50 Wholesaling Real Estate Deals a Month - No Business Like Home Business - Bryce Sharing Knowledge

50 Wholesaling Real Estate Deals a Month - No Business Like Home Business - Bryce Sharing Knowledge

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Hey what's going on everybody this is Joshua, Engels and I'm really excited I've, got Bryce McKinley. If you don't know Bryce he's crushing, it he's doing over 50, wholesale. Deals a month, and. He's. Actually. From, Chicago. Originally Chicago, Southside why, you see the Chicago Sox, hat he's in Dallas now just. Doing amazing things he's, got an amazing mission. Helping. The homeless and doing, just a lot of great charity, work so Bryce big, honor to have you here and share, your story I, appreciate. You absolutely. Thank, you and I don't know if I mentioned this he's only been in real estate for five, years, so it's, only be in real estate five years and doing over 50 whole sales a month is just like. That's. Awesome man, appreciate, you sharing so, let's, jump right into it so you, got started, five years ago, tell. Me how you got started in, real estate and. That's. That's. Deep but. I'll tell ya so as a business consultant I, learned, or I lost a lot of things leading up to that day where I became involved. In real estate I. Won't, go into all of that here, but, going, through this. Overcoming. Battle stage in my life. All. I knew is how to come in and make businesses, better that's. All I knew right I've worked with Ford I've worked with Nissan, Tyco, De, Beers and our di trading, and the diamond industry Magna, resources, and the gas and oil all I know is how to come in make sales and make sales processes, better that's all I've ever done. With. That said after losing, everything, literally. Everything and. We can dig into that if you want to this is your interview but man. I got hired they I met. Some guys that needed an acquisitions, guy and they hired me. But. I refused, to ever work for anybody again, and so I mean, you know my story like eight. Years old I made that decision I will never work for somebody, again, like that was the first time in the last time I would ever get fired from a job. So. Man. I got, I, got. Asked to, come work for them you know they went through that interview process and and, I, pitched him my consulting, and, that. Was the game-changer because, they. Didn't necessarily say, yes but they didn't say no they. Convinced. Me to give him a shot and. I'm over here like well I only, have a couple dollars I've got I'm a single dad I'm sleeping in my car a month, ago you know. Let's. Give it a shot and what they told me was if. You come to work for us and you do ten transactions. We'll have a conversation about making you a partner. Sure. Enough you made that happen, twenty-three. Transactions. Later thirty days later Wow. We had a conversation okay, I didn't, know that that was a big feat yeah how many three transactions. My first 30 days. Again. That's. Awesome, so, what, do you think makes, you so successful, at at, being. In acquisitions, Matt being and acquisitions, negotiating. Contracts. What. Do you think is your it factor, to, be, able to do that without, really having any experience, in real estate whatsoever.

To, Do 23. In 30, days and. I've. Got some very very sick. God-given. Ability, first, and foremost and, I've. Been able over the last you know 10. 12 years hone, in and tweak and and just, perfect, them right, I've. Got a five step process to every conversation and. With. That process I've learned. Even. Though I've always done it I've learned, that that process. Gets. People into. A limiting, belief and. Then. Provides. A solution yeah, that's basically what it does and, so, I can, get you into a negative feeling, about your circumstance, or your situation and then. I'm the lifesaver, I put on my superhero, Kray cape, and I'm the trusted. Source for information I am, that superhero, and in, turn. Thank. You you know I get that so often you know hey I want to thank you so, and so's got a house right down the road they'd like to sell to you too you, know and so. It's, really been good to, just know, that this five-step, process that I go through. Build. Some limiting beliefs and yet creates, a solution for the problem that they already have in their head yeah. Absolutely. We're here at a weekend in Jamaica at this. Retreat called tab great. Event and you. Were one of the speakers and I think one. Of the things that really spoke to me too is you found your life's purpose and you're. Not you're. Not doing this necessarily for yourself so. So. So so when you're doing it I mean I encounter, a lot of people in real estate, they. May not even know why they're doing it I mean you've really found your y2 and I mean I think that's extremely, important, so so, talk about your why because I think that do, I know I didn't, say I think I know that feels useful so talk about that a little bit so I, look at things that's interesting and I appreciate you asking because I, look at things a little different, my Y and my purpose are different. Yeah my, Y is because, I have a 7 year old at this point that, 7, years ago today, saved. My life. You. Know, when. He was 9 months old sitting in the back of the car and I took my 40, Cal and I put it in my mouth and pulled the trigger at. 9 months old babies don't talk. He. Said daddy everything's, gonna be okay and I knew that I had something else to live for. You. Know and, in. That moment that. Became, my why because. He believed, in me yeah. And, then. It. You. Know I still get emotional you see me on stage but I was crying like a baby I'm okay with that yeah like. My. 7 year old changed my life that's my why, my. Purpose. Is. To, serve, and add value, to, anyone's. Time money and family, and. There's a big difference, there in. My head at least in my head you, know there's, a big difference there because. My. Why is. Is. There. But my purpose in life is greater, I love, my son don't take that the wrong way but. My purpose is, greater. Than. My wife. So. Let's let's talk a little bit more about. Your, purpose to I mean, you're. You're doing all these real estate transactions. You're. Raising, a phenomenal. Kid that I've met here at this of that just an amazing, kid an amazing, giver you. And. You even mentioned it too I mean 50%, of your salary, is going to. Essentially. The homeless I mean that's. 50%. You. Know I know that, you. Know a lot of people, like. That's an extremely. Aggressive. Giving. Back that's, incredible. So, so talk a little bit about a, what, a why 50 percent I mean that is just like, again. For, a lot of people that.

