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Let's check it out on. Finance. Huh. Never. Try to guess so, what we use is a four-hour chart. So. Let's go ahead and get this going. If, you guys the newcomers, can hit that thumbs up button I most certainly would appreciate it we got immunity of about community. Of about 20,000. People I do not put. Ads on this channel so you, know I've, allowed people to help get the word out and you. Know that's. How we do it around here. 231. Here. We go so. First. Thing I noticed we guess this thing is pretty good. The. Sevens about a 77. Where. We at where we at there. We go the, sevens about a 77, a 77. Is about a 231. And a 231, is going up into the right that's, all you want the, only thing I see. A reason, to be concerned is, that, we haven't broken that. Level yet that's. Gonna be a pretty critical level, for us if. You can see up in here we actually, broke. Down. One. Two. Three. Four. Times within. That level right, and. Honestly. Based off Neos. Chart I'd be willing to bet that we, do it again. Right. And. This is just a quick. Analysis. And assessment, but if you look at Neil's chart it's similar to where this, is a classic. Double. Top formation. To where oftentimes, it'll lead to a breakdown I don't, think you, know this this is a bad, poin, I just, don't think it's ready, to. Continue this magnificent. Run that it's had right so I could see us falling you know down into. That purple. Bubble. Right there just. To give the. Seven a break you. Know come back down inside that 231 just for a little bit before we get some long-term momentum, to, help pick us up if. We just look at the Fibonacci. Here. To here. See. What that looks like yeah right now that's, exactly where it's at right on top of that money zone right, on top of the 382, that'll be a nice break down continuation. Pattern. Once we do break out. This. Is probably. Where. We can expect to go once we clear one too you. Know then we'll be looking, for. It is one point six all the way up. Here. Right. But, again, that's gonna. It's. Gonna be a lot. It's. Interesting though, if I do break. Out I. Don't. Like doing my. Things. That close but break down break down break, down breaking up, let's. See here, oh. There. We go, that's. It right there so I. Did. Some psycho, lines. See. I'm running out of colors here hmm. He's. Purple, I did, psycho lines from this intersection. This. Intersection, which is a slower intersection.

That Gave. Me this, bottom. Piece. Right there which. Means that. We. Should fall, right there, right on time and, I'd. Really if, this pattern holds almost, hit it spot. On just, move that over a little bit. We. Should be able to hit that purple, box when. This market recovers, and gas keeps going I think neo is a very good coin it just needs a little bit of time to rest you, know, both of these things have had a long run so it needs a little bit of time to rest come back and then you know, we. Should be able to do something like that pretty easy this is a solid coin gasps is that definitely, a good, long-term if, you're if you've downloaded the blockchain and you, know you want, to accumulate neo long-term then you know this is definitely, and that's. For you you. Know it's it's it's a. It's. A pretty good coin right. Very. Good coin I don't see too much too, much bad about it except that we just had a big run so, ultimately you're, gonna need to take a break and now. We, will look, for the next wave to come probably, about the begin enough beginning, at April that'll. Take us up to all-time highs with that thing big, Ron thank you sir I do appreciate it as always good to see a friendly face you. Know if you guys appreciate that give me a thumbs up also. Make sure you subscribe I try to come on six seven days a week to. Give away this knowledge and insight, to the people, so. That's what we got going now let's go ahead and make this, money, also, shout, out to my people on Facebook, live let's, see how many people we got we got 31. Lights what's, going on, that's. Pretty cool that's, pretty cool 20, people rocking, out. Facebook. Live right now that's cool new. Laptop is good that's why I got facebook Lau going I got Facebook live on the new laptop, so, that's. Pretty cool. All. Right. And. Then. Last things, crypto. Resources, if you go to Boston Bitcoin comm you'll see the options. That we have available, for. Everybody. As well, I'll. Go. Through more that at the, end. Now, let's go ahead and, make, this money. Let. Me see if I hit that button do you guys still see it let's see. Probably. Not nope, don't look like it. Alright. I. Guess. They don't like that let's bring it back. Oh. I here. We go. Live. From the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts, a Bitcoin. The creased o of crypto, is your boy BK, and if, you don't like me you must, not like money thank, you for joining me everybody, today, is, February. 9th. And as, you can see Bitcoin is bounced, up sitting right around. 8800. I don't know if we got enough to you, know you, know send the Calvary, in for the bill and in for the night and you know. Count. All our chickens what, they say don't come to chickens before they hatched I don't, think we should be counting no chickens right now, if. Anything I think this might just be a little bounce. Before. We confirm, the floor if not break through it you, know but all the while I tell you guys all the time we. Make more, money on the down than, we do on the up the, reason, is because.

