3 C’s to Drive your Business with Action with Megan Robison

3 C’s to Drive your Business with Action with Megan Robison

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Hey. Coaches, my name is Megan Robison and I am a three-time elite, coach and. Founder of Fit tribe elite I also, led. Our amazing Cup team the Mambo squad we. Finished number one in the Northeast region, this past February. And we were also in the top ten overall so. Corporate. Invited, me to share some tips for you guys with you guys to help you kick off the. Bring your best, month, so I'm super excited to be here also for those coaches who are newer or, maybe you don't feel where you you, don't feel like you're where you want to be and your business, I captain. A team cup, two months after I became a diamond coach. In. 2014. And actually. That team turned on for what went, on to finish number, four and the, entire networks, so I share that with you to let you know don't. Let limiting. Beliefs. Stop. You from, doing, big things because. I'm so, excited to, share my tips with you and I hope to help you because. Honestly, I can literally, not think of a better time to, move your business forward than, this coming, month I mean, after this, is such a great opportunity for growth no matter what type of coaching are, being. A brand new coach whatever it is so I challenge, you to, commit. To brew moving your business forward and, really. Challenging, yourself because this is such a great opportunity for good coming, off of all. The amazing things that we got summit if you weren't a summit no, worries, try, to get to a Super Saturday if, you can't get to a Super. Saturday be. Sure to be plugging into the CB and every, day the coach breaking news you, know you want to be sure that, you know what's going on and also commit, to getting to summit next year because, everybody, that gets everybody, that doesn't go and then go is there like it is everything. And more than I thought it would be so. Today. I'm gonna share the, three, C's, I feel, like it's a little too a tea tree more. Important I have an action-based list, of items. For you guys to take to, really prepare, so you can, the month of July. Okay, so. We're, gonna start with the number, one C and that is commitment guys this, is you, want to beat your best you want to bring your best you're gonna have to bring the commitment, and it all begins with a simple decision, easier, said than done so, number one you have to do a commitment to your business okay go, all-in it's a simple decision number, two you're gonna do a commitment to your team now, your, team you may have one coach you may have a hundred coaches, but, you have to know this isn't a me thing this is a we thing okay there's. A difference, though between commitment. And interest. And we're at deficits. Really important to know I always say that the interest is like the commitment with feelings, like today. It's, the wavering commitment, today I am, gonna be going all-in, doing, my best but really guys it's about, commitment. That. Interest, the the commitment. With based on feelings, that interest, it's not gonna get you where you want to go that's, gonna be when, you feel like it or when the timing, works for, you, commitment. Is no excuse attitude, you're gonna make it happen I'm gonna get results, you're also going to say you're gonna take the words if and.

Try, You're gonna toss them out the window and you're gonna bring how. Am I going to do this I will do, this and you bring that and free that belief into your coaches into your team's commitments. Are so powerful they can be life-changing and they can be game-changing for your business I highly. Encourage you guys to make your commitments, decide, what they are and go all-in this month because not only is it gonna make a difference in your business growth but, it's gonna affect your, business your, coach's business and you're gonna help, people change so many. Lives, all. Right clarity, number, two now, and this is like a two-fold because I like to say, and I'm gonna no nonsense coach, I like to talk how it is but where, are you now where. Do you want to go okay where. Are you now this is where tracking comes in I've. Been there done that I know that what, is your baseline number, one I know, there's coaches inherent that are, gonna watch this the track, that. Is amazing yes we need to know where are you now that is the measurement and we look at those measurements, that we're taking that's, what our actions, we're gonna look at these we're gonna say all right what are we doing what, do I need to do we're going to take those numbers what do I need to do in July, to, take it to the next level how, am I going to step it up this coming month so I can make sure that I get to that gold medal or hit, that you, hit that star medal right what, am I going to do with my coach it's or help your coaches, if they want to work with you to do that have, them send you. Whenever. They sent you that tracker make, sure that you go and. Work. With your coaches to help them identify but. Usually they will be able to identify if they're tracking what. They need to do more of now, number two I know there's coaches, here that are probably like hmm, I didn't track this week or. Last month or last. Year. Been. The business for a while okay don't. Know, sweat but, guys it's a face-to-face reality of our actions, so, we need to do it it may be a storm side but it's a very bright light, on what we are doing and what we are not but, like imagine, I always say like, a match and going up to Carl and be like hey Carl I want to know about those numbers I want to know about like that launch for to be mindset so how does that comparison, to a day obsession if he couldn't tell you that wouldn't, you be like, what. Yeah. You. Guys you need to track okay, otherwise, we don't know what we need to tweak what we need to do what we need to change if you're not tracking right now start, today I know, you probably want to punch me but like really start today and then. We will go week you can go week to week to figure out what you need to tweak to reach your goals for July okay, now. I'm, gonna ask you the other part is where, are you know where do you want to go and I'm, gonna ask you like I want, you to think big picture and. I. Know, Emily Robidas brought this up on the call I always, asked my coaches I'm like three, to five year vision what is it I have them do, a cool setting sheet even and I have asked us on my coach applications, what, is your vision for three to five years from now what, are you ambitious is, about what do you want to accomplish what, things in your life need to change you. Know this is your ambition this, is what will keep you taking, action it's that big picture, so. You know what, is it you're really after just, you have to ask, that and, I don't like to just stop with that question, I like. To always take it up like another level and. You. Know what is it you're really after is it enough, or are. You after enough for yourself or are you just kind of playing safe. What's, the next level, for you that's. What I really want you to ask because. When you minimize your ambition. You're. Just minimizing yourself, and, I feel like so many people do that because we're taught to play it safe, Society, teaches us to play by the rules and do certain things so. No. Get off of that tangent but, yeah, I want you guys we, need to set goals for this month and I, also want you to focus on that long-term vision, so, and I do have my coaches and we all actually I do it too we do a goal, tracking sheet and it has three to five year vision we, have the monthly and it asks certain things we're talking into that when I get into the to-do list okay, but. Bottom, line is you need to set goals for the month you need to be focused, on that big picture, vision, and, you, gotta set push goals why, do we do push goals they're uncomfortable, gifts, right they're, gonna expand, your vision for what is possible, and. They, will grow your business and, they will grow your confidence as well even, if you don't achieve the push date you're gonna get some growth you're gonna get some experience and you're going to be happy you did so and if you don't have goals you're not gonna have growth if you don't have clarity there's going to be no change.

