3 BUTTS in Seats Strategies

3 BUTTS in Seats Strategies

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Hello, hello hello and welcome. I'm so excited to be with you today for. Wealthy. Women's Wednesday's, hello, and welcome, if, you can't hear me be sure to click the little microphone at the bottom of the screen if you can't hear me be, sure to click the little microphone at the bottom of the screen we are here for wealthy Women's Wednesdays, and today's, topic, is, butts. In seats I'm so, excited to get you these, three strategies to help you fill your seminar, rooms fill your workshop rooms fill. Your retreats. Events. Transformational. Life-changing. Workshops, I. Really. Believe. There's never been a better time to, launch, a workshop, based business. I mean right, like. Do. You love workshops, like I do, do you love going to events I just came from the island many of you saw some of the videos. In Hawaii we had doesn´t several dozen, of my clients. Over on the Big Island of Hawaii we, all swam, with manta. Rays we, swam with dolphins we. Hung, out on the beach we. Drank. Up the medicine of the island and you know the Big Island of Hawaii is the. Most active volcanic, island and oh. Gosh. To, get to teach in. An environment, like Hawaii, I mean I remember I think back to my Bali retreats, there's something that happens, when. You're in this exotic place together and everybody, has traveled, you, know away from their homes and, and into. The amazingness, right like there's. Something that happens that's so unique in a live room that, I know I'm. Just looking for, the comments hi everyone, hey let, us know that you're here and let us know what, kinds of workshops retreats. And seminars you want to lead where do you want to leave your next, exotic. Workshop. You. Know where do you want to leave your next exotic retreat, and, my friends Ben and Jen just flew up from Costa Rica to stay with me here in Santa Cruz and they, just literally. Dropped me off at my office and I had my little you know mug with me and they're like all right eh you go have fun on Facebook life have. Day at school it was it's so sweet you, know they just they just bought a retreat center in Costa Rica and we were talking about the. Kinds, of friendships, and the kinds of relationships, that get made at events. Like that it's like everybody's, at summer camp it's like summer camp for adults and. The. The. Workshop, industry, and the transformation, industry, is growing. So. Quickly more. People are wanting to attend. Transformational. Workshops and, retreats than, ever before, in fact. The, mentorship, industry. The coaching, industry the consulting, industry the, transformational. Workshop industry, this industry, is growing. Second. Fastest, in the world, second. Only to. Technology. I mean isn't I mean we're a part, of an industry, that's, growing so quickly, there. Is um there's, there's there's, an untapped. Market. Out. There just, waiting for for, you and I so I just really want to for those of you that are like oh I really, am like I'm wanting my business to take off it's not really taking off yet I'm, not quite sure what I should be doing for a second and third I'm so glad you're here today because I. Want. To get you the three, strategies. The, three tools to. Really filling your own seminar, rooms to. Filling your own workshops, and retreats and. Yeah. I woke up with two of my favorite, retreat people in the whole world who just bought a retreat, center in Costa Rica and flew. Up to come visit me and I just have to get myself grounded for a minute so let's all take a deep breath together, we're. Here, to, learn about, transformational. Workshops, and retreats and how to, attract your ideal participant. So that you can change more lives and make. More money that's. Why we're here, so just breathing into that and. You. Know I just really want to pause and, recognize. That one of the reasons why transformational. Events. Works so well to grow a business I mean we grew our business to a seven-figure. Business in, 18. Months and in. 90%, of that revenue came from live events. And, one. Of the reasons why live events work so well is because we're. In the, transformation, industry, we're in the mentorship space, right and. We're. Here. To support people, to heal, their. Wounds, their traumas. To. Heal their challenges, that they have been up against in their lives and. Those. Traumas. And challenges, got put into place in relationship, right, like we all have tender. Algie places, and the reason we have those tender ouchy places, is because. Of things that have happened to us in relationship. With, other people with our parents.

