4th Training : Why Network Marketing Business ? (English)

4th Training : Why Network Marketing Business ? (English)

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I'm. Speeding. Speeding. Moving. Five four. Three, two. The. World is changing faster, than ever what, used to take decades, is now taking, years or even months. What you see right now is, the. Illusion. That people have had for many decades, about. The workplace being the secure place to work, the rest of your life for the first time in the history, of our. Nation, our. Children, great, of our. Nation, our. Children, will, not do as well as us we've seen our friends get laid off we've been laid off we've had our pay cut people, are overworked, and underpaid they seem to have less time and less, freedom they. Live under constant pressure this, is gonna be for and. So, even if your employer loves, you you, make the American country there's something wrong that, on. Monday. Morning the heart attack rate increases. By 35%. Technology. Is accelerating, job Security's, declining. Just. Doesn't seem like the old models, of making a living ours reliables. They used to be every, aspect of our lives there's a better way out there but we still doing it the old length we live in the greatest country on the planet and, there are a lot of people sitting around complaining and being sin of course everyone's, whining, about this old model and that I'm like once you leave it look, at all this over here look at all this opportunity, since, so much of our lives revolve, around our work and the way we make our living many. People are thinking there, just has to be a better, way the biggest challenge. Facing our world today, is, not making, money is what are we gonna do with all the displaced, unemployed, people, are afraid that they're gonna make the wrong decision, people are afraid of the unknown people, are afraid that maybe I don't have the skills hey sports fans. Industrial. Edges over, this dead. That's, why going to school to get a job is, an obsolete idea of, steady, paycheck as an industrial age idea. It's. The search for answers that. Has brought us here together today. My. Name is Eric worry and for. Almost 30 years I've been an entrepreneur, struggling. At times but, ultimately, succeeding, as a. Best-selling, author speaker, and business owner I've spent my entire career, helping. Millions of people around the world to, become entrepreneurs, and, I believe strongly that there is in fact a, better, way when, it comes to how we make a living the. Career landscape, has changed dramatically, and many, are still working in a model that is completely, out of date what.

Worked For previous generations isn't. Working as well for, people today in. This film we're gonna explore three, important, questions first. What's. Really going on in, our working world today. Second. In, this new economy is it better to become an entrepreneur or. Is it safer, to work for someone else and third. If. A person decides to become an entrepreneur and start their own business how, can they do it without taking on massive, risk. To. Help in this journey I've, brought together some of the greatest experts, and thought leaders in the field of entrepreneurship, to share the real facts with you my. Intention, is, to give you new information that, will allow you to make choices that are not limited by an old outdated model. Let's. Start by. Understanding what's. Going on in our working world today. Let's. Look at unemployment 30 40 percent of the people are, honestly not, working, but would be working what, our government does is if you haven't found a job in six months you don't call you what employed we pretend you dropped out of the labor force I've often said that unemployment particularly. Structural. Unemployment, that's unemployment. Due to technological changes. Is the. First sign of economic growth thank. You for 10 people live, in an island they, go out every day and fish one. Day new technology, shows up a missionary, brings them a net now. Using, the net one pilots, the boat one throws the net two fishermen, can do all the work 10 used to that's. A 500%. Increase in productivity 2. Doing the work of 10 in one. Day you don't have to learn a lot to learn how to throw a net instead of throw a fishing line the, islands got a big problem 80%, unemployment but. The island still has all the wealth of the fish because the two people produce as much fish as tended. Now. Of course looking back in history these. Changes, used to take thousands. Of years and during, that time we went into farming, and transportation. Some of us became doctors, and some teachers, and lawyers and we developed all these new professions, and new manufacturing, jobs today. These changes, are occurring literally, in one day when, a new technological, advance, occurs and we, don't have the social structures, to deal with it or to retrain, the unemployed people so, one. Of the things that I think is interesting as. I travel, across the country and really travel, around the world is. The. Way that we work and, the way. We get paid for work is. Changing, pretty. On, a global, basis, everything. Is being turned upside down because. Of the rapidly. Advancing. Technologies. They. Are eliminating. Many jobs and we. Have been left with many people not prepared, for the jobs that exist a, lot of demand in public companies was, to squeeze out all the fat and to get just as much margin as we possibly, could and fat, equals humans, so this idea of job security and information, it is so obsolete, but, it's still taught inside our school system, and that's where the problem starts there's no financial education. At school system and people, are still trained to be employees, work for that paycheck this is a chart on the middle class, what's. Happening in the middle class those who went to school their. Income has have been coming down for years and parents. Still say that kids go to school get a job now. What happens to all those middle class people who are dropping off the ends of look off the chart well they become what's called working, poor and. This. Is what happens to working poor but they say poverty, is ending while property may be ending but, working poverty, is going up and this is food stamp usage so. Food sent me as such in America, is going through the roof right down because. People cannot earn what, they call a living wage most, people have experienced, financial, pressures.

