6.3.2018 Crypto Trader Analysis

6.3.2018 Crypto Trader Analysis

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Right. All right what's, going on everybody it, should be live on, the air right now. I'm. Popping this chat out real quick. See. We got some people already on here in life size, box. What's. Going on it's. Good to see you good to be seen. Wholeness, and, balance vibrations, to. Everybody receiving, these words right now. You. Know. Let's. See here. What, else we need. I'm. Gonna. There's, background. Good. And, then, also if you're just now. Joining. The money team welcome. Congratulations. You're. Officially a, part of history I'm, about to share this video to our, Facebook, group right now and you already know we, pick a winner, live on the air, so. If you want to win all, you need to do is jump, on the Facebook group and share this post. And. Then I'll actually be picking a winner on our, next video right so we today. On the air I'll be picking yesterday's. Winner. So. That's all you need to do. It's, a number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one Bitcoin. Group, 20,000. People growing, every day. Shoutout, to everybody in there happy Sunday, big. Sale what's going on. Damien. Parsons. What's, going on, Josh. So. Everybody's. Yeah, hold he got the world cup today. Didn't. Even know was it wasn't all my mouth. To do list. You. Know, can't. Tell you the last time I've. Sat. Down and watched sports, on TV. You. Know and, that's interesting because I dedicated, my whole life. First. Half of my life to, sports. The, pursuit, of athletic. And academic excellence. Haven't, look back you. Know all. Right let's go ahead and get started make sure you jump in a Facebook group and share, this post. Right there boom boom, right. You just click on this little button right now and. Let's. See. Josh. Turner. Appreciate. The support sir. There, you go that's. All you got to do right and what, I'll do now is I'll actually load up the. One from yesterday. As. Soon as I can find it. Who's, that yesterday's Wow that was yesterday, Wow hmm. Good. Below, that up we'll go ahead and run. Through our intro we'll be back in about 30, seconds. Make. Some money, like. A boss. You. Live. From the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts, a Bitcoin, the crystal. Of crypto, is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must, not like money thank you for joining me everybody, today. Is June. 3rd. Happy. Sunday, to you and I, want to officially. Welcome you, back. To. The number one live. Stream in the world, my, name is became known as the crypto traitor and though both of these charts, as you will soon find out every, day I graces microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result, and today, is no exception so, with that being said you. Know we, will be discussing, but. I am the. Four horsemen. Bitcoin. Bitcoin, cash neo, and. Etherium, I'm gonna do a quick rundown of every, chart, let. You know where to movers the Shakers and, the money makers are at inside. Of these four horses and which one you should put your money on if.

