6 Lakhs ++ Live Trading Profits || BankNifty Options || Anish Singh Thakur || BoomingBulls

6 Lakhs ++ Live Trading Profits || BankNifty Options || Anish Singh Thakur || BoomingBulls

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Hello guys, my name is Anish Singh Thakur, and welcome back to this live trading video which I have traded on 5th January,2021 on Tuesday. But I'm uploading this today, on 6th, on Wednesday I told you so that you're able to understand that it is not today's but yesterday's video. Now in this video, I have traded live using a capital of around 11 lakh rupees.

We have made around 6.2 lakh rupees. Should you watch it because a big amount is involved? No, you shouldn't watch because of this. We have to watch this because there is such a heavy learning attached in this video. You won't believe.

I'm telling you. First time I'm telling that this is my best live trading video, not because of the money involved. I have earned more money than this in some videos. But there is so much learning attached in this, like how to handle your emotions, how to remove your ego. If loss incurred, how to maintain it and create a new profit, how to hold your winning trade, what all points are to keep in mind whenever we take a trade. These are all things. There is a lot of learning attached..

I don't want that you see it on mobile, lay somewhere in the train, car, bus, bike and watch it. Pause it, like it, download it, or by any way, watch it on a big screen or watch with earphones. And please, watch it when you have at least one hour because it's a long video.

But I promise you, I assure you you will love every minute of it. I'm personally telling you, okay? Without wasting any time, because a long video is made. You know that I'm also going to travel and I won't make more live trading videos. Take out as much data as you can, take out as much learning as you can.

And yes, I'm coming at the last of the video. See you on the outer where i will share some important things with you, okay? Let's start the video. Good morning guys.

Just started recording the session after planning everything. Market opened and cap came down, It made a lower range here, a higher range here. At same place where it's opening was yesterday. It took resistance from there and went down. Consistenly a Lows has been formed here.

And when this 5 minute candle closed, then we took an entry. Yesterday's call was accepted in loss. I immediately accepted the loss. Why i accepted it? Because it's never about the markets, but always about the trader. Remember this.

It's about the trading... trade management. how you manage trade, not about where will the market go. As I accepted that it is a losing trade because of the market falling, Dow Jones and overall. Global market sentiment. If you see the rest of the market here, then you will see all of them in red.

I didn't want to hold my losing trade. So I accepted that in loss. And today my target here is almost of sixty points. As in My first target is till 14000.30 and my second target is this Pivot.

S1, 200 moving average is also there. So, right now I have entered a put trade. Okay. Here is that put trade. It has good quantity.

In the put trade I have good quantity. What is the time now? 9:41 And just keep writing down the open interest. Just keep writing. So you will have the idea of ​​what is happening. Are fresh positions being created or existing ones are unwinding. So you understand that fresh positions are being created.

Now, look, we had a loss. How much loss we have to take, Loss of up to 1.5 lakhs or 2 lakhs 3 lakhs was also okay. Average profit should be 3,4,5,6, 8,10,15,20,21 lakhs. Your average loss should appear like this. 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, sometimes 5 will also do.

Let's make a profit of ten lakhs. So the ratio should be without a loss like this. I'll make psychological video also very soon. So in that you will understand how we can work.

Volatility is increasing. Our opening is going to break. All sectors are weak. IT is also weak. It was 1%. This also became weak. And I was trying FMCG.

Pharma was showing itself as strong, but hs gone negative now. Bank Nifty is little bit positive, a bit in opening range. Reliance is totally weak. Now Reliance's Open is about to break.

When reliance's open breaks down, first of all Reliance will fall here at 1965. I was making this yesterday's short target. When it will break out, it will be a long break out.

You can see, it will be a very long break out. Big targets can come in Reliance's short also. Second, and this will be the third target.

So Reliance is also on the verge of giving a break down. Bank Nifty was showing some power. And this has come on Pivot. It has also started showing us of profit of 40,000.

So anyways, Today is my last day of doing trade because today is my meeting. I'm going to meet Meta trader company which is on Forex. I have to go to their office. I have meeting with them. And I'll be meeting with them and something I need to ask them, some things they have to tell me. Because I'll be starting Forex and everyone...

I want to prepare something good for everyone. So that's no one's money is wasted and it's not called illegal. I want to do everything genuine.

