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Dear distributor partner Good morning Dario Giordano sales director Italy and Global Education supervisor of the Comprof group on behalf of our group we welcome you to this first International Business Meeting 6.Zero meeting which was originally scheduled for March 29th but some technical problems not related to ours will have made that the same slip, however this shift has allowed us to develop the Premiere mode with subtitles for all our foreign partners. This Meeting is really very important because, because we share with you in a short space of time a lot of information, various news and above all a plan for the next months and also the next years. Let us therefore try to understand what we are going to do in this meeting. We will present the brand and define its guideline, its philosophy, its mission and also its values. We will present the marketing team, a strategic team that in recent months has worked as they say in the jargon below deck to ensure the development and improvement of the brand. We will

analyze what are the market data in both macroeconomic and with a focus then in the cosmetics business, we will make a product Focus we will share with you the next launches, the launches of 2021. We will talk about the brand image and Digital World and then we will conclude with the Education Strategy and the presentation of the trainers team and then obviously end with our usual call to action. But let's proceed in order. First of all in a very clear and direct way because we cannot hide this meeting from ourselves, last year and also the period we are experiencing changed our way of living the way we approach work. Our reference points have been distorted and we can say that perhaps a light can be seen at the end of the tunnel but we are still in full pandemic. What happened last year we had to

face an unexpected and perhaps unpredictable situation but our group 6.Zero specifically transformed constraints into opportunities. During my training courses I love to quote a phrase whose authorship is given and attributed to the great Hanry Ford: fate is not what happens to us but the way we react to what happens to us. We have done this in this way we have made a group, we have made a team and we have in fact transformed a binding situation that is the impossibility of visiting the impossibility of establishing a direct live connection with all of you into an opportunity for growth and improvement. In fact, in the period of the first lockdown we organized webinars of live but remote events with you precisely to make our presence felt . As I said below deck, then behind the scenes our excellent Marketing Team Education Team have created the foundations for the development of 6.Zero not only in the remaining part of 2021 but also in the coming years. So this first business meeting intends to be

a sort of trade union point of union between what has happened so far and what we want can and should happen in the coming months and years. These are the three main objectives of this My Thing we read them together. Focus on brand team building I restart from 6.Zero. Let's analyze them one by one. Focus on the brand. As I anticipated in the opening phase, it is fundamental precisely

because you are the ambassadors of the brand in Italy and in the rest of the world. Sharing his identity that is expressed in the mission, vision and values then we share these concepts so that they can become their own, that is, each one will treasure them and bring them will share them with their customers who obviously with their team building staff while being at a distance this is a very important day to be a team. The team is us internally they are our business partners in Italy with their staff and their customers are foreign customers with the staff and their customers so it is a truly global team game very very important because it is through the exchange through interaction that ideas are generated and developed which can then be a harbinger of future developments for the success of the brand. Third aspect Ricomincio da 6.Zero is almost a play on words. Usually when you need the upheavals of important changes such as what we are experiencing, it is customary to say I start from scratch. Luckily we can say to start over from 6.Zero because. Because we leave again aware that we have

behind us an important brand of excellent quality products and above all a proactive planning towards the future. Here is the mission. What is the mission? The mission can be defined as the reason why a brand exists and has the same raison d'etre so let's read it together I would like to imagine the idea of Hair Care redefining in the future to offer new ideas and trends in perspective. The keywords are technology, design and quality 6.Zero is not just a brand of professional hair products but a new way of thinking.

Vision the vision is the way in which we imagine the future our future. The future of a sector is projected beyond always pushing us beyond the boundaries of modernity. With a futuristic spirit, having an approach projected to the beauty needs of the contemporary woman, renewing the idea of essential creating complete and functional products, new Must for the Hair care routine. So here is the concept of being futuristic. So looking

to the future as a challenge that is always relevant. The values ​​the pluses the key elements that complete the mission and vision. Also in this case, the 3 Technology standard rule and top performance in the raw materials sector and hi-tech formulas for multitasking products apply. I would like to make a small focus on the concept of multitasking. 6.Zero products and protocols are valid in themselves that is they have an intrinsic quality but it is in the synergistic interaction between them that the qualitative value of the products themselves is enhanced and in this way the concept of multitasking is expressed. Minimalism has a pure simple design with a timeless minimal style. A new idea

of beauty essential to put it in English of laxity. In a nutshell, less is better. One of the most important gratifications that has been given to us both by our customers in Italy and in other parts of the world has been precisely this of the minimalism of the essentiality of going straight to the point so we have made it a constitutive point of strength of 6.Zero Smart Approach agile approach.

