7 APPS I Use To Earn Income Online On AUTOPILOT ($250K with My Online Business)

7 APPS I Use To Earn Income Online On AUTOPILOT ($250K with My Online Business)

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All right. Let's get into today's video where I'm going to be talking about seven different apps that help me run my business on autopilot and specifically how these apps help produce over a quarter million dollars in revenue. And this was inspired because a couple of videos ago, I shared with you guys how one of my funnels produced over $250,000 organically without a dime spent on ads. And so Jerry, one of my subscribers, thank you, Jerry. For this question he asked, he said, okay, so let's see the breakdown of your sales funnel that you generated 250 K what are the moving parts, expenses, traffic sources, and keywords strategy. Now that's content we're subscribing for in speaking of that, this video is sponsored by that big fat like button.

So go ahead and smash that like button, if you're digging the topic of today's video. And so today I will be peeling back the curtain on a lot of those aspects and really breaking it down and to tell you, my secret tools are truly aren't that secret. I've talked about them in different videos before, but I think it's kind of like me trying to figure out things I don't understand right now. Like just tell me everything. So in this video, I'm going to attempt to do that. And without further ado, let's go ahead and get started. And just real quick, what these applications help me do is to help run my company on autopilot. And so running your business, your company, your personal brand,

that you're building up on autopilot is a goal that you definitely want to have. Because one of the reasons we become entrepreneurs is for time freedom. That's the whole point of everything. So if you're down with autopilot, go ahead in the comments, say autopilot, if that's the direction where you want to go with your business. So let's talk about a tool slash application called Tube Buddy.

Tube Buddy is one of my all time favorite tools, because it is, in my opinion, the number one SEO tool that's out there for helping your channel go from zero subscribers, zero views to, you know, your first thousand subscribers quickly, because what Tube Buddy helps you do. It's a productivity organizer for your SEO, for your keywords. And when I say SEO, that means search engine optimization. So how did this channel that you're watching right now get to 174,000 subscribers at the making of this video? Well, it all starts first with keywords. And so I'll hop behind my computer and show you the tool and show you what I mean. But if you're interested in creating an audience and building an audience,

chances are you're most likely going to want to use this platform you're using right now, which is YouTube. And so there's a couple of elements that I really love about Tube Buddy, especially the keyword Explorer, which helps you within seconds find out which keywords are right for your channel. It's extremely, user-friendly. It's not like people imagine keyword research to be this really, really hard thing. I promise you could probably learn it in two days, really.

And so keywords and also split testing thumbnails on the YouTube channel are everything. And what we've done with two buddy, they have this AB split tester, which literally evaluates the click-through rate. It evaluates which thumbnail attracts a longer watch time because watch time on YouTube is one of the algorithms favorites.

And it's the name of the game. More watch, time equals more subscribers. So that's why with Tube Buddy, it helps automate things in my business. My team is able to help me with split testing. I'm like, Hey, I need a red thumbnail of this thumbnail design. Can you pump that out for me? And then we'll split test red versus blue and different facial expressions versus another one and one title versus another title.

So you can really get down to the science of some nails and the analytics and nitty gritty and all that. So I'll just show you like a super quick example of how Tube Buddy works. And if you're interested in installing the extension, I'll leave the link in the description.

You'll also get 30 days for free of any type of plan you want to use with Tube Buddy. The link is in the description for that 30 day free trial of any paid plan, that Tube Buddies. Okay. So if you were on the homepage of YouTube, you're going to see a couple of things right away when you have the Tube Buddy Chrome extension and logged in. And when you have the app, it'll show up right here, which is, you know, it's really easy to sign in and connect your channel.

And then the first thing that people usually go to is the keyword Explorer. So here is where the SEO magic happens very simply very easily. So let's say that my channel is about nutrition and different diets. Let's say that we're talking about the paleo diet. We're going to say,

put it something like how to start the paleo diet for beginners or something like that for beginners. And it'll, it'll gather all the data within a couple of seconds and then it will spit out, you know, whether the Tube Buddy ranks as very good as if it ranks it as poor. Excellent fair. And then down here, it's going to tell you other things too, like the search volume, if it's good or bad, if it's getting searched the competition, the optimized strength, and it's going to give you a number of videos in the search results of all time. And then the other cool thing that you could really see at a glance is what's out there.