That's why I'm doing meetings, meeting people. I'm doing some things for you all, I'll make vidoes for you. So today we are trading stocks for the last time. After that, I won't be trading stocks. Maybe not till 20th to 25th because I'm going to travel and and I have different work as I want to do Forex.

I need to do lots of work for that. That's why, trading with good amount, 10 lakh rupees invested. I have invested 10-12 lakh rupees. And entered only after seeing the trade, didn't entered on my own. After seeing resistance, after seeing Gap Down opening on crucial point .

Then again also after seeing resistance level break down. Market is moving here now. Not at all a winning trade, not at all a losing trade. Not a losing trade above this point.

Stop loss is till here. Minimum target is this and maximum target is this. Let's read remainnig, and go on reading data.

Let's see what's going on and what's not going on. Why was it here? Because these were the levels and they broke down. Now closing is done and one retest also.

It's done. Our stop loss was too far. Now it's going down. Now it will go ahead and break it. The moment it breaks, you'll see that break down happened in Reliance too. Now, you can go short in Reliance right now. But, I prefer to keep my mind stable because trade management is more important than trading multiple stocks. Why?

Because ultimate purpose, ultimate goal is to making money right, is to make money. Making money is the goal. It's not about having fun that let's take this also, let's take that also. At last we need money, right.

If you want to make money, just keep your focus on one trade and accept the stop loss if it is coming. Like it is coming here then just accept it. It's not a big deal, everyone's stop losses hit. And try to hold maximum trade as much as you can How will you know? After seeing data reading, we'll see price action, movement, and other stocks. That's how we'll know.

Okay, let's see guys. Trading more than three years. do as you like because trading is a very personal thing. No one can tell you how to trade.

No one can judge any trader. We talk about each other on YouTube but I don't want to because I respect everyone. I know everyone has a different trading method. Time frame is different, personality is different, risk is different, capital is different. How can you

say something about someone. You can't speak about anyone. If possible, please don't.

I respect everyone who is doing good. Everyone should do a good job. If possible, you should help your subscriber as I do.

What I do? They put it, take trade and tell , friends. Trade ends then they tell what is happening. If they show P&L, they close it and then tell.

In my live trading videos, if P&L shows, video stops. P&L shows means where I exit, What to tell now? Trade management, I can tell analysis in closed market right. Then I can do it everyday like I have traded with this analysis. But in live trade, like now, what type of emotion should be there? Zero excitement right now. Zero. If you are happy now then you will do the opposite too.

If it closes up, you are going to be sad. So it makes no sense to be happy right now. Your P&L turns green. You don't need to see P&L also. This is live treading video. See, it's back to green.

You don't need to see, it doesn't matter. That's why it came in green. It will continuously increase. So that's is why you, we made this now. Still out of the money. Why out of the money, in the money? See, in the money is explained to you.

As a beginner, you do that. Out of the money because I won't run away from pull back and will not be afraid and won't leave. So that is something that I have achieved in these three years. It is going to be three and a half years soon. So that is what I have achieved.

So you also should achieve this slowly. Okay let's go. Live trading means, Some people ask me about meaning of live trading and say come you do it.

Why bro, then I let me make food for you also. let me feed you with my hands, I'll make you wear your clothes, I also leave you till the office, and I do that also for you. I don't understand these people. They say that go to live, do trading if you dare. What do you mean by dare? Has Modi ji appointed me? Thank you so much for 90% lovely comments. I won't say that 10% comments I hate, they are stupid comments.

People comment like this. They don't know anything and say anything. They say that it is a live trade. Come, Come if you know how to do it? Bro, who are you and where are you from? What should I say, friends? Leave it. There is no time for this because I have to do so much work. Okay bro. All the very best to everyone. Do well, and and this will keep going.

Now I will leave it and do something else for myself. I'm going to check my Forex trade. So, this is the watch list of my Forex payers. U.K market, American market, Nifty are also added to it.

Nifty has been removed. because they've stopped INR to work, only USD works. Why should I do, because it is a exotic pair.

What is exotic pair? We'll talk about it. There are minor pair, major pair and exotic pairs. This is major pair of EURUSD. We will talk more about this in details after sometime, after this video closes.

Okay. Let's go. Thank you so much guys. Now, Let's talk about what happens in trade. By the way, 40 seconds are left but I assure you that this has become our winning trade. It is our profitable trade. See. How? By seeing the price action. Bank nifty has given a long rejection.

