7 Fundamentals of Starting a Successful Business

7 Fundamentals of Starting a Successful Business

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Excuse me I was caught up finishing a couple of things. Been a busy week with everything going on and getting back to work this week I've got right back to work and back to normal after giving myself four weeks to deal with my personal situation that many of you worry about. And thank you for your support and I've had many kind messages. So, today I thought I would really share about the fundamentals of starting a successful business and really what's involved in it and even if it's not a business as such becoming more in another way of thinking about this is taking control of your income for you control up and not someone else. And my guess is most of you are in some way affected by the mandate. So just if if you've

been affected by the mandates quite significantly and your income your job, your business or something, just type a y or a me or something in the chat. Just to give me an idea not yet, but soon yet not, soon is the same. Yep, so as soon all Yep. Okay, so it's pretty much affecting everyone it seems. So yes. Okay. So it's, thank you for sharing that with everyone.

Nadine getting on the front foot. Yep. Now, that's the key, but you're probably still affected by Nadine, or you're saying you haven't been yet. But you just want to make sure in case you are. So today, I just thought I would share. And this

is, like I said, not a selling webinar to giving back today. That's to really give people some some of my wisdom over the years, because starting any kind of business or making a change, we actually study the mechanics and the surveys of this are the most successful, stressful things that can happen to an individual. One of the three is changing jobs or starting a new business. The other one is death of a loved one. And another one is yeah, basically, yeah, so death of a loved one. The other one is divorce. So I've now been sure three of my own life. So

and I can attest to all of that. So mandates, of course, unfortunately, is just government. Yeah, getting away with stuff because they know they can at the moment because by and large, people aren't really pushing back significantly. And I think it's important to see the effects. One of the reasons I've done generally quite well, in winning cases and fights and taking things on is the ability to know when you're likely to win a fight, when you're certain to win a fight when you may win a fight when you got virtually no chance. And for me, I just made a calculated decision that for the time being the the I regarded the chances of winning this is virtually no chance in the short term, longer term, I'm a lot more confident that things will change. But in the short

term, were part of a civilization change, a collapse and everything kind of changing, and in some kind of form. So that was the biggest thing which I calculated myself. And unfortunately, because one in terms of pushing back, when people save it was 50,000. Take the Perth rally. What's good to remember, is it's only 2.5% of the WA population. And this is from the point of view of the premier or even in Melbourne 500,000 is amazing. It is it's an amazing number. But still, it's about less than 10% of the Victoria, still significant enough to kind of make you realize, but just keeping in mind that in a democracy, that's one of the flaws of a democracy is the fact that the majority idiot vote generally determines who gets in. And I think it's fair to say that about 60% of

the population are complete idiots in some form. And I don't think I have any disagreement from anyone here. So you know, until the idiot start get the idiot both sides getting affected personally. And that's when you'll start to see real change happening when that takes place. So everything is changing. And this is one of the problems I was saying before the in one of my last webinars the rule of law was bought in by in societies to give people security and certainty because for people to trust an economy, trust the business, trust the government, but rather know the roots. And generally what they

found is people can handle some pretty strict government laws if the rules are fair and consistently apply. Saddam Hussein, unlike what the Western media, for example, would have you believe. It's well known from people I know he actually was relatively popular and respected a lot by his own people because he made strict laws, but the rules were fairly clear. And they're enforced consistently. Cyrus the Great,

one of the greatest Persian kings was also known for that. He was known for being a very fair king. But at the same time, his punishments were known for those and people knew in advance they knew for certain things, if you got caught, your skin will be flayed off you, and you will actually be, you know, slowly killed or whatever else, you know, stuff like that some insane punishments, but it was very clear. Singapore, which is regarded as a safe and secure jurisdiction is known for its flogging people on death penalty, all that kind of stuff.

So when there's a rule of law, people have security and to have certainty. So when people know the rules, like even if taxes are higher than they should be, but they know there's legal laws you can do and people go, Yeah, okay, we're fine with that. Because the end of the day, we can choose to pay it or we can So tax taxes is one example the rule of law, things like court do. cases and the justice system is very important people to know, what's an event and what's not. And when people don't know

anymore, it can become very stressful. Like suddenly one day, this is the law the next day, this is a law the next week you can wear a mask and the kind of trend that's happening with the violations and the breakdown can be best illustrated by the Kyle Rittenhouse case right now over in America where that young guy who went and killed two people, you know, his argument, self defense and my reading of the case, just that he probably was right. And the jury agreed with me with everyone else. And he got that off. Now. Lo and behold, there's been black lives, black rights protests, there's been Joe Biden got up and said there is huge concerns with the verdict, you've got certain legal groups saying we want to have this investigated and looked into and whether it should be relooked at. I mean,

that is exactly the kind of stuff that shows you how much trouble society is in. When a judgment and decision made in a rule of law is not accepted. When a work culture, who has Stephen Petith said who by and large don't actually produce anything, don't have any real moral ethical code. Julis societies that a prospect of in a very strong moral code, ethical code and connection to God in some form some kind of spiritual basis beliefs, the code of ethics, code of law and rules that are followed, will generally find people but a freedom people. They by and large, have theri sense of ethics, they have a set of rules. And that's how they build their businesses. Whereas we're living in a world where more and

more this is breaking down and rules are becoming arbitrary. Like suddenly like hey, you know, transgenders, for example, to suddenly say, hey, let's just give them more rights when people who aren't all sorts change that law, or let's just change this law. So security breaks down. So it's really important that as it keeps changing, it does affect people's psychic quite really significantly. And don't actually underestimate that in any way, shape and form. So people are leaving their jobs right now or being forced out. But again, I do want to emphasize to you if it wasn't COVID, or if it wasn't his mandate, every publication that I've read back in the last 30 years have predicted that there would be a major shift in civilization, a major change, and in the Industrial Revolution changing and all that kind of stuff. Generally, any kind of major change there are

casualties. So it just so happened has been sped up by what's going on. So really, this is a time to adapt to change, and adapt fast. So many of you like a baby bird in a nest. I

don't know if those of you are familiar, but a baby bird in a nest generally doesn't like to leave it because it's secure. So the mother comes up, gets him and just destroys around the nest. And the bird just go around is falling and the mother comes and grabs it. And keeps doing that until the bird finally works out how to fly. So for many of you right now, you're getting tipped out in your nest and out of your comfort zone who here right now could safely say to me, yeah, Warren I'm being really like i be i feel like that baby bird who's been kicked out of its nest. So that's you just let me know who feels that right now.