Awareness of needs generates efficiency stylist and client travel on the same wavelength the interaction is immediate. In this case I would like to focus with you on the concept of interaction. The success of 6.Zero arises precisely from the interaction on several levels, interaction of our group with you, interaction on your part with your customers, therefore salon professionals, interaction no less important than the salon professional with the final customer, synergistic interaction because, because in the when there is an exchange of ideas, opinions and inputs, it is clear that this generates a sort of brainstorming a storm of ideas that makes the growth and evolution of a brand like 6.Zero even faster and more vertical. Here we are at a very important step in this meeting. As most of you know for the past 16 years I have worked in the marketing direction of the group and in the last two years I have moved towards the commercial direction so with an even closer proximity to each of you. And in recent

months the new marketing team has worked in a very effective and very productive way precisely to lay the foundations for development as I said in the previous phases of the group and of our brand in this case of 6.Zero. In this slide with our right we can see those who are the protagonists of the marketing department Antonio De Bellis sales marketing director Francesca Passero Digital Marketing Manager Iole Santagata product marketing manager and Paolo Brandi international education and product development manager. I would like to work with you and with a focus on the colleague who brilliantly replaced me Antonio De Bellis who has a long professional experience in groups such as Wella and Procter and Gamble in the marketing of services and in recent years always in the marketing and services. As for

the food and beverage sector, therefore, I am happy to pass the word to Antonio who will illustrate the macro trends that are the trends that have occurred in the economic sector in general with obviously a specific focus on the cosmetics sector and on the 6.Zero brand. I leave the floor to Antonio - thank you and see you later. -Goodmorning everyone. Thanks for the introduction during my speech, I will illustrate the market data and the main trends in the cosmetic world with the aim of making you seize the opportunities because the companies that know how to read the information are also those able to put actions on the track. to be able to grow even in moments of extreme difficulty. The first figure that I show you is the trend in GDP. The period is practically the wealth produced by the country in a year. And as we can see from this table, Italy's GDP decreases by 8.9% and is

a strongly negative figure, especially if we compare it with those of the main industrialized economies. There will be growth already this year but growth will be very slow it is expected that in 2025 we will be able to recover the ground lost last year. Now focused on the cosmetics sector, we note that the loss is still higher than that of the GDP minus 12.8 percent. This value was driven down heavily by both the beauty and hairdressing professional channels and also by exports to overseas which fell to double digits. Going even

deeper into the distribution channels, we note that the hairdressing sector decreased by 28.5 percent. There will be a rebound a recovery of 10% this year but it will not be such as to be able to regain the ground lost in the middle of this table with many red numbers, we notice a strongly positive one and it is the trend of e-commerce. E-commerce grew by 42 percent and an important increase such that this channel became the fourth channel within the sales of the cosmetic product. In fact, e-commerce is currently worth 7.4 percent and has overtaken the hairdressing sector. In this table we note the main sectors in which made in Italy is the emblem in the world. Cosmetics loses 16.5 percent but if we

compare this loss with important sectors such as eyewear or fashion clothing, we notice that it is lower. So it means that within the cosmetic market there is an intrinsic quality which is what will act as a driving force for its recovery. When we return to normal Cosmetica Italia, the association that unites the cosmetic companies that produce in Italy has carried out a survey among its members and it emerged that apart from a small percentage of extremely pessimistic operators, 37 percent believe that the recovery will begin to see her next year. But a good 60 percent indicate that the first signs We will already begin to see them this year.

What will drive this recovery. The slow recovery of the economy. The appeal of the made in Italy that will act as a driving force for the push and for the increase in exports. And then the whole digital world that travels in two directions with huge investments that will and will continue both in the world of sales of orders and also in the world of communication and therefore of social channels and influence. These characters who are able with their opinions to catalyze

the opinion and above all the purchases of thousands of followers. What are the opportunities that the cosmetics industry will be able to welcome in the coming months. Surely the whole world that revolves around the issues of health, well-being, safety and domestic but then the digitalization of smart working will continue as well as distance learning. What we are carrying out now this virtual meeting will continue even when we have the pleasure of being able to meet live because it is a tool to be able to connect, for example, with operators who are beyond Italy. Then there will be the Green ecological push that travels in two directions one of attention to waste the other of attention to ecological ingredients and technical products. And then there is the salon world that will benefit from the return of the consumer

