7 Steps How To Be Successful In Your Business Opportunity

7 Steps How To Be Successful In Your Business Opportunity

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Hey. It's Paul farmer from Paul G farmer, calm, today. Imma be sharing with you something that I think, is, gonna be a tremendous value to you I know if. I had known this information or. Had, following this information. When I first started online, my. Journey would have been a whole lot shorter to full-time, income, but. Uh I, didn't. And I, struggled, quite a bit so hopefully this will help you I hope, and trust that this will help you you'll. Find value from this so, seven steps how to be successful in. Your, business. Opportunity. Okay so I'm just recovering just a few. Things obviously, there could be many, more things. That we could go over here but. I never look down to seven important, steps that I think, everyone. If they follow, this stuff when they follow this they. Will start seeing some tremendous. Differences. And, results. So. Let, me just get right to it. So. The. Very first thing is you. Want to position yourself to earn the most now one, of the things I see. The. Mistakes people make mistakes. I've made in the past was. I started. At the. Lowest. Level, in my company I start, at the lowest level. And, I. Would. Come in it I'd say well I'm, just going to try it and, see how it works if it works right and I. Gotta. Say this is probably one of the biggest mistakes. You can make because. And, I know many. People are like well I just need to make sure it works I don't want to waste money and all. This stuff cuz you know I've been there done that and it's. Really the worst thing you can do because it's setting yourself up to make it way. More difficult than it has to be and. You're. Just not gonna earn that much but, I think you're, not gonna earn that much for your efforts so you really want to position yourself to earn the most money possible. That. You can and you, want to do everything. You possibly can, to be, in that position for. Example. The company I'm with. We have a level that pays $20, residual, income and. 50. Percent matching bonus. But. We also have other. Back-end. Offers that have higher, pay. Higher commissions such as $100. $400. And $1,000, and if. You are not positioned to, earn those commissions, then. You'll lose those commissions but the thing is you. Do the same exact. Work. For. The $20 residual, income as you, do for the $1,000, Commission's, the 400 or commissions and the 100 are commissions you do the same exact. Work, so. It makes the most sense to. Do. That the other reason I say position, yourself to earn the most is because. Mentally. Unless, this happened to me I went from $50. To, 400, to 700 to. 2,000. In a week. Weekly. Payment, weekly. Commissions. Because. I had this shift, this. Shift occurred, hit me because before I was I was. At a level where I could only earn so much money I wasn't. Really taken at that seriously, I didn't really think I could earn that much it wasn't mentally. I didn't think it was worth my time so. It wasn't worth the energy and the, effort that I'd have to put into it so I just never really took it that seriously but, when I decided to purchase all the products, at that time that there were.

Literally. Itch I had, a shift. Mentally. Where. No, longer was well I can only make this much now it was wow I'm positioned, to make the most money now. I can go to work I put in all my energy, I'm all-in now right, so, I have that shift the other thing is you have skin in the game there's. More skin in the game I, believe. There would be a much higher success rate, if, you, had to pay like, say let's just say $5,000. To start your business if you had a made this $5,000. To start your business. First, of all more. People. Would. Be taking. It way more seriously you wouldn't no longer be this hobby mentality, that keeps you stuck and never makes you any, money now if you're someone that just, - you, want to be part of the community you. Want to use the products, whatever if that's if that makes you happy that's completely, cool but, if you're someone like me who wanted. To create a full time income from, the comfort of their home then, that's. Not acceptable you, know you need to do whatever you can to position yourself best and, by. Having. More skin in the game that, gives you a better opportunity because. Now you're like well I'm positioned, to make the most money and I spent money so I want to make that money back whereas. If you pay like say $60. To get started in something, it's. Not that big of a deal if you lose it you know it's not that big of a deal so you're just about $60 it's not really to push me not hard to do anything so, this. Is why I. Continuously. Say and this is the lesson I have learned position. Yourself to earn the most it just makes the most sense you're. Gonna go around and around most. Likely, you're, gonna quit because you're not making enough money because you're gonna get frustrated, cuz you're putting too much effort into it we're putting too little effort into it because you're, in your mind well I'm not making it much money, this. Is just a lesson I've learned so position. Yourself, to earn the most possible. And. Do. That as soon as you possibly can that is my advice okay so that's number one this, is based on six, years, of experience, okay. So I'm not new to this this, is based on six years of experience the mistakes I made was. I didn't. Do, that and it. Really cost me a fortune, really did time. Frustration. All, of that okay so next number. Two is, focus, and this is a really, really. Big. One this is one I see. So. Many people struggling, with his focus and. My. Rule of thumb this is just how I think and, I, know majority. Of people out there don't think that they think they need to have multiple streams of income I'm. Not against multiple streams of income but. I am against, you know having too many, what. Is it irons in the fire right too, many you. Cannot possibly, focus. On too many things especially, if you're first beginning and you, haven't had, any success. I. Once, asked, a, mentor, of mine. What. He recommended, ID like I was in a business opportunity and he, asked me I asked him what I should do I make sure I so, I move over here, and. See. If I can get this going or shall I stick with what I have and basically, he said you, know if. You don't have a strong foundation if you haven't developed skills, you can't develop the mindset to be successful, it's like pushing a heavy object.

