6 Fast Ways to Improve Your Online Business

6 Fast Ways to Improve Your Online Business

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Everyone. Today I'm sharing six, fast ways to improve your online business, and I mean really. Really fast, so hopefully tips. That you'll be able to implement tomorrow or better, today, roll. The intro. So. One of the reasons I started this channel was to promote culture, of actionable, tips so, tips and tricks that you would be able to implement, quickly. Within that day within the week. Or maybe a month so, quick wins, oh but before we start I would love to know your thoughts on, fast. Tips, or your, tricks, that helped your business, your, quick wins you can share them in the comment section I'll make sure to go through them and include. Them in one of the next episodes okay, so without further ado this is six fast, ways, to improve your online business, okay so tip number one instill. Online, chat competent, on your website and I know pretty. Much all the companies, out there claim. They are all about, customers. They are all about customer, relations, yet. Most, of companies, makes it really, difficult for customers to, get, in touch with them so I really. I, was browsing for the web to find some of the examples, and I was pretty, much stunned, to, see that, some of the companies that I, know they're doing really, well and I know they could really. Really leverage. On, customer. Relations and, and then conducting, customers, so. For example a pie. Drive right. They don't use online chats, which is so weird right because online, chat is typically, a competent, let me show you you know how, does it look like so this is a are. Typically a competent, that's on the right, bottom corner or, left bottom corner and, this is a chat that allows you allows our customers to. Be only, one click away from. Our. Company, or our, representative. So it's, it's easy for customers it's, convenient, it's anonymous, you don't have to leave. A lot of details for, myself pretty, much I choose. Services. We use as a company. Based on which, services, offer the. Online, chat because, it's so convenient, for me I hate phone calls I not. Sure about email, but I I probably. Don't like it either, and I love this, online child. Component, so you can use it and. You can embed, this on your website so your, customers. Will, be only, one. Click, away from, contacting. You which makes it super convenient, for them and this. Typically. Boost. Number, of conversations you have with customers, and from, our experience more. Conversations. You have of customers, the better sales the very conversion, rate, when. We implement, that the. Live, chat component, on our website, five or six years ago on 124 website, we. Increased, the number of conversations we, had with potential. Customers, four times. Needless. To say that the sales went up so, it, really, works the, the closer you are the customer is better and and, this is super convenient for customers that's, why I was so amazed. At Piper food which is this amazing, CRM. Tool that that that's killing, it worldwide doesn't. Offer this, this dis online chat at, least not today maybe they don't have heard this on Sunday. Or something. But maybe, they offer this during. The week but it. Still, it still should be better right if if I was Piper I've got and I am a hybrid customer. You, know it's it's super tricky, to contact, them I click, there's, no contact, section there, in, the menu, so. I had to click on support center, I. See. Webinars, going. FAQ. Use cases.