Yeah, a lot of you so and that's okay. Just realize that you're learning to fly. And those of you who have not quite yet but now it could happen to you, you want to be on the front foot and preparing. So whether you like it now you're learning to fly.

So there are some who feel the call to start a business and I can tell you now from the rich dad poor dad, but starting a business can be the most wonderful, most rewarding, most cool path you could just about ever do in your life. You know, it's really I love business because it's more than just an income source. It's a form of service. And what people forget, for example, when I told someone that was a good reason why Bill Gates and Google and Facebook became so prosperous, because at one stage, all three of these were serving the world. Google created an amazing search engine, everyone could find each other, and information. Before Google, the search engines were horrible. Before Facebook, there was no real way to easy connect

with people other than emails, and faxes, and all that kind of stuff. And the other social media platforms were shit. Before I mean, Gates, and Apple, put computers on everyone's desk, so they said the world a mess. It's unfortunate now that many of them have turned to away from what got them to great success. That's why inevitably This style will diminish. And there'll be new businesses and groups that will rise up over the next number of years, and they'll have a day and be gone.

But there'll be some who feel this call. And the first thing I'd say to you all is always start as Richard Branson said, which really changed my life. He said, Whatever you do, do it because you love doing it. So whatever business or whatever thing you're looking at doing, see it as a really good chance to do to see what you're doing is a form of service and a way of giving back and getting fair exchange from the world from doing that, whether it's a job or business, whatever else. And

really what now this is a big carrot up your ass. And many of you know I like to give very direct language this is, in a way think about like Life, the Universe society. Giving you a carrot up your ass to get you moving and and basically change and step into something higher, that you may well have been getting a sense for a while, but you've been ignoring. Is there anyone here who has been pushed out of your comfort zone, but you have actually been feeling a call for a while, but you've just been resisting it out of fear? Or just nervousness? Is there anyone here who's been filling the call? Like Nadine Yes, Christine, Yep. Trudie, Ben yes.. So, Jacinta Yep. Yep. Lots of people have been feeling that in a call. But go, oh, do I do it? Do I do it? Do I do it. So eventually, the higher

intelligence God universe just puts a carrot up your ass, and generally without a lot of lube on it, and you get moving. So that's what's happening right now. So it's a good chance to get moving. So like the baby bird, it's just being pushed out of the nest.

Getting used to a paycheck, I'll share what I've told my sons when they're young. And I'm sure many of you would love to have been told this. But when my boys were very young, I said to them, when their grandma and people around them was suggesting it'd be good for you, eventually to go to school, and you get a job and get University and I just said to him, Look, I said, I told I don't take any credit for this. I'm just quoting exactly what Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Keith Cunningham said to him, I said, once you start getting used to a paycheck, it's like taking drugs, it's very hard to break the habit because you get used to a little income stream coming in. And before you know it, you'll spend money on this. I mean, you spend money on this.

And then before you know, you got a car, and before you know it, you got car payments. And before you know, you got a house and you got mortgage payments. And before you know, you got an ex with child support. And then before you know it, you got a

new boat before you know it, you're spending money. And you'll know what I mean. And suddenly, now the decision to leave a job is now not as simple as Oh, I don't like doing this anymore. I'm gonna go do something different. It's like, well, I'd like to do this. But I got this to pay over the mortgage, I've got a wife, I've got two kids or husband. I've got, you know, family about school fees for kids, and suddenly got a million ties up on you, which you feel responsible for and things like that. So I told him early on, I

said, my advice. And I said, this is not going to be popular. But I said you're better off to be banks and just have the time of your life. And come along and do business education, and go to business school while you're a teenager, which I was doing, you know, giving them scores of life teaching, giving them enrolling them and kids business schools, I could find them teaching them stuff myself, getting them to homeschool themselves, because I'm saying I don't have time to homeschool you needed as your mom to have to work it out. And I told them to be independent from young so that's why none of them ever had a job to this day.

And Edward who runs our business, mainly the manages and James system. Right now most of their income now that's coming in is basically passive income from cryptos from investing and business getting dividends, but it took them four years of working hard in the business. And for quite a number of years. They weren't getting paid anything because they said no, we don't want to get paid in this. We're producing results. So if you're used to a paycheck, I'm sharing all that it's a difficult, difficult thing to change because you're gonna have to break an addiction that set in there and ultimately learned to be adaptable and flexible. That's why I think having a business is a wonderful thing to help you become better as an individual and things like that. And then when you do get paid, you enjoy it, you enjoy the money because you start to see the service. I honestly don't see myself right now, as having

a business that I work. I see myself as a service. I love doing webinars, I love helping clients with structures, investments, finances, I get excited. When I see a difference in people's lives. I love doing our spiritual courses. I love doing investing, I have fun with it. And I know what it's like, and I've lived poor, I've lived successful, I've lived both sides of the equation. So that's the other thing too, is being used to a paycheck, it's a very hard thing to break. It does get

very addictive, like taking drugs. And it compromises your ability to make a free choice. And it's the hard truth that you got to face and we've all got to face is that the addiction can compromise your ability, and you got to kind of face that, feel it and go, okay, yes, for now I've got to accept but I had got limitations at the same time, start preparing my life, to build myself a little bit more sovereign so that if any other mandates come in or out of rules, that I'm not going to be compromised. Many people stay in marriages with people they don't like anymore because of money. And because they've got got commitments. Many people stay with partners, they don't want to be in for that reason. Many people stay with friends for

that reason. And it's not a good way to live. It's not. And when you think about it, I was looking back. And I think for me, I'm in a unique position, because I've just lost my partner, as many of you know, she went into a coma four weeks ago unexpectedly, and I found her dead, annd then she basically had to make the decision to turn off her life support machine. And she died two weeks ago. So I've had a I've lived I lived the whole lifetime in the last four weeks.

