3 STEPS TO WIN BIG!⚡ Crypto Crash 2018 | BK Crypto Trader Boss Method

3 STEPS TO WIN BIG!⚡ Crypto Crash 2018 | BK Crypto Trader Boss Method

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Live. From the USA hoping you get paid every day, this is the posts. Of Bitcoin, the creased Oh crypto, is, your boy BK and if, you don't like me you must, not like money thank, you for joining me everybody today, is. January. 15th. Bitcoin. Still, consolidating. A little bit right north of. $14,000. Bitcoin. Cash is hanging, in right above 25. And aetherium, closing. It out little. Little, higher close, to 1300, as. You know all. Coins are down quite a bit, you, know but when when, the charts, you, know go, down like that that's actually a buying, opportunity you, guys and so the opportunity, we have is to make money on the down so, we could cash out you, know like a boss a little bit later on if, this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK you know me as the crypto trader and I am the boasts. Of these charts, as you will soon find out every, day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get, to profit, as a result and today, is no, exception so, with that being said we, are going to. Go, to. Our Facebook. Group right. Now the. Number one Bitcoin group in the world just, type it in to your web browser right there on Facebook, hashtag. One. Bitcoin. I'm. Saying you go jump into an. Eclectic, Network, you, know right. Here. 20,000. People you. Know I'm zan is pretty amazing and so what I do every time I jump on this video I come on a little bit early and just take it with the people you know I'm saying shared in the Florida Keys now I'm saying trading like a boss, you know I'm saying is it's a beautiful thing so what I do every day every day I'm I'm fortunate, enough to grace this microphone with my voice is another day I'm fortunate enough to give a weight a little. Bit of cash money you know I'm saying it it ain't no fun if the homeboy don't get none. Yawns Ana we all family so we all break bread sit down and eat together so that's what I'm doing right now I'm jumping in to see who was rocking out with me who shared this post and since, it's. 1:15. One plus one is two five. Seven, let's go seven from the bottom and get, our winner. Losing, one more there. We go hey stay but what's going on here we go one, two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Big. James I like the suit brother like the suit BAM. Damian. Need Zack. You. Are our winner of the day. Yup. In. Your wallet I'll send you a couple bucks as a, token of my appreciation thank, you for joining us and, make sure everybody is your first time you know joining us as well you want some, free f you.

Know I'm saying you come back same time same place six. Seven days a week and. This is the number one Bitcoin group in the world it really is a pretty amazing, community, I was just talking, to Nicole earlier, and was talking about you know when I started this thing you, know I was so happy when we had like 200 300. You know 1200. People you know now no joke we got twenty thousand, I, think. 200, different nations, this is literally, changing, the. World, we are empowering. Each other we are shifting, our values, therefore we're shifting, our work. Right. No, longer do we need a pocket full of pieces. Of paper with dead man's faces on it you know I'm saying we're recreating. Transit. System of value on the blockchain which, is pretty amazing so make sure you jump on in come on in you know I'm saying that doors are always open, and, once. You join it is just, that easy to. Get pace out at the Miss Diana Rodriguez. And our newest, mod mr., Juan Carlos. Holding, it down for 305, yon saying I appreciate you shout out shout out to Juan Carlos is waiting so. Let's go ahead and make this, money. Let. Me turn on light it's kind of dark hold on what's a. Yeah, I had to brighten it up a little bit had to brighten it up yeah I'm saying I'm a I'm, a, bright filling myself so I'm saying hot yellow sometime but just. Just have brightened it up a little bit yeah. Now here we go here we go one, of the things again one of the things I want to do with you guys is uh let. You know that when, when everybody's, losing money that's, when you need to be looking to make money right and so, now. Is the time to shift. From. Selling. To buying to be honest not, saying that every, single chart, is ready, to buy but, a few of them are and a few of them are at the tail, end of, their, life cycle and they're coming up on a new, season, a new cycle, right so winter is here, what does that mean does that mean you want to go outside and, the same clothes you was wearing in September. No. Don't. Do that you, come back freezing, and you might end up dead that's, not a good way to be trading right now if you had it in September, you probably don't want to have it in January, you understand and, this is just natural cycles, natural, season, natural, selection. Right so you need to self select the right coin to, hold and the right coin to sell how, do we do that we do that with the Boston ethic right, patented. Intellectual, property fractal harmonics, we view the whole field, the more we understand. You. Know the individual, cycle, we're on the more we understand, the whole cycle, of the. Market, of that chart. Um. And that's the biggest thing you gotta so don't get frustrated right. Don't don't don't go you know running. Back to Wall Street where you don't go take out an eighteen-month CD. Thinking. That's a safe place for your money I'll tell you a secret it's not right. And don't think you need to cash out and hold your worth, in u.s., DT. Which, is a. Great. Apocalypse. Waiting to happen don't do that. And. No damage and don't run back and run. Back and put your money in the dollar right cuz, if the dollar was that great you wouldn't be trading crypto in the first place right so. Let's take a look at a few, options, we, have on. This market today one of the things I wanted to do. Is literally walked. Through chart by chart with you guys some of the methodology, that, I use to. Make money I make a lot of money during this time I like, it when. Everybody losing, money because then it's easy for me to make money, young Xan when everybody making money it's hard to make money because then we competing for each other to make money on the same stuff but when they losing money they panic, you.