And. That kind of breaks, down into expectancy. If you don't know what your vision and your ambition is guys, you will not have, you. Will take whatever falls in your lap you also you, must give yourself permission to believe and you have that belief in yourself and that belief. Is gonna breathe down into your team, I asked. If any, of that question about you, know how what it takes to get really I'm telling you to believe in yourself is key getting, to helping, breathing into your belief into, your team is just as important, you won't achieve it unless you believe in it and. That trickles down look. At your ambitions every day look at that petition do. Your full statements, positive, affirmations, vision board most of you know this stuff but I'm just rehashing. It really quick and then, empowerment. Is so important look at your coaches recognize. Their, skills, so I'm a good look at your downline maybe you just have one coach that's fine but, I want you to recognize your skills what makes them special don't try to throw something new at them help them sharpen, what their strength is speak, life into them, help, them set, that bull out of their comfort zone a lot of people you we think things about one another but so don't do we go and say them and we have to be mindful of that we have to tell our coaches, like think of them as a little fire and it's, our responsibility as. A coach, to fan, that flame okay. We're, not here to push people we're not here to drag them along but, we're here to fan that flame and, let them, know what we believe they can achieve okay now. Lassie, is conviction, Jeff. Hill talked about it yesterday if you saw his recording, be, the inspiration inspire, others and set that bar to create the best version, of yourself why. Do I care about what I'm doing as a coach and there's, gonna be an intrinsic intrinsic, value, to this and an extrinsic, the, intrinsic that's your why the personal. Thing the, thing that makes your heart beat for, the business you know my daughter is my, wife that is she is the reason that I can show up every day no matter what even when I don't feel like it my extrinsic, value, to this is social contribution, I know, what we do makes, a difference I know we, team, beachbody we have life-changing products. That make a difference and that's, where I want you to go with the conviction, conviction sorry. Double. Down on it this month believe, in yourself, believe in your team believe, and what, we have to offer as coaches. Not just not, just what we have to offer as a product but the coaching opportunity. It, will be so key, and moving your business to. A new level this coming month so, you, know coz if you are passionate about what. You're doing or sharing, you're. Gonna feel like you're selling it's, not going to go very far you're gonna feel like the scummy, person, on social media and we aren't that person because we know and, if.