who will want to enjoy the time that will want to take back the pampering that his hairdresser will be able to give him and what has already happened in the Far Eastern countries and which is called revenge spending purchase of revenge. It was noticed a few years ago when there was the SARS epidemic that at the end of this epidemic. The consumer wanted to take back the time that was stolen from him and therefore the purchases of goods for himself of discretionary goods of luxury goods have increased considerably . There will be

an increase in resale as a consequence of the greater influx of consumers into the salon because the consumer will want to continue at home in the excellent treatments received by his hairdresser. And then there will be better profiling and customer loyalty because all the digital contacts we have had in recent months are all tracked and those who know how to use this data well can create extremely attractive and interesting offers. Well finished this overview on the main market trends now focus on the distribution of 6.Zero. As we can see from this table 6.Zero is currently present at 30 distributors in Italy, 25 foreign distributors and is currently in 21 countries. Let us now examine the trend

of 6.zero, of the turnover of 6.Zero and compare it with the trend of wages in Italy, the markets are in Italy and exports. We note that in the first half of 2020 6.Zero decreased its turnover by 3.6 percent.

This percentage compares with the solo market in Italy which contracted by 47 percent. This means that 6.Zero while decreasing its turnover has increased its market share because competitors have lost much much more. The same goes for the second half of the year where it even increased by 19%. This increase is compared with a decrease in the market of 11% and therefore even more so if 6.Zero has increased its specular discourse we can do it for abroad therefore for sales abroad where the first semester in 2020 compared to of a decrease of 6.Zero of 8%, exports in turn decreased by 20%. So also in this case 6.Zero increased its market share

in the second half of the year even 6.Zero increased by 11%. This compares with a decrease in global cosmetics exports of 15%. So also in this case the 6.Zero price has increased considerably. This table honors and merits all of you Italian and foreign distributors who have done an excellent job despite a period of extreme difficulty. Well let me pass on Paolo's word, who will continue the discussion on the data - technical 6.Zero thanks. -Good morning everyone and welcome from me too. I'm Paolo Brandi, international education and product

development manager . The focus that we will address now concerns the launch of the products that we carried out in 2020 in 6.Zero. Let's start with what are the sources of the business regarding 6.Zero coloring is in first place with its Coloring system at 56 percent followed by the treatment area with 28 percent by way of going on with Finisching at 14% and Permanent at 2 percent. What we will talk about today in the Coloring section We have included our permanent oxidation coloring in Kromside, 11 new shades while in the treatment area we have included HairZoe the reconstruction for dismembered hair and Take Over Out Orange which helps us fight unwanted copper and orange reflections . Let's go with Kromside in the coloring section we know our permanent oxidation coloring well.

As you can see from the slide, the nuances have gone to 100 through the insertion of the nuances of the eleven new nuances and with Kromside the results are always guaranteed vibrant color and lasting lightening up to 4 tones exceptional duration of color coverage of 100% white hair. All this is given by important functional active ingredients of vegetable origin such as marula aloe vera oil and peony extract Kromeside's innovative exclusive formula is enriched with new colors in the ash color series we have inserted 6.11 and 7.11 which together with the 8.11 will give us greater incisiveness in neutralizing unwanted hot backgrounds. In the irisè series we have included 5.21 ash violet to give even greater incisiveness in the construction of a pure violet . In the smoky brown color series we have completed the scale by inserting the 7.81 to give even greater incisiveness and strength in the construction

of cold and golden browns and a new color family that we have inserted 8.23 9.23 10.23 to give the possibility of balayage totalization of blonde mesh highlights natural and of course a further hand in the coverage of white hair especially on tone heights as high as 8 9 10 with the color series of the deep Mediterranean 3.18 4.18 5.18 and 6.18. We have ultra cold browns that will help us a