Don't Want to do that right stay, calm stay cool stay collected understand. What's happening, and planned. Right, and then. When you strike you strike with a vengeance, you move your money you put down - and. Then you pick up six you, know I'm saying then you go put six down right with them they putting down about 30 30, percent of their one right, you got twenty. Four times as much you, know I'm saying. And. Then we start a whole new season you. Know tell. You to three forty seasons, it's gonna be a different, story in this market but for now you, know we just swim in the shadows and that's what's that's what's going on right so. Wanted up one of the charts we literally, just walked through, right. Before I, came live on the air was okay cash and I actually like this chart a lot, in so much that I'm actually gonna recommend, it on this video I didn't plan on doing it but now that I see it this is essentially. A safe, haven for. Your coins for, the next two to three months, this. Is almost locked in guaranteed money. 60%. By. March, let's, put a flag in the ground yeah I'm saying so y'all come back and tell me I make. These predictions six seven days a week but by March fourth, three. Four this, thing will be up no joke 60%. Bitcoin bottom right, it's a lot of energy, you know consolidating, to get us there right, but, it will most certainly happen. And we should actually not and I'm looking at this thing we, should actually have a break out. There. Boom, boom, yeah, right around that yellow line will. Be will will do pretty well. February. Will be a big month for this chart. And. Once, we get there this cycle you know we could go all the way up to. A thousand. On this thing right now we're at four four or you could get two and a half times. Your money that's about two hundred and fifty percent Bitcoin. Into. Three months this is gonna be a banger you guys so you know we. Don't want to go out there and chase money we more or less wanna put our money down. Take. Our hands off it and let, the chart make it for us this is one of those charts you can do it on no, joke right. People. Are asking me what percentage of, their portfolio, they, you know you should put on it I'm actually, making, a separate, class, for that so I'm not discussing.

