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Hello. Everyone, and thanks, for tuning into the financial, investor channel my name is Brent and today we're gonna be going over 5 stocks I'm looking to buy January. 2019. So. If you are brand-new to the channel hit that subscribe button below if you find this video useful helpful. Hit the thumbs up and of course you have any comments going over the stock market personal finance real estate Leben oh and the, comment section and let's, go ahead and get into our video now. I'm, gonna be going over 5 stocks we're gonna be covering the ticker symbol how long they've grown and paid out dividends, a little, bit of information over the company take a look at their current price, where. They're at as far as the year goes learnings. Per share over the last four quarters where, they're expected to go into the future and just overall ten-year, graph and the, last year here and the information, so that's what we're going to be covering in today's video going over each one of these stocks and the first one that we're going to be covering is ticker. Symbol TR, o W, thus, one has been growing in paying out dividends, for the past 31, years so. It is a dividend, aristocrat its. Name. Here is T rowe price it is one of the largest no-load, fund on 401k. Managers, in the United States it manages. Direct sold mutual funds 401k, separate, accounts and advisor, sold funds T, row primarily. Offers, its funds to retail investors and 401 k plans IRAs, and other, defined contribution, programs so you, know financial, sector here they're currently trading at ninety. One dollars and thirty four cents, when I took this video you know the information here it's, market cap 22, billion that's been trading 52, week range between, 84, dollars and 59 cents so it's current, price of 91 34 it's, fairly close to that 52 week low and, it's, high price for the year is a hundred and twenty seven dollars and 43 cents, so, you can see here the one your, price change is down fourteen, dollars or, about thirteen. Point two nine percent, for the year now. Over the last four quarters here on the left hand side bottom they.

Over The past four quarters they only miss one of their quarters you're coming in to slightly below estimates. But going for term going, forward quarter, four for 2018. Is. Expected, to be more. Then quarter four for 2017. So they should be putting out their estimates here going, in very shortly and then continuing, on here into quarter one 2019. They are going down slightly here they pulled back slightly that's something, that a lot of companies. Are currently doing they're pulling back slightly going to 2019, they're lower in their estimates, and that's, why we've had this bit of a pullback here in the market now currently Bank of America, has them out of by at a hundred and eight dollars is their. Estimated, price Morningstar. Has them at 120, and CFRA. Has them 107. So they're currently trading at 90 134, now. I like, to put in the ten-year graph information, here so in the blue right on the center bottom their, prices. Up over the past ten years a hundred and ninety two percent that, puts them at nineteen, point two percent on average per year over the past ten years and, the orange, we have their revenue of one hundred and fifty percent or, fifteen. Point, zero six percent on average per year and the, red free, cash flow of ninety eight point one nine and, in, the green their net income up. Two hundred and seventy three percent or twenty. Seven point three percent, on average, over the past ten years so their financials, here over. A ten-year, period look, very strong now. Bottom. Right corner I like to go over the last year so, here I included, the earnings per share currently. And in the future so, current, earnings per share for current. Physical year, 2018. Is, expected. To be seven. Point, three eight in, the future their next physical, year is expected, to go seven point two nine, so they have, decreased slightly off, their, estimates, go to 2019, but this is still a solid company so that's just something to kind of sit there currently. They're paying out seventy cents per share each quarter, and they. Pay what is that one forty and two to. Eighty two. Dollars and eighty cents per share each year, in the, pink right. Here bottom, right we, can see that their 200-day. Moving average. Is a hundred and nine dollars and 84 cents and they're. Currently trading at ninety one dollars and thirty four cents putting them below their two engine a moving average and. They're. Currently. Sets, at, 3.07. So very high yield, I believe, when I looked at the graph this is one of the higher yields, for the last several years and, Ford. PE has, that twelve point three eight in the, bottom, right hand purple, price of sales is four point two financial. Institution, you. Know not. A whole lot here price of sales I don't believe that would be very important they're a price to book here at. 3.40. So. That, is zero, there that is one of the ones I am looking to add as an, addition, is in that financial sector, next. Number, two we, have Walgreens. Ticker symbol WBA. They. Have grown and paid out a dividend for the past 42, years now. Walgreens, what the completion, of Rite Aid's stores acquisition, that is one of the largest global pharmacies, worth nearly one our ten thousand, swords here within the United States alone the, company operates internationally, as well primarily. Composed of Bhoots pharmacies, in the, United Kingdom and, Alliance, healthcare and, international. Wholesaler, and distributor, of pharmaceutical. And medical products. In Europe now. Walgreens, is currently trading at sixty eight dollars and five cents has a market, cap of sixty. Four point two billion has a 52-week, range, low, of 59 dollars. And seven cents any high of 86 dollars and 31 cents, your, price. Change they're down four dollars and 89 cents or roughly. Six point seven percent now. Over the past four quarters they, meet and exceeded. All of their estimates, here you can see for the past year all of them have been exceeded, bottom left-hand corner going, into 2019.