And I think one it's really taught me is the shortness of life, and how fast things end and how any, what counts is what you do. And the thing I'm so relieved and grateful about is I don't have a single regret about them. I mean, I left everything on the court in that. I shared everything I had to say. I in

fact I'm even when we do our memorial celebration on Saturday, which I'm doing, you know, one of the things I'll share is one of the first things I said to her when we started seeing each other. And the last thing I said to her very similar, and you know, and people look thank you for your condolences. But look, I've been through my grieving everyone I grieved with everything within me from you know, I wept, I cried, I reflected, I felt the loss. And this week, I made a commitment

to myself that one set month had finished, I would get on with life and I'd celebrate her. So, you know, that's what I've decided to do now and celebrate it because she really did. 4 great years of her we lived an amazing life. And she taught me a lot of lessons. And I'm looking forward to her memorial

celebration to share that many of you who've seen who walked through my pain me the last month we'll see today, I'm actually overall pretty good now because I made a commitment to myself and I went through the grieving process, I handle things correctly. I've got Grief counselors, I've got support, I made no attempt for any one minute to pretend I was doing okay, because I wasn't, but I got there. And likewise, so many of you. That's the other thing I've mentioned, don't have any problem right now. If you're struggling, you're not coping,

just saying I'm not coping, I need support, you know, get community around, you get friends around you, you know, get people around you, to support you, to nurture you to feel you, to wake with you to put their arm around you to let you express your rage, how you want to go out and you know, throw something at something or whatever you need to do. So addiction has compromised the ability to make this free choice. And one of the reasons why prostitutes find it so hard to leave the profession is they get these insane incomes. And I've got a friend or someone I know called Linda Watson a very admired lady, who in Perth runs House of Hope. And they actually helped prostitutes who want to leave, but who couldn't previously leave because they were so used to high incomes and you can't put on your resume used to be prostitute at lavatories brothel, that's not going to get you another job. And they're used to five or 6000 or more a week in many cases, and they've got expensive cars and houses. And House of Hope

helps these ladies to make the transition out of prostitution, simplify their life, humble themselves, go back to basic living and get support to get through. So it's kind of like for many people in society, we have that self doubt, then we got used to living on a certain kind of income. And you just got to accept but things can change. And this is my biggest concern for the Western world. I don't think people I think people in the Western world really want their cake and eat it too. You

know, they just want business kind of sense of I'm entitled to this and I'm entitled to that. And I'm grateful but I spent a number of years virtually a cripple in for five years and I lived very simply and I learned to live basic. I learned to live day to day I learned to live simple needs and a simple basic car that just did the job. I live in a very basic house. I

didn't have proper air conditioning, we lived in one of the poorest areas in Perth. And honestly, I look back and people say how was it, I was saying it was fabulous. I said, I had so much fun. You know, I simplified my life I had, I just enjoyed it Grace and I had the time of our life. And really all monies

done, done differently. So I've got more choices than I had previously, I can just do a few more things and make more of a difference. But really, by and large, my life was pretty damn good. And the time wasn't damn good, was when I started getting

caught up in the rat race for a period of time and hiring staff and trying to grow business and do this and almost trying to build a name for myself. And that was stressful and miserable. So it's a really good, good thing to get back to that whole thing. And people still do have mortgages to pay.

You know, they compare themselves to other business owners, Nick, how do I do this? And yeah, if you're new to this, it is scary. And a psychologist called in Mackey, who is one of my heroes, you know, when I had a complete mental breakdown, he really helped me learn to feel, learn to express my emotions, because now you'll hear me release my emotions. But 22 years ago, or so, I was a court case, you know, I couldn't express anything to anyone. I had so much shame and locked up fear and anxiety. And he really taught me to feel to open up and

express my need for support, and all the kinds of stuff that made me feel like I was a lesser human being. And I was always comparing myself with people. And he really taught me that about learning to express accept, and things like that. And what he also taught me though, was he said, generally, teenagers are very easy to shift because they're still developing their mind. So others are age 24, it's very easy to make

shifts, because you're still developing your consciousness 25 to 30, it starts becoming a bit more difficult 30 to 40, he said, it takes a lot longer, and 40 upwards or takes longer, again, 50 upwards or takes even longer, again, because you get entrenched in your energy and your brain. So if you're just doing this, now, it's harder for you and, and really, kudos and admiration to you, if you're in your 50s or 60s, and you're making a big fundamental change right now. Because it's really hard for you to do that. If you're in your 20s, or 30s, even, it's still going to be quite challenging, but let's say but it will be challenging if you need team, it's easy. If you're in your 20s it's kind of you know, a little bit more straightforward. So it's time to break free from the roadblocks

and get away from them. And you just want to get started somewhere somehow, in some way. And, you know, one of the things I learned when I went through my extremely financially challenging time for a number of years, was that miraculously, and miraculously, I look back, and somehow always got true. I had periods when I had no money, I couldn't work because my arms were and my nervous system was wrecked, and I had no energy. And somehow I'd make money, somehow something would happen.

