7$ to $7 750 | SMALL ACCOUNT Quotex strategy | Binary option live trading

7$ to $7 750 | SMALL ACCOUNT Quotex strategy | Binary option live trading

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Hi guys! Welcome to my channel! I’m Lara and today we are gonna make around 7 thousand dollars in the next 20 minutes. But guess what? I want you to make even more, not only today but every day! It means that you can finally drop your creepy job and enjoy decent life! But how to make this dream true??? By following my secret strategy! Now, you may think it’s for trading gurus only…No! If i can do it then you can do it too! If you want to trade with me and start making money online just complete 3 simple steps! Subscribe to my Youtube channel. Find a link to my telegram below this video And Send me a secret code I WANT TO CLUB in telegram It's super easy. Just after it you will get Access to my VIP Telegram channel with real-time trading advices So guys, Enough with spoilers for now! Watch this video till the end for more insights! I’m done for now! Let’s trade! So, guys, let's start our trading session today. And as you can see, we are on a Quotex binary broker . So today I'm going to use my new strategy ,this strategy is really simple, but not always easy for beginners.

But if you will watch all my videos till the end , you will understand everything. So first step that we need to take and add indicators for today. All right, it's going to be doncian channel indicator. As you can see, it's a lot of settings, but I recommend you choose default, of course. And second

one, let's take one more. It's going to be awesome oscillator one. All right. very good. And let's take one more. One more, I think it can be ,very good.

It's going to be DEmarker one, as always default settings. Everything fine. So next step for us, guys, it's choose couple good currency pairs today ,and I want to see the market ,what we have got.

So for sure. Let's take a second this one. Oh, sorry, it's yeah. Let's take this one. Very good. Push this bottom to hold it. Next, I'm going to take this one.

Very good. And one more. Let's take this one.

This one is fine. He's a high percent of pay, too. You can see all my pairs today is more than eighty percent now. So let's see the situation with third currency pair now ,well done ,and what we have got. So guys, you can see that, donchianchannel us always stay in the corridor. Candles never can go out from this and with Demarker and awesome. We can see how price feels in the moment. So for today, I have got two dollars on my life account and let's start our trading session. So first trade I want to make here with two dollars trade. Ok.

All right, with one minute. And right now, because you can see DEmarker growing up, it's a good point here to call option right now. Cool guys, first profit for today training session, so you can see it was good entry point, and as I told you, DEmarkeR right now feels good to go up and up. So let's come back on this graph later ,for next one trade, let's choose

second currency pair. Well done. And right now we can see that trend of graph going down. So it's a good

position for us because right now these candles stay too far away from the middle line of donchian channel. So let's trade with three and a half three dollars right now to call option in one minute. Cool, guys, second profit in a row right now, so you can see that right here graph start to stabilize and Draw a little support point over here, but I want to come back to my third currency pair. Ok, fine. And right now we can see that DEmarker little looks down for this moment, and this candle closed on the find a good position. So right here, I want to trade with six dollars.Ok, and let's go

put Option right now. Cool, guys. All right, decision was to put option on the situation ,because right now graph looks down and we can see ,usually after long way of a green candle Or read in a row, it's supposed to be the down trend or upper trend. It depends on the situation. Let's see the situation with first currency pair. Well, and you can see it's a long way candle.

Here we are getting price low. So right now we can decide to trade with ten dollars, OK, because you can see after these long way green candle on Awesome Oscillator, it's a good point right here with a put option right now. Good guys, very good profits right now, so it close to 20 dollars on my life account right now, and I'm ready to continue my training session, so let's see. I like the how market feelings today, so let's see the situation. These are fourth currency pair, well, and kind the same with the long red candle over here, so I will decide to trade with nine dollars , OK, to call option Right now. Ok, guys, in profits right now, this is a good so it was a little risky, you can see, because I put not all my balance in this trade. So let's continue and what we have got on second and currency pair.

Ok, and right now you can see the Demarker indicator close to the oversold condition. So I'm right now want to trade. You can see osсililator points is not really good for entry, but let's trade with ten dollars now, OK to call option right now. Well done Guys, it was risky, but again in the profit, so let's continue and let's see the situation with first currency pair right now.

Ok. Mm hmm. Interesting way that the graphs continue looks down. Yes, you can see this kind of support level over there . And then it's a great sit down price.

So right now, I think it's a good point. Trade to enter with thirty five dollars. Okay. And, uh, call option right now. Good guys, great profits right now, so I have got $64 in the profit now. This is a good way to make money online.