Questions. Click, here to find out how to get in touch right. And I, mean this. Is not really. The way to work with customers all, this, website. Says, to, me is that they. Wanna limit number of conversations they. Have with customers, and it's not really a good, thing so, this is why a online, chat company, are so, powerful and, you have plenty. Of companies, available out there you have a free. Components. From talk. To you. Have a free, competence, from I, believe, a content, called pure chat for, us we started with five chat which is which, has some some, additional cool features, is also a polish company, for any company, so I I love, to promote them every every. Time I mentioned. This but, we. Implemented. Chat before we even knew that this company so so so trust, me when, I'm saying that this, is a this, is a game changer if you if you, implement that you'll instantly, see a boost in conversations. With customers as, well, as just. Boosting sales and conversion. So apart, from latch add pure chat does this for I think it's limited. Version for free talk to also, a limited. Version for free I know that Facebook. Created. A marketplace, for all after applications. They also offer their rudimentary. Live. Chat component, on their own that's integrated, with the fan page so you. Can also check that this out which truly cool cool about the, live chat confidence, what makes it quick win is, it's. Super easy to implement, you just plug a short, javascript, code on your website on, your blog within. Your WordPress it's, it's literally five, minutes a, work, they are integrated. Most of those folks are integrated, with WordPress, or Joomla or whichever, CMS, you use it's, super easy super, convenient, to implement, it takes five minutes and you, can start, to talk to your customers, way. Way more and it's also convenient, way for you to talk to customers because the. Most of those applications. They offer most of those online chats they offer a mobile application, so you can be, you. Can be stuck in, a. Traffic it, can be in, the Sigma you can well, in the cinema probably, it's not a good idea to use. Your phone because, you're disturbing, the other people, but you can use this time that. That, you. Know you wouldn't think about it. To. Talk to customers and you can if you can this be, very Swift about. Your, customer, relations so a simple. Implementation, getting, closer to the customers. You. Can also consider, going. A little, further. With this with this online chat there are tools that. There's. A wide. Range of tools called called marketing, automation that, and most of them include, online, chat and as one of the competence but it's, not the only component so you have online chat you have that email marketing with within those products. Some. Of the products, like this includes. Intercom. Dot IO, ass. In your eyes which, is also a Polish company, user engaged that's also cool, polish. Companies, so if you want a little more I recommend. You research.

Marketing, Automation I'll leave. Some links and in the description below although I would. Start slow I would start with with, with good online. Confident. They typically cost fifty, bucks or so and. Again, they're there, are some versions that are free. And mobile, app that makes it convenient so, what. You're not a lot if number to find popular online conversations. That's relevant to your business and, I, mean online, conversation. This can be a message, board that can be a tweet. This can be a Facebook. Post that's. Somehow, relevant, to your business so typically that would be someone. Asking. For a good, product. That that. That you offer so, let. Me show you an, example and, since I mentioned pipedrive, has a CRM, and, they. Are now the sponsor, of this show nobody is really a sponsor of this or that, this show. Apart. From Ren twenty four in my, private. Budget, however. If I mention Piper if I will use this as an example this is a CRM. So let's. Try. To find, the discussions, that are, related. To just, up, C. Ramps right CRM. System so let's. Say we. Offer a CRM, for SMBs. Of small medium business owners so let's. Say what is best. CRM. For. SMB. Right. Ok, so now we have, some. Some, conversation. Some of them are as you, can see a blog post a PC. Mag comm, a kaptara, which is a marketplace, if. Some of those conversations here. Will, create, space for, you to engage so for example. Probably. If we go to in. Comm and the. Article, called best CRM software, for. Small business, by, Rebecca. Baldrige. We, can write a comment and this way you can create exposure, for your company, there's a huge, huge space for, something. We call community marketing, so engaging topics. And, conversations. Relevant, to your business however, quick. Wins that, you can achieve our based, on the top conversations. You. Can get a huge, return on investment, from, low, action, by engaging by, starting, engaging this up posts, that are out there so. For example here we can we. Can we can write a comment there, 0 comments so again you. Can see that this, is not a really popular way, to, market your product, not. Many companies think about it which is a good thing because now. It. Creates a space, for for, you guys to shine. In, a way yeah so I can cycle, leave a comment and I can be like hi I'm very biased but, I, would. Recommend PI brief which is an amazing product we. Use it for this, and that so you. Leave. A comment it's prom for your company, but it's a very fair. Promo I would say because. You. State that you are representative, of the company and you just, try. To help, so, this. Replies. They shouldn't, be about. The. They shouldn't, be like selling. Messages, that they shouldn't be like our we are the best company. Ever. To. Create online, CRM. Sore we are best company, ever to, create online survey. Tool, right it doesn't work and, and actually, you will either get banned, or. You. Know you'll get a very. Very poor replies, from from, the community the. Idea here, is to, engage, and, to, try to contribute, somehow, to share the knowledge right. So picking. Up a CRM, tool is a is, a probably, a complicated. Process there, a specific, way CRM, tools can help the. Different companies, that being said you can engage, and and, just, contribute. The knowledge, that will help people to choose, whichever, product. They, they, choose but. Along. The way you will be able to build your, authority. Your. Credibility, as, an, expert in this field and if. You really help this person sometimes, if you, help. Them by. Promoting, some other cup products, some some some. Either. A competitor. Or a. Product, that's that that's, that's compliment, tied to yours but but you see that it matches their, needs much. Better than. Your product then, you build credibility, then, you build them. You. Know you present. Yourself, as an expert which, is a great. Thing because, you. Know people start to trust you and people love. To work with experts so once, all. The communities, because, again, you are not engaging a single person, you are engaging, to. Expose. Your company, within, the huge community which is which. Is on in, in calm and on Google because think. That calm got, pretty. Good position in. Results. In Google so you will get part of the traffic that's ended swarming from. For Google so this. Really, works and you can use this to build your. Credibility, and, to. Present yourself. As an expert in specific, field and this will, in. Return this, this people, will click in links, that you leave, because. You. Wouldn't try to sell, them the product you'll just share, the knowledge and and. People will also look for your company, but, pretty much organically. So typing, your name in to enter. The search engines so so, this is typically how engaging. Top, conversations. When see I would recommend, you guys to, type. Some of the keywords that are related to your business, finding. Top conversations. Blog post message, boards engaging. Those message, boards engaging those these. Conversations. And. And. Yeah and trust.

