80 पैसे की चीज 5 रूपए में बेचो | New Business Ideas | Small Business Ideas | Best Startup Ideas

80 पैसे की चीज 5 रूपए में बेचो  | New Business Ideas | Small Business Ideas | Best Startup Ideas

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Friends, Are you looking for a business. Where you get margin of up to 10 times. And most important thing is that you can start this business with Rs. 10k-15k. And anyone can do this business. Let assume that you open the shop. And if you want your wife runs the shop.

Or your daughter or sister. So anyone can handle this work. The business is mainly for the women. And you now.

The product or business of a women is always in demand. This works throughout the whole year. Because it is done with the matching of clothes or, And you can search on google. How big is the business of cosmetics? And the best thing about this work.

You will retail it at the shop. Also you can sell it online as well as Amazon or whatever. Your site is online site is Flipkart, Amazon.

There, you will get 10 times the price of the products i.e. here the product price is Rs. 18 Its cost will be nearly Rs. 100 on online shops. So inside the video, we will give you all the information by step by step. And here you can see. Many products will be seen here.

The range is very high, the biggest thing is from anywhere you are from any state. By sitting there, you will be able to place your order. You have to call here through video call. You will be shown the all products.

According to your village. City wise. Or are you new to this business. You do not have idea what to put inside your shop.

So that will also guide you here. So let's start the video and give you all the information step by step. And Sir when I come to Sadar Market, a thing come into my mind.

I would like to ask you. We have watch a lot of videos on cosmetics. Where its cost is Rs. 1-1.5. There is also a lot of fraud. So tell us about it to our audience. Some people show chillers in a rupee.

25 paisa 50 paisa ₹ 1 customer is also wise. In today's time, even we can't purchase a toffee at that time. So how could you purchase Cosmetic products? What do they do with the customer. Customer goes greed.

He says the goods are not yet finished. In his affair, other items continue to be shown to the customer. But nothing happens All those are fraud, they misguide the customers who come from far away. But that poor fellow has nothing. Disappointed with the vacant Sadar Bazaar, he goes to his house. So see you keep this thing in mind.

It is said that more money is earned by fooling us and less by making sense. So all the things that are there, wisely, all the correct rates will be told. You don't get fooled anywhere Somewhere you are being lured by low prices. So you must take care of that thing. So hello sir, first of all tell us about yourself and your shop. Sir, My name is Narendra solangi.

My shop name is Risha Cosmetic. And where is it located. Sir Delhi Sadar Bazar Kutu Road Chowk is your shop. Talk more, Sir, which is your shop, which products do you deal in? What products will you find? What we deal is Underwear, Gents Belt, Purses, Cosmetic, Jewelery, Parlor Ladies. We have all the items and all the items we have. And if someone wants to join your company then how much they have to invest? Sir if anyone wants to join us, if someone is starting a new job.

So, he can order us within Rs. 10k-15k of his new work start. Ok as the time of covid is going on. Many customers cannot come to Delhi. They get ₹ 5000- ₹ 6000 in expenses only. Get rooms, rental rent He can order from his house. And if we talk, how many days will their product reach their home after payment.

If customer places his order online. Before that, he has to pay token money in advance. Rs. 2k then his order is placed. After the order is placed, we send him the bill through Whatsapp.

After WhatsApp, which will make us advance. After deducting it. We'll send the bill to him. WhatsApp, then we will transport its goods on transport.

Then the person who pays in full. After that, we send it to the built-in number. Good and if the customer's goods reach the customer within 3 to 4 days. So let's talk sir tell me this. The biggest problem's that assume someone is watching this video from far away. So now he can't come over here.

So how will they select this product. How how could you show them product? Sir, we show even a single thing to them through video call. So as he makes a video call, he shows the product and takes his order. Take his order So let's start showing head product. Also you should tell the margin how much it will sell for. Let me show you.

Look like it's nail paint. It is a box of ₹ 18 piece of ₹ 1.50. From here you are getting a grind of 1.50 from Sadar Bazar. You can retail it for ₹ 5.