Over. The ice. Okay. Over, the ice obviously, you're gonna slip it's not gonna go anywhere right heavy object on ice no, skates sitting on the ice it's. Not gonna go anywhere it's the same with you, if you. Are unable to focus, then, you are going, from program. To program training, to training. Just. Whatever right and you haven't had any success you can't, expect, to have any success elsewhere, because. You haven't developed the skill set you haven't developed the mindset, to be successful, that's, the thing it's not it's typically. In. Most cases not the program that's the problem it's, you, is, how you think, and it's. The. Skills that you have not, developed that. Is the reason it's not the program for most cases now. It, has been the program in the past for me. But. That's, you, know that's not all the time if you're in a program it's a solid program that. Has a proven track record and you're. Not having success that. Is because you have not developed skills, you, have not developed the, mindset. You are not thinking, in a successful, manner you, are still thinking in. A oh it's, easier, over here the grass is greener over here kind, of mentality, okay. So. This. Is super important, my rule of thumb and and. This is what I I kind. Of teach is you. Really shouldn't, go elsewhere, until. You're making at least $5,000, a month in the company you're with that. That, may seem high that may seem low to some people I don't know but. I think if you, can get to $5,000. In your business, you. Have a pretty good understanding, of what you need to do to. Be successful and, then, you, could actually move. On to something else now when, you do moving on to something else make, sure it complements. What you're already doing, so. If you're already in an MLM, business for example don't go join another MLM business that doesn't complement, what you're doing all, that does is now. You set up two businesses, that compete against, one another it's, really not going to help you so when. I'm looking to add another stream, of income I'm looking for something that's going to complement, the one I already have for example everyone. Needs, traffic. That's. That's, something everybody needs everybody, needs marketing, tools everyone. Needs training so. Those are evergreen products. That you can, share. With. People that are in your, business in other, businesses. And it. Can add another stream of income so marketing, tools marketing training, and traffic. Those things are all. Complimentary. You. Could even go into like you, know cryptocurrency, if you wanted gold silver, whatever that's, complementary, to. Depend. On what you're doing but, you want to do something that's complementary, not that's gonna compete, against, what you're already doing take, away your focus, that. Kind of thing okay so. That's. My take on focus. Obviously. I'm. Not only talking about business opportunities I'm talking about marketing, techniques. I'll. Stay on this focus part, of it for just a little bit longer because focus, is so important. One. Of the things I see one mistakes I made when I first started was I try to do everything, I tried, to learn everything, instead.

Of Just narrowing, it down to one thing or two things I try, to do everything and learn everything and that, is a mistake so, really. What you want to do is focus on one. Free. Marketing, method and one, paid, of marketing, method at the beginning, master. That free marketing, method Master, that paid marketing method once you do then. You could start adding new things but don't do it before because you're just gonna drive yourself insane okay. So. That's focus focus is so, critical. Me, personally I've been with save program I haven't. Moved I make over five thousand a month easy. But. I did, not do anything different I just focused only on that and, I think that's a that's a real key, into. Why I've been able get the results I guess as I've been focused I've turned down this base basically everything, is become my way. And. If. I do promote, something else I do it in a way where I'm not actively, going out and trying to convince. People to come in my business all the time it's just kind of passive. Marketing, okay so. Here's. Another one that uh this. One really kind of changed. Things for me this. Is something I see people do all the time and it's a huge, mistake. And. And. Something. Grant Cardone said, really. Sticks out to me and it's it. Doesn't matter like if, it's free it, doesn't matter if it's the best thing ever that. To. Ever be introduced, to keep to mankind. It. Doesn't matter it's. Always, gonna be harder, than you expect, you're always gonna have to do more than, you expect, and I can tell you from experience. Even. A free product now I've see people they, jump in free programs, all the time oh it's free it's gonna be easy, and you would think it would be easy right you, would think oh well it's free why, wouldn't people want, to do it but. It ends up being and, I promise, you this ten, times, more. Difficult than, you could ever imagine, you, ever plan for because. Just because it's free doesn't, mean people want it a lot. Of times when people see, it's free they, think oh well it's free who cares right now, here's the thing with free when, you have something free.

