4.0 Update Part 1「Splatoon 2

4.0 Update Part 1「Splatoon 2

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Oh. Boy. Oh. Boy. We. Got some new weapons. Weapons. I'm. A fan, of the new ones I'm a fan of the old ones oh boy. Do, I like, me some Rhys kings of weapons I actually play. Well. Good morning Connecticut, afternoon Furies depending, a new time zone and this is filled with YouTube welcome. Everybody. People. To pop pop Dan the server's up and up for 40 minutes I had no idea. I'm. Literally, just I had, no idea apologies. I was, just like yeah I was waiting till. 10:30. What's. Going on everybody now we're actually in here what. We got we got some knobbly. Skins excuse me you're correct, we. Got some, some. Weapons. We. Got some actual, weapons. Here. We got five new weapons, in tour is, this covariant, of the charger I understand I understand okay all, good hurry up I I understand. That the gist a roller. Would splat, bomb Oh. Sheldon. Sheldon. You're too kind to me. Splat. Bomb weapons, are my jam. Okay. Talk. To me what are we rocking. Here, all, right so let me actually go to the test window like immediately before we do anything what. Are we rocking. For. News for new weapons so, we got it we got normal fire on this guy this guy is I don't like this this guy's southern, primary I don't, know I I, don't like this guy's special. His. Special feels underwhelming, I'm not this one special feels underwhelming, I don't tend to missiles it, it's, whatever um. What. Else we got what else we got we're not storing my new weapons, is that not the game we're playing. Okay. Then uh. Here. We go this. One I am interested. In roller. But, splat. Bomb. Hello. So, we can do 30 damage and then potentially get a kill with the with, the roller at like 7 years I guess that does 50, all, dude. Welcome, Zilla, who. Said they were new, welcome. Welcome, dude. I am in with, this. So. Wonder what happens if we do like like. This. With, that, ok, nevermind um. Default. Roller has splat bomb no no it doesn't let you talk about. For. This flat bomb it's got a, croaking. Bomb. Like. 90% confident, no I'm like 100 Singh confident yes good I remember, I made it for a while. You. Have you down myself I love. The curling or, I love. That one at least uh. Splattershot. Looks nice. What. Else we got on the docket to try out here we. Got a charger. I, mean probably not for me but I'll buy, it we. Got a charger, with a. Sprinkler. And baller. I want out this one's gonna work in the meta huh. Interesting. Not really for me but I'll give a shot. And. Then. And. What. Is our last weapon. What. Is our last weapon. Right. Right the Dooleys Italy's Italy's I got Dooley's with, sorry, mom and baller, I'm. Not gonna lie I'm, down with this I'm. Down with this. Seems. Like an interesting cop okay, a. Freezing. Fire I will friend you, sorry.

My Guy I was, interrupted, I wasn't interrupted, I forgot. About adding people at what I will own up to that um. So. I don't mind adding you real fast like here. Although. I do not see your name in the thing, but. You said you're a headshotting, boy I. Don't. Know I owe you real fast though I'll do real fast you responsible. Just. Make sure I I almost, like it. I'll. Probably get the other thing it's all good it's gonna be a nice chill stream it's for late at night you know we're. Just doing whatever um, I. Just, want to try the new weapon man I just, want to try all the new weapons see what we got, seven. One nine, eight. And. Then we got. Three. Oh, nine. Eight, a Bam Bam Bam, cool. Oh a. Sad, boy I'm. Sorry my dude got, so many different names all. Right so, what we're gonna do buy them all we. Are very rich within, this world I will. I will take, everything. And. Only. At all. Now. What I'm gonna do, mmm. Imma equip, some Cosi, with. Tony. Kent sagir. Cuz. Look as long as we're rocking the Kent's of weapons I feel. It's important, to rock some Tony Kent's of branding, you. Know what I mean, all, right Chloe, get over here Co, she likes to wrap her clothing what. Do we got for Cosi today, the. New cozy look uh, well. First of all give me give me like those Dooley's, mmm actually you know before to do this to that bowler, I. Love this color scheme um I. Need. Brand maybe I need some brand um. Where's. My Tony kenza if. I have any Tony Kaye I might have deleted it all. Um. I. Have, some Tony canceled somewhere all right doing not have any Tony cancer do. They not make hats or something. Big. Question, mark. Okay. I got one I got like nearly one Tony cancer I. Have. In total, - Tony cancer, all. Right what we're gonna do is we're gonna rock the contacts. Because. I hate both of those hats aesthetically, um. Tony. Kent's I should have more in shirts, I don't, believe Tony Kent's that even had head we're up. Until, a while ago. So. I can understand, why I wouldn't have any your, way okay now we have some variety um. Oh. Rock. Half. Sleeve what. Kind of shoes we got for Tony Kenza as. Long as we're repping the brand, right. After em Perry here we go oh yeah Oh Tony. Cancer really does keep to that black and white brand doesn't it huh, how's. This look oh. Oh. I like this, I like, this ooh. I'm. Feeling it I'm, gonna. Want abilities, I got i got sub power up sub saver and special, according, to stream replay. Goddammit. This. Whole Tony cants 10-20, cancer, monta, our like promotion, thing hmm. I'm liking, it. I'm. Liking, it alright, well give me some rain maker. Let's. See what we got let's see what your, snacking on my live chat, hey, guys do it I'm just chilling out. What. Was that you wanna do some private battles all dude yes, I forgot. Let's do some private battles. Let's. Do some private battles after this. Just. Let the sponsors hop in. Test. Out the new features that. Sounds. Amazing all right let. Me just see what we got in action that was @j, that. Looks like very J kind of gear that. Was. Not J and that would have been crazy if it was J. Okay. So what, are we talking with this we got a roller, with. Bubbles. And, splat. Bomb. So. What. Kind of blaze style, is this, I'm. Not an expert it's put at splatoon, playstyles, I will admit.