Is Something. Really hard to even wrap their their head around. So. Your question, is why 50, percent, or so. My question, is like. You're. So. Like, you you want to give back so much that you're giving, 50. Percent, back, to the homeless and other things other charities, other causes. That, are bigger than you and. You. Know. What's. What's. What's. Driving you to do that. Because. I realized, that. After. Having, a son killed my. Wife take her life. Fifty. Plus million dollars in assets and business, is gone overnight, I could, lose it tomorrow, and what about done, to impact the world, and. I, don't know where 50% came. From it this that's just where, I. Don't. Really don't know it's been that way for about four years now and, fifty. Percent was a number that we chose because I, can, live pretty comfortably, off of the other fifty percent and, I, can still fulfill my memorize from my responsibilities. I'm still taking care of you know my dad and my mom and my brother and all, this other drama, and baggage, that has you know in my in my life right. Well. Fifty. Percent of that I can live off of yeah. I've been blessed that's. Incredible, so there's. Really no rhyme or reason it, just works out to there's, a budget, in place and. That. Works within my budget it's, awesome. So. Let's, get back to appreciate. You Sheriff. Appreciate. You sharing let's let's, talk again a little bit about about real, estate so. So. So first month, I. Think he said was a twenty nine twenty, three twenty three okay, so now, you're averaging, I always remember that because Oh Jordan, I should. Have been able to remember that gaga. So. Twenty three you're, now doing you're. You're now doing over, fifty how are you keeping this all straight I mean. That like to. Me, that's that's even a mind like you have to have some you have to have some incredible, system how do you keep how, do you keep this straight. You. Said, it's systems, delegation. You know i, whore. Out tasks all the time because if they're not making me money or able, to add, value to my purpose i don't, want to deal with it and i don't want to do it so I'll delegate, it somebody else but, I also found that in business, when you can add, tasks. To someone else's mentality. And they take it on as a responsibility, you. Empower them, I've. Got a VA that. Five years ago was just a VA screening. Phone calls and now she has a multi-million. Dollar IT, company. And she's, built out IT systems. And CRM, for. Like 90%. Of these guys right, it's. Been an honor and a blessing so. That. Within. Itself is is, half, of my, system, it's you know I'm. Christian. I don't you know follow the, our religion. But theology, I'd done the big steward, of right but. The. First thing that you know Christ said it was a Hall about mindset right. He said you know put your hand back to the plow you're not fit for the kingdom you. Know and that's a scripture that's where. A man, it's. All mindset. It and, and we hear that we see that but it's like what is the application. There and then. I teach that, I teach what that application looks, like you know simple, steps to my morning routine you, know I've got a five-year-old we've been at a retreat had, a few drinks this week I'm. Still up at 5:00 a.m. every morning. Some. Days my bags are bigger than others but I've been up at 5 a.m. every. Morning between. 6:00, and 7:00 I'm going, through my affirmations, and my meditations. And things like that I have some applicable, steps that anybody, can do as, long as they're serious about working those steps you. Know and so, it boils down to steps, and processes and mindset, and, putting. The people putting. People in the right place sooner, than later so. Let's. Talk about mindset. What's. Your daily routine. That you mentioned, there because obviously every, day again. Your your Y and your purpose are really, driving you so how do you get yourself in that, mindset what, what, do you do on a daily basis you give me my phone please that's, a great question. So. I, have, a morning, routine and. My morning routine starts. Out 5:00. A.m. and it. Starts out very simply. Make. Your bed. Oh, yeah. The book yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah I've read that yeah it's. A simple little little. Task make your bed I mean, it sounds stupid make, your bed. If you win your morning you'll conquer your day mm-hmm. Every. Morning I wait I wake up and make my bed the coolest, part about it is I walk in my seven, year olds got his bed made and he's already reading grant cardones, millionaire, booklet like, he knows this, is what we do yeah you know and so.

