5 Tips To Using Digital Marketing In Your Business

5 Tips To Using Digital Marketing In Your Business

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Hey. Guys it's michelle be, with Remax services, and so special so I come in today I, have, the fabulous. Veronica. Romney, with low solo, a digital, marketing, company here in beautiful book or tone so, buzz, on over you're gonna have a great time with, all the tips that she has about digital marketing and, how. You can use it in your business and don't forget to subscribe to my channel we, have new videos up every, week so hit that little bell a little notification about think yeah hit it okay guys buzz on over we'll see you on the interview. Hey. Guys it's, michelle P, with Remax services, and, the. Hashtag stupid okay my limo life's my. PRI. Social. Salsa, sipping, and with my my, pal Veronica. And. Today. We're going to be doing, a little chit chat about digital, marketing and, she. Got this company called Lowe's, which. I'm gonna have her explain, the, definition of access general research, and. We're. Going to be going through some reasons, why you need digital marketing. How. It works, one, of the stuff that you're going to need to. Get, started and, make em, turn a sidekick, maybe you're a stage mom and, you, want, to do you some online marketing, and, a, digital, business or, you can really do it from anywhere else are. Taking naps or maybe you are transitioning, I am a. Millennial. And, a roasted, Asian but I, also, have some layers my real estate business so I'm adding things and I find this very interesting so. If, you like what we're. Talking about today don't forget to subscribe, like. And. Share and, make sure you go to my social media channels on. Facebook. And Instagram and all that jazz oh wow. So welcome. Maronna have a somos. Girl I am. A boat I know I grew up the book I was born your recent one satisfies. Do. You my, kids. Kylie. And Ali belts are maybe Kylie, she's. More in, your age. Group, thank. You. And, your. Computer, history feedback, rather I was reading your bio and I just didn't let you tell. Her right a little bit about. Yourself, and this, is what I call, archived. In the hive it's, sometimes it's more than five questions. But. It's in five and. You. Know I just, want our audience to know a little bit about you, how. You got started and, then. We can kind of launch institute by, retiring today Hey.

Yeah, So I am afforded, native but I'm also the, oldest, of, Cuban, immigrants. My. Parents. 22. And. When you kind of have to abandon everything. Betrayed. Greatly so they've had the same company, now it's, their. Trucks on the roads, they've. Had that company for 30 years, what. You. Like. Growing, up working in their office I always knew that I wanted to, have my own business wondering. Exactly. Where, life would take me so, I graduated, in, marketing, I went to business school out, west at, BYU and then from there life. Just kind of took over so. I worked in a company called ancestry.com that, was did. You really I. Didn't. Genealogy. I yeah. That was my that was my world for like two and a half years and I was the 20 year old that was sending, six. Million eight million emails like. On a weekly basis, oh gosh. Wow. And. Then, from there I switched. Over from working, for a company in marketing for one entity, right. Juicy, life I wanted two different agencies back to back where I had clients, like imax. Marriott. Cardini. Vitamin. Advisor. It, was eclectic. I had to get at, fortune tellers, I had locks MS I had. And. I worked in a software company based in Utah if, you ever, rent an apartment a, Dave's. There's a good chance that you probably paid your rent online and that was through a company, called entrada, was what I were oh, okay. Yeah, so. We, are a software provider for apartments, and commercial real estate and but I was, in charge of their entire marketing, suite product, which is about 21. Products. Or, different, apartments, and the association is wrong. And. Then we had a baby and, my husband, was like you know we, should really just do this first oh yeah. Half. Years ago. 17. Year old graduating, from high school we. Did. Most. Of all was actually an acronym for local, social. Yeah. A full. Service, digital marketing. Agency we, helped the. Country, every, business vertically, you can think of, websites. SEO PPC. Social, media basically anything digital your online I. Love. That and I would. Imagine. You. Know it, seems to me like vanilla.

