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3.8 Lakhs ++ Live Trading Profits || Monthly Expiry Special || BankNifty Options || BoomingBulls

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Hello guys! My name is Anish Singh Thakur and welcome to this live tradig video. Today, in this live trade video, you will get to know on which day should we trade, on which day we shouldn't trade. And we have booked a profit of around 3.9 lakh rupees. which had gone up to 6 lakh rupees as well. But still, why did I book on 3.9 lakhs?

So, what is the psychology behind all these things; I welcome you to watch this video, but this video is actually full of learning. And there are lot of details; there are very minor and little things that you would get to hear. You will enjoy a lot, if you watch this patiently, if you devote complete time to it. This is a long duration video. If you devote time to learn from this, you will love it, and definitely you will give a like to the video. Okay. So, I welcome you to watch this video.

Watch it patiently when you would have the time with your earphones on. Watch it on a big screen so that you are able to see the details also. And I'll meet you at the end of the video, as I told that I would be telling some important things which I have learnt. Recently, I was reading a book, was reading 2-3 books, I'll share that with you. Thank you.

Hello guys. This is the expiry day, and till now, after watching it for a long time I have entered in two trades now. This is the first trade, Bank Nifty. We have entered after a lot of consolidation around this horizontal line horizontal line at 31368 levels. After taking the resistance we got a pattern similar to an evening star at 5 minutes timeframe.

We have made an entry over here. This is our entry, okay. In the Money... In the Money is put.

Here is GAIL The strategy that I had given to you on the Pivot trading website, see, GAIL has come over here. And it didn't breakout it's fresh levels till now. The 09:15 of this is Open.

This is it's Open, can you guys see... The Open itself is it's Low. See, it's written here. No, the Open of this... Yes, the Open of this that is here... sorry, this is it's Open... sorry, this is it's Open...

Market comes here. It has broken out it's Low for the day. It has broken out it's Low for the day here, look. It's has broken out the Low. We have made an entry with a little position. There are two small targets, The stop loss is very simple above this wick.

It's stop loss is above this wick. One simple target is this. And let me tell you our second target after checking the moving averages.

This is the second target. Our 200 moving average is at support level. That is why we have short a quantity of only 20,000 right now. The moment it breaks this also, it makes one more new Low, we will trace this target of it. that we have to achieve this target in it, which is it's 200 moving average. This is the target, and I'm just keeping...

I just have an eye on this, this Open interest which is there of Bank Nifty and Nifty. It is increasing, okay. in every few time intervals it is increasing. Like...so, let's see.

It might be a build up day. Let's see in some time whether it increases or decreases. If it increases, then it's going to be a build up day; if it doesn't increase then it can be something like short covering, long unwinding. So, okay, right now this also... has closing happened on 15-minutes timeframe also now? Yes, it has. We'll do on Bank Nifty also... on Bank Nifty also we will increase our quantity, and we will increase our quantity on GAIL also, In Bank Nifty on the same strike price we will increase it, after breaking of 50 moving average...

okay, and after breaking of 50 moving average, here it is... because 15 minute closing has taken place. We will make a minimum target till here.

First, right now this is our stop loss on the highs of the day. This will remain my first target over here. That is approximately... I have short somewhere here when the evening star was made.

that is approximately around 120 points, okay. We will add more quantity now if this breaks out, otherwise we will work on this much quantity. On GAIL... we will add quantity on GAIL when it will break the fresh Low, okay.

So... or I am finding more stocks. Reliance has also made breakout on it's triangle, symmetrical triangle, touched it and has come back. I'm having an eye on this also to see what is happening here.

I am checking this also as to what is this stock of our doing. And Bajaj Auto is also on my list. Bajaj Auto is also taking support here from a very long time.