But. I am an expert at, that splat, bomb. Because. I am a fan, I. Could. Put down some bowls so let's see let's see we got bubbles we, can destroy people like this probably oh never. Mind. Unless. Our team does finds. It unable to respawn, themselves. Unable to respawn that also might prevent us from actually getting kills. The. Failed leave Frank Frank Otte is not going to be used today sorry about that shadow please. Feel. Free to. Slow. Tune is I. Wish. I could add people in a less annoying way it's. So annoying to add people one by one and remove them one by one if I could just create a room code and you could you guys to just freely join in man. Would that be fun. But. That is not the way that it worked so. Okay. We're, gonna do private, battles hopping. You guys create. A room no. Password, just hop in. One. Day one. Day splatoon, will make it easy for you guys to hop in maybe, I actually have no idea if they ever will but if they do I'll, be eating so many more viewer battles. You should play smash result when he comes out no I won't, lose. A little bit just too overrated IMO. It's. All, over that game don't worry. Have. No, fear. Like. Two more something in here look if I could just I'll give you guys a code, I just Billy hey hop. In would. Be super nice and easy but I guess it's just unable to happen. So. Weird is that gonna be it to. Be twos, we're. Just gonna do two V two I want to do spectator, camera so that's a that's a little bit boring honestly, uh. Okay. You added on switch fail or is there a requirement the requirements, i right now in order to because you know there is a max amount of 300, friends I only add sponsors. On the main account I apologize. Okay. We have enough people now. We. Can we can get going here. Oh. Wait. Let's do the new map I think. The new map was was I think um. Where. Was it. Starfish. Mainstage was changed, yeah. A starfish, main stage here. We go. Let's. Do it I want, to see what it looks like, and. Bam. I. Want. To play for a little bit cuz we got bodies I. Want. To give it a shot. Bow-bow-bow. But. Up up Bombo. Bad. About, that bum. Bum. Bum bum I can't, one for the splatoon two times 100 battle boy out to the death that's not how that works so, I thought it worked like one, second, but. Uh yeah. I know. That. It's not how that works. Boom. Pound pound. But. About ba-bow. Let's. Do man let's. Do it I'll, be honest I hate I, hate a lot of the direct except for Luigi's Mansion really. House. Like the direct was like. Amazing. It was okay. It. Did things you know it, was, fun. Lately. Like. We. Didn't get oh okay actually, gone before we talking about the direct how. Does this new stage work we. Got a nice open and it's a lot more open a lot, more spacious up here. This. Aerial it feels different, I. Accidentally. Fell flat. Bomb. Kind. To get away luckily splat bombs can I'm pretty, good at Lincoln tossing them this. Area feels very, different. We're. Have bubbles, to make pushes, I. Think. To splat, bombs is enough to pop them.

So. This is a roller. That can do long-range, pressure and then. Go in. Interesting. Of. Course, you know you need time to actually fuel up your ink. But. I like this idea of like bomb rushing. Get. Kills, throw. Things bubble, bubble, bubble. Like. I kind, of like it I kind of perfect. If. I see what we're getting at here with this weapon and, see what we're getting at here with it. It's. A roller that I can give like strong. One hit kill long-range, pressure from. Which. Is something I'm not really used, to seeing, from. From the roller family. Express. The. Roller family does not usually do that. Well. Well, well. What. Level are you now in splatoon I'm, like eighty something. You'll. Be able to see the way you know what up the lobby, oh my. Goodness came. Out of nowhere. But. Yeah yeah. So. What I'm gonna do is. When. We get into the next game, it, sounds, like a cool bro wants to join meaning. We'll have a, little. Bit of a. Opportunity. For me uh. What. If I can do like pop it with one but ah you, can't pop it with, one bubble is a little unfortunate. Don't. Look I join the next room I sent the request already sorry, Sian I'm. Only adding sponsors, right now. Because. The switch only allows for 300, friends so that's this unfortunately. The way I have to do things if I had a code then, I could just give you guys a hop and I would just do that like every game. But. Unfortunately, that's not the case, at. Which it was so badly we make you they make everything so much easier. I'm. Like on the roller and splat bombs yeah it's nice I like. It I like it I. Like. It let's. Do it our friend let's try out the different modes on the stage so I think I'd be the spectator right one two three four, five. Do. You have a disconnect. Disconnects. That's. Weird, Ollie six weird. Um. And. Then what were our specials. I'll. Try out the the splatter, the. Splat charger, the the Kent's a charger, not. Really my jam but I'll give it a shot. Then. The stream in my game aren't in sync yeah of course. It's. It's a live stream this is gonna be a delay. Classrooms. Like ten seconds ahead or ten seconds behind it's like nine seconds behind. Off. To play this tomorrow with the new update I'm so sleepy understandable, harried I feel, free to hop out. No. Worries. Thank. You for coming by. Clear. All set best friends would be such, a good feature for this if if they added a clear all but, best friends I would do also many more feel free battles it's. Just such a pain to have to like manually, go in and out. To. Like manually, be like okay well let. Me just remove, everyone individually one, by one, when, it's just like I could distribute the sponsor battles which is what normal concentrators do usually. Consecrated. Just go by sponsor battles since. Those are like the the. Simplest, ones to get running. Boy. Almost almost. So, I think it I don't think it should. Be friendly like ten, seconds ahead of the stream is a time machine exactly. Maybe. If you're splatoon, game is bad enough. What. We're not moving I should he be using that sprinkler, I'm. Not using that at all yet. I'm. Not paying attention to my my, sub special. Alright. Not. Sure if you guys can tell but I'm not really a charger, player. Well. I I can, play the charger so if I can pick it and then use my weapon, to shoot at, people. But. Really it doesn't go much further beyond, that I gotta be using this sprinkler more. IMO. This. Sprinkler this. Is actually gonna be a pretty good charger like.