Who's already made videos about the paleo diet because YouTube is not about reinventing the wheel of coming, coming up with content that no one's ever posted before. Youtube is all about evaluating what's already on the platform and doing better. So you can get an idea of how the thumbnails look, what the titles are, which ones performed well. It looks like this video here, paleo diet for beginners, how to begin eating paleo. You can take this title, use it and make a whole nother video on your own, but this is what's already winning with the algorithm. And so that's a really good clue on what could get your YouTube channel on the map fast. So this is the keyword Explorer.

And if we log into my account or if we go to my account and the two buddy dashboard, we can see other cool things. So, as I mentioned before, this is where the AB split testing is right here. I literally, or my team and I, we split test everything we can to see which one wins because you know, if one title or if one thumbnail is winning over another, there's no reason why you shouldn't be gaining those extra views and those extra subscribers just from switching out the thumbnails. This is a really awesome tool. Again, if you're interested, there's a 30 day trial in the link in the description, which will give you access to any of the paid plans at Tube Buddy has. Okay.

So let's go ahead and talk about the next application that helps me automate my business. And this is probably number one out of all the ones that we'll be talking about today. And that is Kartra. Kartra is it's everything. It's a sales funnel builder. It is an email marketing platform. It is a place where you can host your digital courses. It's a place where you can host your memberships. It's all in one, hence the name all in one business tool.

And Kartra has been in my life since mid the middle of 2018 when it first launched. And I love the tool. My business would not be able to function without Kartra. So that's why I say it's my number one, because it hosts my email list right now, the company has over 25,000 leads in the CRM or the customer relationship manager, meaning the part of Karcher, which hosts all the names and all of the emails with people that are interested in working with us and people that have opted into our different funnels.

And so that's the email marketing piece of Kartra. Now on the sales funnel side, we probably have at least 10 different funnels. We have funnels where you do, you simply opt in, you opt into a freebie of ours. You take a quiz of ours.

There's other funnels where we have a webinar funnel. We have a pocket program funnel. So there's all kinds of ways to utilize the tool. But the important thing is that you have a tool like Kartra to utilize. And people ask me all the time, whether I'm on a podcast, a show, whether I'm doing an interview like, Hey, what is in your business toolkit? What do you use? And I talked to them about Kartra and I say, yes, it's the number one recommended all in one platform I use because you don't understand how much money you're saving upfront, because a lot of people think of the starting price of the beginning level of Kartra and it's $97 a month. Yes. That could be quite expensive when you're just getting started online. However,

if you go the other route and let's say you get click funnels as your sales funnel builder be paying $97 just to have a funnel builder, nothing else, no memberships, no email marketing, no, nothing advanced like that. And so that could easily amount to let's say, if you add Kajabi, let's say if you're adding an email marketing service, such as a Weber get response, active campaign, that could be a monthly bill of well over 200, $250. So that's why I say you can't go wrong with starting with Kartra.

Even if you're a newbie, because it's so user-friendly, and it is all in one. You don't have to integrate anything else with it. You don't have to rely on Zapier. I don't know if you guys know what Zapier is, but Zapier is a tool that allows two different platforms to integrate when they don't have a direct integration. So I've used zap years between ClickFunnels and between other platforms.

And it kind of sucks because it works, but only like 80% of the time, the other 20% you're like, oh, that's a glitchy. Something's going wrong. It's like, well, it's not a native integration. So that's, what's difficult about you know, Zapier and all that. So that's why I say for simplicity Kartra is the go-to funnel that I recommend. And so when you go into Kartra, when you first get started, what I love about it is that you can it's. So user-friendly because they already have hundreds of beautiful pre-made templates of all the funnels and it's, there's all kinds.

There's webinars there's coming soon. There's like long form sales pages. They're short form sales pages, they're squeezed pages, landing pages. It's like funnel, you know? And so if you guys are interested in trying out Kartra, there's a link in the description where you can try out for 14 days for a dollar. And if you do that and decide to keep it, there's a course that we offer my team and I is called funnels on fire. And it helped you like walks you through. Step-By-Step how to get your first funnel up and running with like today.

If you wanted to we walk you through building your first easy opt-in it's not hard at all. It's you'll see what's going through the steps. It's it's you don't need to be a coder. You don't need to be a website builder. This is for anybody. I'm not, I have no coding experience, no website experience. So you can see all the details of the funnels on fire. Kartra all that in the link, in the description below.

And the other question I get about this app slash website is, is this necessary? Is this required like, yes, out of everything you're going to have when running a business, whether you're doing consulting, coaching, whether you're doing e-commerce, it doesn't matter what type of business you have. You are going to need a business tool or tools. You're going to need sales. When you have it, you have to have it.