You Want to ride it off to victory, right, real. Quick if, you, are just, now joining us. Thank. You and welcome know. That you are amongst. Friends and family, 20,000. Of my, best friends have come together to create the number one cryptocurrency. Community. In the world trade, and view Facebook, patreon. So. Go ahead when. You get a chance go over to the number one Bitcoin group, in the world on Facebook just type it in hashtag one. Bitcoin. And, you'll be able to join them every. Day I give a way up. Sorry. Every month actually. I give away you, know a couple hundred dollars you, know and in prizes. And you know just, just back, to people right, so, what we do is all you need to do if you want to win it share this video this is yesterday's. Video these are people that shared it and I'm just gonna pick somebody. BAM. A real Perez. I'm writing your name down right. Now. You, are ill. So. You're, the winner. I'm. Writing your name down now, as. I mentioned before every. Month I am giving away prizes. And. Probably, you know $100, cash or something like that from. Our community, members and. You. Just got entered so if you guys are interested you. Know in doing, the same all, you, need to do is go to today's, post, and that's this one right here, right, just posted, it five minutes ago, num, for horses right there running around that track. Jump. Over there and share it and that. Will automatically, enter you into the, contest that's the post right there share. That post right there and I, will, be picking a winner this same time tomorrow, right. Jumping. Over to trading, view, we, have, this. Is the website I use the post Auto charts, just type my name in or near BD Kelly 1203, and you'll, be able to see all the technical analysis I give away completely free. To, the people this is just you, know how I see the market sometimes it holds up pretty good, sometimes. Not, so much you, know but together I think when we learn and you know make a little bit of money in the process it's really a fulfilling. You. Know. Transaction. Right and this. Is a kind. Of kind of a good way to keep, me honest you know what a lot of the charts to write make, sure I'm on. My P's and Q's so feel free to follow, me on there and. Without. Further ado. Let's. Go ahead and. Turn. On, our, trading. View account, so, what you see right here is trading view calm, the. Method we will be using is the, boss method, its patented, intellectual. Property, owned, exclusively. Photo. Rights and replication of, and Kelley LLC, if your profit-seeking entity you. Will never have my express written consent to, use it if you are a person who's sick and tired of being sick and tired and I give it to you for free it is highly. Highly. Effective. One. Moving average two moving averages is seven and a seventy seven and when the white goes above you, know then it's time to put down your money jump, on the cash train and go get paid BAM. And, when it goes below is got, to go cause, if it ain't paying it ain't staying right that's. That's it so, looking, at Bitcoin see. If we could jump over to one of bitcoins charts real quick just, to. Give you a general I've been three different. Videos on Bitcoin so this won't be a big long, drawn-out. Thing, the, bitcoin is very very very. Strong. Right now this is a what's, called a triple bottom. Formation. Count, them up right there one. Two. Three. And. All you. Know all. Too often when, that happens, you, actually get a chance to go back up, from. The original point that which you came which, will put us somewhere north, of. Fifteen. To eighteen, thousand. Dollars right there at that three two you, know right around nineteen, thousand when this thing fills out all the way we'll, be pretty close to nineteen, thousand, keep in mind there are three, parts to, any, cycle, break. Out break. Down flat. Line, so. If we take this early, cycle right there and, we, just use that simple rule. Break. Out break. Down, flat. Line you, see that we are very very, very close. To. Our next cycle right, inside a couple of weeks so. Now is definitely the time to, get, to some Bitcoin the trade those dollars. Scrape. Up ball two pennies out your ashtray, and all the coins under your mama's couch go get you some Bitcoin. Because they will give you a much higher return in the, upcoming weeks than the dollar ever will, right. And. This is a system of design let's, jump over and look, at aetherium. Aetherium. - BTC, this thing is in between cycles. Right now nowhere. Near. As strong and, that's, because it's already had a quick little run over here this happened late, December, but while Bitcoin was, you, know going down sinking. Pretty, fast ethereal, came came, in came, in the clutch actually made a lot of people a lot of money I think aetherium actually, saved the market, with.

