5 Business Lessons Worth Over £1MM

5 Business Lessons Worth Over £1MM

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Today. I want, to share with you five business. Lessons, worth over, 1, million. Pound. Now. 2018. Has been they here where, we, mark the lifetime sales of 1, million pound in gtex. So, really excited, about this. Achievement and, of, course it took it out, of hard work and a, sleepless. Night but, throughout. This process I've learned, very. Key, lessons. And in particular five that. I would love to share with you today in, this episode of explode, your expert, business show so, if you're watching the replay on Facebook, thank you very much for watching stay, until the end because you, are onto something. Incredible. That is going to transform your business if. You implement, what I'm going to share with you if you are following and watching or listening on, the podcast or, watching on YouTube again, thank you very much wherever, you are consuming, this piece of content so, I want to get starts, to get, straight into into, the juice trading. To the meat of this. Process. The, reason why I wanted to share with you this 5 lesson, it is because I. Didn't. Grow, up having. Business, owners in my family, or studying. Business, at all actually. I, came. From a very traditional. Background. With two working-class, parents. There. Was not even much money in the house were. Not poor were not rich but, they. There, was that much disposable, income after. One. Holiday, in the summer if. You can understand, what I mean and so I, had to figure out business. Literally. By, trial. And error and. It. Has been a roller. Coaster there's. Been a very. Intense. Journey. There's, been a very emotional journey, but at the same time incredible. Fulfilling, and that's, why I wanted to share this with you because, they allows, me an opportunity to reflect on what really matters in business because. There are so many things happening, at the, same time. That. Is difficult, sometimes, to, filter. For lessons, but. I believe, that that's why we live that's why we experience, our reality. Because. We, are here on this planet to grow and to, expand, as human beings and we go through our journey experiencing. Different, challenges. Or different, episodes, and they're. All there to help us learn and that's why I wanted, to take, the step back. Where. I could assess. What. Made. Us make, 1. Million in sales over the period, of the gtex, has been, alive, having. This exponential. Growth that we add over, the years and then. So you can make the most of this so let's get started, straight, away the.

First Lesson, the first lesson that I want to share with you is all, about. Focus. On selling, and marketing, now. When, you're running a business there. Are a, lot of different. Opportunities. That are coming your way and it's very difficult to really. Realize, where. To, spend your time that's, very difficult, however. When. You're starting out and in any situation any, period, of your business you need always to keep a constant, focus on two things sales. And marketing. Now. Let's, expand on those marketing. Is a what, allows. You to get, known marketing. Is what allows you to become. Visible, marketing. Is what allows you to get. Other people, to find. Out about you and, while, sales, is. The process, of. Converting. Those, new eyeballs that you have in your business into. Paying customers sales, is what actually, brings. The money in the bank sales is the lifeblood of the. Business, and that's. Why it's, crucial to, focus consistently. On sales and marketing now, a lot of people will tell you all you need to focus on creating. Incredible. Content, or having a great brand on building. A team on, doing, this doing that but first. Of all you. Gotta get. Yourself out there and get. Clients all. The rest comes, later at any, stage in fact, even if you're running a business because, you want to sell it out one day or you want to scale, it you, still have to prove that your. Concept, works you. Know how to market your business and you know how to make sales because no, one no other investors, is going to be willing to invest in you if. You haven't figured figured, this out you. Need to make, this happen, and in. Particular need to start driving consistent. Cash flow on your business, now. I remember, when we started gtex, that the first year we, turned over actually. A god I got the figures, here the, first year we turned over in sales. 2,400. Pounds that's in one year that's, crazy, the second, year we went in forty one thousand, two hundred pounds, the, third year one hundred three thousand, five, hundred and sixty four thousand. Pound the fourth year, one hundred ninety, thousand, two hundred thirty four thousand pound the, third fifth, year three, hundred seventeen. Thousand, eight hundred eighty three pounds, and. Now. Today, - we have three hundred sixty thousand. In. In sales okay, which we are in our fifth year so. It's, really important, to, see that what. We've been focusing, on has been consistently. Growing our sales and getting. In front of more people that. Was allowed us to get. Our our, message. Out there that's, what allowed us to get. In, front of consistent. Clients, that, what allowed us to make. Sure that our business, was. Consistently. Profitable, so, sales and marketing, if, you're not making, money if you're not consistently. Getting in front of new people your. Business, is destined. To die. And. That's, the sad truth so. What are you going to do about that I'm. Going to do something, high. Up so, so that's lesson number one always, focus. On sales, and marketing. Always, have sales and Marketing as a. Priority, in, your, business, it doesn't matter how you set your goals in your business, everyone, will set them in a different way I used, one specific, way which I'm going to share in the next few episodes but.

