4 Hal Penting Pada Candlestick || 4 Important Things on Candlestick

4 Hal Penting Pada Candlestick || 4 Important Things on Candlestick

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"Sometimes the axis is long" "the body is below." -Follow the body For psychology level, follow the above one but not suddenly. There's nearer below that we can use first then the above one "If we read the above one, then it's this one" I always say about controlling the lot too Lot doesn't have to be what we counted, 0,5 for example For example, the maximum is 0.5, the maximum durability is 20000

We can divide it to 0.2, 0.4, and etc. Even in a forced condition, we can use 1.0 It's possible. With this durability and 1:100 leverage "The green candle, right?" "This is running for half an hour" "The time reaches the half" "If it's like this, does become a prediction?" What prediction? "This is the last candle" "The low is already below" "It's still running, right?" -Yes "If the candle is closed in the middle, like this" "what should we do if we have no position?" -Just wait It's still an early clue. It's going up, but has no power No buyer yet. The condition could be like this too I'll describe the position. It could be like this

Watch. This goes down, then up down again, then closed below there It goes down. This could go down stronger because the trend is going down Watch the valley Let's see the peak first Peak is at the body "I used the axis before" -Wrong, axis means failed failed transaction. The deal is the body

Watch the body below, it's getting lower If we draw a line, it's a down trendline. This is the channel It's the trend. If we use the visual, up then down Then, up again and down again It's still at a down trend Watch the high and low "Is there a reason to order in this condition?" If there's no impact at the left, no problem. If there's one, like this be careful, we better wait for the next candle Let it go up and becomes a tail like this, and red is formed Now, we must be aware and cautious The trend is still going down We better be careful. It's better to wait for a chance than wait for floating

Floating could make us drop Always watch the axis too The axis is getting lower The main is the body, but don't ignore the axis "Sometimes the axis is long" "The body is below." -Follow the body For psychology level, it's the above but it's not always above. There's lower one that we can use then use the higher one "It means the above one is here, right?" For example, it goes up, but we can use a closer one first "Yes, I mean after this candle." -Take a nearer one first then we use this one Don't just use this resistance suddenly It's right, but we won't get more chances If we measure the long-term, it's still small But, since we play short-term we take the nearest gradually. So, if it breakouts, like this

it means there's chance to go up again If it breakouts again there's up chance again. When it's here, we must be careful When it's long and face a psychology level, be more careful We can wait for the breakout. Or, when it's running wait for it so it couldn't go down further, then a green is formed, we enter Or, when a red appears at the resistance we can rethink and reanalyze The candle starts to change. See the pressure See the correction, rejection If there's a power here, we focus on sell It's like that, and so on See the domination that near the running, then follow it "If this first green" "turns out it goes down, has a tail above, and closed below the first resistance" We must wait. -"It's rejected by seller"

It means we must be patient Be patient and wait for the chance if we follow the structure If we're sure and there's down rejection, we can enter What matters is if we want to order, at least we must have 2 reasons. If we use the regular It goes down, for example. There's a psychology level here, it breakouts Or before the breakout, it goes up first It's very strong. It's a trigger if we do on the running If regular, wait for the green to breakout then we order sell here I mean this is red, like this So, the red eaten the green "Yesterday, I tried this thing" "Sometimes I can't go back" What matters is, even if it's a breakout, watch the left. If there are many rejections, wait longer We must wait. Surely there's an impact

Especially if it's slow like this, we can't use the running If we use the regular, there's impact. So, we can't do anything Sometimes it forces us to tweak it means ordering when we're not supposed to do it Force and convince us to enter It's because we're too tired to wait Then, we'd be desperate If we don't find chance, close it and do another activity The next hour, we monitor it again If there's time, watch it. It's easy in phone No need to open programs, only need to be clicked What matters is there's internet don't erase the application, then we can run it Any more question? Those are the step by step At least you must understand about how it's formed How's the candle is formed and the effect to the previous candle How's the effect to the previous structure If it's like this, it has no effect on buyer, because it's small The up doesn't solve the problem since the structure is aiming down Let's see. It's getting lower

