3 Core Elements For Success

3 Core Elements For Success

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You're, probably not getting my audio. Now. You probably are yeah. Now. You probably are let's see. That. Was my scrub see. See. Now listen see now, you're getting the echo let me get rid of the echo the, echo should be gone for you guys but, see here's here's, the deal you, don't need P you know you don't need to be a genius to, start an online business you don't need to be highly technical to. Run an online business so at least you can hear me now, so. Let me fast-forward a little bit that kind of just blew my whole life feeling away a little bit especially for the replay as well for those who want to watch the replay but that's, my fault I'm not technical. And that's one of the biggest roadblocks, that people put in place right I'm not technical, I can't do this either, and, I'm. Not a tech genius by, any imagine, that's. For sure, you know now learn, some of the stuff that did, but yeah could anybody learn this absolutely okay. So, anyway. What, I was saying when I was mine. Didn't, muted sorry. About that was, I had. Asked everybody to send in their questions and, they. Sent in their questions and, the most common denominator, again is Joel. I don't have any money I can't. Start a business I'm stuck and the, key components. Here is anybody. Can do this however you want, to give yourself the absolute, best, chance, for success with, a clear path, versus. If you, set yourself up for failure. In, the very beginning, then. You're just, gonna fail and guess what nobody, not. Even Richard, Branson. Or. Steve. Jobs or. Bill Gates, could. Have started their business in this way and that's what I'm talking about, so. Many, people, start. A business without, a back-up plan okay. I can only talk to you about my own personal experiences, I've. Had a couple of companies and let me let me let me explain to you my backup plan so, I had, a personal, training company of course that was very low overhead. I spent maybe 500, to 2,000, dollars on advertising myself. My best advertise wise I stayed in very good shape all through from the age of like 1213, all the way until till. The age I am now -, the few years five-six years that I had the aspartame, poisoning, and I couldn't exercise right so. The. Back-up plan. Was on that was well hey I can afford to spend a couple thousand, dollars I already have a you, know a certain, client base and. Ultimately. What led to me - backing out from personal training was two things one, it wasn't very rewarding, and here's why you would give people amazing, advice on how to do things properly but, then they just would talk to everybody else and, or. They'd be drinking you know Pepsi the next day or whatever you know so it wasn't very rewarding that way and to is truth, truthfully, as an entrepreneur, I was. Trading time for money it was a glorified job actually was it was worse than a job because you'd spend many many hours in the gym you, know 12 13 hours a day in the gym people, would cancel last-minute that kind of stuff here's, a back-up. Plan number two and I want to talk to you a little bit more about a business, that I had started, but. I had a very clear, path, and back-up, plan so many years ago well before gvo so we're talking about probably 1990. 1991, in that range okay maybe 94, I started. A company called ITF. Nutritionals, and I. Kept traditionals, ITF, stands for the International, Taekwondo Federation, and, we. Basically. Were, backed by the International, Taekwondo Federation. To. Make supplements. For. That. Target market so, all the Taekwondo schools, around North America and, the world eventually, were, going to carry our nutritional, supplement, line now, turned out we didn't get very good backing and all that kind of stuff but. I remember asking myself okay. Can. I do this and pay my bills I'm talking about ITF Nutritionals and it was a no-brainer because here, so, I had to invest seventeen. Thousand dollars now, when you're 20. 19. 18 whatever, age I was whenever I did this. Getting. Along for seventeen thousand dollars is. Pretty, scary. I remember, getting alone. Remember the bank manager saying oh it's only 17,000. Like yeah, only 17,000. You that, was that, was a big risk for me but it wasn't a risk and here's the point I want to make with you guys it wasn't a risk and here's why so we, started, with a product line of protein, powders and energy, booster, and, a couple other supplements, a sports drink and stuff like that and here's, what I asked myself okay, if. This, fails and I, get, it folks everybody who starts a business goes all this just can't feel this can't feel it it's gonna work no matter what I don't care let's let's bet our house on it let's put our craft you don't need to do that you don't need to bet anything because, here was what.