Sales And marketing is what. Will, make you money and without. Money without client you don't have a business card bitch, capiche. So that's the lesson number one lesson, number two is about, focus. And probably. I'm the worst person, to talk, about focus but I want to talk about focus, anyway, now, why do I say I'm the worst person to talk about focus, or the reason why I'm saying this it, is because my. Brain. Is. The type, of very, creative. Brain. Where. Every, day I wake up with a brilliant. Idea. That. Can change, the, world and. One. Of my biggest challenges, has been actually, to not to. Consistently. Listen, to those ideas, that we're jumping. In my brain one. Of the biggest challenge has been actually the ability to say, no and. The. Debt has been reflected actually, in our growth in our business, because, at the beginning I, would just. Go out and say yes to every single opportunity and. I gotta say that if you're starting out I think, it's a great thing to say yes every single opportunity because. You still might not know like myself what you're doing and, I needn't have a clue about what I was doing so, I had to experience. It and I learn from, experience. That's how, I learned best I learned from experience so, I went out there and I said yes to every single opportunity, now. That got me to have a very, wealth current wealth of knowledge. Connect. With incredible, people, but. I gotta say that 80% of, the projects I was getting involved in they, were making any money or they. We're in the right platforms, for me so. I got these incredible learnings. Or, these incredible, pictures for social media or, getting this buzz about a project, that, actually, wasn't. Making, anything. In a backhand I wasn't helping anyone and I wasn't making any money which. What's. The point so. One other thing I had to learn is the same no, they. Dreaded, word no, I think, is more difficult to say no than to receive a no if. You're someone like me that wants, generally, to help other people that's why I got, into business say. No to opportunities. That can put me in front of people to, help them or to grow the business is, very tough, but. I arrived to the point where I was burn out, because. I couldn't. Hurry and have enough, time in my day to do, everything I wanted to do in particular to do everything I could meet with myself to do I said. Yes to everyone, without. Really understanding how, long and how much time it was gonna take to fulfill my, promises. And therefore. Ended up doing or a poor, job or, a great, job but I was. Feeling crap, about it or. I ended up actually not delivering at all on those promises. So. For me in 2018. Something. That I said to myself I'm going to change this is. To say no more often and I. Did and guess. What, the business, kept growing and they, had more time more, time for myself more time for the business more time for my team more time for my wife more time for my all it is more time for my basketball, I never, had so much time why. Because, I was focus, on what was, creating, revenues, now. In 2019. I'm going, to be even more ruthless I'm. Going to say no to even more opportunities. Why, because I'm only going, to focus the majority of my time on the ones that I know they're, going to generate revenues, we've, done enough testing, we. Are done enough we've got enough results so we know in our business now, what works and what, doesn't what, brings money what, doesn't bring any money what. Brings clients, what, doesn't bring any clients, will, get us to make an impact and change lives and change businesses, and what, doesn't so. Why. Spending time or what doesn't, okay. It's cool at the beginning. But after a while you gotta be smart about it that's, what I say to myself so. This is why focus, is the second, biggest, learning, that I got during this, period of growth this, year but. Also has, been a result. Of all the other years that we'll be able to past five years that. We've been running gtex, now. We have the. Third so let's recap the first is sales and marketing focus, on sales and marketing the second, is a, learn, to focus and to, say no and focus. Only on once. You find it on what. Works first, of all you gotta find what works or you, got hire someone I can help you out then. Focus, on that 100%, and. The. Other thing, the other biggest learning that helped us to, reach this milestone of day 1, million, in sales.

