3 Mistakes to avoid when taking on cleaning staff [Facebook Live]

3 Mistakes to avoid when taking on cleaning staff [Facebook Live]

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And they're very warm welcome to tonight's life, which. Is three, mistakes to, avoid when you're first. Taken staff and this. Story will apply for every staff member you. Take. On after, that and, so. You. Need to start taking on employees, if, you, want say for instance you're earning 1200. Pounds and all. Of a sudden you think okay so that's not enough money or savings. Or that's a month for savings you want to earn two thousand pounds a month and you, might quite easily do. That just, sort of working on your own but. If you want to get to the next stage of your business where you're actually starting on employees, where. You, then will start getting some financial, freedom you can actually start, seeing your business, actually, grow. And. Get to a point, where, you actually don't have to do the cleaning yourself anymore, and so, these are just the, three biggest mistakes to avoid at. All cost, and and. Believe, me I think as a, business owner myself 12, years II it, is very hard not to make these mistakes but, obviously, you learn from experience and. But. The thing is if you once, again if you don't take on that employees, and you don't get. To that point then, you're not gonna. Get. To that point where you can have that freedom, where. You can, stop. Cleaning yourself and that she's just working on your business that. Two three four five, six thousand pound salary that you want you're, not gonna have that if. You. Want that freedom and that financial freedom and you want the freedom to spend with your kids to see them grow up to, buy that house you want obviously. Taking on employees is the, best way to go and. Remember. Even if you watch and this life afterwards, please remember to just comment um hashtag replay, and. If you ask any point have got any questions. Even. After this is live he watches later, please. Feel free to call me down below and I'll get back to all the comments and. So. Just as a little introduction if you don't know, me by now I'm ilzor Whiteman the cleany coach and. I'm the creator of the customer magnet system. It's a customer, journey. To. Not, only help, you attract, your ideal customer. And that will pay you what you're actually worth and not complaining every five minutes and. Then how to build. That relationship to, keep them for life not to lose them because you, spend all that time and energy getting a customer you don't want to lose them. Very. Quickly and, so. Remember. Once again comment down below where you're from let me know I'm so gonna get, an idea from where you're from and. And. Right. So I'm gonna sort of dig straight in but remember to watch the right to the end of the life to get, the full benefit, of all three mistakes and that's a point comment down below so. Mistake. One or the biggest mistake, I think that everybody. Makes is when, you kind of like do your advert, you. Don't. Quite know obviously, where, to put it or how to put it and. The. Best way of actually doing it is try to think. About it in a sense of there's. 2,000. People out there and. 1500. Of those actually work, for your competitors already. So. Your advert. Needs, to. Appeal, to them, it's. Not just this. Is where the job is this how long it is this is what day is and this is what pay you're gonna get you. Need to write. It in a way and so you can attract, your, ideal.

Worker. Your ideal employee and. So. It's not just oh okay so I'm just gonna put it out there and yeah. Well and nothing happens and then you feel deflated you feel what why is it not working it's not working why, is it not working and so. When. You do that, you. Have to try, different. Words because. Different words will apply to different people, is not. Just creating one evidence, thinking out there try, different ways sit. Down and think to, yourself right so. If I was in their position and, I'm looking for this job, or. A job for certain hours and I want to work for a cleaning company what. Will attract, me, to apply, to work for that bunny what. Will make me go I've, got to work for them I need. To apply, what. Will make them, desperate. To work for you not, you. Desperate, to employ. So. Try. Different, words, but, the wording how, you word, it and try to make it a little bit more about, the the, benefit, they're gonna get out of working for your company, um and. Start, with that and make. That emotional, bond because all of those other people out there they're looking for competitors, if. They are not happy they, are looking for somebody else to work for because, they're already working, for somebody else so you need, to also think about your ads. Spreading. Your seed the same as when I talk about getting customers, it's, not just doing something you. Need to be proactive with, getting customers, you need to be proactive when. It comes to getting staff members, so. You. Just, put. An one out that out, see. How it goes leave, it for a couple of days and, try another one try different way try a different image add images, try. To actually even do a video and say hi I'm, Amy. From Amy cleaners, I'm looking for fun. Enthusiastic. People, and that's very. Detailed, and you, can just literally do a little video sorry. Excuse me and and. I. Know a lot of you might say oh but you're, introducing, yourself so. They can already see you're fun and you're loving, and though that will all might attract, them even. More than just cleaner. Blah, blah blah, blah blah it's a bit boring so you need to try, five different ones if nobody. Replies to the first three you know the first three adverts won't. Work so you just leave it hi.