It's. Not that many places that's. Attractive. For. Wall. Street to. Put their money and I. Got four of them right now on this show for you tonight, if this is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK you know me as the crypto trader and I am the boasts. Of these charts, as you will soon find out every, day I graced this microphone with Mama with my voice is another day you get to profit, as a result, and today. Is no, exception so with that being said we are jumping live. Into, our Facebook group right, now shout. Out to everybody rocking out with me on Facebook, live -, this. Is one of the world's, first. Cryptocurrency. Syndicated. Productions. Holla at ya boy, you. Know we keep it positive we keep it peaceful and we keep it profitable. That's for sure so this is what we doing guys I am going into, our Facebook group the number one Bitcoin group in the world if, you want to jump on in all you need to do is type in hashtag 1. Bitcoin. You, can see we got about. 22,000. Community. Members, 22,000. Of my best friends come together seven, days a week to. Keep each other empowered. And in profit, in the marketplace, shot at the MS 90 crypt I'll shout out the shot pedia, you know crypto samyak, inner standing, you know if you just look look through some of our community, members it's a who's who of the pillars, of the cryptocurrency community. And I feel very honored and privileged, just to know some of these guys so thank you again for giving me that opportunity I, most, certainly do appreciate it, you know with that being said let's. Give away some of this bread so. What we're gonna do is I'm. Gonna click this guy I'm, just gonna go what's the date to. 9:00 right, so I'm gonna go to, from the top right here BAM, this, is more and I'm gonna go now from the top on the other this. Is more bitcoin. Winner. Of. The, day BAM, do me a favor shoot me your wallet and let's, get somebody paid over y'all. Nine. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Pam. Jamie J, now. That ain't Sin City is it oh I thought that was my do from from Vegas Jamie J I here, we go Bitcoin. Winner. Of the, day because. Jamie J alright guys shoot, me a bitcoin wallet as soon as I get off the air I will send you a couple bucks BTC, as a token of my appreciation. Everybody. Seeing, this video if you haven't subscribed, by now you must, not like, money, I give it away every day and the banks give it away in the market, so let's go ahead and, see, how they go pay us right, a lot, of people out there stressed, out, talking. About you. Know the, end is near the. Bubble is popped. Bitcoin. Is dead you. Know I'm, not, saying none of that all, I'm, saying is, is. A little is like is like taking it taking a flight in the airplane you know little, turbulence, you know an air buckle your seatbelts you, know passing a pilot, come own to put hit the little light on don't. Ladies. And gentlemen we're. Experiencing, a little bit of turbulence in the cryptocurrency airwaves. We may drop another ten or twenty percent but. We should find a floor shortly and we, will get you to your various destination, that's. About what we got right now in the crypto verse. Hopefully. Hopefully, you. Didn't come in around Christmas, Thanksgiving you, know pan you, know 18 19,000, for your first Bitcoin if you did don't worry about it don't worry about it just write it out but in the meantime I. Will show you how to flip that money on. Some of the smaller cap coins and some of the coins that are complete, and lifecycles, to, make up for the loss the biggest thing, you need to remember in all of, this is that.