Really. Does wait last year and, they've been wrong about that that's just I got robbed a sudden, everyone. Was, jumping into digital marketing, and they, wanted to go down like. Gosh. You know like fire. Mode and, I. Think. There are so many interesting. Tools. When. It things we, connected, before because, of events. Here in Boca Raton and. We. Have some mutual things, then why not I always been very interested, in what, you do right II do it your mom's you. Know your, working mom I was always a work. And. My, audience from women, and I. Think. You have a different sheet on, how. We want to manage our work, life. Balance and, I do believe you can have that that's my own opinion but. I. Think. What's interesting is you are heard you're going to be having, a online. Course which, we'll get to or, webinar. Next. Yeah. Awesome. For, the statement given must you are with, your side hustle, which I love. We, just started who wants to start their own business, and for the experience proper. Perspectives. Here's, the tale real, estate agent. You. Can. Even for time it's. Hard to do part-time I started for a time as before, but, I have a skill set already it was really just another product for me to wear had been undressing, her sell market but. With. For, example hurricane coming. And. I looked at, real. Estate I thought you know I really. Need got, these other things and I'm working on a variety and the only thing that was. Marking. Online. Mark meaning having, layers, to, comment. A real estate business because, I missed my main business but. Tell. Me it's a little bit. We. Have kind, of had a few little questions here. So. One. Of the things that I never that you do is you don't want to public speaking, so talk, a little bit about how you got, into that and then some of the major questions that people ask you is usually it, right. So. Yeah. I don't have an online course mostly. Was like a service providers a week yeah. And. To, your point I been. Very fortunate, that I've had opportunity. One. For me I've never spoke. Facebook. Advertising a wine cellar but that was I did that which is, and. Then. Next. Month so I make going. To. Boston. Vegas. So. Whether, it's local events at my local chamber right, at. These big marketing conferences, that people spend anywhere between, 1525. I. Get. To speak. And. Every. Time I do it regardless if I'm in front of experts. Or I'm in front of you, know just. Local business self, or just people that are really trying to. Write. The. Questions seem to be the same so. Like the classes, and answers without like whatever the main pitfalls, everybody. So. The, class is an inspiration, from those, conversations like, yeah. You know, you. Know what, was the power of digital marketing why is online marketing so important, I think universally. Everybody. It's. Phenomenal. And it. Can open. It. Can do something, for you they may. Be 20. Years grinding, that you can do. So. For a lot of businesses. As. Their main source. Right. Three I'm not taking away from that a lot of companies assert, themselves and, have had 20 year businesses, because the power. Yeah. It did but, we see that across multiple business. We located or, time, of beer and seasonality there are certain limitations that we all come across that. Impact, that, person-to-person. Word-of-mouth. And, what, the beauty and online marketing digital marketing, is that that's not the cake because your roots goes beyond, your neighborhood it goes beyond the limitations, of your personal, interactions. The. Same thing would like the online court is like I don't have the opportunity to speak to every single person face to face I.