Today And. So. Then, you. Need to like, I say five, try. Different ones and see which one that works. And which one doesn't and if it doesn't work then, you don't do it again you, do it the way it works but Lee's then you've got that choice um. And. Just make, sure that, you cover a, load. Of people I've had actually somebody in the group that says oh but, my pose is all over Facebook, and everybody knows about it no, they don't only about 30 people saw it now, 30 people might not even one of them might even be the. Person that you want to employ so. Don't give, up hope when you don't nobody. Replies oh don't. Give up hope, you just haven't reached, the right person. At the right, time yet, so, spreading, your seed get, it all over there put, on gumtree I wouldn't. Always necessary, and advice. To start when you first start to advertise because, advertising, is quite a lot of money but, you can get good people but, just different places try, Facebook groups try me on your Facebook page but if you just put on your Facebook page that's, not enough because your staff members that you're. Over your future staff members don't hang out on your Facebook page you. Need to get it everywhere, get your friends, to share it like mad and tell them if a good employee comes from you sharing, you, know I'll give you 20 quid or something help me get the message out there, um, so. Be very proactive as, well with, getting. Your. Different. Adverts out there and see and test and test and test and test I'm told it works if one, doesn't work it's because you might have just had the words wrong just try another one but never give up test test test until you succeed the right person, is out, there it's, waiting, for you so. Just be, there, at the right time the right place to. Capture them. Right. So the second mistake or the second biggest mistake is hiring. Because you're desperate, and you, think oh I've, got so many customers, and if, I don't get help tomorrow on, that say I'm gonna be like not make it I'm gonna lose customers I'm gonna lose money, never. Ever hire desperate. Hire. Slow fire fast. Take. Your time with a hiring process, take. Your time and make sure because this person. Is gonna be representing. Your company you're, gonna say to your customers, here's. A cleaner and every. Single thing they do say, the way they look the way they smell everything. Represents. Your, company, your reputation. So. You. Send that employee out and they stink, the sorry, it. Happens, your. Reputation is, oshi since our employees that stink don't hire her if, they turn up with hair not washed for three weeks, that's, what your reputation is, gonna be because. That they are the face of your company when you're not there, so. Sit. Down with them ask them, questions remember hire, for, integrity, and, skill. And for work ethics, for, who they are if, they are like this and. The interview, process and. You go through, that's. How they gonna work and that's how they're gonna deal with your customers, so therefore, your. Reputation is gonna be fair, right but they're very slow hi, Chrissy. So. Remember. To take that time and to go, with your gut feeling I always win with my gut feeling because, if I meet somebody and I think oh I don't, know they looked a bit iffy or but, you know they literally they dragged, their, feet on. The. Way to the Internet, Internet. On the way to the interview and then, it's. Alright I mean I just give up hope there and then because if you can't even turn up from, improperly, neat smart. On time, and prepared. For an interview you're. Not gonna be a good cleaner you're not gonna be working very well and you're not gonna represent my, company very, well and let's. Face it you've got one reputation, that you need to protect at all, times. And that's, why you need to be very very very strict, and there's. A fine balance between we're. Friends, and we're working for each other you can be friendly and you can be super nice and awesome all the time but. Be straight it's, just how you strictness. Sort of come across you, don't order, them about you just ask them nicely and, if you ask them again twice nicely, and by the third time you've asked nicely they don't listen out it's. As simple as that so. You can all of this, literally. Like I say take your time to choose the right person, and then. If. They not don't, even bother wait, for that right person to come along don't hire, out of this you're so desperate because you're so afraid what's going to happen if you don't but.