Even though it's green, it's still lower. So, we focus on sell but wait for this green to run out After it's eaten, we can sell If we want to buy, there's no confirmation yet It's alone, not strong enough to oppose the others That's the way so you are more careful We already repeated it many times, even in the night class we repeated it too. Master the candlestick "Is it the pattern, or combination?" There's character, then structure If we know the pattern, watch the pattern too The main things are the character, structure, and effect It doesn't have to be candle pattern, but the structure What's the character? It's long, then starting to be small It means the body gets thinner, which means buyer gets weaker It includes the structure and individually Individual, like, it has tails, which has effect too There's tails above and below, then watch the position Seller pushed to down here Above, there's seller rejection It's closed as green, for example, so it means there's buyer power Watch the structure. If from thick greens, then buyer gets weaker At least it'll try to press again At least it'll reach what it scored. Usually the pressure is strong if like this as long as the previous one is long and formed and the form gets smaller The body gets smaller and the axis gets longer "The axes above and below?" "If above, buyer reached there. For the axis below" "seller reached there" "Should we measure which one is longer?" Both have effect. We must watch the effect

Above or below, there's effect. Let's use the nearest for an example I'll use this as an example The up move is strong from here. Don't watch too far What matters is it's going up. For example, this is the last one

The last one is this red, I'll highlight it This green hasn't appeared yet The last one is this red. The structure says buyer is dominating From small to thick green Remember, rejection is starting even if it's not long Then, thick again. It means it's still strong but the tail is getting longer than the previous one It's strong. Don't just think that it's red, it was strong It was green, stronger than this body But, turns out the rejection is way stronger If we compare the first to the second, seller rejection gets stronger Second to third, sell rejection is stronger. We must collect this data At least we must save it in our mind Be careful, buyer gets weaker It doesn't mean we sell suddenly If we use candle pattern as benchmark, we sell because it's a shooting star, or doji if it's smaller So, there's chance to go down But, without candle pattern, if we see the character, we'd find it too It means buyer gets weaker and seller form appears here So, we must be prepared to sell We must put sell in our mindset If we find things like this, we must be prepared to sell Can we sell here? If we're used to it, it's fine What matters is we're used to do a recovery, no problem If we're still in doubt, wait for a confirmation What is the confirmation? If possible, a red candle Or, we can read the candle characteristics first Watch when the candle changes At first, it went down It went down to here Seller went down there, then pushed again It means seller has bigger power at least it's bigger than the previous one The previous one was smaller pressure, but this is longer Although it's closed as buyer, but remember that buyer is below the psychology level It even lower than this one We focus on sell, but must find a trigger that we think is valid There's seller rejection and pressure Buyer tried to go up, but it couldn't. Although it's thick, but the maximum is here Not even to above here, it could only reach here So, we focus on sell But, we must wait until seller really appears Watch. This tried to go up, but rejected up

Seller is dominating. Candles like this that's at a key level it's a star candle that indicates a strong reversal. When it's at a peak then it forms a doji or star, which means it's confused Confused candle means the up and down position are almost equal the body is at the middle. But, the position tends to seller Tend to seller, not buyer If we see the travel, buyer hard to go up So, it's our trigger to start to order It doesn't we order sell when the candle changes. It's still not that strong yet When do we order? When it goes up and couldn't go higher Then, starting to go down, and watch the time It means, if the buyer couldn't go higher and rejected by seller, then this is the chance of seller Not just history, we can even project the future too We can feel it by using the candle characteristics methods Same as the previous one Watch. When it goes up, the level is still below

The position is still below. Although it ended as green, it didn't solve the problem It's still at a bar down "It was green, right?" -Yes It was green, but it was hard to go higher It even got locked here for a long time Even if this is closed as green, it doesn't mean buyer is stronger It could go down stronger after this. Up, then down again If it goes up but it's still at a bar down it'd go down stronger "If the axis is in line with the first resistance" Which one? "The running" "if it reached the resistance above" "This one" "Then, it left an axis, it means it'd go down stronger, right?" Yes, it'd go stronger The pressure is strong "Seller pressure is stronger, right?" -Yes, the pressure is stronger Stronger means it has more power Let's use this area for an example Greens are dominating Then, starting to be eaten and becomes red It means buyer is starting to lose power because the color changes to red. It even pushed to down here When the candle changes, it tries to go up and again. Even though it's higher but it's rejected by seller again and closed as red It's a strong seller rejection For example, the condition is like this. What should we do?