Reach. More people how can I help more people. I. Decided, to do I'm an open webinar, that anybody, you can learn more. So I have some people signed up Australia, Canada it doesn't matter the, Regis estate they, think that goes to you as a real estate agent or anybody, Americans themselves. An expert. In any type of domain yeah. It's. Pretty real estate of you're an expert in, home. Remodeling, if you're an expert in blogging whatever it is that you feel like you have a passion for and expertise, in digital. Marketing but, you find that person regardless, of where they are and that's the power that's the beauty that's what everybody elevates, over but, can, you do it the right way so that you can cut through the noise and that's all for it, because to your point everybody. Seems to be doing it so how do you make yourself original. Yeah. And I think. That. With. A lot of. Real. Estate as far, doing. Some, different. Courses. Of offering, pieces. As lunch with, everybody's. Lunch miss and, I. Think. For. Me personally content. Isn't so much the issue, my. Stumbling. Block is okay I just want someone to watch this, so. Here's the information here's. The, course I, am working on something because my specialty, area is. For. You with so many properties working, with a stage working with the standards and downsize are more divorce tricky I do do, other with. Us so they focus, for me and, where I. Learned. How. To really be what, I call the riches in the niches an, area. I know things, that I'm passionate and, about. That I enjoyed. When I tell my clients but. I also know that there's, probably an opportunity for, me to share, my expertise, with other agents, especially. You. Know when you look at like a burnt-out agent, and. This. Is a fascinating, me, because. I know, there. Are other people a. Really. Good idea and, they. Got. The idea and, then, they're like cool and. I know what to do next. Yeah. So. That's, actually one of the topics. Not. Harder yeah, you. Should never know what, because, I think like, never, want to void your company. Of personality. And, that's. Really important people buy from, people Jenny, and. So you see, humanizing. Themselves a lot more. Commercials. You, know flow, she is the face. Float. Yeah. I agree, so. Are Jared of some way or even gonna. Chew elephant uncle bellick we're starting to see the humanization, it's. Cold people like to buy from France so there there. Is a tipping, point where. You delegate all of your efforts online you lose. Lose. Accusation. So, the, class is going to go into that what what can you get to. Work. Faster. And and, a smarter and one person it's you. Know one one example of that is that there's nobody in your company that can probably do live streaming, other than right. Here. You're doing Facebook, Y or Instagram, live or periscope, doesn't, really matter if. You're the brand if you're Ellen DeGeneres. Right. Yeah, you know Ellen, does nothing else literally nothing else it for business as you do I, in. Front of a camera so. And, on some of those tips. Like. Everybody. Else in the. Showcasing. With. Higher. Components. That I know. Come. Into, a digital, marketing, role because. YouTube. Is the search engine now. Understand. An, arrogant or, anyhow, important, SD out of it I mean it's crazy. Like. How. Important. It. It's. In all aspects, I think people think of us you know is like well I want to get on the first page of Google. You. Can you can SEO, you can optimize, anything. Online so do you want to jump to my profile. So you can be seen more do, you want. They. All have algorithms, they all. Yeah. For. That so, SEO it goes beyond Google, it's universal. All you. Know online portals, of any time if. You have a sheet is say, to, not to put me on the spot that. You. Really, love thanking her, for always, been for me. I'm, fighting. For my wittle houses, and how I can. Purpose, things but. For. Our audience, what do you think are two of. The most important, places. People. Need two. Or. Three. They're. All so different if, any of your critical, yeah, we'll. Say that, the. Area is dead. Okay. The area. That I think is underutilized, that. Is. The, power. More. Consistent, reviews yeah more. Descriptive. Reviews, late, for responding. To people that have left you review yeah hitting. That review development, it is huge because once, we have those testimonials. Whether they're in video format, or before, not I can, leverage them everywhere, I can put them on your website I can put them in Facebook ad cause I can everywhere. I think that's the one thing that my clients, and. It is disappointing, to see how little reviews it especially, when they're like a twenty year old or thirty people company, it's shocking, sometimes right, and, then. The second thing I would say is, the, hottest product, or the hottest, especially. Most. When it gets requested, a lot yeah, yeah. Social, media advertising not.

Even Posting, socially. Thank. You can enter. Yeah. Those, are by. Far by the hottest service. That, we render, but we also get requested, it is there usually from people that have tried Google ads they, sing, the Google ads be so much more expensive than it used to be right. What's another solution what's something that's more affordable, so. Paying fifteen to twenty five dollars a click on Google and you're, paying a dollar, forty three a dollar seventy two on Facebook, it's no contest, right. Exactly. And it's, it's. Really brilliant that you mentioned that I was at a mastermind. Of our city, ironic. In. October. And this. One twenty five real estate. So I absolutely. And. Then say whatever things book and this is like my poor goat group, now they're really fun and techie and. We. Release a therapist, I survived. Sort of come house and. Went through how. To set up your Google for business, page oh yeah, yeah, reviews, on that make. Sure that you are, responding. To. The. One area that I'm very strong with, which. I don't even want to mention that but I'm kind of happy it's on, Zillow I. Have. I should, have about 45, testimonials. Yeah. Go, up into it and I laid the groundwork with my clients, ahead of time that. You. Know at the end of the closing would, you mind, I don't know what five-star, and. If. You even if they need help with, middle. Data, and, I think that's also, an issue is that sometimes when, you have a customer they're not creative, so I, don't, wanna write this but, I think you're right and then you. Can take that and, put it into a Facebook, ad and, right. Yeah. So we need to talk. Concept. Of social, proof so. My, mother can recommend, a restaurant I, go, you couldn't see but it has to start I'm not going right, that's. That's what's crazy is that we will yeah. Oh's, the personal. Word amount is really powerful but in, some cases digital. Or an amount is either you, know it's longer it's not the stronger indication, of. You. Know service. So, and. That's the tradition if I have, if I have her use my it's like. Well. Oh yeah, they go all over the place because I want, people to see that you are popular which, means you across the ball. You. Know popularity, go handed especially. Yeah. They. Think reviews we leverage them like crazy and and. You'll be surprised, you know there's power and members I rather and a 45-minute, wait restaurant. Because. It's good versus. Two, minute wave and the restaurants. Like. Again, real. Estate agents, in particular, matters. Really good experience, and they're not getting a testimonial. Armed. With. Some people and away. Would you mind. Puttin. Two. And. Tickled. Pink by the way because he's shipping it was amazing, summer, and. Okay. This is great but what do I do with these and now has leveraged them and then a website. With. Hashtag, so book that which is our local. Communities. We. Do. Restaurants. And I, always, say I'm never giving anybody about you that's just not my style, it would really like something. And. Maybe. We'll paint the search in it is. Doing reviews for the restaurants, because well we're doing them in our videos and we do them you, know what post but we're not going on Yelp, and stuff and I think I guess I should be doing that right oh. We. Lost your audio a little bit oh. No. Kind. Of. Okay. Maybe. Let's. Say. And. I know. Yeah. A little, bit. Restaurant. Situations. So. Anybody. Right. If. Say someone is, on. A budget. They. Know they need your services, yeah. Sometimes. We'll, start off solar. But if you grow and you grow with them sometimes. You're, fine it's like I have a very. Man listening, right now but. I also get smaller listings, and he and my others in the same pot and, I live to see like the relationships, and.

