7 Remote Jobs For Retired Teachers Consider An Online Business Earn Extra Income From Home

7 Remote Jobs For Retired Teachers  Consider An Online Business Earn Extra Income From Home

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hi this is George from Digital High Road welcome  to our channel today today i'm doing a video   called seven remote jobs for retired teachers  and what i want to be doing is talking about   if you're a retired teacher there's  some sites that i'm going to suggest   you take a look at you can find work or  jobs with these situations as a retired   teacher i also want probably the second part  of the video i'm going to be talking about   online marketing as a bonus number eight choice  you might want to consider if at the end of this   video today you like it and you receive some value  please give us a large thumbs up also don't forget   that if you're new to the channel if you  haven't subscribed already to please subscribe   to our channel and also reach over there and  tap the bell icon a couple times so that you   get notified every time i publish a new video  to our channel like the video today so let's   not wait any longer let's roll on into today's  subject seven remote jobs for retired teachers   so in today's video we're going to be talking  about seven remote jobs for retired teachers   and the points i want to be making today in this  video are the fact that there's other things you   can do once you retire from your job that you can  do from home you can do them as a remote location   i know that most of you in careers didn't do  that because we have been introduced to covid   in the last 11 months and now we we're into  a new world basically new frontier of working   from home as a remote job what i want to do is  cover seven websites that have i found intriguing   and interesting that as a retired teacher you  could find work there you could find you can   make extra money from your home you could sit  literally in front of your computer and work on   these jobs not have to to get ready go out drive  out and may pack a lunch and all that to go to a   location but you can actually do it from your home  what we want to do is i'm going to be covering   seven areas and then i've got a bonus area as  well that i want to talk to you about today   the first area site we're going to look at is  called Elevate K12 the second site we're going   to look at is called just Answer and then  we're going to look at a site called Wonder   and then the fourth one would be Brainfuse  and then after that we'll look at study pull   a site from canada and the United  States and worldwide is called Pearson   and then Enotes and then the number eight bonus  i want to talk about for probably four or five   minutes at the end of the video is have you ever  thought about having your own online business   and that's what i'm doing obviously i'm developing  a youtube channel and it's something we could talk   about i can steer you towards some great training  that will help you get started for that today okay so we're going to do today is talk about  seven remote jobs for retired teachers these are   sites to provide what i did was i went in there  and i looked at and analyzed the seven that i've   picked out and there's three types of sites that  are involved in the seven that i've picked out   number one was we're going to look at indicate  this is number a we have sites that are like test   scores research and write research guides  and write study guides as well for subjects   so there's two sites that cover that the  second type of site we're talking about is   a site where you can ask questions any question  you want to get an answer you're paying for an   answer depending on how lengthy the answer is how  involved the person is giving the answer will be   how much you're going to be paying for it there's  one of the sites here which when we get to it i'll   tell you it's like a monthly fee to belong to it  the last section is going to be what i call edge   educational instruction school lessons what  we think of is conventional school teaching   and the first one we're going to talk about today  is Elevate K12 and that's under the instructional   and the educational instruction and school  lessons section of the three types so if any of   these three types of education situations intrigue  you stay tuned because we're going to cover these   seven sites real quick just briefly introduce  them to you and provide the link for you down in   the description so you can go there and check on  your own do your own homework and your own study   it out to see if it's something you want to be  involved with so let's move on into Elevate K12 so our first suggestion is a site called  Elevate K12 the site that offers virtual   positions for teachers who want and work best  in classroom situations now the way it works is   they show you here is there's a live teacher and a  teacher is providing a curriculum for you as well   and then what there is is you have a class  that's actually gathered together or the teacher   is from a remote location let's say you're  the teacher you're remote and you're going   to be kicking in and pumping into the  students here the access to your teaching   through you're on camera and miked up and you're  providing your curriculum here on the side   now if you want to do that you have to apply  for those positions they have a page here that   they will show you positions that  they actually have open currently   that you can click on the link and find  out about them and how to apply for those   positions that's the first one let's move