4 Mistakes I Made When Scaling My Expert Business

4 Mistakes I Made When Scaling My Expert Business

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Hello. Folks let's, talk about mistakes, to avoid when. Scaling. Your expert. To business, now, you might be at a point to where you are ready to grow and you're ready to expand, you're already making some good money however. You'll. Find, that now, you have a team and. Now. You have a know sort of problem, well before the. Problem was how, do I build my reputation and. How do I find the right clients. How do I create my, signature, program, and methodology, now. The problems. Are how, do I find the right people how, do I get, the right people to work with me and stay, with me but. Now I don't have enough money maybe to pay full-time, salaries, and I don't want to have full-time employees, and oh my god do I need to have an office or shall I have a virtual team well. But now all the team is falling apart because I'm not communicating, effectively with them so all these kind, of things are, very likely, to happen if, you are scaling, and if you are growing your expert business and it happened in any business but I think that when you're running an expert business which is a business which is focused, a lot, on your personal. Brand then. When, you are introducing, other team members, in is a different. Dynamic from, having another business, which started. Where. The other team. Members or maybe with a business partner or maybe, with other people. Working with you and for you so. I will show today about in, this episode of explore your expert base and this solo episode, I will, also so today about the. Mistakes, that you, can avoid and the things that you need to be aware of in, particular when, you are growing and when you are scaling your, expert business because, at least if you are aware of them then, you will be able to spot them when. You are going to meet. Them if you're going to meet those kind of mistakes or this, kind of problems, along the way and, then you can be prepared because. If you are prepared, that means then you, can be way. Way. Way. Way, way way, did, I say way way, more. Effective. So. Let's, start music and thank you very much for joining here. On another, great, episode of explode. Your expert business you I'm really excited about about about today about what I'm going to talk about so, what is one of the first mistakes that, we. Can avoid when. Building. Our. Growing. And expanding our. Expert, business well. One of the biggest mistake to avoid is. A, defining. Is how to find the right partner, particularly. If you're looking for a business partner or you're, looking at someone, I can help you grow your business in, terms of partnerships, level and then, is easy, when. You are looking. At partnerships, to, find someone, who is in a similar, to you because. You. You have the same values, you have the same beliefs you have the same energy immediately. There is this click, a vise, a we are like, each other we are going in the same direction oh my god, this, is, absolutely. Awesome. That's. The. Problem with. This is, that if, you find a business partner, which, is exactly. Like you in terms of personalities. In terms of. Great. Points and also in terms of like. Mistakes. That they can make then. The business, is not a guru is not going to grow really fast actually, it's going to be pulled in two different directions because, it you, will be able to have the same strands by the same time you have the same weaknesses so. You cannot see the problems, on different, in, from, different point of view there is no variety in there and in particularly, if you find that a business. Partner, which is exactly, like yourself maybe you you, love the spotlight you love being at the center of attention and you're very creative and not, very organized, and, then you get it someone, exactly like, you for. The first few months is going to be a lot of fun but. When problems. That have happening. Now, we need someone who is detail, who, actually loves, processes. Or actually loves systems, and this, is the most important, thing this is the very first thing I want. You to know today because, if. You're able to find, the right business partner when you're able to find the right business partner when you're able to find, the right person who is going to be working with, you that, is on the same wave that is on the same page but. It's complimenting. You instead. Of being. Exactly, like. You that's. The perfect person, you want to find and I, made this mistake and.