Me It works it really, works and but. Again I and. I cannot stress this enough it, only works, if you, try to contribute, not. To sell not to promote in, the cheesy way your product or your company. Tip. Number free start, a campaign, based on Google smart goals so. Google. Smart goals is, a new. Feature you can find in. Google. Analytics. Probably. Most of you already use Google, Analytics is very simple, to implement, you just embed a short. JavaScript, code on your website and you have a free. Google Analytics. Access, and one of the features in Google Analytics is, something, called smart goals if we go to goals. And. Smart. Goals, it's. A pretty, cool feature that, you can use for. Advertising. Campaigns, so probably. Most, of you guys use, Google Adwords for, some type of promotion, it can be a first, contact promotion. It can be remarketing, promotion, based on specific. Users. That visited, your website or, did, something on your website but you know didn't really buy the product, it. Can be again, the first contact, based on specific, keywords. But. You can also launch. Google. AdWords. Campaign based. On, Google. Smart goals and. Smart. Goals they, analyze, your traffic the traffic on your website and, they create a profile, of your. Perfect. User in a way of your. Perfect, customer so. They, analyze, conversions. They, analyze, people. Who actually bought. Your product and they're, therefore they create a profile, they create a group of customers that is. Perfect. Fit. For your business and. The. Stats that you can see here that they are quite, amazing this is those are statistics, from first. Three months of 2017. For Brantly for dot-com. And you, can see the. For example. If. We set, up sign, up as a goal, so, registration. Getting, read as a goal you can see that, almost 50%, of, our leads, came. From only 6%, of our users so. 50%. Of our, actual, customers. Come. From 6%. Of traffic, that we get on the website, so. You. Know obviously, it would be really cool to focus, on the 6%, trying, to find more people. Similar. To this 6%. So. This is why, SMART goals are such a powerful powerful, feature, you, have this integration, Google, Analytics with Google Adwords and you, can use smart goals and just, tell, Google AdWords to find more people based. On your smart, goals so. A, very powerful, feature. Very powerful, way to run online ads I. Recommend. You giving it a try. Again, simple implementation, simple, execution, you. Can start your smart. Goals campaign, tomorrow number, 4 set up your welcome, message so. Typically. If you have an online product. If you have a website. If you have a landing. Page, you. Might use a welcome, message to. Build. Stronger relationship, of your customers, so especially. If you have a online. Tool on the online product some sort of online, business, it's. It's wise to engage customers. As, early. As they get on your website, and there. Are several products, you can use to. Do that some. Of them include marketing. Automation tools that I mentioned in some of the previous points. However. The. Tool, I would like to mention today is tool. Called app cues again. This is - we use for onboarding. Our. Customers. Or potential customers, so. This is really cool product, that allows you to show, pop-up, messages, to highlight. Specific parts. Of your website and, just, walk, your. Potential. Customer. Through, parts. Of your website and, and and this words. Works, pretty much like you would sit next to, your customer, and you, show. Them a specific parts. Of the website and, you just. Narrate. And walk them through your. Product, or website, so again, this is fairly, easy to implement this, is again, one JavaScript, code that you have to embed on your website, your WordPress, blog your, you. Know whatever CMS, platform. You. Use so. It's. Super easy to implement and. It's. All drag-and-drop. Click, you, can just within five minutes set up your welcome. Message and this, message will, probably, improve conversion. It will improve, your, customer. Experience so. New, customers, new potential, customers will we'll. See what's what it's. It's super easy to implement again you can implement it, even. Today and the. Return on investment it's, pretty high because for, us it it improved, significantly. There. From what I remember. Oh point, four percent which is for us it's a huge deal. The. Conversion rate from. Signups. To actual customers, because we were just able to. Onward. Customers, way, better by by, you, know doing those, work, for us but, the. Welcome message is certainly a, great. Start, for improving. Your. Relations. With, customers. Oh. By. The way this might be the first ever YouTube show, run, with AI co-host. Ok. Google tell, joke. Tip. Number 5 start, a review, page and place, a link to this review page, in your top. Menu or, somewhere. Visible on your website, so these days most of us research, products, we purchase before actual.