Quarter Two they're expected, to surpass. Their. Quarter, to 2018, and continue. Surpassing, into, quarter three. 2019. Now. Merrill. Lynch Morningstar. CFRA. All have, them either a hold or added. Underperform, their estimates, for the stock has around $69, seventy, three, dollars in seventy. Four dollars so, all of those positions. Still are, within the range or higher, now. Over the past ten years here, in the blue their price up, a hundred and eighty seven point seven percent or, FLE 18.7%. On average for a year and the, orange. We have the revenue up a hundred, and twenty point five or twelve point, zero five percent on average per year and the, red their net their free cash flow, five, hundred and twenty seven percent and in the green we, have their nets and come up a hundred and fifty eight percent or, roughly, fifteen, point eight percent on average per year so again very strong, financials, for another, dividend, aristocrat now. Walgreens, has, a, forward. Earnings. Per share of seven dollars in a. Current, deep earnings, per share of six dollars and forty seven cents so they're, looking to increase, their our forward, guidance here by up to six cents. You, know six earnings earnings per, share they're so, they're expected, to kind of move continued forward as you can see from their quarter queuing quarter to three estimates for. 2019. They're, currently paying out forty four cents per share each quarter, or forty, four by, four, that's, a dollar ninety, two I believe somewhere in that range per year per share in the, purple we have their 200-day. Moving average, at $69. And seventy-three, cents and the orange their current price against sixty dollars and five cents so they are trading very. Slightly. Below their 200-day, moving average, that puts them out of dividend yield right around two point four seven, for. The, current, you. Know buying opportunity. Forward. P/e of ten, point, five one now, this is a sales, driven company here this is Walgreens, huge pharmaceutical, company so price, the book here at two point five wall. You, know it's great that they have you. Know book value and their price is two point five that's still less than 3.0, where, those value investors, will be looking at their, prices sales here is actually at point four nine five, so. Very, very, low you know below that one. Integer. There, so that, is Walgreens. Again paying out and grow in their dividend for the past 42 years very. Similar to CVS, those are some of the two that are coming up all the time if when individuals. Are looking to invest in pharmaceuticals, number, three we. Have. ADP. This is the automatic, data processing they. Have grown and paid, David in for the past 43 years. Strong. Company, I used to own this one and paychecks, I wanted to kind of buy back into this one but this one has been trading at a very high price for quite a while so, it has came slightly, off there Heinz so, ATP is, one of the largest world's. Largest payroll. Processor. ADP, provides payroll, services, where that, makes up 79 669.