Ben And I made this mistake because, when we started gtex, Ben, and I have the same exact person ality and it. Created, problems. We. Were arguing. A lot and, if we were not getting things done in the best way we're. Making look very silly mistakes, but. The same time we were both I shouldn't take her so we just gone on and on and on and on own up until, then. We could have find, someone, else that could. Know. Bridge, let's. Say bridge, the gaps and in. The el pase, in this, way you. Bring. Something different to, the, table, so, that's the one, thing, that is really important, to you to be aware of how. Do you select your business partner, in particular, and now if you're looking for a partnership, another. Thing which is really important, is that when, you're looking at a partnership and a business partner you need. To be aligned you need to want the same things. From. Your business and also, very, similar things from life as well because you're going to be working together for a for a long period of time and in. Particular, at the growth phase of the business we're, now, you know, what you're doing but you need it better. You need to expand, there, are going to be a lot of processes, a lot of systems a lot of procedures a lot, of templates, to, be put in place so then everything. Can run seamlessly, with. A very, small. Part, of your input with a very minimal, input from, yourself, which is then. The ultimate freedom of being. An entrepreneur is having being able to have a business which can. Run without, you when you are not required. For, the, business, to be sustainable, and keep. Growing, so. Make sure that you find the right person who is also in there for the long run because, in. That moment. Unless, they are really excited about creating processes, system, there, it's not going to be a lot of excitement in terms of explosion, in terms of growth because very, likely you are going to spend a lot. Of your time in. Day. In. Sorting, out those processes. And them more, time. Creating. Systems, and, taking. Everything that is in your head out. On paper or, in a laptop or, creating video training, for your team members so, then they, know what. You. Have in mind and, they can make decisions as, you, were. There, but they need to be trained in this way and also you need to follow, them and to assess them and if, you have a team around you that can help you do that then it's. Even better but that is a process that takes time. And you can, expect, that the sales that are not going to grow as much as when, you were just by yourself just, making things happen because. Now your attention, is divided. Between the team that. Needs your care that needs your attention and, also, the fact that the, company, needs to grow so, expect. That they will might be a dip on sales, and. While. You are preparing yourself putting, the foundation in place for. Then having another explosive, path, of your growth and. That's. A thing. Where I'm sharing, these things today with, you guys because that's where we are going through at the moment, we. Literally. Webb-kim went, from four team members to, twelve team members in a year and it. Has been a huge, learning curve for me in, particular, because before. It used to be managing, teams when I when my background, in restaurants, and in the catering industry, but. It's completely different, from being a manager and being a business. Owner manager, in. Fact. Managing. Isn't, was not, one, of my strongest skill and it's something I'm learning it was great book that our.

Non-executive. Director Jeff got, me to read which, is the one minute manager oh my, god such. A great, book, another. Great book I'm reading at the moment or manage, principals. Is actually called, principals. From Ray Dalio. Awesome. Awesome resource, in terms of management as well. And understanding, how to grow. A company and, get other people to think, and to bring, forward. And. To, keep going like. You, were there with, them and like you are the driving force of the business and. I think that by setting up the business in this way where. The which, is structured to scale, then. Even. If you take that dip in sales is worth it it's. Now then you're ready to even a faster explosion, to a faster, growth and then they're going to be another plateau after a certain point we are building, and putting out the systems, and strategies and processes to. Get ready for the next step, and I. Found a lot of very successful businesses. They grow in this way and in. Particular, if you are an expert you, want to, make sure that. People. Will, make, decisions and will behave as you were. There with, them as you were there driving your company because. Your. Customer, wants you and, now. You want to make a transition to have such a stronger, team that instead, of your customers, that wanting you or wanting to work with me Simona, now, they want to work with, with my team so. Is a process, as well rebranding. From. The me, today. We and. That. Is, again. An interesting process, and, in part because then your customer, needs to get used to the fact that they, might not have access to you anymore or, they might of like access, to you anymore in the same way they were having, access at the beginning, because. Now you need, to be focused on more, important, priorities, than working with your customer, one by one, if. You want to grow if you want to keep things as they are then that's a nice lifestyle, business but. That's. Not what. I'm set to build this so that's not exciting for me but there are some people that just want a nice lifestyle, business no, problem, no asshole very, little team and. That's fine, nothing. Wrong with that but. I want to create a business which is ready to scale and to grow. Much faster in. In that in that direction so, this is one of the mistakes that we said we said if finding the right business, partner and there, I gotta say that Ben and I really. Kept working hard to. Making. Sure we didn't go separate, ways and we had many conversations as. Well saying, you know what Ben. Is this really worth coin, I. Why. Don't you just do your thing and I do my thing and now. We find our balance which, is managing, a complete different part of the business and I'm working on a complete, separate part of the business and that's now he's perfect, now, he's brilliant, we. Talked we, again we're friends again we, don't have to fight anymore, why. Because, we are both in our zone of genius we are both the driving, forces of one thing but before. When we were firing or who, was going to be the driving force and he was the D and I had my ideas, yet. He, actually took the decision, to take a step back and. Kind. Of. Denies. Nature. Of being, this, forest. Driving, things forward to, allow me to do that and I'll be forever grateful for, it and it's a thing also you finally you know you have a great business partner which is not. There just for the short term but.

