4 idee regalo per Natale, per chi gioca ai Trading Card Games [SUB ENG]

4 idee regalo per Natale, per chi gioca ai Trading Card Games [SUB ENG]

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[Subtitles by Irene Lunachiara - check the link in description] Christmas is coming and you have no gift ideas in mind? Do you want to surprise your trading card lovers dears? You don’t know, however, which of the various products on the market to choose without failing? You will find the answer to your questions in this video. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the channel, with our usual weekly appointment. We finally reached December, 2021 is about to abandon us, giving way to a 2022 full of good intentions and new projects to be implemented. The month in which we recently entered, however, not only represents a point of arrival, which will resurrect a new beginning from its ashes, but it is also the beginning of Christmas time. For the occasion, we will discuss items that can be gifted to your loved ones,

who may be lovers of Keyforge, Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Flesh and Blood, and any other standard format card game. Before starting, I wanted to thank Stefano "Spillo" Germinal, of Black Orange Studio, you will find all the useful links in the description, for having created the intro logo and the channel’s jingles that you will discover week after week, following my videos. And now, starting from the cheapest, finally arriving at the most expensive, let's find out together what will be the best four gift ideas for Christmas, for those who play Trading card games. Let's take a look! PLEASE NOTE: Each product that will be covered in this video will have a purpose that will satisfy different needs. So try to understand what the needs of the player to whom you want to donate one or more of these items will be, before proceeding with the purchase, to be sure to make a more than welcome gift. Let's start with one of the Deck Holders, the most famous in the world for its compactness, and rigidity that would keep any deck in it safe. I'm talking about the

king of no-combination safes. The Boulder 100+ is, personal opinion, a very valid product, to the point that over the years, I have always carried it with me, making it part of the list of accessories to always have available, keeping in it the commander Eldrazi of Magic the Gathering, which I like to play with friends, being made up of a good number of proxies. The Ultimate Guard with this Deck Box has truly surpassed itself, providing the market with a real BULK, this is the English translation of Boulder, which has not only conquered millions of players around the world, but is practically an evergreen. Its structure is minimal and compact, without getting lost in too many doodles. And this is precisely the strong point of this tank: the semplicity. The Boulder speech was explored in a previous video on the channel, which you can

find by clicking on the card that has just appeared at this time, together with its variants 80, 60 and 40+. But it is not this version of the product that I want to talk to you about, but the new line just created, which takes the name of "Reutrn on Earth", literally translated into Italian as "Ritorno sulla Terra" or more imaginatively "Ritorno alla Natura". Looking at them in comparison, the question that would spontaneously arise could be… Archon but what changes from the traditional version? Let's find out together. The Boulder 100+ Deck Case, is first and foremost ... made up of 97% renewable sources. This makes it one of the absolute pioneers as regards the fusion between eco-sustainability and the world of collectible card games. Inside, you will find the usual slip this time made of grass paper, produced by Ultimate Guard, which will thank you for your purchase.

Made of the same material, the Deck Box packaging will also be in FSC-certified grass paper, the body that takes care of the forest sector and products, whether woody or not, deriving from forests. This will allow you to recycle every single element, which goes beyond the actual item actually used. The deck case can hold up to 100 double-sleeved cards or 120 single-sleeved cards. Inside, up to three Keyforge Unique ones can be hosted. A single Deck Commander or a Grimoire with Side for Magic. A single deck of Pokemon. Two Blitz Decks or one Constructed, for those who play Flesh and Blood.

In terms of safety, it will meet expectations as always, thanks to its hermetic closure, which will keep the entire structure firmly and united, which will not open due to rough blows or sudden jerks, which could inevitably overturn the whole structure on the ground. content. However, it will be easy to access it, through its simplified opening, which will allow you to use the deck, even with a single hand. The difference that characterizes the Return from the traditional Boulder will be the constitution of the external material, which over time, as far as the classic is concerned, will tend to peel off especially on the corners, which will not happen for the eco-Box. The only

drawback of the latter, which plays in favor of the classic Boulder, which maintains an almost perfect regular shape, will be the structure slightly rounded inwards, which, however, has not created any particular annoyances until now. Present on the market in four different colors, in addition to natural, the orange, red and green variants will also be available. CONCLUSIONS: The Boulder 100+ Deck Case is sold at an indicative price of ten euros. A maximum of 120 single-envelope cards or 100 double-envelope cards can be inserted into it.