It just kept happening. And it got to the point where I thought, you know, I really don't have to do an awful lot at all. And I remember learning the dowel where the dowel says do nothing it shall be done for you. In other words, really, you

just let go and trust. And really what I started to learn was business and net is more about a service above anything else. But when it comes to my basic provision, somehow it always works out. And it's a good fundamental belief to have,

but things will always work out for you. And the truth is, it actually does. It does mean sometimes you got to be tested, you got to simplify your life. Sometimes you may fall behind on

your bills for a period of time. And I've been I went through one stage a number of years, when I literally was behind it all my debts I had everyone chasing me for money. I was behind in debts, I was getting pursued, threatened with sued, because I just couldn't cover it. But somehow I just got myself through it and found a way to do it. So Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

That's why he says to really, ultimately move to the other end of the quadrant. But if you've been an employee all your life, or very basic as the real step as an employee is to start to become comfortable with the idea of being self employed. And even possibly having some investments and be self employed. It just means you start to take responsibility for your income. It's a harder road in a way it's a scary road, but it gives you more security over your life. And I know when I made the transition from E to S, I was like 30 I was 32 when I did it.

Let me what is that? Yes, 30 to 100. And oh gosh, it was really difficult and Grace would tell you how scared I was, I was petrified. Now me being me many of you know a little bit feral and I just kind of I'm very brave. That's one thing about me. So I just thought ah, I wanted to leave my job and start

with no money and Crash Course myself into it. So that's what I did. I just crashed my course my way into it. I didn't get my much leeway apart for a couple of months leaving. I just started the business cheating myself hoping it would work out and it did, you know, I managed to get it going and then I but my health wasn't particularly good, but I just found a way to work around it. I just seem to get the business working. The funny thing was, at the time, I didn't have half the licenses on either because I just couldn't be bothered. And I thought, Oh,

well, I'll work it out down the track. And I never actually did. And then eventually, I found other ways to make money for a time and I ended up taking some investing for a couple of years before I then went back to business again. So the point I'm making is that the road isn't smooth, it can be a little bit tumultuous. But the biggest thing to do is just to is to understand these principles of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that the ultimate aim is that if you're a business owner or investor, that's why, my son's got this pretty quickly. And that's why

Ed and James were keen to be part of building Gloabal Wealth Club because they said, well, this is a business and something that can serve the world make a difference and creates a system to help others prosper. And that's what we love with it. Many of our speakers have been able to prosper by working with us. And it gives us a good chance to share the wealth of others, we teach people about cryptos. And how we can do that, again shares a wealth of others. So I love the business because

it's a passion of ours, because it can help us serve people. And one of my great spiritual mentor, teacher, one and probably the great one of the greatest mentors I've ever had. He just, he just said to me that the more you serve, the more money you make. He said, the more people you're serving, and

the bigger the problem you're solving for the world, the more money you're going to make. So if you're just solving a tiny problem, by helping a tiny situation, you'll make a tiny amount of money, is what he told me, he said, if you're serving a big problem that affects a lot of people, you're going to make a lot more money. And I've noticed this year, I've made a lot more money, because I've been serving a big problem that affects a lot of people. And this is how.. this is how the universe works. It's service and helping people and finding a way in what you're doing to serve people in a big way. Something

that will result in your giving back. I what I loved about Facebook and Google and I tell people is it both of these places, most of their service is free, it's completely free. And they make their money through other things that they do. So that's why would the wealth club that we do, for example, and other stuff, most of what we do is free, we do a lot of free stuff. And then of course, we have our pay stuff as well. So I'm sharing all that with you. Because even if you even if you

sign into self employed, which most of you will be doing. But when I started, I started to self employed and took me a long time to even make the EDA s transition. And the S basically was when I decided well, I may as well become the absolute best in the business, anything to do with taxes, wealth protection. So I found a silver light and I became the best of the best I could possibly be. I went and worked for people who I or you

know, did stuff that I knew could teach me to be the best I could be, I made sure my service was over and above. So the best thing you could do right now is to think of something you can do, like I said, starting a business, and then give the best to your clients and the people you can possibly give, give so powerfully and with such conviction of the heart, not like oh my gosh, I've got to work. Because subconsciously no one really wants to engage someone who is coming from lack or scarcity or loser. Because it brings as a science of getting rich boxes while it was bottles. It kind of diminishes the energy

of the situation. And you know what I mean? Like none of you want to date a partner who's always winking and afraid. You want to date a partner who brings substance and brings, you know, nourishing benefit to your life. That's what I enjoyed was

Sammy, for example, she bought nourishing benefits in my life, and I did to her, you know, you want to date someone like that. I like working with clients who are who I can bring benefit and help but also who respect and appreciate me. And it's all how the world economy really works in its pure form. And yes, right now we're seeing a what I call a weak economy with developing which is very much that entitlement. But ultimately, what's going to help me the most is getting back to court ethics, core rule of law and core service in your own life. And

almost, I was taught by my mother and by a great pastor, when you're in real trouble forget about your own situation for a while and ask how can I serve other people a bit more? And it's amazing how you start to find solutions to your situation. So finding a way to really serve who you're working with. But there's plenty of people who want to give to you and want to help you you know there's people who come and work in my house and yeah, look we look after them really well and we make sure we do we love looking after them we like helping them be more successful and get get true and every person I see get get through in our business every client I see their life gets changed in then able to rejoice. So really, that's the big thing I emphasis today is to get back to service in some form. And the business owner is all about serving and about actually giving back, and about really becoming also responsible, wise in their business. One thing I was always

taught Mr. Porter is when you're an employee, you kind of don't really have to think a lot. You just turn up and someone else does all the hard work. And that's the reason why now, why society is in trouble. Because most people, your life is like an automated pilot, you turn up, you do your job, and then think about it. All the