lot in the construction of neutral funds and then create balayage on top or leave them together so they will be very very natural. We arrived at the presentation of HairZoe and we started in the development phase from this very important statistic 93 percent of women and about the definitive solution for brittle and damaged hair. A statistic that is still relevant today because we know well what are the factors that can negatively affect a hair structure atmospheric factors environmental related to smog the sun sea the wind mechanical treatments brush hair dryer plates and irons Curling irons and clearly the chemical treatments to which our beloved customers absolutely do not want to give up. This is why the treatment for brittle and damaged hair was born . Four products for the salon ritual and three products for home maintenance. Restructured preparatory shampoo Restructured-based creams Serum Buster restaurant fluid spray restructured functional active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that we know very well with a restructured moisturizing and illuminating action filler effect . It is a novelty for the laboratories. 6.Zero

grape stem cells for an anti-aging action. Regenerating antioxidant and protective action. it is really possible to rebuild hair in the salon. Plus 97 percent brightness plus 80 percent restructured hair plus 78 percent natural and brilliant colors. All documented by in vivo

efficacy tests at Italian universities. I remind everyone that in vivo tests are carried out on real models always in the treatments area. We launched cover out orange and ended the time of unwanted reflection thanks to a correct supply of totalizing blue pigments neutralized unwanted copper red reflections . Functional active ingredients of vegetable origin such as blueberry extract and Madamia oil will give the hair Cosmeticity as well as neutralize unwanted reflections. I end this intervention with an invitation. The technical department is always at your complete disposal for any information of a technical nature and for troubleshooting. I leave the floor to

doctor Passano. -Hello everyone. Today we will talk about what are the launches scheduled for 2021 for 6.Zero. Very important first launch. The new solar line Take over stand deluxe. As we can see from this preview, the new line consists of 300 ml shower after sun shampoo. After

sun mask 300 ml hair oil 150 ml. Later in the next slides we will see and talk in detail adduced by product. The sun deluxe line has been conceived and designed to take care of hair during the summer season. It is therefore proposed as the ideal solution for dull and brittle stressed hair and exposed to sunlight, salt and chlorine. Sun deluxe is enriched with tsubaki oil which is a natural oil obtained from Camellia Oleifera which has a high moisturizing power and strengthened now we see each product in detail.

Here is the illuminating and protective after-sun shower shampoo enriched with vitamin E and polyphenols infuses maximum hydration and softness to the hair. We have the 300ml protective illuminating after-sun mask that deeply restructures and nourishes the hair without weighing it down. Last product is the nourishing illuminating hair after-sun oil . This oil gives deep

shine and above all great vinegar without greasing the hair. And that is why we can use it both on wet hair but above all also on dry hair. The materials supporting the Take Over sun Deluxe line will be the salon banner, the pouch and the brochure. You will see and receive all these supporting materials on commercial canvases. Another novelty planned for 2021 is

the new resale format of specific treatments for the different needs of the Take Over hair. We will then move from the 500ml to 300ml format . This new format will be gradually introduced to the market. This solution will allow the salon professional to facilitate the routine for clients even at home. A further launch scheduled for 2021 is

the new the cover acting Power kit which will include the 300 ml fall prevention quadrant shampoo together with the prevention and fall treatment in vials. Also in this case the combo kit will facilitate the salon professional in proposing the treatment for clients both in the salon and at home. Let's now pass to that of the brand image and the Digital word of 6.Zero. First of all, let's start by introducing you to what the new claim of the Essential tac line is. This new claim contains the three keywords of 6.Zero

Technology minimalism and Smart approach materials in support of the new brand made is The Brand Book which is a manual that captures the spirit the values ​​the Verbal identity and the visual identity of our brand and that you will receive tomorrow in digital format in the post-event newsletter. And now let's move on to everything that the digital world that revolves around our brand starting from what is the site that is a very impactful site that I invite everyone to visit and that in addition to Italian is translated into English Spanish French and German. Social media we all know today how important it is to have pages that are accurate and impactful for both the professional and the end customer. Today I want to introduce you to the Instagram page, the Facebook page and the YouTube channel of 6.Zero and for those who have not yet done so. I invite everyone to follow and like. Now let's move on to what are the social Pills

of the tips of the suggestions that we feel we share with you for your social pages. For example, like this one, a Fashion Hair shot. Why publish such content now we look at it. This is the result of such a post. As we see it reaches almost 4000 likes and reaches

almost 2,000 saved items. What are saved items. Each of us who is a hairdresser or an end customer can save that image in his own gallery and therefore always have it available. This generates a lot of loyalty and virality for the brand and that is why today our call to action is above all to tag and have the 6.Zero page tagged. Now let's go back to what is the Brand Image of 6.zero. We share backstage images of what is the brand's annual collection. And speaking of that,