This Run that it had what's interesting, is, you almost have this double, top formation. A gradual. Very gradual, double top formation, but I think that's, going to essentially, serve you, see it's holding right now but it's going to serve as, a sealing for us, moving. Into the, future you, see that that's. Basically going to be our sealing which means if we can find the, right floor, which. Could, be right around there. We're, basically creating, this. Long. Wedge, right. This. Is basically overkill. Down here, you can almost X that out I don't think we'll be falling, that low anymore I, think we're really in that wedge right up in there right that that, little triangle right here. So. If you wanted to stretch. This thing out. Essentially. Once we get to the end of it once those lines come together. That. Should be where. You see some positive momentum coming. Back into aetherium, the. Bad. News. For. Any UF, handlers out there is. You. Know that doesn't look like it'll be to the middle of September, so, F, unfortunately. On this formation, as it stands today. Isn't. Looking very strong. We. Could do something, like that, but. Again that only buys, you a couple weeks and you're still you, know stuck like Chuck to, the middle of September before. You have any positive energy in the, market you may see a spike, as early. As August. First. But, again you know most of your big energy, is gonna, be coming at a middle of September, for theoria between. August and September right, so I would say hold off on, F for, now but. One that is looking, a little bit more promising. As. You. Know Superman. But. The S on is chess you, know I'm saying that's LTC. Litecoin. On. The 343, is looking. Much much better this, is on Finance, which is a you, know it's a it's a shorter, data set but you know it still works nonetheless what, we can see is boom, boom. That's. Just the basic. Formation, one-step formation, came right back down to the one oh if. I wanted to take it up top come. Down to it you, see where essentially. Consolidated. Right on top of the six one eight this is money on money. Down, there and if you notice, right if, you, notice, our. Risk. The. Volatility, has changed. Considerably. And. It. Looks like. We. May be ready to make a big move with litecoin. I'm. Pretty sure I was one of the only ones in the market that predicted. This litecoin, breakout. Right here I made a video like on December, 6th, somewhere. Right there and I say you buy you some LTC, and sure enough BAM. Head over the head with it came. Over to top like King James, but. 39%. Hoto let me count that up let me count that up cuz see ya people that I've been rocking out with me y'all just go back to December, you know I'm saying look at the first a hundred, and a hundred forty two percent you. Know I'm saying. That's. Beautiful. That's beautiful, you. Know so, here we go we're coming right back down to the six one eight which means. You know we. Should we're actually past due on this thing now that I'm looking at it break out break down flatline right so, break out break. Down flatline. We're past due on litecoin, which, means more. Than likely before. August. We should get back up to right, there if this. Energy holds. Through and that's gonna be 30% that's, not bad that's, not bad so litecoin, is. Looking, pretty good I'm gonna have to write this one down and maybe come back to it on a, solo. Video all, right whenever, I find charts like that I just you know write them down take a note and come back to them to give them you, know give them the shine that they need you, know to feel, that energy cycle, but, this, one this. One I think this. Is uh this is the breadwinner four, to four horsemen, and this is Bitcoin cash, on the 343. If. You recall. The. Second day Bitcoin came out I jumped, down to a 7 minute chart, showed. Y'all a complete, parabola on the 343.

And Say, it scared, money don't make, none just go back do your history I don't delete none of my videos you know probably, one of the reasons the powers that be you. Know don't like my, 300-plus, archive, on hill, they said I'm giving away too much of this knowledge for free they won't run a Wall Street and keep them circle-jerk boys in business, I said no I said. No, right. So. That's a channel that's, a channel that's interesting, this thing is developing a the. Same kind of channels, as Bitcoin which, is very intriguing, Bitcoin. Has these. 45-degree. Channels just like that right. Which. Means it has the exact same psychology. All. Right, so. We can do something like. This. There. It goes. It. Looks crazy because it's running sideways, it's running perpendicular to, our perspective. But. This is pretty, accurate with regards, to the. Energy, flow inside, this chart, break. Out break. Down and. That's. Our flat line. Which. Means that when this whole thing, runs through. Right. We, take that to the crown at at 2:31. Right, there, so. If we stretch this out too crowded at 231, behind, it. We. Should be coming, into. A. Whole new. Bull. Market, for Bitcoin cash. Very. Very so. Ultimately. That. Should. Take us up, top one, time. A hundred. Percent. Should, take us to all-time highs will. Probably run into a little bit of resistance. Right. There. But. Judging. On this thing we. Should clear, that in the middle of July the middle of July is gonna be a a, beautiful. Time for. Bitcoin, cash. Middle. Of July is gonna be a good time for a lot of coins but in particular, for this one which means will will, probably break all-time, highs in the middle of July, that's. Where we'll hit those, two hurdles right there. Will. Clear through toes. With. The energy that's coming back that hurdle and that. Hurdle. But. When that happens. That's. Gonna catapult, us up to. This, hurdle right. There. So. There you go I think Bitcoin cash is uh you. Know the dark horse in the race. Bitcoin, cash and how I was supposed to do, okay. I'll trade it out no, Neil litecoin my, bad. Bitcoin. Cash is the dark horse Bitcoin cash and litecoin, look. Very very very, good you. Know um. Neil's not ready yet that's why it's not on the list so, there you go guys that's that's what it is from. A long-term, accumulators. I would definitely say Bitcoin. Cash and for, my short-term traders. I would, say litecoin, and, just. In case you were curious, that. Is how you chart, like. A box Oh. So. There you go if you uh in the chat right now do me a favor shout your country out I'm gonna come right back to you guys in about two and a half minutes, you, know the biggest thing I try to do as I come you know back into my prime on this live stream is really just let, you guys know the importance. Of the. Opportunity. At hand I always say cryptocurrency, is the, death to, currency. And this, is a system, of design. Every. Dollar. That, drives across that, blockchain, bridge does.