Made Me sign on the dotted line to get that loan for $17,000. I said, to myself Joel, and. I said yes sir, what. If it doesn't work what's your backup plan how are you going to pay your bills and how are you going to you, know pay off this loan and it was a no-brainer for me and the reason is I. Had been in bodybuilding since age 11, so I was very well known in the fitness industry already, and, in. Investing. In $17,000, at supplements, we got them at very. Just. Above manufacturing. Cost right they've got to make their 20 or 30 percent so we even got to blow a wholesale, cost so. Let's say as an example I, knew, that my friends, and colleagues, that, I knew from fitness, we're, buying proteins, for, thirty. Two dollars let's say back then right 32 bucks something like that whatever okay, maybe. 40 bucks the, point is I was, getting the proteins, for about 20 dollars so, I knew there was a great margin, there that. I could if the business didn't work and it was the same with the energy, boosters, and the other things that we put together I knew, there was enough large in there that I could sell off the inventory, to my colleagues. And buddies and all the people I knew in the fitness industry still. Make a profit and still, provide them the product, at less, than retail, so. For the end user there was no brainer it's like okay let's say they were spending let's say a nice even 40 dollars for a protein listen. I'll give it to you for 32 dollars and. I. Was still making a $12 profit right so. It was a real no-brainer the business did fail. And true to my word that's. When I started working with John Berger actually we, took the ITF nutritional, line and we sold it off to. All the people that we were, in contact with all the people that all the friendships, all the relationships. That I had built in the fitness industry so. I was able to easily because, we were making them still a good profit, make, a profit, pay, off the loan and still, pay my bills there was an absolute no-brainer it was just a smart business. Venture to go into because there was what, you want to do is mitigate, your, risks. Okay mitigate, your risks so, I paid off alone I learned. Some lessons you, know every failure is not a failure it teaches. You what not to do okay, and, basically. What I learned from that failure is that we really weren't getting the backing of the ITF, community. And what I mean by that is you had your your you had your leaders in that industry and they really weren't pushing the product you know they just there, their expectation. Was we're allowing you to use our ITF, name everything. Else is in your hands well if they're not endorsing, the product it just didn't fly so nevertheless, however, though I mitigated, my wrists and I knew what my chances were to be able to sell those things off still, make a profit still, pay my bills okay. So. After, that, I actually started. Gvo, I actually, started kiosk WS, in Canada. And. Here's. The thing, and. Here's what I want to talk to all you guys the most there. Is no, business on this. Planet, that. Is going to replace. Your. Income within. 30 days if you're, making 3000. 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, dollars a month at your job okay, and you have certain. Bills that you're obligated to, you've got a mortgage you've, got a water bill you've got to put food on the table you know you've got your core bills I'm, telling. You right now if you quit, your job today or you're lost your job today you're not gonna ultimately replace, that income and because. Of all the, stuff online you know you see things like high school team drops out makes 10k in his first month cooee. Okay retired. Veteran makes 20k, a slick 20k in three weeks hooey. Or it's true they, don't give you the back story could. These statement, a retired veteran made of slick 20 K in three weeks sure doesn't. Tell you how long he's been online maybe he's been marketing online for seven years and he still, could be a retired veteran launched, a new product and make 20 grand in three weeks that's very doable right so. It's a real play on words but there are no people, who are brand brand brand brand-new, who, will replace their full time income in 30, days so. You're, setting yourself up for failure, absolutely. This, success, is possible, for. All of you every. Single one of you can see success, in this industry but. You've got to mitigate, your risk and you got to set yourself up on a pedestal for success. So. I knew. When I started he asked which became, gvo behind me which also became now lifestyle, now in pure leverage and so on and everything all the business ventures that I've done I, knew. That my basic, bills were paid for okay. We. Were living in a very small home mortgage. Was paid for food was paid for and it took me two years to make.