And if we will check it's opening, we'll see that it's opening has taken place here. And it has fallen directly after opening, so, it's not... These are the levels. It will take support from this, that's why I am not making an entry on this. But... okay,

a momentum has come on GAIL over here. It's good that I didn't take greater quantity, very large quantity. I have taken it according to my risk management. Even if I incur a loss, how much would it be, 6000 rupees loss. no problem with that. So, by taking this, I...

let me check the stop loss, how much have I put. I have put it as 122.50. 50 paise, 122.50, okay, that's correct. I think it should be 122.60, I believe. 0.60 is better. 0.60 should be the correct stop loss. Why?

Many people ask why such a stop loss. Look, we are putting it as 122.50 after seeing these highs. When you are observing that some time back also, yesterday also it has taken rejection, then why not the... Logical should be 1.65, 5 paise greater than that too. See, your genuine stop loss should be here. Okay, I had done on this stop loss very quickly then so that I can take the order, and then I will make it 0.65

and then I should not touch it. After setting it once, you should not touch it. 122.65, 15 paise.

So, the stop loss is of 65 paise, that's nothing. Okay, now let's move to... Okay, okay.

Now the stop loss is around 122.65 right, our stop less is here, Okay, let's check it once. Okay, fine, okay.

Now no... no... not making any more quantity, not adding any more quantity over there. Let's just create our first target here in Bank Nifty. The day's Low, it had taken support from there and ran.

It could happen that it runs again. While doing closing it can go sideways also. So, we will book our profits once and then we'll look for re-entry if the 50 moving average breaks or if it takes support and some positive divergence gets formed.

If something like that happens, then we do that. Let me have an eye on Reliance because I am finding Reliance very good for a short opportunity, because it is also breaking it's VWAP and making Lows at the bottom. 858400 I think...

Okay, So, GAIL is one trade which we have taken, Let's leave Bajaj because there are a lot of extreme supports in this, so, there is no point. The one which is weaker out of Nifty and Bank Nifty I am trading on that because I have taken a short trade. So, Bank Nifty. There is no point of doing Nifty. There is no point of doing Reliance also now till the timese these levels are continuing.

We should sit patiently and study the market, observe it. We will check the value of Bank Nifty now. It's pretty low, RSI seems to be very weak. RSI seems to be very weak. Consolidation has already happened. It's a new 15 minute candle.

It will retest the levels now. In GAIL, it's reaching our stop loss. Our stop loss is around this, 122.65. Strong resistance VWAP, and PVSI, and 200 EMA also.

Okay, our stop loss is about to hit in GAIL, and that is completely okay. And a lot of people panic and they exit thinking it is enough, this is the stop loss, let me exit. You should not do that. That is called foolish or dumb exit. A lot of people do that actually. Even I used to do that, and so, that's why I don't do that anymore.

That's why, after putting a genuine stop loss, don't touch it. I still think it's a little tight, but, that's okay. We should respect the stop loss that we have put. If the closing of the candle happens at this level, then I will stop, because look, the candle is left to be closed at the 15 minutes timeframe. That is important that I observe this candle.

It has almost been done in this, stop loss has hit in this, it has become 0.50. So, being 0.65 is not a big deal at all. See this, it has hit on 0.50. Has it happened... This is our stop loss only that has hit, I guess.

Let's see. No, stop loss is left, that's good luck! It's touching 0.60 and coming. That's great! Let me keep Bank Nifty open.

Okay, the stop loss has been hit. We might have exit. We exit with 18,000 loss. No, not a problem. That trade had that much potential that it could have given us huge profit also, more than that. So, stop loss got hit in that, not a problem. Now what happens in this, that it will tell us the current price action.

Okay, the current closing will tell us that what is to be done. One stop loss hit for the day. I can do one more if I want to trade in equity. in equity or futures. If it happens in that also, trading will stop. Now, I don't feel like doing this one because you don't gain benefit by focussing at more things, or four different things.

The trade which we have taken in Bank Nifty, how it is formed, that is what we have to see. Let's have a look at this and then click. Here we have just seen the higher price rejection, a red candle. And it is... it has closed below the Pivot levels now, and it's coming down now, okay. So, we did good by not running from here due to fear.

