66,000 ++ Live Trading Profits || BTST & Intraday Futures || Anish Singh Thakur || BoomingBulls

66,000 ++ Live Trading Profits || BTST & Intraday Futures || Anish Singh Thakur || BoomingBulls

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[♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] Hello guys! My name is Anish Singh Thakur, and welcome to this live trading video, where I had taken BTST trades, TCS and L&T; out of which, I booked TCS with a profit, and I accepted loss for L&T. So, I took one more trade after that. In that as well, I wasn't able to achieve complete profit; but I made an exit half way itself, because I figured out something. What did I figure out; that how do we trade, how should we accept it if it's proven wrong.

You will get to learn all these aspects in this video. So, the amount is very less though; it's an amount of Rs.50,000-60,000. So doesn't matter. But the learning involved is really important. Sometimes, it happens that our plus trade is going on; let's say TCS is currently at Rs. 40,000; and this L&T one was running at a loss of Rs. 5,000.

What do we do? We hold L&T thinking that no, we'll leave it when it gives us profit, and leave TCS thinking it has already given 40,000. I did the opposite. So, there are many psychological aspects lke this which actually are useful, which you would get to learn. So, watch it patiently. Please like the video. Watch it comfortably with your earphones on.

You'll get to learn lot of stuff. It's an interesting video. Alright, let's start then. And at the end, I would be telling you 2-3 important things, okay? Hello guys. Good morning.

And it's like early morning, 9:00-10:00 a.m. And here is the Pre-Open Market, perfect 85 points above. Great, right? 85 points above, and a very big... which... one which I have opted for trade

that is TCS, okay? Where is TCS...? There is not a very high Gap Up. Very high Gap Up... as in... very high Gap Up is not being achieved. But it's fine. I mean, it's like 21 rupees... so, 21X1200, which means profit of Rs. 25,000... 24,000.

So, it's giving gap in open itself. Market is opening as totally bullish. We can see this. See the Advance-Decline ratio,

50:0. Zero decline, 50 advance. Today, 14,100 has already broken out. I mean, I had already mentioned by showing Open Interest; 4100... 4200...

how much is the market opening anyway. Have a look. So, look, we guys had given so many levels yesterday. For example Zee is opening at that level itself that you can directly buy for this target.

So many... there are so many levels. Reliance was also there.

I wasn't able to tell you about Reliance. But anyway, that's fine. I wasn't able to tell you this as well. That was a mistake.

But no worries, that's alright. Look, our L&T Finance is also opening at a Gap Up. Okay? The Gap Up is opening a little.

For our TCS also... Gap up is opening exactly at the target, exactly. If it will become bullish from here, then I will remain in the trade, and I will sit patiently for some time, okay? For ACC; the target which is given, Gap up is opening exactly above the level.

For BPCL, it's opening above the level. For Bajaj Finance, Gap Up is not opening above the level. For Bharti Airtel... it's not opening above it. Titan... even this hasn't opened above the level as of now.

Let's talk about Zee. It's opening above the level. Nifty, look guys, it's opening exactly above the level that I have given you. Bank Nifty is just awesome guys. Like, Gap Up is opening at 259 points. And it will give you a reaction immediately here, at 5.10. This target has ended.

Look here. If it gives break out to this, then Bank Nifty will be extremely bullish. But we'll see which trade we'll choose. Firstly, my BTST trades which I have taken, I'll see what's happening with them. There is no point of taking a new trade.

I'll keep an eye on TCS first, and I'll keep an eye on L&T Housing Finance first. And also we should have a look at the World Markets. This has to be seen immediately to check what's happening. So you can read here as well. Like this over here.

Asian markets are higher today as Japanese and Hong Kong shares show gains. Nikkei... ...is not trading, look. The Chinese markets are off right now. Some people would feel that's it's up. I don't know why 3 is written here, whereas here it's written it's not trading. Anyway, no worries.