With. Mentors. Colleagues teachers, friends, and. Those. Things get healed in relationship. And so that's what happens, in seminars. And workshops and retreats right, we get to do that work and you get. To hold a space to. Facilitate, that work and it's. The you know we're, being called forward, we're being called to lead. Events, to change lives and to make great. Money doing it and you, can't make great money, leading. Live events workshops and retreats if you don't, have butts, in seats so let's talk about the number one way to get butts in seats let's. Talk about the like, the very best strategy, my favorite. Strategy, to get butts in seats is. Drumroll. Please did a bit of that. To. Start. Out. Hosting. Free. Events. These. Free, shorter. Events, can fill your longer, events, but think about it when, you guys host, free, workshops, and then. At those free workshops, you. Offer paid. Services. This. Eliminates. As, much. Resistance as possible, to, people actually attending, your events right, especially. When you haven't really established a reputation, for yourself yet right here a lot, of our clients start, out leading workshops that are shorter, like a two-hour. Evening. Workshop you know Thursday. Evening 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday. Evening 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and then. At, that, evening workshop. They. Offer, longer. Program, these are longer retreats, right it's, easy for people to say you know yeah I'll give up my Tuesday night or my Thursday evening, in exchange for the transformation. That you're gonna provide right, and I know a lot of mentors, out there will tell you to. Charge for, your events and I want to make a case for not, charging, for, these entry-level, events, because this becomes like. What. We call lead. Generation. In, your business you have to have a way of generating, potential. Clients, to talk to and, without. Having, a, magnet. Like this that can attract, clients to, you like, when you host a free event it's like a magnet it's, like hey I'm doing, this thing I'm putting a stake in the ground for, you to have this transformation to. Have this results, and you can come and join me at my two hour free event it doesn't cost you anything and you'll, get the transformation you're gonna get the result and then if it's a fit to do my work together awesome, we'll do more work, together and, you've.

Got To have some way of attracting. Potential. Clients to you or else you're gonna have to go out chasing clients. And no, woman likes to do that that's, why this strategy works so, well for my clients, at women rocking business because. It's. A very feminine, strategy, its generosity, based, right, it's like I'm, gonna I'm. Gonna give up two hours of my life and I'm gonna share a ton, of great content with you I'm gonna support you it's, what we're doing right here and one. Of the things that I am committed, to for. Wealthy women's Wednesday's is for, every strategy, I use, to. Invite you into my world I'm gonna teach you about it I mean I don't know any other way like, I'm an, authentic transparent. Schoolteacher from Iowa, like retired, and you, know turn into a million dollar business owner um. I'm. Gonna I'm gonna invite. You into our world and, invite you to attend our events, and I'm gonna be you know letting you know how you can take the next step with us and then, I'm gonna be pulling the curtain down behind the scenes and teaching you what I'm doing and why I'm doing it so that you can do it with your potential clients because, like what, better way to just learn together right, and I know some of you are seeking but you, know I had. A biz mentor to tell me that I shouldn't give away my best stuff I. Disagree. Give away some of your best stuff, that's, one of the reasons why people keep coming back over and over and over to you and it's. One of the things that I feel so, adamant. About here at women rocking business that, we have a way of doing business that's transparent. It's authentic, we're not there's, no manipulation. Going on here like we're actually going, to invite you to take advantage of some of our paid services, at some, point because. They're great they're amazing, our clients are very happy our clients, start. To rock their businesses out and it makes us very very very happy to get to grow. Our business alongside. Our, clients growing their businesses, and create the. Kind of tribe that gets created, when women. Invest in themselves and, travel, and attend an event live, and in-person right, there's a transformation, that happens that can't necessarily be, given over the video camera and as. I'm, teaching you I'm gonna be teaching you why I'm doing it this way right because we're like, we're stepping into a whole new realm of learning right now things. Are speeding up as you know like, we're, stepping into an interdimensional, consciousness. Where we can literally, perceive. So. Much I mean we've we've. Always been intuitive, but you know what I'm talking about like we're. Claiming, we're, claiming, our own inner perception, with the spiritual work that we're all doing that ourselves. So. What. Better way to join. Into this conversation than, to. You. Know be completely, exposed about what works in business and what doesn't work so. Again. Let. Me know why you're here let me know what workshops, you're gonna be teaching, let me know like what, kind of events you want to be leading post, any questions that you have and I'll be on the Facebook page today to, say hi and to answer. Your questions I want to also thank those, of you who donated last week to, charity water we've. I know we've we've, sent several hundred. We've. Raised enough money to get several hundred people, clean, water in the coming months and it's growing everyday more, and more of you are donating to charity water every day so if you weren't with us and last, week on women rocking Wednesday's, for. The charity, water fundraiser, definitely. Take a look at that video Scott, Harrison, is amazing, he's inspirational. His, video is one of the best. Most. Inspirational. Passion. Project, promotional. Videos up like we can learn just, by watching the video together right I had so many of you write in and appreciate. Just being able to see the video and I, want to really say that these, events, that you do you. Can partner with organizations, like. Charity. Water or you, many of you have watched me partner with the organization, called Pachamama. The. The. Organization. That supports women in the rain forest to raise money to keep oil companies, out of their jungle home you. Can actually do, events that are both lucrative, for your own business and.