My First sale for, $9.97. Now is it. Gonna take you that long no I was ignorant I was stubborn I was, the guy I was, I was the pessimist. Like this hmm, that, corey rudl he just wants my money oh that, mark Joyner oh he's selling a home study course he. Just wants my money you know that. That was me I was really, reluctant nobody. Was going to teach me anything I could do this on my own and I didn't want to spend a dime and, when. I think back now the. Amount of revenue, that I lost the amount of opportunity, cost that I lost and the amount of hours that I put in in those two years to make one sale for $9.97. What, change for me is I finally cracked, I bought, corey rudl scores, and it. Was, even. With, $1,700, okay, something like that seventeen, to nineteen hundred, dollars there was a stretch it, was a stretch I had to save that money to buy that course but, I refuse to give up right a lot, of people that point would have said off it's all. It's all hooey it's all a scam it does work you, know how many people spend maybe a week going yet right so because, I had my basic bills paid I was, able to keep going at it and going at it and going at it but again my mistake was nobody, was going to teach me anything I finally bought for a brutal spores. Sorry. About that I finally. Bought Corinne moodle's course and. That. Changed, my world for everything, and I'm just gonna check to see if we're still live on the fan page here I'm, just pulling it up on my phone yeah we're still life looks like we're live let, me see oh. We're. Still good okay. We do have sound okay so, that. Was that was the first thing right so. I bought his course and it. Changed, the direction of everything, I was doing and it's still folks. You. Can simplify this industry because it's still, the same the number, one thing that I focus on today so, he talked about providing. Value, first, providing. Information. First, in other words tell him why, and then. They'll buy right, so I was sending massive, amounts of traffic to, a web hosting, company that, had no brand recognition, and people, weren't buying and I was you know I was posting, on forums, I was I was doing whatever I needed to do to generate traffic to. My web posting site and nobody was buying, so. I finally, decided to. Take everything that I have learned about internet, marketing up, to that point put it in an e-book you know the five things you need to know before choosing, your web hosting provider so, that was you. Know folks, people. Do vote with their credit cards but understand by the time somebody pulls out their credit card even if it's a dollar. Sale, okay. That is a huge. Macro. Commitment, on that end users, part they, have now voted absolutely. Yes whether it's a dollar or ten dollars or a thousand, dollars or whatever a paid. Lead is infinitely. Better than a free lead but everything, starts with micro, commitments, so, the micro commitment, was I, they. Would give me their name and email address in exchange for my knowledge on what to look out for in. Your web hosting provider when choosing your web hosting provider so. The e-book. Basically. Gave them all the information as to why we're. A great web hosting company and now, they're indoctrinated, into. Our culture and into our philosophy, and they like what they had to hear and it made things very very easy for me from that point on because instead, of people calling, and saying hey can you tell me more about this people.

Were Calling or just right off the cuff signing, up on the website very often people would call and, that's why I tell you guys to in network marketing you've got to get on the phone sometimes people. Would call the phone number just. As they you know I would say hey Joel, Tara here Kiki, ah stop tell us how can I help you oh I just want to make sure you're a real company I just wanted to make sure that I could actually get us something hold to somebody I just want to let you know I read your eBook it was absolutely, fantastic, and I'm signing up today I'm gonna sign up literally, today okay, thank you very much and you know the the other thing is focus on your strengths because a lot of people say Joel. Terry I'm, like yes are. You the CEO I'm, like yeah. I'm the CEO and, then the back my head I'm like I'm also the secretary. I'm also the accountant, I'm also the bookkeeper. I'm also the general support agent right I was one-man show right, at that time but, I didn't tell people that what. I would say is yeah you're. Getting the CEO on the phone because we're. A very high touch company I like to network with our customers, and welcome, aboard I didn't, go right out and say well yeah you're also talking to these the, bookkeeper. And you. Know I mean I didn't tell him I was one-man show right and I wasn't really a one-man show because I had co-located, some servers at a data center. Where. There was very smart technical, three people right so I knew I had so, as another example be resourceful right I'm not technical, so some people would call up and say Joel. Can. You do reverse DNS, or can you do a SPF. Piece for mailing and I'm like. In. My head right I wasn't saying that on the phone of course but literally that was my thought process, what. Are they talking about so, I would be resourceful again I said listen, I'm.