hard stuff, the financial management, the taxes, the business things, it's all handled by your boss, you turn up home and turn your light switch and the power and someone's provided your power for you. You go and you basically turn on your gas and how much while you're Gatsby. You go down and get Centrelink or whatever else and someone's providing an income for you. But ultimately, who controls your income, your power, your food, your gas, your your income source, ultimately controls you. And as Neo said, The Morpheus, you're basically a slave. And it's actually hitting that card

called painful truth. That yes, you're hiding behind your job. And ultimately, you are a slave. Now you can be a happy slave. If you're well treated as a good slave, that's fine. You know, some, you can have a good boss, I was a slave for a long time. And I was a happy slave at one stage because I was well traded. But by and large, it's recognizing that fact, and getting yourself to a place where you are doing everything you are doing by choice and by passion. So it's a new way of

living, for arming yourself with the fundamentals to move forward. So I'm just going to share seven key fundamentals with you about running a business or starting one just to give you a bit of a hand and like I said, obviously, there's more to it than this webinar. It's really just a bit of a hand for everyone. And hopefully, you'll at least go away with something from this webinar today. So, financial literacy number one that is so important. So actually having real genuine financial literacy. So that is so important, basically. So,

Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad said having financial literacy and understanding money, most people from my experience don't understand Profit and Loss report so they understand money all that well at all. Who here openly admits they don't know much about their financial literacy could need a lot of work? Who who will own that? A few people. Okay, great. Yeah. It's a good thing to understand and master and get on top of. So financial literacy. So most people have never wanted to learn, they certainly don't teach you in schools. That's why I'm setting up our youth school

to teach kids to financial management. I've taught the boys on financial management from age 12. So all of them got savings. game for them, anybody got cash savings, cryptos, private equity, all that stuff, because they were taught savings and financial management from young. You want to know how to manage, protect and grow your wealth in a diversified secure way. So you

really do like you want to actually learn that from a diversified secure way. So I can't emphasize that one enough, you know, to really do that. So financial literacy, Robert Kiyosaki, his books are really quite good on that Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, great books, if you want to read and learn about financial literacy. Understand what it means by

profit. What do you mean by profit, compared to just a wage? What is a wage mean compared to contracting income? I mean, I will actually share with you how much I can remember when I was actually sick. I was disabled, I couldn't work. I ran out of money. I'd been disabled for five years with this critical RSI, chronic fatigue, autonomic nervous system breakdown. And I ran out of money and nothing was working. And I remember finally sitting in Centrelink, you know, actually, about filling out forms ready to go on Centrelink. And I remember

doing it. And it was a big moment for me because I just felt yuck inside the fourth nap factories. And I tore the paper up and I walked out of it and I went home. Now I felt more

scared than ever, but I never remember how liberated I felt. And I came back and Grace said, How did you go? And I said, I tore it up. I'm not doing it. And she goes, thank God. I was really hoping you'd say that. I said we need to trust in God. And I said, and we're going to do this and We're going to work this out. But I don't have any idea how. And that was the day when miracle started happening when I don't we had a friend actually ring us up and say they're about to give a big donation to the church and felt to give it to us and all kinds of stuffs that are happening for us. And then, within about a

month, I had a miraculous healing of my health condition. And just like that, I was back at work. I got vision on my purpose, everything. So times like this is when you can have your life transformation. You know, it's the best opportunity you can ever get to have a real life transformation and change your life. By trusting yourself and living by faith and knowing it's going to work out. So learning financial literacy,

getting on top of things and moving beyond fear, managing your own business, so to speak. So these times have quickly Harland the floors of giving up your power to someone else for an income and like I was telling some of our people just the other day, I said, when you think about it, how clever the government have actually been with all of this. I mean, they have prepared so well, like in 2010, chiropractors, podiatrists, physios all went under APRA. And all of them agreed to be licensed by them. And guess what APHRA have now said, Oh, yes, you have to do this. And you have to do that. And you must do this. And bingo. I saw a psychologist friend of

mine the other week, who's like, what do I do? You know, I've been mandated to get the job by APHRA. And I'm like, well, then stop being a psychologist. And you guys are well, you know, I can't leave them on rely on that might well, or you say you can no longer counsel people will help people. If you're not if you're not under license, of course not. And I said yeah,

exactly. I said so stop being an idiot. And of course, he he laughed, because he knows our blood type. I said, mate you're just being an idiot. I said seriously, I said, if you want to hold on to your APHRA registration, then go and get get jabbed, stop whinging, you know, you've signed a contract with him, you got to do what they tell you, you're their bitch. And he just laughed, because God, you put it so brutally, but you're right, you guys done. He goes, I'm making

some steps into his credit, he's making some big steps, he's going through some big changes. I said, just change your name, you know, just find a way to change your, you know, find a way to reinvent yourself, reinvent your work you're doing so you fall outside the mandates, you know, just to get outside of them. So he's been doing that. So he's taking his power back. And, you know, so you just don't want to do it, you want to be in complete control. Rather than handing the

responsibility to an employer. I mean, the reason why people are running around, and I'm not diminishing the protests and things like that, I want to emphasize that, look, it's good that people are doing some action and doing nothing. And I commend people who are doing that. But keep in mind, my view

is a lot of people go near because they're just terrified. You know, we did some kind of study on who's going to the Melbourne prices. And yeah, most of the people are just wonder messily financially affected by what's happened. So, by all

means, stand up your freedom. I mean, I'm, I'm doing that right now, for people. And on this kind of way, for example, you may even find another way to stand up for the freedom and help your society once you've got your power. And you're not

kind of doing it from a point of Oh, shit, you know, what's gonna happen to my money. So, when you hand your power over to anyone, you're in trouble. If you hand your power to your partner, your emotional wellbeing is in trouble. If you hand your power,

and many of you know that, I mean, I've been in some not particularly great relationships, and I'm sure most of you have. And one thing that helped me is I've been able to walk away from it. As soon as I've realized I've given up my power, I've been able to walk away, no matter how much it hurt me to do so. Because ultimately, I can't stand giving up my power. I don't like myself when I'm doing. So being in control,