And Generated, was. The. Ability of having a great team around us, and growing the team and. I was another challenge that I had to overcome the. Reason why was a challenge, is because I am. How. Can we say a control. Freak yes. That's, the word I'm, a control, freak I love. To have everything, under control and, to know what heir who. Was. Happening, in part, of the business I actually, feel. Kind. Of sense of missing, out if I don't know what. A team member is doing and. That's. Was, a. Huge. Bottleneck, in genetics because. I was committing, to do everything, myself from, the website to the line campaigns, the line marketing, to the sales to, the delivery to the clients, to, writing. For publications. And writing content, and. Creating, videos and editing, videos and creating. The podcast, and editing. The podcast, I was. Doing everything myself and. Dad. Was. The. Biggest. Problem. That I had because, I didn't have enough time I didn't, have enough time to focus on what matters, and therefore. The business was. Talk and. I was born now, but. The, moment I embraced. That. Actually, it, was. Better to have other people that, could do things with me. Then. You know they, complete, the business completely change, because. Finally, I was able to work with incredible, people and I'm. A team player that's, why I play basketball because, I am a team player I love playing in a high-performing. Competitive. Team that's, where I perform, best so. I wasn't by doing by acting, solo, I wasn't, even giving myself the. Environment. In which I can perform best but. On top of that everything. Was taking ten times longer. Now. We have, in total almost, 14. Members, between. Full-time. Part-time, contractors. That, work in gtex, and. I. Couldn't, do what I do right, now without them but. The business with him keep, growing and be scalable, without them as well and. This. Was one, of the biggest thing that I had to let go off on my ego of having. Everything, under control. And having, everything, that needed, to be done perfect. Which. Actually, they. Are doing it even better than what I thought it was perfect, by the way, but. It was just an illusion that I had in my mind and. It more when I let go of it and, started. Hiring people starting. Growing the team, that. Was the moment in, which things. Started clicking but. And again we. Already proved. That, we had a business because we focused at the beginning on sales and marketing, were, able to generate sales, and market. Our ideas. We. Knew, what was a rough focus, on our business, and then. We narrowed down a narrow it down and narrow it down so. At this point we could expand, with the team I think. A, lot of entrepreneurs, there. They, want a team too early just, because they don't want to do what's necessary. For. Them to grow their business, it's, a way to avoid what's uncomfortable, it's a way to avoid those, sales conversation. Or putting the self out there which. Is crucial for an entrepreneur, you. Cannot have a business, if you don't put yourself out there you can't or. You have a partner, that does and you have a partnership in your business, but.