More On the marketing side of our company but I do have a great technical, team which, was true it was it my technical, team no it was the technical team at, the data center I was collocating, servers so I would say I've got a great technical, team I will. Find, for you if we can do reverse DNS, and I, will call you back so. I would call up or I'd put in a helpdesk ticket with the company and say hey here's the question I have they, come back with the answer and so, I was being resourceful, right, so. Those. Are the key key, things that you know that really got. Me off the ground is iced. Tea and they're, listed here obviously, I had massive, passion, massive. Massive passion, to, want to change my, life and my family's life I just wanted the flexibility, and the time freedom to be able to do, things did it mean, it was easy no how, many people would go two years, and then finally fold and buy a course and then literally everything changed from that point on I made, my first sale for, $9.97. In the middle of the night and it. Was the happiest, business day of my life so, you have to have massive passion, okay but, first before the mass of passion folks you have to have the back-up plan, you. Have to have to have to make, sure that your core bills are already paid for because you're setting yourself up for failure even, the best entrepreneurial. People. In the world what, do they go out they get venture capital, so that the risk is on them but. They're not personally. You. Know responsible. For that money in other words a venture capital firm will take a certain percentage of the company as a startup they like the idea they, move forward right but that person doesn't necessarily lose their house my venture capital was just knowing that my basic bills were covered you absolutely. Have to be able to pay your basic bills why you, have to have the passion and you have to have a lot of positive energy if, you know that, doomsday, is coming at the end of this month and your house is going into foreclosure do, you think you could stay positive do, you think you could stay rational do, you think that you could focus on the right things which is trying to continue, to build your business no of course not you're, setting, yourself up for absolute.

Failure Because nobody, can work under, those circumstances it. Just can't you can't work, and you can't think and you can't make good decisions. When you're in panic mode you just can't so, you have to have the back-up plan first then you have to have the massive, passion you, have to want it more than you want to breathe. Literally. You've, got, to want it that, when, you're 30. Feet under at the bottom of the pool and you, can't get to the top and then finally, the chain breaks and you're swimming as hard as you can to get to that breath of air that's, how bad you have to want it it's. Just that simple, so. Based. On that passion, stop, sometimes, the education, okay, there's, so many people I see stay in edge if I just know a little bit more about this a little bit more about this and a little bit more about this now not to say you don't ever stop learning folks. I just bought, the recordings, of Grant, Cardone event, why I, continuously. Educate, myself I want to learn more from good people okay, so the. Thing is you, have, to take imperfect. Action and continue. Your education at, the same time so, many people are just an education. Education, education education. Education mode all the time and. Perfection. Creates procrastination. You know they're, in analysis. Paralysis, they're analyzing, analyzing. Analyzing I need to know a little bit more know, they'll. Forward, tasks jump. In two, feet with. Your backup plan covered, and ask. Questions, later that's how real entrepreneurs. Run look, at Elon Musk when he started SpaceX right, I'm sure many of you saw the videos that went viral on YouTube and all over the internet live on Facebook, where, he went and put a Tesla, into, space showing, that the, the actual rocket boosters could be reused by landing, themselves, do. You think he, knew how. To land. Those rocket, boosters, before. Starting the company no, he just had a vision and with, that vision he found the right resourceful, people the Wrights work people put them together and, worked, as a team so. You've, got to take massive imperfect action, how many times did he up and fail how many times did he you. Know I heard whether, it's rumor not that he nearly went bankrupt and, then finally. Got a contract, with NASA okay. Massive, imperfect action and a continuous, education from the right people at the, same time. You're. Getting enough education, just, off this live feed right now to take massive imperfect action, you. Might say to yourself but I don't know, people just, talk to miss friends, just. You know if you're networking out there and you're trying to build your downline, focus. On the product focus, on the you know focus on the fiber focus. On the workouts whatever resonates, with you that's what you focus on so.