I, Say. That because I wanted to I wanted to pull this up and read this because I think that this is super vital it's. Just something that I wrote a while, back but. My morning routine. I'll. Show it to you this is I printed this out my, morning routine goes, through my my guarantee 3:00 or my gem deposit so for the next three hours I, go, through 20 minutes of affirmations, purpose, my AIIMS my i wills what I will do the, next 20 minutes I write in a gratitude journal a minimum, of five things with details, and thoughtfulness, behind, the text and then, I store. That because my son we have an afternoon routine, as well and an evening routine I don't, pick him up and say hey how was school today what, did you have for lunch I, say. Hey did. You get to say thank you to three people today, did. You ask for forgiveness if, you messed up. Tell. Me about your, day was. It in line with your journal things. Like that right and it's that's. Been the huge like the biggest, impact, of my life is to see how my seven-year-old has. Been able to empower other kids, and as, manipulative. As that sounds, he. Is serving them absolutely, it's been so cool so back to this visualization. So for the next 20 minutes I've got three different vision, boards I don't, do my vision boards like everybody else does I don't have them up if I can look at them I sit, down for 20 minutes and visualize. Myself and where I'm at a perfect. Example you just want to talk about some miracles right I was. Visualizing last. Year that I would have a Lamborghini and, not just any Lamborghini, this is a Lamborghini her cotta with, a matte, finish with red trim. You. Know how long it took. 30. Days I. Kid. You not, because. I was I seen, myself driving, it I seen myself on the freeway, in, my visualizations. I was. Role-playing for 20 minutes I would sit there watch myself driving my Lamborghini, through. The hills and just. 200. Plus miles an hour now when I got it it's, get the crap out of me and I, only drove it three times if I sold it but, I got it I'm. Just saying and it's, not very pretty to cs65 250-pound. Dude roll out of a Lambo yeah just say it. So.

That's, That's where I go, that's where I go so visualizations. My gratitude and then I go into a 30 minute routine of devotion, you know I read, proverbs. Every. Morning I read a full chapter of Proverbs because, there's 31, days and and or, 31 chapters and proverbs and give, or take there's 30 to 31 days in the month except. For February and, so, you, read a chapter a day and, watch what happens to your mind it's. Nothing but wisdom and the Proverbs you don't have to be religious, to read the Proverbs because. It talks about your, mind it talks about your heart it talks about serving, people it talks about gaining wisdom and, knowledge, and surrounding, yourself with others so you don't have to believe in the whole theology side, of it but, proverbs, has tons of wisdom. Absolutely. And they're very applicable. And. Then I take, my son to school I mean I block it I take my son to school and I come back and for the next you know hour and a half I work out and I, work out with. Audio, you know Les Brown Zig. Ziglar John, Maxwell, Tony, Robbins, matt mattox in my ear for. The next 45 minutes to an hour that's. My morning routine, yeah. It's incredible I mean you're, you're, setting, up your day you're giving thanks, you're. Working. Out your brain you're, learning. And then. You're working out your body getting your body moving. So. Now that your day is set up so, I think your end your morning routine around and, they're not real, quick I'm sorry anybody, that knows of anybody that's got a Bentley miss LAN I'm. Visualizing, myself driving now, and. I poured coffee in it I spilled coffee in it the other day and so today when I woke up I actually visualize, myself like cleaning, the coffee and I didn't get it out so tomorrow, I've got to take the new Bentley that I'm gonna get that, I have I got. To take it to the cleaners that's, the type of Angela's, age that's that, is next, level I can see yourself, already that's getting. Messy I I. Was mad I woke up I was bad I gotta take the car to the cleaners tomorrow like. That it's real for me that's awesome, and it works so. You. Know that's not okay sorry that's awesome, that's that, I think, that's I think a lot of people do visualization. But to put to that I, would. Call I want say extreme, but to that level is his. Is incredible. I. Mean, you can only look at something for so long it's when, you start acting as if and you start engaging, that, into your mind pattern. It. Comes, when you give good good will give back you. Know and so I see myself in, that situation. Being. Intentionally, not reactionary. Well. I know I, saw, you roleplay earlier on another interview, you, were doing here for this for, this event. You're, just great, on the phones and so I know. That that's been crucial, to your success and, I what, I noticed, from your what. The role playing you did was that you. Genuinely will. Care. About someone when they're telling you you. Know this is who I am, this. Is what I do so talk a little bit about building. Rapport on the phone and. You. Know I think a lot of people I was amazed at how long it took you to start. Talking about the house yeah. It. Was like to me I think a lot of people and I've noticed this myself, like. I've. Been, de lot of homes where someone might say hey I'm not the highest offer but they liked me because, I didn't go straight to business you, know I took the time to, learn about them learn about their situations, so tell, me a little bit about that and how you're building rapport and why, you have a. Much, substantially. Higher conversion. Rate than most people, sure, I mean. I appreciate, that you recognize that I mean at the end of the day people. Like, talking, about themselves right. I mean people. Legitimately, enjoy. Speaking. About themselves, what they do who, they are and, where they're going, especially, where they're going yeah right, so I do, what's called for fo. Are am. Family. Occupation. Recreation. And motivation. Okay. And. When. I say form I it's an acronym to keep being line as I train other people but. When you go into a communication event, or you go into an opportunity to build rapport. What. Is rapport, rapport. Is you know broken. Into rap, import'. Right a rapport, is, it's broken. Down to rapping, and sharing, communication, impor, is the. Combination. Of what that does linguistically. To our subconscious and how that. Poor, and, and how we merge, together right, that's what rapport, means and so. I've. Taken that to the next level in and put some language around it and so I'm talking about people's family you know as if, I'm walking into a house you, know I'm looking, around me, and this is this is a great, house, looks.