Where It's not. So if. Someone, is, small earning have a limited. Budget what. Would you suggest how, can they start out looking YouTube, for them and. And. They also Burnie should a future, of marketing. Going and I want to talk to you a little bit of a spoof a scenario, that right now is. On. Facebook right now for their income. Okay. Shape this out, so. Going. Back to like against the budget question this is actually, one of my pitfalls, so beautiful. Sneak preview, but one of my pitfalls, is with. Champagne. Division, beer, budget. Everybody. Wants, every. I'm, out but. You have to be super realistic, the what you can afford and, what makes sense for your level, of growth right. You. Know a lot of claims might not be able to thousand. Dollars. Services. Right. It's closer to like, 500 it just depends, now you. Go to something. Salty, I found, 40, packs, what's. Wrong with it iPhone. So just you know be very cautious right, that if. The price, seems too low and too good to be true 20, promises, it's probably cuz you're outsourcing it and that continues. Yeah. Your. Due diligence to be research, you. Know typical, price for services, now is definitely around. Right. Right. And I, think that has to come to a question. We. Need more people to see us or, the. Right are we doing all these services. And getting full money and getting Facebook money and giving it a price. It's like that's three different people you're getting ninety to get more people to see you right, are. We doing that is that what's most important, because you've really harnessed, in your internal extreme, company. Or. Its. Reduct knew, that you. Already have traction you already have traffic, are you really converting. It as well as you could be because, sometimes we go from three, percent conversion of, what, we're already generating, already. Then. You have revenue, because all that you've done is looked at yourself looked at your own internal right, could. I do more with what I already have that could generate income to then start talking to new people that don't does. That make sense yeah, it makes really good sense because, I always say I think it's great that we enjoy, social, media, however. If, you're. In business what's. Your return and, there's a long game. Chunking. Right. I. Do. A lot of face for the lives and, that's. Great because if it puts, me up front of people how they talk about things I think people are interested in. Them. Good. I and. I, upload that to. You to know how. To, use YouTube which are higher. And I as soon as I started understanding, how. To tag, them and, write. Questions. Like how to do, this or five tips on this and how. To do them now all of a sudden my knees are taking off we're. Seeing it and I'm getting. The subscribers. So, my, return, on that probably going to be way, better and. Pretty. Face of y know. Yeah, well can your lair in which again, this. Is perfect, because I talked, about this again in the class yeah. There's. No one-trick, pony, it's, as a marketer, it's how you layer your techniques, because, the average person will the, brand or, person, probably, five to seven times before they actually will do business with you. How. Are you controlling that, narrative and what are you controlling, all, of those touch points right. And. Then are you leveraging, one. Piece of content once or are you leveraging four. I. Think. Again. That's all marketing, play that's all the strategy, and the sides ready. For. Getting you know the results that you want and that can obviously generate, revenue. Yeah. Exactly and, I do, believe, that as. We move, forward, we're. Going to see more. Companies, doing, more layering, and you're right it's a personal, connection and engagement is, important, I. Know. That, people. Get really frustrated. What would you say is the. Main frustration. That you see now and so. Forth. Versus. Small business, dinner together to have a good team behind them, yeah. I see. Frustrations, all over the spectrum that I think. Here's. The problem and I, and I and I understand. This about my own industry, in my own. That. There is no. Wharton. School of Business or. Universal. Course or certification. That says Veronica, Romney is an, SEO expert all, right it. Doesn't so. You have people that.