The. Thing is though make sure that you're always getting a continuous education. From the right people by being resourceful so I every. Self-made, successful. Entrepreneur, I know does, a lot of reading I do some, reading, but. I also do a lot of audiobooks, because I like to multitask right so good, to great, I've, done most of gary vaynerchuk's, books now I've. Done a lot of autobiography. Books or biography, books by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs I've. Done all that type of stuff and I continue, continue, continue to. Invest in my education from. The right people so when. I heard about grant cardones event and he had 9,000, people there that, was my trigger. 9,000. People that's. Impressive. It's. So impressive that Grant Cardone know something that I don't because I've never been able to put about 9,000, people at, an event so, that's what triggered me to buy the other thing that triggered me to go and invest in the recordings, is I heard that a very good friend of mine Russell Bronson. Was. Actually. Broke. A record and, sold. Three million dollars worth of his product, and service in 90, minutes that was my other trigger it's like Russell's. Not smarter, than me Russell, doesn't work harder than me but Russell definitely, has his game plan down, where. He's obviously a very seasoned. Polished speaker, and probably. Some of you saw his videos where he just modified, his, frontal. Hacking, presentation. To, the right audience so, that's the other reason I bought it so you want to have a continuous, education from, the right people all the. Time but, again you, have to take massive imperfect action, and you have to get your continuous, education at the, same time so, what are the right people the, right people are. The individuals, that you would look at today and it, ends in an instant. Change. Lifestyles, or trade lifestyles, with them my. Mother as I you, know saying this post was the most wonderful, loving amazing, woman I've shared with many of you I was very bullied, as a child my nickname was easy Ethiopian. I was very skinny my knees were bigger than my thighs as such, my, mum was on the, school playground, at lunchtime she was part of the school committee committee at, my elementary school so. That she could walk the playground, during lunch hour to make sure that I wasn't bleak too much so, naturally. My first. Inclination is my mum my mom and I had you know best friend relationship as, did my sister with her she was an amazing woman she, passed away four, years ago just a few days ago on February, 25th, but, anyway you. Know it's. Natural that the one person because she protected, me she was my guardian she was my wonderful, angel. It. Was my natural inclination to, want to always appease, her to make her happy to make her feel good to make her feel that it as though I'm a success, and. What. I learned very quickly because. Of my mum's conservative, nature she grew up in a military household, and a government household you're either going to the military because it's safe or you get a government job because it's safe or you go all the way and you become a doctor lawyer or you get a profession like that so you have a nice safe happy life right, so.