Duo, Weapon. Well. Tell, me my, team goodbye a sad boy. We. Were close. We. Were close, bonus. Yeah. I know I think this is actually gonna be a pretty decent combination. Cuz. You'll be able to constantly have a baller which. Might be useful I guess I'm not really charger I don't really play. Charge or I don't know where the benefits lying. Don't lie. Hard. To fight against close combat people I'll give you that, the. Big big, issue with this weapon is it doesn't have a sub to cover for the perfect distance. So. You are kind of stuck, like. With. A only, your primary fire to help you. And to, that end I agree. This. Weapon might struggle a little bit. So. Could you please add me Oh pawn. Sponsor. We're saying something up please add me I, put. My friend code in the thing a cool bro I will add you right after this. Apologies. I'm a little behind on having people there. But. I will add people who are currently in the stream, that. Way other people hop it in. Bop. Bop, bop. Bop-bop-bop. Oh my. God if I could get a kill, I'd be happy. Probably. Isn't gonna happen I'm not gonna lie. I'm. Not really that great of a church sir. But. I mean, we take we take what we get marci. Probably isn't a medium you hop on the point safely maybe, maybe. They're. Good but we. Have people okay there we go. We're. Okay. We're. Perfectly. Fine. Nothing. To worry about other than the fact that we are pretty much dead. You. Know what that's never stopped anyone before. Stop. The many people before I'm not gonna live it all right. Die. Though, hey, we got a kill we, are on the boards people. If. We get another one oh we got another one now, we're a double on the boards this, right here is a nice change. Don't. Throw that sprinkler down, go. For it oh. Um. Help. Help. Give. Me the X. Boom. Sonne. Dead. I'll. Just kill everyone with my special I don't care. I'm. Not clever. I'll. Only use my special to kill whoa. Sometimes. I'll kill with my primary fire. Lot. Less common though a lot less common not gonna lie. All. Right well it's amazing how much better our team does when I'm actually able to carry my own weight.

I'm. Trying to track them with that sprinkler real talk okay this is gonna be a crazy call-out I think, they're gonna be sprinkler distraction, plays with this weapon just. Rate. Up like hey watch, the sprinkler for a few seconds BAM dead. Got. Him so. Could you stop though thank, you. Cuz. They hate check, out that sprinkler I bet you want to kill it right BAM you, just go for their head BAM. I'm. Gonna throw sprinkle in there hope it works, probably. Won't give our sprinklers on an offensive weapon but who knows it's. Right date - there we go. How. Say we have, 85%. Chance with putting this. It's. Dropping down to it -. Dropping. Down to a zero it's. Now very definitely, at a zero. Here. We go, cool. Bro you wanted to be at it right. What's. Your name on discord, I do. Not see you. A. Cool. Girl my dude what is it what. Is your name oh, my. Goodness hello. What. I. Don't. Know where these people came from. Maybe. Friends of friends kind of a thing we're gonna close, for now, don't. Know what that was. Huh. Let. Me just add, a. Cool. Bro a cool bro I don't see your name in the thing. That. I not add you on the main, account. Nikki's. Are cool no zombie oh. Yes. There we go. Perfect. That's. What I was looking for three, to seven, -. Then. We got that one nine. Five, nine now. Let's hit up that seven. One, and can you guess the rest we got zero. Eight I bet you couldn't. I've. Already actually requested, you you have not accepted. Please. Hit up that double check. Yeah. We go. Now. Let's go back in. What's, our stream delay looking like right now, when. I say when. I I'm, gonna go 3 2 1 go what I say go everyone, say the word hi in chat 3. 2. 1. Go. Eight. Second delay actually 1 to 2 seconds, faster than normal, strange. Yeah, wall. Mr.. Cleveland's. Field. Can you play Kirby I don't like splatoon sorry Kimberly I'm gonna be playing some splatoon, today because it's a new update. Wow. Yeah we got everyone in here oh cool. Very. Nice in that, case I will be spectating, now, I'm gonna be trying out the new spectator, feature I really, hope it's super easy to use I, hope. The new spectator. Feature it's. Just like I can just press it and it works because then I can just like automate, these battles I don't have to like I can actually just chill while the game does the spectating, for me. That. Would be extremely nice. Controls. Player. Parameters. On up okay, Elinor activates, Auto camera, okay. I. Like. It. I'm. Interested like the new overlay to fill. But how's the update updates going okay nothing. Amazing this is for weapons. Once. We get the later stuff it'll be a lot more interesting. Why. You stream when it's almost 10 p.m. and the CST because. New. School tune update, because. You know what my, European viewers. Need a little but I love to okay. So let's see how this works so.

I'm. Gonna press Ln R, and. I'm gonna press -, oh. I've. Activated, Auto camera, I'm, gonna see what happens let's. See how auto camera whoa what, is this. What. Is this what is this view. It's. This all special, charge %. It, looks like special charge percent. All. Do I kind of oh good, good good miss their imaginary it's, okay but, you can always bring home that's a good way to bring it home wait this view. Oh. This. Auto camera, is really. Nice. Oh. My. God. This. Auto camera, is. Like, really, nice. So. It's percent that's, special, is all a per. Centimeter. It's not some sort of visual medium sizes all the numbers oh. Dude. This. Spectator. Camera. He's. Really. Nice. Now. I can sit back what I'm doing at ornament, I get this no, can I just like. Move. It myself I. Can. Move it myself, and. Then, I can just turn on auto mode. Mmm. So, if I can just do like this. Well. I can just feel like, spit like like this view then. Be like okay back into the actual action. This, is pretty, nice I gotta, admit I, wonder. What it does to know because, so far it's followed, the action, very well I. Know. It's gonna go over to TJ I think it going over to the player that got the kill is is sensible that makes sense that's obvious. That. That makes that makes perfect sense, oh. And. It must go over to this person when, it's like in proximity, oh my, god when the point is in proximity it's like okay understood, let's move it over. Dude. That. Is so. Neat, this is a really, good camera. This. Isn't going to change tournaments. Yeah. That's all a per centimeter that's. All a per centimeter. Man. I, am, a fan, I. Am. A fan. Now. I'll just be able to commentate, splatoon torn it dude, this will make commentating, things so much easier cuz, I can just sit back and it's like it's like it someone else is doing the camera work it's, like we have Sauron here like. We just watch a sad boy get those kills. And. I can like to save the clipping. And replaying for later. Do. Now I cut I'm not gonna lie this, makes spectating, fun. Now. I can just sit back and just watch. And. The, game does a really, good automatic camera. They. Should have showed depth instead of assists, is, that know what that is that's. Our deaths. I, suppose. It does I'm, surprised that isn't death. Are. We sure. She. Was silly to kind of sit tonight okay, that cameras a little sketch don't. Know why it moved all the way over here. Me. Because it cited it saw that Marcy was approaching, and so, now it's flopping to her so. Far I mean the camera seems pretty sentient, like, I gotta admit this camera might know things that we don't about the game. There's. A script, that we run aware of what, this cameraman, he just knew. It. Just got imaginary, to kill. All. Right it's showed imaginary, just as they got the kill I am. In with this care of me I gotta trance it out with all the modes now -. Okay. Okay, so. Let's see let's see let's see. Or. Blast her friend is at 17. And - he got a kill, 18, and -. He's. Foley he's, used as special eighteen and three I see. So, that is a special, counter. -. Method sundown but that is indeed a special counter, we can confirm he has died the number has not changed. Oh this. Is relaxed, a I can just sit back I can drink water I can just you guys no longer have to put up with my bad spectator, camera, I. Wish. It showed the map every so often. But. Maybe it will be like all in. Splat zones I really. Want to try zones next. Cuz. Zones might be like perfect, a. Whole. Dude I'm excited, for the potential of this. Um. Sweat. Zones and then let's just do. Like. Surgeon. Ship here it seems like a good one to test it on cuz that's a very large zone. So. I want to see how how it handles, that. Woods. I'm even it even starts, me can I like Brazil okay I cannot press the L right now but. It even starts, me on this camera, strange. Said I can't press it in the menu to turn it off even though it displays it in the menu I don't want I don't get that. Dude. Real talk, this is going to be a. Big. Thing for tournaments. This. Is going to make tournaments, so good I feel bad for sorry sorry. Sarge, we're just got like. Stars. Being replaced by a bot. Sorry. My man is being replaced by a bot, hey. Do I want to play some minigames sometime tomorrow I have no idea what that question is look what, minigames. Minigames. On three, mini-games. Like, in Wario Ware minigames, me what. Probably. Not. Sorry.