Its simplified opening will make it easy to access the content. By means of the indented hermetic closure, on the other hand, if the same product is subjected to sudden jerks or falls, the decks inside will not run any risk of accidental spills. It is made up of 97% renewable sources. Its case is made of grass paper, the same material that forms the thank-you note, which can be recycled if necessary, eliminating the environmental impact. By purchasing this product, you will directly support global reforestation. If you want to know more, I invite you to visit the link I left you in the description, so as to learn about the Ultimate Guard approach to support the planet. Last but not least… even the deck box itself can be recycled. But beware of bad weather. In the long run they could weaken its structure, but… it would still take

years, if not decades to see any serious damage, and I don't think you will use that article as an umbrella. So take this last piece of information as a simple warning. As for the slight curvature towards the inside of the deck box, it will not cause problems of any kind, much less prevent a deck from entering it easily. We will see if over time this deformation will not represent any problems, but knowing the products of the Guard, I do not think we will ever hear about it. In conclusion, in light of all this, will it be worth buying this product? The answer is YES, if you want to shop for eco-sustainability, supporting a just cause, but keeping every single feature of this magnificent item, then the Boulder 100+ Deck Case will be the ideal product for you. From Ultimate Guard, to another of the best-known accessory manufacturers on the market. If you always want to opt for a compact product, the Ultra Pro, has returned to put a hand to one of its great successes of the past, which still today can be seen on numerous gaming tables, narrowing it down.

I'm talking about the Satin Cube, the mini version, of the very famous Satin Tower! Smaller brother of the Satin, which was covered in a previous video, by clicking on the card just appeared in this memento to be able to retrieve it, it would seem more minute if compared side by side with the flagship product of the American house, but extracting the token holder compartment of the Tower, the arcane mystery will soon be discovered, namely that in reality the dimensions will be the same, only the structure will change. So both in the case of the first and the second product, the compartment that will contain the deck will be of the exact same size. Inside, more than one hundred double-sleeved cards can comfortably fit, and being practically identical in almost everything to Boulder, you can refer to the Ultimate product, to fully understand its usefulness depending on the card game you will belong. It will also be available on the market in the shades, Arctic White, Jet Black, Pacific Blue and Apple Red. It is also quite compact as an article, you feel that the Ultra Pro has put a lot of effort into it. It is not a product like the others... but how the Boulder was designed for

battle... How many times in haste I threw it... literally in the car making it slam left and right as I drove, or even knocked it off the table in a moment distraction... quite a lot, I have to tell you the truth. Sometimes I also preferred him over his older brother, and several frequenters of Winterfell, and The Lost Dungeon, the two comic shops here in L'Aquila, seeing him have moved this criticism "Eh... if he had also had the compartment for the tokens would have been perfect”. To this objection my answer has always been "If it had also had the compartment for the tokens it would have been a Tower". I seriously consider it a kind of fortress deck holder... if they had called it a fortress, they certainly wouldn't have been wrong. As I have already said, in fact, once closed... the "clack" that you will hear shortly, will make you understand that you

will have to fight to get your Deck back, you will have to use a fair amount of strength to be able to open it. And once closed, (heard the "Clack"?) It will seem sealed and you can really shake it violently to try to separate the upper part from the lower part... without success... A small Fort Knox, within reach out of hand! CONCLUSIONS: The Satin Cube is sold at an indicative price of ten euros. It may contain more than one hundred standard-sized double-sleeved cards. Its compact structure will make it a stable and impact resistant product. Its clip closure will allow an airtight seal, which will keep its contents safe, reducing the risk of accidental spills to zero. Closure that will make the opening to gain access to the deck slightly difficult; in fact you will have to use a good dose of power to be able to separate the lid from the base of the product. This will not make it a defect, however, quite the opposite, since in this way you can test the build quality of the Cube with your own hands. The absence of the

compartment for the markers could represent a con, but as I always say... if it had, it would have been a Satin Tower. It will also be available on the market in Arctic White, Jet Black, Pacific Blue and Apple Red. So after having tested the efficiency of the Satin Cube, do I recommend purchasing it? The answer is a big YES! If you are passionate about the Ultra-Pro and want to buy a very valid alternative solution to Boulder, without sacrificing quality, holding in your hands an equivalent and at times better product than BOULDER, the Cube will be the solution that you absolutely must take into consideration. Simply a fortress for your decks! Now let's start towards new horizons, moving from Ultra-Pro, to one of the play houses that has entered the market with a straight leg, offering every consumer its excellent and well thought out products. The Gamegenic Watch Tower 100+ represents for me a real step forward in the evolutionary ladder, as far as the realm of deckboxes in this category is concerned. In the latter there are important names starting from the Nest + of the DragonShield, passing through the Alcove Tower and

the M2.1 Deck Box of the Ultra Pro, finally arriving at the most famous Flip n 'Tray of the Ultimate Guard, with its 80 and 100+ variants. Well, forget everything you have seen and everything you have been used to until now, because the Tower here... will revolutionize all certainty. Unique of its kind, the product designed by Gamegenic will be minimal, with two distinct areas that will indicate the presence of a deck holder, and an area entirely dedicated to the various tokens.