Like You've got lots of memory oh who is this like, I'll point to a picture just to get my gear started, yeah is this your wife oh no, that's my daughter oh well she is beautiful, how many kids do you have you, know it's. Friday Friday afternoon, how do you have time to meet what, kind of work do you do that you can meet me on a Friday afternoon yeah you. Know exactly, and getting them engaged. Talking. About their family talking about their occupation, you know it's Friday any big plans for the weekend what, kind of things do you like to do for fun talk about the recreation, and then their motivation, is last it's last for a reason, because, now you can go into my step to where you start bridging that gap, you start taking all of the fun stuff and you, start building, a limiting, belief. Motivation. Why are you why am I here, Yeah right what, is the purpose why do you need to sell your house today or what are you looking, for when you sell your house today start, bridging that gap right and, then. The third step and you didn't ask me by my steps but I just kind of that's all right. You. Know the third step is those defeating, questions, and how you take those questions from their family, to, the pains that they're experiencing. And and, start. To see where you can add that value, to. Them right, and and knowing what you're gonna use against, them too close and I say that respectfully you're. Gonna use it against them because they told you all of this stuff they didn't realize that you did so when you use it against them they. Can't really object too much yeah. That's. My. It's. Awesome, and and I don't know if we mentioned this your your closing ratio is about one in ten. Proximately. Which is if you're, a real estate investor. And you're wholesaling, that's, an incredible. Incredible. Conversion, rate yeah. So. Let's talk about. Your. Business now. What, now. You're on the phones what, what's your involvement in, the business, today yeah. So that's a great question so at. The end of the day my. Whole philosophy is work on and not in however. I've. Had. An opportunity to be, partnered, with some guys and. My. Role now is its front lines I'm managing, acquisitions. And so, you. Know we've got two other acquisitions, persons right now that are constantly. Out prospecting. And fielding calls and things like that my. Personal, position is meeting, with them you know Tuesday through Thursday we. Meet Tuesday. Through Friday and then we have a big meeting with all of our team on Wednesday, and. You. Know this is simply to facilitate. Things I'm a facilitator. Over. That, acquisition side and then I time, block in between two and four of my phone rings and I can grab a deal I'm gonna grab a deal and. And I'm. Closing every. Single deal that I possibly can you know and so. My. Role is really the, acquisition, side and facilitating. The, conversations. And training, behind that. Yeah. I think so. We've been here again if you're watching this this is that while. Is after this, is being. Published. But, we're, at a week-long retreat, in, Jamaica and yet you, closed how many deals since, you've been here as of last night I've closed 23, transactions. Which. Which, is incredible, because it's not like we're here really on vacation were I mean there's parts of it that are vacation, but I mean we're, working through like these, are these are long days and, lots. Of networking, so that I mean that's an incredible. Well. And it's it's fun too because I can do, this. Anywhere. In the world because of the scale and people in place I. Mean. I'm. Going to Hawaii and Vietnam and Australia. Next month you. Know over. The next two months I'm gonna be all over the world between. Speaking and other, engagements. That I've got going on you're, still gonna be doing transactions, it's not I mean I've got some KPIs that I have to hit my own personal, right and so.

