3 Mistakes I See in the Coaching Industry | Coaching Business 2021

3 Mistakes I See in the Coaching Industry | Coaching Business 2021

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Unknown: Hello, there is this is Jennifer Oh boy, this is podcast episode number 216. I'm excited to chat with you today. So I'm talking today on this podcast episode about some interesting things that I see going on in the coaching industry. I'm specifically going to talk about three things that are concerning to me that I see going on in the coaching industry. And I'm talking, I think, both to people who are perhaps looking for a business coach, Life Coach, what have you, just so you can kind of be aware of what I think are red flags, but also talking to those of you who are coaches, just to call us up to a different level of integrity. And so we're talking about the coaching industry, I want to just remind you, for those of you who are new maybe to the Jennifer allwood show that I have been a business coach now for six years. And so this is not my first rodeo, I have coached well over 5000 women in terms of how to grow their social media, and then monetize that social media in the online space. So I have a monthly coaching group, it's my inner

circle, my craters inner circle, you can go get on a waitlist for that at creators inner circle comm where all we do is talk about what's going on in social media every month, because social media is the best way to build a business in the online space, like the number of people who can be really profitable online without some sort of social media platform, it's it's hard, you're gonna be paying for ads, that's the bottom line. So I have that group, I've had that group for almost five years, well over 2000 women in there, we have my better way program used to be my creators roadmap where I coach women on eight ways they can make money in the online space. And by the way, these are not currently open. But then we have a next level program, which is almost similar to like a mastermind in a lot of ways, which is trying to help women who have just they've started their social media, they are monetizing on social media, and I want to try to help them get to their first six figures in the online space. So So I want you to know that I've been

coaching in all of those capacities for a hot minute. So it's not like I've done this in the last, you know, six months and just have some big opinions. This is actually coming from what I'm watching and what I'm seeing and what I want to kind of help you with. But real quick, I want to just read a review from janessa, janessa, janessa, janessa, I'm not sure.

But her last name is staples, and her name is beautiful. Here's what she said, Jen, your podcast is so good. I've learned so much since I've started listening to your funny down to earth and intelligent, you have great guests and most importantly, your godly woman. Love her hate janessa Thank you. It's really weird, by the way to like read a review about yourself.

And so really what's on my heart more than your kind words is just being able to me to publicly thank you for taking the time to go leave a review because reviews matter. And and I just want to pray over you. And so Lord, I'm just asking, just for your head protection around janessa for for everything that she sets her hands who are praying that you would go before her. And then you would also go behind her as a rear guard that

you would just block her in. And she would always feel safe and seen and well taken care of I pray a blessing over her family a blessing over any business that she would do or would be called to do in the future and ask that you would just bless her for investing in my podcast and taking the time to write a review in Jesus name. Thank you janessa. I appreciate that. So so much. Okay, so let's talk about the coaching industry.

Don, you're watching on YouTube, that was awkward. Okay, so listen, first of all, the coaching industry is amazing. Let me just say that, let me start out by saying some good things. Okay. There are some fabulous people who are coaching in the online space. I have fabulous coaches, I would also like to think that I'm a fabulous coach. And there's a lot of different

things that you could look at that you would consider, you know, well, this is what makes a coach good. Does that make sense? So, like, what makes a coach good? Is it the material that they're teaching? Is that the way that they encourage you? Is it the way that they believe in you? Is it the way that they lead? By the way? I would say yes to all those things. So there's, there's lots of different things that you could look at and go, you know, here's what I think makes someone that's in the position of a coach good. There are I have different coaches, by the way for different things. So coaches don't need to be doing all the things. You know, I have somebody that helps with strategy, I have somebody that helps with monetization, I have somebody that helps me in, you know, my membership and so there's lots of different capacities that coaches can be coaching in. Okay, so with that being said, I want you to know

that as a business coach, I love the whole coaching industry, I think everybody needs a coach or a consultant or a strategist or whatever other sexy name, you want to call it, okay? But everybody needs somebody that is a little bit further ahead of them in a certain area that can go Hey, girl, come on, now. I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna keep pulling you It's a Titus two thing, like I'm going to keep pulling you ahead. And and I think if you're growing a business in the online space right now, and you do not have a coach you are missing out, a good coach should pull some things out of you that you can't even see in yourself, I think a good coach should help you get from point A to point B faster than you could on your own. A good coach will provide an environment where you feel safe and seen and heard, and have the ability to connect and do relationship with and collaborate with other people. So I love the coaching industry, I just want to say that first of all, that we aren't getting hate mail. That's like, oh, Jen, I'm