Literally. Tomorrow, from their basement, will create a branded website all. The stock images, of fake people. Pretend. To be something that they, commit to, be right. So. What happens is you know people were like I wanted to all my marketing and they start working with online marketing professionals. And. They. Hear, where their money went they, thought it wasn't you know they, didn't. Really sign your contract their, website. So. There's some frustrations, that when they've tried to do this and it hasn't gone well because. Not. A lot of you know control, over yeah yeah. Honey they're. Not I think, another frustration. That. I see a lot is that. Expectations. Are not set correctly so a lot of Facebook ads will. Promise, you, know if you just knew that your monthly yeah. Right like. That pit yeah, I think tell, you and everything. Will go away and you hear. That. Doesn't exist. It's. Not real world. Being. Successful, it's hard work and it's. For, me working. Smarter, and not harder. Darling you have to like yeah the, wall and let's work smarter, I think, the number one regret that I had in the first three years of my business is not, asking, for help. It's. Trying to be all things. Yeah. I'll. Do that I'll do that I'll see my money, I'll. Just honest take care of it I'll do that I'll do that yeah. Your growth it stuns, the rain which you can't find that success right, it's. A couple Universal, honor. Visits. Growth you know frustrations. That I see all the time. You. Know I think you. Know I just talked about this. Very. Much. In. My area a lot of like. 15,000. Rogers. Who. Do you talk to you both ideas off up because you're all competing. For the same kind of client, a lot of time so what, I finally, started doing with masterminding, outside, my area one. Over milk a day because and, it, turned out we were all hired to the same struggles. You. Know, that. It's, easy work and it's really not, but. It's very, cool. Conversation. Well. I think there's power in numbers there's. A reason that. Programs. Like a. Jenny. Craig would do so well because they harness. The power of the community yeah, we're. More powerful when. You're amongst others that you can see, and. The. Life of an entrepreneur. And. It is you. Come home to your spouse and they don't really know why, what you're talking about or, you go out with your you know your girlfriend's, when you got to dinner with some friends like at work today and I, QuickBooks. And, you know what. To do here. They. Don't they really don't know what you're talking about yeah. Pretty. Nerds or get in a community. It's entrepreneurs, and. Feed off each other and how it because I. Read. It last year and. My. Shout out start to like my friend Jason Frazier, had, pinkie medicine, over Naples, and. Tulsi. Heights and Dustin, Grove. My. Cheek. Again. And I can like spurt a lot of people. Thank. God I had this group because. Funding, was there, really. And, I, know that. But. Put. Me in front of some, really great people including. A local.