The. BTC. 2, USD. Conversion. Price does. Not matter because. You should never sell your Bitcoin for dollars anyway I was. Thinking about this going a, driving. Driving driving through, town today and I was like I'm. Driving in my car right now I, was like somebody. Could come up to me you, know at the light and, be like hey hey bruh that's, a nice car how. Many clams you want for that car I. Give. You. 17,000, clams right now. And. I think about it I'm thinking I'm like hmm. 17,000. I was, like but I don't even value, clams what. I'm gonna do with clams clams. Ain't never done nothing for me what what can I do with clams you know. No. I'm not doing it you, know then he come back tomorrow eh bruh I got. 40,000, clams that car. Like. No I won't, no clams, yeah. That's. What you got to think it's a completely, different world, you guys and. If the dollar was designed, to make you rich as long, as you've been dealing in dollars you should already be rich by now it's designed, to do, the exact, opposite. Right, Bitcoin, is designed, the exact opposite at a dollar you, know and so I will never nor do I ever recommend. Anyone, on this channel you, know trading. Bitcoin. Back two dollars right. And. That's. Completely that's why I don't value dollars, anymore I value, BTC. And so now we got, a situation where, does. The CG B's on Wall Street I. Have. Taken taken some of their money away just the same as they did if you watch if you watch the bobbleheads on TV you know they talk about Dow, Jones 25,000. Oops I meant 20,000. They, took away about 20%, in about two or three days this. Is the culmination. Of a cycle, what, goes around comes around what goes up must come down and, and ultimately, banks have all the money so if they have all the money all we need to do is follow in their shadow to know where, we need to grow and, that's the point of today's. Video, right. So. Let's go ahead and, give. You these coins, without, further. Ado. The. First one you, guys number. One on. The list, D. Cash. I'm. Gonna show you. Yeah. We'll just do the four-hour chart and again the, chart the the the the scale that I'm using is a four-hour, candle. I'm. Not doing an in-depth technical analysis. Otherwise I'll be using the 343. Just, know that the methodology I'm showing you is patented, intellectual, property owner exclusively, for the rights and replication of Brandon Kelly LLC, if you are a profit-seeking, entity you. Do not will not ever have my written consent to use it so don't do it my. Lawyer is busy already I could just give them a call if he won't you know hire a few mokra, pros been good to me so don't play. But. If, you are a person, you, know sick, and tired of being sick and tired I'll give it to you for free, it, worked quite, well. Seven. Above 77 it's called fractal harmonics, conscious geometry, what, goes around comes around everything, we know today is is a coexistence, of, two things the. Past that, has already happened and the. Future, that is yet to be right.

And So. In knowing. That we can piece together different. Parts of this chart to. Tell us a story. First, part of that story I like, to look at is. The. 231. I don't. Think you guys understand, what the 231, does the 231, basically, tells you you the, complete lifecycle. And. When, you have something, that looks just like a parabola, from ninth grade statistics. Class. That. Shows you that this stuff is very very very. Harmonic. And, cyclical. And. Predictable. If you. Want to take it that far and, so. When. That parabola stops. It's. The start of a new cycle, and there, are three parts to every cycle, break out break. Down. Flatline, what. Comes next. BAM. It's, just that easy to get paid you, know I'm saying we all we got to do let's take you one step further let's, throw on the 77. On top of it so we get a few intersections. In here let's. Do our psycho. Lines from, that intersection, to. The. Top of the 77. Oh my goodness, look at that we, get the exact same story break, out break. Down. Flatline. What, comes next, BAM. Put. Them over the head with it what. You expect to make on that BK how are we looking how we looking how we looking freestyle on a Fibonacci one, time. Bounce it back like that once. We break this 786. We. Should. Be. Able. You. Know what I'm gonna do something different. I'm. Gonna go right there. Project. It low, that's. Gonna bounce off the two four one two, boom boom we. Should be capping out this thing north. Of. Here. That's. Gonna be a pretty good run if. Not, higher. I, think. The spring is gonna bring a lot of coins a lot of money this, is one of them right. This. Could go easily. Right there. Very. Easily, and. This is just one of them long story short z cash is a miners coin it's a builder's coin it has core with partnerships, this thing is money on money on money on money and it's completing, a full cycle. Ultimately. To. Fulfill, a. Whole. New, pool. Of money right, so you can get this thing down at 0.05. A, nickel. You know and you could easily clear, a dime or maybe. 15.15. You. Know before, before the end of the summer before it's all over because that's exactly where, we, capped out at before. And a lot of times these charts, just come right back around just like, we saw to. It today to fill the exact same trends in the exact same cycle, right, so, that's Z cash let's look at another one what do you think it is what do you think it is BAM, we. Talked about this one a while ago you know this is this is my wild card right here there's my wild card right here but I like it I like it a lot the reason I like it is because when you look at the 77. And the, 231. Is just sitting flat right. Bitcoin. Has crashed. Has went through the ground during this time about 47%. Actually. Know about 80%. There. In that same time this thing just chillin minus, 15, nothing, not, even worried about it you know to, where when we do the cycle lines on this thing check, this out we go one full cycle right one. Full cycle hmm. Break. Out break down, what. Do we want how do we want to do it break out. Break. Down break. Down let's. Do break down break down that's your work for this one break. Down break down there goes I got I, got I don't know if you noticed, that but I saw a point over here right, around the beginning of April on the first line I did and I, just got it another way so what I did here was I, took breakdown.