That. I think, are probably. Greater. Than. They have been in the past if you're not working for yourself then it's gonna be a pretty hard road for a lot of people today if you're, going to control. Your future the 40/40, plan is gone where you can graduate, from college and get a job and work for 40. Hours a week for 40 years that day is gone so, some of these charts actually tell you what's going on and this is a really interesting one you know, people. Are going back to school because how if I go back to school I'll get a nice job but, this is what's happening - it's, called Sallie Mae which is the. Student loan guys student. Loan is going through the roof it's now over a trillion dollars and student loan debt is worse than credit card so. When people stop using credit card the, government, got people, in to sell or student loan debt as. To them the problem with student loan debt is you can never be forgiven. She, was credit card debt you can declare bankruptcy and, all's, forgiven. But. Student loan debt you can take declare, bankruptcy, you still Holland system. Is the worst of all debt but, this is the next picture look at this chart here this was happening to wages of college graduates it's. Going down, so. You go to college you rack up all this debt but you earn less money now that's not that intelligent, average. Person who's been working a lifetime in America today is ending. Their lifetime at 65, with about 41,000 dollars in assets they earned, just enough, to, survive I think in the United States we have something like 17 trillion in. In debt that's just a government the federal government debt, we got another two and municipal. And in, other let's, call it almost 20 trillion government we've, got 40, trillion in private, debt that comes up to close to sixty trillion when. You then add something we never had before what, you're talking about when we look at the unfunded.

Portion Of, Social Security and. Primarily. Medicare, Medicaid. That. At the most conservative, estimates, from outside firms kleiner perkins, 67. Trillion and growing that's. It that's more than all our other debt there's, less conservative, estimates, that say it's 84 trillion or higher I, added. Up conservatively, 127. Trillion dollars in total debt debt is a financial, drug when. You take it to excess, it's like taking a drug yeah it makes you feel better it it enhances, your performance but, if a huge cost eventually kills you and and. So that's what happens we keep doing more and more debt and you get less and less results, just like a drug until the debt gets so high that it crushes the whole system that's where rap 8.2. Times GDP you. Know, I feel sorry for I, feel. Sorry for the person who. Dreads going, to work, who. Is, sick, to their stomach, on Monday, morning who hates their, alarm, clock, who. Gets a little glimmer of hope on a Wednesday, because it's hump day, and. Says thank God it's Friday and, they. Live for those two days, is a week where they get to be themselves and, give they don't have to be around people they don't they don't like and they don't have to. Play. The political game in, the office, and they don't have to live. This half life. The, person that, works. 50, weeks, a, year. Just. To be able to have the two weeks. For. Vacation, and you know what happens to most of them nowadays. They. Don't have a vacation they have a staycation. They. Have time, off of work but. They don't get to go where they want to go because. They're overextended. They've got all this debt they got over this situation, they hate their alarm clock there they can't sleep until they're done they have to spend most of their life in traffic, I feel. Sorry for that group of people because. There's. A better way they just don't know it I see this really interesting attempt. At rugged individuality, in, a six by eight rectangle. And I feel like you're all the same except. For the little pushpins of the pictures there's different pictures yours name, Jenny and this, is named sue Jarrah but, it's the same people and, this is how they are and they're just like the zombies and there's no joy in there there's no fun there's always like the wacky woman who decorates our cubicle and that that's that's the most she can do there you got to give her credits right but with a wacky cubicle woman the basis, for their life is worried, and I'm worried, you, know maybe. I'll get fired I'm worried maybe my company won't go out of business I'm worried I can't, keep split, spinning, the plates on paying. The bills I'm worried about how do I send my kids to college I'm worried what if the transmission, of my car breaks that's no.23. I can't. Fix it, people, live in. A in a sea of worry and it eats at them those, signs that people held up during the Depression didn't. Say looking for a gainful employment in, a cubicle, it, said looking for work work. Is, what we're looking for a job is just a unit of measurement work, is what we're going after it's, time to look in the mirror and say it's not the economy, it's my economy, it's my little world where I am I need, to improve I'm not going to wait for the economy, to come back because frankly the economy, is doing great in this country so. I'm here on Wall Street the. Financial, center of the universe, the financial, capital of the world this. Is where most. People's money, goes. To. At least be held for a time right, with. Interest, rates in banks, being. Effectively. Zero and many experts, are predicting it's going to stay at zero for the next 10, 20 even 30 years. People. Feel like they don't have any choice but to put their, future.

Into, Equities to. Put their future into, the hands of other people on, this stock, market, and hope. That. The stock market goes up hope that the stocks that their advisors. Pick or that they pick goes. Up. That's. One way to go I guess, it's. My personal, belief, that. If you put your future. Into. The hands of yourself, in other words you have earning power by yourself. I think. You're a better investment, than these, guys I think, you, can controlling. Your future is a better option than, handing. Over your retirement, to, these guys. The. Average household income in the United States is approximately. $50,000. A year what, they call the, middle class to. Reach the top 25% of, income earners you, need to earn at least 90,000, a year to. Reach the top 10% would be a household, income of a hundred and forty thousand, the, top 5% one, hundred and ninety thousand. And to, be in the top 1%, you'd, need a combined, household, income of at, least three, hundred and eighty thousand, dollars a year. So. Here's the question, what. Do you think would give you the best chance to move, up and get, to the top 10% the, top 5% the, top 1% are beyond in. My opinion, and in, the opinion of, many many experts, the. Answer is to become an entrepreneur. To. Become your own boss I think, you have to be a business owner I I can't, the. Only time I ever say to someone to be agreed to be an employee's when they've already told me they've surrendered I only tell people who are wounded. Spiritually. That they should be an employee and it's that feeling that you get when you. Pick. Up the backpack off the little Cub Scout and say don't worry little guy we'll get you back to the camp you know it is not a it is in no way a kindness. When I tell someone maybe a great employee the other status, symbol really increasingly, is lifestyle, imple, can own their own business maybe. Even work out of their house that I, tell people admire, that look gosh I wish I could do the, spirit of the entrepreneur is. To be a risk-taker and to be resourceful, and unstoppable, and to, have a vision, of yourself beyond where you are and not willing, to settle for life as it is you think about the great entrepreneurs they're visionary. They have heart, they're, willing to do today what others want so they can do tomorrow what others can't personally. I don't think of the new economy. Economy, I create, my own economy, the, entrepreneurs, in control, I decide. What. The economy, is going to be like in the world of entrepreneurship, there are no limits you can make as much as you want depending on how much you want to work and how smart you are and how, great a team you put together there's, no more. Lifetime. Rewarding. Business. Than being an entrepreneur, why, in America where anyone, could be anything when, people want to give up their freedom and become effectively, a modern-day, slave told, shut up and be here every morning at 7:30 leave. At 5:30 and, do what I tell you if, people decide to become an entrepreneur work for themselves they, have some traditional options, but they're riskier, than you might think any, kind of a retail, business retail. Build-outs, is extremely, expensive. Even. Just these small little yogurt stores where, they're putting little yogurt machines. Did you get all the different flavors you're. Spending two three four hundred grand to open a yogurt shop I would love to buy a Dunkin Donuts but it's a half a million or so to start I don't quite have that just-in-case money, risking, lose it all and most guys do two or three times and even, big guys like Branson. Because I'm such a fan is half. This companies don't work you make a million your problems are gonna go if you make a billion your, problems really gonna go just.