Purchase, So we. Typically, type, in the name of the company plus, reviews, to. See you ever you know other people use the product, whether it has a good, reviews positive reviews, or negative. Reviews how others, perceive the. Product, this is someone, related to social, proof we just want to purchase what others, feel, like. It's it's. Good when you want to learn, from other, people experience. Which. Is, pretty. Obvious I would, imagine so let's, give it a try let's let's look for for example app cues that I mentioned. In the previous point. Plus. Reviews, in Google and we, can instantly. See this stars, because. Google. Shows. Ratings. They. That, they parse. Ratings, from specific, sites to, present them within search. Results, so it's, super, easy to. Realize. Whether. This. Product, that you're interested in is good. Or bad and again it's it's this, part is probably pretty obvious so. The. Quick, fix quick win that you can, implement. Today. Or tomorrow, although it will start, working. Probably. After several, weeks, actually. Is to. Create a review site so to set up a profile, on one of those platforms that. That. Have. This, stars, visible, in, Google, results, so whenever, somebody, types, in your name, of your company plus reviews, they can see your ratings then. Once. You create a rating, site you can. You. Can ask your actual customers, to review your product, within this platform. So, to get initial, traction to get initial, reviews. From, your, customers, and I mean for SAS, products, that this can be platforms, like g2 crowd. Kaptara. But. For others. This can be your, Facebook, fan page you know Facebook fan pages are also, visible here, with with, the stars so. This. Can be trusted reviews this can be TripAdvisor. If. You are like if, you have a chain of hotels or, if you have a hotel or restaurant. So. Many. Many places that, you know, are, visible, in Google, based. On this those, stars. We, can we can try pipe, drive as well. Pipe. Drive for views and you can see instantly. That this is pretty good product it has four. Or five stars and most of. Review. Sites, and I mean this works for four, it, really works for us too because. I feel, like most of cost most of the customers they do again. Research, before, the purchase even if they like the product they want to see if the product is alive or not they, want to see whether other. People had some problems, of this this product that that would probably we, didn't found, out during, our test, period or trial, so, this, is super super, important, to have some, review. Sites so you can again create this on Facebook, this you can create this you, can see that here, we have Facebook, fan page that that's that's. Also. Visible. With stars in Google, search results we. Have profiles on kaptara get. Up the. PC Mac and. And, all of those help. Us to convert they help our customers. To make up their mind that to make the decisions. And it's, really good and again creating. A review, site and asking. Some of your customers, to review your product, it takes typically, you, know hours. So you can you can implement this today or tomorrow, and the, tip number six you use live testimonials. What. I mean by live testimonials, is to. Use online. Conversations. That relate to your company, that mentioned, your company, and embed. Them on your, website and let. Me show you a quick example and, I mentioned. Pipe life several. Times during this. Show. So, let. Me use this as an example we can find online, conversations. About pipedrive. Customers. Saying, nice words about pie drive so. Here's. An example that. I'm. Told saying. We, use pipe drive amazing. Product, so, now you. Can embed, this tweet and. You can put. This on, for. Your website so, you, can set up a specific. Part of your website, where. Your, customers, testimonials. Would. Be live they, would be clickable, they would be easy to verify they will be easy to check and you can see a cool. Example on on live, chat page, where. They you. Know they just practical. The brag about their product, but through.

