30 Weds 21 Web Series | Episode 4: Are You Married ? | Girl Formula | Chai Bisket

30 Weds 21 Web Series | Episode 4: Are You Married ? | Girl Formula | Chai Bisket

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- Good morning. - Good morning. Is there an interview? To the office. This early? It’s the first time after the Corona outbreak.

Also, it’s Thursday. I’ll stop at a Sai Baba temple on the way. Bye, Meghana. - Hey, did you check your Facebook page? - Yeah, I did. Sorry. Didn’t know it would get posted on your wall too. Hey, chill. It’s alright. Haven’t I told you no one checks it out anyway?

Alright then, Bye. Wait a minute. Let me get you the lunch box. It’s alright. I was planning to eat in the office canteen anyway.

Almost done. Just a minute. Just a minute? Even Maggi would take 2 minutes to prepare. Let's see.

- Here. - Thank you. Why is the box empty? You haven’t revealed your marriage to the office, so - - this empty box should act as a reminder. - But yesterday, you said it was fun. - That was yesterday. Do I have to? What the hell is bothering you, huh? My age or this marriage? The age. Then talk about the marriage. Oh man.

If they ask why they weren’t invited? Blame Corona. If they ask why they weren’t informed? Tell them it was rushed. If they ask for photos? Say that they’re being printed. If they ask about the girl? Say there’s nothing special about her.

Yeah, this is doable. You’re very smart. I know. You haven’t asked the right question, yet. “How do I reveal it to Bangaram?” What? You got married? Stop yelling. You’re joking, right? Would I lie to you? Let’s video call her, then.

What? Weren’t you gonna ask why you weren’t invited? I know you’d blame Corona anyway. Now, call your wife. I don’t have her number, actually.

You don’t have her number? I really don’t. Ok, show me her photos. They’re being printed.

Not the photo album. I meant the photos in your phone, dude. I don’t have any. Prudhvi? Are you sure this ‘wife’ isn’t a figment of your imagination? Hey Karthik! Prudhvi is telling us a joke. - Tell me. I could use a laugh. - No, there is no joke.

Prudhvi got married. Prudhvi got married! That’s the joke. Who told you this? It was Prudhvi.

You made me promise but you’re telling everyone? No, bro. I didn’t tell anyone. So Prudhvi is indeed.. He’s married & has completed his one month anniversary too.

Let me fetch a speaker for you, idiot. Prudhvi got married? Keep it down. Everyone could hear you. You gotta be kidding me. Hi friends. (to Prudhvi) Don't touch me! Our Prudhvi got married. Claps, everyone.

See? No one cares, kid. Prudhvi got us sweets for free. (All) CONGRATS PRUDHVI! - (Prudhvi) Thank you, thank you.

Where are the sweets? He forgot. We’ll meet right here tomorrow & have Kaju Barfi. Now please go. - (Karthik) Go. - (employee) Can't believe he brought no sweets.

See? Even a 2 year old wouldn’t have such a low attention span. Well.. Your 2 month struggle didn’t even last 2 minutes for them.

So I worried too much? Yeah, like it was 2012 & the end of the world. Hello. I won’t believe you. (Both) Great. Get lost! Ok, what will make you believe me? Let’s all go to your house. Anything but that.

Why? Is she that ugly? - Did you compromise for dowry? - No. She looks like Aishwarya Rai in the song ‘Shashi Vadane’. She’s that skinny? She’s that beautiful too. That’s good then. Introduce us. Don’t ask me why.. .. but I need some more time. Make a call, then.

I told you, I have no number. ‘Where there’s love, there’s a way, Kid.’ That’s not ‘love’, that’s ‘will’. You are old enough to write your ‘will’, Grandpa. But Prudhvi is enjoying the age of ‘love’. Now, call her.

I told you, I don’t have her number. Why don’t you wish that she calls? She might do it. You guys saw a shooting star that you wanna wish upon? Get to work.

Someone’s calling me. J-Love army? Seems like some shady hacker. You could lose your money. Cut it. Hey! It's J-Love army. BTS band. BTS? You would always go - ‘SA-VA-GE LOVE’. That band?

Yes. That wasn’t a hacker then. - Ok I’m getting a call again. - (Karthik whispers) Answer it. What do I do? Hello? Who is this? Hello? Is Prudhvi there? He’s here. And you are? You are? Me? I’m Prudhvi’s wife.

What’s your name? (Prudhvi & Meghana) - Meghana. (Prudhvi) - Hello? (Meghana) - Hey. Sorry. The matter is a little urgent. Next Tuesday would be my birthday. - My 21st birthday, actually. - Prudhvi's blushing! I wanted to meet my friends on Monday night. They’re all in Hyderabad.

They’re all asking me. Is it okay for them to come? We’ll talk in the evening. They’ll come on Monday.

We’ll talk in the evening. Please cut the call. They have to take permission from their parents. So.. There’s still time. We’ll discuss it later. Now please cut the call. Ok. Call her.

Why? I just proved she exists. - You were cheating! Call her. - Cheating? Cheating in my office? How dare you? I'll say it. No no no. Then introduce me to your wife. - Sir? - Prudhvi got married, Sir.

Bangaram was angry that he didn’t tell her & then you came. Good job, Karthik. Good job. Sir, I simply told you what happened. I wasn’t talking about that. You weren’t? I’m impressed by how you didn’t waste money on Gyms & gave your belly freedom to grow.

I was talking about that. Keep it up. Thank you Sir. All because of your money only. - Prudhvi. - Sir. - Come to the meeting room. - Ya, Sir. We'll resume after I come back.

What's his problem? Excuse me, Sir? Sir, you called. Prudhvi, are you sure you entered every detail into this worksheet? Which one Sir? The last quarter's worksheet, man. Of course I did, Sir. I missed nothing.