a coach. And I can't believe you said such bad things with him say good things first. Like when we like, You ever heard that with your kids, like give him a compliment first before you tell him like the thing that we need to have a family meeting over? Okay, so family meeting, no kidding. But kind of family

meetings. So let's talk about some things that I see going on in the coaching industry at the moment, okay, that are not so good. I told you lots of things that I see that are going on that are fabulous. And by the way, you do not need a certification to be a coach, you do not need to have initials behind your name to be a coach. This is almost kind of what

makes the coaching industry both fabulous. And also, you know, a little wonky at times, because anybody can call themselves whatever they want to write. I mean, I can call myself a coach, I could call myself a strategist, I could call myself a consultant, I can call myself a unicorn if I want. And so you can you can kind of call yourself anything. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything either. And.

And so with that being said, if you are somebody who is considering going into coaching, like a lot of my clients are a lot of you in my better way program right now. You're there because you want to coach and you know that i as your coach, I'm cheering you on. Some of you are wanting to be a consultant, you're wanting to do one on one consultations, fabulous, some of you are looking for a coach. Okay, so I just want to give you all of you some things just to consider, as you're kind of navigating the coaching space. The three things that I think that I'm seeing right now that I just would like for you pay attention to is right now there's a little bit of a trend for coaches to be publicly calling out other coaches and, and I grieves my heart. And I think it's gross. And I don't think it's biblical. And

I'm going to tell you why if you if you are a woman of faith, first of all, and you look at how the Bible talks about handling differences and talks about going to your brother, what I want, and if he doesn't relate to do you like take a path. And if he doesn't, also the two of you, like taken before the church. And if that doesn't work, well then close them off. That's essentially I'm paraphrasing, by the way heavily. But that's essentially you know what the Bible says, the Bible also talks about in the book of Matthew, like, before, you're looking at that speck of dust in your brother's eye, you better be checking that plank in your own eye. And so it's interesting to me what's going on in the coaching space, with coaches really calling out canceling and belittling other coaches. And it's, it's unfortunately, it's leaving a

very sour taste in the mouth of other coaches, and people who really need a coach, but they see what's going on in the industry, or they want to be a coach. And they're thinking, I don't want any part of that. And I just want to encourage those of you who are already coaching, to just I just want to call us up to something better than that. There is a time and a place for our opinions, there's a time and a place for our ideas. I don't know that they need to be specifically targeted towards other people. And I think that once we start, like, you know, calling out individuals, specifically, as a way to tear them down, and also build ourselves up that we're in, we're in big trouble. And so I want you to be really hyper

aware of that if you're getting into coaching or if you're looking for a coach of just that trend that I just don't think is like full of integrity? I don't I don't think so. Do leaders need to be held accountable? 100%? Do they need to be held accountable by strangers on the internet? I don't know. I don't know that that's true. I don't know. That's biblical. I don't know that that's true. So I want to make sure that we're spending way more time as coaches and as leaders really thinking about ourselves and our own coaching and our own leading, I want us to be able to look at other coaches and be like, Oh, man, let me learn from that right now that that took a sideways turn that didn't go well, let me learn from that situation. But the publicly calling out I think the enemy is having a heyday with that, my friends. Because right now the internet can be really used to build up or it can really be used to tear down. And so I just want to give

you just a word of caution about that. It's something to be watching for if you're looking to getting into that space. So that's number one. Number two, I've noticed this for years, okay, and a trend for people who are coaches to have coaches and then be coaching people on what they just learned from their own coach. Okay, let me say that again. So it's, you're a coach, you've got a

coach, you're being coached by your coach and then you go back and you coach what your coach just coached you Oh, that was good. That was good. Can I get a yes and Amen. I mean, for a woman who's got like menopause brain, and our words don't always work that was good. It's essentially coaches learning something and immediately going to their own coaching group, and sharing what they just learned. It's yucky,

kind of say it's yucky. Now let me just say this, for sure that there is nothing, no new thing under the sun, right? So so that there's that. And if you're learning something, but you're adding your own spin on it, you're tweaking it, whatever, there's that. There's also the idea that once you've learned something like now that knowledge is yours, I've literally had women in my coaching group come to me before and say, Jen, you know, I want to start my own coaching group.