The Opposite you and I know you're. Making a million you get a million new responsibilities, you make a billion you've got a thousand, times a million responsibilities. And most people say I'd. Love to be my own boss 70%. Of Americans would love to be, their own boss according. To recent, polls, but. They don't know how to get there is. What are you gonna do one. You could buy an existing business if somebody's selling. An existing business you have to ask why usually. Because it's probably hard, it's. Probably not making as much money as they hope to they. Could buy a franchise a, little, less risk proven, system, but. It's expensive to. Be able to do that 3, they could start something from scratch and. That's. Where a lot of people feel like I don't have. The. Chops to do it I don't have the money I don't have the, the. Product idea I don't have the expertise, I don't have whatever it's going to take to, be able to get there and I can't risk my family to do it so. Forth. They could become an investor a lot. Of people in this town. Invest. To. Try and figure. Out a way but you got to be pretty smart with that game - right venture, capitalists who are the very, best and most sophisticated and, investing, in new great food businesses make it on one out of 11, and, means 10 out 11 or mediocre or fail most, of them fail that's. The risk they're an angel investors, lucky to get one out of 15 or 20 a business. As a team sport look. I have to have accountants, I have to prep engineers, I have to have systems designers, I have to have sales marketing. I have to have accounting, I have to admission statement I have to have legal and all that the average Joe Schmo, even me I go out there I don't, have the skills to put, a business together I think the bottom line for the four traditional options, is they, take money sometimes, a lot of it they, take expertise, and they, take time all. Of that adds up to just, too much risk for most people I bought a business from somebody else and it was a lot of work and you know you start wondering what are they just buy because I, guess ultimately I own your email list and I just overpaid, for it people, that start their own business, they spend a lot of money they spend a lot of time a lot of effort to get things started and the. More you invest on the upfront the harder use typically, work at it I'll tell you what the success rate is of a restaurant what is it they're crazy enough about, 90%, of them fail the name how. Quickly. Your. Your or less Wow, and they're protecting non franchisee we're talking sure that's totally different yeah but our students aren't getting franchise, rights together if you got invested big money exactly and with, someone like McDonald's, you've had to work with the company for a long period of time really no they even have a chance at investing a million a chance and it's a slowly chance, what, if, there. Was a way that you. Had all the proven aspects, the comfort, aspects, and you could, still, control. Your own life what. If there was both in. Other, words you didn't have to create everything from scratch. You, could you didn't have to be a super leader all. You had to do what. If there was a proven product already you did have to create the product and, there's a proven system already, proven. Training already, everything. Except. An. Employer. That, was, the only thing that you didn't have. Do. You think more people would be open to. Working. For themselves in that environment. In. Our search for a better way to make a living we've come to the conclusion that becoming. An entrepreneur is, actually. Safer, than being an employee and, through. Our look at the entrepreneurial, options, one, particular, path kept. Coming up from expert, after expert and. I think most people will, find it surprising, because, it's certainly a non-traditional business, model, that.