on  into our second one's can be called just Answer Answer comes into play under the section b where  it's called ask questions any question to get an   answer ask skill questions instructions whatever  it is now as you can see here they have lawyers   doctors vets mechanics luxury electronic  techs computer techs electricians plumbers tax   accountants more these are all different types of  walks of life for people you can write in and ask   questions that you're going to be paying this is  the monthly one you can join for only $74 a month   for this service and you'll get answers from  experts in these fields so if you have a skill   question let's say you're repairing a car   you know a question about how to fix something  you can get a hold of a mechanic by asking   and finding a mechanic that's working there so  if you're any one person that has the skills   in these areas this will be a site that  you could come to apply and get work from okay so our third site's called  Wonder which is found at askwonder.com   on the three types this is the type a test scores  research and write research guides write study   guides wonder is for writing study guides is  there strength there and i'm going to show   you real quick how that's going to work now if  you're going to wonder the site in the description   the link is down in the description for  you to follow with this site looks like   but they basically promise you a fast turnaround  if you're seeking information and knowledge   you can they're going to provide reports  these are all like high level businesses   that have had reports written for them by people  that work here at wonder the wonder is for   consultancies wonder is for agencies wondrous  finance it says view our pricing okay so now   let's look at the pricing here real quick  okay starting at 59 dollars an unlimited one   hour project so you're gonna be paying 59 per  hour and unlimited size of products proprietary   databases to do research from they're going to  provide all that for you but you as a worker   will become a writer and a researcher so if you  love researching and writing and love writing   educational articles or study guides wonder  would be the site that you want to be going to   okay our next area number four area is called  Brainfuse now Brainfuse follows in to the area   of okay so Brainfuse will be down here under the  regular educational instruction school lessons   that's where brain fuse is we've already covered  Elevate K12, Brainfuse is in this situation so if   you look here they provide teaching to libraries  higher education k through 12 schools online   learning platform so if you're a job seeker  interested in doing online education in these   situations you can click on these learn more about  that how that works if you're a college student   teaching is provided as well to you there you'll  be teaching people about all these type of skills   as well and also for veterans so it's basic  it's it's a education platform where you can   get information and get taught on all these type  of situations so let's move into number five   which is going to be called Studypool. Now  Studypool on our three types of researches   is under the ask questions any question to get  an answer ask skill questions get instructions   so that's where on the three types that study  pull is like it says here micro tutoring it's   bringing and focusing in on subject matter so  if you have questions and and want to be taught   you would come into study pool now  study pool is as i did research is is   very much geared towards high school students  college students who need questions answered so   they ask an expert the question on here you pay  them by the length of the question and the length   of time the person spends in doing research  and writing back to you giving you the answer   once the student has approved the answer then  you'll get paid that's kind of how that works   but this is geared more towards like i said asking  questions but it's more towards of all the ones i   saw it's more geared towards a student seeking  answers to things like how to get an answer   and help them with research on situations whether  writing a paper studying for a quiz whatever it's   there to help them but you're going to pay for  it as well and once you've if you work there as   the expert doing the tutoring then once the  student who's hired you approves of the answer   then you get paid let's move on into number six  it's going to be called pearson and pearson is in   our three types of education pearson's up here at  the top and i did mention test scorers pearson is   is more towards research and writing and writing  graduate level assistance but it's also towards   grading tests test scores so it appeared to be  that they have setups for situations where you   can get your help on getting your test scored and  experts who are experts in subjects can correct   testing on here and you'll get paid for doing  that that's an interesting situation being not   from education as i am not from education i don't  know how that would work and i don't know how   your skills would match up but pearson is what the  deal is for education there that's their strength   and it's for higher education and technology  situations as well now the next one will be called   e notes that's our seventh area and if  we look at our guide we look at our guide   on the three types that he notes is here under  the ask questions any question get an answer   ask skill questions instructions that's  where e-notes falls in to the of the three   types of teaching situations that so if you can  quantify