Lips, Of their customers, which is the best way possible because. It's just much more, trustworthy. Right we, if. I'm, here, to tell you guys that brand24. Is the best available. Product, out there this is the best monitoring. Tool ever. The. Trust you would have towards, my. Opinion, like this is probably. A little sis since I'm Brent 24 CEO, but. If. Someone. Else would be sitting here not related, to Brent 24 and and but but but like a customer, of Brent 24 and they would say this is a damn good product. This. Could go a long way so, this, is why it's so important, this is why pretty much all companies, they try to use their. Customers. As their, promoters, as their, ambassadors. So you can use see TV commercials, with, people, saying, oh I use this product I use the shampoo it's amazing, you know it's a and. This is like everyday Sam. Or everyday John, you. Know, very. Relatable. Person saying. They like the specific product, but you can push this further with, online, businesses, because you, can make, your. Customers. Testimonials clickable. So, a customer so your other customers. Or potential customers can. Verify, them, you can see that this is not some you. Know. Everyday. Relatable. Sam, living, somewhere, whatever. We. Don't even know if it's if, it's a real person or if, it's an actor. Hired. For, a TV ad but. You can see that this is actual person, you can see their Twitter, account, you can see their profile. Or something or our, Facebook, profile or some message board profile or LinkedIn profile you can embed mentions, from different. Parts, of the. Web and. You can find it with just, a simple search engine you can use monitoring, tools like Bern 24, which, is again, biased or alert, yeah it really works because it's. Much more relatable. It's much more trustworthy. Is if we see that out of pilot which I know is a really, good tool, available. Out there and they say that the, life that is really cool product, and I click on the result and I can see the actual mention. I can see that this is actual profile, of them on Twitter. And. And and I can see the actual post. This. Makes, me believe that, what. They're saying is true that it's much more powerful, message. So again, a really, quick fix, you can if. You use WordPress if, you use some CMS, if you use as a, Squarespace. Viscom. Any of those platforms they, allow you to embed specific. Tweets specific, LinkedIn, messages, specific, Facebook. Messages, so. Can use search, engine, or tools, like Brent 24 to find those mentions, and just. Put them on the web on your website and start. To, promote your product, with we know words from your actual customers ok, guys so this was six fast ways to improve your online business, I hope, they. Will prove useful for your guys I'm I'm.

Putting, A lot of energy to this, and so hopefully. There. Will be also value, within. Your companies, within your businesses, as usual. I would love, your feedback I would love your thoughts your, tips your quick wins if you, could share them in the comment section below. Any. Suggestions. That you have towards, this channel, towards video. Quality audio, quality obviously, quality, of my tips, if. I'm you, know saying. About something, please call me, out in the, comment. Section so give me a thumbs up if you liked the video if you liked, it a lot if you want to have early access to all the content all the tips that I'm creating here please, subscribe and. See. You guys soon, ok, Google are you there. Awesome. I'll give the funds fun. Give. The thumps, up god. Damn.

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