Percent, Of the revenue they, do Co employment, services 28 percent of the revenue and they earn some, interest on funds, held for clients, and that makes about three percent of the revenue, a DPS, currently trading at a hundred and twenty nine dollars and 23 cents their market, cap is fifty six point six billion their 52-week, range, here at a hundred and seven dollars and 61 cents on the low end so there's still quite a ways off their lows and their, highs of 150 351, they're quite a bit off their highs so, right now they're sort of in that limbo state they haven't, you know they haven't fallen to. The very you. Know near ten ten, dollar period, or ten dollars difference. Other, 52-week, low but, they're also not treating their their high any longer one year price change you can see that they are up eleven, dollars and ninety two cents, or roughly. Ten point one six percent so this one. It. May not seem I could deal but ATP is one of those great companies, I used to own this one everyone, uses them for the payroll I've used, them in several my company's payroll department, here, to log in if, you guys have and use them Leben in the comment section below if you guys use ADP for you guys's payroll now over the past four quarters they beat expectations beating. Their earnings per share quarter. After quarter go, in a quarter, to 2019. They're expected, to jump it from 99 cents in 2018. Quarter to two, now a dollar eighteen in quarter, to 2019, and continue. To jump higher into quarter three 2019. At 171, vs., quarter, three 2018. At 152, now, ten-year, change here over the past ten years red, in the bottom metal they're up two hundred and thirty nine point four percent for, price that, puts them at an average return, per year of twenty three point nine percent in, the, orange, we have revenue. At fifty percent or roughly five. Percent so still over, that medium of two to three percent of rub new growth in. The red free, cash flow up 23%. And in the green their, net income about 40 point. 8 5 or roughly. 4 percent on, average per year so this is a very safe. Has it's a service it's a services company so, of. Services. Base this. Would be what. Was it. Price. Of sales driven, somewhere. In that range so yeah we'll cover that in just a minute so kind, of continuing, on here. And the, green earnings per share for next physical year is. $5.95. Current. Is 5.26. Now. They currently pay out 57. Cents per share each quarter, this one raises that very you, know in pretty, good chunks we'll go over the, dividend, growth here towards the end when I compare it to the vote there, are 200-day, moving average, that a hundred and thirty five dollars and 20 cents they're currently trading below their 200-day, moving average, of a hundred and twenty nine dollars and 23 cents that, gives them a current dividend, yield of roughly two point one seven percent, which is one of the highest points you'd be able to buy them since, about a year year and a half ago their, forward p/e is that twenty four point five three I believe is actually a little bit lower than this but, this is still slightly higher than the S&P 500 so, always do a little bit more research as to why that's, so high or, if it will drop down in the future as they continue.

To Move into. 2019. Expectancy. For their earnings per share now. Price the book here pretty high at twelve point oh nine but again it's a sales and services driven company so, the price of sales here is at four point two which is slightly lower. Than than twelve but still higher, than 3.0, range or value investors, would, considered a value I still, think ADP, and paychecks are great companies and of, the two I do prefer, ADP to be able to buy back into and hold for the long term just, because that long-term dividend, growth. Now. That, I believe, was number. Number. Two, or number three in the way next. Stock we're going to recovering here is ticker symbol B F C. This, is VF Corp. It's been growing and pan out their dividend for the past 45, years VF. Corp. You know you may know them from North Face vans regularly. And so on so VF Corp is one, of the leading apparel, wholesaler, lifestyle, brands including, here North, Face vans Wrangler, Lee's Timberland. Dickies, among other brands. They have global, products all over the place here their segments includes outdoor action sports, 68%. Of the revenue come in here. Jeans, wear makes up 21% of the revenue and work where image where creates, 9%, of the revenue so this was just a giant wholesaler. Of multiple. Brands that everyone. Kind of buys and knows now, their, last price of $70, and 57, cents their market, cap here a little bit lower than all the others besides. Tiro. It's, at 28, billion, 52, week range lows, of 67, dollars and 18 cents so it's very close to training, at its 52-week close its, highs for the 52 week for the past year is, $97. So over, the last year they're roughly down three point seven to three. Dollars and 72 cents, or roughly 5% difference, here within the last year now, over the last four quarters they have met expectations I believe, actually in there in quarter three 2018, they may have missed there I'd, have to pull that it. Looks like they might be like a small, little white line they're showing, that they may have missed there but they're very close to so maybe three out of the four past quarters they, did, miss there but, going into. 2019. Quarter three 2018. They're expected, to raise their, forecast, here from a dollar a one to a dollar ten and then quarter for 2018, from 67, to, 72, cents, so quarter. 2019. They're. Expected, to grow their earnings going into the next physical year so, Bank. Of America has them out of by right now at expected. Estimate. Here price, objection. Objective. Of 105, dollars, Morningstar, puts them at a hold, at 74 dollars and CFRA. Puts, them at a hold at 90 dollars so they, are you, know all those ranges, there are still below their expected areas, and of course in the market here they're training, very close to 50 to a close which i think is reasonable now. VF, price, and, the blue but 430. Percent, Oh over the past 10, years that's. An average churn of roughly 43 percent on average per year you can see between, 2015. And, 2016. And 17 they, had some pretty rough waters now if you had bought and held during that downturn you would have got some awesome buying.