So remember, don't forget that I have got a Telegram chat where we can discuss about binary options, speak about financial independence and any questions you can text me.So let's continue. Don't forget to subscribe. Let's see the situation with second currency pair. Very good, and right now we can see the lower trend continue to make a step a little. So right now, I want to trade with fifteen dollars. Ok. And let's go call option right now. All right, guys. I lose this one, but it's OK. So because it's kind of

flat zone over here, it was kind of a risky trade. That's why I put just $15 in this trade, but I think I can recover these losers. So let's See the situation with fourth currency pair, OK, in the same situation, but right now we can see that on these graphs. It's the lower trend, of course, and because candle right now is down from the middle line of Donchian Channel channel, it's a good way point to trade right now with forty five dollars. All right and lets go put option right now.

Very good guys! As I told you, I recover my my loses with one trade. This is a good point. So let's continue. And right now I want to delete third currency pair , because price getting low and add one more. Let's take this one. No, no, no. I already have this one. Great Britain and Japan, very well.

And right from this point, I want to see a situation with a high percent of pay out .OK . And so ,what we have got here, we can see that price continue looks down and this candle probably start to make a support level. But I think that we can trade here with eighty five dollars. Ok. With put auction In one minute. Well done, guys, its a good, good profit, so I already have one hundred 60 dollars on my life account. You can see right here and I'm ready to continue. So let's see, are first currency pair!

What's changed? Probably not changed. And right here, I think it's a very good moment because you can see in this situation candle across the middle lines of Donchian channel, but because trend looks down. It's a good point here to trade with one hundred sixty dollars To put Option right Now. Great guys, again in the profit.

This is amazing result. I don't believe it. So this strategy works well, I think. And I want to continue to trade probably a couple more trades, four or five trades, maybe. And let's see the situation with third

currency right now. So right here we can see again, kind of flat situation over there, but the DEmarker indicator feels good. And that's why I think the price continue to go down and I will decide to trade with two hundred ninety dollars. Okay, to call option right now. Wow, guys. Very good profit. I have got half a thousand dollars in a profit today. Oh my God, this is a fantastic, I think. So let's continue and I want

to use next trade with second currency pair . OK. And right now comes the interesting situation. You can see that the graph across the media line of doncian and DEMARKER looks up. So right here, after this long way of green candle, I think it's time to trade with five hundred twenty dollars, Ok, and right on this position. Let's wait a little bit when this candle close to the trade and ready to call option right now. All right, guys. This one is not in a profit, it's OK because I'm not

loose on my money. This was crazy. I'm shocked, but so I think it's time to continue. And right here again, we can decide to put option ,because the marker across the top line of overbought conditions. So let's go call option right now. All right, guys. Well done for right now, and I'm in profit, so this is a good, good way to make money online, to use binary options. So let's make a

couple more trades now, and I think it's time to see the situation with first currency pair. Very good and right here, Very good and right here, I think , because again, candles is close to the top lines of a donchian channel and start to go down. So trade with a nine hundred Fifty dollars here to call option right now.

Cool, guys. This is an excellent results right now. I have got one thousand seven Hundred dollars in profit. So guys, this strategy I like to use ,donchian channel works kind probably more interesting than Keltner or another one. So let's make a couple again more trades. I think it's time to see the situation with third one.

And here again, it's a good point, Candy, to treat with 1000 dollars here. All right, and let's go call option right now. Great guy. Very cool. So my balance is more than two and a half Thousand dollars Right now. This is a crazy, crazy thing.

So let's delete forth currency pair, because price is too low. And I think I want to make one more trade with two thousand dollars with double bet ,because if I even lose it, it still will be in profit with six hundred dollars. So I want to make this risk. And let's choose Third Currency pair here.

And because you can see Demarker indicators stay on top for too long. Right now can be good profit to make double bet with call Option right now. Wow, guys.

This is a crazy, crazy thing. I have got $4000 in my live account. This is a fantastic result already, so I'm going to make one more trade.

I told this for free time in a row, but this market today is really awesome. So let's choose a second currency pair. And right now, it can be to trade with four thousand. Guys, this is a really interesting moment. So from this position, I think it's kind to be a right decision, because Demarker looks a little bit up and it's fourth red candle in road. So let's guys trade with for Thousand dollars to put option right now.

Wow, This is a fantastic, Amazing profit. Now I have got Seven hundred fifty dollars now. This is crazy, crazy result guys See I keep my promise And we made even more than $7,000 in 20 minutes. So why? Because 16 out of 18 trades were profitable. Wanna get them every day? Subscribe to my Youtube channel, join our team at Telegram, and start making huge profits today! Text me I WANT TO CLUB in Telegram. Here is your third perk! Get access to the success stories of other happy members! Be in a winners community and get energized for daily breakthroughs! See ya soon. Bye bye.

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