My Guy. It's. His weapon testing not spectator updating. Yeah. I mean we're testing a few new weapons I'm sensing a spectator, weapon in. Splatoon to. Not. Personally. Meet. My friends I thought yeah sorry about that my man not, personally. It's. Being a voyeur I'm playing Wario cards right now with warrior cards oh that's right that I that mode once you unlock them all that's cool, but. Danna bam bam and. What's. The stuff in special for the new charger. Sprinkler. And baller. Sprinkler. And baller all. Right let's see this let's see this auto. Care is already on let's. See how it do let's, see how it do like, I can show the map for a little bit and then, just go into the game and I wonder what it will do ah. It. Takes a little bit to go eight but that's alright that's alright looks. Like we're about to have a baller oh my god there's so much I gotta admit one. Thing about this is it there's so much extra information, to learn to digest, as a commentator, it's. Nice to have but. Oh my, goodness. There's gonna be so much news things, so. Many new things to understand. What. Was that. That. Was okay. Why. Does it do that. So, you see how the camera went not. To the one that was that got the kill but, instead, back, to the team that was losing, I. Wondered. This cuz they were regrouping. Dude. I am really. Really. Curious, I I'm sure some end game TV and ink TV people are gonna put some time into understanding, what makes, the camera do what it does. But. This is really, nice. It. Honestly does feel, it like a human is controlling this. It. Feels so smart. Good. Bomb rush now if I was the camera I don't, think it switches until you die I think that's a concrete rule, once, it goes to someone it stays on them until they're dead now. We, haven't see what happens when it's on the cameras on someone and then they like trying like timeout they like, run off they, like right into a corner it might. Break if you like run into a corner and like. Give up or something it, might just like stop function I have, no idea, maybe. It it picks up when a player goes inactive. But. TJ was up there for a while so I don't know. Long. Story short humans. Are still gonna be extremely useful it has a, camera guys but. Like. Boy. Does this make the single streamer, life helpful, just, the. The, hey I'm gonna host this with tuned for Tamara I'm just gonna do viewer battles and I want to commentate the set, because. A lot of like what I have to do is as a. As. A. Commentator. In these battles beforehand, was I had to operate the camera and give commentary, which. Is a little bit harder because I have to think about like where I'm looking or where it should be looking now, I can just easily look at everything and just digest, what I need to now. I were. Yeah. Oh my god it did it, totally, did. I was, just let's see if I were the cameraman I would, move the. Camera right now cuz, right now nothing is happening, all. The action is ahead and we're on a person, who's not there, dude. I. Think. They just watched ornament, and we're like ok what. Works when, does the when does a camera move what, changes, when does it change and who. Does it change to and justly wrote that all down and wrote, an AI that. Does it perfectly or, if. Not perfectly, just like cool. Really good about how. Good. Night Perry. Listen. To your roommate. Let's. Do one more one, more battle. With this group. Sounds. Like an open slot. Now. We have two open slots so maybe we should hang it hold off for a second there. What. About Rainmaker. Um. How. About Rainmaker. Now. I'm just I'm greedy I want to try out lately I want to see what these I want. To test the power of. Of. This camera isn't. Snuck in at the very end there. Even. You can enjoy this camera for a little bit too so. Wonder if there's like a button to just oh you can, turn it on in the very beginning that. Is so. Nice. You. Can like. Before game even starts I can just like set things up and just be like BAM. Now. I can just sit back I can do whatever I can have a drink if I wanted to I just have to ready up.