Opportunities, And that, as they recovered here after 2018, you, would have had a peak there of nearly, a 60% average. Return but, they did come off those so, they have dropped very quickly, very fast here, just, here in 2018. As of. October. November period, so. We'll, cover that here in just a minute now. In the. Orange revenue. Of 71 percent or roughly seven, percent on average per year and the, red free, cash flow up one hundred and thirty six point seven or thirteen. Point six percent and in, the green, their net income, is up thirty seven point seven percent over. The past ten years or roughly three point seven percent so. Again strong, financials, for. In a wholesaler. Here so I'm sure you guys probably know a couple of the other brands here that they do have but. Let's, take a look at their one year graph so going forward into 2019. They did raise their earnings per share, estimates. From. 368. To, 4o. 4.17. They're. Currently paying out 51. Cents per share each quarter, or, roughly. Two. Dollars and four cents for the entire year per share there, are 200-day moving average, is 83 dollars and 45 cents they're, currently trading at 70 dollars and 57, cents that. Puts them below their 200-day, moving average, their. Current dividend yield is two point six eight which, is one of their highest points for the past year if you, had bought them just a few you, know within the last year you wouldn't available to buy them any, higher than roughly, 2.10. Two point 15 percent so you're getting a great buying. Opportunity on, this wholesaler, if you're looking to get into that area they, are trading at a high p/e ratio, of roughly nineteen, point one five that's our forward p/e they're. Priced the book here is that six point seven zero which. Is slightly high her but, again this is a sales driven company so you're not looking at price the book you're, looking at price of sales which is 2.15. So this is is this is below that, 3.0, range where those you know it's what's, considered a value, buying opportunity, so, that is V. F, C. Again. 45 years of dividend growth all of these stocks are dividend aristocrats, that, I have had and I watch less but I haven't had the buying opportunity that, I've had going into. 2019. That is why they are on this list and finally, my fifth and last stock, here on the list is ticker. Symbol s YY this, is the Cisco Corp they, have grown and paid out a dividend, for the past forty, seven years since.

Or Cisco, Corp is one of the largest North American food, services, distributor, with roughly fifty, nine billion, dollars in sales just in 2018. It's estimated. That sixty percent of the market share in the u.s. so. Cisco they distribute, food in non-food items to more than four hundred and twenty five thousand, customers globally eighty. Percent of their revenues are here within your United States twenty percent from Canada, UK, and, other international, operations. Now. Cisco is currently trading at sixty two dollars and, twenty eight cents have a market, cap of thirty, two point four billion and have been trading between the range of fifty six dollars and one cent and seventy. Five dollars and ninety eight cents so they are trading, very, close to their 52-week low their. One-year price is positive, here at a dollar twenty two or two percent now over the past four quarters i believe they did miss their recent quarter here in quarter one 2019. I believe, they they, did miss it slightly but. Going, into quarter, to, 2019. In quarter three 2019, they have raised their estimates here from 66, to 74, and from 67, to 70, so, again, if we look over at the one year graph they are expected, to go forward, from, three, dollars, and thirty nine to three dollars and seventy six per share earnings per share there so they, are guiding, higher, going, forward, now. Bank. Of America has done currently Eddie by 75, dollars Morningstar. Has them out of hold at. $58. In CFRA. Has them out of hold at, sixty-five dollars. Now. Over. The last 10 years their prices, up one hundred and seventy six point six, percent or roughly seventeen. Point six percent on average per year and the, orange their revenue, is up fifty, six point four three percent or five point six percent and, in, the, green, the, year Rev or their net income is up, thirty seven point one four percent or roughly three, point seven percent. On average per year now, again, earnings per share into, 2019. Eggs expect, is expected, to grow from three. Dollars and thirty nine cents, three dollars and seventy six cents so that puts them out of forward p/e of roughly, 18.3%. They're. Currently paying out thirty, nine cents per share each quarter you, multiply a four, by four that's a dollar sixty take away the four cents so, a dollar fifty six is how much they're paying each share. Per year there, are 200, day moving average, of sixty seven dollars and 35 cents, which. Puts them below they're currently trading at sixty two twenty eight, so the are below the 200-day moving average, that, puts them at a current dividend yield of roughly two point three one percent. They are expect all these Starks are expected to raise their dividend here soon or you. Know very, shortly as they haven't raised it here within the last year so a lot of these socks are expected, to raise their dividend here going to 2019. So, again for PE at eighteen, point three six price-to-book. Twelve. Point two six twelve, point two seven but, again sales, driven company company, consumer, goods services company, this, has a price, a sales ratio of. 0.55. So, again very low very similar to Walgreens. Very. Strong companies here all dividend, aristocrats, so, that is all five. Of my stocks here so again we, have. T. Row ticker symbol T row1. Grains, ticker, symbol BW, ba ADP's. Automatic, data processing tickets. Yeah we already cover, the ADP we have VF C Corp and Cisco, two systems here chick Istanbul VF, c and ticker symbol syy, now, what I did a comparison, here to the S&P 500 S&P. 500, dividend currently, pays out for the year. I'm. Not sure if that's per year or per quarter, I believe it's per quarter they pal a dollar, 28. Per, quarter, or, four. Dollars and. 96. Cents per per. Year they're, currently trading below, the chin today moving average at 2200. Are two hundred and twenty seven dollars and seventy, six cents their 200-day, moving average, is two hundred, and fifty two dollars and twenty four. Cents and puts them at a dividend, yield of roughly two percent so. The majority of the stocks here that we did cover have, a higher yield starting, yield than, just investing in the bill now, here bottom, left-hand side I put the bill their average price that over the past ten years to here the graph and.