And I'm like, Yes. And you know what, I'm applauding you. But I'm afraid that I'm going to be too influenced by what you're doing or copy you or there's going to be an issue. And I'm like, Listen, once I've taught you, that's one thing. You're you're welcome to go do whatever you want. With that, I just

encourage you to make sure you have experience with it, in addition to just the head knowledge of what you just learned, the fact that anybody's even like, aware of that usually makes it one of those things. That's not even an issue. Does that make sense? Like when I have young moms come to me, and they're very concerned. And this happens in real life, not on the internet. But you know, wanting to make sure that they're being a good mom, I'm like, Girl, listen, the fact that it's even on your radar that you might not be being a good mom makes me pretty positive, you're probably being a good mom. And so the fact that you might even be concerned that you're crossing a line with integrity of reteaching, something you just learn, and that that could be yucky, probably is a good signal that you're probably not doing that. So I just want to say that what I'm talking about is something totally different.

It's the fact that you're only in a coaching group, so that you get the content for your own coaching group. Does that make sense? See it, I see it happening. And it's yucky, and I and I just want to call us up to something different. Now I do think that learning something from someone, and putting your own perspective on it, your own experience with it, your own tweak on it, your own ideas, and things whether I think that's magical I do. And so I think it's a fine line. And I think that that fine line comes down to making sure that we're treating others the way that we would want to be treated. If you are somebody who has a coach, and you also have a

coaching group. If you are in that coaching group and you're learning stuff, and you're immediately turning around, and you are coaching your people, I want you to put yourself in, you know, the another position, I want you to use that golden rule of treating others like you would want to be treated. If that same situation would be upsetting to you, as some of your clients, if some of your clients are now building their own coaching business, and you would be upset that they just took some of your content went right out and reused it, then that's probably a good sign that you maybe need to check what you're doing, and maybe reevaluate that. And by the way, I'm not specifically talking about anybody that's been in my coaching group. So lest anybody even you know, wonder if I'm specifically talking about somebody with me, I'm not I'm not talking about somebody specifically with me. Okay. So

the Bible says we're to avoid even the appearance of sin. So I just want to make sure that I nobody's thinking the wrong thing with what I'm saying here, because I coach a lot of coaches and I, I'm not sitting here thinking about that one girl, who every time I tell her something, she goes, I'm not, that's not what I'm doing. But I am seeing it in the coaching space. I am seeing the same people teaching the same thing that month. And then I'm like, Huh, what if they all got it in the same place? Does that make sense? So just be aware of it. If you're a coach, like, you know, use wisdom, have integrity in this area.

Don't use another coach, and don't leverage their knowledge, just to pass it off as your own because that's yucky, and that's yucky. And so and if you're looking for a coach, make sure you're not seeing that because it's yucky. Okay, third thing. All right. Another thing that I see in the coaching thing right now is coaches, coaching on areas that they actually have no expertise, or it's just a whole lot of smoke and mirrors. Okay,

so what do you mean Jeff? Well, may give you a good example, in my creators inner circle, which is you know, my monthly Google we talk about social media. I had a guest come in this week in our masterclass, her name is Akilah Robinson, she is an SEO expert. Why did I have her come in? Because guess what, I'm not an SEO expert. Like there's no way that I'm going to pretend

to know something about something I know nothing about. I just I don't I don't that's why I have to bring in guests. We're in the middle of our better way program right now. And both my operations manager and my son's marketing director, they are doing some of the really techie recordings of how to like, you know, start kajabi and how to you know, make a landing page and swipe files and all these other words that make me hyvee why because I don't need to pretend I'm good at all the things because I'm not, I'm not. And I want to make sure that if you're coaching that you're not pretending to be good at all the things either because you know, what is honorable, what is honorable is understanding how God wired you where your gifting is, where your knowledge lays, and where it does it and bringing in other people to come alongside you, so that you can support them and they can support you. But they you don't

always have to be the expert. Listen, I am only good at a couple things, I promise you, if I'm only good at a couple things, the rest of the things I've got to leave to somebody else. And so you know, I had somebody one time, she's like, you should really know more about this specific area if you're going to be a business coach. And I remember looking at her going, No, why I don't need to know that at all. I never

claim to know any of that. That's not an area that I'm well versed in, I know plenty of other things, and plenty of other things you don't. But I don't have to know about that area. I can hire somebody to do that for me. I can elevate somebody else as an expert in that area, I can bring in an expert into my own coaching in that area. But I'm not going to