Portfolios. That's something I do in all of my one-on-one classes, but, I specifically, have not done that in these videos because I am dedicating. That content, for another. Platform. Right, this is literally just the charts right, yeah, my man Damien just jumped in and said I went yeah show me your theory and Wildman. Another. One, that. I believe. Is. Pretty good right now is. LT. See. To. The BTC. Right. BAM. Look at that and, what. We're doing I'm. Gonna jump down to the 343. So. We have a look second look at it guys. Hopefully. You you remember back, around December 4th December 6th, your. Boy came on the air I said, LTC. Is a buy, buy, it BAM. It. Shot down 30%, I felt so bad you, know I feel, so bad, shot. Down 30%. I came, in a Facebook, group I said I'm sorry y'all I can't hit them all. Hopefully. You. Didn't sell it I didn't. Tell mine I just felt bad cuz, some people was hitting me up saying I lost money remember. Guys rule, number two of, trading. Rule number one buy in the red cell in the green rule number two you only get hurt on the roller coaster when you try to get off so as long as you stay buckled in BAM. This thing came right back like could crack made you about two 100% and. I'm saying inside. Of uh. Inside. Of two weeks 100, 120%, Bitcoin, and since then it's basically consolidated. So what does that mean what does that mean BK what are you saying I am saying all the, energy. That. Pushed this thing up right. There look at that that's a lot of energy you guys all. That energy is now. Getting wound back, into, a tight. Area. Right there right. Cause. You have to understand. Sorry. Coughlin's, all. Of that energy is equal. To all of that energy right. It's just consolidated. Constricted, and now confined, to, a much much smaller area so energy. Is just, like water in the sense that it follows the path of least resistance which, is to continue. Moving. In, the, direction that, it, came from now, while with litecoin, we may just, may have, something that looks like that more. Than likely it, will, just do something like that again. Over the next month. You. Know during this - wave - for or I'm sorry - week to four week cycle you'll. See a lot of these altcoins drop another 20-30 percent but if you're in something that's going up 20, 30 percent what, does that mean you made 20 percent the market lost 20 percent, that's. A 40 percent difference, on Bitcoin. That's. A lot right that's, a lot so, this is our this is when you really need to be focused, is when you don't need to gamble this when you don't need to chase money you really just need to bet on the horses that are making money right now and more, likely going to be poised to make, more money in the. Future right. So. Litecoin, is another, one of those coins. Right. So. We have litecoin. We. Have okay, cash and. I'll. Show you two of them. I'll. Show you two of them this. One's okay. This. One's not bad. F. It's pretty good right I can't, even be mad at a theory right I told, y'all theorem was going down to a nickel where for Bitcoin six months ago and that's, exactly where it went I said it wouldn't be worth buying until it was worth with nickel were for Bitcoin and that's, where it went right so he came back it came back very very strong, but. I think it's a bit. Overextended. That is not, sustainable. To be that high, over. The 77. And so, therefore I don't think, this is a good buy, for, the, next, two, months because, in my eyes something. Like that is very, easy, to, do we are on a three hundred and forty three minute. Candle, and right, now we have, a range, of. 24%, from. There but. 45%. From. The seven to the 231, you, could just do a little back test than the see the, last time we, were that, overextended. What. Happened, right, not, saying that's going to happen again but I'm just saying, this. Is not the, best place to buy if you look at it is like being over over, the top of a roller coaster that's, not you know that's just.

It's. Not the best place right. But. But. Little. Brother is. Looking, a little better. Little. Brother is looking. A little. Better and, so. Much that. It. Is just, now, starting. To, make some money right, and if, we take that same situation, and, look. At the spread between. Top. To, bottom. Or. Much lower we're, only about 30%, which. Means theoretically, we could double, again. And that, would actually give us that you. Fifteen, percent. Rate. Of increase right. And, so. I'm. Looking. At aetherium classic, during, this next two weeks, to. Two months during, this next little you know sideways, action right. I don't think the markets gonna crash I think it's really just gonna tail sideways, like this but even within those side waves you got you're gonna have a dip, right there you. Know I'm saying and so that's what I'm just exit, out all together I said I don't want to trade sideways I don't want to try to time the bottom of that little micro dip that I don't know when it's coming I just know it's gonna happen right so now I'm looking for coins that are gonna make me money during the next two weeks this is one of those coins right. Even. If we look. Right. Here. And. I've been I've been Sammy TC for a few weeks now because this is basically on like a nine month cycle. This is a monster. Of a chart you guys this. One I like this one a little bit more than okay cash mainly because it's older, than okay cash is more seasoned I, think it has more of a global. Market. To where OKC, is. Is. More so just a specific. Platform point. It's. A it's really a beautiful chart but you really can't you. Know you can't do much more than that, boom. Boom boom. Break. Out break. Down. Flatline. What, comes next BAM. Just. That easy to get paid right, when do we expect it to happen we. Expect to make some money by. February. 7th. Like. A boss, where. Do we expect to go. Let's. Do this Oh. Boom. Right. There. That's, almost guaranteed, I. Would. Say right about there. It's. Pretty comfortable. 70%. About. A summer it's. Not bad, not. A bad coin. Right. So. Again the, method we use to determine, the. Success of these coins and I forgot I didn't, say this in the beginning I have. An entire, method, walkthrough you guys step one step two step three it's called the boss method, it's very very easy I'm, not going to go through the logistics, or specifics, just, type in chart. Like a boss on, YouTube, and that, will get to there right, but essentially, we got a situation to where we. May very easily inside. The next actually, we probably will step, back like that come back up there step. Up there stuff up there step down there you. Know and we'll end right, there pretty easy that's not that's not all a hard trajectory, at all. There. You go right. I've been shark like a boss watch, the first three videos in that playlist and, that will help. You understand, this methodology, that we're using right now I go through them real quick because I try to make these videos quick, concise, to the point to, get all the resources all the tools and all the information out there this is another.