Ok and you will get all kinds of local, branded goods. You will get a local branded medium as if it has come on its own. Here it is ₹ 24/Dozen, it is ₹ 20 Nail Paint.

ok. Like this ₹ 30/dozen and Rs. 2.50/piece. Their guarantee is 3 months guarantee from me. Before 3 months if it becomes dry anything happens. So my complete replacement is there after 3 months. If it dries I have no guarantee. Ok then one will come.

36/dozen is ₹ 3 items. If i have a year guarantee. If it dries up within 1 year then the open piece of open is returned.

And one must see that it will come to me. As it will be. It will come, I have ₹ 42/dozen, piece of ₹ 3.50. One will also come to ₹ 48/dozen is a piece of ₹ 4. All the sheds of 36 of 36 inside it will be different. And this one will come, I have ₹ 42/dozen, ₹ 3/piece.

It is supplied comfortably within ₹ 15-20 comfortably in retail. One will come out is ₹ 60/dozen and a piece of ₹ 5. Inside it will also have all the sheds inside it.

See one it will come. ₹ 72 is dozen, ₹ 6 is piece It is also rated. ₹ 72 is dozen, ₹ 6 is piece. And see one such one will come to me. ₹ 90 is dozen, ₹ 7.50 is the piece. All the sheds will be there, there is MRP inside it.

speck us ₹ 60. And if one walks inside the well, then like the matt. This matt will cost ₹ 288 dozen from me. ₹ 24 piece is. Sir can also sell them online on Amazon Wager Sir ji amazon if you search this From here on we have 24, we will get 150 pieces of 100 inside online.

Good good yes. Then such a matt will come inside. It is ₹ 360 dozen, piece of ₹ 30. And this one will come to see 4 Hooda's beautiful beauty. See this is 216 dozen pieces of 18.

It's huda beauty. This is also easy online. You get a piece of 99 sir, Good and you have how much.

I have a piece of ₹ 18 from here ₹ 216 dozen. She will come in a Hooda beauty. A piece of ₹ 35 is ₹ 420 dozen. So Sir, tell me one more thing. Suppose someone is new in this work, it is good for him. If someone starts this work for the first time.

He does not know what to keep in store, do you help him in starting that you We provide complete guides to those who do not know anything from the new customer who joins us. We tell him everything. Brother, this rate will be so much and how much will be sold. As if there is an item.

₹ 18 Dozen ₹ 18 Dozen Piece of 1.50. If he has to enter the sale, then we put ₹ 5 on the sale. Even if the children sit down, the child will sell it comfortably. See as this item will come in mg5's. ₹ 360 a dozen is a piece of ₹ 30. According to that, if someone takes in the city, then different kind of goods are different according to the countryside.

We have all the facilities from low to low medium to medium high to high. You have all the goods. See if brother, the lipstick we have will be starting from here. ₹ 30 dozen is 2.50.

What do showers call it. 12 rupees. ₹ 6 shows ₹ 9 dozen. There is nothing that starts lipstick. That's ₹ 30 dozen of 2.50 pieces.

There are 13 pieces inside it, one piece is free inside it. Then see it is multi of it, it is also of the same rate. ₹ 30 dozen is 2.50. Then it tastes good inside a little bit. This will come from us is ₹ 42 Dozen of ₹ 3.50.

Then see how it will come. It will come from within. ₹ 60 is ₹ 5 dozen And how much are they sold. It retails for at least four comfortably as it is ₹ 72 dozen, ₹ 6 comfortably with ₹ 6 comfortably up to ₹ 15.

See it then it will come. ₹ 90 Dozen is ₹ 7.50. Then see how this will happen within two dozen, what happens inside two dozen. Like 24 shades of 24 you will get different.

It will be ₹ 120 dozen from here, it is ₹ 10. Then see this green tea will come inside. ₹ 144 is dozen is ₹ 12. Then see this one will come. It comes inside the packet. There is 1 dozen packing of 2 dozen.

It will be ₹ 120 dozen from here. Its container will be like ₹ 10, there will be color inside it. This is how a supermet will come inside. See this.

Inside the pummel is inside the pucca. This will be two 216 is a piece of 18. How much does it sell. Sells at least ₹ 50 to ₹ 60. One look like this will come inside the bottle. This bottle is inside the container.