By opening the article, you will immediately notice its difference compared to other competitors, since the Watch Tower will not have the typical tabs attached to the structure, but each cover, both upper and lower, will be totally independent, detaching itself completely from the product, and showing the company logo in silver bas-relief at the exact center. Inside, there will be, as already mentioned, a compartment for the deck, which can contain more than one hundred double-sleeved cards (also here take into consideration the values reported for the Boulder and the Cube and relate them to your favorite card game), and a smaller space at the top, which will comfortably accommodate dice and tokens of any type and kind. The strength of this article, however, will be demonstrated through three distinct factors: The first is represented by the independent tabs. In fact, they can be detached

from the main structure, showing their contents, and subsequently, hooked onto the rear part of the Deckbox, occupying the exact same surface space; something that with other products of the same category will not happen. The second factor is accessibility. With this article, you will be able to extract any moving part effortlessly, thanks to the two half-moon openings on the sides, present both on the lower and upper part. This will also allow you to change the layout of the various areas, which can go from the classic, Token above and deck below, to the custom, tokens below and deck above.

Small note about it. If you want to opt for the latter solution, take full advantage of the shape of the card container. In fact, you will be able to obtain maximum yield by using its highest part, to facilitate the extraction of the latter. Which will be more difficult, but not impossible, if you insert it in the traditional way, having no useful grips on which to put pressure.

The third point, will see the power of the magnets present in the structure of the Tower. In fact, they will guarantee a nice firm grip on the tabs that will not detach even by mistake from the deck box, keeping every single element contained in it safe. Here, too, words count for little, it was the facts that made me fall in love with this guardian, who proudly watches his competitors trudge wearily to keep up from the top of his tower. Once you hold it in your hands, you will test the quality of the materials which

are respectively Nexofiber on the outside, the patented material that covers almost all of the high-end products of the German house, with internal microfiber lining. I have been using this accessory for some time and despite having exploited it beyond belief, using it for different TCGs, starting from Keyforge, making it perfect for carrying three decks and going to worthily replace the Vault, passing through Pokémon, since I was comfortable for the small number of tokens that were needed to play, finally arriving at Magic, taking advantage of it for several decks that I have assembled and disassembled over the time... it has remained almost the same as when I bought it, almost a year ago. It will also be available on the market in the colors yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, green, white and black. Its conformation will also marry very well

whether you are right-handed or left-handed, it would seem nonsense, but sometimes it is these little things that really make the difference. In short, as the motto of Gamegenic itself says… Ingenious Supply! CONCLUSIONS: The WatchTower is sold at an indicative price of 30 euros. It will hold more than a hundred double-sleeved cards, and will have a compartment dedicated exclusively to the tokens and dice you will need. Its flaps will be completely removable, allowing them to be hooked onto the back of the product, thus not taking up additional space during the opening phase. It will be built in quality material patented by Gamegenic itself (Nexofiber on the outside, microfiber on the inside). You can choose to swap the position of the two compartments by inverting them, without experiencing any aesthetic change. The four half-moon slits on the sides of the product will allow easy

extraction of each single compartment. The magnets integrated into the structure will keep the tabs firmly in place to ensure a strong and stable closure, keeping the contents of the Tower safe from sudden openings or accidental falls. It will be a comfortable product for both left- and right-handed users and will be available on the market in nine different color shades. So in light of all this, do I recommend purchasing this product? Here too I answer with a firm YES! I have never tried a better accessory than this, and since I started using it, the competition has lost all appeal for me.

Great job Gamegenic, for me the WatchTower represents at the moment, the absolute top of the range! We stay in Germany, yes, because from the same house, not happy about the first, they gave birth to a new accessory that when I saw it for the first time I thought "it's a joke, it will be one of those off-season April fools"... and instead when it was put on the market, I had to recede, and thank goodness I would add. I'm talking about the card Lair 400+, also from Gamegenic. They also recently released the larger version, the 600+, which we'll cover in an upcoming video. But let's go back to the jewel that I hold in my hands right now. What will await you once you have purchased it?