Okay. It will also give in a while. And it also has returned. This trade has become our winning trade. Now this will give us a lot of profit. We will take this as a minimum target. Where did we enter? We were entered on closing of this candle.

This was a risk. And reward is more than 1:1. It is around 1:1.2 And I'm going to try this also.

There are heavy chances for the day's Low to break. How much? Ten Twelve Positiona have decreased now. Right now, open interest decreased in Nifty. Open interest increased in bank Nifty.

It is increasing in bank Nifty and decreasing in this. Means chopping. Means little confusion. Don't be stupid that I'll be gain 5% today. Today,I will take 500 points in Nifty. Please don't do this . The day when all the data goes together, Like on 21 lakhs day, It has volatility or open interest or price action or anything else stock or world market.

All the markets were giving you positive sign. That's why such a big target was achieved. Today you can simply follow the data.

It's not like that, it's increasing from morning. Let's see what is going to happen again in a while. Now, candle is going to be close.

3 minutes is left. 15 minutes time frame is going to close now. When it will close, a very interesting thing will happen.

This moving average will break. When this will break, then I'll open a new trade. Means , I will continue this trade . Or maybe book a profit or I continue it.

Whatever will happen I'll tell you. One can exit over here. but one should not exit over here because of the money factor. One should watch the charts and one should see what happens here.

Right. That is why. Right now the time is 10:20 AM. At 10:20 AM , our P&L is going on like this. We are in profit now. Open interest is continuously decreasing, positions are decreasing.

We've achieved bullish momentum again. We don't need to worry about it. Which took away our whole profits. Wow! It's ok.

It also came here and also came here. Bullish momentum has come everywhere. It will be early but data says should leave. Data is saying wes hould leave, should leave. Should leave, Should leave, Should leave. Be smooth in your entry and exits.

Else you can't trade with heavy quantities. Else you can't trade with heavy quantities. We have to get out of here immediately. Market is done.

Market has turned its its direction. I'm telling you. See it. While doing exit, we were having losses. Why it has turned? I'll tell you.

It's time to let's this candle close and decide what to do. If this candle, I made a mistake, so I exit. There is no problems. First stop loss of the day has hit. intraday, I had closed BTST trade then, let's let this candle close.

And then we will decide what to do. See, here we got to learn, ego... I was not even going to exit.

Maybe it falls I fell bad if it falls. Saving your account is a big job. This amount is too big for me. My money is bigger than my ego. So I have to think this. You have to be this quick in entry and exit.

Market is done according to data points. I'm entering now. If I want to bullish, then let me think a minute. Should we go to bank Nifty or go to Nifty.

We are entering Bank Nifty. Strike rate should be thirty one thousands. We are going to break this level.

Alright guys, so we have just entered a Bank Nifty long trade. Why? Looking at the data points looking at the data points, unwinding was happening in this. In the bank Nifty, build up is going on. But bank Nifty's movement OI or volume is view should be seen in respect of price. It is clearly understood by looking on its price respect, that market was going up and started to build up.

And when market started coming down, in Nifty unwinding started. But anyways, I can't explain you exactly. Today. It is going up by taking support of moving average. And in both of them, I see more potential in bank Nifty. By breaking out extreme resistance yesterday after breaking it out the market came down.

If it breaks out this level again then we can achieve very big target. Bank Nifty will be super bullish. So that's why, we have accepted that we did a mistake.

We are taking one more trade in bank Nifty long. RSI value is also good. Okay. After we take trade, okay. Just we have entered this trade. Now we'll focus on bank Nifty.

What happens from here? okay. A stop loss of the day has been hit. Stop loss is not hit, basically. That was not hit in stop loss, that was a timely exit.

That was a timely exit, identifying that you are proved wrong, this proved you 50 moving average could not break . It is proven that you've been proven wrong. Whenever you are proven wrong, accept it. You can become very successful if you leave the ego. Convert two lakhs loss into twenty two thousands loss. We have entered on the right time.

Now, once it's move I tell you what is the target. Just wait. Okay. So here are my targets. 31,353 is going to be my first, second, and this is going to be my third target. Pivot R2 okay? Strike price also I chose like that . Minimum hundred points I'll take from this point.

Then see, if we show our ego ang get stuck on it, that no bro, it not going to happen, So, let me write the knowledge. This is fibonacci extension. You can use like this in intraday also. This is called fibonacci extension. I am using retracement tool like extension to create levels.

