7 Secrets to Building a Million $$$ Real Estate Wholesaling Business on a Low Shoestring Budget Fast

7 Secrets to Building a Million $$$ Real Estate Wholesaling Business on a Low Shoestring Budget Fast

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Good. Morning, what's going on what's going on well live well live a life of life um, this. Topic, today is a very, very, important. One this. Is one of those videos that you. Want to even. If you don't have the chance to watch it right now you want to bookmark it, even. If you've had a chance if you have a chance to stick with me and watch it right now you still want to bookmark it and come back to it all the time, for. Times and years and decades to, come because, I want to teach you some, some. Timeless concept, that's, gonna really help you these. Are constant the only concept, that has worked for me since. For. Nine years streak right now in the middle of a very fast evolving, technology. Driven. Era. Okay. Which, means everything changes, so fast and you. Really, really in this time you need to have some. Solid fundamentals. Measures. In place to. Keep you maintained, keep you producing, all, right ever has love ups and downs in those nine years and the, only thing that has really worked for me over and over again is. The concepts that I'm gonna share with you here right now today yes, I'll be talking to real estate wholesalers. But you best believe that this same, information. Is applicable to any type, of business, you. Could be a network marketer internet marketer, for, the marketer, real, estate wholesaler investor. Professional. Real. Estate agent right. Any, of those, things, that. Especially. Where you are. Ten. Employees, or lower, than net a. Kind. Of company or business right. This. What, I'm about to share with you it's. Something that you need to learn you. Need to take you to the bank you need to master it you, need to make the very core of your, business okay, with, that being said my name is Ola a betoken. I am, the founder, here at my empire procom. Essentially. I do focus, my audience, focus much more his, days on real estate wholesalers, but frankly. My audience, also span across to marketers, online marketers, home business owners that. I want to learn how to do they're only using, the Internet. So. Back, in the days it used to be you generate leads and you're good right but these days, generating, leads can be very expensive if, you are not well positioned if, your, business your funnels are not well positioned it, can be a very expensive thing, that will wipe you out of business, take, it from somebody, will have. Somebody. Who has the experience okay. And, that's. Why I wanted to share, this particular training with you so. Consider this a training, a coaching, training session, it's not just one of those short videos it may be short I don't know but, I'm gonna be here until I am, done conveying. The concept, that I want to convey to you. With. Regards, to this and you're gonna see me taking. Notes right, here, on this, Google sheets right here you can see me taking notes as I, go along, here okay. So, one of the things that's going on right now and, again you try to convey, this to your business okay, it's applicable, in your business but, you may have to just think. A little bit critically, okay but.

You Probably haven't the same struggle, right, I'm. Gonna cover how. To avoid, the epidemics. Of little, to no deals, it's. Going around people, complain, don't have deals they don't have. By. The way I apologize that, I'm like an hour and 15 minutes late just. To make sure what we do here sometimes, I can set a time I, set. The, the live. Session. Because. I want to make sure I deliver the, message, eventually, sure if you have such a reminder of you subscribe, to the channel then obviously. Used to be able to see this video. That's. Why if you're here for the first time you wanna make sure you subscribe to the channel because, I have, over 400 videos here, I can, literally show you let me show you my file let me just show you okay, let. Me show you how many videos, I have, on here, with regards to realize that whole selling real estate and, marketing. That's me live right now right so. If I go here all. You have to do is. Do. That right. You. Search for that okay. This is my channel how many videos, 463, videos. Okay I just did this yesterday, literally. In the spur of a. Minute I did about 40 minutes of. Full-blown. Content, that you can really benefit from so make sure you go watch it it's called a smart real estate also, a 2.0, reading. Q. & A that, means a lot, of it you just be reading what I'm typing but, it's a very good way to really. Engage yourself. And pay attention to, what I'm saying because sometimes when you're listening. Your, your attention is all over the place right but when you read you actually soak in the content so this, is a the. First of this series I'm gonna try to do more of it right so, make sure you subscribe I only have 858, subscribers, right now I say only because we're. Trying to get that 2 million so. Subscribe. So that you can get a notification every time with. That being said, let's. Go back to what, we're up to here which. Is this one okay so. The. Epidemics, is gonna right there's no deals all, right oh if you're in any type of other business you probably think there's no leads, there's, no prospects. To talk to right and if there's no there's. No leads or deals to talk to or prospers to talk to essentially. You will end up with a business. That is. Dead that's not really a business right and. Some. People say motivated. Sellers have dried up did motivated, sellers, dry up and evaporate I mean, did people stop going to divorce, the people who start facing foreclosure is that really the facts that's, not the fact you and I know that's not a fact right right. They. Do the people start dying and, leaving. Properties. Getting. Hold and dying and leaving properties, behind for their loved ones, inheritance. Is that the loved ones may not want right. The. People starts having properties, that that's, not cash flowing like landlords, that are tired or properties, with bad tenants, in them there, are properties out there all over the place like that so. The only thing there's only two factors that may be stopping, you from. Generating, deals, and generating, leads right, well. As leads that leads the deals and close deals right there's, only one things I'm going to talk about leads a, lot, right there's. Only one thing that stopping you from being exposed to as many leads as you want to have be chasing you down now. Why her direct, mailing, not working, anymore right back in the days when I started I started. Sending. My first letters in somewhere, in 2005. What. I said a hundred. Pieces of mail at the time I will get a call back and, from, every one or two cause I was setting appointments and. That. Would lead to a file, on my table that would end up being a closed deal, right. That was back then but now it. Seems like things have dried up and when. Things dry up is only wusses that run away from it as opposed to figure out what, is going on because really, what's happening, is the, market is shifting, okay. So. How do you protect yourself from a shift in market that's, what, I want to talk to you about, today. Okay. How, do you protect, yourself from. A market that's shifting, well first of all there's no such thing as a market, that doesn't shift every, market, will shift but.