what kind of things you might fit in   or have interest in now enotes is interested  in finding you as a writer they again you're   answering questions for students and depending on  the length of the answer and your expertise you   can earn between four dollars and 37 dollars for  each answer they don't have a fixed fee for how   much money you'll make for certain situations  they do say that their scheduling is flexible   and all you do is set up an account log in and  try to find work that way so that's e notes   and that's the seventh and then now we're going  to move into the bonus section which is the   possibility of making and building your own online  business so let's move on into that area next   okay so in this last section  i just wanted to have a short   conversation with you um about retirement i  guess about retirement and income and working   from your home working in the comfort of your  own office at the schedule that you set up not a   schedule that this goal set up or the university  set up or whatever your teaching situation and   since i'm talking to teachers now i've never been  a teacher i did call a go to a state university   here in new york state that was known for  teaching young people to be great educators and   i didn't want any part of that very obviously i  didn't want to be a teacher now if i know after   48 years of working there were i have done  teaching in the past i find now that i enjoy   doing presentations and being creative in my own  right on my youtube channel creating videos now   all these skills can be learned as a  teacher i would say you probably have it   three or four steps ahead of me  at the point that you would start   you already can give presentations you already can  write out and script what we i've had to learn to   do for to create videos i guess you call them  lesson plans i know my son-in-law is a teacher   a very good teacher but we've never really  talked shop that much but what i can talk shop   to you about today real quick is that any skills  necessary to develop an online marketing business   you already possess i would say you probably  already are familiar with computers i know in   today's education system they're used a lot back  in the beginning for you is probably the same for   me computers were very limited use probably the  first 15 20 years of our careers but now they're   highly involved in everything in life  i'm sure you have computer skills   the teaching that we can provide you i'm going  to put a link down in the description for   one course in particular and there's also  the free course i talked about a bit earlier   that you get access to the free course  but the one that's paid i think is 14.99   it's a simple course it's a starting course  i would encourage you to take a look at it   if you have any interest whatsoever and maybe  doing something a little bit different but yet   maybe without the pressure in the students  i know when i was in retail management that   a lot of the skills i used in retail management  were skills i enjoyed using but i didn't enjoy   well the students to me were my  employees that i had to deal with   day in day out they were all younger people like  seniors in high school and then college students   that would work for me in retail and the ones i  enjoyed working with were the ones that were more   experienced that would train them to be managers  i like that now i know that students are probably   there and you probably have had well you probably  have had your fellow students over the years i'm   sure you've had some great students that you  enjoyed teaching and i'm sure you also have had   some students that um you know we're no pickle  barrel if you will to have them in your class   and be responsible for teaching them or or trying  to teach them but if you can take a serious look   link for free training at the very least and if  you want to spend 14.99 on the Simple Traffic   Blueprint course that i'm going to recommend  the link will be down in the description   that i think you owe it to yourself at least to  look at it i'm involved with Philip Borrowman   and 30 other people that were working together  as a team to teach honest straightforward upfront   online marketing not like most the people that  are involved in online marketing so if you had   bad experiences then dismiss it with us you're  working with honest upfront people if you have   any interest in that the links are down in the  description for those two courses i'd be happy to   help you out with any questions you have about it  i'd also like to remind you that if you received   any value whatsoever from this video today and  you're intrigued about anything please write   comments to me but also please give us a thumbs  up for a video that helps us with our relationship   with youtube and also don't forget to hit the  subscribe button if you're new to our channel   hit the subscribe button and also tap the bell  icon so you get notified every time i publish a   new video to our channel like the one today so  if this is something that you're interested in   address the free link down the link for free  training down below in the description area or   you can purchase the simple traffic blueprint  today for 14.99 that link is also down in the  

description and i also hope that maybe if that  doesn't interest you that the seven websites we   recommended there might be something there that  can help you up and your retirement and i wish   you all the best and good luck with everything  in your future and thank you for watching so long

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