Okay, now. Will see on the time frame of 15 minutes. One more strong reason is it has also gap up, after down opening, it has taken support from 200 moving average. Okay. This is also a good sign for us.

All we want is this 200 moving average breaks. Good sign. VWAP will also be somewhere there, we'll see and come to know where's VWAP. It has taken support from VWAP. That's nice. One more good reason to hold Bank Nifty. This is the stop loss. This level is our stop loss level where our VWAP was.

Market sentiment is bearish but I became bullish, why? I might be proven wrong or our second stop loss might hit but I don't have problem with that. I am following the current data. I am trading with current data. I am not trading not as per my wish.

I might get loss still we will upload it, why? Because biggest learning point here is that I am not making any perspective that market yesterday had fallen so today also this will fall. Yes, 99% people have the same thinking, even 100% people are doing short trading thinking that no, this will go down. and maybe it will go down. People who are taking short might even earn more money today but it's about following habits and the power of following processe, that is more important as a trader. You follow the current data. Current data is completely telling you that market has taken support from 50 moving average.

It's still not a winning trade but again it's taking support from VWAP, and now again trying to go up. That is why I have come to this trade, maybe stop loss might hit. If my stop loss gets hit, first it was wishful exit. This would be genuine stop loss hit. If stop loss hits, I will get one more chance. If I feel good to trade I will trade.

If I don't feel good to trade I won't trade. It's simple logic because there is already enough mental exhaustion. But still, be confident in your analysis and sit tight. Ok, this is a clear cut bullish break out.

candle is closing here at 15 minutes timeframe. There is a high probability that whereever tomorrow's high breaks. This will break. It will break 31,275 level.

The moment it breaks 31,275 level then automatically it will break 50 moving average. Good trade it will become. Now, let's see what will the closing be like. This is the morning star pattern, and anything can fail remember. Whatever happens you don't have to use 100% funds of your account.

You have to always maximum upto 20-25% of the funds in good days. Okay, closing has occured. Bank Nifty has closed here.

If one day's high breaks, 200 moving average breaks, it would be fun. There is no divergence, as in RSI previous has broken previous high. RSI is also breaking the previous high which is today's high. That is broken.

That is clearly a bullish trade sign. Closing should be done. Today Bank Nifty could be super bullish. Why? I have checked that open interest is increasing. Open interest is increasing meaning fresh positions are being built in it. See there is no big movement in Nifty but Bank Nifty has show a big movement as I have started speaking on it. I have just checked there was a drastic change in numbers.

change is emerging in some things here. So, just by killing our ego we are on right side of the trade, right? I opened Fibonacci extension and showed you, extension in retracement. I showed you the green lines that formed,look, Such big levels are there that can be achieved today. because it's a long build-up day. By saying long build-up day, we see that an interest is built up.

Thank God! We are already on right side of the trade. This entry signal is excellent. Now the day's high has been broken. This is entry signal for everyone of you. let this close on 200 moving average. This is one more entry signal. On taking entry this will come down and will take a pull back.

Nothing just goes up once. Why did I choose Bank Nifty over Nifty? Because it had a lot of potential. Look, this was an ascending triangle, but market fell due to global pressure.

Now it's going to fulfill all its targets, achieve all the targets today. My purpose of shooting this video is also being solved. Our goal was to learn something and we are learning something new. Everyone can be proven wrong and we need to accept it...all these we are learning. Closing is done. It's not above but below the level.

But this is first candle of 15 minutes timeframe. No big deal if it breaks, See, 50 in 15 minutes and 200 in 5 minutes it's 200, both are at same place. Crucial resistance breakout, big movement.

This is not a 20-20 match but a test match, yes, After this, just now I need to think about the next trade that is going to come. In that also we will do something good. You get relaxation in this, you need not trade on this necessarily.

this is a psychological thing I am sharing with you. I have built this with hard work by writing journal. I will always follow the process not profits.

that's why we are able to achieve the profits too. I will focus on the Golden goose, not the Golden eggs. We should focus on the chicken that gives golden eggs not on eggs.

I'll stay neutral. Neither I am bullish not bearish but I am what the chart is showing. I will follow only charts, I won't over trade. Maximum 2 stop losses.

Neither of them have hit as yet. Wishful exit has come. One was BTST exit, another was wishful exit. 0 stop losses hit because of the market. It ate the stop losses and we are left sitting.