Events. That, are a. Humanitarian. Give back so we'll talk a little bit more about that as well, because, when you partner, with. Your. When. You partner with other, players, when, you partner with other organizations to. Help you get the word out about the, event that's, gonna get you more butts in seats right, so if strategy, number one is speak. For free because, it eliminates, people's, resistance, to. Actually attending your event and, you can sell whatever you want to on the back end of that event so strategy number one is to speak for free, strategy. Number two is. To. Team up with other businesses. Nonprofits. Or leaders in your community, who, already have. Gathered. A group, of customers. Or, a potential, client base a database, when. I first got started in my business I partnered. With my chiropractor. My. Chiropractor, had a great database full of healers, and conscious, people here in Santa Cruz and I. Did. My first. 90. Minute talk about. Launching. A purpose based business, in the. Waiting, room of his chiropractic. Clinic he, has a fairly, big little waiting. Room with a joint, side room that can be opened up he. Promoted it, I promoted, it and. 23. People showed up that night and out. Of those 23 people 11, of em ended, up becoming that my client and that. Resulted, in over 20 thousand dollars of sales right. I mean imagine if I had charged, for that event and, I had been like you can't come unless you paid 25 bucks I probably would have had half the amount of people in the room right, you. Can make so much more. When. You. When. You speak for free and you can get more people, in the room whose, lives you can impact in whose lives you can change I mean let's just do the math real quick right. Let's. Just say that you charge. $25. To come to an evening workshop, with you let's, say six people attend. Well that's 150. Bucks but. Let's just say that you did that same workshop for free at the local library at. A local. Bookstore at. A local chiropractic, clinic let's. Just say that. You did that same talk for free and instead. Of six people maybe twelve people would attend because it was just it's just easier for people to say yes when they don't have to like put money down and, get out their credit card and all those extra steps right, you eliminate, all the resistance, that. People have to just coming so. Let's say twelve people attend and let's. Say you actually make an offer for, some sort of a mentorship package, and, let's. Say that you charge two. Thousand dollars for that package maybe people are paying. $400. A month for, five months, to work of working with you right so, it's overall it's a two thousand dollar income. Level for you. Let's. Just say that out of those twelve people since, you had 12 people in the room it's. Pretty, common that, 25% of. People in a live room will. Invest, in what you're offering so. That's three out of 12 people investing, you. Just made $6,000. Right. Three. Times $2,000, per customer. Six. Grand, that's, a lot more than 150, bucks right so. One. Of my mentors has this saying that when, we go about the process of building a business it's very common, to step over 100. Bill's to. Pick up pennies because. Of the way that we're wired, and. So I want to suggest that, by, charging, people to attend an evening event, charging. People some nominal fee you're actually, potentially stepping, over $100, bills to pick up pennies because. You're. Missing the, opportunity of, having a lot more people in the room having, it easier, for people to just come to the event, inviting.