It's There for the. Long term results, and they, are willing to. Not. Be. Maybe a hundred percent happy, for. The benefit of the business and, I. Did the same as well in a situations, with Ben and, because. We were consistently, communicating, and even if we're not arguing with each other we always expressed what, was going on and we always say we're, on top, of, the. Problems, that we're happening and always, thinking about okay, what kind of solutions, can be put in place then. That kept us working together so. That's really important, find someone ideally. Who is complementary. Just not exactly like you and then. Find someone who's there they, have the same vision the same purpose the same mission as you are have they're, excited, as you are about your business, and then they're willing to work as hard as, to. Yourself, to. Make their business have so, that's one thing another, thing is, now. Is to find the right member, to find the right team member easy, is, really, easy in particular. In the expert industry, you will have a lot of followers and you, will have a lot of people that will, want to work with you and. Maybe. They they are clients, and they want to be part of your team and while you're helping them having a better life or while you're helping them building, a bigger business while, you're helping them having better relationship. They, because. They are clients. And they love your services, they, will be bold into your culture they will be bolting they, are, they building to the way that, you run your business they are born into the way in which, in what you believe as well and. Is. Easier. To then, start. Looking. For, staff members and team members within, your client base which. Is what, we did I believe. That was one of the best choices whoever made because, now we had people that completely. Understood, they were they were already a perfect fit within, the gtex culture the. Problem, is that. You. Is up to you what kind of team, you want to create you can create a team which is more like a family where, everyone is there and supporting each other and. You're. Finding ways to to. Co-exist together. Or. You can have a team which is a problem. Like like, a sport, team that is designed, to win now, in a team which is assembled, to win there. Is no room for losers. That's. Why it's him wins right and. That's. Where you got to make some time often, ruthless. Kind. Of decisions, where. Someone, might be a great friend or maybe they were a great client or. They. Started working with you but immediately, if you don't find that they are working hard, and if you don't find that they, are smart, and they are good at what they do talking. About skills attitude, is more important, that skills like. For example we had a salesperson that didn't. Convert, for about six months and they have reached their target for six months but, he was so, working. Hard in building. His sale skills that we kept on the team and then, we find that person a different role and then. He started thriving, from that moment, and. The best decision, we have ever made it we made in gtex one, of the best decisions was, actually to not let that person go but, the reason why we didn't let that person go it. Is because they. Put to so, much effort. Hello, Richard thank you very much for joining because. They put so much effort, in. Learning. The skills in, uprated. Themselves, they were investing, in himself we'll keep asking questions and I could see how dreaming, they we're to, perform and how bad they, wanted, this for. Me that attitude is more important, that this, skill itself, so. When. You're looking at team members always looking, for someone as a winning attitude that, is. Opening, communication that. Is. Great. And what I do they can their potential, to become great, and what, they do as well and in. Particular, that they are willing to do whatever it takes they're, not a kind of person Oh bitches, and moans about, everything. Unfortunately. We had to what remember there was like that we are we work with that person for awhile I or. Almost, for a year he, was. Creating. So many problems, within the team but, we kept that person because it was incredibly. Skilled, in terms. Of skills oh my god awesome. It. Would. It. Would it was amazing, absolutely amazing in terms of skill but as a person, as an individual working, with him was very tough, was. Very tough because he always had to, to. Complain, about things so, when, we decided say, okay with this kind of goal we, cannot keep going this way we, literally are almost too close one, side of the business that that, person was servicing, because we didn't have someone.