I am here to safeguard my capital I am here to take the best trades only. Don't thing about the money, be stubborn with the winning trades. Be impatient with the losing trades.

Do not hope for the price to move in. I don't hope the price should go up or down like that. Focus on the charts. Not the P&L, I am not looking at the P&L. By coming here I see that I have achieved one that will also go. There is no meaning of this. Focus on the charts.

Very tough thing, but very important, but it's easy now. Only take decisions after candle closing. If you made a mistake close the trade. If you break your rules close the trade.

Capital preservation is the key, due to which I have made an exit. I am taking notes on the market. I have no regrets. I have no regrets that I have suffered losses. Everyone will suffer from losses there is no problem in that.

Data is bullish. Break out about to happen. Reliance is not supporting NIFTY otherwise Reliance was so strong yesterday. If Reliable supports NIFTY then market will get very bullish. Good.

This is the kind of break out we want. This is the kind of break out that... that keeps us in profit. This is the kind of process one should follow always, few things. Time is 10:55 and perfect. So right now if this... let me tell something, what have I written in journal.

People keep asking me what I write in journal, I will make another video on that so what I have written now in my journal is. As this candle closes, after that it's true It's hasn't closed now there are still three minutes left to close. 3 minutes are still left.

So what I have written is open interest increasing in my favour, VIX in my favour, I will show you that also. That either. That volume also is in my favour, you see. Look at this.

Look. Whenever this volume touches this line, it's high volume. However, as of now, the volume is low. But no problem. This is Futures. Let's move here. Okay.

So, Open Interest is in my favour; VIX is in my favour. 200 moving average has broken out in my favour. 50 moving average has broken out in my favour in that timeframe.

Price action is in my favour. This is a five-star trade. So you have multiple reasons to hold this five-star trade, okay? Because of multiple reasons, you have to have conviction in your analysis, and watch it patiently. Now look, right now, closing, look, I said this is true only if it closes above this. So, if it doesn't close, right, then it's not true. It will become a four-star trade if one...

Even then you should hold it. And, see this, it dropped down a bit. No worries. Let's see

whether it gives closing below, or does it give closing above. It is breaking the resistance. Now it should take support from this plain base. This also scares a trader, and one does get scared.

If you'll see the P&L, your mood will become worse. So, everything... these are the challenges one faces, right. It's in such an adversity that your trading plan works. One should always follow a trading plan. I have mentioned some things clearly in the trading plan, and I'm following them.

I'm also following that I have to watch out. You should not worry too much and exit thinking, let me take this much profit on table at least, dude I have at least 1 lakh-1.5 lakhs of profit in this trade. It might start showing loss of 1.5 lakhs in my overall P&L. So, I can think so much this way. Money, money, money.

If you think about money, money, money, you'll never be a good trader. You should only think about charts, charts, charts, 12 seconds are remaining. Let's see where the closing takes place. It's going up. Done. It's going up.

How did I say that? Look, where the closing has taken place. Technical analysis is that precise. Can you see? Technical analysis is so precise. This is a buy entry. This is a buy entry, fresh buy entry. One can increase the quantity.

I am not going to increase the quantity because I'm already feeling a bit emotional. I have taken overall P&L as 1.5 lakhs, 2 lakhs negative. Now, more.. suppose if it's wrong, if it escapes sideways or from above, if red candle forms quickly, then my whole mood would get spoilt. Mood is more important than money in stock market.

Psychology is very much... psychological loss is more harmful than financial loss. That is why I'll not increase any more quantity. I've already invested 10-12 lakh rupees.

Even if we achieve 10-20-30%, that's a lot. 1.5 lakhs, 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs, let's see how much we're able to achieve. Okay. Nifty, struggling to break today's High.

Let's remove all this waste from here because we don't need all this. Keep the charts as clean as possible. We should never be very happy in context of market ever. Because the opposite would happen and things wouldn't be the way you want them to be. Oh! Gap Up opening. That's good! Gap Up opening! Wow! There's Gap, in 5 minutes timframe. But it'll get filled.

It will get filled. It's not a big deal. It will get filled, by coming down. It will come down a bit. But, guys, Gap came in. Wow! What happens? Did positions increase? What's the time? 11:00.

Now, this is the time when I get clear entries. Nice! Fresh... more fresh positions. More fresh positions added. I told you that it will fill the gap, then go up.