I Can do what I do anywhere, in the world and that's because I've given, permission, and responsibilities. And tasks to other people and allowed that to empower, them to make this their business. So. I have a just, a fun question for you so, when, you're on vacation and, you're at a hotel are you making your bed do. The. Cleaning staff love you I'm actually I'm, actually really, weird about this so you follow me to my room right now, my Do Not Disturb sign, is on I don't let anybody in my room because that's like my sanctuary okay, but my bed is made my. Bed is made my towels are folded I am very, very OCD like yeah. Nobody comes in my room. Is, the fun question. They, love me because like if I have room service like, Cranston, my son and I we had room service the other day and we, pretend. We have different hats I don't know if you were there without talking about this the other night by the pool you know we, had a dinner like we roleplay. Because, my son is actually a consummate, introvert, but you would have not noticed that had you seen him on stage today like he did hi people it's on a different role when. It's Showtime absolutely. And. We. Ordered all this food and, I'm over here at the am I what are you gonna eat son, I, don't know I'm gonna eat some of the hamburger, what are you doing we're like role playing like five six different carrier, three characters, right. So. The room service probably, is, like. Hell. There's two people it's a kid and his dad and they've, got like four trays we had four trays of like empty half-eaten. Food it. Was so wasteful, and now that I think about it that sounds horrible. Yeah. You're making memories with yeah. I. Can make up words somewhere else yeah. Is. Wasted, like half, of these peoples and years worth of food. So. So, tell me I, mean somebody. Might be watching this and. Maybe. They're struggling in their business maybe they're struggling in their life. Let's. Let's let's talk about their life first and we'll talk business last. So someone, who's struggling in their life and I. Guess. You. Know I mean, your, life changed, once you once. You found. Your purpose found, your wife how, do you recommend people do, that for themselves. You. Know I mean it's such a broad, question, everywhere. I. Would. Say. Find. Out who God is you. Know at. The end of the day mimic. One. Of my things that I read I think sometimes, some point I want to read this if we're okay with that yeah I found, my purpose and I put it on paper I'm. You know I'm not married yet but it says that I'm a loving husband, for example, like I am Who, I am and so, when I become, I'm already, being, right. So. For. Me it, was about. For. Me it was it was more so about, like. The. Passion and and how I found, him, not. About all the legalistic, s' you know it's not about religion for me it's about the relationship. And so, if you can sit down and have, a coming, to Jesus, moment as they say and. Genuinely. Be in that as a relationship, that. Will change the, rest of everything that you do and what. Does that look like well. You. Asked me a question. You're. Quiet because you're listening and. Then. You speak and I listen, that's. How a relationship, is born right, it's a give-and-take, it's. The same thing and so to answer your question you have to be able to maintain a relationship and. Not, a selfish, one because when, you get down on your luck and you're like me seven, years ago when, I decided, effort, I was done. Like. I'm. Not in control here. I realized that because. I'm sitting, here seven years to the day and, so. I had to figure out what that relationship was it wasn't always about me saying hey. I need you right now I need you it, was um. Maybe. He needs me to recognize. Who he is maybe. He needs me to step out and shut, up and listen. There's. A Bible for a reason, you know you don't have to subscribe, to the out or not theology, but, to religion, but.