You. Are going to get people that look for free, which. Have a very. They. Do not have a success, mindset typically. People. That are looking for free, they. Do, not really, have I, want. To say this in a non offending, way but. They're. Not they're not ready for success they're, still stuck on easy free. Bat, mentality. They, have the lottery ticket mentality, and that, is not, to help you okay. Uh, believe. Me I have, done, free, I've done offers, what it is free, to, get started and. All. That happens in free is people join for free and they, stay free they don't do anything so. Some. Will most. Won't okay, you just have to understand with free but stop, thinking it's gonna be easy so with, my. Program. I'm in now, understand. This okay so when I started. This program this, program has been around since 2013. There's, many. People, making six figures plus in this program, it's. Not a new program most people know about it. So, when. I decided, to run with this thing when I decided to take it seriously, and really grow. It. I wasn't. Thinking it was gonna be easy that's. The last thing I was thinking there was I wasn't I wasn't, catching the wave you know like everybody's well you gotta catch the wave and I. Wasn't. It. Wasn't all hyped up or anything like people knew about this Pro and are people that were in the program quit the program because, they couldn't get it going, but. I had, always liked this program, this, program I'd been using the tools the, training for. The longest time I just wasn't marketing, it and I knew it was a solid program I knew they paid on time I knew the owners were very engaged and, I. Knew the product was a value, that people could really use it and. That's. Why I decided to do it because I don't like these fly-by-night, things I like something that's stable has. Proven, it, stood the test of time so. That's that's, why. I decided, to do that and when I stopped thinking it's. Gonna be easy when I stopped chasing oh well. This program just. You know deposits. Money right into your bank account and you don't have to do anything you, know when. I stopped looking at it that way and I started taking a heart what Grant Cardone says, where doesn't, matter what, it is you're, gonna have to give ten times more effort ten times more money 10 times more time then, you plan for. That's. When things change because no longer was I looking at it oh it's going to be easy, no. I understood, what, I had to and you, have to fight through the noise there's a lot of noise out there you, have to fight to the noise and be, able to stand out to get people to see what you have and to get people to start following you it's. Not easy okay no one said it was easy so when you sit when you hear someone tell you oh it's easy they're, full of crap okay. They're. Full of it they're just trying to sell you now. Is, it hard, it's. What I do hard no it's not hard it's simple it's. Simple you do a few things every day it's, simple, a couple, hours a day, you. Can definitely create, a full-time income but. But. I wouldn't. Say it's easy, because. Easy makes. People think they don't have to do anything and that's not the case okay. Anytime, you were creating your own income you got to go to work you got to do something okay so get. That idea out of your head too sooner, the, sooner you stop searching for what's easy the. Better off you're gonna be, the sooner you're gonna start getting results, take. My word for that or. Don't your. Choice follow. A proven routine now. I read, books like all the time I'm always listening to a book reading, a book and one, of the things I've noticed about successful, people and. This. Goes for I'd probably say every successful person out there they. Follow a proven routine. They. Follow a proven routine. So. When, I first started online I didn't have a routine I didn't know what I was doing I just kind of like thrown crap up on the wall III didn't have a routine I had no plan to. Get anywhere if, you don't have a plan you're not going anywhere so, you. Need to have a, proven. Daily. Routine, proven. Meaning you. Already know it gets results like someone else is doing it other. People are doing it and they, are getting results, and if. That is the case then. You follow that routine and you do it day in day out okay, because it's proven, now.