Some Shift faster than the other any shifting and is going in upward direction, that means shifting faster than ever before, why, because innovation of new technology, is just that fast, so. That affects, everything, with regards to how people respond to marketing information, as, a real estate osela as a network marketer guess what you are primarily, you're. Not a networker, you're a marketer, okay. You, don't make your money from networking. Networking. Can, help, okay. It can help with your conversions, it can help make you some friends maybe because, I was having a conversation about with, some people talking. About they're making friends, they make friends in the industry that's, cool and dandy, I love, making friends in the industry too, I make friends I've had a lot of my friends in the industry a lot of my friends too today are friends of the industry but I'm not delusional. Okay. If all of a sudden my friends stopped talking, to me because I'm not producing any longer, I'm, not delusional, that. Makes complete sense cuz humans are humans and the only people you can trust in this world is God that's, it okay. And yourself, hopefully, you trust yourself you believe yourself right, does. That stop me from making friends that doesn't stop me from making friends I have friends I just. Don't I'm, not delusional okay, I don't get, sucked up in that and get over the consumed by that if I can help I help if I can't help then I just can't help if someone can help they help me if they can't help I will respect, that and I'll keep it moving because at the end of the day it's. My responsibility. My own welfare my business welfare is my responsibility. Including. The networking, part of it and making friends of course but we gotta find balance in all of this and we can't be too khumba about it learning. The skill set that's gonna take you to, make money in this game it's, your responsibility is, not the responsibility, of the Guru that you work with in spite, of the fact that you may have paid them 40 grand on 100 grand in the past I don't care it doesn't matter you paid for it because you found you thought there was value in it you probably got somebody but the value probably wasn't as big as you thought it was gonna be that's. Okay it's a learning journey, okay. It's a journey okay, so. But you're here right now so kudos to you that means you're still trying to learn everything. You can learn okay. So I was talking about market shift the only thing that's inevitable in life is change that's, what a market shift is okay. So when you're here there's no deals I can't find deals I'm driving for dollars but I can find deals well, I find a house a really nice house on the corner I think it's gonna be a good deal well what. Do you mean anyway. It's just a house on the corner it's a ton of them right, what, you need is people there's not houses houses. Comes with the people if you don't have motivated, sellers, you're, not going to close deals if you don't have people been attracted, to your business you can't close deals. Okay. Then now the people, may come with a product, the product could be them themselves they may be looking to invest in themselves if you're in a coaching business or, they may be looking to get rid of a property that means it comes with the house, it's the same concept, but. Really the really commonality. Between all those two is people, is, people product. Process product people process, is three-piece, okay, if you get those three together and you have it seamlessly, arranged together in your business you, will continue to close deals but, here's where you're missing the game when I say did motivated, sellers dry up and evaporates, if you were asking, that question here's. What you're missing people you're. Missing the behavior of the people you're missing the fact that people shift their attention all the time, this, shifted their attention from newspapers, to their phones, you. Gotta get with that they, shifted their attentions from their doors they, don't want you knocking on their doors unless you were invited, even if you were their cousin even if you were their family, they, don't appreciate that does that mean knocking the doors doesn't work I didn't say that I just think it's gonna work a lot less no. I don't think I know it works a lot less that means you're gonna burn a lot of energy and there's. A very high chance you would quit before you hit your first deal. So. Where is the attention the attention is on the internet not, internet, by way of laptop, as even, lower okay.

Because Again we continue to shift is on the phone on, the smart devices on the smart handheld. Devices. Aka smart phones okay. It's no more on your flip phones anymore either angry. Everything is evolving and it's your responsibility as, a business owner in this time and error to, pay attention to that if you don't pay attention to that then, you will start asking questions like did, motivated, sellers dry up and evaporate, what. Our Direct Mail not working anymore, because. They go into joke because. Most mail they're coming to people's houses and homes today's are junk, including. The yellow book it's very damn self, if. Anything. I'm making sense to you make sense please make sure you give me at least one thumbs up it before you leave okay I'll really appreciate that okay. What. If you don't have money to hire virtual, assistants to call leads for you I want to talk about that today as well too because some, of the Guru's who are teaching that which is a some very good CooCoo strategies, if you have the money to. Hire a few, virtual, assistant, you. Could get our leads you know you could get a motivated. Sellers sorry. You get distressed. Homeowners, okay, distressed, homeowners you could get those, leads from let's, see my Empire pro. Bro. Become. Slash reddit is what we use at the moment okay. Hey. You, could get those leads for you could get those leads from there you have, virtual, assistants, as cold calling them right. If. You can't afford that then you're left with only one choice if you really want to use that strategy you have to go, call yourself, but, what if you hate cold calling yourself, I'm gonna help you with that today if you hate cold, calling yourself I do - I don't like it it's not really it's, not really an activity, I enjoy in business okay I don't like calling strangers even. Though yeah I do have an offer for them which is simply. Hey. I was your. House at this address, I'm are. You open to selling it and, I just wait for them to say yes and no they're mostly knows I don't like, no. See my face like that too much I take a lot of nose in my business it, just doesn't come in my face does, that make sense there's, a lot of people that would jump on this video right, now and it's, just not their cup of tea today they're gonna say no and just click off that's okay all right but the note is not in my face I don't get to see it okay, that. Means I have a higher spirit, always and I can keep doing my business and I keep staying in profit, because. Then, I will find mines but, I don't have to take so much nose to, the point where I leave, myself exposed. To, where my, field is my emotions, get wrapped up or get get and tongue good in this situation and then I'll quit to myself and a lot of people worry why they quit or they, don't never realize, that they already quit right. They did do the business two weeks and then they disappear, for the next two months and then they try to pick it up again you know why because you're not positioned, for consistency. Your, position, in front of knows way too many times you forget you're human like everybody else. Nobody, likes no right, I was a gentleman yesterday on Facebook he, posted something that he really thought it was being wise and he was really talking to a bunch of people and it was all kumbaya and everything, he was saying this very content, makes a lot of sense but the context, of it all together didn't make any sense it was actually, a passive-aggressive. Attack, at another gentleman. That was really that everyone actually benefited, from in the past and. I could read all in between there and I really went, for him and I said this is complete, BS you're. Making, fun of another person, when. They're down I'm. Not a person when, they're down and I, came against him amongst, about, 300. Likes on us on his page right. And. I came against that I mean he didn't like that and, he replied me and he has a bunch of people saying kudos, kudos kudos kudos kudos right, he had a bunch of people saying that but he didn't like the fact that I came against.