building an asset income portfolio, which you're in control, and that can withstand the chain in society. And yes, this is not easy, but life isn't easy right now. So I want to emphasize No, I agree with you. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, you're going Yes, it is difficult. When I went to

do Pilates, I get overwhelmed nearly every time I'm doing it. I've got this awful instructor who does atrocious things to my body. And I always tell her I can't spit I don't like her anymore. And and afterwards, and I realized for the first time in my life, I've got no more sciatica and no more back problems and nothing. I'm going okay, maybe she's okay. And,

yeah, literally, I've had I had years of back and sciatica no more, you know, and I tell her, unfortunately, I have to actually commend you for doing that, you know, even though you're, you know, an awful individual. And I said, I'm convinced you have an evil twin sister. And I think that your normal self is really bad in your evil twin sister just turned up and makes it five times worse. And today it was one of those workouts, but I do it. And as I told her, unfortunately, I'm the dumb one that keeps turning up and we laugh about it. So the point is, is that the best way to get through it, see it as a boot camp and start to learn these things. You don't know that well and you've avoided putting up

with us too hard. And yes, when I first started learning all this myself, I was getting headaches. And right now I'm going through the awful journey of being the most impractical guy right now in Australia, but lives at this current moment and having to learn how to understand the camper trailer, understand practical things, I still can't a lot of fire properly. And I'm having to learn all this kind of stuff. So as I said, if I can do

that shit, people here can certainly do and learn the basics of finances, income, and things like that. And yeah, I actually am. And just to give you an idea, I'm not exaggerating. When I did the careers consulting test, she said I was the most lowest suitability for practical tasks you've ever seen in all our years of consulting, I have 2% suitability. So that gives you an idea that this that is the hardest thing for me, I still can't pop a lot of fire, but atleast now 50% of the time I pull it off. So I'm putting

processes and systems I'm even doing it in my house right now. I'm getting checklists put up on everything. I've got a washing basket systematized. So I've actually got a double one, one for me, one for the boys. There's another spare one for all towels, linen, and our pantry, our shopping everything.

We're putting it in place in every area of our house. My wardrobe is systematized now. My everything bookshelf, everything. Business, we're putting systems in place. And

believe you me, is it hard work? Yes. Does it make life easier? You bet. Do I feel more empowered? Yes. I, I have all my receipts automated on my Dropbox and on my various programs and backed up? Was it hard work to set up? You wouldn't believe how hard it was? Does it make my life easier? Yes. Do I lose that I don't lose documents like other people, because I've got them stored. So the point is, it's a good chance to sort of manage your time, do all that kind of stuff and get organized.

And I manage my time I have a I have a calendar, I have a schedule. I don't do client meetings every day all over the place. I block them like like Mondays, I do big batch, I do another big batch on Tuesday, I'll do another big batch on Thursday, Wednesday and Friday. As a rule, I don't do client meetings, get them resituated on Wednesday, and then those days will be a lot of stuff. I focus on growing the business on personal appointments. Saturday, I've been working on creative and other kinds of stuff and more financials and things like that. So I work on the original, you know, Christian principle

six days work one day rest, and it works really, really well. So managing your time, delegating and allocating so not being afraid to delegate I mean everything now I delegate but I can't. And getting your team around you the best thing you can do right now is go back to community. And if you've really

been affected by this, and you're like how the heck do I start a business we'll find someone and do it together you know share the wealth with someone. My cryptocurrency investing now. My personal trainer has jumped in with me and my son. I come up the opportunities, he does all the

research and organizes the protocols, and my son manages more. So we're all doing our strength and we're just sharing 1/3 each. Did it originally cut my profits? Yes, but my long term has freed up my time to do other stuff. So delegating and finding other people around you to work together with if you're brilliant. If you're a risk taker and ideas person, you probably need a really good like organized person in your life. If you're very administrative organized, you probably need someone who's a risk taker to get you moving. So if me I'm a

risk takers, you probably know this time now, I'm brave, I just go and I do shit. And I just give it a bang. And so I need people in my life to organize me keep things organized and keep things moving. So getting some kind of business goals, roadmap, in other words, something that will actually help you get a bit of a plan together. And here's, well make your life easier than most people. Most people would kind

of tell you this stuff and you go oh, I'm not like that. I'm not like that either. My way of doing it is just to get a big picture. I know what I want. Like when I was doing the Global Wealth club, this is what I will do when I was first being a lawyer or being a contract kind of financial person. I go yep, this is what I'm doing. So you might be as simple as you know

what I'm doing cleaning business I'm going to clean people's houses but it's more than that. I'm going to do I'm going to bring amazing ambience to people's homes by eco friendly cleaning that will actually give people a really amazing kind of experience in their home. And I get that right now. You know I've got three um, you know, girls who come over and they've done that for me you know, and I can see they take their work seriously and I love it and you might have that is your goal like eco friendly and that will actually help people have an amazing ambience. If you're doing something else like caring. I will be an amazing carer, you know for you for your

house your kids. Babysitter about won't be more than a babysitter. I will give you an amazing experience with your kid you know, I will, you know have fun with them. I'll do child friendly stuff. I've done some Steiner background and or I'm studying it right now. And I will actually not only just

babysit, but I'll do some kind of fun activities to help them, you know, finding a way to do something that makes it fun. And that actually helps people. That's what I tell people, if you do that, you will actually find your business suddenly start to get excited about it. And it's not just like, oh,

shit, I've got to get a job, I've got to get a business. I mean, none of you, when you are growing up, were thinking, oh, man, I hope one day I want to hit my 30s or 40s, or 50s, you know, get a mortgage, and I've got an ex and I've got like, you know, a few kids running around, and I've, you know, got a car payments are going to make, I'm going to have to do some shitty job. I mean, that'd be a really good life to create for myself, I would be very surprised if any of you that was your goal. You just fell into that by not taking action. So see this as an opportunity to make some changes. You know? No, Mike, I'm

not teaching Steiner. I just gave that as an example. But yeah, I know a bit about Steiner but I'm not teaching. Automation, artificial intelligence. And that was hard for me to do. I'm not very good at this kind of stuff, computers by nature. I don't like artificial intelligence. But I thought, You know what, it's the way the world's going, I've got to get used to it. So now we're using less stuff we got used to automation.