Model Is for people to start their own business and become an entrepreneur through. The creation of a network marketing. Business. Some. People call it direct selling because. The product is being sold directly, from the manufacturer. To the end consumer cutting, out the middlemen other. People call it multi-level, marketing or MLM because. There are multiple levels of Commission's paid the. Most common, term today is network, marketing because. Network marketing best describes, using, a large group of independent distributors, independent. Entrepreneurs, to. Move a product or service, more. Efficiently, so my friend here at Donald Trump and I we always write, about the network marketing industry and the reason we support the network marketing industry because, it really is a business. Goal for entrepreneurs, because. Most people come out of school looking for a paycheck. That's. Terrible, I went, to network marketing like that I think. If it didn't exist we should invent it it is that good I think Direct Selling is a great. Way to do business today it's very easy to get into that industry and you can be self-employed, be, in effect, an entrepreneur. When we see multi billionaires adding. Network, marketing, companies to their portfolio of companies that, would be a clue when we see people, who are very famous authors, and very famous business people endorsing. The industry, that, would be a clue these. Network marketing companies are in 50. Million dollar companies, they're billions, and millions of, dollars they lead the stock market their major companies, when we're gonna get it you. Know and you're going to school to work for a paycheck but if you want to be a rich being entrepreneur, and network, marketing, gives you the, spirit, to be an entrepreneur a traditional. Company will spend up to 50 percent of their total revenue on marketing. Network marketing companies, use a different approach, instead. Of having all that extensive. Marketing, expense they. Utilize, a network, of independent distributors, to do the marketing for them now. Why do they do this, first. Because, word-of-mouth advertising is, so, much more effective today than, traditional, media advertising, second. Some. Products need to be explained, or demonstrated, and an independent salesperson, can do that more effectively than. An ad campaign third, it's, completely. Efficient. The. Company only pays for the marketing of their product, if a sale happens, and not before, imagine. If Amazon allowed. You to become an independent distributor and paid, out 40%. Of its revenue, to that distributor, group all. You, had to do is the distributor's recommend, a product and if a person bought it on Amazon Amazon, would take care of all the logistics and, you'd. Get paid for, bringing the customer, now. Imagine you got paid for every, purchase that customer, made for the rest of their lives. Well. Amazon, doesn't offer this option but network marketing, companies, do. 85%. Of all buying decisions, in our society, are made as a result of word-of-mouth, or reputation we're. Recommending things, to each other all the time you. Know who's your dentist who's your doctor who's your lawyer what detergent, you know are you using what a legal system are you using what product, you using where we're talking to each other but the things that we love anyway. When you go into a big-box, retailer, you're lucky if the clerk looks, you in the eye much less gives you any detailed, or accurate information about what you're purchasing. So. Of course there's personal information. As education. Coming from a friend a neighbor or relative or, even a stranger but who one who has experience, with the product is extraordinarily, valuable, as a matter of fact network.

Marketing Can educate, consumers probably, better than any other form of marketing, it certainly can do better than advertising, because advertising. Usually. Has a certain hype to it and you, can only get limited information, so. You, know network. Marketing Trump's advertising, as if you were a typical, sales company, and you wanted to sell a million dollars a month worth the product you. Might go find a hundred, superstar, salespeople, the. Quota would be ten, thousand dollars a month so network, marketing as a distribution, system, just. Flips the numbers, so. We use 10,000. Happy. Raving. Fans of, a particular product and we. Don't concern ourselves so, much with how, much product each one of them individually sells. If, they sell just a hundred or two hundred dollars a month and there's, 10,000, of them you're, selling a million to two, million dollars a month worth the product and that's the best way I can explain how network marketing works this, is the marketing, arm of the company there's, not money being wasted on bricks and mortar there's, not money being wasted on inventory that sitting stagnant somewhere, there's, not an employee's standing around that don't have customers these, are people they're going to connect with customers these. Companies allow people to become independent. Distributors, for extremely, low cost and with no minimum time, or sales, quota essentially. They own their own business, and can, provide as much or as little sales, as they choose in. Other words the, distributor, gets all the benefits of traditional business ownership without. The risk the advantage, of network marketing, is the. Ease of entry the low risk and the low startup cost because almost everything else has very high risk you can get in for a minimal, investment you're, buying into a system it's already been proven products. Or services, that have been proven to work the keys to network marketing is, providing. An opportunity for the masses, to get, involved, providing. An opportunity for the average person. Who, doesn't have the, resources to, start their own business, all, of this so far is fairly straightforward but network. Marketing, offers another benefit, and it's, this benefit, that, makes it so interesting for entrepreneurs. Network. Marketing, allows, a distributor. To build their own network. Of other, distributors. And then, compensates. Them on the sales created, by that entire group direct. Selling is at, its base very simple it's, the sale of a product or service, to. An individual, on a face-to-face, one-on-one basis. Just the way we're talking right now but. There's an important element as well and that's the offering, in conjunction. With that sale of product the, offering of an opportunity. An opportunity, for someone to make something, of themselves no matter what your social status is no matter what language that you speak I mean look how many unbelievable. People are becoming successful that speak, every. Kind of language out there what an awesome, gift, to give the world instead, of having to work, your way up in a system and prove.

That You could be a Sales Manager they just decided everybody, can be a Sales Manager, everybody. Gets to build a sales team from day one and so, what that brought into, the system of growth, as a direct selling company, is the, concept, of compounding. Or geometric, progression, because, now, you can actually grow Salesforce very quickly because everybody. Is, enrolling, people, in their own sales force people, who are like oh this is weird I'm building a sales team or what do you think you do at a regular company how do you think a regular company works network. Marketing is the only industry, that doesn't, say your past determines, your future, it looks at your past this is okay now what can we train you to do so you can have a great future future every. Other employer out there wants to exploit you for what you already know not, teach you something new network, marketing has a potential. To save. The United States and the world because. It's going to teach people not to be employees, but to be entrepreneurs. According. To the direct selling Association. If you add up all the network marketing companies around the world they. Combined to do over a hundred, and seventy eight billion dollars. A year in retail, sales, to. Give you an idea of how big that really is the NFL, the National Football League does, approximately. Nine billion dollars a year the music industry does a little more than sixteen, billion dollars a year and the, movie industry does, about 80 billion, dollars a year, using. A conservative, average network marketing companies pay their distributors, about 40, percent of that a hundred and seventy eight billion dollars, in the form of commissions, which. Adds up to more than seventy, one billion, dollars a year that's, almost six billion dollars, a month it's almost, two hundred million dollars, in commissions. Every single. Day, so. It's certainly working and people, are making serious, money in, network marketing with, the growth of the direct selling industry over, the last 10 15 20 years we've. Seen a broader understanding of, the channel we, have seen more and more people getting involved in the business, so our penetration, in the marketplace, has increased.