If You don't have at least one figure in your business that it keeps getting out there and get, a sells you. Cannot hide, hiring. Team. Because, now what. Happens, is that your business that will only function, if you have other people selling, and marketing for you so, that's why the biggest, learning a lesson that, got us over a million in sales was to focus on sales and marketing, then. We focus, on refining, just, looking on what works and then. We expanded. The team, so. That we can instruct them only. On to do the things that worked so they, didn't waste any time I, want. To say a big shout out right, now -, Durga, Mata thank you for joining, hello, Scott - thank you very much for joining as well any, question, that you have or any comment, feel free to comment, below and welcome. To everyone else as well it is joining the live right now so. We talked about sales and marketing we, talked about, becoming. Getting, super an ultra focus we talked about having the right team in place and, now. We are going today for two fourth, lesson that, helped, us to get over a million in sales over the past five years which. Was. Being. Everywhere. Now. I got people saying, to me OC morning I open, your feed you, are everywhere. You, are on Facebook, your LinkedIn, you're on Instagram you're. On Twitter I open, the emails I receive your emails, I open, my messenger, both and you send me the chatbots Simoni, you are everywhere. Gtex, is everywhere. You are speaking at 200 events a year how. Do you, do that now. This. Is not easy that's. Probably, the toughest, part of, the. Business, which. Is being, everywhere, and creating. So much content, that is. Distributed. Multiple, times in multiple platforms. And that's. More difficult at the beginning there, are your team the easier it becomes because, they will take the pressure of you but. Right now in. 2018. 2019, and, now we're going 2019. The. Social. Media feeds and, Google. Fee and the, Google pages are so saturated with content, that, you. Need to be everywhere to stand out because. Otherwise people. Will, not follow you will follow someone who is everywhere, and that's, this sad news, because. While before you could just be on one platform and be happy with that now. If you're, not in, all, the different platform, there exists. People. Will not take you seriously and. They. Will buy from the people that are on multiple platforms, why. Because as human, beings we don't use only one platform you. Might be on Facebook, you might be a LinkedIn, you might be on Twitter you might be on Instagram you might be on Google and as well as human beings we like to consume, content in different ways we. Like to consume marketing, material, in different ways that's. Wise my duty, is my role to create, all the different ways and be in all the different platforms in, where you are so. Then I can actually align, in the way you like to buy some, people. Say well but this is a bit too much. Look. So wins, looks. We're looking Wednesday in in the game of business. The. Businesses, that are investing, the most in their brand and getting, their brand everywhere. If, you're just taking a step back from the, expert. Industry, the, personal, development industry. Just. Looking at business, normal. Businesses, the. Businesses that are everywhere are the businesses, make, the most money why. Because. It's. Advertisement. People. Will, buy, for. Branded. A trust and how do you build trust by, being in their faces every, single day with the right message. Every. Single day every, single time in multiple, different ways, with. The right message and, I. Know it's hard work and I. Know there is a law of content. Creation, to put out and being, a bit smart in the way you're repurposing. That content, there, is an episode on the podcast that I did on how, you can create. 13. Different pieces of content doing, one thing so. Check it out to, remember the name. Number of the episodes, I'll, do it again but. There is a there are ways in which you can create content a smart way and repurpose. It accordingly. But. You need to start embracing the fact that you cannot be only on one platform and, some people don't want to be even getting out there and then, they wonder well why don't make any money well. I don't make any sales, because. People don't trust you it's. Simple if, people. Don't trust you they don't buy from you and. Now the sales, cycle is getting longer and longer and. Longer and, longer why because. There are so many people that are getting out there that. Make these great. Claims. And promises that, can change your life they can change your business that, if they have the best product, they are the best that. People don't, know anymore who to trust so who. They will trust the person, is in front of them with the right message. Most. Often, and, the.

People That are willing to become vulnerable to, share, their mistakes to share what works and what doesn't, now. Just to share whole look how great my life is actually that, smells like. BS. So. Be willing to show your life be willing to show yourself. The, absent downs the good and the bad in, a smart way remember, is always marketing. But. The. More you will do it any more platform. You will be the. More sales you will make the, more clients will have the more impact, you'll. Make as well so. Be everywhere, be, everywhere is my fourth, learning. And. If, you don't I don't have time I don't I'm not great I'm not great at creating con these are just excuses you. Learn how to do it if. You want to make it in this game of business you got to learn how to do it or you hire someone to. Different things or, you hire someone will you learn yourself. Recommend to learn this skill because, and, then having someone else to implement it but. Learn it first because. There are few skill in business that, doesn't, matter what, will happen to your business, you. Need you, want always to be in the position to be able to generate kinds and make money as, long. As you're able to do these two things doesn't, matter what happened to your business you. Have your selfs order and your family sorted a. Lot. Of entrepreneurs they lose their family their houses their businesses, just, because they don't have the necessary skill, to, keep them going where. Something, goes wrong because. You don't have a met we don't have a magic one we don't know what's gonna happen in business what. You know is that if, you know how to generate leads and convert those leads in. A consistent way. You're. Sorted you're fine. So. We talked about these are their fourth learning okay so let, me recap them for them and if you have any question guys let me know here one. Is sales, the first one is focus, on sales and marketing, then. Focus. On what works and learn. How to say no more often so. Only do what works in your business build. Your team and scale, your team so you can have more time to do what you do best and outsource. What you're not able to do and build. Your business in a way where actually you are becoming almost, redundant, where, actually you don't need to be there and. Also. Be everywhere be. Absolutely. Everywhere, and social. Media platform you can be on be on a social media platform with, a relevant message if. It's too much everywhere. And just completely. Starting out start. With two at least, then. You build from there if. You're a bit more advanced, you're now are usually. Posting on two different platforms, explore. All the others because, your clients are in all these are platforms, so you need to be where your clients are. We. Have we. Have one question. Which, I'm going to answer just, at the end so I'm going to share the fifth one and then Scott I'm going to answer your questions, and absolutely. I'm going to break down the. The. Sources, of the sale and then. We have, the last, one which, is a innovate. In. No. Vade. Innovative. Product eyes this, is the very last one, something. That we did this year which, I made a massive difference to, our brand was. To. Keep growing. To, keep launching, new products, keep, launching, new services, keep. Refining, the existing product, and existing, services, and also. Register. Our intellectual. Properties, and trademark. Our intellectual. Properties, now. How do we had many clients coming, to us saying that, they come, back to, buy from gtex, and they always come back to us because, we are constantly, innovating. Every. Year we, are becoming better, every. Year we offer better resources, every, year we are growing and we are not consistently. Or purposing, the same old stuff, what. There are companies, or other expert, or gurus that, for the past 25. Years have, been saying the same bloody. Things. Now, the word, goes on live. Changes. There. Are things and principles, that remain, the same but. There are other that. Are constantly, evolving consistently. Changing, and, I. Want to be consistently, evolving, and consistently. Changing, and I want to be using.