That Nobody. Like rejection. We. All don't like rejections. All of us okay, if, you have a human brain in your head it doesn't matter how much of a scientist you think you are right, we, don't like rejection so. Positionally your marketing, in front of the place where you're gonna get hit with the rejection in your face all the time as a person, like in your face you can see it when it's happening in real time right. It's. A very yeah considering, the fact that marketing. Is expensive, right. Time. Use your time is a lot more expensive than he ever used to be right, because before, whatever, you learn how to do could have been ten dollars before now they pay you twenty dollars because of inflation right so it's expensive right so you need to value your own time too so. You can't afford, to. Position, yourself in front of a, monstrous. Situation where, you're getting hit with rejections, all the, time, okay. If. You're looking at data your, analytics, and it looks like a video is not performing that's okay that's after the fact that's not real time okay. If you see one or two views perfect you could just keep going because there's one or two views I used, to be there okay heck, my views right now are not that we, compared, to some other gurus out there it's not the best views in the world but I know how to monetize, and take, care of my people knowing the resources, that are at my disposal. Okay. I know the difference between money and time these, are the only resources that you really have right. There, are other energies, yes but as far as you can see what you can invest invest, time you can invest money right, if. One. Looks there's one of them that you have luxury, on it more than the goose and if, you. Have luxury, in one of the two okay, you either have so much time or you have so much money so either, way you have a evil. Evil. Playing. Ground field for everybody, thanks. To the people like Mark. Zuckerberg and the, boys of Google right or. YouTube. And all this we would have created all this platform or Amazon right thanks, to those guys it's a even. Playing ground field for everybody there's, no excuses, you can't say hey there's only for the big boys we, can't operate here the only way you will say that is if. You're, not paying attention. Okay. Right. Now in my, country. Of eret age I was born in United States so my country of heritage is Nigeria, but that's where my friends are from and that's why I identify, with right. Um. There's. A there's a running for a president, they're gonna be doing, an election coming 2019. Right. The last three presidents won, that space because of social media because. They don't need CNN, anymore, they, don't need Fox anymore, as a matter of fact Trump.

Keeps Giving Fox, the, middle finger all the time I people are not paying attention to that evil. Fox itself is not paying attention to that right NBC. It doesn't need all those things anymore all it needs is, those. 160. Characters, okay. Twitter that's all it needs and guess, what you have access to you, also have access to Twitter for, free, okay. So what do you really need how can you apply this to, your real estate business I'm going to talk about all about that here today because. You know we have twitter we have Instagram we have Facebook we have Google right and I'm literally, advising. You against. I'm. Against, going to talk to people on, I'm. Literally advising, you right now against, knocking on doors and driving, for dollars or any type of strategies, that's manual. Labor or that, brings you in a position where you have to face. Rejection, in your face because that's. The, only way to start making to. Having a lot of deals and closing deals right, and making money the only way to make your next dollar okay, is to take a lot of loose you gonna get a lot of nose okay, but. You. Need, to position yourself, so that those lows are not necessarily in your face they, are nose to your business they are nose to your brand right, but, they're not nose that you have to face in real time you don't go to Starbucks, and sit with people and do a presentation for them for one hour only, for them to come back and tell you no right. That hurts that's, too much time you just burnt and you could have predicted that knowing that we're in this time and age where everybody. Have choices even, if they're really buying into what you're selling them they still gonna go to one place and do some more research have you ever heard that before I need to do some research right. Have. You ever paid attention you know where they're going to do the research they're going to Google everybody does their research on Google right. Let. Me show you what I'm talking about if I if I'm trying to make money if I want to buy a home right I won't go to Google and say buy, a. Rental. A, rental. Property. In. You. Guys already Auto suggesting in Florida, for me right in. In. Newark. New. Jersey if. I type that in, and. I find you here right. Of course, I'm gonna find Zillow right so if I'm gonna find Zillow if your agent, if, you don't have a positioning on this page then, you're missing the point because this is where all the traffic is going this is where your traffic has been okay, you. Need to be positioned in front of traffic where where, do you where do. McDonald's. And Burger King, and all this platform where did the position himself think, about it for a second why do position himself did, go where the traffic is they don't go hiding the corps de sac in a dead-end road right, even. If the land is $0. They don't want that land there there's no money in that land does. That make sense they don't want no there's, no money in that line so they don't want it because they're in business for, the game so if your audience are typically, typing this into. Into. Into Google, you need to figure out what phrases, other phrases they are typing in so, here's an example we'll buy a rental property in Newark New Jersey to crows I'm giving you some tips right now if you scroll to the bottom of this you, see some other things that they are typing in by property in New Jersey that's. A phrase that somebody is happening, do you have content, around this on the Internet are you position, is your brand position. To capitalize on people that are searching for, all these terms so here Google is actually giving another tip sheet right a. Tip. Sheet right here say searches related to buy a rental, property in Newark New Jersey buy, property, in Newark New Jersey people type of course variations. Of all of this same keyword, phrase right we call a keyword phrase this, is where your, traffic is hided now I'm typing it on a laptop because I'm talking to you but you could have done this most people are not doing this on a laptop they're doing it on a phone. Alright, so in other words whatever is popping, up means to be mobile. Responsive, okay. Now. When. I say rental property loopnet comes up. Here right, and the beautiful thing about any of this platform this is an ad you see a ad right next to is the ad is an ad right. That's an ad also, this people opposition, and none of these people are, real. Estate agents they just big behemoths, they, have decided to capitalize on the next wave but, here's the thing you can figure out here okay if. You go to any. Some. Of this platform right here you can find ways to collaborate with them okay. And be exposed to this same type of traffic, okay well, look at zero right here investment, property is another keyword phrase that you can target, and you can capitalize, on it you can create content both on YouTube and, on.