And Thus, the understanding, in the marketplace, of who we are has increased, and we've seen non direct selling companies, look at the direct selling model and say something's. Going on there people. Are making, money companies. Are being profitable, individuals. Are being motivated, product, is being delivered to market maybe, we should explore this some. People think only, the people that top make money well, let's take a look at that as well in the. Network marketing profession there, are roughly 500, people in the world who earn over a million dollars a year if. You round that number up to 2 million dollars a year that, adds up to about a billion dollars a year that takes the 71, billion dollars paid out each year down. To 70, billion so. Where does the rest of the money go the, vast majority goes. To part-time, people making. Anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to, many thousands, of dollars a month it, goes to people who choose to make it a full-time career, move and earning. Even more than that. Everyday. People are using the money they earn to network marketing to pay off debt have, more fun. And improve the quality of their lives everyone, I know in network marketing has been doing that since the 50s they, go to work when they want to go to work they stop working when they want to take time with their children to have a leisurely, breakfast, and discuss issues and driving to school they go back to work when they get home whoever, they're working out of the biggest thing that I've seen is people. That, have become much happier, in their, life MLM. Has probably. Made more millionaires of more people in more countries and I've spoken to them in 50 67. Countries than. Any other single form of business starting, from another if they have a choice between working, a job for the next 10 years or working. A network marketing, business for the next 10 years the, result, of working the network marketing business, will be better a lot of people within the industry go on and make this a career and. Do extremely, extremely, well at it network, marketing has. Been nothing but good for everyone I know that's been involved with it because they did it seriously, and they played full out and they've been very successful it's, been a constant. Barrage. Of success, stories and people. Showing off stuff I think. God as a result of it how many people are involved, approximately. 16, million Americans, and 96, million people, around the world are currently, participating, in, network, marketing and in. A recent poll 82%. Of those people report, a good very. Good or excellent, experience. With network marketing so, people are happy. So. I've taken a look at the network marketing profession and really tried to understand, why. So, many people are confused as, to the. Validity of, this, as a, business. One. Is this. Pyramid, shape, people, get really messed up with the spirits oh it's one of those pyramid. Things I. Just. Think there are a lot of haters out there who really don't understand, the industry and say oh it's a it's a get-rich-quick scheme. It's, a pyramid. Well, corporate, America, is a pyramid scheme you know a man he goes like this you have thousands, of MBAs, you know let's say working for Ford or General. Motors or coca-cola if, all these MBAs, and all trying to get to here that's a pyramid, all. Right one guy's gonna make it you, know every ten years one's gonna make it whereas, you look at network marketing it's like this so.

You Are here, and your job is to develop other CEOs, coming up behind you so it's inverse pyramid, in network, marketing it's a very simple concept, if you sell product, you get paid it, is paid based, on production, there is no first mover's advantage there. Is no investment component where. The, more somebody spins, the, more they're entitled to make so, the to Apolo opposites, of each other it doesn't matter what shape the company is or the compensation, plan is shaped whether it's a circle or a pyramid or triangle or, trapezoid, doesn't matter if, compensation. Is coming primarily from, recruitment, then, you've got a problem on the other hand if an operation is basing, their compensation to participants, on the, basis of sales, even. When those sales are generated, by people you've recruited well. Then you're a perfectly, legitimate enterprise. That's the legal test it's the practical, test another, issue, that's, been true in the past that. Is no longer true now is people. Used to be in network marketing loaded. Up with products, that they couldn't sell and they ended up a loser they ended up with a bunch of product in their garage then a bunch of products sitting in their kitchen shelves, or whatever and they thought they could sell it and then they weren't, willing to or able to sell, it and they ended up with a bunch of stuff and they were bitter about there was this thing called front-loading, where you had to buy like well if you about twenty-five thousand dollars of the product you got better, commissions and all this today, it's. Almost all done by computer it's, direct mail, comes from a warehouse somewhere else you don't have to have all this inventory you have to stock up it's, a paperless world now you know most. Of it's done online you have a back-office, and it really works and I mean the technology, has changed everything, third, issue is people start, talking about. 99%. Of people in network marketing don't make any money well. We've talked about that over, the course of this. Journey. Together almost. Two hundred million dollars a day is being, paid out to network, marketing distributors, around the world the, naysayers, the people who say that it doesn't work are. Usually the ones who just don't know how to make it work for themselves and, so they're giving you an opinion, and I. Tell people don't confuse, people's, opinions, with expertise. Because, opinions, are free and don't, confuse sincerity. With. The truth because people can be sincerely, wrong but here's the reality inside of network marketing the, vast majority of people they get involved in network marketing just. Become customers, and they get involved to be able to purchase product. At a lower price, if. You take a Costco. As an example if. A person goes into Costco, and gets a membership. To Costco, so, they can get a lower price on, the, product, we. Don't call that person a loser because they have a bunch of product that they walked out with with a smile on their face yet. When some people want to take a look at network marketing they say well those people they're just using the product, and they aren't earning an income so. They, must be a loser they're not a loser they're a happy customer that's. The vast majority of people that, are involved in network marketing now. A smaller, percentage, of those those, people decide, to go build a business they earned 300 a month 500 a month a thousand, two thousand that's. The bulk of earnings, in network marketing and then there's the few that really decide to take it serious really. Decide to build a large network really. Work to make that network, very, very productive and those, people make huge amounts of money and there's no cap what. I do as, an. Outside economist, just somebody look into this industry like any other industry I speak and say look what's the realities, of this, one percent do incredibly, well 10%, generates, some additional income it pretty low risk in an, effort that's fine and and, 90%. Of people roughly end up customers, one. Thing that I think is real when it comes to people's. Perceptions, about network marketing is. People. Put this in distributors. I think involved, in network marketing have, some responsibility. For this they. Have sometimes, unrealistic. Claims. About. The product, or about the income most people who become distributors.