This is what happens a lot of times. The 15 minute candle had not closed. Now the 15 minute candle has closed. Right now, the price action of this candle matters a lot to me, in the sense that what is going to happen here. I mean, if you make trading... if you trade for process, not just for the sake of P&L, it works pretty well. It works better.

This trade is still not in my favor, this trade can go even now. That is why I am not adding quantity. Else you always add quantity on a winning trade and you don't add quantity in a losing trade. It's not at all a winning trade. Right now it's struggling itself that this quantity is able to make profit for me, so, what wonders would new quantity do. But there is a very big problem in all traders, especially in new traders, to add quantity in losing trade.

The moment they see a loss, they start investing more. And gradually by doing this, heavy loss is incurred. You don't have to do this. So, that's why keep sitting. Let's see

what happens in this situation. Candle close, two candles are left. Consolidation is taking place here. The button is ready to exit.

I will click immediately and exit any time here, but only when I am wrong, when I am wrong and that is proved, But despite of being right if you come out of the trade, then there is nothing more frustrating than that. You do more revenge trading, you do more losses, you take overtrading. You would have seen last time also that I didn't do any overtrading, and especially on Monday... Tuesday, Wednesday, I didn't do trading at all for two days. I didn't get that approriate levels. Now because we are at good...

I got one [inaudible], a proper... this is an evening star kind of pattern, you see evening star breaking your VWAP and cloaing below. Very good... very good reason to hold, put trade. Very good reading, fresh positions are not being created. That is what falling of OI means.

Existing positions are either decreasing or increasing. So, I don't think so it's a build up day. And moreover it's 31st December, we don't know how many people are active today. How many institutional traders, how many HNI traders are trading, I don't know.

Now coming up, consolidating big red candle with a formation of an evening star breaking VWAP, again consolidating. Unable to close below these levels. Look, it will give a closing on this. New breakdown happens, that bit is a... that is a call for a new sell opportunity. If the market is creating this structure, this, then this is a new sell entry.

We'll add some quantity if VWAP breaks and closes. I really feel like increasing the quantity from now itself, I am feeling that I have won. But that is what is wrong. We should always do things that are quantified; quantified as in being real, something that I want. Everyone wants profit should to be made. It's right here where it's very important to control, that I, maybe if I increase the quantity, loss occurs. So, till the time it doesn't close at the bottom, either you break it, or when it closes at the tip on breaking, as in if it's closing without wick and 20 seconds are left, or 30 seconds are left, or 1 minute left, even then we guys can make an entry in that.

2.5 minutes are left. How much is 2.5 minutes, it's a lot. After 2.5 minutes, how much timeframe in 15 minutes... Okay, this is important and it has same time.

There is no point, I will not add the quantities over here. And I would keep, like, my risk management, my capital protection as my primary goal right now without... It's more important to save capital rather than making money now. Okay, great. Now we can... perfect, perfect. Still you don't have to do it.

No matter what happens, you don't have to increase the quantity, you don't have to increase it now till the time the candle is not going to close. If it closes, we would have done it, that it happened. I would have done it now, I would have taken it here, if I would have increased the quantity, it would have shown me a loss over here. This happens with everyone. No matter how much capital you gain, but don't make this mistake.

In that case, neither do it at the top or the bottom. Wait for the candle to close. I mean, anybody would think that oh no, I wish I could have increased. No.

It can become bullish anytime, that's not a very big deal. Okay, now the wicks. Volatility has increased just now. 861150.

6675600. So it's unwinding. Okay, 47 seconds are remaining in this right.

Now we are going ahead, 30-40 seconds left over here. Now we are buying and not selling you. But we are buying. Let's put 2200 quantity.

Let's put 2300 quantity. Go ahead, buy. Okay, just added some more quantities. Okay, 20 seconds are remaining as of now... 40 seconds are remaining.

If the candle would have to close now, then it would have closed till now. Righ now, there are not 100% but 99% chances that it is giving closing at the bottom. Let's see. This is the kind of price action that I have experienced, that in what way does the price move.