The. Breakdown. That. Normally gives you a positive it gives you a flatline positive, in this case so. This is gonna be flat line right, there. And that, fourth one that circle is gonna be our positive where are we gonna go we, just throw a Fibonacci from, that one to that one. We. Should. With. Any luck. Able. To get up there, to. The 1/6. This. Is off swing, this is a this is not an Orthodox, chart, right. Here but, the the fact that a matter still stands, that. You. Know when when you have all of, these different bands. Of energy. The seven the 21, the 77. The 231, these are literally four. Different. Isolated. Individual. Free-thinking. Independent. Moving. Averages, right but when all four. Of them you know come, into one, tight little, area right, and I. Don't even hold this against. Against. Okay cash because Bitcoin broke down so Bitcoin literally, killed it or else it might have been broken out already, but, when you have four different independent, free thinking, moving. Averages all within a few degrees of each other you. Know for those of you that remember from. My previous video I would say BAM. That's, where lightness strikes you know and that's what we look for so, ultimately, we. Didn't get it right there because the market pulled back but I do expect, that to happen somewhere. Around. Probably. The beginning of March middle, of March to where okay, cash is. Making some real-deal money, and if you follow me on trade and view you would already see that chart right, let's, jump in to number three and that's, gonna be this one right, here I think. Risk is. Pretty. Good ah man. This thing then broke out again okay I'll. Pass on this one because I want to give you guys coins that'll make some money when. I when I when I remember, this one it was basically doing this this channel, right here. Which. Which it already broke out so I'm not gonna use that one I'm not gonna use that one I get. You a freebie though you should already know you, should already know that, bash. Is. Cash. Especially. When, Bitcoin is struggling I think, this one. Looking. At this it's, it's amazing like, just. Think about how much energy, that was up there right. And the. Fact that we've, basically had, all of that energy. Almost. Do kind of like this. Double. Dutch jump rope, trend, to. Come right, back, you. Know inside. Those points, right that's. Pretty incredible. What. We can see I'm just trying to run some cycle. Lines if we started, it there, it. That one. Through. That up. This. One is gonna be easy once, once - actually, decides, to break out right now it's at 73. It's it's been you, know between 73. 95. Maybe, 45. It's been swinging for, about two or three months now but, once it decides to break out it will clear that one six very very, very, easy this, is one of these strongest, coins on the market, when, it's base gets, you know excited. Then it's. It. Has. You. Know quite, a bit of energy. Inside, one. Way you could do that is to just draw some trend lines on this thing I'll. Do, these. In. Yellow right. If we just draw it from the bottom. Right. There let's, do this real quick. From. The bottom right there. At. The top right there. And. You can even do one more. Right. There. These. Are basically going to be the channels that - runs in I. Don't. Think we, have a good chance of going down if. We do and you know it's a lot of people down here that'll buy this thing that me included, so. Don't, expect to see below 50, or 60, you, know any time on this, one right, this. One has not completely. Broken out yet and that's what I wanted to show you guys it's kind of a variance, in, what, does good look like good, looks like this good, looks like when you can just take a line right. And ride. It up you, know that line and say. Okay when it breaks that line sell, it when. It touches that line buy it when. It breaks that line sell, it yeah, I'm saying if, you didn't sell it Dan sell it damn BAM, right. Ride, it all the way down when, it breaks that mind buy it. Sell. It. I sell. It buy. It. So. We can literally see this is a buying situation. For - right. And, and that's but that's what you want right you don't want coins that are you know bet the house on it you really want coins, - where you can have you, know five or six, or seven different points.