So, we should keep open L&T Housing Finance. And also, once I get my setup done, I need Nifty open all the time. We had to keep that here. Right now... The stocks that I have given you as of now, in maximum stocks, a bigger gap is not being achieved.

And that's a good thing. This much gap is necessary so that you are able to trade. Alright, let's see what happens now. Mostly... it would have felt better if I would have taken BTST trade. But still, it's alright. The market has opened.

And, looking at profit of 58,000 as of now. Let's see what happens here as of now. That's great. It's breaking out. It's breaking out this also. We should go on Nifty Sectors.

Nifty IT. Perfect. Nifty IT has given the break out. It has given the break out of six rupees. That's amazing! 2586, 2580. We guys also have to see what L&T Housing Finance does now.

Our targets have almost ended, but still, we should see the first 5 minutes. Market has opened by being bullish. Let's see what it does from here. It has come back.

Indiavix, value is high. First five minutes is like total random. Like We should never trade in the first five minutes. It doesn't reflect the true value of the market. We should see 15-20 minutes after that, that what happens. Well...

Look, If you have done the homework, made the levels. and you know what to do, only then you should trade in the first half. Otherwise, I have told you that we should let it form till 10:30, 11:00 and we guys should trade after that. Okay. Sustaining somewhere around there.

Nifty has become weak and has entered below. Okay? The value of Indiavix which is being shown, is that volatility is high. Market is becoming a bit bearish in the beginning. That doesn't matter. Let's see. P&L would have decreased, P&L would have ended.

It hasn't. Because this is Futures and not Options, that's why many bigger changes won't come in this. Gradually fewer changes would come. And that's good.

I have more expectation from L&T Housing Finance because a very big break out has been achieved in it. It's going to new levels. I mean, we do need minimum archery. And I have expectation from this also because a genuine break out has come in this also.

This is how price action works. People are always afraid and think will it work or not. Why not. Of course, it will work if you

make the entry at the right time. Target has been achieved. If I wish, I can exit now also. 2950 was the target. But I am trying to, like, look around for this one candle. At least I should see one five minutes candle to see what's happening here.

If it gives a closing below this, then there is no point. The day's Low shouldn't break. The day's Low has been formed, so, that is good. Look, we want that it should sustain above 2950, and TCS is doing that. This is not. This is...

not supporting at all. Although it shouldn't go below the peak, below R1. But we should give some space for this trade also to work.

Okay. Market was extremely bullish. Even if it comes till break out point, it will work for me. My stop loss should be on previous... I should have genuine stop loss where I have previous support.

Where is the support right now? If I want to check this, it should definitely get the support. The previous break out point that was there, was this only, I guess. Can you guys see this? This is the previous support.

Okay. So, the previous support is till there. And before that it will take support here. So, this is the genuine stop loss. Let's see. This is first line of defense. This is second line of defense.

Let's look at both of them. TCS is working pretty fine. Okay, it has started moving. And this will take support from here. Let's see this. If we talk sector wise, then market is...

finance is up 0.5%, IT is up 0.8%. BPCL worked the way we had planned now. I had told that it's an ascending triangle. If I wouldn't have been in this trade, then I would have opened this as the third trade. Look, the moment it opens, hit the target.

Zee was also like flag and pole. The target which I had mentioned, it has hit that. Perfect.

Rest of them will also hit it. It's not a big deal. TCL is 1% up. Okay, look, this also took the support. It hasn't reached up to that point also. And this trade of ours has started working. Perfect. Both of them have come in green.

Let's take a target of up to R3 in TCS. Usually what mistake people, all of us, make here. We hold this and and we exit this. Whereas if you have to, then exit this instead. And hold this for some time. I mean,

you let your winners run and cut losers. But usually we hold this. In fact... if it is not able to do break out below this candle, then I should exit this and hold that. This is what I should do rather.

Look. If I would have exit this, look, at 42... it has gone up to 46. That's the thing.

Never cut a winning trade. Look, this is the first 15 minutes candle. This will move towards one side only. Let it go.