Although I am discussing at a shorter timeframe, It is on bigger timeframe also, but let's see 15 minutes timeframe has closed now. My flag and pole pattern has broken. And, let's see from which side does the market start it's journey. Great, that's what we wanted, right, we wanted that only guys. Yes, we wanted that only. If you will see here now, then you will become happy.

See, many people got scared om seeing it as negative. I didn't get scared, neither have I become happy on seeing this, you don't have to be happy on seeing this, nor you have to be scared on seeing that. You have to follow the process and sit back. If it's an expiry day then very, very big... then I should take all the 500 points. You don't have to do that.

The way you incurred a loss, it had shown loss of 70,000-80,000, or 90,000 max to max. And it has shown the profit above that in the same. That is why there was a reason for me to hold. Now still... you always write down in your copy, still I can hit the stop loss. No one knows what's gonna happen. Market is full of uncertainties.

Till the time you don't say this, or you won't feel it emotionally, nothing can be done. That is why sit tight. Let's sit comfortably and observe it as to what's happening. And my full, whole and sole purpose to record this even... why do I need to talk so much, I can sit comfortably and do my trade, do my charts.

Still I am recording this because I know it would be expected that since it's expiry day and New Years day, so, might be possible that I upload something. Whether I incur profit, loss or whatever, it is my learning that people like. Nobody gets money by seeing my money. You guys don't get any profit, right.

So, the learning that is there, those are real emotions, I am reading books, it was my new year's goal that I had to read 4-5 books. I read one trading book. I will give you the simple tips of that at the end of this video. It's all in the execution, how you execute your trade. And experience is a big thing.

So, fine, I'll tell you about that at the end of the video Right now, even I have to stay here. Good, good, it's happening. Like fine, that is good that's happening. Look, how good it's happening. Look, how good it's happening. Does anyone want to see the P&L? Come and have a look.

You saw the P&L? Let's leave P&L, it will keep going and coming. We have to let our brain remain peaceful at this moment. And this big red candle has formed, we have to focus on that. We don't have to run and exit at 3 lakhs, at 2.5 lakhs, see, it came down to 2.5 lakhs.

I had to show it to you, so, I showed it. Otherwise, I don't feel like seeing it. Recording, that's why showing it to you. Now let's see the first target which I told you. For me it's this, 200 moving average, and that has already hit, this is hit.

This is already hit. But if this... now, let me see this... Has it hit on this also? No, it hasn't hit on this. It will hit on this, I know that. How it behaves here, that is very important to know. So, this is the day's Low. Whatever it is, we need to understand price action now.

Right now, we guys have to focus somewhat on the price action. This is 187, which means if it gives closing of 50 points at the bottom, then my target is very big. But I can't have such a big target. It can be there too, but I don't know.

It's expiry day, so, let me see whata I will do or not do. If rest of the data points are supportive, what will be the open interest, it's an unwinding day right, it's a... it won't be a very big day, it will go sideways. This is an unwinding day, whatever is happening, It is decreasing gradually. There is no...[inaudible] were being created over here.

So, this is 15 minutes timeframe. I am opening it again. Okay, the market breaks it down. So, a very big opportunity gets unlocked for me over here. I am already going along with 200 moving average. I don't need to see Reliance now. Let's open Bank Nifty on spot, on this spot, on the spot also, let's go here.

This could be our target, if we have to exit immediately. It is giving this around 2. Let me see somewhere else too. But this is it, candle is closing gradually and it is falling continuously, this is a good news. It's a great news. Great news, big door has happened.

That's awesome. Now the market has gone. This was the breakdown right. It's going to fall like this. Great. Awesome. We came till here guys. 01:43, time left, but time... okay, we have reached the day's Low. We are doing the closing here.

Come here, look at this. I wish this closes here man, it would be amazing. Okay, we bought it at 250 rupees and... 310 rupees.

We have earned 50 rupees right. 50-60 rupees we have earned till now in this option. That's good guys, good. Okay, it's a new candle, it's a new ride. Good ride, good ride, very good. It's about to break,

it's about to break it. It's a good momentum. Okay, see the P&L. Going, going good, pretty fine. It's coming down now.