The Latest, trends, I want, to be ahead of everyone else what, some of the first one to use messenger, bots where they came out is a huge. Thing, alongside. Our email, our, email, strategies, where. Some of the first ones using. Gamification, sometimes. In membership, sites and so on so there, are a few things that we. We're doing. And that we are doing, that. I, look. At where. Is the market is where is the market going what. Are the trends, what. Are the latest technologies. Where. Are people buying. What. Is the future of the industry and I want to start early why. Because, I, want, to be an early adopter to, a platform, so. Then there. Is less competition, then. Actually, starting you yet we are everyone. Else is already on board. By. The time they get on board it means that I can use a mass at a platform, a hundred times matter and we. Have also, captured the, early users of, the platform, that are more excited, and are using it because now, they are exploring, it too, waiting. For all the other people to come in already with something substantial, to offer so. Want to be leaders not followers, and. That's why, always. Innovating. Always innovating, and, is. Core. To us not, the name of gtex, stands, for growing, together. Exponentially. You, hear me saying together we grow exponentially, all the time, why. Because growth is core, to us it's called to me its, core to been to, every, other member of the team that's why we all work together we. All believe that. Life. Business, is a constant. Process of growth and innovation. That's. Why we click so well, now. The other thing that I mention is productize. Now. You can the. Message can be the same, but. The, way you deliver this message. It. Will change all the time and, this. Is what you want to be focused on in what different ways can you share your message, and what. Different ways can, you get other people to consume, what you have in your brain so. For example we, are finalizing, our Booker which is going to be published, next year in 2019. Explode. Your expert business we. Are going to find, we are we have launched, our content. Planner our, journal. Expert, journal which, is a journal that allows you to plan your three, months your your year three months at a time and, smash, your goals we. Have created, our business, expert, business canvas which is a canvas that gets you to have your business all in one snapshot, in in one place so. You can always be focused, and. We. Have refined, a lot of the content our membership, sites we. Did a massive. Push, with this podcast, we. Created. A. Long. Form post and shorts, form host and articles, for, entrepreneur. Magazine for, Forbes 40, I think imposed. I've. Been interviewed, in hundreds. Of other different, podcast, and, it's well done, more than 200 events this year very.