Oh, it came down a bit. After it comes down a bit then it'll go up. Guys let me tell you one thing. I've never said something like this about anyone, but let me tell you.

If you want to follow few genuine people, I'm telling you, follow Steve Burns on Instagram and Twitter. And if you talk about an Indian trader, then I'm seriousle teling you. There's only one trader who I feel is absolutely genuine. His name is Manu Bhatia.

I'm not saying this because he opens his P&L and shows it. and he earns in crores, but because he shares his strategies as well. He has shared his strategies. Whatever he talks about, he is very serious about those things, he is clear about those things. I mean, there's one reason due to which I actually really like it a lot to say that he is very good trader, because he says, simple things work.

And I know that also. Look, we had a simple funda. Right now we are at five lakhs plus. What did I do? I killed ego, I got it. And even now you won't feel even for a second that I'd say like oh! I got a lot. No, no, no... This is not money. This is a skill.

It is a golden goose, but not a golden egg. If you want to follow someone... you might have questions like he said this, he said that. You should go and see their work. What they say would be 100% correct.

You can follow him on Insta as well as there, on Twitter. He has less followers on Insta as he doesn't use it much. He has more followers on Twitter. You can go and follow him on both platforms. You will get good advice.

You'll get better... You will get better data and guidance rather than following useless people who are pulling someone's leg, or some other person's leg. You won't gain anything out of it.

And you rather get excited instead. You become negative the day you incur loss. If you gain profit...

Don't do that. Be a normal, regular, good trader. And take the time to learn this. You learn it with time. I'll just promise you that everything will be good with time. Practice makes you perfect.

If you are doing the wrong things, then wrong things will get perfect. So, don't do that, okay? Alright. Look, such a big momentum came in front of you. We were talking about it. It's good. Good talk. Now let's see what happens.

Power of 50 moving average. There's a break out here. That's the candle size here. Love it! Nice! My mind got diverted.

We hit the second target according to Fibonacci extension, okay. We've hit the second target according to Fibonacci extension. We will try for the third target. It won't happen in one go. I'll have to sit longer but I have a meeting related to business in Downtown Dubai with a company named MT4. MT4, MetaTrader4 is an app which which is the biggest... MT5...

MT4. I mean, it's a very big company, MetaQuotes. I guess it's the biggest company in Forex field. I have a meeting there in their office, with the manager there for few things, and that's why I have to leave. So, 12:00, means we have one to one and a half hours.

I hope guys that, that target also hits soon. That would be great. Super bullish day it might be. This is going to be a super bullish day, hopefully. I hope, I wish, I pray to God that I am able to hold the maximum I can.

This is going to be a super bullish day as per my analysis. Today's day is interesting. All those people who are still holding their ego, thinking we won't exit, what if market falls, U.K market

fell so much, U.S. market... so, this will also fall. Take whatever you want bro. You're getting the result, by not watching the data. It's not right to ignore the charts I'm showing in front of you. The market is going to be super bullish today.

That'll be interesting. People don't... even I have gone through the stage you're in. Making an exit at this much... Then I would have exit here only bro. This... it was impossible to hold beyond this.

Sometimes when I saw, market still used to rise. seeing what did it rise, why did it happen, you start understanding that gradually but if you do the right things. Yes, look, break out has come. Yo! Did you see? Did you see what happened? You want to see what happened here? Good! Good man, good, good, good.

What happened her, did it come on all-time High? Come here also all-time High. Let's go then. Bnk Nifty hasn't become all-time high since so many days. Today Bank Nifty should make an all-time High.

If it makes that, it's going to be great for us right? In one single trade, we are making around you can check... how much is our buying? Our buying in that is 5900 X ... Our average buying is 192.

We've bought a thing for 11,30,000 and we have held upto 302 rupees. Like, we have achieved above 50%. More than 50% we have achieved. More than 50%. It's a good, good thing. That two after taking two losses.

And it's still going up. And it will still go up and up and up. It's a super bullish day, I just told you.

Yes, we have achieved overall profit 527. I can close the trade on R1 mostly. R2 afterR1... Oh god! Achieving such a big target! It's heavy. Level... right now the time is...

We've made an entry here if you guys remember. We have made an entry somewhere around here. We have made an entry somewhere here. After seeing lower price rejection, somewhere here... In all we have, look, two hundred and...

how many points? Around 250 points, we have covered cap in Bank Nifty, around 250 points. We have achieved that. Okay. If it isn't even able to sustain this level, then I will exit above 350. Till the time it stays above 350, I will hold it. I'm ready. to book my profits.