It has... target of 200 moving average has been completed. We guys doubled that also, it was 3. It has touched 5, so, wait. Let me see what is happening here. Good.

Beautiful guys, when you short the market and you see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 red candles on a 5 minutes timeframe. This wick, this can move up also, to make like a wick, because this is the third candle right, this is the last candle right, Yes, this is the last candle. This can also move up for making a wick. Okay guys, the market is going down. Okay, the candle is about to close, as I had mentioned. I wish it closes here, the closing has been done though.

The market is going down from here okay? [claps] It closed earlier itself. Has the target been completed? Has it? Well, that's awesome then! [laughs] Where is 200 EMA here bro, what's the scene of 200 EMA. Okay no, no, no.

I mean to say how is the situation like on this timeframe, where is the 200 EMA of this timeframe. Is it ahead, but let us try to achieve it. Okay, closing is of two minutes, closing, closing, closing is done. Awesome! It's done, time is up, go down. It's done, it's done, it's done. It's done bro, done, done. Yes, I have talked [laughs] I have talked, touch it and go home, I mean let me go home! It's done, that's really awesome that it's done.

Come here bro, touch it and let me go, let me sleep, Yeah, just let me sleep! [laughs] I have to read books, I have to read a lot of trading books, I have to improve psychology, make it better so that we can do better than this. This is nothing. There are so many good traders in the world. There is lot to learn from them in many books. So, we should read and not just see memes... in memes that what happened in stock market.

We should follow those people who are genuine traders, who actually... Go and check out, follow Steve Burns sir, then you would need anyone else's advice according to me, Steve Jospeh Burns. Follow him on Twitter if you use Twitter, follow him on Instagram if you use Instagram. I even talk to him, ultiimate person. He has written a lot of books, New Trader Rich Trader. That's good.

What about the open interest, what about the open interest, Clearly this market is not going to last very long, it's an unwinding day. This is not a build up day. It's visible now. I am going to exit now, I'm going to exit a trade. just because open interest of futures is decreasing. New positions are not being built.

It's obvious, why would they build, it is expiry. I think it might be rolling over, maybe that's why I wouldn't be coming to know. So, it's not so easy to read the data, it wouldn't be that it's very simple. So many factors are there. That is why not alone data, not alone price... not alone indicators, and not alone psychology, Plus all these three things, it happens by combining all of them. So,

what I am able to see, I'm able to see that I will have to exit now on the closing of the candles taking place. New candles have opened now, and we... we are exiting the trade, we should not leave our profits on the table, we should book the profits now, okay? These are good profits already, no overtrading done, nothing done like that. We should exit now. 3.90 is enough for today. We are done, okay? We are done, today's day is done.

We have made three lakhs ninety thousand [3,90,000]. one stop loss, one target we guys booked and held it for a very long time despite of the market going quite high. Now we are going to sit comfortably, now let's sit comfortably, let us read the data, let us see the price action, if we get an entry again, if it takes a resistance from here. It has already taken the support. There is no positive divergence that I see. There is no divergence. It is still weaker in my eyes. But I don't want to leave profits on the table when the data is telling me.

So, we can now see that it is breaking it's High and going up. If it is comes back... we will again make a re-entry. That will be better if we make a re-entry after a pull back or if some data tells us so, or if the U.K. market opens up. How much is it giving, There is still one hour left for the U.K. market to open. I have no reason to buy also. I don't want to buy,

because I am not getting a positive divergence also. I have the support from 200 EMA, moving average. That is correct, support exists over here.

Still, it is still weaker to me. It was good that we exit now otherwise we would have lost more profit. So, alright, fine guys. Thank you so much for this... like, watching this live video.

Now, if I am taking any entry Since I am posting, I am updating, otherwise this is my end. If I don't do it, an outrow comes directly. I mean I close it, I am not even in that much mood of greed. Already in this week, this month... this months has been really very good. Okay. I'll keep you posted is something happens.