The. In. The orange, their, average, price. This. Shows nine point six percent but. This is a little bit data a little bit different so may be actually estimated, that me if corrected, that may have typed. In the information a little bit incorrect over anyways I had the price recording here at eleven, point seven percent on average over the past ten, years their dividend, twelve, point six okay so their price for a vu here. Because of the little recent, sell-off. That took place here just recently as of October. November December. We. Actually have an average price for the ticker subbulu, for the S&P 500 of roughly. Nine point six percent on average for the past ten years their. Dividend growth on average, is twelve point six percent so, when we compare that to tiro, their. Price is up twenty four point six percent on average per year which beats out the vu their, dividend yield increases, eighteen, percent which beats out the fou Walgreens. Here has a sixteen percent yearly increase on average for the past ten years and dividend. Increased at twenty nine point one so again price, and dividend increase beats, out the sp500. Ticker, symbol ADP or automatic, data processing price. And dividend yield they're up twenty seven point seven for the price and thirteen, point nine for the yield for. The dividend increase and ticker, symbol vfc there has a price increase there of forty nine point two percent or, dividend, increase of twenty four point, five now. Cisco. Systems here our Cisco. Corp. The, food distributor, not the hardware. And telecommunications. But. System. Cisco here has, a price, increase of seventeen, point four percent but their dividend has only increased at an average of six point, two five percent so this, is the only one that does, have a higher price growth you know it's, basher, price, wise then. S&P, 500, but it's definite hasn't grown as fast as say the, S&P. 500. So. That. Is all I wanted to cover in today's video I hope you guys did enjoy the video so again my number one pick was tiro this, is in the financial sector Walgreens, pharmaceutical. Medical. You, know huge. Distributor, of pharmaceutical. Goods we, have ticker symbol ADP one of the largest services, for payroll. Automatic. Data processing we. Have ticker symbol vfc this is the VF Corp, financial. Whoops. What was it oh I'm. Sorry wholesaler. That was I was like that was that's not right so the wholesaler, with, all sorts of Wrangler brands jeans, North. Face and many others and, ticker. Symbol syy this. Was Cisco Corp a huge. Distributor, in foods. And, just Giants, you know I've seen these trucks, going everywhere. Distributing. Their food all over. The place so huge, distributors, all given, an aristocrat, so lemon, in the comments section below did, you enjoy my picks that you'd not, you. Know would you disagree with any of them and of course if you are brand new to the channel hit, that subscribe button if, you enjoy the video found, it useful hit that thumbs up button below if. You have any comments, questions going. Over the video if you have your own suggestions, for January, 2019. Lebanon. The comments section below I always enjoy, listening and, replying. To all of you guys and, I, was trying to wrap this video up as quickly as I could I'm sorry it, is 3:30. In the morning I'm gonna be jetting out I will catch you guys later have, a great day bye.

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@Financial Investor The PBM CVS bought years ago Caremark working out better now and Aetna purchase will keep them ahead of the curve Minute clinics helped too. Been reading up on $Tdoc I think they work with CVS a bit. I think Rite Aid had something like a interactive doctor service also

@Financial Investor assets/liabilities spreadsheet worked, Thank You!!

@Financial Investor I'm taking a look at your website, good stuff. Under digital products, how do you make a copy of the spreadsheets?

@Kenny Robinson ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats (NOBL) - It's good, but I do prefer to pick my stocks vs. investing in a bundle. I found a few aristocrats weren't at their best buying spots or their financials don't work well with my holdings. VIG is vanguards sorta dividend one, and it offers a higher performance.

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