They. Want the money they want to be successful, but they don't have the skills they, don't know what to do and when people don't know what to do and they're in a new business they're scared and when. They're scared, the panic. And desperation kind. Of sets in so they think everyone. They talk to has to get in so, if I talk to you and you say well no I don't have time to do that I'm like no, no no I need you you you have to do this or I won't be sick so I I start clawing on you I stood that desperation. So then I start making claims, about the product which are not appropriate, probably not even true or, I start saying oh you let me show you how you can make all this money and you don't have to do anything Erica and C you just totally misrepresent. The opportunity, and, you. You're clinging, with people, because you think you need everybody, to be successful. And you don't you know one of the messages, that I try, to deliver most forcefully, to, companies, as well as sales people in direct selling is that you don't have to over promise, reality. Is in network marketing there's. A lot of hard work involved, there's a lot of efforts you're gonna have to develop yourself it's a business like anything else it's, going to take some time but in my opinion it's, better. It's. Light-years. Better. For. People starting, today than it was even five years ago I think, it's more widely accepted, now and people understand it is a business it is being an entrepreneur is being a business owner our belief system, is based upon our evaluation, of something and frequently. If we reevaluate a situation, our belief about that situation will change the industry, has changed and it's grown up it's totally. Transformed, we've, got young people today that, have grown up with. Social, media and they understand, networks, they understand how people are connected through technology, and they, understand how money flows through, those networks so. When they see network, marketing they don't see it the way their parents saw them we've all learned we. The the, larger industry that you represent, has all learned from the mistakes and flaws and errors that have happened early on early, algorithms didn't, work the right way that's. All fixed, it's like when, they design a computer program they. Designed the program then they run it and then they go back through and they debug it the, MLM. Industry has, been debugged this is the day of being, virtual, being able to run a business from your mobile phone I mean it's it's incredible, companies, are getting smarter. They're, they're implementing, more consumer. Protections, they're, implementing, more compliance. Training they're. Doing more with respect to product research, if, you do get involved and you make purchases, of inventory, even on a voluntary, basis, if you decide that this business is not for you you can leave and, have that inventory repurchase, by the company, there's, no other business that offers that kind of protection on a voluntary. Self-regulatory. Basis. If. You decide to look further into a network marketing business in order to generate more cash flow for your family I would, recommend, reviewing, the following, four elements, first. Is. The product or service and on the product or service I would ask five important, questions one, do, you like it is this something you would feel comfortable sharing with others -. Is, there a recognised need in the marketplace it's. Hard to create a need if one, isn't naturally, there, third. Does. The product meet, that need, does it solve a legitimate, problem for consumers and fourth. Is it priced to sell can. It compete in the marketplace and fifth. Is it, priced for profit is there enough margin for the company and the distributor, to be able to generate income for, the long term if. You can answer the, questions, on the product to your satisfaction. The, next element to consider is the company itself is it. Well-run do, you believe in the founders of the management team do, you feel they have what it takes to go all the way see. It doesn't matter how good the product is if the management, can't take care of the company good. Management can change with the times they can handle adversity they.

Can Make good decisions make, sure you choose a company that can serve you for a long time, the. Third element to consider is the compensation, plan and with, that there are three important, things to look at first. A brand, new person needs to be able to generate some money fairly, quickly, it, may be an obvious reason, but you can probably imagine the. Ripple effect of a distributor, getting involved, and having, even a small victory fast, that. Can only help with the overall success of the organization. Second. A person. Should be able to develop a moderate, part-time, income in a reasonable, period of time as they, develop their network and as their sales grow they should be able to enjoy more benefits, and third. For. The people who are really serious for those who decide to really, go pro in the network marketing profession there. Should be the possibility to. Make, a serious, full-time. Income if they work hard and are, committed to developing their skills. If you're comfortable with, the product, the company and the compensation plan, the. Last thing you should look at is the, support, that will be made available to you does. The company have a website does. It does it have a solid, online reporting, tool do. They have comprehensive, training, available to they host events to, help you build your business if, you decide to do this what kind of a support system can, you plug into choosing, a network marketing company is a personal, decision but. Evaluating. The four elements, of product, company. Compensation. Plan and support, is. A great place to start is the company promising, that you're gonna get rich quick or that you can make a lot of money without a lot of effort that's, a red flag is there. A product that, you really believe in that you think can be sold or, are you being told by salespeople or the persons trying to recruit you or by the company, itself that don't worry about the product all you have to do is recruit other people into the business red, flag warning, sign if you're hearing that take. A second, or even a third look get to know the customers, the products the business have, some success, and see, where the opportunities might, take you to move up in the organization when. I find out how. Concerned, are they about my education my, training in my development, is there a space for me to grow most, important question learn, everything. That you can about, the product, make sure it's something that you believe in and learn.