I Could do things like him, and we. Had to refund. Some clients. It was a very difficult decision, but. Again, was a right decision because. Now, that, we found the right person for the role is a pleasure, to. Work and it doesn't become everytime before Cole doesn't, me like oh my god I really need to go on a call with this person right now what. What else they're gonna say what and. That's, another. Way to create, a high performing, team so always find this person who is the right team members in terms of fit that you enjoy, working with there is a pleasure working with and they're working hard to become the best they can in their role and the. Other thing is that give them a structured, training help them train train them spend time with them at the beginning it's, something I haven't done much I was, like yeah I want you to do this do it then come back to me and it was very little support from my side and, that's. One of the thing that I've learned for example from, the one minute manager book which was which. Helped me reassessed. The way I interact, with my team as well is. Spending. Time at the beginning with people spending. Time at, the beginning with people so that I can do their best work it's. Not about micromanaging. It's about being there in a support role and also. Checking when they're doing things right and praising, them for that but. Also checking also when I'm doing things wrong and give them directions. Where, they can improve, while. By leaving them on their own is is. Not. Even my chroma is not even managing, that's becomes just forgetting, about it and then expecting, a great result at the end without support, and, that's not even realistic. The. Other thing that is. Really important, on, another, note so that's we're going in point number three, on the, mistakes to avoid and up you're enjoying this because it's. Helpful for me right now to. Reflect, it on the way we, are growing as a company and I hope that's helpful for you as well the. Other party, which is avoid. As, much, as possible. Bartering. Work. Oh, my. God this, is a I know sometimes isn't it is a necessity. Sometimes. Is a necessity, if you don't have money to pay team members and then, it they can do some work for you and then, you will do some work for them and, you. Will give them maybe access, to your community, and then they will pro in exchange, provide your service, or they, will get a free, part, of your course and, then, they will help you with some admin work whatever, it is. That's. Fine. The. Thing. You need to be aware of is that as soon as something paid, will come in unless. This. Is the like, they feel aligned a hundred. Thousand, percent but, as soon as they pay some paid worker, that they enjoy come in they're, going to leave immediately or very, soon they might have that conversation, and saying okay, I'm gonna give you my one month notice or whatever so you can readjust yourself but. You are not. Their. Priority anymore. Unless. You're giving them something some, crucial. Exposure. That, will, mean what. You're giving him is way way more than money way. Way more than money so, the way we run with our team members in particular when, we create conference and agreements, and joint venture partnerships, with, our team members is, to look at how can we partner up with their businesses, so then we, will have a financial, agreement in place as well. As for. The work they do for us so they will get paid and or. If, they don't get paid immediately they will get paid a percentage, of the revenue that will come from that work, but. There will always be, a. Paid, agreement. In process. There are people that are paid more and there are people that are paid less there are people that do more work there, are people that do less work and that's the nature of a business but. In particularly in this industry when you are in this moment is easy, to go and to, barter, your way out of everything because, you don't want to spend money but. Remember. That's. A, very, risky, strategy. For your business because. Now you imagine you're spending all that time training. That person, and after two three months and now they can start do something by themselves or whatever it is then they leave. Because. They found some paid work and you're like oh well but I was. Counting on you I prepared, you for this now. You're leaving. So. Remember. Remember remember to.