Both. On YouTube and and both on or sorry both, on YouTube and actually, honor what, do you call it on on Google as well too so if I go here into, into. Into YouTube. This is YouTube and I type a simpie, word here right, you. Can see that a few smart people already not. Really okay this were not really talk there's no content, to target this so. I'm actually saying this right now I'm like what am i doing I need to be targeting, this because. I can sell a bunch of rental property cash, flowing, properties in New York Irving teen and East, Orange New Jersey that's, actually what I've done for the past and I'm. Not positioned, here so there's, so much what that means to you that I know this stuff and I'm not even position here it's an open market place for anybody, you could do this in your own city right, you could dominate this, whole page and you can have content, that oh, sorry, I'm actually here. By. Meeting, US, dollars. Need how much money do you need to buy a house in New Jersey and this, content, this tie to the, it's not even related to. This. Because. I guess, because, do we have to optimize it if I'm targeting this phrase and if that's what comes to me naturally first, when I type this in I need to have a content on here they'll be ranking at the number one of this but because there's no competition. Everyone is trying to compete with letters you can literally put a video here for free and, you. Could be attracting, you could do that in multiple cities you could be attracted in less people that are typing this in into. Google or into. YouTube into the search engines, right let me click on here's go under here and click videos right on the YouTube, let's see what comes up here some other places where you can position and guess what I'm right there showing at the last of the page - it's your the last of the page because it's not really well optimized, for that keyword phrase, okay. That key what I'm talking to his hey how much money do I need to buy a house in New Jersey. Let. Me just type that here how much money. Do. I need, to. Buy, your house in New Jersey. Guess. What comes at number one that, video right, that, video now here with it I'm really just an example this a couple, of things I'm gonna show you here okay just so you know that it's a pretty pretty cool, strategy, for you to learn and. Even, if you're gonna outsource it you, should still learn. It because, if you're also something that you don't know. Then. Then, you're gonna get robbed but there's a lot of people selling search engine optimization, aka. The yellow books that, will not deliver the yellow who was selling this for see how many views, 2024. 26, likes because, I'm actually serving somebody's needs look, at all the other keywords, that this is ranking for its ranking a number one for all these other keyword phrases how much money do I need right how, to buy a house in New Jersey buy. A house in New Jersey number, two to, buy a house in New Jersey buy. A house in New Jersey out to buy all this, all, these are what people type in and it's, ranking, number ones of them so. You want to learn this skill okay in your own City you wanna dominate. The. Space where the traffic are heading all the traffic, are on the internet you, need to be there the traffic, yeah. Of course your letter still land in their home but you're competing with 25. Other letters that shows up okay. You're caught calling people when you code call I didn't notice that those. People are actually very cranky, and the. First question they ask you when you co call is that or your buyer are. You the buyer you know why because all the Realtors have called them during that day again, high competition. Okay. High competition, low attention. They're. Not giving you the attention is all of a sudden, lower if you're a bunch of people are calling them that are not going to deliver okay. You. Will you may want to deliver but the attention is lowered they're not paying attention to you anymore and they that, it devalues your call the fact that too many people are calling them on the same day on the same time it, devalues your call the fact that 25, other letter shows up with your letter devalue. Your letter okay, if you file using both, vertically. And horizontally that. Means there's. A lower chance that will pick up a letter that also means that they are tired of seeing those letters and they're gonna end up in the junk that also, means that.

It. Means a lot of things okay that means negative to your business okay, so. All, of this drive. Towards, cost of marketing everything. I've shared with you does for drive. Towards the cost of marking okay the cost, of marketing is, just. Low. When. You decide this. Seven six I'm going to share with you right now okay alright. The cost of marketing is high, when you stay stuck in old school because let. Me tell you another key, thing here okay. The. People that are charging you for marking if you go to the TV stations right now you want to run an infomercial, it's, still gonna charge you a fortune it's not good, at right now okay. TV. Infomercial. TV. Infomercial. Infomercial. Right. TV. Infomercial, okay let me go to all okay. All. Right so, somebody. Is still selling the TV infomercial. Equipment, here for 495. Okay. But. Yeah. That's what it looks like is, that what it is maybe not I'm not sure actually but, let me go here TV in from one show the. Cost let, me just say cost, alright. So, I mean at this information is on Google and into real times in front of you okay entrepreneur. Estimates that producing a half an hour half, hour, infomercial. Can, cost anywhere from twenty five to two hundred and fifty thousand, dollars depending. On the production, values, and the, host or. Talent. Involved, in this shoot what. They're saying the minimum is ten five thousand dollars you do the math okay. Alright. So a lot of people this same business model that you're trying to do right now the way they capitalize, on it heavy, using, the same concept number I'm gonna share with you the way they had to or still. Have to, in those who ways is, by spending at least $25,000. And as much as up to $250,000. Okay for. The sake of comparison the average cost of producing a 30-second. National, TV, that's, the national, one the infomercial, want the one with a the one that do you see a lot of local pastors on and you see wait, this, is the cost of doing it. Okay. It costs money now the one with the local pastors like the local local zip, code fast or may not be as much but it cost dear money okay, cause dear money so if I put this here and I say Comcast. Okay. Cuz Comcast did, offer that I don't know if this you offering it chromecast is gonna go out of business by the way at, least the way they know it works now advertising.