Let it do what it's doing in first 15 minutes timeframe. Let it do what it's doing. That trade alone I feel has potential of giving more profit.

Look, you got to learn something in this video. Whatever it is, whether this trades or not, but you definitely got to learn this. How do we deal. Look, that trade alone gave us 50,000. It'll... we should

take this target. We should take this target around R3. Or I will exit before it. I won't make it touch that point exactly, so that it's till there. I will exit before it. Look here, this is going to become losing one.

This... let's see the suport level till here. Let's guess. There's nothing to rush, we won't incur a heavy loss. It's completely okay.

As per the risk-reward ration, you have to take loss in some trades and profit in some. That's it. That is trading. It was not gambling that I took it just randomly, or I felt like taking it as there is some news of L&T or I feel it's going to increase, that's why. No way. I have taken it after seeing the market levels.

Let it take support from this point. Finance sector is a bit weak. IT has gone up.

More than enough profits we have booked... we have now in TCS. It has become 40 rupees. From 2950, we touched 2970. That's great! From 42 we have reached 56 That's awesome! The target has been completed guys. Now... Now, as I had said, this is at it's all time high.

We... That's too good! This... this should go before touching itself. Alright. That's really good! This is wonderful! Now I would like to exit it slowly-slowly. Let's put a limit. 58,000 booked in TCS.

Okay. Done. Now, I don't want to trade on this for some time, for some reasons. Now I exit this trade, okay? Now we'll keep an eye on Bank Nifty. What does Bank Nifty do. Okay. Now, now this, now... alright, this also made one lower wick.

Let's hold this, okay? Let's hold this a bit. Reliance is giving a breakdown. This will give a breakdown to this crucial level. Then, definitely one...

Let's short some quantities of Reliance. And let's put a stop loss... as of now it's 1990. As of now let's put it on 1997.

Let's put it 1997. Okay. We short at Reliance right now. Why did we short Reliance? By giving one triangle breakdown, it's breaking a crucial level. We will get this target from anywhere anyhow. But, I am planning for more than that because it has come below our 200 moving average.

It has broken out 200 moving average here also. It's not able to breakdown L&T Housing Finance. So, bro, let's exit from here. That's not a problem.

Let us remove this at market price. No problem, it's done. We incur loss of 11,000. Let it be. Sitting with unnecessary, bad trades is wrong. Now, let it go from here, okay? We have taken the first short trade at Reliance Moving average has given breaking below this already. It was even below the first 15 minutes timeframe.

Okay. The entry is a little bit early. But it's okay. But it's okay. I have not invested a big amount on it now. I have invested a little amount.

And... Okay. Now, the trades that I will see further... Now, let us remove this. I don't want to see them now. Because I have taken the trade of short side now at Reliance, and invested only and only 3 lakh rupees of capital using cover order. Now we have to see that does this trade of ours become a winning trade? If it does, well and good. Otherwise, I have to shIft it's stop loss.

I have put it's stop loss on the day's High, which is very big. I had put that because... because I had to order it quickly. I guess it's stop loss should be above VWAP, above S1, we should do it at 1985. It's a very small stop loss. I have put it here.

Putting such a big stop loss is wrong; that's wrong stop loss, let me shift it now. I'm going to shift it to... above 1985 or 1986. I will put it around 1987. Okay. So, let's shift this.

Okay. Before that, let us find some new opportunities, which we can get where; let's check. Reliance is going weak from quite a long time.

1985, 1987.50, 1989 and... let's shift our stop loss to 1989. Let's put it on that. Let's put it here. There's no point to put it tighter i.e. after 1989.

But if we want to put it on this, then we would have to check on that of Reliance, on Reliance's chart. We'll have to see in Futures chart. So, we will see in Futures chart on a 5 minutes timeframe. Then we would have to put it on 1995.

Yes, on 1995... In Futures, we'd have to put it at 1996. Have we put it there itself? 1996... According to Futures, we have to put it on 1997. Hmm. Now it's 10-12 rupees down.