You Get the wrong employee. It's gonna cost you more money they're gonna create more work for you so you're better off waiting, and tell. Your customers, if they are waiting I am, waiting. For the, right staffing, but I'm not gonna put anybody in your house I'm, not gonna put them in if they're not trained I'm not gonna put them in if I can't represent my company in the right way so I will rather I Baloo's you or you wait um and, it's just being honest, with, them. Remember. If you've got any questions in the meets and I'm coming in below even, if you watch this afterwards, and and, I'll we'll get back to all comments. Right. So the biggest mistake number. Three and would, be tan. Throat are paying. Very, low wages. Now. This is a big issue for most companies especially. If you start, taking on your first employee and you're like oh but I haven't got the money I can't. Pay them too much I don't know what to charge my customers, so, I can actually pay my staff decent wages I always. Have this in the back of your head and actually put on a sticker on your computer so you can see it every day you. You. Get what you pay for if you pay, for something, really cheap it's not gonna last very long and the same applies, to staff, if you, think paying your staff minimum, wage and believe me there's companies out there that do but. They don't, deliver the. Standards, that, you will deliver but. Of course you're different you're awesome and you're, delivering this massively, high standard and your customers, are so happy with you and if. You pay that staff minimum, wage or, very low wages they. Not gonna want to work hard because. The people that come with, the higher wage. Actually. Have, got work, ethics, Drive they. Know how to clean they are willing to learn they're gonna be willing to help. You with your company, and grow and but they want to be paid accordingly. That's. Why you get that bracket between the self-employed, people and employed, people it's a very fine, bracket. So. I have actually attached the bottom of the video a video, between sort, of self-employed, versus, employed, and where, you should go first, or how, would you go first and if, you completely, totally confused, about the employee bit and how much of the employee like, there's so much to do and you feel overwhelmed don't. Let, any of that stop, you if. You're. Afraid and you stop doing something you're not gonna grow you're. Not gonna earn that three four five thousand, pounds a month you're not gonna buy that car you've always wanted take. The risk there. Is such an amazing, thing as google google it if you don't know this, experts, out there that help with these things contact. HR, company, they give normally a half an hour or hour sort of first consultation, for free find. These things out and be proactive with finding, out what you need to do and, yes. It's scary it's, scary for everybody when they get to the first employee, or the second, employee or the third it doesn't get any easier but. Don't. Let that fear because, they might lead me down and, oh you, know what if they do this and what if they do that and what if I can cope but. You've cooked so far and you've, dealt with everything your business so far has thrown. At you so. You are you have to believe that you're also when you can do this because you are what you think and if, you think you can do this you're gonna do it if you think you can't guess, what you're gonna struggle and that fear, is gonna keep coming in just. Cut that fear out completely, and say I am gonna do this, make.

