view transition. To that ten thousand a month and break free from there so, if you're looking at how, fast can I make sales that's the next question you may be having right well. Your goal is to make your first three sales which are probably going to be the six twelve and twenty one thousand, in that order and what's, so great is that the thirty if you're, able to do that guys. You started the six thousand you bump up to the twelve let's. Take a look at your numbers six, you're gonna be able to make fifty percent that's three thousand, twelve. You make six thousand, the, twenty-one now you're talking you're fully licensed, of the twelve thousand, so, now I had a thirty nine thousand, you make twenty one thousand your sponsor makes eighteen and you can. Make up to twelve thousand, dollars for, life on every sale thereafter at. The twelve thousand with a bump up to twenty one the, best part out of this particular package, you, never have to pay another upgrade fee, again once, you make your first sale twenty-one you're full you're qualified, at that level and again, out of 39 you're.

Gonna Pick up a pretty good scoop of that you're gonna pick up twenty. One thousand, your, sponsor, is gonna make eighteen thousand, so. Why, do people come in into twenty one because. If, you want to go ahead and maximize. The, Commission summary at, the twenty one you, now bypass, those requirements, to high to six thousand you, now makes it the full six thousand out, of twelve you make the full twelve out of twenty one you make the full twenty one so, high to thirty nine thousand, dollars you're making the entire thirty-nine, so, guys you can maximize by coming in at, the highest level, and again bear might if you don't have the capital get started, that's where we have the funding, most. Of our members come in at the highest level, that they can afford with. Whether it's our funding or the capital they have together okay we, talked about some great numbers but you may be thinking well that six to 21,000, Alex that's a pretty big investment right, well, it depends, depends. On how much you're making it on how fast when, we first started this business model we actually were checking out franchises. And, the, best franchises, that we saw it takes fifty, thousand, to a million dollars, to be able to get started you have overhead costs employees, and most. Importantly, even after you do all that it literally, takes you one to two years to break even with a franchise and even. The best out of those after two years they're still working 40, to 80 hours a week the. Best part about our business we took all the best things about a franchise, model but. We made it cost-effective. For you to come in without any of the overhead and instead. Of one to two years you can break even in one to two months and then, after that the best part is you can do your business with anywhere with a Wi-Fi, without. Any of the headaches of the of, the overhead the employees, and. Here's. The magic key, to this guys you, can grow this business with only 15, to 30 hours a week so you could spend time with your family and dictate. This business around your schedule not the other way around and, remember. One. Sale in our business could literally be six thousand dollars in a, sale so, what would let's just say you just make one sale a month for, the next 12 months, what would that do for you an additional six thousand, would it help you guys have pay off some bills would. It help you guys to fire your boss but. Would it get you closer to living the lifestyle your dreams would, that be worth it guys that's what we're doing here so right now you, want to make 2018.

Your Best year yeah, so. With that said you really got one of two choices we. Given you every, single reason for you to take advantage with. Our unbelievable. Fast start bonus we, gave you the seven reasons why most people fail online and why you've got to have an online system and a. Licensing, system, to get you to the next level so if you keep doing what you're already doing or you. Can stop, making the excuses, because, guys at the end of the day if you go back to doing what you're doing you're. Gonna in a year from now you're gonna regret the decision, of not being able to have taken action on this to being able to spend time with your family to be cut, out the commute and be able to do the things that are matter to you that's, why we added that fast start bonus so you're not waiting so, join our team and you're gonna love the awesome people that are here that are already gonna be here to help support you and let's. Make this year your best year yet. So by now you guys were probably one of three things, you're either thanks, but it's not a good match most. Likely though if you stuck around this long you're probably you're. Interested, you may have a few questions or you're ready to get started to make money for, those of you who still want to hear more we're, gonna cover our commonly, asked questions, and, we're also going, to give you some testimonials. That we promised so if you're wondering does this really work make, sure you stick around as long as you want to watch the testimonials, at the end of this video but, if you're ready now literally. Scroll down click the button now and guys you can get started okay so. For everybody else that's on the line here's the basic key I just want you to know if you, still need more information I want you to realize yeah, we are goals to help to get you from, a full time job. Or a business so full time income online so you could spend time with, those you love and dictate, your own terms, that's, freedom. That's, what it's all about guys, it's not about constantly, paying. Bills for the next 50 years of your life so, that is why we do what we do so now with the QA I'm gonna have Bryan and Jerry help me out with this part these, are the most commonly, asked questions, that we get so what we decided to do put, it here for you to make it really easy so, how does our funding, system, work, Jerry, take it away well. You definitely want to just contact your. Inviter, whoever contacted. You about this because they will plug you in because. Our funding portal is really simple number one you have to number. One you have to be making at least 30k, a year, an annual income and have around 620, credit score and just, by starting, application, process, really, within two to ten days you, can be a hundred percent funded, to start your, business, okay what are we marketing.