Of Action. Inside, of one cycle and - hasn't even you, know completed, a full cycle, yet this thing is basically just been sitting sideways right, here so. Again it's a great coin, to head yourself, against. The variance, and the turbulence, that's. Existent, in the market right now and. Then. The last coin. Imma, throw you is. OMG. This, thing just, hit today, just. Hit today. It's. Not a perfect. Coin. As, in. Money, on money clean and clear like the first two we talked about but. Given, the circumstances. I do not, think that this is a bad pick up for, anybody. Look, at that even when we draw a Fibonacci you. Know from. This breakdown. Right there. That. Is breakout. Right. Here. We. Have consolidated right. To the six one eight that is that, is that is prime time real estate I tell you if you could get it in between those green bands, that's the money zone that means once this thing comes to be comes into fruition you, know we're gonna hope. To, accelerate. All the way to the one six up here. That'll, be somewhere north of a hundred percent. OMG. Is the real deal, oMG. Is here State oMG. Is. O-m-g. Right. This. Is a this is a real deal coin you guys and and you could you could buy this coin and forget about it for the rest of the year and not be disappointed, with the outcome we. Can just probably yeah. If we're gonna hit it we would hit it in between there well. That's a pretty good timeframe to probably. By about made, a middle, of May that's. When that will happen for you right given, the healthy market and nothing. Nothing to, unforseen, but get, given, the current trends in the market the trend current trend in the last year, you. Can you you can just. About like, in a one six return 100, percent return before, midsummer, next. Year for o me see go this, is a good time to buy and you know if you're in the Chad do me a favor shot your country out I'm coming - coming, to you guys in about you, know 30. Seconds. But let's do this real quick as, one. Of the biggest things one. Of the biggest things I wanted to make, sure you guys were aware of this is you, know one. Of the best times to buy out. There right. And. The reason is because. You. Get a bargain on your money right. And as long as you value Bitcoin, and not, dollars you, can put yourself in a position with, many of these charts, to. Increase, your Bitcoin, right and then once the Bitcoin market comes back guess what you got more dollars by design, the. Biggest thing to remember is not to get frustrated, it's very easy, you, know, to have, one or two bad days or you know lose 10 20 30 % you know and and go, wanna give you money late don't do that you know cuz next out go take it and he go one he gonna want to make 10 or 30% on it you know so then you gotta buy it back at a more expensive price remember. You only get hurt on the roller coaster, when. You try to get off right, and I'm not talking about how to lid I say I don't, I don't believe in. Just, waiting. For your money to come buy it and hold it forever know that, the stock market is dead that's what that's what they preach back in the third forty's 50 60s they you know that's why we all hear about oh if you would have just invested $1, and Apple, in. 1988. Yeah. Who does that nobody you, know that's what that's why I say trade it if it ain't paying it ain't staying you know um don't.