Perfect. It's placed there itself. So, there's no problem. It's placed there only, okay? Okay. We haven't put the stop loss bit tight.

We have put it above this, above VWAP at 1997. Rather, we should put it at 10-20 paisa more, bit more. Just because... so that it is not very tight. So that it doesn't touch the wick and run away, for that cause.

So, I will shift it by one rupee more, I will change 1997 to 1998. That's it. Now, you cannot touch your stop loss. That's the rule. Let's see.

Will the trend line break, go up or not by doing retest, how it'll go. In this also,we'll surely achieve this much target of 1%, of four rupees. from 0.28%, and we can achieve this also. Okay.

If you have seen my previous market analysis videos, then I've told clearly in them that Reliance is really at a very crucial resistance, and is facing a lot of resistance at these levels. And it has given the break out of the triangle. Next trade; it's going to be Bharti Airtel, once it closes here. Closing has taken place below the day's Low. I am going to short it now.

Okay? We are going to short it now. Sell. We just sold Airtel. We had just talked about it, that if it is closing below this, if it's closing at the Low... we are shorting it with three lakh rupees. You have done that also. I have put three lakh rupees each in both of them,

as per my calculation. Now, quantity will also be increased in them, and there's no point of making a trade above this, because in the market we guys have to... There's no point of trading too much outside. If we hold two trades according to trade management, then that's good. We have taken both short trades. Guys, look, we are increasing our short quantity in Airtel, okay? The amount with which we had done it, we are putting that much more on it. 521.5

Why are we doing this? The market is going our direction. It is becoming our winning trade. So, we have put in that. Is the stop loss of both of them is same or not? Yes, it's 21.5 actually. But, that's alright. It's 21.5 right.

It's 21.5 most probably. Let me open that also. It's not towards it's side.

[Typing] Bharti Airtel, and let's see, if Airtel is also becoming our winning stock? then making trade on that is also appropriate for us. We come on Futures. I think stop loss should be...

It should be a bit above 521.25 0.5 Alright, it's gone. Reliance also, we are increasing our quantity. It has come there.

We have shot quantity of 3,000 on Reliance. We will short quantity of 3,000 more on this. Okay, we'll short quantity of 3,000 more. What stop loss is put on this? On Reliance? 1998, right? 1998. 19...

We'll put stop loss of 1998 and sell this also. Okay? We have increased quantity on both of them. because again... one more new Low has been formed in both of them. In both of them, it has come back over here. Now, you just need to look out how to hold our... how to hold our trade, okay?

If it'd be bearish, if market becomes bearish overall, all our trades will start working. Look, we did good. That is why, usually I don't take trade in against, like if I sell one, I buy another. So, then both.. stop loss has to hit in at least one of them.

So, I actually believe less in that idea of, you know, that I would gain some profit in this, if I incur loss in that, I'll gain some profit in this. Then, as in, what's your overall trading anyway. A lot of people do non-directional trading. Good. But, I feel that it would work if the stop loss hits.

But, why to do such kind of trade, I mean, you buy one, you sell one. This means you don't have confidence on market's direction. I am taking always directional trades, no matter stop loss hits then. You are using mathematics, probablities, risk management to find number of wins, number of lose, size of win, size of lose. You check all that and trade thereafter. Look, it's moving in our direction.

This has also come to break again. We can increase quantity more if we wish to. But increasing quantity above this will get overboard.

I don't want to increase quantity above this. If I will increase it above this, then I'll get worried about my losses and profits. And already it has moved a lot in our direction. It has moved to risk-reward also, which it had to.

That's why, I already had in my mind as to what I need to do. I did it hat way. Now let me note down few things in my notebook.

What happened... Just now, our target has been achieved. Just now our... well, this is the target, but just now it has touched our 200 moving average. A lot of selling has come just now in Airtel. We didn't see.

We didn't get to see. It's showing a profit of 21,000. So, high selling, but it takes support from that point. Or that point could be a retest point, isn't it? It can be a retest point.