I don't even want to see how much are they. But I'll be exiting it quickly if it is unable to hold it. If I exit now, I will get more money. But I don't want money. I don't want money at all. Money...

because I will lose it if I follow the wrong process. So, I just don't want the money. I just have to follow the process.

If it remains above 350, then we will hold it for this much level. If it doesn't, we'll exit. We don't have to think about the money. Simple... if we talk in simple language. Yes.

We don't have to. But I'll take it. So, I will wait and try some things so that market comes to take support. If I get the market somewhere here, at 277 levels, I am going again bullish. And if I do that, I might record it. I'll show you.

Otherwise I'll tell you in the outer video. Let's see what happens. Wow, wow! Just loving it guys! Now, I set a trend line over here like this. And before closing, it... this was a retest of this break trend line.

It's working so beautifully. And it's looking like an evening star. But if it closes above 50%, it won't be called an evening star. 8 seconds are left and it has gone back.

Wow! Technical analysis is working so beautifully, what to tell you. It's a new candle now. Okay. It's coming to take spport now. It's coming to take support. So, support is needed on SBI, support is needed at HDFC. SBI will boom, HDFC will give a break out.

If they rise up by taking support... Again in Bank Nifty Look, lot of potential has returned in Bank Nifty. Because it has taken a pullback. Now it can give at least this much movement again. Same in SBI, and same in ICICI also, and ICICI are also about to break.

Crucial level. Break out is achieved guys. Congratulations! It has given break out. Okay. Congratulations everyone! Nifty at all-time High, and now it's going super bullish.

Talking about P&L. Here is our P&L. Again up, more than past. What a day! Not because of the profits, but because of the analysis and price action movements.

Love it! Break out has come in SBI also. Round and bottom break out is there. 420 points. Super bullish, long. I told you. We talked earlier also that it's a super bullish day.

Great, long day guys. I had to sit for very long time to trade. Being able to sit for so long is interesting. You shouldn't sit for so long on a losing day. You should stop doing trade on a losing day.

You should do that on a winning day. Simple pattern trading. Okay, Nifty at new Highs. Broken out the resistance levels. Perfect guys! Break out has come.

It would've come in SBI also. It has come in HDFC, 1421. How much s it at over here? Okay.

If we'll see the P&L, in single trade, we have made around, 70% ROI we have made again, just by leaving ego aside. By not keeping ego, this much of our work has been done till now. 242, that's just great! Good trading guys. If 1422 breaks out, then it would even more fun to stay in Bank Nifty. We are exiting the trade guys.

We are exiting the trades.. Enough profits done for the day. No ways.

We earned 1 lakh rupees more. Okay. Why did we exit? Because I see volatility increasing. And I see HDFC taking resistance from the important points. So, I think it's going to fall down.

We are done for the day. We may take a trade again. Look, what a timing we exit at. What a time we've exit at. My P&L would have been spoilt otherwise. So, that was good, right, that we made an exit timely.

Okay. So, I'll see you in the outer video. Okay. Thank you so much guys. So guys I couldn't... I mean I couldn't record some trades which I took towards the end. Some short trades, some buy trades, and by doing it continuously... I just want to show you one thing.

I... I want to show you something, here it is, my Fibonacci extension which I told you when my first target was hit. Do you see, my target of 2.618 has been hit exactly. Exactly those two targets have been hit which I had told you. Anyways, I wasn't able to achieve as much as I wanted to, but still we have booked more than before, 6.8 6.28 lakhs, and in which our biggest winner

became this strike price of ours, In the Money, 31,300. I had exit approximately over here, at R2. But still this target of mine got hit.

It's great thing for me. Okay, alright, let's meet in the outer video. Thank you so much guys. Thank you so much for this video, and thank you so much for listening to me. And this... I mean, this is one of the best trading in my life, because I got all right signals.

I have been gone wrong also in these areas due to fake breakdowns, there were changes in the data also. But still, containing oneself, controlling, even after seeing these losses, I mean even after seeing these losses keeping oneself stable, I did that, and again we have hit a great trade. So, alright, I'll meet you in the outer video.

Thank you guys. Thank you so much. Alright. So you saw this video. And I hope that you would have really enjoyed and would have got to learn a lot with this live trading video. The most important thing is guys managing the trade.