Resource. We have launched. Right now it's on patreon. Right. So if you type in patreon.com. And. Then type in BK crypto trader you are gonna see, this. Product, it's called the boss method I released. Uh am, planning to release an alert service, to. Where every day you get updated, you know and notified, when. The. Swing in the market is happening on the 343, right, and. We. Have a few, more spots left in this, if. You want to jump on patreon, there is a link in the description and the number one comment on this video again. 2018. Is gonna be a big year for building, I'm building out multiple platforms, multiple, methodologies multiple. You, know. Multiple. Platforms methodologies, and products, that I think will try to you know provide some value for our community, right. And. Lastly, one, of those is, gonna be this website I'm revamping this thing I've just talked with the guy, my. Canadian, friend you, know to. Get, everything together. Number one Bitcoin group in the world boss of Bitcoin. Dot-com. You type that in you go see my man up top, suited. And booted and real white blue looking like the American Dream yo I'm Sam putting the tu-16, on his back, bringing. It back to the middle with a map biggest. Things don't miss you guys again if you're just now starting, right, welcome, to. The, money team trip, topless, report this little thing right here, thirty, five dollars, no joke, can help you make a lot. More right. I get emails and notifications every, day people that started with a thousand. Dollars right now got twenty, thousand dollars people that started with fifteen, thousand, dollars right now got, a hundred thousand, dollars so it's not a matter of, decimals. And commas. It's a matter of percent and just like I told you with aetherium classic, we're looking between sixty. And 90%. Inside. Of three months that's not bad, them, circle-jerk boys on Wall Street can't do that and they follow my channel they. Add me on LinkedIn, every other day I'm, looking at Elaine are you are you how you get my information no. I'm saying. I'm. You only pin every other day one mm t do I want a job in Miami I say I said for what. You. Know, down. There for it yeah. No disrespect. But that's the thing you we don't have to trade our time. For, money, right. We. Spend our lives given, our time away when time is our most valuable asset that's why with this method on these fractal, harmonics, we always, get, paid for our time right, because, as long as they, have all the money and they're stupid enough to bet in the market against us then we smart enough to take it, right.

As, Long as they have all the money they by definition are, that 77. They can never beat us when we trade on that setting as. Simple, simple mathematics, can't, get around it. Run. Till that. Here. We go guys boss, Bitcoin calm dream team right there you know next generation, of greatness a lot of people just getting started, you know what a dollar in a dream this list is for, you and so much that if you just got a $20, bill you could get every, single coin on this list right now to date, right, so, you come people message me say I only got a couple hundred dollars I say. Have. You got the dream team did. You get ten coins of each that's. All you need right we. Buy an array up we sell in the rain we don't get you, know disheartened. With. The foot and this fear and uncertainty in doubt and you know the haters and the broke trolls that just want to take you down we, elevate. Ourselves you, understand, we are elevating. Our, collective. Well-being. Right, by, switching. Over to the blockchain right we don't need a fractional. Reserve interest, rate we don't need a consolidating. To consolidate, a kawase, we don't need a bail in policy, we don't need a bailout policy, we don't need to be pro right up left, blue, red, green. LBGT. Plus B we don't need none of that you understand, the bobbleheads on Wall Street are set to distract, you and this inform, you and keep you broke so. That you will keep press and play on their. Bobblehead. Channel, does. A hamster running and will when. Do a hamster ever stop, when. Do a hamster ever get out of that cage. When. Do a hamster go outside that cage make his own food check his own food down and make. His own diet. And. So don't do that right. It's. Time for a different frame of thought. That's. What my mission is that's, what 2018, is go do I'm setting this stuff up to bring together. Twenty, thousand, two. Hundred thousand. People a day, these. Words are changing. Lives. Right. This. Is not my method anymore this is the world's method so if you know somebody in the world that needs some help if you know somebody that sick and tired of being sick and tired then, this method is for them this method is for you I used, to trade my time for two dollars an hour. Two. Dollars an hour in a Mexican restaurant right there in Brookfield Milwaukee Wisconsin right off Moreland Road I know because they had to McDonald's, right there they had one one, shopping mall with two McDonald's, and you know you broke when you know exactly where to McDonald's, at I. Don't. Do that no more. Switch. Your frame. Of thought switch what. You value I do not value them pieces, of paper with green faces on it but I got a lot of them now right because. I value something, different I value something to which them green faces can't do they can't bring people together they can't create a protocol, that's uniform. And distribution, but yet unlimited, in design, you know I'm saying this is this is lightyears ahead of anything a, bank, could come up with and I know because I worked for one I traded, one hundred and fifty thousand, dollars a year to for I traded my 401k in a cubicle, for microphone, and a conscience, and right now hopefully, I'm empowering, you to change your life as will. You. Know I'm saying. Each. One reach one reach one teach one I brought. In 20,000 how many can you bring in. Let's. Do it you know I'm saying that's what we here for because. We have the masses, we have the power right. Now, we got a method. I'm. Sam. Here. We go. That's. What it's go be, you. And chat right now shouts, at country, out. Wrap. This thing on up. Also. Bitcoin calm, I'm. A book tout of uh. 101. S for a little while I'm about to be updating, this. Election right here I'm. Gonna make up beginners in a master's, class that, way we can kind of self select you.