Should we order sell or wait? If we use this as a trigger and we're sure that it'll go down it's fine, then we order sell here For example, we assume that this is our confirmation although there are rejections at the left Up or down, if there's rejections at the left, we must be careful Many long rejections here Be more careful. Maybe you don't see that details then assuming this as a confirmation, no problem So, we order sell here Now, how to determine the risk if this turns? First is limiting the loss where there's nearest rejection here Why not here? Why not this nearest one? Don't place it too close, we won't be able to find it We'd lose. It's just 100. Gold is different than Euro Determine the realistic one in gold Around 400-500 So, we can place it here Or, we can raise. Let's measure it from here 400 or 500. So, we can place the SL

It doesn't mean we just wait for it to be touched In a forced condition, that's our loss We already managed our budget If we don't do it, it would be worse Even if it's a loss, it'd be 500 times our lot If our lot is 1, then it's 500 dollars If the lot is 1 and we leave it, it'd be ridiculous except if our budget is hundred thousands of dollars. If we use small lot and big budget, we must be ready For example, we sell here. After we entered, the market goes up Don't cut loss here, because it's at the edge. The psychology level is still safe here We can tolerate it to here It means we can leave it since it's still small If it moves to this edge, it's still around 180 If you're afraid, train it Train how far you can tolerate What's the condition so we do recovery? Turns out there are 2 that are in line Relax when it's still can't breach this The axis gets near, but it's still below. So, both have chances There's down potential, but since it's at the edge we must know what to do if it goes up or down What matters is oppose if it opposes our order After the candle changes, it goes up. When it goes up

watch the pressure and time. If the pressure is strong and not on early minutes, we can order. Like, when it's up, we can order sell When it's down, we order buy. It's safer If we have sell, wait for it to go strong, then order buy when there's correction But, remember that there's psychology level at the left Determine the distance. For correction, don't be too close There's correction, for example, then we buy, be careful when it's near the psychology level If the distance to get profit isn't enough, don't oppose with buy. Peaks like this are dangerous

Adjust the distance so there's space to get profit This is fine. It goes, then correction, we order buy quickly If we haven't closed, both still running we order buy here, for example Let's say we use 1 lot Then, the below one is 0.5, for example When it goes down and there's correction, we order buy Then, when it's up, we don't need to wait until it's plus What matters is reducing the loss We can see the first 5 minutes If it goes up strong, see how far it goes up Then, when it couldn't go higher and starting to go down. Although we have one here, be careful for the up

What matters is we watch the big lot movement Watch the strong market movement Watch the order and the running distance of the big lot Even when it goes down strong, it won't run out since there's seller here So, the loss would be the half if it goes down If it goes up strong, then we get profit So, when it's formed and we haven't closed it yet this red one From here, we can do an evaluation do an analysis. Identify the character again So, don't be hurried when we haven't found the clear spot What we do on this buy we can close at the half, half the loss So, we close the 0.5, so it's only 0.5 remaining Same buy and sell, 0.5 It's if we haven't found the clear spot. Clear spot means the clue from that candle But, if it's formed like this This convinces us that seller is strong and buyer is weak It means, don't be hurried to cut loss when it's still not clear except if the lot is big, 1.0 lot, if the durability is big, then the lot isn't big If the durability is small, then it's big This indicates that seller pressure is strong This yellow one is still a psychology level This must be trained. We must try to hold

then play with numbers while seeing a clearer clue What matters is it doesn't go too far, so it won't run out Say, the maximum down is here our budget won't run out, the maximum is 500 544 times 1.0 lot, then it's 544 then reduced with 178 Our loss would be still around 400 Around 400. That's the worst condition if it turns It's if the market turns and we leave it. But, we already simulate it To be continued....

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