It's Making, me happy to, do things out of my comfort zone because that's where I grow, that. Is taking, me one step closer to, that five. Thousand pounds a month that I want I want, to go shopping and put everything in my trolley and not even worry about how, much that cost and how much that cost so. You have to put that fear in the back of your head and just that's. It this not fear is not gonna make me. Stop. Doing, what, I know I'm, capable of doing. But. You have to remember that you have to find out what your competitors. Is actually, paying your staff oh their, stuff roughly. So, if you put an advert out for eight pounds an hour and your competitor is paying fifteen pounds an hour can. You guess where your employees that, you need is gonna go and work if they, offer more benefits than, you as a company guess. Where the stars going to go, so so many people say oh I can't fight good quality self a can't find good college stuff, there, there's so many businesses, out there that, already employ, them you. Just, need to stand out you need to inject. Personality. And you, have to keep trying, and get them at the right stage even. If you've got one of the competitors, which lives next door to you it's got 200, employees, I can. Guarantee you not all of them is gonna be happy not, all of them they, might enjoy cleaning and they might like the cleaning bit but they're not going to enjoy working for that company because something's happened or they don't like the boss or whatever the case may be and it's, your job to spread your little seeds to, get, them, interested, in working for your company and what you offer. To. Get. Them to come and work for you because, that's what you want ultimately, you, want that employees, but a lot of people not willing to do that legwork, to find, the right person, find. The right person with the right message. Connect. With them and you. Will start seeing different results. But also it's. Not just about, putting what Outland out there and like mm-hmm, nobody's, know but nobody is applying I don't. Get any employees so. It's keep trying different ways never, ever ever give up and. Probably. Once you've had your first employee. Don't. Think that's, it the employee all that jobs now is covered by that employee that's it my works done because it's, not it's, far from done that's, where you work starts but don't let that put you off because. That's where the fun starts that's. When you're gonna start, seeing your employees, grow you're not only helping your company grow. You're helping your employees, and people grow, and. When. You then start seeing your cleaners, grow, that's. It's, such, a fulfilling, feeling, and you should be proud of you're really gone employees, and. They're working for you and they're happy you have got to be proud because that's, probably one of the hardest things to achieve and there's that leadership, skill to. Actually get them to listen to you and to work for you and to do a good job so. Remember. Your competitors, at the moment have got all your cleaners. Don't, ever think, there's, no such thing as a quality cleaner I can't, get any quality cleaners because, you just haven't found them yet so don't, give up try. Test test test test and Troy Troy Troy interest, again and over again until you, get the right person. Right. Guys so if they're and that's it for tonight's. Live I, don't want to go on too long sorry some of you ain't complaining, and. I'm. Just gonna answer some questions that. You. Know ask them I grew up before and. Then. We. Can actually. Right. So. Um. So. See ya hi I'm a Christie. Right. Let's have a look, okay what's the easy way to hi contractor, all right the, easy okay. Right. It will always always, be. Easier. I would say to hire self-employed. Rather than contractors, contractors. Are more, when you get another, cleaning company to, come clean for you so. You literally you've got no control over them whatsoever. You, just ask them there's that job there can, you do it for me this is how much I'll pay you to, do it is it ok you're a Korean price and they go in and do it you've got no control and. The. I, have like as I added a link at the bottom of this live video which is the, vlog I did about the difference between self-employed. And employed. Staff and. A. Lot of people feel that employees. Are it's. A lot more work to get it set up because she has a register as employer, you, have to pay tax and you, have to sort, of pay pension, but, it's actually, not, that. Big a deal it seems, so scary but. It isn't it's something, you're just not done and it's you just have to learn that's, it you just have to sit down and once. You've done it and a week later you like what was all that fuss about I didn't even have to worry about it and I. Did. When I first started to my cleaning company my first, five, employees were self-employed, and people.

That I actually advertised, specifically, for self-employed people because, I didn't, want to try to get, a full-time, employee to help me because. I grew so, quickly it, was literally within the first month I need an employee. I didn't, know anything about staff, I didn't know anything about self-employed. And employed, I just, put the output out for self-employed, people, because. I found the employment but a bit daunting myself which is why I'm now saying don't worry because then, when I did do it it was like what was all the fuss about what was I afraid of really, because. It's quite easy and. And. For very low price you can actually get somebody to do your payroll for you and you don't even have to worry about any of that and. So I would, say the easiest way, when you first start will be self-employed, person, but there is certain limitations, or viously eyes. Employed self-employed. People. By. Their obviously hate or mercy guidance, they have to obviously provide, their own missile materials, they have to book the job scene and they have to invoice you so. You haven't got to turn it the HMRC know as such about them but when you do your books or viously those invoices will count as. Expenses. And. It's just a little bit easier but you can still train, them I trained, all my self-employed, people and I got to an agreement obviously. I'm gonna train you so you're gonna be a better cleaner, 100. Percent basic cleaner so, therefore, I'm quite, willing once you've done the training and you helped me out on jobs like if, you got full week and you've got employer you full week and then all of a sudden into, Tennessee King comes and you're like okay, I haven't got the time that's when you turn work away and that's where I had self-employed, people helped me most was, with those odd jobs and then this student fiends August. Hundreds. Of students, August and then you like well I need five hundred staff what I'm gonna do now so, I always have self-employed kinas helping me with that but. When I got to sort of the fifth sort, of employee. It, was obviously I was paying them a lot of money as well a lot more than normal employees, that's, when I started employing. And. Then that's when I realized it's not-it's not even a big deal at all and but. That was so nice then to have my staff and to, train them and to grow. With them and as, my company grew they, grew with us and you know it was nice to see them evolve and.