As Many people into the event as possible, and then. Charging. For your services, on the back end of the event whether you do that by offering complimentary, consultations. Whether. You do that by making an offer on stage right, and, then, when you partner with. Businesses. In the community that. Already have a database. You'll. Have yet. Another, layer, of resources. With, which to get the word out my chiropractor, was willing to actually promote my. Live. Ear you know purposeful. Business, seminar. To, his entire database, he was like hey we're opening up the clinic Tuesday night for, stage Levi's and she's an amazing business coach in town and she's gonna be doing a talk on how, to launch a purpose based business really. Cool right it's, a free, educational. Offering. To his community. So. Who. Do you know, post. A comment below who do you know what business owners do you know who. Do you know in your community who. May, have a database full of people that could help you get the word out about your next event. Let's. Start brainstorming venues. Right where, you could host some free events, and get the word out about your offerings, and then you, get to do what women do best which, is show up and be. Generous and, let, people know that, there's more where that came, from and. That. Brings me to the third key, to, fill your event number one will, speak for free number, two partner. With other leaders nonprofits, organizations. Business. Owners who have databases, in, your community, or in surrounding, communities I have, clients every, year who. Are willing to travel drive, an, hour to to, a local, community just. In order to utilize. The strategy, because this. Strategy. Converts. At. Least, 8, to 12 times higher, than anything you're ever gonna do online I mean think about it if you have a roomful of 12 people it's, very common, that you. Would, get two. Or three clients, out of that, 12, people and a live event, all right maybe, even four clients maybe even five clients because of that freedom, and three-dimensional. Interaction, with people. Connection. Equals currency, but. Online it's. Much lower if you can convert twenty-five or thirty percent of a live room online. You're. Looking, at only converting. Even, if you're doing really well online like. Two to three percent, so. In order to get those same three, clients online. You're. Gonna need a, solid, three, or four hundred people. Maybe. Two, hundred people signed, up for a webinar or a video training like this to, end up with those same three clients right, and what's, easier getting two or three hundred people's, attention, online to. Actually, sign up for something and show up for something, or twelve. People in a room right, that's. Why I am such a proponent, of going, live, now I, don't want to underestimate how. Scary, and terrifying it can be to. Go live okay, I mean, public, speaking is the number one fear of most Americans, Jerry, Seinfeld, says most of us would rather be laying in the casket than giving, the eulogy because, public, speaking ranks. Higher on our fears even than, the fear of death so. I, want to just normalize, the. Intimidation. Factor of. Leading. Live events, and, I. Want to just share that one. Of the ways out of that is to have a, tribe, of, other entrepreneurs, that are doing this alongside you we, have clients right now literally that are teaming up and attending. Each other's events, supporting. Each other's events my. Client grace just, just. Did just went to my client, Lisa I was doing a, meet-up. And a tree here in the South Bay Area for women, who are looking for their beloved, relationship. And you know grace went to support her and lisas gonna go support grace, you. Know here in our tribe we say friends. Don't let friends speak. Alone right. It's, so much easier when you have other women, to attend, your events with you who know what you're doing who know how intimidating it, is. Women. That you can practice your offer with, and. Women, that are really learning those plans and those strategies alongside, you so in a few minutes I'm gonna let you know about a way that you can actually join us here live and, in Santa, Cruz. In, March to. Plug into this tribe so, that you can really once and for all get the plans, the, strategy, is the. Formula. For making an offer on stage. The. Community. To, really gather alongside, you, so that you're not out there you. Know it feels kind of like you're sitting on the little branch of a tree I know I've, been there, really. Get you the community, and the. Plans the, the business solid, dependable, business. Plans that you can rest into. To. Really help you rock out your business in 2018. But. I want to teach you the third strategy to fill your events and that. Is to be, sure that, you have a. Tangible. Result. A hot, topic, a hot. Title, for your events, and you, might be saying yourself--all, sage you, just told me people could come for free like if.