On Cable TV let. Me see which one of this would be there, would. Be the best one to look at okay, so, as you can see I didn't pick the ad okay, I didn't pick the Hat because when I see an ad they have an agenda all. Right would used to sell me on something and they. Typically, don't have content. Like information right, let. Me see this page is not loading, fast enough which is pretty bad so anytime you hear another guru tell you like if it doesn't load fast it, wouldn't, want that's a lie but this one didn't load fast enough but it you know so, here you go rates, Monday through Friday cost one hundred to four hundred dollars one time just, to at that time okay that means you, err that time and that's it okay all, right depending, on the time period we can reach 100, to 500 dollars depending on the time period right. So it depends on what season as well too because if the season is high demand it's gonna be higher cost alright this, is just a very, very low cool once. Right the one that look with churches were on and things like that typically. People. Can still spend people are still spending this money by the way and nobody's. Watching those shows, okay. Nobody's. Watching infomercials late, at night anymore they're on their phone they're, watching YouTube okay. That's where they are okay, this that's where they are they're, watching YouTube because let, me show you that they're watching YouTube let me show you another incidence I'm gonna Google the same keyword phrase right. And. Show you this, is how you know they're watching YouTube 2024. Okay view, on that video alone right which. Is pretty low because my my. Brand here attract quality, not necessarily quantity okay. And. You need to no way you fall in that category too we talked about that later okay it. Depends on the kind of market you look at this right when, I googled, that just, googling that keyword phrase guy has 5.8, million views in just five years okay. You're not gonna get that kind of view on an infomercial why. Because the traffic is not on the TV any longer, that's, really the point I've been making okay the cost of marketing is too high because it, is. Lags right, because two people still believe in it people that are buying it still believe in it and also people are selling it sadly most with that sell they, believe in their bullcrap, until. It's too late which, is what causes things like 2008, and recessions, people. Keep believing in their same crap until it's too late, they keep believing they can keep tricking it whereas, the only thing that's inevitable, the point I've been making so far is change, the. Only thing that's inevitable. Is change and, everything I'm gonna teach you here in the 7 secrets it's, designed, not just to give you the newest, thing, but. Also which, respects, to the fact that we know that things are going to change. Are. We making sense nice I didn't. Grab a cup of water right away. Okay. Am. I making sense guys are we making sense here are we making sense see. Here. All. Right so I'm gonna give you an example right now I just got. Let. Me see if I can use the same thing right here I just got distracted because. I'm looking at response, to ads our. Eyes on Facebook, okay you use the same thing, in your business so I, offer, I, offer. This all, right. Let's. See if. It pops up as, well I offer this on anyone on the internet and. This. Is my book okay, which. You can download for free at my Empire Puerto come by the way make, sure you go if you're, brand new here make sure you make sure you get one of this okay. This. Is this is the beauty this is one of the beautiful things about. About. Digital, age marketing. Okay, our, digital age driven, marketing, okay even if you're sending direct, mailing, you. Don't tell them to call you because you're gonna just wash. Money away the only thing I'm willing to test when it comes to that mailing and I haven't tested this I'm being honest with you the, only thing I'm willing to test is, send, a letter where. I'm asking people to go to a particular website to, download my book a book. It could be this book New Jersey real estate secret right which is what I offer had. To in. Order to build my buyers list okay, um, but, if, for the people that I'm coaching like you guys my whole sellers or offer Empire, lifestyle secrets good that's why I share the. Complete secret step-by-step, exactly. How to. Do it right for. Free right in the book so make sure you get the book if your but, I offer it and I advertise it because it helps me build my audience, because it's part of my audience that become clients right. It's, not all of them a percentage. Becomes, clients, look creatively, in a way that, I serve, them they become a success story and I feed my family okay, so. It's a win-win okay, one of the beautiful things that I wanted to point out about digital age marketing, is that you really, truly get to build a win-win.

Platform. Okay. A win-win. Business, look, at this case in point okay, I'm offering this right. When, I said this of course if you would have kicked, against it which is normal okay and say oh yeah I made my first deal on driving four dollars right well. I'm kicking against the steel because for an average person it's not gonna work, okay for. Ninety eight point nine nine nine ninety, nine point nine nine percent of people that, for four dollars not gonna close the deal that's just fats okay. That. Leaves room for zero point zero zero one one one. One that. Will, get lucky well, they just got lucky that means it's not gonna work it's. A very high chance it's not gonna work again either that means they don't really have a business okay, now, if they get lucky or not they can make a hundred grand from that one to kudos. Kudos. But, take, you for somebody who will. Have who have made eighty two thousand dollars from one deal you. Can finish that money in a heartbeat okay, especially. If no deals is falling through after that okay, because, there's something about, when. You close a deal like that it. Feels, they, start to feel like, it's. Gonna happen like that over and over it. Means it may not feel like that over and over again okay, alright. So, here, we go so, about 44, people have liked this okay. 14. People have shared, 14, shares okay, and it's. Saying three comments. The three. Main comment right, and I also engage so, I don't just leave it aside engage, only, with people, that, are interested in it okay again, getting. Faced with rejection. In your face is not. The best it's. Not the best position for you to be in by the way you go find me all I talk so I'll be talking find a fan page and like, it on Facebook we have 258, likes here, it's. A brand new page that I started for my, personal, brand I do have another page if. You want to find if you wanna if you're really looking for my credibility, and how do I qualify to teach. You these things right. This. Is something I've done in the past when. I because. I taught this same concept to network. Marketer some of them are still here because what, I found is that the. Demographic. Of network. Marketing and real estate are very, very much interwove in because this is just entrepreneurs. Trying to figure things out sometimes. They do what. They do real estate wholesaling he, didn't work out then they end up in network. Marketing because somebody promised them they're gonna make $200,000. In the next six, days and then it didn't work and then they're back and forth in between our, most, successful people in in. The, game of either real estate wholesaling or, never marketing I've been in one of the other two both. Had I've been in two of them at the same so it's basically the same concept and this is the what, I'm about to teach you the several speakers I'm gonna review to you here is the, reason, why, they, struggled they couldn't figure it out or they, figured it out but, they get distracted, because of the fast quick promises, right so. This is this. Is this one right here okay. And I'm gonna show, you a little discrepancy here, right over, time this is 48 thousand, likes oh wait I need me to click on that alright, it's 48 thousand our fans on this particular page right here okay and we, still push contents, true here you can see here this content you had as, about, fourteen, hundred and four reach, okay, within the past what this week okay, just organically, right, 1400. And for a but, this is the one that I'm pushing okay this is the page that I'm, pushing right now which is my, which. Is the one that, that's. Generic, enough, for me to push any product I want to sell at any point in time which is why I, recommend. Your, personal, brand lead with your personal brand because, you may decide tomorrow that, you want to sell something different, right, before. Reasons, that may not necessarily have to do with what you're selling may not be the fault of real estate it may just be that you figure out that wait, my passion is more in this other stuff and I if your passion is there and you, have the skills by the way you need the skills with your passion okay if, you have the passion is there and you have the skill then, it's just, you. Will you will you will. You will thrive better okay, because you, have the leverage of your passion and it's okay but. If, you were to ask me work ethics our passion is always work ethics okay there are too many people with passion that, are not making money in any of these games either real estate wholesaling or network, marketer or a lot real estate I love you but they've never made it done before they have the passion for it passion, is not good enough you need the skills which is why I'm, sharing what I'm sharing with you here today what, we've been discussing by the way is different given to different angles I talked about the problems no leads no deals no money people, complaining, see these seven thousand 647.