Don't Don't don't ride, it into the ground because then it's gonna be three times as hard to get it up to have it be worth anything the biggest thing you, need to understand, is that you need to take control of your money don't let the bobbleheads, on TV take control of it for you don't believe that anything, they say it is of any value because. Just by supply, and demand, the. Simple, fact that, they. Don't shut up but, 24, hours a day across. 18 different. Networks, should, tell, you that, nothing. They say is a value, because, if it was it will probably keep it to themselves. They're. Not in business to make you money, they're. In business to, keep you broke, this. Is a system. Of design, so. Don't. Think you, know. Working. Your way up the corporate ladder to where you get $24, an hour you, know a, indoor. Parking spot and and, $600. A month health care is is is, the way you win, in this game it's not because. As long as you value those dollars, you will never win. Because. We ain't got 300, million winners in this country that's for sure. And. That's why we need everybody. To get involved in this cryptocurrency, right. That's why I come on here eight o'clock at night on a Friday I could be tearing. Up any club I won't popping bottles, with. My model. You. Know, anywhere. And, I'm here trying to get some people I never even met some money that you, know. Hopefully. To make their lives better, that's, why I put together some of the resources, we have, patreon. Trade and view vos a Bitcoin, and. That's. Why every day we make a difference, right 20,000. People strong. Growing. Everyday right. So. What we'll do right now is we will jump, back in to. Jump. Back to. The. Community, you already know Facebook, group Boston Bitcoin comm come on over come. On in the doors are always open, in, addition to that we have boss of Bitcoin. Comm, if you're, just getting set up in the crypto verse this is an amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Tool, to. Help, expedite your pathway. To success one. Of the packages I definitely recommend is crip topless, this is a technology. Driven driven, consumer, focused ten coins that will change the future, 2018. Cryptocurrency. Will break one, trillion, dollars. These, ten coins will help get us there so, if you want that boss, a Bitcoin comm for that information, the dream team is a list that the, community put together based. On low. Market. Cap coins you don't need a lot of money to, get a lot of profit right, when I put this list together you, could get all ten coins for, a twenty, dollar bill and get, some cash back on top of it right you, can't even go to a movie nowadays. But at $20 you can't even go see a movie and get some popcorn with a $20 bill I took my girl to the movies the other day you know I'm saying I was mad I was so mad. You. Know oh you. Can't even do that nowadays back, in the day I could feel my gas tank up get a candy, bar you, know and. Some McDonald's you. Know what a $20 bill you can't do it you know my meetings, available. For one-on-one training and then we got miss Diana, Rodriguez. Bringing. It bringing it in ms naughty crypto if. You're just getting set up I can't. Stress to you how important, it is to get real, deal legitimate, information I'm not able to meet with everybody I just, had to reschedule a meeting today, you, know what a guy that you know we'll be talking with later, on so what I did I went in the community, and got, miss Rodriguez, naughty crypto, and she's, gonna be bringing it bringing it in for. Some of our beginner calls right people. That are literally just setup want to know how you, know the Boston method works how to set up trade and view how to you, know execute. A trade a limit order on finance or bid tricks you know what's, the difference between big. Quick and big connect. This. Is how you find out right, so, that's, available to, you guys as well and in addition to that we. Do have our boss, alert, messages. Live. And, operating, on trading, view on on patreon. I. Want. To shout, out the people on there I think it's really amazing, just. To be, able to participate, you, know to provide. Value, for you guys in that community so patreon.com, BK. Crypto trader if you, haven't been, involved with that you, know and you. Know. The biggest things is what would you do if all your bills were paid right. I do. Hundreds, of videos interviews. One-on-ones. Charts. Teaching. Guys how to win in a financial, market my.