Know The content, that you would like to try to receive and. Miss nani crypto is gonna be helping me to do that so again thank you ms knotty crypto you. Know it's. A beautiful community guys you know i just i just wants you to understand, that the time is now you don't have you, don't have another two years to wait to see how much you got in your 401 k and your golden goose your, nest egg i tell you what if you think it's that big of a nest why ain't you sitting in it yet. You. Don't have that time you don't have that luxury. Stock. Market will more. Than likely not, be at all time highs two and a half years from now the, time is now. What. Goes up. Just. Do your research. Let's. Go ahead and uh. Bring. Our people downhill. Downtown. Here. We go. Who. We got right now. Alright alright. Israel. What's going on sweetie, is in the building I gotta take me a trip out to sweet now I keep hearing good things about sweet Naaman had to go back out there someday Sactown. Boss. Walking, on the west coast Corey said he came just in time for the sermon you, know I'm saying hey hey, some people y'all I feel like coaching the locker room you know I'm saying I just gotta get y'all high get y'all ready yeah I'm saying we going for championship. Right now don't let nobody tell you we don't let nobody tell, you to trade, your time, for $10 an hour yeah I'm saying give away 30 years of your life for plaquing, and a worthless you, know the, use don't don't do that just so you could be a gear in a machine you understand, that every time they pay you ten, twenty thousand, dollars an hour ten twenty thousand they're making you know 1.6. Million on that read Think, and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he said this 16, to 1 so whatever your, job is paying you just know they're making 16, times that on you, being there that's built, into the business plan right, don't trade 30 years of yo life you, know for a 401k, that grosses 8%. That you can't even touch yeah, I'm saying don't do that no, don't feed into the Ponzi scheme, don't, do it. Canada. Was, good. You. Saw Flo, Rida, I see you out there aspiring. Me Yami Tejas. Ireland. Power. To the people in abundance. Please, believe it believe it please USA. UK. BC. Taya's, back to back Holland. Austin. Big. Shot on the down for the west coast 90 crypto hold me down for New Zealand big mix I appreciate, it what's going on Miami Oakland, New York, LA, and the, nasty Maddy shout-out to my how players, aways. Can't stand up that with that being said it's that time of the day signing, out this stuff both, boy. BK, no matter where you stay brazil. Debate, Soniya, all the way back out to jerk. My, name good. Night good morning and good day thank you for joining me everybody thank. You for. Your time. If you value mine, pass, this video, on to a friend so that they can join the, money team I am creating. An army. Of. Empowered. Informed, and enlightened, individuals, and I invite you to join the cause you. Know I'm saying cuz it's not me it's us and it ain't us it's it's. It's. Now right. The, time is now the cycle is now right. And this happened in regardless, so. Come. On in, those, are always opening.

Till. We meet again stay, cryptic y'all, please.

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