Always Make. Sure that the financial exchange, is fair for, both parties, and. Address. That financial, exchange talk, about it make sure that you have agreement, review. That financial, exchange, over time because. Then you don't want to have the surprise someone, saying well, I'm leaving because I wasn't, getting enough money or I wasn't happy when I was doing, at. Least you can prevent it to happen or you can just go, part ways but. To be more proactive about it and. Then we have the last part the last thing it last mistake that you can avoid and when you. Growing. Your business and that's again all these mistakes, something, that I've done I'm, sharing with you old things that I've done wrong so, then hopefully, you can do them right because. Now we have spent time reassessing. And reevaluating. And and finding, the right structure, finding the right, way to. Keep going and, the. Other one is, when. You are scaling, up. Don't. Run multiple projects. At the same time in. Particular, if you are like myself that creative. Person, once, you have a, thousand, different, plates. Spinning at the same time because. Yeah I'm think I'm a superhuman, and, I think I can do it all, then. Is. A big mistake in, fact right now I'm cutting, all literally. About 80%. Of the extra projects, that I had I'm, the. Only thing I'm craving. The most is having as, much. As possible, free time on my calendar, and. That's how. I know I'm doing, I'm having a great week where. I have almost very. Little, when, I have very little booked on my calendar because, in this way I can buy. If I pack too much it. Means that I will not be able to manage my team effectively, it, means that I will not be able to grow the company strategically. Or to, have the mental clarity to, assess which are they really, the right opportunities. And which ones are the distractions. And, there. Is almost at, this point of growth I found, a very. Little. Space. For. Extra projects. For projects, that would be like hmm, that, will be interesting, but. The. Where you would better spend your time is, in refining, everything, you're doing because. Then if you refine everything, you're doing and you, make it more effective you make it more efficient, you make it better, then, you will have a right. To a point that can run on his own and then. You will have all the time in the world to create and go all all after, all the other creative, projects that you want, but. It's up to you to. Take that discipline, and say no right now let, me focus on this and you know sometimes, there are people that run the businesses like that if you had a very methodical entrepreneur. That does, things one the time awesome. Kudos, for you if. You had a kind of person he's like a super, driving. Force a it's like I'm a superstar. I'm great. To get people trust. Me believing, in me and I, love spending time under the spotlight like. Myself, but. At the same time it's. Very creating, with love running different projects at the same time right, now I'm just carrying all the projects, and saying no to almost everything I can so, then I can have more time to, create. Processes, and create systems and support my team in creating processes and systems that. Will. Allow them to grow. The company - the way to what. We want to grow to, become the number one company. And training, company for experts, in the entire world that, that's our mission that's where we are going and so. Every. Team member knows, that and they, we know that we need to have, very, strong processes, very strong systems, and at, the same time very strong, brand to. Keep growing, so, then when we will have then. We can focus then again to, reach. Millions. And millions of people and grow. The company exponential. That way knowing, that, almost. Everything if, not everything but almost. Everything is, ready, on the back end to, support. That growth because. There are so many companies, that just. Grow too fast and, they. Are breaking, apart because. Suddenly they, have an influx, of new business, they aren't all ready to handle the, team is not ready to handle there are no process there are no systems and so the old clients, get pissed off the new clients, get pissed off and.

The. Company crumbles, and we. Didn't want to be one of those companies that's why you're, slowing down we. Are slowing down putting a lot of I'm in the team putting out of time, critters, processing, systems so that everything, can be ready for. The next level of the growth today, seven, figures and motar seven figures so. Running. Multiple project the same time my friends no no don't. Do that so to recap we have the fourth thing for mistakes to avoid that, I've made in, the in the past few months. One. Is making, sure that you have the right to business partner, or create the right partnerships. I was. We, were very lucky I have to say that, between. Ben, and I worked out in a way it did very. Very, lucky we worked hard at it but. Also there was an element of luck because I've seen so many partnership. Falling apart, because, they were the wrong people and or, the people were not compatible over, just going into different directions so, this. Is a way Ben if you're listening right now Thank, You Man I love you and it's. Great working with you in, particular now that, you're doing your own stuff and stuff. And. I can be friends again, the. Other thing is finding. The right, team member, finding, the right team member make sure that a high-performing. That, they are willing to work as hard as you do and they. Are willing to be better they're willing to improve they're, willing to communicate, and, that. Becomes, part of your culture also, be, aware of bartering, and, doing. Free exchanges. That can be very risky for your business very costly and very risky for your business make. Sure that there is always a financial, agreement in place, so. Then people, when. There is a financial. Opportunity then, they have to choose well. Instead, of just saying oh well I need the money I need to leave right now and then. The other one which is the last one running, multiple, projects, at the same time no no no no no don't do that in particular, when you're scaling ah. Bad. Guys. Thank you very much for watching, another, episode of, explode, your expert business show that was live on my Facebook page in a professional, Facebook page you might have insurance if, you're listening as, well on the podcast maybe you're listening at the recording, right now thank you for listening on the podcast make.

Sure You subscribe or. If you're watching a new subscribe, on the YouTube channel if, you're watching it on a Facebook page like the Facebook page we. Are everywhere, and up. Until next time always, remember, that together, we. Grow exponentially.

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