Reach In this past week okay, 226. Engagement. This is the most important part that pay attention to how many people I engage in with me this is what I care for okay, I don't care about the rest of them it's always gonna be a percentage. Majority. That I'm not interested, for whatever reason, it could be a timing easier it could be the baby crawled in the room and they had to take care of the baby and then that attention was done for life so, you need to measure you, need to measure that's why I call it the smart real estate wholesaling it's. A smart. If. You've never, if. You've never seen, that its cost my goals okay if you've never seen that I'm gonna share that with you right now because it's a very very important thing for you to know okay, the smart gold means specific. Measurable. Attainable, relevant. And timely, so. If you're marketing, like. Your marketing 1960, and you're marketing in 2018. You're. Off you're. Not timely, okay, if, you're driving four dollars and knocking doors in. 2018. Your, strategy, is off time. It's. Not timely, okay. If. You're marketing, to. A bunch, of people on social, media and you just post them plastering on your wall and, you. Know that they're your friends and cousins and families that are not really interested in real estate on their your. Marketing, message is not relevant. Look. I'm already. Marketing. To relevant, audience here right. Wait. Let me let me open that again let. Me just use this one right. Okay. This one has one message so the engagement here is pretty low and that's something I should pay attention to but, let me use the one that I'm using actively, right now there. Has a lot. More engagement right. Right. So the engagement the two twenties if you. If. You don't have if. I'm targeting. People, that are actually interested, already sorry. Let me I gotta, put business here. See. That reader right, if. I'm targeting people that are already interested here. And. They're. Interested, and. Over. 7,000. Of them are. Still not, they. Find it irrelevant think about you that you're not even measuring okay, if I'm measuring and, I'll track him and I know are, targeted, right but. Only 226 is actually engaging, right. Think. About you that you're not even tracking right. Chances. Are your marketing is very very, irrelevant, so, when you go knock on doors just, random doors not even knowing if, they're going to need or, want to sell their property, ever yeah you may say I'll just get, referrals or give them a card again, your marketing is not relevant, okay. Attainable. You. Know you that means you need to be you. Need to focus, on things that are that, you know you can reach okay, do, we know that you can reach millions, of people now or at least 7,000 people on the internet right now today without being the biggest guru in the world do we know that now yeah we know that for a fact because. I am NOT rubber kisaki, okay. And I can reach 7,000 people in a week okay so. We. Know that what I'm teaching you here is attainable it's doable. Okay, I just don't know if you're gonna work it, works but. If you're gonna do the work what work am i talking about oh my one hour per one. Hour per day one. Hour per day even, in the beginning your training is just one to two hours for a week really for your drink during the training period if you really want to learn a master this stuff right, plus. You learn as you're going okay, this is what a beautiful thing about digital marketing its evolving, so fast the, only thing that's really, that's. Really doable is to learn as you're going okay, I'm still learning okay, I'm just teaching you what I already know right now and I've found ways in the past 12 years right now to, to. Tell, you some of the timeless, things, so, if it's timeless it's also timely, that means it's. Independent. Of what time you leave in because. Where the fact of them that you need to pay attention to, where. People's attentions, are specific. Specific. And measurable that, means you have to be able to track you have to be able to track your.

Responses. How, people are responding then when you send a letter, out there to, people people sometimes. Will throw numbers out, right. People, would just throw numbers out and tell, you things like oh yeah you. Have a five percent response, rate I was at a local, event here, again. You know I typically. Look at some of the gurus and I laugh and because. You know, 99.99%. Of the time I don't. Because. It commands, negativity. You know and I'm gonna give you an example. Again. In a second is the same example I gave you earlier when, you attack people or their ideologies, it's kind of negative even if you mean well and people, don't receive that well it's the same reason why they don't. Like rejection they, don't like knows we. Don't we all don't like knows and we don't like rejection so. When. I see a guru, saying something, that's completely off it, takes me a lot to be able to respond, like for example there was this guy last, week that I decided, to do a. Video, on real, estate hoster than being a scam and and you. Know it was just saying a bunch of stuff that really didn't make any sense he. Attacked the whole profession. And. I was like I didn't take that well so I was like I did a whole video you can go watch the video let me show you the video here I did. A whole video on that actually. Let me see uh real. Estate. Lessons. So this is how you find it bad video okay after you finish down with this reseller. Hosting exposed. Alright. So not only did, I respond, okay this is the video I'm talking about he's ranking another one for that but, I'm ranking, at number three because I responded, to it by actually playing it and responded, to every statement II had, to say it's really a cool content for you to watch if, you're into real estate wholesaling, as. You can see a fifty-one, views since then it was two weeks ago if you want views on my channels heavy that's a lot by the way on, my channel okay. So. Yeah, I pretty, much, dissected. Everything he said it's one hour 17 minutes his own video is actually, only 13 minutes just destroying. The whole idea of real estate wholesaling and he's, a real estate agent, and he's, a young boy so he, you. Know he's hyped up on the money is making we've, I've been, through that you know. Millionaire. By 24, hero so, happy through that you know where. You make, some good money and then everything. Is you. Feel invincible so you feel the need to attack everything, that the. Truth is that experience is the best teacher in the world and if you don't have experience that's always gonna be you have a massive blind spot okay. That's a fact okay that's the same from, in my country they. Said I'm. Gonna say it in the language first and numbers converging we said tamati Bellagio.