See that the bottle is inside the container. It will be ₹ 90 ₹ 7.50 piece from here. One look like this. ₹ 156 is a piece of ₹ 13. It can also be sold online. You can sell them online as well. One will come in this way and inside the big one.

I also have a container. It is inside the waterproof 24 hours inside the waterproof. See it is ₹ 360 dozen, piece of ₹ 30. The item is inside the super matt. I have a lot of items. Light to heavy heavy.

And see how Hooda Beauty will come inside the liquid. ₹ 90 is dozen, ₹ 7.50 is the piece. See this. Very good. Comfortably sold inside the retail ₹ 25 - ₹ 30.

One must see inside hooda beauty. See ₹ 180 dozen is a piece of ₹ 15. It would be easy if you search online too easily. Will get 100-150 pieces. And we have a piece of just ₹ 15 from here. That is to say, there is a lot of variety inside a single item. If you have lipstick like this, then there is a lot of range in it.

Have a look like this. Such a container is the color it will be. ₹ 288 is dozen, ₹ 18 is a piece. Ok. Very good

Have a look like this like this. Top is lipstick, bottom is glossy. It is ₹ 420 Dozen with a comfort of ₹ 35 It sells ₹ 200 ₹ 250 inside retail. You will have an only ₹ 35 piece from here. One see it will come.

The book will come late. ₹ 360 a dozen is a piece of ₹ 30. What i'm saying this rate.

All these boxes are box rates. Wholesale rate. This is how you will see inside Hooda beauty. ₹ 240 is a dozen, a piece of ₹ 20.

And variety comes in one box or one piece comes. Sir as if it is a dozen containers. It will have 12 sheds separated by 12 inside.

If the demand of the customer is small that I want a shed brother, then we also give a shed to the customer. And one look will come in this way. Huda's beauty.

₹ 300 is a dozen, ₹ 20 is a piece. and one this here is one. ₹ 420 is ₹ 35. Kelly's Company. Then one will come in.

₹ 600 is dozen, ₹ 50 is piece. Inside Challer Beauty. And see one. ₹ 300 is a dozen, is an item of ₹ 25. Comfortably inside retail. Our ₹ 25 is falling inside our retail ₹ 50 ₹ 60.

Sell at ease. Under light. It is ₹ 48 dozen ₹ 4.

There is nothing like this if it is within ₹ 4 that it is bad, it is inside the current, it is also within the good. It only makes a difference as to what quality is required. Just a little bit.

And there I am able to see one more thing, how much is it. See inside the hooda beauty. It's ₹ 300 dozen, ₹ 25 is a piece. Your according in whatever village town you live in.

Standard runs, low quality, high quality, medium quality, you can take that type of thing from here. I show you vermilion. It is dry vermilion. It will work inside the pooja, it will come from us ₹ 18 ₹ 18 dozen is 1.50 vermilion. One will come is ₹ 24 Dozen is a piece of ₹ 2.

Then one look it will come. Which is ₹ 30 dozen is a piece of ₹ 2.50. It also has mirrors.

And one will come. ₹ 42 Dozen is vermilion of ₹ 3. And one look will come in. ₹ 36 is dozen, it is ₹ 3, it is inside the waterproof. Then one look it will come is ₹ 48 Dozen of ₹ 4. Then one will come to ₹ 60 dozen is ₹ 5.

It will come to ₹ 72 dozen ₹ 6. All this I am showing you is inside all the water proofs inside all the liquid. Then there will be a ₹ 90 dozen of ₹ 7.50. one this, ₹ 120 dozen is a piece of ₹ 10. This is red.

Whoever is showing as red is there, they will get both red and mehroom. Then one will see Lufina's ₹ 144 dozen is a piece of ₹ 12. See this will come inside Lufina.

₹ 144 dozen is a piece of ₹ 12. And one will come. Is inside the bridal. ₹ 180 Dozen is ₹ 15.

One such color will come. kaff is inside. ₹ 240 of ₹ 20. How much is it sold for next. Ahead of ₹ 50 ₹ 60 is sold comfortably inside retail.

Then see one will come. Inside the liquid. It takes place inside the gel base. It is not inside the prison base, it does not fall, it is inside the base. A look like this will come inside Hooda Beauty.