Summer Bloggers, like. Michelle. Wilson Rogers my. Tennis. Roadie like, a, month, ago like. You, just keep going here. Nickel. PR. Put. Me in oh my friend Jenn yeah she's, amazing. Here for work on it but. I thought it was like Jesus. Stuff, okay. Actually. Another. Word but you, know. I. Do have, a strong background in marketing like. In reason advertising, I work for two Fortune 500, companies, I sold, major products like lists duranium benadryl and student and, raisers and Santa, all this stuff, and, like actually, have the background so. How do i monetize, that. I have, what. Should I be doing, hi, mr. Graham and how. Do you get media invites, yo I probably just write down my foot, 555. I shouldn't, be able to ask those questions and, I sorta wanna, ask me, because people, think you should know. And. I think what, you're saying yeah. Well. I think some, people will help you some people. As. Like finite, there's only certain now so like if I give you my. Success, that it happens to me, that's. A lie where. You, know other people were like successive. Is universe word success doesn't take like my success, we can. In. Lobsters, you know they hold each other up and, I. Look, at oh how can we collaborate like. I, do. I. Know nobody, can do this, little. Ego to video like on the fly that's, women everybody's willing I'll, teach, you what I know about that. Competing. Anyways, you. Know we have different demographics. And things that we you know deal, with in. In. Certain, worlds and the real estate world is all about fair housing which. You, know have. To be very very. You. Know on. Top you know you just can't let just by face but also just that's like the lawsuit on that which. Doesn't surprise me but it surprises, me that took them so on to take her out that, there. Were people probably going down and excluding. Certain. Categories. And just can't do that. But. With that being said I, I. Think you're absolutely hit, the nail on the head us asking, for home sooner. Than later. If. Someone says how, yeah. Maybe a nice way to ask for the way I made. A couple calls yesterday just, say about person I get people wanting it to keep my brain all the time so I really, respect, your. Time, and. If, you, don't want to I get, that. But. If, you don't mind I've got like three, more questions and, a. Nominees. On record. Director. For clients you you know, that's. Kind of I think II. Tell. Everybody. Blender. Classes, even though this, is going to be a recurring forever this, is coming up next. Week which is the first feature pay for all and. And. It's, all online and, we'll get the links everybody will put it below so if you want to sign up you, can do that and. So. If. You just like. You. Just know okay right champagne vision. Why. Why. Not. This. Might be the first one it's more Universal. But. I'm putting in by Damon class either once a month or once a quarter and we'll pick different topics, and the topics will be. Oh. Money. A lot. And. We. Should. Do I. Think. Oh. Perfect. Laughs. 400. The type are. My. First job besides my parents, company, was working at the Jama juice by University model, when. I was 15, at. Dawn. There was dating Mandy Moore and. They. Came in. You. Know. And. I, have to eat and, I, rinse. You uh what. Is it both reserves have lunch like I don't know how long I was. You. Know. Has. A story. My. Last question. Which. I didn't. Feel like a little blog blog, of. The year for the new year do you know a particular, word, or, or. Maybe. Three or year. If. I wanted to take point with some of the things that I've been working on I don't know. There's. A whole quotes that I love in my life, but. The ones I think for me it's 2018. And. I. Work. 80 hours myself. So, I don't have to work for you to somebody offer. But. No. That's, kind of my power right now and like I don't know it's just like an attitude that I'm just, fantastic. Slamming, entrepreneur, it's also why I. Here's. Why I get the best I know you're so busy on the weekends as a Realtor I know actually I'm, not, the. Reason it I don't. Wanna member sitting the meat bitrate. Early. I love it I. Love. These little guys not. All these businesses, that I'm starting to grow in addition, are. You. Know I'm happy. Yeah. But. I. Don't. Work a lot of hires and, that's typically, why real estate which is just so busy on weekends, cuz they're running around fires I did, that and, my, business model. And. Then, tempered come buyers my girl, nutrition. That's, my business.

Reason. Because, I want to my. Family. Was. Very. Good experiences. And. The time you left you long yeah. Let. Us see the bottom line they didn't care if you work one day we know. They. Were just happy if you went over what, your goals or a high places, or you, know someone's a major product and. Briana you, can cure back then and, then many peers started really taking over in. Your chart and that's when I left pharmaceuticals. I said I'm out I am. Computer, it's like you're on track and you're done yeah. Yeah. So. That's I think this is good luck just, like, love. You girl boss right yeah. I hope I. Go bot agent. You know why wouldn't you you know I've got people to say. Wow. You. Guys, we. Have to take Veronica, and a ton of us today and. Subscribe. To my channel, I upload new, videos, every week I can, tell you one day look immediately. A. Lot. And. Subscribe, and, share and check, for us I know what getting your website is it convinced, Anna yeah. So it's well, the website is most in the link so loml. I am c-calm but if you want to register for the class, it's get. GTA. 4. /. Share. Online. I mean you guys don't even have such, a huge opportunity for anybody to her, knowledge her, experience. Her, comments. And. Image. Of it because you're going to learn a ton I went to that one thing that you did at the chamber it was like walk. So. There you go alright guys so thanks. For tuning in. You.

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