Look, after taking the trade and then telling that I've done analysis this-this happened, then I bought this here, sold that here, this is what has to be done here. That is very simple. But after taking the trade, real emotions, not fake money, not paper trading. After taking real quantity, what kind of emotions are felt, what kind of... If you want to learn this thing.

Guys, obviously you've seen the video, you've seen this thing, how this is handled. This is a very important skill which is imbibed gradually within you guys. Now for this to come, I'm telling you three important points wihch you get to learn from this video. The first and foremost what you get is ego. Ego is something like... let's say you incurred loss of 1.5 lakhs in morning itself,

you may feel bad inside, you feel like taking revenge thinking let me see, let me do it. And we saw that market... how Gap down came, went above, we short again. And we completely trust, market is falling in such a way that we feel, that market can fall immensely. And the market took a reversal. You had a profit of 2 lakhs, it finished it. You saw that.

And then, still, what does a person do, he comes in ego and increases the quantity even more, thinking no, this will go down only. You should not bring in your ego. You should accept that the market has turned around, and go with the flow, with the trend.

First point, never have ego. Second point which is the most important is bias. Have neutral bias. Maximum people would have bought put and sitting and wouldn't be leaving put because they were feeling, don't you remember how much Dow Jones dropped yesterday, no, no, there is a lockdown implemented in U.K, no, no, this is a negative news.

no, no, market has risen extremely high. Then, bro, does it mean it will go down? This is called setting a bias that market will come down only, or it will go up only. You have to follow the current price action data, not your opinions, not your expectations. Most important, bro, is remaining neutral, accepting that whatever market is doing now, I will support it. No matter what anyone says.

You can accept by taking stop loss. But till the time you'll remain neutral, you'll be able to trade till then. Third important point. It's a very big problem. This is not of experienced traders, this is of new traders, and of gamblers; going against the trend.

If market rises up, they are gambling. No, if it has increased this much, then it will fall a bit They will short, they will buy put. Then again Bank Nifty gave break out and went up. Oh my god, this much... they can't believe.

that it can rise so much. Account has gone in negative, half of the capital is blown. They take more money and invest more. They'll buy put now. And again it gives break out. Now they get crazy thinking it has risen so much, now it will come down.

They put more money, market opens at top. It has made a candle, full green body candle it has made. Tomorrow Gap Up will open, or it will become bullish. Your premium became zero. So, if you go against the trend and behave adamantly and if always the opposite... if you put money in a losing trade, it's like throwing petrol in a burning house.

You will get nothing. You are always told that never put money on a losing trade. Cut the losing trade fast, hold the winning trade long.

Like today you saw that our losing trades ended at 1.5 lakhs or 2 lakhs. And winning trade continued till 8,80,000 rupees. This is what is called trading. So, if you will use these three techniques, then you will enjoy live trading execution also. So, alright. I hope these three points

plus you would have enjoyed the whole video So, please I'd like to see how many likes this video will get. And personally, this is my favorite. So, I may even like this video myself!! And, all those peopel who are subscribers, thank you so much for 2,11,000 subscribers guys.

Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Okay, if you guys haven't clicked on the bell icon if you'll press it then you will keep getting rest of the videos timely. But now I'll remain little busy with my Forex career because I... I have my meetings w with some people, and I'm travelling also. And I have meetings with lots of people I have a meeting with MetaQuotes people.

and I have meetings with some company owners, I have some meetings with cryptocurrency companies. So, I'm having a lot of meetings. I am meeting a few people. I am setting up something.

That might be useful to you guys also. Of course, I'm doing it for myself. So guys, I'll see you very soon. As I'll be traveling a lot, I won't be making a lot of videos this month.

But I will make and post market analysis anyhow. I've already recorded one more live trade video. If I get time, I will edit that and post that also.

So, these two things will come for you. And after that, then I'll make my full setup. And I'll trade with good capital, Forex also, that continues 24 hours throughout, swing trade... I wanted to come here just because I want to do swing trade. And definitely some of the time with good setups Indian stock market as well. But only with super setups.

Okay. Alright guys. Thank you so much for listening to me this long. This is a one-hour video, and I told so much in outer also within this. Thank you so much.

Please give me your views, tell in comments how you liked it. And I will see you in the next video. Okay? Thank you so much guys. Bye, bye.

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