Aggressive. But. This has been all the different ways in which I can share my message and now my message is out there in different formats, which means that more people will. Have access to it depending, on their preferred, way of. Experiencing. That content. The. Worst thing you can do is to just deliver. Your. Messaging, the way that you like to receive it, because. It means that you're missing out and a large portion of. The. Potential clients, that you can have and. That's. What it takes to scale and to get to generate 1 million in sales that's. What it the, big difference, is for us has been productize. Productize. Productize. Product, eyes and, in 2019, guess what we're, going to create even more products, and it's going to be easier now that we have a bigger team the. Bigger the team the, easier the faster creating products will be because. Someone will create a content, someone will create a design someone. Will create a marketing, material, someone will create a marketing campaign boom in a couple of weeks a product can be created. Done and dusted and all out, that's. Where and now, this exciting, for me because I can, see the speed of implementation, literally. Shooting. Up. A. Rocket. And I love speed of implementation, there. Is something, you gotta know about me said, I don't spend much time learning, I spend. More of my time doing I learned, something I spend my time implementing, it, because. When. Something is here. Is. Of. Little use and doesn't. Matter what you learn it will always take a learning, curve to become a master, at it or if not a master, at least to become good at it you. Can get the best courses, that there are in the world of public. Speaking but if you don't get on stage and speak. You'll. Not be better, simple. As that all. Right. So these are my five, business. Lessons, from. This year that, got us to over a million in sales in, the, lifetime of gtex. Let. Me repeat them and then I'm going to answer a few questions so. First, of all the first one is sales and marketing, second. One is focus. And learn how to say no third. One is build. Your team and scale, up so, you can have more time for yourself and, do, what you love best what, you do best, be. Everywhere. Every. Single platform you can be be, there it. Will make it an old difference because people, will trust you would buy more easier easier. And then. Innovate. Innovate innovate, and. Productize. Is. That a five, business. Lesson, or, worth over, 1 million got. One over got us over 1 million pound in sales and. If. You adopt, them if, you apply them so. You can see these are principles is, that timeless, principle, these are not tactics, tactics, change, all the time but if you apply these timeless, principles, your. Business will, skyrocket. Now. We have a few, question in the meanwhile, so, well make sure you join our Facebook group and, if.

You Want to become a private client, or join of our one of our courses, and, next. Year make, sure you send me a message right now we, can get a chat and see which, one or different options is best for you depending. On where you are so, I am rarely selling, a specific, program, because we work with people and, everyone. Is a different way of learning everyone, is a different way of experiencing. Their content, some, people prefer more, one-to-one bespoke. Support, other, people preferred, working, in groups, other people prefer both, people. Have different budgets, some people cannot afford spending, 20. Grand upfront to. Work with me and they will work with my team and other people, will say ok here 20 grand and let's, go and get started so. We, have something for everyone make, sure that to use send us a message if you want to become an authority in your field because. That's what we do we turn experts, into, authorities so. Let me answer some question, Scott can. You break down the sources, of the sales events. Vance's marriage membership, site versus. Coaching, etc. So, I don't have they feed exact figures in front of me but, I can give you a rough estimate of the, ones that I remember, from our last meeting so, we have the. Majority, they. Are coming from one, to one clients, and events, it's. Almost a 50/50 they're. Coming from events, and one-to-one, clients, are the one that, are making us the most money and then. We have a smaller percentage. Of online, sale. Much. Smaller because, we are not focusing. Massively. Online where. Everyone is focusing online I'm focusing, mainly offline, because, that's also where my skill set up my strengths are going. To wrap umph your line sales, this, year in 2019. But what, I I was really good at he, is a to speak and sell from the stage so, what I've been focusing on for the past five years speak. Himself from the stage did. More than a thousand events the, past five years and. Next. Year I'm going to reduce the number of events and increase the quality of, the. Events I'm speaking, it to make sure that I'm only speaking in front of the right people and ideally.