To See them grow and become really good cleaners obviously train them a uniform, and then, you control the hours they do and but. I think the biggest the other biggest thing I learned is never think I've employed somebody I know that now it's done and that's, it because, it you, have to follow up and you have to still look after them it's not like babysitting, we still in this beginning stages have to make sure they're all right make sure you know the work standards, cuz I forget and they get knackered and they need motivation and. But. It's also worth. In the end and if you want and that big increase, in that big business, you want and few your goal is whether you want to go with that registered, or you want to enter on fifty thousand a year whatever, your goal is that's, the best way to go and let's just learn from your mistakes and don't be afraid to make mistakes don't, be afraid to hire the wrong person because that's, just gonna make you realize you. Know what I've, did wrong last time so I'm not gonna do that again I'm gonna do it differently. Right. So Chrissy, says fear. Is everything, yes, I definitely agree there, our fear stops a lot of people and you know why it stopped me and a lot of things and. So. It's. Just put that fear right to the back of your mind and say go, away I'm. Not listening to fear right. So do, you not ask in the group and why, ins no one replying to, my. Adverse will stop okay. I think that was kind of covered in the first question, and it's literally just you might not be putting your, advert. Out where the right staff member is and your, words might not attract them your worst might be very bland so. Create, five different words sort, of I say words five different word sets right. Your advert differently, put, it in all over the place and then see which, one performs, best and if that five doesn't work create another five until, your advert, attracts, people, it's. Not that you're doing it wrong it's just you need to learn and, what. Your people look the cleaners, in your area, what they connect, to for them then to want to actually. Apply and remember. You have to over offer more all the same as your. Competitors, or if they if they offer more money for. Cleaners, then you need to as well otherwise you're not gonna get stuff and nobody's. Gonna go from a higher sort, of price, at the company to a lower price even. If they're very unhappy people tend to be very money motivated, in that sense the. Second question was how. Do i entice people to work for me when it's only few hours a week it's. Poor, times off you, just once again is you need to find that right person for. That time there, is somebody out there there's available for those hours more, than one person it's, just you need to connect get, your efforts sowing, your seeds everywhere everyone. Let everybody know that you want something and they literally just spread your seeds and and, let a lot of people see your advert not thirty or, fifty you. Need everybody, to literally, to see your advert so spread. Your seed get. Your effort as many places, as possible get, your friends to share it. And. Just like I say you need to get it if there's 1,000, people is say in that area, you, need to let all that thousand, people see it everybody and how are you gonna get to that thousand people so, you need to advert out and get, friends, to share it share it again try, again, so. It's just you need to reach a higher audience. With. Your adverts or, a. Third question was how can i entice off to work a covering holiday, let's, change, over once a week what is the same sort of principle. As you just need to find the right person to cover, their hours and you, don't expect to put an advert out and five minutes later go oh oh I've, had no replies oh no, it's.

Not Working, I Kong it's off that's it because. Doesn't work like that but. Just, try different ways, different. Words spread. It everywhere and, you, will get, eventually, you will get it and it might not take a day might not take away tweak it might be longer that's. Why it's always advisable once you have your first off member - constantly. Because. You've already tested, that fire that when your first employee, constantly. Be advertising, be advertising, constantly. And if you have a whip so I'd have a form on there they can apply so. You're always saying. We're. Looking for staff we're looking for staff and it's actually a really good thing to have this all on your marketing, materials, we're, always looking for. Enthusiastic. People. Please. Apply you know if you want a clean job so and then you've got constantly, people applying that if they're interested in your messages right but, you're spreading it so for instance you take a hundred leaflets. Spread it like around, the neighborhood, hundred houses that's, hundred, people that's gonna know you're looking for staff already and they, might just one day call you at the right time and the right place saying, hey I'm looking for a part-time evening, job or I'm looking for a doing the guy job I forgot anything and you, can say what I haven't hit them at the moment but if you don't mind can, ya can I put your room details. On our, records, and I'll call you if anything becomes available or. Yes. I definitely need somebody straight away police. Come in for an interview straightaway, right. So just about spreading your message, broy, that's it for, tonight, guys thank. You very much for joining me live I really, appreciate, your time I know it's very important, and if, you like I say any questions, I'm. Still. Available for an hour after us live to answer any more questions that come through but that's it for tonight, have a, lovely rest of your day see. You later.

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