Balla. Balla Collini, artists are available oh that means sorry. About that that. Means if you have, if. You have designer clothes and everything more than an an experienced. Person you cannot have, you. Cannot have rags, more, than the experienced, person, okay. So. At the very minimum they have a lot more rags, that means ratchet, clothes ripped, up clothes more than you they've, been through worse than, you at the very minimum if anything, you should at least pay attention, and learn, from the experience. That may have led to negative. Resorts, right even. If you've had, results, you should pay attention to the negative results that, they have and in, that sense you must always stay humble and, you. Know you can't tell you don't kids that you know they you. Know so he you, know something that a bunch, of I, mean people like Robert Kiyosaki, I've endorsed even. Even. Dave. Ramsey, who is very tight on, certain. Things, would his, reads, he. Has a video out there encouraging. Yes, find deals for investors, and you can make some money on that that's who's selling essentially, right, and. So. I did but I realized that he look, at this six thousand people are gonna watch this I decided to respond to it just in case the six thousand people show those, 51, people are probably suggested, videos on the, side of his video right so. I decided to answer that video so yeah. It. Takes me I don't do response, videos a lot because this also is, also a form, of attack on that person's ideology, and it creates more negativity, I try to avoid that in general but, I think it's a good content for you to watch if you go watch it all. You have to do is Google real estate also than expose and you could go watch this after and by the way he has all the good contents, you know just. Because, I follow. Him as a real estate agent and he, creates, good, entertaining, content as well to see, that's why I decided, to, so. That's how I was able to figure out what he was saying but I attacked. It so it was one out of about, 1,000 times that I've chosen this, other gentleman that on. That I mentioned earlier the one that I said to attack another guy that's down right now and, if it would if you know what I'm talking about and, he. Was saying like he was saying. Good things to him but it was it, was passive, aggressively attacking so so. Very I don't respond. A lot you so you know okay plus. It's, not the best use of my marketing time and dollars, okay so. I'm closing all of this I'm going back to the content right now okay, I. Was. Supposed to be done by now but this is such a good content I feel, like it to give you a lot of perspective on, how, the, direction, of real estate wholesaling because, I truly do believe that, real, estate wholesaling is dead at. Least the way you knew it okay, and if. You want sorry, I'm May. This, is he a bit about, I did. Three, videos on this topic realize the whole seven is dead issue, go watch all three videos as well okay, realize the whole cinema is dead okay, this one has three thousand views. Okay so as good content okay when you see thousand. View on my content my content average is about twenty to thirty views okay that's what my content, here at this stage in the in my youtube channel game, it averages 2030, if you see three thousand views the content is really good that's what that means okay it resonate, with people so if you haven't seen then go watch them there are three of them realize.

The Whole son is dead whole school is dead. Three steps okay I share three steps here okay. That's gonna give you perspective on what I'm sharing with you and this. Is seven secrets I'm about to share with it will also help you in deciding, the direction, you should take this and also, pay attention to the fact that realize, the whole selling is just a business model this is applicable, in any business you're trying to run in the digital, era okay. Knocking on doors driving for dollars any type of manual activity, is, not. Gonna be beneficial to you now, if you have money to pay virtual assistants to be code calling of course, you're leveraging your time that's perfectly, fine okay. But chances are you're. Brand new and you don't have money to be flaunting around to, see the a kid in Filipino, is it gonna be able, to make the right call right, but, that's a strategy that works virtual assistants if you can afford it okay but, even in that sense you still need some elements, of digital, because. That's all digital, by the way the fact that you can have, a team in Philippines, right, and it can make horse code calls out for you and you, can now only talk to people that I interested in selling and you could go to the appointment fast, or that's. All the youto okay that was all made possible because of the digital era okay but. Those are the strategies that work in today and. The. Big, gurus, they have the first dibs because they have the attention everywhere they're, calling they having, virtual, assistant code calling people and they have presence, on the, internet, on YouTube on Google on Instagram, right and all those things can in 19, minutes per day you can have all those things rolling, and you, can face your other life you can keep your nine-to-five, job on to you actually, replace the income unlike, some people that I've made mistakes, kyndra kyndra four dollars, and. Then the go broke too early right so please position, yourself properly here, so all you have to do is search for real estate wholesaling is dead on YouTube, and these three videos will pop up this one this, one and wholesaling. Houses is dead what next there's, a video, here I don't know what they're talking about but this. Uh. That's. Not okay, that's a Oh something, is dead series here which. Is our playlist. Maybe you can just play the playlist okay so, that's that right there let me see I think I thought it was three videos let me see let. Me let me try that again, real. Estate wholesaling, is, dead. Yeah, this one and this one so this, is total about four thousand views on that topic okay. The, next one here right here there you go the third one right here this, one has two or four views but I would still this, one takes, the time to go through a new lucrative. Loophole. Which is what I'm going to share with you in a seventh secret right here but if you watch this other three videos to really really give you a, insight. Before you move another step forward, in your real estate wholesaling business, in, my opinion okay, alright, so, let. Me see here that was something I was gonna check okay I'm gonna type that into Google and, see if, it pops up yep it pops right up on Google directly, well. The two these two pops up right here, but. If, you click on videos you. See them here so you can also google it as water okay, just, wanted to check on that so I'm closing this pages right now we're going back to the content and I'm. Gonna share the seven secrets with you okay, and, and. Why. I think it. Is that it smart, way. To run your business today and this is timeless, okay it's timeless okay. Let's. See here. Closing, this as well let's. Close that and, we're. Back here alright cool so, um, these, are the names of the of the actual courses, that I have in our membership that. Supports, this but I'm gonna replace. I'm. Not. Gonna replace them I just don't put in front of me okay spy, searcher, okay. Really. Know your market okay. The. - many people assume they know the market or they take a gurus word by. Their very word on face value like for example I was saying the goose came to a local, meeting and said he's, getting five four five percent response, rate on a direct meal I knew that was a lie instantly, it's a lie, okay. How do I know is a lie because I'm testing myself okay, and I know that, the market, attention, is not on direct mail and there's no, possible, way you're getting five calls out of 100.