Okay, the third one, and this is probably the most important of anything else is mindset. The one thing that helps me You've probably worked out by now I'm really mentally tough. That's one thing I'll say I have many weaknesses. But mentally, I'm tough. I mean, I, I can deal with stuff quickly, I can adapt

quickly. I can accept difficult things very quickly. Last year, as soon as I saw COVID hit, I just calmly said to our family, we're not traveling for a long time, that's it. And I never grieved about that one for a minute, people said did you grieve ? I sad nah, it's just is what it is. Um, and let's just

get on with life and depth to it. But eventually we'll be traveling again. I mean, that will change just for now. Just let go of all your dreams. Let's get on with things. So the best mindset could be right now is if you are affected by the mandate? Yes, you are. Is it like to change a new future? Probably not. If it does change well, but don't leave on the hope that a

guy in a white horse is going to come riding in and make Mark McGowan Daniel Andrews and, and Anastasia magically disappear and appear in shock in Nuremberg ready to go on the gallows or anything like that, or in change, that's not going to happen, you know, not except in a video game. So the best thing to do right now is adapt to the world as it is not what you hope secretly, in your fantasy it would be. And too many people right now making decisions or fear, waving things outside their control, and not changing the situation. And again, I'm not saying don't do something about it. I mean, I am the fact

that I teach these webinars and do lots of it is my way of empowering people because as I said, if I can help people find their power, and get economically self sufficient governments is gonna go shit, we've lost all of our good workers and our public health system's a mess, and this is a mess, we better kind of do something about this new miraculously, some new science will appear that says, everything's okay. Again, you know, that's what would happen. So that's my way of solving it. So it's but many people are just using it as an excuse to avoid taking action. So recognize the problem takes take real serious responsibility for your actions are sovereign individual, and change what's in your control. So that work out what you can control right now and what you can't, or you can't control what Mark McGowan, Daniel Andrews or anyone else is doing. I mean, right now, unfortunately, we

live in democracy, which means idiot, fate prevails. So right now what you can do is change what's in your control, and fight and start business or find work that's going to be the kind of work employer or someone that is going to be awake or be switched on to your values, and they can even possibly mentor you and help you to grow. So even if you're not ready to start a business today, you could work with someone who actually helps mentor you, like I did with Brett Davies years ago, and guide you in your world and is committed to your prosperity and success and will rejoice review if you outgrow them. That's a net that's another thing you can create. So your mind that determines your actions. So mindset is everything. Someone once asked me, Warren if you can give one

tip to someone starting a business as to what's important. What would you say to them? What's the number one thing I just said? If you can ever get it I said when you're when you're wanting to live in your mother-in-law's house in 40 degree heat with no air condition in one little tiny room with there's you and your partner and someone else living on next to nothing and if you have to an eating bare minimum, that's when you know you're serious about your business. And I can remember I was actually in that position where literally, we Grace and I were living with her mum, the house had no air conditioning, it was 40 degree heat. We had William, our oldest son was sleeping in one room with one of the other ladies and the twins who are babies were with us. Were crammed in like

sardines. And I just used to laugh about the whole thing. And I remember saying, well, we'll keep doing this because it's kind of reminding us how important is to get our business working. Because to get enough income so we can leave a situation. So being in pain reminds us, where's too many people want to kind of stay in comfort, the better off to be in a tough situation to remind you that, hey, I want to keep my ass moving. So mindset is everything right now. You know, don't be

afraid to simplify your life. Go basic. Living your means. And then see a reward as you start to bring in the money and take entrepreneurial action that you can go great now I can start to reward myself. My role is that our income grows, we always take some of it for ourselves for more fun, and some of it goes into savings and investing. Mastering the art of sales is really important as well. No

matter what you do, life is a sales pitch. Like if you're trying to convince a doctor to give you a vaccine exemption, That's a sales pitch as some of you would have found out. If you're trying to convince someone to go on a date with you, that's a sales pitch. If you're trying to get a job, that's a sales pitch. If you're wanting to win a client for your

business, that's a sales pitch. You know, everything that we're doing in life is sales and learning the skill of Robert Kiyosaki said he was the worst salesman on planet Earth. And he, when he started working with zero, he literally was a worst salesperson, they're about to fire. And fortunately, they gave

him one more chance he became the best. And when I first started selling, I was hopeless at it. I couldn't sell anything, but I got better at it. So mastering the art of selling of influencing people, it's a good skill to learn as well. If you're gonna do business, you really want to do that. You want to understand automated systems, or if you don't find someone who does and team up with them. Like I said, every business I've done

pretty much I've teamed up with other people, because seriously, I knew that I had no chance on my own. No chance. I naturally had everything against me with business, I was always going to fail. I'm by myself. I was trained, I went to high school, I went to university, I got two degrees, I got honors, I did 10 years at the tax office. I mean, I was just a first class nerd, who really the chances of me making a business work were not very good. And I knew the odds

were against me, I was realistic. So I knew and the first two businesses I started failed dismally, I actually went broken both of them so at the starting another time. So, and eventually I learned that I had to get people in work as a team and find people better than me. So, the road to success isn't