I'm going to give you a very interesting preview. The preview of the new 2021 collection which will be called Attitude and which will be available in the coming months. As support material for the new collection we have the Media Plan in which you will find salon materials such as Rollup posters and banners with the images of the new collection that can be customized upon request to your sales representative. Now I pass the word to my colleague Dario who has

won the whole world of education. -Thank you Francesca. So here we are at the final part of our business meeting. Let's talk about education our training is direct international effective only three pluses let's share them individually. The 6.Zero training is direct as our technicians do not mind frills they go straight to the point they present a technique they share the pluses and benefits of the same and almost immediately. The professionals

in the classroom are able to implement it and put it into practice from the next day in their salon. It is an international formation because in the last year, as we have already said, the fashion catwalks have become very sparse. But what have we done. Like antennas as sentinels on the territory we have captured as authentic cool hunters those that were the fashion trends that came not only from the fashion catwalks in virtual mode but also from street style from the style of the street a little around the world and in this way we have created a sort of synthesis to create 6.Zero's Inspiration Mood , thus bringing the 2.0 inspiration trends obviously into the classroom. At this stage in virtual mode at a later stage we

hope as soon as live is an effective training. This is precisely the feedback that has been recognized in the four years of life of 6.Zero. From Hair stylists from all over the world who, when they participated in one of our seminar or show workshop events, were able to put into practice immediately with results in commercial terms because they were able to put the techniques into practice in their salon by expanding the range of their services, quality training and training that cannot ignore the other side of the coin. The training for you dedicated to you business partners training for you obviously your staff in this case is carried out in three different ways we have sales training, technical training and motivational training. Because let us always remember

that motivation is a muscle that must be constantly trained in recent months as we said to ourselves indeed in the last year we have worked a lot at a distance. What will happen in the next few months maybe in the next few years. We believe that from a strategic point of view, even when live training resumes, it will still be accompanied, strengthened, supported in parallel by what is distance training. So webinar web cast and all those events that take place in training mode will still be present in the context of what is our education menu. We talked about the pluses that characterize

the 6.Zero training and we would like to share with you the stylistic team. Several of you have already had the pleasure of hosting these professionals at their offices for a course in attendance obviously. We obviously wish to share these many and their roles with the rest of our business partners . Gianni Mele art director Umberto Mele senior trainer Cristian Mele senior trainer. Call to Action. What do we mean by this expression. Every time a remote live event ends,

we give our partners the action plan. In this case we clearly express the three actions that we want you to perform immediately and look together. Organize a short course with market input and become a brand ambassador. Organize a course shortly contact us through your sales representative directly by email to express a request. Obviously in this remote phase we hope live as soon

as possible. Because for us training represents one of the most direct, practical and effective ways to support your commercial growth provided with input from the market wherever you are in the world, it is essential that you are a bit our sentinels give us ideas, ideas, inputs so that we can implement and put them at the service of the growth of our brand for your benefit too. Third aspect, having become brand ambassadors at the beginning of the Meeting, we shared with you the mission, the vision and the three inspiring values ​​of 6.Zero. This is because because it is from this that the growth path of a partner starts who from distributor becomes ambassador of the brand as the distributor is the one who buys a product and resells it but at a level that we define quite elementary to become an ambassador of a brand means acquiring its philosophy and fully embracing it, spreading it to its customers and its staff. And this is the most important

task that we ask of you because it will be a harbinger of growth for you and obviously for the 6.Zero brand. We want to leave you with a phrase that I have chosen among many because it was coined by Jim Rohn. For those unfamiliar with Jim Rohn and he is unanimously considered the greatest business philosopher of America and the mentor of the great Tony Robbins what Jim Rohn tells us. We cannot change

our destination overnight but we can change our direction overnight in this business meeting. We have the ambition to change everyone together. Today here and now our direction so that in the future we can all together change our destination that we are sure will lead to the success of the Brain 6.Zero. Thanks thanks to our staff who worked hard in an always cohesive way for the realization of this important event. Grazie a voi tutti in Italia e nel resto del mondo per lo straordinario lavoro che sino ad oggi avete profuso per aver sempre creduto in noi e per l'importante lavoro che continuerete a approfondire per lo sviluppo del brand 6.Zero in Italia e nel resto del mondo.

Ci vediamo al prossimo appuntamento.

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