Time. And time and time and time and time again I, would share with my mother that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and every, single time, you, know I could have been the founder, of Instagram, and it was a bad idea I could have been in the founder, of Facebook and, look. Where they are today and it's a bad idea and the reason I say that is because I know that so, I quickly learned that despite being the most amazing, woman on the planet. She. Wasn't going to be a great business partner because her, core, hardwiring. And her, beliefs, were, for that of safety. And conservativism, which, is honestly, folks 90. To 95 percent of the population we're, hardwired. For, safety, so, that's where the whole. Adamant. You know saying, is it's lonely at the top it's not lonely at the top based on your financial, position it's, lonely at the top truly folks truly I want you to get this out of your head it's. Not about finances. It's about your thought patterns and, that's. What. Changed a lot for me as well was. You know there I started, attracting you know I had a billionaire, mentor Michael Copeland, I've shared that with you guys a lot too and he, used to always get jazzed every single time that I, would be you. Know doing his personal training and I used to think of myself why is he so excited to see me you, know I'm driving an eagle Vista I'm still in university, I can't, rub two pennies together and yet, he's always excited, to see me you know what I realized is that I just had a, no-quit. Attitude anything's. Possible attitude. Let's, move forward attitude, and he loved that because most, of the people that work for him worked. For him because they had that conservative, nature attitude, so he, just fed. Off my, energy despite. Of where my finances, were and he, I guess I impressed him enough that I ended up in the Board of Directors pitching, how to do affiliate marketing and that's. Exactly, how kiosk. Which turned into gvo which turned into us being here in Texas, happened is one. Day I shared, my idea about him selling. His software CorelDraw. Corel, WordPerfect if, you go to Corel cor. Yell, calm. Coral calm, that is this the company, that he founded and, started he's now retired so he's not the CEO anymore, but. In their peak performance, it was a multi-billion, dollar organization, and so. He had me pitched the idea of, starting an affiliate program where. He could sell his software, in. Exchange. For a commission so, I went to the board of directors at 21 22 years old give, or take pitch. My idea to the Board of Directors because it was a publicly traded company they, decided, against, the idea. But. Two things came out of that one. He. Took massive imperfect action he, didn't care if I was polished, or not he wanted me to go to present the idea right, so we presented the idea and number. Two what, I took from that is I realized, that I could. Be selling. $10. Bills, or. You. Know you know selling, a quarter let's say let's sell you a dollar for $10, making a nine dollar profit okay, I could, be selling a dollar bill for $10 and, my mom would say it's a bad idea like guaranteed, income lottery. In your pocket bad idea, now, here's, this billionaire, who I would trade lifestyles, with in a millisecond. Saying. It's a good idea so, that was the other true. Epiphany. For me and at, that very moment even though the Board of Directors decided. It against launching, an affiliate program I quit, my job at the mole for Hospital in Ottawa Canada and, I have never looked, back. Now. The reason I've never looked, back, is because. I had my back-up. Plan. You. Don't need, to. Risk a lot however. However. Coming. Back full circle to, this post. There. Is no business, on this. Planet, that, you can start for free none. Even, if you put tons of sweat sweat, equity into, it okay, tons and tons and tons of sweat equity into, it you still are going to have to spend some money so, having, a budget to, start a business albeit, a low budget compared, to many businesses you, have to have money to, be able to invest into your business there's just there's it's the law of economics. You've. Got to have money to. Make money, you've got to leverage income, and spend. That money back out now, that income might be coming in from a job you're, gonna take part of your income and invested in your business you're.

Also Going to take part of your income and make sure that your core. Responsibilities. Are covered your mortgage your food, on the table that kind of stuff and, that's. Where, it comes full circle you're so. Many people you know just say hey I don't have any money 8 what do I do go, get a part-time job do whatever it takes stop, maybe stop going and eating out once a week maybe stop you know I surely. Ate. Tuna. Here's, the truth okay, when. There's a will there's a way and it just popped in my head. Still. Fanatical. About fitness, when I started, kiosk but. I was so broke. Okay. Remember I told you guys I had acquitted this coming off topic a little bit but it's not you'll see the point remember. I told you he was always trying to get a minimum of one gram per pound of bodyweight and protein, well. When there's a will there's a way, obviously. Back then if I was going to start a business I couldn't afford the protein, powders I couldn't afford everything you know what I used to do I should. Take two cans of tuna because one can of tuna was 69, cents back then 69, cents and one, can of tuna would, give me 36, to 40 grams of lean protein, okay. So, I take two cans of tuna so, that would be about a dollar thirty they'd, take two cans of tuna I. Take. Some orange juice I kid. You not this. Is verifiable. Stick. It in the blender put. The orange juice in the blender dump. Two cans of tuna in the blender blend. It up and drink. It and, it. Tasted. Vile. Now. You might ask yourself why didn't I just eat the tuna well you know when it's packed. In the can like this it's very dry, I just I just I couldn't eat four or five six cans of tuna but, I could afford to pay for four or five six cans of tuna so I would eventually. I just you know I couldn't I just quit it was too dry I couldn't eat it and so, I just decided to put it in a blender and suck it back I'd, do the same thing with egg whites and everything else so, when there's a will there's a way when you say you're stuck you're, not stuck you're not thinking, outside the box enough, you. Can do this you. Can make this happen you, can grow an amazing, business provided. You have your back-up plan with your bills paid provided. You take massive, imperfect action, provided. You have massive passion. And provided, you get a continuous, education, from the right people, who you would trade lifestyles. With and a heartbeat with, that said folks have an awesome, Friday I hope you have an amazing weekend with your families you. Can, do. This set, yourself up for success right, now.

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