₹ 300 dozen is ₹ 25. It will get red inside. See that we have face powder will start. It will come from here is a piece of ₹ 72 dozen ₹ 6.

Sell it comfortably ₹ 10 ₹ 15. One will come inside two-in-one. It's inside the mirror.

It will cost ₹ 90, a piece of ₹ 7. One look it will come. ₹ 120 dozen ₹ 20.

It's inside green tea. Then see like this. One such will come ₹ 180 MRP inside two in one. Two in one inside. It will be ₹ 180 dozen, ₹ 15 is a piece of money, it has ₹ 80 MRP. It sells at its full MRP..

It will only cost ₹ 15 from here. One see hooda will come. We have a piece of ₹ 420 dozen ₹ 35. How much does it sell. Easy 100 150 Retail Price. Then one will come to see that Parsoni's.

See the whole of parsoni. ₹ 300 is a dozen, a piece of ₹ 25. It has mrp.

₹ 54 on parsony. Only ₹ 25 will be available from us. ₹ 300 is dozen. One will come. Look me inside.

See this is two in one. It is ₹ 360 dozen, piece of ₹ 30. Then see one like this, Hooda beauty will come. ₹ 420 dozen ₹ 35.

This is also two in one. And see like this. This is also two in one. ₹ 180 Dozen is ₹ 15. See it's inside three in one. It will be ₹ 540 dozen pieces of ₹45.

₹200 ₹250 inside this comfortable retail. Comfortably inside retail. It happens Show next product sir, See i have this ear tops ring wagaira See it starts from here. ₹ 18 dozen is ₹ 1.50 pair. Like a design box has to be taken.

So we mix and make a container. Then see. This next item will be of stone. She will come is a pair of ₹ 24 dozen ₹ 2. Showers also show 50 paise. ₹ 1 pair is nothing like this.

It is just a story of a jerk. See this one will come inside the stone. Inside the stone, it is also bean rated ₹ 18 dozen items of ₹ 1. And you can mix it and give it too. We will make the container by mixing. Look like this will come.

₹ 30 dozen is ₹ 2.50 pair. It retails comfortably within ₹ 5 and ₹ 10 comfortably inside retail/ Shop is full you can see different you. This will be one such item of stone. ₹ 42 dozen is ₹ 3.50 pair. Item retails for ₹ 15 20 comfortably ₹ 48 is dozen is ₹ 4 pair.

Inside this, whatever I am showing you, inside it, I have 100 designs. Only showing this sample if I will show the complete variety. So the video will not end from morning to evening. Ok now show next product sir. See this golden item comes to me. ₹ 30 doz is ₹ 2.50 is guaranteed 6 months.

Here you will see this, I have a piece of ₹ 180 and ₹ 15. 30 35 retails inside the comfort of retail. Very good. See this. ₹ 72 dozen is ₹ 6 pair.

One see it will come. Fancy inside. ₹ 300 is a dozen ₹ 25 pair is comfortably sold in retail ₹ 100 ₹ 80 is comfortably sold out in retail. They are fraid of getting fed up, sir.

Full guarantee. I get 1 year guarantee if its color gets fed. One look it will come 216 is a pair of 18 Sister daughter also brings us from the market inside a comfortable detail. Not less than ₹ 50 to ₹ 60.

I will come only in one such way. Golden is inside. I have a guarantee of 1 year from them.

₹ 90 Dozen is ₹ 7.50 pair And if I talk about Sir, the way someone starts this work, in his starting one does not want to open a shop. Variety should remain in every way.

So how much money is spent in minimum amount, how much merchandise arrives in his 10 by 10 shop At least look at the old work. Everyone knows who is setting up a new job, at least ₹ 25000 or ₹ 30000 becomes a complete variety. We make a little match. Then keep ordering it. Then order a repeat of the item that ends. The rest of the item is with us, see how the sari pin comes to us.

Is cheap. ₹ 24 is dozen is ₹ 2 is one. It is comfortably sold for ₹ 5 inside retail.

This is how a sari pin will look. ₹ 30 is dozen is ₹ 2.50 I will have a lot of design and color in it. See this is also the design and color of the 30.