I'm. Back I'm back I'll, touch, my controllers, I, move. Them out of the way and we're gonna enjoy I'm gonna press the X button once I'm gonna do is I'm gonna treat us like a tournament it's. Gonna be tournament, you four actually, I wonder, if it still moves what I have the map up I want to test the power of it it does it. Moves, what I have the map up that. Is height. That, is so tight I love it. And. Now I wonder what happens imaginaries, just hanging out up here I want. You eyes when it follows the Rainmaker you're able to defend a little bit. Holy. By godness you know what this is gonna be amazing for so. This is gonna be it's kind of neat this, is gonna be amazing for commentary, practice, because. Now, normally. Splatoon. Tube commentators, really can't like. Practice. Unless they have a cameraman or unless, they do it themselves but. Look at this look. At look at this see that the awareness it was, be. Awareness, it has. It. Constantly. Moves the camera to an area that's actually, like look at that ain't knew that they were dead and to me you'll be switched. This. Is legitimately like like watching a human behind the scenes a. Human. Would probably do the job better, but. For like what it is this is like training mode you. Know one smash when, you're like trying to like at like if you know if you play smash if you're like laughing against someone like. It's. Like practice, that's, the equivalent, of like what this is. It's. Really nice, pick, up the Rainmaker go in camera comes down. Game. Oh my. God. This. Is so good. If. Only, you get auto ready me but here's. My only desire. If. I could ever get an auto ready. Kind. Of said that my auto cam is the same as yours I thought it might be different oh, I. See what you're saying. Because. There are two spectators, um. It. Would potentially like, like change it I see. What you're getting at that would have been cool but I think it's almost too much to program. Or. Maybe just chooses another view of the similar thing I don't, know I'm. Not - I'm not too too worried about it personally. Erewhon, a multi our control I just want to sell look bug the longer maps. Tries. Again. This. Is delightful. Phil. Number 50 is new salmon run music oh. My. Music I'll try that later. Well. When you do the the. Room in a little bit oh yeah. Please. Stop spamming in chat it'll. Be okay we all have to take our turns. Daniel. Franco was shown user, settings Franco treat your friend code okay. I really. Care of my friend codes gets shown it does, it seems like do. Anything a new. Weapon will you ever showcase it yeah i showcase, them. Am. I trying to showcase the the Dooleys or something. Who. Knows hey. You guys are antsy tonight you guys can calm down it's okay. You. Guys all are antsy I don't get why. Guys. Oh. I. Could. Potentially press a. Thank. You very much your knee oh. Sorry. Here. We go. So. Let's just turn into style again tornado. Style boys Chris. Ex on opening. Watch. This for a little bit. Right. When they get to like halfway in. We're. Gonna put down the map oh look. At that. Perfect. Timing. This. Is something. Now. This is something. I'm. Gonna be marveling at this and spectator, thing for a while then. This. Is so useful I, want. Two more clam blitz klamath seems like the best like the smartest one.

Cuz, It because it's like nose when people are about to make a push with the clam. Do, let's go Marci let's go Marci oh. God. Nevermind Marci. Has gone. It. Feels a little slow, on switching, after someone gets killed wonder. Why maybe just to show some time with their gear. Look. At that view whenever. You change man oh my god it's so smart, and. Then change the person that was flanking in the back. But. Then it's like okay this things are also happening we should also focus on that. This. Is such a good stress test I was, gonna go to arch now okay, no is it's probably gonna say. Huh. Wild. Man. Absolutely. Wild. Let's. Try that again, I'm. Gonna reopen a lobby. Just. To give some people the opportunity. To hop in. Okay. So my camera started, out different but it ended the same yeah I wonder how it works I, imagine. It's it hmm. I. Do. Not understand why would end up the same I don't. Know how's, it going PK hey. You got him yeah he has a pastor so. I'll. Let some new people hop in. If. They can if they want to, okay. Uh. Let's, you can. Just do random random, I cannot, that'd be fun. Let's. See some more I want to do some more zones I want to test out the zone camera a little bit more. Get. One more person here, no. There were changes to the spectator, mode yes I have a weird cosmics. There. We go uh. Sad, Joe I don't believe said Joe played before. It's. Okay where's gonna go down we're just gonna we're just gonna scroll through people. Villain. There. We, go. Auto. Camera, boys. Welcome. Slash Matt's world I don't know what this is I was just looking for good content well, you came to the wrong spot. He. Said my boys. You're. Much I, can't. Read Evelyn's then you'll, do my best. At. The end of the date you know the chat is like the. Chair has a lot of people that go by. It. Has a lot of people that go by I, do. My best to to. Read your guys's names when I can but I. Do. The best I can, sad. Jalopy yes I'm in I'm. Such a Boppy I joined the sad well oh I'm gonna streak Eve sergeant ma P as a spectator. Because. They aren't an actual sponsor they. Cheated their way it's. All good. No, worries my guy no worries. Let's. Go OSR always gotta kill. Those. To meet you brush awesome. Iggy. Boy. A man. You're. A pretty early sponsor, clearly. Yeah, unhhhh. Sponsor respond sir let's, just see you sticking around. You. Know people don't always stick with with content creators, sometimes. People to show up for a while on the leave, but. Uh I, I. Like, when people stick around especially, further o-linked, the amount of time we. Feel like you're doing something right you know. It's. Gonna make my life so much easier. I'm. Gonna sit back I didn't know whatever done, I have a drink I'm just gonna take a sip from that. BAM. Back. Opening nights are over. Oh hold. On I. Drink. A little bit fast. They're. Gonna ladle on my shirt. The. Mistress all that Ripa. Sure. You gotta take care of it like immediately. There. We go luckily auto, camera. Is here, to help out do it all your needs. Spill. Something on your shirt have no fear Auto camera, is here. Okay. So what I need to learn, is. How to how, to digest. The information I'm. Seeing at the top because. I can see like, okay for, example, I wish. I could see a quick preview or then I can, see it sort of possible by the way to them cuz, if I if I did like.