Letters You send out it's just not possible it doesn't matter if the letters yellow and is and all the text is written in red and you say but hey even if you put you're gonna be dead if you don't put this letter in front of that letter even in which case you may attract, lawsuits, right but, let's say you let's. Say you put that in there right your letter is still not gonna give five percent open rate or response, rate for that matter right you, know what because people's attention is not on their mailbox that's number one some people don't even check that mailbox anymore, because they already knew is junk mail everybody. Is going paperless they. Give them the option to go people as you can see their bills online they can sit it in front of text notifications, or email, notification, in their email. Hello. It makes no sense, so. You need to know your market that's the first step in know your market right but there's further steps and to know your market I did, that example. For you earlier where, I cut in the first idea that came to mind when, I fought when I tapped in the first idea that came to mind then Google suggested, some other ideas, for me that was research that was essentially, one of the steps in my research, that I teach on spice searches so you need to know your market you need to know the phrases, that gets happening - gugu into YouTube and those, are big things that's gonna allow you to create the. Marketing message that's gonna attract, them to you okay. That's, not more creating, content is not enough right people, need to know like and trust you all. Right people need to know like and trust you we call it the KLT factor, klt. Factor, before they do business with you all right so maybe they don't even know you for real for real it'll really like you for real forward they don't really trust you for you but they can just feel, just. A feeling that didn't know like, and trust you and that's. Just as good as they know like and trust you right how do you do that right there's, an engineering. Steps. Behind that right and that's something we teach on by, Authority okay, now, I pose to you you want to create a video how do you talk on a video you're scared of talking on a video right. Waiting. Waiting. The creatives, okay let's call it the creatives okay greeting. The create is right so you, you want to talk on video but you feel like I'm just shy I don't want to expose myself iiiii, don't, think I can talk on videos well that's because you don't know there's a science to that okay we're gonna teach you the science to that okay so that that way you can remove the fact that if you don't like you don't like it that that's completely, removed there's a science to do all you have to do follow the step by step and you can start creating your content you can start talking the way I'm talking right now create content around. Your very topic, who are your target market right. Remember, I know your market, here. Who are your target market we know is motivated sellers right we. Know that right also. Know is buyers okay, by. Us when I say bias everyone. Okay, not, not just cash, buyers not the Guru cash buyers everyone. The mainstream, anybody, that will be interested in a cash flow income property in in, your, in your city okay. That, everyone, okay you created, equal, either they're buying the first property or their buy 1000, property already right. It did all the same as far as your concern is lost money that's gonna end up being a count okay, so you need, to be you, need to know that market what are these people typing, into Google where, are these people hanging, out online, well they're not they're not hanging out offline, and if they're hanging out offline they, definitely do that with their family and you don't want you interrupting, with some business talk okay, unless they're really really that desperate in which case this.

Tool Would, take they may be taken offense that you approach them in public okay, I want to tell you a story right now real quick even. As far back as 2005. I had a my, car at the time my car was a Chrysler Concorde so one of the signs that I had a sign on it that said stop foreclosure right and there was this gentleman one of my one of the letters that I sent out at the time when he was working right Direct Mail and. He called me and I said yeah another deal because typically, when I go out to another deal okay there's no such thing as everybody have options, or they've been talking to this other person let me see if you go show up to people's property right now they already talking to other people you have another chance that they're not gonna work with you okay it's, like the inter view you as opposed. To you supposed, to be interviewing them okay. You're in a very bad position but, anyway I showed, up to his property and. You. Know as soon as it was pulling I was there too early so, he came in with his own van and, it was like he, just straight-out tell me I don't, want to talk to you I don't want to walk with you was I why you. Called me right are you and I mentioned his name I forgot what his name are you Brian whatever, his name was right oh yeah. Yeah with. You why, are you over here with a car that says stop foreclosure, in. Front of my house and Barraza me in front of my neighborhood. See. When people are in foreclosure they, in a motivated. Position. Where they really need to get rid of their house your, ideal, client essentially, they, are typically, embarrassed. With, the situation, already and they, don't they take an offense with every every little thing that robs them of the wrong way, they already losing so they don't have to work with you, okay. So in other words you, need to know these things okay well. If, he was delete you if it was the digital error I will probably know those things now, I would, probably know those things because I would I would. See it in data Google probably tell me one way or the other or the way they respond to my marketing I'll be able to tell without, me being faced with that rejection in my face after burning the car going to Plainfield New Jersey yeah.

That Was actually playing in New Jersey right after. Wasting my time going there they would I would know that all right because of the. Because. Because, of the massive amount of data that's allowed that's available, today on how. People respond, where do you know that people are online they're hanging out online bottom, line is that he didn't, have to be embarrassed if you went to my website, and it was hopped in in he wouldn't be embarrassed it would just be him his, private time on his own laptop or his own phone filling, out my form. Okay. So these are all things you want to pay attention to so again, your market is motivated seller buyers but what exactly are. They where are they are not on social media what are they type in in and how, can you target them how can you take your list from red X and actually, target, them on Facebook. Okay, how can you do that small, things you learn in the insider so that's called spy structure because you're being a spy you're. Like inter is intelligence, business intelligence okay and that's. Why we call it spy search okay creating. The creatives. All right how, do you create the, videos the ads how do you create squeezy that actually made people click how. Do you test one against the other and I'm, Pete and just focus. On the one that's converting the most right all, right so dummies tribution creating. Creative, and content is not good, enough okay, it's. Not good enough you need to distribute them okay you need to do some business I will get them seeing one thousand views two thousand views or just, your twenty average 30 views which I get and it's feeding my family okay so. Distribution. Is something we'll cover, distributing. The content. Butene. Distributing. So, what business. Talks. About business without talking, about distribution right. So. I mean like. Traditional. Realize, the whole something I guess you know no, wonder why it's not working anymore because everybody is owned ano

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