One, Of the things I see happens, a lot a lot. Because. I work with people all the time is. They. Struggle, because. Either they don't have a proven routine or. They choose, to follow that proven routine and they go off the beaten path and try to figure it out on their own. This. Hardly. Ever works and you're, gonna spend countless, hours. Countless, like thousands. Of dollars probably. Trying. To do something on your own it's. Way easier just, to follow a proven routine, okay, now. If you want to create your own daily routine, based on a proven. Routine that's cool too but have a routine like I have a routine, I follow. On a daily basis, every, single, day and I even share this routine in in my private group I have a private group where I share this routine. And, I break down basically, everything, I do and how I do it but, that's, what you want to do and that is how I get the results I get because I have, a proven routine that, is how I've earned a full-time income because I have a proven routine so. Now. The group, I'm a part of we we have a proven route een. What. We do absolutely works, we're. All you. Know the. People following the routine are making, a full-time income online, so, that's super important, if you don't have a if, you don't have a proven daily routine you're, gonna go in circles you're not going to get the results you want okay. So moving on. Invest. In yourself, super for like I said I read books all the time one. Of the things I learned is. The. The, top earners, the top CEOs, they. Read at, least 50. Books, a year the. Average person, reads. Not, even one ninety. One book a year okay. So, right. There that speaks volumes, I read, a book just, about I've. Been reading a book this year 2018, every. Week. Listening. Or reading every. Single, week, and, I can tell you you know it makes a difference it really does make a difference. But, invest in yourself go, to you. Know. Conferences. Read. Books, trainings. Invest. In yourself it's the best investment you can make it's, all I'm going to say there. Number six invest in your business now this is a big one, this. Is a big mistake a lot of people are making too they don't invest back in their business they don't, invest back in their business so rule. Of thumb you really want to invest back 20%. Back. Into your business at least 20%, when, I was first starting to. Build. The business I'm with now as doing 60%. I was putting 60%. Back in but. It just depends how fast you want to go and what your resources are, I've seen people put 100% back so whatever they make in their business they put it all right back in because they understand, the, more they invest the, more they're gonna get back the faster, that's going to happen but. As, a rule of thumb 20%. Back in your business, into. Marketing. Into. Let's. Say marketing, for the most part but. Put 20 at least 20% of back to your business that is how your business is going to grow but. Of course you can go bigger than that, but. What. I see many people do is oh wow I'm gonna do it for free I'm not, going to get any any tools I'm, not gonna do anything okay. You, know and and. That doesn't, work it just doesn't work so you have to be committed to putting. Back into your business every, single, time. Without, fail no, matter what I. Recommend. Having a. Marketing. Budget and you spin that budget no matter, what, you put it back in your business no, matter, what, and. That that's just your designated, amount you put back in your business okay, and that will get you going. And. Then the last one here is. Get. A mentor, get, a mentor, now. This. Is super, important, because if. You want something that someone else has. Then. You, need to learn from that person right if they, have something you want you need to learn from that person so. A mentor, is going to cut down on. All the trial and error on the, learning curve.

They're. Going to teach you what, you need to know to, get the results, you want to get so. That's that's, a that's another, one super important. You can have mentors, that you, don't really meet with there are more virtual. Mentors, but. Have somebody. That you follow that. Is. Doing better than you're doing has a results, you're getting and do. What they do follow, what they've tell you to do and. Because. That's, that's one of the biggest mistakes too that's a huge mistake people make you know they get these egos, but, I don't know I'm not gonna do it that way I'm gonna do it my way which. Your. Way got you to where you're at their way got them to where they're at so which do you choose right, so, get a mentor again it, doesn't have to be a one-on-one thing it could be a virtual mental mentor. Again. I have my own group where I do all, kinds of training I offer. All kinds of resources and, you. Could, ask questions and all that so that is a form of mentorship if. That, is something that interest to you you know reach out to me I'll get, you plugged into that group. The. Team I am with we also have, a, training, going on right now it's a 90-day training teaching, you exactly what, to do to, build, your business, and. And. Earn a full-time income that's that's what it's set up to do again. Though you have to do it you have to follow along and do it but anyway, I hope you got value hope, and trust you got value it's gonna review it really really quick so. Just. Finish this up position yourself to earn the most money. Focus. Stop. Thinking it's gonna be easy that's that's such a big one right there stop. I mean that that's really where it shifted for me when I stopped going okay I stopped, thinking it was gonna be easy that really just changed things for me follow, proven daily plan. Invest. In yourself, invest. In your business and get. A mentor okay guys so I'm, gonna wrap it up right there I do videos. Pretty, pretty, often pretty frequently multiple. Times a week be, sure to subscribe to my channel you got value I'd love to hear what you learned drop, a comment below and. If. You want to check out what I do how I make a full-time income just hit the link right below or. Go to leads are flowing calm. And I'll see on the next.

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I found that having a proven daily routine works wonders. Like you gotta be consistent with what you do. If you do it every other day, then the results will only be so much. But the more consistent you are, the more compounded your results will be.Anyways, great video. Thumbs up

Absolutely! Thank you

always a pleasure to give some love

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