Dream For you is to, have your dream become, a reality right. And. Here we go, that. Being saying let's check in around the world, we got Tampa, Australia. Scotland. New Zealand, South Korea. I haven't, seen that before silver, torch I'm pretty sure I watch your channel I was, just watching one of your videos of, the day that's. Cool that's. Cool what's going on as good see silver tour South Korea. Australia. Was. Going on Hartford, Connecticut West Palm be see. Crack-a-lackin'. And I have. Not seen that one before, it was cracking, in the crack of lack Cali, you know saying back-to-back boss walking, on the, west coast. Somebody. Said aren't you worried about the text that the US has imposed, on trading, now BK, no I'm not thank, God for Google, let, me show you something, guys let me show you something cuz I used to make more than a hundred thousand, you know so this was one before, I got my first paycheck I did some research how. To. Not. Pay, taxes. Making. One. Hundred cake. Oh, my. God, what. Someone. Has done it. Financial. Samurai how. To pay a little or no, taxes. For the rest of your life, oh my goodness here let me just copy and paste that anybody. Worried about giving them money away to a broke and desperate government, there you go you probably need that link more to not do keep, it moving. Canada. What's up. Making. Georgia, Pensacola. Rio. Grande. Phoenix. Ecuador, is Rio OSA, and Flo. Rida, and. Germany. Jerk, money in the building thank you again everybody for you, know putting, up with me is Friday, night I'm about to go out you know and watch a movie or something. I, had. Some fun like, I said the biggest thing is I we. Need to come together as a people to. Preserve, what, little bit of. Possibility. That we have. You. Know to. Facilitate. The. Pursuit, of our own happiness and, if. That happens to be on a blockchain and that's where I'm a beer you. Know if, if. Something else pop up and that's where it's at and that's where I'll go but for now it's over here you know on the blockchain because, I don't think anything, they got running, through them wires coming through you know syndicated. Television you. Know I didn't watch the Superbowl so I can't tell you how much you know that death and depression, was spread through that toxic, nonsense, but I could tell you right now, you. Know we don't have time to, sit, back and keep up with the Kardashians, you. Know last time I checked them witches are already rich. So. We we need that we need to do our due diligence on the backside to make ours up on the back nine that, being said it's that time of the day signing out this the boats boy BK, no matter where you stay from, Brazil to the bay in California, all, the way back out through dirt, money, good, night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time like subscribe, and share copy. And paste this URL text, that the somebody you care about tell them this mother, right. Here, this. Right, here, that's. Fight that's, all you say dot dot that's fine do, that for me if you appreciate my until we meet again stay cryptic y'all please.

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I must be misunderstanding the method because I sold omg yesterday thinking there weren't enough bullish signs and bought sub using the boss method as the 7 went above the 77 on the 4hr and on the 1hr. Admittedly I've only watched this vid without sound so i'll watch it again with sound later. Hoping to make the most of the method, thanks.

your videos are so interesting and educative bitcoin, experience points, and litecoin to the moon

Saw the interview with you on Arcane Bear. I was a sub here before, but after that interview, knowing more of your background, it impressed me.

Thank you sir!

bullshit... NEO to the moon

yes - i'll open two more options for everyone next month - stay tuned!


Thanks for watching Dream!



The time is to hold your xmr to get 10x xmv after the monero fork!!!

Any prediction about this hard fork?

Whats that like $5? you might wanna change for a top 50 crypto... just sayin...

appreciate it Amin!


thank you Jimmy D!


Brandon Kelly Crypto Trader it helped thanks for replying. Would be great to see a SUB analysis to find out if I was off the mark with that one or not if you can.

just watch the video with audio - that should help :)

Thank you Michael! I appreciate the kind words.

Really appreciate the insight BOSS, luv what you doing out here!

Thank you Brandon!

Billionare state of mind!


when is the fork?

spoken like a true boss...


BCH is gonna Boom Soon!

I have to say that you are pretty good. You should have way more subs (don't know if you are interested in that), with a change in style you could reach way more people. You are professional but to a superficial eye you might not seem so. Wish you a great day. Keep it going bro!

Thank you kindly - I think that since I don't adhere to the 'distract and detour' model of most of youtube's most popular content creators I've been pushed down by their algorithm. But they forget that whatever power they have is voluntarily given by the people - therefore while my subs may be low - I believe the value I am creating is high - and recognize that the subs will come eventually.

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