Everything You can about the industry, and work. That system, you have to be very passionate, about whatever that company. Is doing I would get, involved you can always test drive anything you know the, product the service the community and and. Then lean, into it a bit and if it feels good then lean into it a lot find, me is a Lincoln Memorial, and. This. Is a place where Martin Luther King jr. had his famous, I have a dream speech, and, at. That speech, he. Talked about his dream for equality for, everyone around the world and that's a noble dream. But. I think, more people need to remember what, it was like when they were kids and the dream was still alive in them before. It got beaten out of them by reality, by this paycheck by. These. Responsibilities. And by having. To live for. This. Job to pay the bills I, think. People need to remember that, go. Back to that once. They know that there's a better way I think. Their future is going to be much brighter, they can live a better life. So, if you're considering, getting involved in a network marketing company let, me offer you just, a few pieces of advice, first. Network. Marketing isn't perfect it's emotional. It's challenging. Like, any entrepreneurial. Venture, it, can have its up days in it's down days but. If you have an entrepreneurial. Bone in your body, it's, just better, second. If, you're gonna do it decide. To be professional, decide. To go pro it's, better to do that then just be this amateur, sticking, your toe in the water third. As, any. Professional. You're gonna have to learn some new skills and, I promise, you inside of the network marketing profession they're, not too. Difficult. To learn forth. Like. Anything, worthwhile it's. Gonna take some time don't. Expect that you're going to get to the finish line, right, out of the gate and fifth, it's. Worth it it's. Worth it to, be able to take charge of, your life again it's worth it to be able to control, your own financial situation it's. Worth it for the people you're going to be able to spend time with it's, worth it for the things you're going to be able to see and the experiences, you're going to be able to experience, it's, worth it for the causes you're going to be able to contribute to the. Lives you're going to be able to touch the customers you're going to be able to help the. Friendships, you're going to be able to develop I promise. You it's, worth it, remember. Most people are searching for answers just, like you. Are but I do have to tell you the catch, to. Network marketing if, there is a catch if you want to understand this from. A, an, emotional, point of view people say well it sounds too good to be true it's. Not as hard work but, here's the catch. Most. People, still don't understand, it, so. You're gonna have to endure, the loss of social esteem from ignorant people the. Uneducated will, think less of you now. If you can handle that you're, on your way if that's gonna destroy, you you know what, entrepreneurship. In general probably. Isn't, in your future, if. You can face that catch. You. Can become unstoppable. I want, everyone to really contemplate, this if they're not in network marketing you're. In a job you, probably, have a mortgage of rent you have debt whatever's, going on you're, in a prison you, work just hard enough to keep them from firing you and they pay you just enough to keep you for quitting. I've, been there done that it bought that t-shirt and network marketing if you run into failure it's, really just a homework. Lesson for yourself you really there's no one to blame you really have no excuse not to be successful we just don't people. That want to hear that but there's so much available to you if you want to be a good network marketer be a student to the people above you your fellow-traveller to, the people on the same level and be a teacher to those below and, know when it's appropriate to do rich people, who are not afraid of asking people to buy, things or not.

Afraid Of persuading, people with the chance they may say no these, people are in the future nothing, happens until something moves so you got to go move you got to go do something or nothing's, gonna change in your life in. The beginning, you're. Gonna do a lot of things that you don't get paid for but. As you go down the road you get paid for a lot of things that you don't do now your job has rehabilitated the spirit the entrepreneurial, spirit and all of us now. Get it back either. Give it a strong yes or a strong. No but. No wishy-washy, dilly-dally. Stuff in the middle there's dreams, and they're nightmares but, I believe that the biggest nightmare of all is when, you don't receive your dream you're gonna see some monumental. Growth in this profession, it's an exciting. Exciting, time, to, be, involved in network marketing refresh the next 10 years I see just, exponential. Growth well that tipping point comes it's not a matter, of asking, somebody, have you ever heard about network, marketing you're really asking, them which. Company, are you building. Your, wealth. In you're, here to fix the world to improve relationships. With other people to improve on their lives and the, real reward comes as an entrepreneur, in, any level from teaching somebody something and watching them soar there is no greater, reward. Life's. Too short to, spend, it living someone else's dream, instead. Of your own it's. Too short to spend it living. In a fraction, of your potential. Can. Being an entrepreneur, be a challenge, at times sure. But. Here's what you get in exchange, it. Can be yours. Something. That you built something, that you created, something. That you made happen. This. Balloon. Represents. Your. Dream it, represents, entrepreneurship. My. Wish for all of you is. That you would reach out and grab. It the. Choice is. Up to you. Well. I hope you enjoyed the film and I, hope more than that you, could see the, power of, being, able to use this as a tool to, help a prospect, understand. The. Value, of one, being an entrepreneur. To. The. Value of getting involved in network marketing and three. Kind. Of a little, bit better understanding of what they're getting involved in, we. Created, this so. You, could, give. A prospect, a DVD, and say, hey here's an interesting documentary that. You might you.