pretend that I know anything about SEO. I mean, do I know enough to be dangerous? Do I know what the letters stand for? Do I know where we need Seo? I mean, of course, but actual strategy and stuff like no. And so it's interesting to me that I see people coaching in on areas on topics that I know they don't have experience in. But and the thinking is that they need to

position themselves, as you know, having a good idea of how to do all these different facets of business and you just don't you don't I think it's actually much more winsome. And I think it's actually much more highly regarded. When you say, you know what, I don't actually know about this piece of the thing I'm going to bring somebody else in, and coach this month on this. I think that that has a lot of integrity to it. There's

a lot of smoke and mirrors right now going on in the coaching space friends. I did a whole nother podcast about this about, and I can I'll put it in the show notes, the other podcast that I'm referring to. But it was basically just about what numbers actually matter. And what don't the numbers that you're hearing people throw around on the internet about the size of their launches, and how much they're making every year. Okay, how much are you keeping? How about that? Who cares if you made 9 billion trillion 400 million gajillion dollars, and you kept three? Right? I mean, that matters not. And so just be cautious. And be

careful of a pretending that you if you're a coach that you know all the things because you don't have to. I am fabulous at coaching women who are starting out their business or trying to get to their first six figures, I am fabulous at giving them strategy for social media, but also coaching them on the mindset piece. And giving them biblical concepts are going to help them grow their business, I am really good at that. There's a lot of parts of the coaching that I'm not really good at. And I think wisdom is knowing how you are wired and what you're here to do. And not taking the bait of

thinking you need to know all the things about all the things and presenting yourself as an expert in all the areas because you're just not, you're not and and at some point, that facade will crumble. And so it's okay to just be like, you know what, I'm not sure SEO girl. Now if you want to know what the Bible says about money, I'll give you that. If you want to know 12 different things that areas of mindset that you're going to struggle with in business and how to overcome them, I can give you that. If you want to know the best way to get your Facebook reach up to a million people this month, I can give you that. But I can't give you SEO. And once you just get really good at being like that's not my jam, that's not my lane, it's somebody else's and having zero, you know, problems with that. I think it just it really leads

itself to making people feel like they can trust you. So if you're looking for a coach, I want to make sure that you're looking for a coach who doesn't claim to have expertise in all the areas because that's rarely ever true. Figure out what Coach needs where you have a gap.

Like if you have a gap in the mindset piece, and if you're a Christian woman like I'm your girl and totally your girl go to craters inner circle calm, we'll send you an email the next time my coaching group is open. If you're looking for like coaching and SEO Yeah, not your girl, I could go back to that example. That's your girl. And so if you are a coach, please try to pretend that you're good at all of it. Because Because you can't like maintain that for

any length of time. And it's okay. And I think right to be like I can't coach you in all the areas but I'm really good on this one. I do. And if you're looking for a coach just that's something to be aware of. So those three points again, we're

coaches publicly belittling other coaches. Coaches ripping off other coaches content and coaches coaching on things that they actually have no experience in themselves. W. So there you have it I and I want to just in this like by just reminding you what I said at the beginning, I love coaching. Like if I didn't get paid another dime I would still cheerlead women ought to get over the things that hold them back to do everything on this side of heaven that God is encouraging them to do to use their skills because the Bible says that God gives us wisdom to get well to put food on their family's table like I would encourage women to do that every day of the week. regardless of if I ever got paid another dime I honestly what I that's I there is no way that I could not do that. I love that I actually get paid to coach women to do that. I love that I'm coaching a lot of women I how to be a coach in their own industry. I love that. I love that. So I want you to

know, I love the coaching industry. I love the consulting industry. I love it. Oh, I just want to make sure that if you're looking for a coach or consultant, you're going in with eyes open number one. And then number two, if you are a coach or consultant, that you're making sure that you're leading with integrity and that you're not falling prey to some of the stuff you see going on on the internet. Just because you see a

lot of other people doing just avoid it. Just avoid it. And I think God honors that. So all right, bless you, my friends. I hope that this was helpful. If you're like yeah, I just like the sound of Jen's voice. I actually have zero desire to be a coach or get a coach. Would you forward this to somebody who

may be interested in coaching, or if you're feeling Froggy, take a screenshot, put it on Instagram, tag me I'd love to just know that you listened to this episode, and then it hit home for you and maybe your thoughts even on the coaching industry. That'd be fabulous. So bless you my friend as you go about your week. I will see you again next week. Be blessed Bye bye.

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