Bryan, Take it away absolutely. Excuse me absolutely, what, we're marketing, guys are digital, products, these products are centered around lead generation, online. Creating. Residual, income, online helping, you create more money online and then keeping, your, money once, you have it online and they're all delivered, digitally to you love. It what, are the marketing amounts what's the total amount to get started and we already covered how fast can I make sales but here's. A simple, chart that walks you through the entire amount guys so, bear in mind you. Only pay the licensing. Fee wants, this these first two columns you only pay once there's. The product levels which makes it available for anyone to get started at any level to move on this, one-time admin fee gives you the licensing, rights to our products, and you, get this awesome back office that I showed you to stores all your products, it makes your drop shipping with a click of a button for your for your new sales so. What is our only recurring, all the automated tools that Jerry talked about from, the texting, the emailing, that shows you how to market and then the funnel that you're currently on right now watching, that, is all for a hundred and fifty dollars a month guys, if, you've ever owned a business like Bryan has like I have it, normally, cost like five ten fifty twenty thousand dollars just to manage your business a hundred. And fifty dollars a month and they're all online and you can do it from anywhere so and the best part is if you decide to take a couple of months off we've had members that literally make six figures or six months and then taking the rest of the six months off and they decided to come back and do it again you, can put these campaigns, on pause and you, mark it when you want the biggest thing that we want you to get is this business runs around your schedule so whether you're a corporate, person or, you want to do this at night our, typical day is we start in the morning we run our marketing campaigns, with a click of a button Bryan, Jerry and I go Bryan goes mountain biking I go to yoga Jerry, go spends time with his dog we, all come back and we go.

Just Follow with the leads that have already visited. And have filled out applications that's. It it really is that simple okay, and then, so what is the marketing, amounts that, could range anywhere piers. You guys can see from three hundred to two thousand dollars but. Here's what I want you guys to get you can get five six hundred seven hundred leads for literally sixty five cents a piece so, it's very cost-effective, the. Reason why there's a range is I want you to realize this is pay-as-you-go, you don't need all this upfront but. What's so great is we. Want you to realize that it might take you up to this level before, you make a six to twenty one thousand but my question for you is would, you guys spend five hundred to two thousand to make at least six to twenty one thousand, per sale of course. We all would that's, the reason why our model works so when it comes to the total amount that you need if you guys are going to start out at. These levels at the two thousand, essentially. Just add this marketing, capital, and if this is the total amount you need and what's, so great about this is if you qualify for our funding, what, we do is we get you the entire capital, so you're no money out of pocket why. Is that because at the end of the day our, goal is to get you in a profit not just to get you started so these are the different levels that you'll need depending on where you want to get started, so it'll be ten thousand total here fifteen, or twenty five and, then we help you to essentially get that funding that you need now, at the bottom coaching, for life let's say you don't qualify for the funding what's, so great is we have texting email templates you could send out and, you. May not even need to do this but if you wanted to set up with the texting tools you, can do so in the 2000s, the magic number that you would need at that level so, what, we really want you guys to realize we, just showed you the entire different, levels ranging. Or whether you want to make two to four hundred dollars to referral, or up to twenty-one thousand, dollars for life it's, really up to you you, get to decide on where you want to start so. How, do we get paid Brian, tell us that's the best part of this business Alex. You get paid directly, when. You make a sale you generally, get paid that day or within a couple days right after there is no middleman there is no company holding your money so that's what so many people love about it you make a sale today you get paid today or very very soon right after and, that's fifty, to a hundred percent, commissions, so, how do we handle taxes, very, easily, we, have that this is reported, as a home-based business and the, best part is we have CPA, consultants. That are literally in our community, support. Those of you who get involved it's reported, come and we, will show you how to maximize, your deductions, and minimize your taxes, you can start off by making sales in, your own business, and your own personal, accounts and then, over a period of time you guys can actually set up a business account in one, day so, are you registered, with the BBB and how are your reviews and how do I get involved, yes we're registered, with the BBB in fact we have an a-minus rating that we're very proud of and as, far as our overall reviews, we, want you guys to realize our, real reviews, that, are actually, done by real members were absolutely, phenomenal now. There are people that put fake posts, and those are basically ones. That you might find they write basically, a fake post about every company in, order to lure you and try to trap you into doing business with them but, from our real members, 1800. Members guys we've, only had one or two negative, comments, but we've got hundreds. Of positive, testimonials, which, you'll be able to see right after this webinar. If you guys still aren't convinced, watch, those

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