Might Enjoy on the topic. Of entrepreneurship, or you, can ask people do you enjoy documentaries. I have. A film, that I can send to you online that, you can take a look at it we've, delivered, this in several. Different forms, if you want to get your hands on this documentary, that isn't a preview copy that. Doesn't have this stuff on it to, be able to share with the prospect you, could do it a number of different ways one. You. Could purchase the DVDs, okay. And, the link to purchase DVDs, is on, this page and they'll be sent right out to you and I, think it would be good to always have some on hand to be able to hand to a prospect, and then, follow-up -. You, could download this, movie to, your device and you, could sit, down with someone and you could share the entire, movie. And you can watch it as many times as you'd like by. Purchasing, it via download, 3, you, could rent it you could rent it for 3, days. Less. Expensively, and you, could watch as many times as you want you could share with other people and 4, is really cool we've created. A. Replicated. Website system. That. Will allow you for, a very low price to. Be able to have your own website that has this documentary. On it. Imagine. You've got a website that. Has your name on it your. Picture, your, story and this. Documentary, and you. Can send, prospects. To this documentary. And have them watch it here's, how it works. You er to rent this documentary. As. A non. Replicated. Site subscriber, you'd pay approximately. Three dollars to, rent the movie and you'd be able to watch it for three days so. You could tell your prospects, hey go rent this movie for three dollars or, you, could use this replicated, site and here's what the replicated, site it's nine nine, dollars and ninety seven cents per, month and for. That, $9.97. You get the replicated, site branded. To you when, they're done watching the the movie it'll link back to your, company page right. And. You. Can gift. Rentals. At just. 50 cents apiece, every. Month you get twenty, four your 997, you get twenty, rentals. So it works out to fifty cents that, you can. Offer. To prospects, say hey listen I thought. You'd like this movie so I rented, this, movie for you you've got three days to watch it I hope you enjoy it it's called rise of the entrepreneur, and when. They get that invitation if. They click on it and watch that you on your, replicated, site will see when they started watching how much they watch and you'll be able to follow up you've. Got a contact, manager in the replicated, site a whole bunch of cool stuff you'll be able to see when you click on the replicated, site link and if, you go through your twenty invites. And. You want to get more you can reload for a four ninety seven and get, another ten as many times as you want over, the course of the month imagine you can have a prospect, watch this for fifty, cents less than fifty cents, and, it's. Instantly, on their device it's instantly, on their, computer, it's, instantly, their you know imagine that pretty cool right.

So We're excited to be able to have some technology, to be able to help you share this with other people and to be able to do it very. Very, inexpensively. And, the, other cool thing is if you send them an invite and if, they don't use the invite that. Goes back into your, available, invites that you can the, rentals that you can share with another person so. If you send out 20 in all twenty if they don't watch it then, you get those rentals. Back and you can send, send, them off to some else okay, so, pretty fair pretty, exciting. What. I would do if I if if, I was sitting in your shoes one, I would download the movie so I had it on my device at all times I could, sit down I could watch as many times as I want I could sit down and I could share with somebody else too. I would. Get some DVDs because there's something about having. The physical tool being able to hand something to someone put, my name and contact, information on the back of it hand, a DVD to someone hand, that documentary, to someone and to, be able to do that pretty inexpensively, and three, I would for sure get. A nine dollar and ninety seven cent. Per. Month replicated, website and start, sending out rental. Gifts. To. Prospects, kind. Of cool when you could say hey listen if, you. Were to go rent this online it would cost you three dollars I'm, I've, thought so much of you and I thought you'd like this so much that I'm giving, you I bought, the rental for you and, I'm giving it to you free, of charge I, hope you enjoy it and by, letting them know they have three days it gives a little bit of urgency, you, know they did they don't have this open-ended, thing there's some urgency to be able to go and watch it and I. Hope you agree with me that if somebody watches this. Their. Mind is gonna be a little bit more open I'll. Tell you my, real. Overall. Wish. For. This documentary is if you're out there building, your network marketing business and you, were going to recruit five people, over the course of this next 12 months let's. Say, if. You use this documentary, I hope. That I can that, this documentary can help you turn that five to attend that. Five to a 15 scene I mean that everybody in your group can get twice, as many as they were gonna get, because. You could use this tool to build your, belief to build, the the to, open up the minds of prospects, to, get people to understand. Once and for all we, do have a better way it's, not perfect what we do here but. It's better it, really is better that's. Why we brought in all these experts to in order to be able to help. Illustrate that, to you so. That's. What I would do one I would get the load -, I would get some DVDs and, three. I would get a replicated, website, so. I could, share this as many times as I wanted with as many prospects, as I wanted super, efficiently. Also. I'll let you know if you do get a replicated website, you. Get a contact manager and you can see how when people are viewing and how long they're viewing but also you. Get about. 25, hours, of bonus footage all. The interviews that we did throughout.

The Documentary. Most. People were on there two three maybe four times, but. We interviewed them for an hour, so. If you want to see the full hour of Robert, Kiyosaki the full hour of Paul pilzer the full hour of Ali Brown or, Harry. Dent or Les Brown or whoever it is you, want to watch the full hour of that it's, very, fascinating. As. As. A. Subscriber. To a replicated website you get all that for free you can watch as many times as you want and it's. If. I were to sell that I would sell that, just. That bonus footage I would sell that at maybe $300, in, a home study course just, that by itself, so, you set it for $9.97. You'll. Be able to have that free. Or. Just signing, up for one month okay, so, my, hope is that you get tremendous value, I hope you go out there and crush it I hope you go out there and make it happen do, yourself a favor do everyone, that you know a favor let them know that they can watch this film for, free until. Midnight. Pacific. Time, on, Sunday. November. 23rd. And then it's gonna go to a pay model they're gonna have to pay to download pay, to rent, it even to just watch it for four one time. You. Know make sure that you spread the word okay so. Anyway if, you're a network marketing, you're in my family, love. You appreciates, you and hope. This film brings. You value the. Rise of the entrepreneur, what an exciting time everybody, have a great day go. Make it happen take care goodbye. Mentioned. The word scale why, did you mention Lordstown and entirely, reason, it is a scam is because. Oh. That's. Terrible.

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