Like. This imaginary. Imaginary, has. Had like a walking, on onic Hills so. Far like. A very strong, amount of hills. That. I can see. Those. Who think they might have some armor I wonder, it, probably shows assist that would that make sense. Wild. Man wild. Try. Doing the private battle sorry earthbound freaky. Right. Now it's just a small system, I'm. Just hanging out though. Oh. My god that was horrifying out now all we needs a replay feature okay, so you know what I'm really hoping you, know what I'm really hoping for, I'm. Really. Hoping we get. A way, to, control, I. Want. To have a replays, I want. To have replays, in this game where you can scrub. Back through and. Watch the, fight happen and. They. Showed the freeze-frame from, the from the Spirit Bomb thing. Remember. Like one though the inkling was like doing like a spirit bomb, the. New special and, it. Showed like like and the world had stopped, dude. If, we, get like replay, functionality you're gonna scrub through and like pause and zoom at your own side shirt oh my. God, that's, gonna be so cool, now. Have you I find this is calming, normally, my content, isn't really calming, but, uh I'm. Just keeping it I'm, keeping it relaxed. Someone. Suggested hello it's. Cool. Otherwise. All good, all. Right so in confusable means understood, let's, do I. Want, I have more Tower control or arm or clam blitz Clampetts, had such an interesting, camera like. It just immediately started, moving. As. Far as you're enjoying this on Twitch yeah. I. Might. Continue on to a Jonin video I don't know it's, getting kind of late and I have stuff to do for tomorrow I don't know I don't mind every so often doing a chill, stream on YouTube. Who. Knows. I. Guess. I just wanted to document the reactions. Kosmic. What's your name on discord I can. ID you real fast. Mm-hmm. Actually. Might go to bed in like a couple more games I'm not gonna lie this doesn't need to go on for too long. You. Shouldn't dude commentate, this match I'll, give some come to. Welcome. Everybody, to the splatoon to intered, Invitational. We, have two teams out here today we got blue versus, green and nice characters, tonight. Those teams I've come pretty far in this tournament so far cool. Boat a cobra bring being the premium, brush player from. Europe has, flown, all the way out here to the playing these games I'm hoping, to see some good plays from immediately gonna be getting the first splat on a sad boy a really, very very strong charger player has, a lot going for, him as he goes into the midst ooh Mickey though trying. To get something, going but gonna be shut out by arch arch, is really. Good with the deputies the dabble duties as a whole are, a very, strong, weapon, once you get in it's not amazing, as an approach tool but once you're in there it can water, if it can just really just tear people up arch, is gonna be sitting back waiting, for the the best opportunity, running so that way uh the. Enemy team doesn't get access, to the enemy. There are two rather tivat to their power class, are, Flowood 9 himself gonna be waiting out at just a little bit popping that ink storm, this. Team, is, readying up their specials. So. I should speed what, wall along segwang, oh okay. I was wondering why there. Wasn't a number I guess that means the special is currently, running, that's. A little bit to keep track, of. Okay. I'm getting it okay anyway OOP a sad boy huh. Good. Name I always love seeing the name of this contagion see what people come up in, kind. Of forced to retreat you're in a really sick bad situation but thankfully, with that new special, gonna be taking some use out of that ball or gonna try to get himself in a good 50 situations, but when you're up against, the shooter and of brushless there's. Not much you can do. Imaginary. Just jumping, in gonna begin the first points, of the game it, looks, like blue, is doing a good job at, covering all the options, that green would potentially, use to get in an ancient is coming out but is not gonna go anywhere, as blue, sort of locks down this area some idiot is gonna couldn't do some cleanup work on arch there and. They've, completely, stopped this book only two people left alive on green no, one even close to their special, right now meanwhile. On the blue side we do have a couple specials, coming up it, looks like a sir is about to get their baller which might be very nice for a push aster.

Is Gonna be moving in there with the power clam gonna be getting the dump getting, some points on the board but will they take the lead TJ, is going in there but no one else can clamp nevermind, suni k and a sad boy coming in from the right in the beginning in some bonus, clans with their team no. One else really left alive to get some points, playing on there though but. That was a very strong, push now. You just, sort of taking, a claim of the enemy base not, gonna be doing too much because everyone, is sort of responding, right now it's not the ideal time popping. Those bubbles, in a pretty awkward situation. You have to cut away from that right now because arch is running, in there himself it, looks like our roller friend got shut, out and so did our dually friend not. Too many friends being made from the blue team but as, much as I call on that imaginary. Trying to make that one last point where the ink armor is able to do so but not able to capitalize on it in any way just a couple extra points on the board that's what happens when you make a play but do not have the people or the clan to back it up. Then. Completely misses the triple kill. I'm. Spectating what I'm seeing I won't. Be able to see everything I'm trying, out this camera good. Stuff from a sad boy we just talked about how amazing, that camera flip was okay, I'm, just watching the spectator, camera on that what. Was that Camry, play, could. We talk about that off, of one of our players that we were looking at was using a special it was aimed at someone it, then, realized, that our charger, player had a line of sight on someone, and swapped. Over to them before. It got the kill. Excuse. Me how, is this camera just so smart. I'm. Blown, away with this intelligence. Why. Don't more games have it have a such a smart camera like this look. At this white mice which fell asleep, only. The changes to mice which can't fall asleep because of this mode this. Is March oh that's gonna be running in gonna be prioritizing. That kill instead, of dunking the clam very, smart as it looks like oh dude you need got an easy dunk right here in fact we got to power, clams right here arts just taking this time waiting for you need to get they're kind and courteous giving, their team some bonus points TJ's. Gonna be trying to run it back in cool bro staying off to the side using the ancient way up off they're, gonna, be going down though blue. Is rallying, a push, TJ, gonna be starting it they, is a two down situation on green no one really has their specials, yet and it, looks like Blues, gonna be able to put on a couple extra points, but it's unable to get the lead good defense, from green no.