Break out took place. I had told, retest... It's done. Support... Let's see this candle now. We've one more 5 minutes candle. Then one new candle will start, which is the one after 10:30.

The market can reverse from here as well, if it takes a support. We'll see that too. 512.85 is my target. Reliance is going back... It'll retest it's resistance levels. Nifty is taking support continuously from Resistance 3. It has given a long width rejection.

And that's a clear, visible bullish divergence over here. We'll be exiting this trade. Immediately, we'll be exiting this trade. Let's see where it's closing and the opening takes place, of the next candle.

There is a bullish divergence. When you feel that you've been proven wrong, you shouldn't show ego at all and you should exit, you know? This is the only way to stay in the game. When you know you are wrong... Here I don't see any bullish divergence.

But here I can see that my target has been hit, it has taken the support of 200 EMA. I am going to exit my trade. One minute. Just one minute. Yes.

It has taken the support once. It has made a long. It has become important for me to exit from here immediately. Why has it become important to exit? Look, I booked 2000 profit in Reliance and 17000 profit in Bharti Airtel. We have got something in L&T. No worries. Why?

It's clearly visible that it's a bullish divergence. Now, we should make an entry at this. When? The moment it gives us a break out somewhere here.

Okay? This divergence alone is not an entry signal. It's an early signal. How is it a divergence? Let me show you now.

Bullish divergence, a lot... I have seen that it works to a great extent. See this. Okay. The price is coming like this. And here is the momentum. It's completely increasing. It's a regular bullish divergence.

Now, we have to... and it's possible that it comes one more step down. But the market will go up.

But the market will go up now because look, it has taken support from S3. And from here, it's trying to... It wasn't here. Still, why didn't I do it?

Because my target has already hit. Plus this is a bullish stock overall. I have told you that in yesterday's market analysis video.

This is a bullish stock. It had come to take a retest. It could be possible that it may have taken retest. Okay. When you realize you've been proven wrong, exit immediately. So, you guys saw the video of live analysis. I said that we're getting bullish divergence in Reliance, and market will move up from here. Market fell a little more and after that, the market has entirely gone up.

Nifty made a new High. And I have taken one more BTST trade at the end. Now how much quantity I've taken, leave all that. You don't need to know all that.

If there's learning attached, you'll get it, we'll update if some emotions or something can be shown tomorrow. Like amount was so big, but still... I'll tell all that tomorrow, I'll see.

Well, I have told you guys I am not trading after this. But now I'm going to get lots of things on Forex for you guys. So, what is it, how is it, so, what's the scene in India, what's the scene globally in the world, what's the benefit for me as I'm in Dubai, what's the problem for you. how can we solve that problem, what's the benefit in this, are laws of SEBI are going to come, margin is about to end, how can we perform in future. So, due to all these things...

I'm going to get a lot of things in upcoming videos, in Forex videos. So, wait for them And I'm going to travel also. i need to sign some contracts, I've registered my company in Dubai. I need to meet some people. I've lots of tasks at hand. And I'm travelling too for some other reasons.

So, I will not be posting a lot of videos. But definitely, wherever I go, market analysis video, even if I'm unable to make post market one, but by analyzing market I will put one video somehow on the weekend, for you guys for Monday, I mean so that you can trade on Monday. Okay. So, alright...

Yes, I had to say one more thing Some people ask me how is time set in your computer, how did you open the market at 7:30-8:00 a.m. That' fake and all. Guys, I stay in Dubai. I stay in U.A.E, and there's time difference of 1.5 hours here. So, please know all this first and then only post comments.

So, such things are there. Okay? Okay guys. Thank you so much for watching this video, and thank you so much for all the 20... ..9 subscribers. They're 2,09,000 after reaching 2,00,000. Thank you so much. That is why I am also creating, because of all the good comments, because of the likes and all the subscribes, and so much that you share, due to that reason, I am putting more things also.

I will do some other things also, whatever I can do better. I will do it. Okay? Thank you so much everyone. I'll see you soon in the next video. Bye, bye! [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪] [♪Music♪]

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