The Lair 400+ more than a deck box, is to be understood as a garage... in fact, any item that can contain more than an approximate number of three hundred or more cards falls into this category by right. By removing the top cover, which will show the Gamegenic logo in silver color in the center, as for the WatchTower, it can be hooked to the bottom of the product, saving precious space on the game table. Once opened, you will find yourself in front of several sections, four to be precise. The two narrowest slots will be useful: the first to always carry with you a Notepad to keep track of life points, or an electronic Life Pad of the Ultimate Guard, and the second, to always have the oversized cards of the commander available, of Planechase, Archenemy, or the cards of the role-playing game of Keyforge, and still for other elements, such as top loaders, which will contain the most precious cards of your favorite TCGs. The area dedicated to decks can accommodate a maximum of 400 double-sleeved cards, or 540 single-sleeved cards. The compartment dedicated to tokens, which will see the usual logo in the center of the silver-colored manufacturer, will play a quadruple role, or the one for which it was designed, inserting all the tokens you will need inside it, such as a dice roll, keeping a deck of about forty cards, or keeping in view all the elements kept in your top loader. But the surprises don't end there... because the 400+ has hidden sides, literally speaking. By opening the side tab,

through the typical half-moon slot, the external wall of the product will move downwards, showing two additional removable drawers, which can be extracted effortlessly thanks to the innovative magnetic flap mechanism. Plus there will be easy notched access, so you can safely grab any card in your deck. In each compartment, a maximum of 40 double-sleeved cards, or 50 single-sleeved cards, can be contained, or even be used to act as an additional tokens holder, in case of lack of space. In terms of safety, the button magnets will, as always, offer an exceptional closure, which will keep the entire contents safe, and I can guarantee you that at its maximum capacity, there will be a lot of weight to support. So realize the power of the magnets. It will also be the ideal choice if you want to tackle the Magic Cube format. Here too,

the construction material will be Nexofiber for the lining and microfiber inside. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for two other color variants, Red or Blue, in addition of course to the black-orange mix that characterizes the exclusive line. I have used the Lair relatively little, I must admit, I have only been testing it for a few months, but in this short period, I must say that it has responded excellently to every stress I have subjected it to. What else is there to say, except... what a magnificent product. For me it represents the definitive solution for every player, who wants to carry everything they need with them, without taking up too much space. If you decide to get this item, you will certainly not regret your purchase.

CONCLUSIONS: The Lair 400+ is sold at an indicative price of 50 €. Its maximum capacity will see 400 double-sleeved cards, or 540 single-sleeved cards. Once the cover has been removed, which can be hooked to the lower part of the article, the product will also have two spaces inside it dedicated to containing a Notepad to mark points, electronic pads, and oversize or toploader format cards and an area dedicated to token, which can also perform the task of rolling dice, an additional area to contain a deck of about forty cards, or to accommodate your toploaders to show in plain sight. Also in this case, the construction in quality material patented by Gamegenic itself, will see the Nexofiber on the outside and the microfiber on the inside. By acting on the side of the marker holder, you can pull down a wall of the Lair, which will show two hidden drawers, which can hold an additional 40 double-sleeved cards or 50 additional single-sleeved cards each, with innovative magnetic flaps to be able to extract them easily , and indentation to facilitate the taking of decks, down to the last card. The powerful magnets integrated into the structure will hold the cover firmly to ensure a strong and stable closure, keeping the contents of the 400+ safe from sudden opening or accidental falls. It will be available on the market in three different color shades, among which there will also be Red and Blue, in addition to the Black Orange mix, dedicated to the Exclusive line. So after everything we've seen together, do I recommend purchasing this product? For the fourth time, I answer with a more than sure YES! Here we are

talking about a champion, one of those articles suitable both for those who are veteran of card games, and for those who are now starting to take the rudiments in hand. One thing I can assure you, having a Lair, means having made an investment only once, which you will carry for life. You will find all the links of the products mentioned in this video as always in the description, so as to facilitate the task in the purchase process. In closing, I wanted to thank Fantasia Store and the AZ card Trading for having made some of the articles available. I also wanted to remind you once again, that all Deck Boxes went through a test phase before they were considered, and of the different candidates, these four were the best in terms of performance. And you, which accessory do you prefer? Do you have one that has a favorite spot in your backpack? Let me know as always in the comments, so that I can further broaden the horizons, and discover more pearls, which will return here on the channel in an upcoming review. I hope that you liked the video, before saying goodbye I invite you to subscribe to the channel, activate the bell, so as

not to miss the publication of new videos, like and comment or share this content with your friends. In addition, in the description you will find the wiki and the keyforge Italy page with all the cards updated to Dark Tidings, which can be useful when during a game there will be some doubts about how to solve some effects. In fact, for each card there will be a dedicated section where you will find the answers you are looking for. Thank you for being in my company, see you in the next video! [Subtitles by Irene Lunachiara - check the link in description]

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