See this i have design and color of 30. Comes to me on such a nose. ₹ 12 Dozen is one of ₹ 1 this is Goldsmith.

₹ 30 does not give less than ₹ 40. I only have one rupee. Good what i am showing the rate no matter how much quantity. Quantity is guaranteed as much as quantity. This is how Sania Mirza will come. ₹ 42 is dozen is ₹ 3.50

A watch clip will come i have it inside the stone. ₹ 240 doz is ₹ 20 clip. Jackie is in. Watch the chain will come to me. I have a 1 year guarantee inside the Golden Palace.

₹ 180 is the dozen ₹ 15 is the chain. ₹ 15 With paendal. See it will come from me i show it to you. ₹ 300 is the dozen ₹ 25 is the chain.

I open with the pendle and show you. See this. How much will you have. ₹ 25 has 1 year guarantee. You can see this item of ₹ 25 only.

It is also written on the back of it 365 days guarantee. Check it out. And how much is it sold. Sir, comfortably inside the retail it is getting ₹ 25 comfortably from us. Easy to sell 100 in retail from me. By guaranteeing.

Earn while taking it and earn it while selling it. And see, this is how the throat sets up. I have a set of 20 rupess.

They are sold comfortably inside retail. This is how bridal sets will come. ₹ 150 set from me. Very good. ₹ 150 set from me.

₹ 120 dozen is ₹ 10 Inside this too, I have several designs for you to show you only once. If all the variety is visible then the video will become very long. See this one will come is ₹ 300 Dozen is a piece of ₹ 25. Then see how it will come.

Inside the golden i have. Inside the golden pandel is magnificent. 660 ₹ 55 piece. Comfortably sells for ₹ 200 to ₹ 250 in retail.

And one such mangalsutra will come inside the short. ₹ 144 is dozen ₹ 12 piece is see. Come in my shop. Come and visit my shop.

I have a lot of items A to Z items I have cosmetic jewelry, Ladies Under Garment, Parlor I have all the items. See this we will have this item start. ₹ 18 Dozen is 1.50 clip. ₹ 5 is comfortably sold in retail. One see how this will come.

₹ 30 dozen is 2.50 And i have a lot of fancy too. See this.

₹ 90 Dozen is ₹ 7.50 See this one will come. ₹ 72 Dozen is a piece of 6. See this.

One will get ₹ 48 and give it a piece of ₹ 4. Variety I have a lot. Come visit my shop or order online.

Look at video calling Variety I have a lot. So tell me sir if someone wants to come to your shop. Or you should contact us by phone, then once you tell us the name of your shop address. My shop name is Risha Cosmetic. And my name is Manu Solanki. Where have you arrived.

Delhi sadar bazar. Have your own shop on Kutu Road Chowk. So at the top of the screen there, you are being given the company name, phone number address and all the information. You can also check the description box. And when you call them, all the information will be given to you through video call.

You can WhatsApp through them if the phone is more busy. Or you can make a video call and also visit here. You can see the shop, there are a lot of items here, here you This bangle is also visible and we have a lot of items.

This is the Under Garments of Ladies, etc. See all your things is bangles, etc. It's just sampled. So whatever you see here the shop is full. All this sampling is done So inside the video, we tried to show you almost all the products. If all the products are shown, then the video becomes very long.

At the top of the screen you will find the company name The phone number and address are given all the information. You can also visit here. Or you can take all the information by making a WhatsApp or video call or phone call with them. All the products you have seen here are sampled.

That means assume a single product, if you choose a lipstick, there is a lot of categories inside it. If or if you select any nailpants, there is a lot of variety in it. So in this way any kind of goods you need here.

Low quality, medium quality to high quality. You will find all those things here. And here Sir told that within 25 to ₹ 30000 only. When you shop in a retail.

So almost everyone gets a sample. Then you keep rotating the same money. And anyone can do this work whether it is a woman or a man. One can earn good profits by doing this work. 2 times 5 times 10 times. It depends on you depends on your area So I hope you have seen a great video.

See you in a new video. With new business ideas and would like to speak to you once again. You keep learning something in life.

Because stop learning then stop winning. Jai hind, Jai bharat.

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