We If you know and you really believe and can look something that I'd say I know this will change your life and if, you don't love it I would say it's the Leben or leave your policy if you don't love this then, leave, it it's literally do if it doesn't work for you send, it back. I don't like to say 30-day. Money-back, guarantee I think it sounds really a, filthy. But literally. That I believe, and I know this will change your life I'm gonna be here to help you if you can look people know I they. Won't they won't even waver okay, don't, be scared to show your emotional, relationship, with this. Product, or with the program that changed your life and more, with the coaching op that's, what I'm that's, what I lead what I'm really passionate about it because it has change my, daughter a nice life forever now. I'm. Probably going away over on time but. Last. But not least I'm gonna say action is everything I when, people ask me what's like what's. One thing you newest and you wish you knew it's a new coach I can tell you I wish, I knew that this was all an action based business don't, be an information, collector I think even unleash that that on the national wake-up call so. Number. One if. You haven't already be, sure to watch a watch, or listen to the national wake-up call number. To increase, your conversation, starters, starting today because. Most likely you're going to need to increase whatever. You're. Inviting, method or you, know your communication, to increase, your number of success, Club points or, your invites to your challenge groups or whatever what, have you, number. Three goal setting for yourself. Put. On your oxygen mask, first then, you're gonna go to your teammates, okay, cool setting I want you to think your personal, rank advancements, then I want you to think about the rank investments, in your downline if applicable look, at your downline identified, like who really has the potential now, don't push people but look at who has the potential to rank, advance and go, and fan that flame with. These be very specific. And give deadlines, and also, add in those push goals right and then, also do, month Emma cool so with those we're gonna do think leadership ladder as he points coaches with just one SC point new, coaches, with just a product, purchase, it doesn't matter if it's a challenge pack it's about getting coaches, that knew that first win, and getting, them to build that confidence what. Else PF. Coaches, who achieve SC that's, gonna be an important piece of getting. To your star medal, okay so reverse engineer, goal, set make sure you have push dates and, then, you're gonna review and read do you want to make sure you have those schools you have those affirmations I chatted about review.

Them Daily affirm to, yourself, and you will achieve these goals I used, to think it was like a bunch of like honky-tonk. Talk like I was like no like that's, silly and then I started doing it things, started happening so I just, challenge I encourage. You try, it just try it and then if it doesn't work you can tell me I was. Wrong. Also. Reconnect, with your dreams and I'm talking dreams and you, can either do a dream list I have, that three to five I'm big on the three to five year vision and. Visualize. It happening think as if last, but not least I'm like well no I'm actually not nice but planning, so, create your challenge group schedule now if you have not already, plan. Strategically, with. The end in mind so, I have, the date written down I need to make sure I don't say the wrong thing okay, so the end date. Of we're. Finishing out the month of July the, 30th and 31st so the last two days and Monday and Tuesday perfect. Time to have a last call for a challenge group right because, you can start that group August, 6th awesome. Way to kick off the, last, month this summer. Mom's, start to focus on themselves if that's, like a niche that you're going toward because you know that the kids are gonna be going back to school things like that um, let's, see what else when marketing I want to know what what themes are you leaving with get creative, some. Are strong another, thing I'm going to do with my team is lose a dress size or a pant size after the fourth of July, 3. Day refresh post, holiday we have Canada Day coming up and, we have 4th of July coming up that's, another. Things like don't forget the products we have also that still exist in the catalog right, capitalize. On our, awesome, VIP launches, for Mustang loss and for, left. For you, guys, product. Training guides if you don't know about these things in the back office you, need to go, and they. If, I could tell you how much these involved in how incredible these are they, will help you so much if you have a question about a program or anything go there first then. Take your questions elsewhere because they won't give you so much information. But. Basically, you have to think about where your baseline is for how you run your month maybe. You've been running one challenge group a month maybe, you participate, in one collecting sneak peak, with your upline or you run you want approaching sneak-peek what, are you gonna do this month to turn up the heat so you can level up maybe.

They'll Be an additional challenge group maybe, you guys will do a co job call or run an event or something different it's, time to get some change and that's going to be uncomfortable like Emily talked, about but, that's where the magic happens, and I can tell you from, experience in, all these times where my groups have accelerated, wear all these team members of, accelerated with the cup months is we. Did these types of things so and, don't like, stress yourself out don't make it hard keep. It simple and easy think. Outside the box, okay I'm gonna partner up with somebody to run that extra challenge group I'm gonna connect with a few girls or men, on the, team to, create, that extra sneak peak group will need to take a day in the topic okay don't. Overwhelm, yourself but, just think strategically then. We have a I, also encourage you to do the weekly prep on Sunday night or Monday and prepare. For that entire week and if you involve. Your family and spouse that's one thing I've learned from Brendon, Burchard he said it really gives them perspective, and choice and allows, understanding. And feeling so, that they know you're going towards the school and, it's looking to be a little bit more this month they, won't feel neglected and, rejected, but they feel like they have like more of a say and more involvement, so, you know have a conversation brainstorm. Discuss what everybody wants to get done that week but, just don't if, you just bumble, into your weeks and days you're, not gonna get where you want to go, if. You you, a mandatory, thing I would do too for your business is participate. In the lip for a Mazda Mazda challenge group. If. You're not going to actually do it I would, at least try to be active in the group's leverage. That $10 off promotion, remember, June 30th, we, have a massive, social media event live, free, preview. Workout, withdrawal get. Your people to that event he's gonna do that live event on Facebook live, I believe, on TV, spray for one one then he's gonna do a Q&A then, think okay but, have like a method to your madness what am I gonna do with these people, after. Am I gonna bring them in to a free group am I gonna bring them into a transitional. Informational. Group do, an event with giveaways, think. About what, you're gonna do so that you can take that and such a lie and bring, them to start their health and fitness journey for, the, long run right but. Plan with purpose just have a method to your madness is, about coach that would run like a free group with, no, plan and then, I feel like out the free group might be like what.