Specials, Are gonna be ready on the side of blue one power clan that's all they have to keep that that overtime. Counter, ticking they, might be able to actually it looks like they're gonna be able to get a lot of specials in time for this push as for trying to get there in time but the basket, isn't down yet, only, just, dropping a cool bro on a breakaway, here trying to get in a sad, boy just sort of looking the. Sad boy that they are and, that. Is going to be the game Oh deluxe feels bad man. A sad boy was just uh they. Were just hanging I'm actually gonna put a sad boy in spectator, because. I they've been doing some some afk, I'm. Not sure what's going on with that but tsumiki. With 22. Kills all my goodness, tank, update splatoon is as good as actual sports, game commentary, I disagree, but thank you. Let. Me just do let me add cosmic cuz I said I was gonna add cosmic and I'm having fun. Person. Guys sixes tell me to read so I'll rate someone later. Alright, cosmic. Cosmic. Oh let's. See, cosmical. Cosmical, cosmical, i. Do. Not, see your name in, the. Lifeboat. Group cosmical. Did. You do more these calm screams at night check. Out my twitch i do them from now again, not. Very often by doing um. I'm. Gonna scroll up a little bit maybe I missed, it. No. I have. Not missed it. Huh. Cosmic. Yl or cosmical um go. To lifeboat, friend codes make. Cosmical. Is your, um, is. Your. Youtube. Account linked, with. Your discord, account I think. You posted the friend coding in here. But. Yeah uh make. Sure your your your accounts are linked then, you should get the rank and then. You should be able to hop, in there. You. Might you can just send me DM if you want still. Post your friend code in there so that way you can end you on both accounts, but, for now send me uh DM. And I can just acted as add you manually. To, make sure your name is cosmic il now we can actually like, pull you up accordingly. Hmm. Nothing. Yeah I'm just gonna go into it again. Just. For now. Here, we go bum. Bum bum. Buh. Buh dum bum, bum. Ba. Bada ba bap. Um-um. Um-um. Crab. Battle boys. Here. This time I'm not gonna be a spectator I want, to actually play the game I. Want. You out then the new Dooley's. Dude. You always look nice. Hmm. Sorry. I just want to read something on the side give me one second. Sorry. I just got read something on the side I know this like super chill. Just. Give me a second. Hold. On we're just gonna do what's. Gonna run, a Rainmaker thing on the side here. Let's. Do. Pop. In works on me don't, you are those new Dooley's haven't, done them yet a she's. A new splattershot, interesting. A little bit more right now. Oh. Sorry. Said to catch up on something my. Day moves, oh there, we go cosmic L do. You want to friend me there Franco's perfect, oh I get to this game cosmic, I'll just make sure your YouTube is linked, with your discord and post, that in, or. Uh what. Once you get your rank post. Your friend code in, the. Lifeboat. Friend code room. Yeah. Also. Sorry about that Erica erica devera right. Now I'm only adding sponsors. Because. There's only you know 300 uh. Switch, friend friend spots and. I've run out of room if I just added everybody. In, fact I think it's actually in the rules do, not oh right, now it's on the splat bomb to not. Spam. To spam. Friend me so. I will I will. Have. To turn you out later if you keep on Smee I mean it it I. Understand. I understand. It. Is it is like a super late stream I. Was. Just looking it had an easier way of just adding people I really wish it did but, unfortunately, I. Have. To work. With what I'm given. And. This is the easiest way to make it all possible yo let's go with that triple though. Let's. Go with that triple my. Day. That Bam Bam. Up. Up, up, dude. You, music is Bob, will. Tune music is Sergeant Bob oh I, see what you're doing I see you're doing you. Want to play that game I'm throw some suction bombs over your way I don't really know how to use suction bombs that well. Like. I can use them but I'm like not really a suction.

Bomb Kind of person. Good. Job, just jump back to spawn. Don't. Wait him out I was gonna wait him out. Good. Does, that suppression to the point make. It hard for them to move it up because I know there's like a slope here so. They won't be able to move it up carelessly. You'll. Do that actually peep the range I actually just peep the Rainmaker with that let's go. Through. Uni is making you to get some names with that oh. Let's. Go our charger, let's. Go. Yeah. Please make sure you read the rules of the stream everybody they, are in the description, I understand. It's very easy to nob read description, but please do. In. Order to not, get timed out that, is the best option. It's. A pretty good job just holding back right here we. Can't find a man man I, have. To make it in hopefully, my team can hold out for a couple seconds here. For. Just three people so they have to have to make a run hello. Ease and how are you doing pop. Pop pop. Maybe, I'll pop up. There. Yeah we're making some work happen slowly, but surely. Slowly. But surely I'm gonna turn off Jaffa now that. Is unnecessary. Hope. Hello. Yes. You can. Hello. So, I'm, currently doing a livestream. Welcome. Broker to the stream everybody, I wanted, to show him the new the new spectator, features unfortunately, caught me well I'm actually playing a video game. Spectator. Camera, is so, nice also that I'm using one of the new weapons it. Yeah. It's. A new Allah just /aa it's um it's. It's all like 2010 to brand. Yeah. Yeah well. My new brand is just the new year for the yeah yes, yes the. New weapons, that brand. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Asterisk in this game, yeah. It's. Very good. Yeah. We won't get that tall or early October Oh yep. It's, broken up into it is these something's broke up into a couple parts yeah. Dude wait till you see how smart a spectator cam is. It's. Like it's. Impressively. Smart, lightly. I am I've, been doing nothing but talking appraised at. Like how. Human, like the the dog it's, so good at just being on okay there's, nothing more happening, here the options happening all the way over here I should focus on that oh wait it's moving over here like. Yeah. Yeah like oh this person is flanking from behind we should focus on them but they also got a checkpoint at the front because that person flanking is no longer giving kills it's, like it's. So good here. Yes. Yes. I. Was. Here's. The thing I am, in the lifeboat group maybe you miss me you're gonna pick to show them in the group oh yeah, no uh cosmic, just make sure your um your your, post. About being a sponsor, or your. Posting. The the friend code thing, is just, there, sorry, if I'm to keep confusing. My words yeah just make sure you made a post in the in. The, group saying that you're a sponsor and just. Giving the the Franco and everything so I can add you later on okay um, I. Think. Someone's either joining, or leaving because, it's sort of. If. It's hovering this, is usually when someone is connecting. Or. Something I don't know I usually. Doesn't go on for this long. Thanks. Sam, guy. Yeah. Yeah you walk in you yawn so. Interesting. When the game crashes, this is the new, it's like all I do is expect you to have your spectator, mode ready god. This. Is new. Yeah. Oh, did you hit a yeah. Yeah it's gonna suck the readies are slumped, yeah. They are I'm. Not, ready it's like you took a step in it but your foots like not coming off like the ink yep, oh. Right. There we go now a crash okay add cosmical. Real, fast, since, we have a little bit of downtime. Perfect. Did, you see any of the other, new weapons though. Just, like they had the one for the spotter shop they have one for this. Yeah. They have weapons yeah they have the sputter. They. Have the spot charger, they have the Dooleys they. Have. Roller. And slide. A shot I love the roller one because that has a splat, bomb and.