It's Free won't, they just come and the answer, is just know like, they want they're investing. In you with their time right. Time, is a valuable, precious. Commodity. Let's be honest, nobody. Out there has more time than you do we all have the same amount, of time and. When people invest in you with their time they're, investing. Because, they, want the outcome okay. And so, our. Client, Angelica. I had this workshop, she was trying to fill and it was called live your passion. Live. Your passion. Nobody. Was coming she was super, frustrated because she's like I have all these tools to teach people about how to live their passions so. We changed, it we. Changed, her title to three, steps to. Design your, passionate. Career. Three. Steps to design your passionate career and then she had a subtitle, that was said supporting. Women in Career Transition to. Create their meaningful, next, chapter. Very. Specific. Right. You. Think about her first title live, your passion, who's that for that could be for anybody write her. Second, title was specifically. For, women who. Were in career transition wanting. To design their passionate, career, so. Um. Her. Workshop sold out she was having 12, people at 10 15 people attend. 20 people attend and now, she's. Launching her group program she has a handful of private clients, and she's filling her first group program she's doing really really well and it's, all because, she has a more, specific. Title. For, her workshops so, feel free to post your title, below we. Like to encourage, you to make, sure that your title passes. What. I call, the face test so, when you say your title, I actually. Have, a face, come, to mind right like I can think of somebody that I would want to send to your workshop, because. If you don't do. This so you don't get specific. You're. Like a small, fish in a big pond and if. You are willing to get more specific, you. Become like a big fish in a small pond, because, you become known for providing. A certain outcome, to. Your client base your, customer, base all right and that's when your phone starts ringing and, people, start emailing you and then. The next step is going. To be to, learn to, really put, the launch plan, in place, to. Fill, your speaking, engagements, and launch whatever program, you want to launch really. Design, and build out that program and the, next step is really to, master, having. An enrollment, Congress, hñ so. That you can sit down with people who attend your workshops and events and have. A very, strategic. Conversation. About what they're looking for and what's in the way and then. To. Really position your services, is the answer, to their prayers and that conversation. It, took me about eight, months to really master that, conversation. And it takes my clients. You. Know at least three or four months, to, really, get good at that conversation, and what that what, that looks like is then for.

The Rest of your career, you. Can talk to people who might be interested in your services and you can dependably. Turn. Half. Of the people that you talk to into, paying clients, like wouldn't that be amazing if you knew you. Had mastered, that skill, well. The first step and, notice, what I'm doing here because I'm actually about, to make you an offer all right so take notes, the. First step to, master. That. Conversation. With. Potential, clients, so, that you get so good at having that enrollment conversation so that half of the people that you talk to become. Paying clients, the. First step is to attend. Our three-day live event in March it's. Called a win and rocking business live and the, course strategy, that we teach at women rocking business live is to, become a master, of enrollment, so, that you actually get the whole formula for. An authentic enrollment. Conversation, I teach you what I call my grow model and I teach it to you like inside, and out and we practice, it and then you practice it and you really get it in your bones and we, have women, go out at the lunch break and call. Somebody. Up who maybe had shown interest in their services, over the weeks or months or years and we, have women. Enrolling. Clients. From, that event in fact we add it up how much money we made as a collective. Tribe last, March we, made over three hundred and fifty thousand, dollars we. Had something like forty. Or fifty women go, out from, that event and enroll. Their first high-level high, paying client, in two thousand dollar packages, five thousand dollar packages, just because. They. Had spent them. Learning, the enrollment, conversation it's, so, inspiring, to be in that room so we're. Doing the event again it's called women rocking business live, it's the ultimate, entrepreneurial. Women's, Leadership Summit and we've. Opened, up exactly. 50 tickets, for you, for my tribe this, month, before. We open up the event to the public, at the, new year now. When. You do happen to, women rocking business live it is a completely, free ticket, but. All you need to do is put, down a $100. Seat deposit, that's fully, refundable and, what that means is that you'll get it back at the door all, right what. Would it be like to, come to California, and I know some of you are thinking, that's. A long way I live, in Argentina I, live, in Australia. Every. Year we have women fly in from Japan Canada. Australia Brazil. Argentina. Don't. Miss this opportunity last. Year we had 450. Women, in the room the, year before that we had almost 500. Women in the room we're, gonna have over 500, women this year probably closer to 600 women.