Male In front of larger audiences. But. That's. What, made. Us the. Most, of the sales so, events, that. Generated. Sales, of of one to one clients, or buying. Our event packages, which is our lifetime, memberships, they're. Almost 50/50, and then. We, have our, online, sales, much. Smaller percentage. Probably, about a 10% of, the, total sales that we have, on. Recurring. Revenues, and recurring, online. Programs, or. Even one-off, sales of, online, programs. They. Are a question. Is. Events. And one-to-one, anno events in one to one that they are about 80. 90 80. Percent okay let's put it this way. We. Have a 50 percent of revenues, between events and one to one another. 40, cent of revenues, of. Our corporate, clients which is a been. Which. Is been side of the business and then. A 10%, of online, sales that's. A good that's a good breakdown. Then. We have the, other question, is it what did you sell in. Order to you make 1 million this. Where the. Different products. That we, sold where. Tickets. Of events of trainings. Tickets. Going from. 300. Pounds, going, up to 2,000. Pound for, the trainings our. Lifetime, membership, which, is a series. Of event training for. The entire lifetime Plus, business mentoring for the entire lifetime, we get our clients, on a stage once. A year and, that, is, one of our best selling products, which, now, is 15,000. Pounds and is, growing to 20,000. Next year and that. Was our, definitely. One of our best sellers. Our. Corporate, consulting, the Bendis was. Another program. That we offered in particular, doing sales training for recruitment agencies, which. Is one of our businesses, at which man takes care of. And. Also we saw the online, membership and, we, sold one-to-one, coaching and we, saw single online programs so, these are all the range of products that we have and, the. Reason why I decided to create every. Single product because, I wanted. To make sure that our business, was. Was. Bulletproof, there. Might be moments. Or seasons, where the event industry is going down means. That I can run pop and I have there's been for a structure to ramp up their line sales there. Might be a moment. Where the one-to-one clients, are going down means, that I can push more in events they're, mean more moment where the alliances are going down I can push up more than one to one clients, so, just wanted to have old infrastructure. In place and it took a bit longer but. I feel that the business is way more stable for. The long term instead. Of just focusing on one product and one service, like, a lot of people and, then. The moment that doesn't sell anymore they're. Screwed it. Doesn't matter at any given time now I have, about, 15. Different products. That I can sell so. I'm. Gonna make some money, things, I doesn't, matter even if no one buys one someone, will buy the other so. That's the way we've been able to grow the business and making it sustainable in, in, the long run. So. These are thank. You for asking questions. Called I really appreciated, now, it's time to wrap up because. I gotta go remember, if you want to become a private clients, or you want to join one of our paid, training our. Intensive. Explode, your expert business where, we help you launch it create, plan. And launch your, signature, high-end program in three days and. One of some. People made 12 K within 14 days some, people make 30 K in, 14. Days make. Sure you let me know it's called explode your expert biz intensive. Next. One is going to be in February if, you want to become a private client again let me know or. If you prefer having a 1/2 more one-to-one support or you want to join our library. Of online training, then. You can join that too so, we have different options for you let, me know let's, have a chat you'll have a chat with my team they. Will explore what kind of help you need and, we're. Going to give you what. Is more relevant for you that's. The way we work because, we don't believe that one size fits all we. Believe that everyone. Is a different way of learning, everyone, is a different way of getting results want, to understand you as a person, ascend. You as a business owner as an expert and they. Give you the best thing that we can do for you 12, you become an authority in your field. Thank. You very much for everyone who has been watching we're, watching live if you've been listening to the show maybe. What been watching the replay on YouTube or you're. Watching the replay on Facebook, or listening, on the podcast on, iTunes or your favorite podcasting, platform, don't, forget to subscribe make, sure you do it now.

It Goes a long way the most subscribers, and reviews we have, the more people, will see this content and so. I, really, appreciate if, you like what we do for you what I do for you every single day, really, appreciate you to subscribe and like the page follow. Us on a different social media, and if you're ready to have a conversation about, becoming, a client because, you. Lie. The way we work you like our philosophy. Or ethers and what we can offer, absolutely. Let's of a child as I'm, looking forward to working together now. This is the last episode of the, year this is the last episode of. 2018. Is our next step you know episode, is going to be the first episode of 2019. I wish, you a fantastic, end. Of, the year have, fun drink, a lot make, love. Celebrate. And. Let's get started with another fantastic year from. Me see what I mean Chauncey is everything. Looking. Forward to seeing you next episode. Until then remember that, together. We, grow, exponentially. Ciao.

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