always easy and as far as what you all know, I mean, all of you, most of you now seeing me with business going really well. And it can be easy to think hey, you know, it's all very well for Warren to sail this because he's is nice fighting pretty well. What you don't see is like I said five years where I was virtually disabled. In so much pain as Grace would tell you with no painkillers working that and having to learn to get by with natural eating, lots of stretching, various other things. Learning to type for 10 minute intervals to my arms went

on me then take a break, you know, especially cushion because my muscles around my back was so jammed up literally, that I couldn't sit without being excruciating pain, you know, that was that was five years for me. And then after that kind of stuff, it just seemed like when I started business, I really didn't know what I was doing. I failed this money in my first few businesses, like really failed good and proper. To the point I was actually quite broken. And I just said, No, I don't care what it takes. I'm going to do this, but where am I going wrong? And I had to go and learn a whole other things differently. I had to learn to take my natural, brave, insane,

insane bravery because naturally I am brave and insanely brave. But I realized that that was a downfall for me. Because I was taking stupid risks I really didn't need to take. So I had to change my whole personality and who I was. And a great spiritual

teacher, Neville Goddard says, people tell you, you should just be who you are. And he says, If you be who you are, you'll keep being an idiot. I think there's a lot of truth in that. So if you've been an idiot with your finances, that's the date. You want to be who your core personality is, but you also need to learn to grow yourself beyond who you are and take on different traits. I remember being taught at one stage or

hearing a being said about guys who have bad runs in dating, you're always nice guys. Well, you have to actually learn to build masculine strength as an example, which shows that yeah, you're nice and kind. But you've also got strength, and you're not a pushover as an example. And that requires a big fundamental change for a lot of men to do that kind of stuff. So equally for many people, you're not, if you're not naturally very organized, you've got to learn the skills of organizing, you got to develop a weakness in you, where you become better at it. And even if you've got people around who do it for you, you get better, I got better at it. I got I got trained and sat

down. And I was taught how to build online systems, I learned how to outsource and manage offshore stuff. I managed our offshore staff when I was a terrible manager, I, but I made it work, I learnt the skills. And now when I've got people to do it for me, though, I understand how it works, because I've learnt that stuff. So that's the other thing, learning the skills and taking on the things that are not easy to do, is what's going to get you through. Most people want to do

what's easy, rather. And that's why they're in a mess. So don't be afraid to do the hard things. One of my little exercises that I do to remind myself is I regularly go swimming in ridiculously cold water in the ocean in the middle of winter, just to remind myself that life isn't always easy. And often you'll do things you don't really want to be doing. But you know, bring you a greater good. So that's probably my biggest thing I'd share with business, you know, sales calls and making sure people are a good fit. That's something that we find

that there's no point running around. And when you got to desperation for money, you start becoming a beggar. And you end up compromising yourself. A great mentor once told me you're better off that even if you've got no money and you're crawling around eating scraps, is still reject working with people or anything that you know that work with you and leave him with the impression that you're actually doing perfectly okay with your life. So follow up system, with clients, all that kind of stuff. So it's really important to learn sales skills, or at least be around people and do some kind of understanding of how that works. If you're in business, lead generation and

marketing. And again, it doesn't mean you got to go and do all this. But like, if you decide I'm not going to go generate my own leads, at least you have to know where your leads are coming from or where people are coming from. So if you're a cleaner, for example, your leads could simply just be Yeah, like many people have joined our Perth Awake Business Group on Facebook. And

that's kind of where leads can be, they can put a put it up there. And people come and they apply for jobs or things like that. So lead generation like clients, your cleaner about getting customers, it can be word of mouth could be on a Facebook group, whatever your lead generation is understanding them. And I emphasize to people that you want to stand out from the crowd, when are you in business, or whether you're actually in your job working? You want to stand out from the crowd? Because there's so much noise and rebel right now. So let's just say for example, you Yeah, like you're basically working in healthcare. Well, do you stand out from the crowd? I

can remember asking myself a taxes, do I stand out? If you're cleaner, what stands you out? I can remember seeing this lady in our group who did that she actually said, I'm an eco friendly cleaner, who makes your house amazing ambiance. I mean, I actually tried to hire her straightaway, but she was booked out. And she charged way more than anybody else. And she's booked out, like completely will get couldn't take me on.

Otherwise, I would have taken her on straightaway. Because she came and helped me at once as a favor. And she was so good at what she did. I was like, please, you know, can I hire you? She said no, I'm literally booked out. And I've got a

waiting list. So this just as a favor to help you out. So she found a way to stand out from the crowd. So really, that's that's probably my number. One big thing that will help get you clients and get people come to you is something that stands you up from the crowd, a point of difference. Global Wealth Club, where we have point of difference, for example, is that we actually we show people sovereign in all areas of your life, and we do it and financial stuff, and we go way outside the current existing system, you know, we're out of the box, and we're awake. That's our point of difference. When I was doing tax planning on wealth safe, the point of difference was, we work with offshore planning foundations and all the stuff that no one else was doing. And we tied them to small

businesses, markets. So in your marketing and letting people know and keep in mind, even if you don't have a business with clients, if you're just starting out and even if your sole self employed, you still got to think about all of this. Because self employed people you've got to be getting in clients, that's your lead generation. You've got to be able to convert your clients when they come through. So what is it about you that makes you really good? And as you get better at what you do and develop your skills, you can charge more for your work and for your business. Like this eco friendly cleaning was charging more than anyone but she could because she had this amazing products and and what she did with the house, I was just like, wow, this is amazing what you've done, just the ambience, the essential oils, the smells everything, all sum probably cost a little bit extra, but not much, but made such a difference to the house like such a difference. So everything, your

products, your service, really what I'm saying is committed to excellence in your work in what you're doing. And you will find it will step up more. If you're cleaner, for example, um, and you're good at your cleaning, you'll get more clients. And in fact, this other lady, she could easily take on what cleaners, you know, this is what I haven't said to a guy, she just take on more cleaners, and she said, I yeah too much work to train them all. But you know,

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