Not Drive back it, disappears. From their. System. Of fractional. Reserve lending and. It reappears, as paid, for, in full equity, on. The, most secure. Network. In the, world, quite. Possibly, of all time, blockchain. Is. Arguably. The, best invention. Known. To man outside, of. The. Written word a, lot. Of people talk about that written word. A couple, couple famous words taken out of that written word I. Am. Right. Well. With. The blockchain it. Is. It. Is truth it is legacy. It is lineage, it is proven, it is forever, it is residual, it is, unbreakable, and it is unstoppable. Right. So. A lot of people ask what's the intrinsic. Value you know these these MF, s on Bloomberg, would day with a shirt button all the way up to the top and tie too tight, with no no, cuff link because I just got they shirt at JC Penney DS these people on Bloomberg what's, the intrinsic, value, of Bitcoin. There's. No intrinsic value you, can't you can't print a Bitcoin you can't make a derivative on it you can't you can't loan out against it you absolutely right, and that's the point bitcoin gives power back, to, the people. You'll. Need they'll trickle-down economics. For. That right, so that's the opportunity we got everybody if you appreciate, that make sure you do two things for me give me a thumbs up and subscribe what. That does that invites, you back, to every, video I put out and it's gonna be you know a couple, hundred that I put out before to close a 20-18, because I got to get these words out right. Two channels, right now number, one Bitcoin videos, in a world BK crypto trader the boasts of Bitcoin. Type, that in on patreon.com, if, you are trying to get paid. Cuz, we got some products, and packages over there you know there's knocking a heads off I'm trying to let you know I just made my people about thirty percent on one pick, this week, and that's a Bitcoin, that's not no dollars I don't care about USD, cuz USD ain't got nothing for me care, about BTC. Because I want my people to be free you, understand, so. We got the profit packet BK's weekly, forecast the top seven, every seven days delivered, straight to your phone, inbox. Notification. Device whatever you won't if you want me to air mail it to you I can print one out and ship it directly, to, your door I don't mind right, you, just need to jump on the Money Train cuz it's leaving the station soon, so do that patreon.com. BK. Crypto trader as, name making, people money is my game right, and, we go keep it moving that's that's all it is that's all let's go being that's all there ever was, so, with that being said let's see who we got rocking out with us right now I'm. Jumping on YouTube I see I see I see I appreciate, the support hold on hold on. All. Right all, right here. We go so. Let's see who we got whoo yeah whoo we got. Canada. Big in the building two times back to back what's up Ireland, miss knotty crypto holding it down from New Zealand big. Set in DC. Adam, hold. It down West. Palm Beach you, know I'm saying nice little city down there I know something, about Greendale, Greendale Green, Acres Green Acres right, Tijuana, and how big nigga I appreciate you New Jersey. It's good to see you Saudi you, know I'm saying all across, the ocean, I appreciate, that you, know I'm saying two men from the bay Valley of the Moon big, Spence buffs walking, on the west coast you know I'm saying, with constant, shout-out to my badgers you know I'm saying number six Barry Alvarez the last of a dying breed what, can I say JJ, no, money in attendance. You know I'm saying I appreciate it pa what, up San, Diego big, Dan Fresno. Cali and Netherlands, it's beautiful, you know I'm saying in bobble heads on TV wants you to listen to them talking in a microphone. Where. They where the united, nations, of the. World let. Me tell you something. That's. The United Nations, right there one, source one calls, one.

Initiative Of the people for the people by the people don't, be fooled don't be deceived by back your freedom and transfer. It to the blockchain with that being saying is that time of the day signing out this is the boasts, the old boy BK no matter where you stay brazil, debate got, a phone i yet, all, the way back out boot jerk. Monday good, night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time, copy, and paste the URL in this video takes somebody who care about you, know I'm saying text your cousin. You. Know with, your little brother. Little. Sister to do, that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay. Cryptic y'all please. Like. A boss.

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