I Promise. You you pick up a Bible you pick up you know some, sort of spiritual, guidance and watch, how that leads, you into that. Relationship, and you listen, and, pay attention and, then. When you cry out and you pray. It's. Like a give-and-take and you, will literally, hear, God speak to you it's crazy it's a crazy idea, but I promise you it works awesome. I appreciate, you sharing. So. We'll go back to business again what if somebody's struggling in their business or they're just trying let's let's talk about somebody, whose wants to get into real estate let's let's start there. What. Would you recommend to, someone that says hey. I want to become a real estate investor. I want. To get into business what, advice would you give someone, who, doesn't, have any experience, but wants, to get started. You. Know I. Don't. Know that I have the perfect answer for that I, mean I would, say just get started there's. Thousands. And thousands, of free content, out there but. You, don't want to get what they call in the coaching business you know paralysis. By analysis, and so, I would say find one system, and. Work. It. But. Don't make excuses, because you're not having the same result, work. On that you know find. A system that's been proven and working, you. Know. For. Me it happened to be hoe selling I truly. Believe and just like a lot of the other you. Know facilitators. Out there or gurus, or whatever I've really, truly feel that house selling is the easiest, quickest, way to get, involved, in real estate without, having, any responsibility I, don't. Need money to show up and close a deal because I'm gonna bring somebody else so. If, you want to get started just get started find somebody that's doing something big and if you don't know somebody I'll. Take you I've done a few deals you. Know and in. Now. Hopefully, you know that I've got a for purpose business, for a reason and, and. It's. Been beautiful, it really is it's so to answer your question just, do it yeah, just do it get started, quit, reading thousands, of different it's in training manuals and thousands, of 10,000, YouTube videos, just. Start doing it start looking. At the income producing activities, and start moving forward awesome. What. Would you say that's to. Someone going. To the second part of that maybe they're in business now maybe they've done, some some. Bad deals or you know I see this a lot, you. Know I've done, coaching, and. I've. Been, on both sides of coaching of course but, giving, coaching. And. Seeing, people, in my market place maybe maybe they do a deal and then they they. Get a bad taste in their mouth and they don't want to do real estate anymore, because they lose money what advice would you have to someone maybe they've done a few deals and they lost money what advice would you give someone that might be struggling, financially. And. They're looking to you know what do I do next. And, that's a broad yeah, I mean you you ask some tough questions there, because it's really gonna depend on their circumstances, their situations, and where they're at right so, every, single person, is gonna have a different perspective and, a different mindset. As we talked about but. Also different, opportunities. Available to them and so, I, would. Say to answer that question. Reach. Out I mean there's there's. 10,000. Real groups on on Facebook, you, know join, a Facebook group and reach.

Out And ask some questions go. To a meet-up you, know I've, not went to meetups in five years of business in real estate in other businesses, I had but I was just so focused and had my head down I just worked I've. Never been to a you know a real estate meet up until about you, know February. Of this year and. Now. I'm speaking. This is my fifth, one that I've spoke at and I've. Been to six. Yeah. The. One that I didn't speak at was I've got, a kid in Japan that I flew in to speak out you. Know and it's been amazing to see the bond and transformation. That happens, in other people's lives when, you're, able to pour into them but. More importantly add value, by asking, them questions, because, they like talking about it yeah, I think, you bring up a phenomenal. Point it's the network yeah. It's the network I mean there's so many resources, that weren't, available even, five. Years ago that, that are out there now and. I know you even have a Facebook group so talk a little bit about that yeah, so. You. Know before I go into that I want to you, know just, say thank you man I appreciate this, interview, and and the opportunity, to add value to your audience and, anybody, watching. But. My, Facebook group is virtual, host selling 101. Prospecting. Objections, and rebuttals and I, don't take just anybody, I look. To see if they've answered the questions, to see if they've said you know hey so-and-so. Referred, me you know hey seen, you at tab retreat whatever that is and then, I let them in, I could have 20,000. People in there right now if I wanted but I've got maybe 17, 1800 people in there we meet every Wednesday at 12:00 central I did it from Jamaica this week it was amazing, we, do a live room call, excuse. Me we do a live zoom call where we do Q&A and role-playing objection. Rebuttal, and then you know the twelve thirteen students that I've had over the last eight nine months that I'm coaching, they're, in their prospecting. They're in their cold calling live so, that other people can see the, hardest part of our business is being vulnerable and putting ourselves out there and taking action, these, guys are doing it and so that's, my group there's, several other like you said but that's the group that I focus, on with. My students, and others, that are following me awesome. Well what's the best way for people to get in contact with you yeah. So, Facebook, few facebook.com/. Search. Bryce McKinley. I think. It's like Bryce dot McKinley, dot seventy five I don't know why that is but the, 75th, price McKinley, I guess maybe how. That algorithm is, sharpened, sold out on Instagram. Virtual. Host selling 101, prospecting. Objections, and rebuttals group and. Man. If you're interested, in chatting. With me one on one you can always jump on my calendar, at calendly, dot-com. Forward. Slash sharpen, forward, slash fifteen minutes my 15 minute consults, I do for free first-come first-serve that's. That's the easiest way to get a hold of me jump, on my calendar Bryce. I appreciate, you taking, this time brother and keep. Up all the amazing work you're doing thank. You guys so much for watching God. Bless stay sharp we'll see you at the top.

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