You're going to have to have your own list. You need to build up your traffic source. You have, you can't rely on the traffic that's coming in through your social media accounts, YouTube traffic, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, because guess what do you on those platforms? If you're, if you do like, I don't, I mean, that's cool that you're watching my video, but, but I, you know, I doubt you own those platforms. So it's like, you have to find a way to get people off of social medias and into your CRM. And that's how you own your traffic. That's how you build up your most powerful traffic source that you'll ever have.

And so yeah, that's, that's what I have to say about that application. And that hands down is probably the number one tool that helps really when you're talking automation. That is what out of all these apps we're talking about today, that's what helps automate my business as close as to a hundred percent is I can get, okay. So the next application that helps automate my business is the YouTube studio app. And that indeed is on my phone. It looks something like this right here, this application with the little red gear that is the YouTube studio application. And so if we hop into the app really quick, you'll see that you can see everything on the dashboard.

It's just like having your YouTube channel right here on the computer, all the analytics right here at your fingertips. And this is very useful because you can see several things. You can see like the YouTube stories you've posted.

You can see comments right away. You can see your latest video, how it's performing to the top 10 videos that you recently posted on your channel. You can see all kinds of stuff. You can go in and evaluate the videos one by one, and you can see how the performance is doing.

So if I wanted to click on any video, I could, let's say I wanted to edit the title or change something about what I put in the description. You know, anything right here. That's really cool. And this helps me because sometimes I can go in and grab a section of the description. And sometimes I put it in my other social media, so I could change the title. You can see what SEO I have here, the tags and stuff like that. So this is really neat.

I can also individually check how the performance of one video is doing compared to the most recent 10, 10 videos, 10 videos in that group. So yeah, YouTube studio is something I use really on a daily basis because let's face it. You're not always sitting at the computer. Your life is very mobile and you have other things to do. And so that's why I highly recommend downloading the YouTube studio.

A lot of creators don't even know about it, but I say it is definitely essential. If you're thinking about starting your YouTube channel and wanting to manage and see your channel when you're not by your computer. Okay. So the next application that we are talking about is Asana, Asana hands down is kind of one of those tools. That's right behind Kartra.

As far as what keeps the company afloat life would not be able to happen without a sauna. I don't know how I did life without Asana, even like, even way back in high school. I wish I would've had a sauna to organize my homework, my sports, just everything. If you don't have a productivity tool, I highly recommend Asana. It's free to get started. You really don't need the paid version. Like I, I, I have it now just because my business, we use some of the different functionalities that it has, but you don't need it.

You don't need to upgrade to the paid version of Asana. You can download, you can go to a sauna.com and start your free trial today and start using the tool to organize the different categories of your life and of your business. And the cool thing about Asana is that it does have a, an application. So that right there is a Asana, and I'm on Asana on the phone as regularly as I am on the computer, my team. And I use it to communicate, to complete tasks,

to see where we are in different projects. It's really a phenomenal tool. And as a matter of fact, in our YouTube course, subscribers to sales, which is our premium course that teaches YouTube going from zero, growing your channel organically, starting from scratch and monetizing it and leveraging it to build your online business. The very first thing we teach in that course, yours is Asana and productivity, because anything you do in life and in business, especially is all about your, you know, your input versus your output and the income producing activities that you're able to do and focus on during the week.

And that is why I can't stress enough about using Asana and incorporating that into your life. If you are interested in checking out our Subscribers to Sales course I recommend you watch the free masterclass located in the description. I promise it will be one of the most valuable 75 minutes of your life. And yeah, you could find out about our program, how we teach, what we teach, how you can get access to me and my team, or oops. That's bad grammar my team and I so, yeah, go ahead and check that out in the description. And so the next application we're talking about right now, it's yes, technically a social media platform, but that is Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is I think an integral part of the business. It hasn't really been utilized to its fullest potential, meaning there needs to be more content produced on the Tik Tok channel and profile, but here's where the automation comes in. With the YouTube channel, I have thousands, hundreds and thousands of hours of watch time on different videos. So the idea is my team is going to help me repurpose short clips, 22nd, 32nd, 42nd clips so that they could help me upload these clips and repurpose content onto the Tik Tok channel. Now, a lot of people say like, there's, there's no automation with this at all. Yes. I know I get that. There's definitely an upfront effort with producing the content. However,

it's not super long form content like YouTube. You can create four pieces of content within an hour if you want it to, but you cannot ignore the vitality of this application or this social media. For example, I crossed over 10,000 followers on Tik Tok in just a matter of 27 videos. That's insane nowadays, that sounds scammy. Cause it was like, oh, how did I gain 10,000 followers, which is 27 videos.