Okay guys. So, you saw the video. You saw that how we reached upto 6 lakhs also, 6.5 lakhs also, but still we made an exit at the right time because open interest was decreasing, wicks was decreasing, market was making lower wicks, taking support from 200 moving average. Due to all these reasons, when we came to know that it's not a trending day, then we should exit that rate, right? And you must have seen that what happened after 5 minutes of making an exit, such a long candle was formed which, as in, what should I tell you, from where to where can it take a person. It can take you anywhere. It will blow away your entire profit, it will put you in negative, it will blow your account, it was such a big green candle! But that was the best thing, we exited when some quantified data came.

Like price action said, data said, eevryone said that you exit. So, I made an exit. So, that's why every day is not the same like, we would make 21 lakh rupees like we made last time. That is why I don't even go in that direction. And you have already seen the video and know that I focus on the process.

So, okay, about that tip that I want to share. I was reading a book, and in that book the person is clearly, simply saying just that everyone thinks about money. Even I started thinking about money that if I make this much money today, I can do this and that. You should not think that. If you start thinking about money, you will lose all your emotional power, and you will think about money, and you wll take bad decision. So, what you should think about?

You should think about psychology; the name of the book itself is The Ultimate Psychology. So, it's a book based on psychology. It's simply saying that only work and only and only work on your psychology, psychology, psychology. While doing this trade, even while live recording I have written down so many pages, I have written all the reasons, what we did, what we didn't, what important fact we got to learn today and what we didn't.. So, journal the things and focus on psychology, on the process rather than the profits. This was the important tip that I wanted to share.

And Happy New Year everyone! And the new year is starting. And my new year plans are that I had to complete five books, out of which I have completed 1.5 books. 3.5 books, as in, three books and one remaining half of a book I have to complete today anyhow. So now, after this no party, nowhere... I won't be going anywhere, I will sit down and complete all those books, and will start my new year nicely in which I make goals etc, make plans, I will be doing all these things, okay.

I will share all these things in my Vlog channel as well. So, if you are interested, you should also subscribe Anish Vlog's channel for a lot of good content like this, okay? Okay guys. So, if you like the video, I know you guys really like the live trading videos. So, the more number of likes I get... 20,000... I had given a target of 15,000 on the 21 lakhs video. I think

I have received more than 20,000 likes on that, above 22,000 likes. I have already made one more video, but I don't have the time to edit and post it. Let me put this first. Later sometime, one more... There was a live trade video of last to last Monday, I will post that. I had booked that on 4,10,000 rupees.

In that also there is some learning. It's not that much though, otherwise I would have posted till now Because I don't have to show how much I earned. Today I earned less profit, it's 3.90. In that I earned 4,10,000, But there's less learning in that and more learning in this. And especially this is expiry day.

So, how quick we have to move, that is also important. Choosing the strike price is absolutely important, okay? Alright, thank you so much for everything. And yes, one more important thing. Some people feel that it's important to trade everyday and it's important to trade a lot, again and again. It's not guys. I am telling you clearly I did not... I haven't traded this week.

I didn't trade on Tuesday or Wednesday also, Today or tomorrow, I guess tomorrow market will remain closed. I trade very less. I am telling you seriously. When I feel that a very important setup has been made, only then I trade, otherwise I don't trade. Overtrading is a very big problem that kills people. You guys saw how many trades I took, I took one trade of GAIL, I took one trade of this.

When I got re-entry, I increased the quantity once more, kept sitting the whole time, no overtrading, right? Stop loss, respect; two stop losses hit, day is closed, only one stop loss has hit for the day, one target has hit. But that, these are some rules which I has told in older videos too I have told, see all the videos if you want the learning, right? Okay guys. So, subscribe the channel if you are new. And thank you so much for the 200k family. I think this is my first video after the 200k subscribers. So, thank you so much guys. I'll bring some more psychological videos, and some technical videos as well okay? Okay, buye guys. Thank you so much.

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