Here. In Santa Cruz California right. On the California, coast women, entrepreneurs, from all over the, world learning. Enrollment. Together and getting, my three love, based launch, plans together now. These. Are the exact launch plans that I used to, get my company to seven figures and hire, my team we have a team of almost 12 women who work for us now. I'm. Living my dream life like. Yeah. It's not perfect, but it is like I mean I woke up with tears in my eyes. Sometimes. I just wake up and I think how did I even get here like, I was a school, teacher making, $28,000. A year sitting, in meetings all the time. I, get. To do what I love I have total, freedom and I'm putting a stake in the ground for, you to, have that freedom as well so you can travel. Where. You want when you want with who you want you can work with who you want to work with and it, starts, by you having, the. Skills. That. You, can really lean into you that allow you to enroll clients. Over and over and over again and having. The tribe to help you implement so. Consider, joining us. These. Tickets are open first-come. First-serve. They're. A completely. Free ticket this is a four hundred and ninety seven dollar event every, year we have women buy tickets, to the event it's you. Know the the ticket alone I mean I've had women come up to me at the end of the event and tell me that this event, is worth thousands, of dollars tonight, I'm looking. At you in the eyes and I like I know in, my heart that the event is worth thousands. Of dollars and, the reason, we open up free tickets is because, you, have, been a part of women rocking business now for a matter of weeks or a matter of months you've, been here on, these wealthy women Wednesday, Facebook, live episodes, you've, been a part of the tribe and for, some of you you might know in your heart and in your soul like, it's time to, join us in person we. Want to make it as easy as possible for you to do that so. The event is March 6. Through, the 8th just. Click on the link below to. Find out all the details and to find out how you can claim your free ticket and. When. You do that this week we're. Also going to send you an, extra, bonus training we're, gonna send you a copy of the. Irresistible. Client. Attracting, website. Training, I did for my year-long clients. This is one of their favorite, training calls because. I want to be sure that you have the skills to get up a simple, client, attracting, website before. You come to the event in March so. That when you come in March you're gonna have your website launched. You're. Going to have connected, with the other women on the Facebook page and you're. Gonna be making strides towards. Positioning. 2018. As by. Far the, most successful year, yet in your business, and for some of you 2018. Is going to be the year that your business really gets established.

So. Please. Consider. And. I want to welcome those of you that are hopping in we just had a but we just had several tickets go through I can't see the names yet but I'm seeing them pop up on my screen, here I want, to welcome those of you that are popping in we. Already have over to, almost. 200 last time I took that was about a hundred and eighty of you that have already registered, your tickets, so. Consider. Being among the. Nearly two hundred women that have already raised their hand to say sage I'll be there I'm making it a priority I'm making a commitment this. Tribe is waiting. For me. And. I'm ready to learn to rock and roll mint and get the love based launch plans and join a tribe, of entrepreneurs sisters that I can network with and, they're taking the same bold, action, steps as I am so. All you've got to do is click on that link in, the comment, section and head. Over check. Out the details of the event consider. Joining us in Santa Cruz will get you all the details right. You'll fly into the San Jose Airport it's 20 minutes away you can her down here there's a bunch of really, sweet hotels. All. Within. Walking, distance of the venue we. Have women flying in from all over the world and. We'll. Give you all of our best recommendations. Of where to stay and how. To plan your trip so you can actually travel with, other women who are attending the event as well you'll be added, to a private, Facebook page full. Of women who are just attending, women rocking business live and, we'll, get you connected up with other women so you can do ride shares, and, room shares, nobody. Attends this event alone it's a communal. Sisterhood. Experience, so, come join the sisterhood, live March. 2018, March, 6 to the 8th all. You've got to do is register your, ticket. By putting down a $100, fully, refundable seat deposit, click. On the link below and I cannot wait to see you there to help you master enrollment, and find, your clients, because, they really are waiting for you they're, not just waiting for someone like you they're actually, waiting. For you we'll. Be back next week with women rockin Wednesday's Facebook. Live I love having you congratulations. For being here thank you for building your business alongside, us and I can't wait to see a bunch of you in March. At the women. In business live. Sisterhood. Event on the California, coast in, Santa Cruz California, overlooking. The ocean creating. Dreams, will. Manifesting. Our passion, businesses, together I'll see you there ma, bye goddesses.

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