But that is the very reality of the application. So I do highly recommend that you use it as a strategy and incorporate it in what you're doing with your company and with your online business model. So exploring more of what is in the business toolkit we are talking about Help Scout. Help Scout is email management.

It's an email management tool because when you reach a certain level of having a certain amount of audience or set certain amount, certain a certain size audience, then you're going to get a lot, a lot of inquiries. You're going to get a lot of people requesting for you to do collaborations, to do sponsorships. There's just a lot going on with the email side of things.

So I have a general inbox info email where people can email me really it's my team. They handle it, but help scout really helps you with customer service. It helps you with organizing different emails, the types of emails you get, anything from, you know, if you have products, you're going to have a support inbox. So people will be requesting admin support. You know, they need, you know,

they forgot their login information. So they need that. Just all kinds of stuff. You get, you know, refund requests. How are you going to handle that? So what Help Scout does is it allows your team. So we have a customer support specialist and her name is Dawn.

And Dawn is the help scout queen she's in there organizing emails, putting different ones into different folders, replying to she's our customer service representative. So anything our students have wrong, she's right there to help on the forefront. And so Help Scout allows our entire team to see what's going on on the back end and to see how our customer service is doing and rating it. Good, fair, poor, all of that stuff. And so help scout has been a game changer within the company as well because you can't operate a business. Once you get to a certain level, just with a Gmail accounts, you know, you're going to need an email management account.

And that's a tool that I actually, I think this is the first time I've mentioned Help Scout, but that is our tool of choice, which helps with email management and customer service and all of that stuff. Okay. And so the next tool that we are talking about is Slack. Slack is a communication tool that you can use with your team. So think of Slack as like a upgraded better version of Facebook messenger. So you can create different channels within your company. You can direct message people on your team.

Slack is something that we use every single day. I have the application on my phone as well. There it's a great thing because I can't to my team via I'm message or via WhatsApp because all of my personal life and friends are contacting me, you know, on my WhatsApp and my text message. So I need a space where I can talk to my team and it's all work. We can upload files, we can have different channels, we can save links.

We can do different things. We can pin different conversations. We could have different threads. So that's why we love slack. I think that like slack, I assume they do. I love it. It's been working well for our team for the past year and a half. That's an essential tool. I think, as you, even as you have your first hire on your team, when you hire your first virtual assistant or your first designer, get them on slack, it's free to sign up. I think we still use the free version,

even though we've grown to a team of five or six and yeah, I love it. I definitely highly recommend it. It helps so much with communication, which is the number one thing that you need in business. And of course, with scaling your business. So I highly recommend Slack. That is a free tool and one of my favorites. And so to kind of bring together what I just talked about, the traffic in our company comes 99% from YouTube.

It's free traffic, organic traffic, highly targeted traffic. And that traffic goes to several different things. It goes into our opt-in like meaning our freebies and our lead magnets. It goes to our pocket programs that we promote, which is our lower ticket products, meaning for us less than $50. And it also drives traffic to our program. Our Subscribers to Sales program,

which I talked about, which is our mid tier product, which is a little bit more expensive because you get access to my team and I, and so that's how, that's how it works. It's been free. We haven't used any paid advertising, which we definitely plan to in the future. And so that's amazing. And also he asked Jerry asked about expenses. The highest expenses in the company is of course the team, you know, the team is going to be your biggest expense. My marketing director is, you know, are the highest paid person on the team.

And also some of the other higher expenses are rent subscriptions to all of these tools and legal fees. Legal fees can add up really quick, but you want your business to be legal because if not, it could cost 10 times as much if you make an error in the future. So that's just a snapshot of how everything works and functions and how really all those tools help generate the revenue that they do with the funnels that we have in the business, in the future. Some of the tools and apps that we plan to add to the business toolkit are restream, which is a live streaming software. That's going to be our live streaming software of choice is restream.

And also we want to add a print on demand tool and application to the business so we can start selling merch. And we're not sure which one that's going to be yet. So stay tuned. So if you loved this video, thanks for sticking with me throughout this entire video. Why don't we go ahead and check out the next video that's coming up, which is all about choosing how much revenue you want to generate in your business. That video starts right here. Just click right here and we will see you. Yeah. Okay. Wait, stop.

Stop. Before you get mad at me for not putting a value number in this title, just think about this because.

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