Splat. Bomb and bubbles, it's. A yeah. It's a strange combination, nifty combination. Yeah, no dude, this new spectator, camera, it's. Gonna be so useful for. Practicing. And commentary. Because. Now I don't have to like be. Operating, the camera, it can be like a tour to me because in tournaments you always, have someone operating the camera for you. Yeah. It's. So. Good at understanding you know what I'll show you on um on clam, blitz cuz Clampetts is proven to be like the most like smart, so. Far all. Right. Yeah. Here. I like, it a she was so good that. We. Were looking at one person pretty much we're there's, one guy on an overlook. One. The person we are following activated, it, was activated, tend to missiles the, guy directly to the next um boom was a charger, who, started taking aim at the guy on the top yeah the camera jumped from the from the tenth Amissah guy to the charger, guy ass like how say before you have to kill yeah I got the kill I'm like oh my, god this camera though and. You can also activate it immediately from, the mode yeah, so, you can just I want, to get something I'm like whenever, I watch like splatoon eSports or like over watching sports I'm always still confused as to what's happening because I feel like the camera at the spectating, is just like I have no idea what's going on yeah. This, is new edition now they also added a bunch of new information. For each player that. Commentators, will need to learn how to like digest, you'll, see in a second, pretty much um the I did a a, kill. Counter, for, each player a special. Counter for each player and, the percent, that they're special, is currently at, so. You can tell if they're about to get a special, or not, it's. So much information to digest but, I want to practice like getting it so that way I can go I can't like go into a tournament be like okay so they're about to get a special here the special is good this is good synergy these, two specials are gonna work really well with each I want to be able to get it at a glance so, I can really improve commentary, okay. Alright. So. This what, I like to do is. To, keep it like tournament like the only thing I do is, open, up the map for the first like 5 seconds and just like let it go yeah, but this is what a tournament does they, always started off with, it with this view and. Then right about, I'd. Say now. Ok. Ok. Here we go so, you, go you can take a look at those cameras intelligence. Yeah. So so far it usually. Follows one person. But. Every so often it'll like adjust when a situation changes. We'll see we'll see so. Far I've had nothing but very, positive, things to say about it but. So, suppose people died so what we'll do, oh yeah.

So So pull back so pull back to situation, right. Sees that they had a clam dunk, saying oh my, god and then pulls it yeah. Yeah. I'm. Gonna get sons gonna go to Idol next I'm gonna guess I don't, know if I was if I was the person I like to go to that or imaginary. Imaginaries. Is our friend over there with the baller okay. Oh. God. Everyone just died oh yeah, everyone died except for some icky it. Seems a favor if there's one person running it like, left on their team yeah and, usually. It goes to the person who just got the killed usually Oh. No. See, boy. Huh. Yeah. The time that they picked up the clamp. Yeah. So, up top it goes the maracle's they have amount of times they use a special and, then, the percent aspectos, perlier. Yeah. That's the only thing it's. Not very easy to understand yes yes. I can give you a lot better I think, but, at least it does have the wrong. It's. Gonna be good, I don't, know how perfect gonna be I think it's a good start I think it's a good start to improving, their spectator, camera, for, the better oh. My. God. Bad. Charge ram it seems to take a while when someone, who dies to a random. Chili like falling on the map Oh No. F. That clam feel, bad yeah. Yeah. Press f to pay respects, today that. Poor power clam loss to the void. Yep. I. Wanna, oh I've really opened those legally something like pretty. Boy yeah pretty pretty impressive, Oh. Mike. That, was insane, III not, know it was gonna like good it is feel so human but. You like based on the way. They, must have just studied the Torrington we're like okay when does it go what do for the people and why does it go to them. And, this is kind of like that. Use of machine learning you know the computer understanding, what do I want to get oh yeah machine learning for this would be whole. Do it. And. It would be so powerful right now. Yeah it's to me he stops doing something, there's like and like in the field nothing, you'll stay with them. Yep. And. More or less it gets people that like like when I was first testing it got someone who just like I like a triple. Yeah. If it was below they also came. Yeah. You. Were watching the defending team then you saw the one offensive it focused on that yep it's. So smart. And. Now what if it feel like go away because it's like nothing it happening on the screen it probably will in a second, duty, is like running in there you know try Oh close close, what, that, was a strange camera flip. For. The first thing that was all the way up top I like that yeah, I kind of missed it but the Dodger looks kind of funky when you buy dog Brooklyn so high up you told Gary. He's like she's down with I. Think. This use a little far out which is going. Good. Just be more a tower so could. Just be more in towers yeah more houses, honestly, if you can't blame, for, eight hours of blame or eight hours. Oh. Yeah. You, would play video game I. Might. Decide to sleep. I'll get into stream honestly.

Positive. Like. Go. To them okay. We are on them all right, yeah all. Cause we got a shot there. Like. It was exactly five minutes because. I switch started to fall asleep so, you, gonna fall asleep oh thank, you for watching guys. I think. That's gonna be the last game for today that's, fun I just want to test it out I'm glad we got the opportunity to yeah. I'll. Be playing some more splatoon in, the near future especially, with this new spectator, mode oh. Thank. Y'all for watching do nice I feel it for whatever I feel like doing so let's do another raid for today. I've. Done three raids today. Right. Dude. Rays. Are fun at least I'm on Twitch I'm ready for like builting. Yeah. Slash raid. No. No completely different, well not completely I mean it it's like a short term host, except. You you very, literally just send them to they're literally just move them over great. If. You pick up all of them and just like drop them on my on that other channel. Here. We go. Anyone. Playing some Oh people are playing had in time right now let's go hello, that's six people live with a head and time Oh. Someone. Never mind they just like spider-man. Yeah. We're, gonna toss actually someone's playing seal the deal do you ever win. It's. Oh yeah it's it's hidden behind the live yeah well okay, this guy is two viewers. He's, currently playing the skill to deal update, can we give this guy some love just everyone hop in his chat spam, a bunch of Hearts give them a bunch of love be, respectful be and I see you guys are I know the stream do it stream rating. Fail, fleet flood drill, you. Guys are good at what you do alright, thank. You for watching, I'll, see you around everybody, I'm, gonna go snow. Bye. Bye, see. Bad.

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