Now. Connecting, I want you to make some, lists number, first list a list, of all those no not, right now now, remember then works I know to you they were saying no to, the, challenge group or to, the. Coaching opportunity, because it just wasn't it's probably timing something on there and number. Two I want a list of current. Customers. Leave. Friends. You have that. Would love our new programs now I'm gonna use lift for my example because, that's. Um a program, that I'm super excited about for me personally and I. Actually looked at the product training guys because I want to share what I got from that so, that it specifically. Says those who want results but don't have a lot of time to devote those, who want the next level results, those who loved weightlifting, and want, to, get lean. And not woke up those, who get bored or in, my words have workout abd, or. I would say like think about your friends who your. Gym rock friends Isao them so I was once upon a time one of those people those, are the people who are gonna love lifts for right start. Making in that list invite, them into the event invite them into your info group also. I encourage you to run a report in your back office of every customer who's purchased challenge pack but. Has not purchased a challenge pack in over. Six months, those. Who've maybe thought the wagon have gone into the witness. Protection program, you, know who I'm talking about because, coaches, that. Talking. Strategy here, coaches, are people, that customers who have not purchased over. Six months are eligible. To purchase a challenge, pack again and now you get to see, points rewarded to you uh also. I would run a report. Customer leads from over 30 days. And. You. I would email those people to check in let, them know you still care because I find often we, give people the. We. Emailed them initially and then it's just like they can't go out into space because if we don't hear from them sometimes, we don't email them I personally. I sent from my gmail I use Street I get a great open, response rate so. I'm just telling you what I do I also limit, I don't but. Do math oak email, I keep it limited to how many I do a day and I find I have a great open rate with that but don't spam. Them with a sale. Because. Who wants that but. Check it and follow up let them know you're thinking about them perhaps send up like a little survey from Lulu, or type. Forman evaluate. Brother app you know it's mid year this is a perfect time to check in with people right and, maybe. Invite them to a freak group but, keep in mind have a method to that madness of, what you're doing or, send, maybe send a newsletter if you've already do so that then you can easily intertwine. These. New programs and it's awesome launch as we have and last, but not least, community. Surround yourself with others, who, are gonna help you level up help, your team do the same yeah, if you don't have success partner or I would, encourage you if you have a team and you have coaches that are all in and say I'm in I want to bring, in my best I would make a thread I can, tell you that I, made, a Facebook group for our that, was like old school to do a Facebook group for your team a, cup, 14, Cup in January we, put a Facebook group we didn't even go in it maybe once and, we. Did a threat and the momentum in that thread was, amazing. We, literally were keeping each other accountable I've, seen a couple of the girls the Mambo squad log, on here it was incredible, it was, accountability. Positive. Fives if somebody had a quick question, like it was just nice it was great there was brainstorming. With our plan share.

Calendars, With those people I encourage, you guys to do a message, thread with your people or your team do, collaboration. With others you can do maybe, rank advancement push groups, celebrate. And recognize, maybe. Offer an incentive or, an or do a raffle for the team, insert. Compliance, rules, like. Go, for no contest, with your team and then have a prize for whoever does you know get the most nose and. You could do Sunday reviews together to review productivity, what's working what's not and things like that that's, I, think that was a really it's, important to keep people engaged and, just to have a lot of fun this isn't supposed to be a month of torture, it's supposed to be a month, that is just. An incredible, opportunity for, your business so I hope, that you guys got some takeaways, from this and if, you have any questions feel free to post them below but. I'm super excited for July and I hope you guys are ready to, bring your best and, if you guys have any questions. Feel. Free to put them down and I will answer them whenever I can thanks. For having me I.

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