Are you sure? Sure, Sir. Yes. I’m giving you one last chance. Check if you’ve missed anything. That’s not necessary, Sir. I’m sure.

Don’t lie to me, Prudhvi. Did you mention your marriage here? Sir, that.. Just pulling your leg, man. Happy married life.

Thank you, Sir. Sit. There must have been a reason behind our not getting invited. Yes, Sir. I feel you buddy.

Thank you, Sir. - Did you think it was a waste of time to invite me? - Sir, please. No I know. That’s not you. I feel you buddy.

I mean I wasn’t even informed. I’m sure you had your own stuff to worry about. - I feel you buddy. - Thank you, Sir. You thought it would be awkward to meet us, introduce your wife & - - tell the story of your marriage over the phone, right? - That was it, Sir.

You’re both coming to our house for dinner this Sunday. Right? I feel you, buddy. That's it. Exactly, Sir. - You felt me, buddy. - Good one.

Okay Mr & Mrs Prudhvi. I’ll see you both on Sunday, right? Exactly at 8 PM. Don’t forget, okay? Take care. Bye, Sir. Hey! You’re watching Amrutham? Stop acting so surprised. Tell me. This episode isn’t that funny.

I was talking about the Monday-night sleepover with my friends. Sure, ask them to come. What about you? I’m sure there’s at least one good guy in this vast city who’ll offer me a bed for the night.

I want you to stay. I want Corona to go away, but I don’t see that happening. I’m so tired of using these masks & sanitizers. Also, are you guys in your college days that you wanna do sleepovers? Uh, I meant.. Fine. How many of them are coming?

3 or 4, max. Have you guys even considered getting to bed early & coming here for a morning party? At least stay for 30 minutes. For the cake cutting part. No way.

But since you’re requesting me.. ..11.55 to 12.10. I’ll stay for 15 minutes. I’ll go to Karthik’s. That’s it. Fixed. Hmm. Fine. I almost forgot. My manager’s hosting a dinner at his house on Sunday. The evening lasts 1-2 hours max.

Go. You don’t need my permission for that. Well, he invited us both. Oh. Who was I this time? Colleague or classmate? Why would I lie? I said you were my wife. Oh. How generous of you. You did say I was your wife.

Snake dead. Don’t beat. No use. - Don’t flog the dead horse.. - Why go to the Manager’s house? For dinner, of course. - Have you guys considered dining at your respective houses? - Oh. A comeback. Also, why aren’t you more excited for this? Why did you change your sweater? Some idiot spilled coffee on me in the office cafeteria.

Luckily I had a spare in the bag. Anyway.. If you say ‘yes’ to Sunday’s dinner, I’ll say ‘yes’ to staying for the birthday party. Deal? No deal. Not interested. You think I can’t go it alone? - Please. No one’s stopping you. - Maybe I will. Look. Since there’s a quote in RTC buses that says ‘ladies first’, I’m inviting you again.

I’m declining. Also, it’s not ‘Ladies first’. It’s ‘Ladies only’. Whatever. What will it take for you to come with me? You gotta spend time with me & my friends from Monday’s dinner to Tuesday’s lunch. Don’t mention the ‘age’ thing. We should be ‘roommates’ again.

Also, you shouldn't - And I just figured out why genie grants everyone just 3 wishes. This is too much for me, so let’s cancel everything. I’ll apologize to my Manager. Um, fine. Just stay with us for the cake cutting on Monday evening. Please? Deal? Okay? Okay. So the dinner's back on? Yes. I’m very excited about Sunday, roommate.

(Prudhvi humming a hit 90s song 'Aunty Kuthura Ammo Apsara') Shall we go? Hey! We’re going to dinner, not D-mart. Go change into something better. You look dressed for an interview & you’re commenting on me? Not good. Why do all this? Wear a saree, apply bindi & you would look like Goddess Mahalakshmi. So sad.

People of this generation have absolutely no sense of style. All set. Set the glasses too. Actually, Mrs Vasudha (Manager’s wife) can be sensitive and judgmental.

Don’t take her words seriously. Sir. Prudhvi, where are you? We’re at the door.

Ok, ok. Prudhvi is the human incarnation of punctuality. Our manager is the human incarnation of humor.

Alright, come on in. Come. Oh please sit, dear. Feel at home. So, Prudhvi.. All good I hope? How’s married life treating you? We’re fine, Sir.

Vasu Sis? Vasu? - (Vasu) I'm coming. - (Prudhvi) Dunno what she'll say, Sir. - Hello, Sis. - You wait. Meghana. My wife, Vasu. Vasu, Meghana. Prudhvi’s wife. - Hello. - Hi. Ok, now tell me.

Why did you get married without inviting us? In secret? Sorry, Sis. It all happened in the lockdown. So.. Hmm. If you say so. You guys relax. The food will be prepared soon. Meghana, why don’t you go along? Why her? Don’t worry, Prudhvi. I won’t make her cook. I hope you don't.

She isn’t a good cook, Sis. Then why don’t you come cook? Sis! You guys continue. We’ll join later.

Come. You look great in saree, uh.. Meghana. Meghana. You have a beautiful home, Aunty.

'Aunty'? Do I look that old? Sorry, I mean.. Since you’re the Manager’s wife, Prudhvi has asked me to address you with respect. Just call me Vasudha.

That would be too soon.. Is ‘Madam’ fine? It's ok. Why don't you tell me about your wedding ceremony? It happened during lockdown. We had a modest ceremony. There wasn’t much in the way of a party, so we took very few photos.

Yeah, it just happened. So, how did your wedding happen? Our wedding? Well, it was.. Marriage is just like a booze party. It doesn’t matter what or how much we boozed. What matters is the motive & the events that follow.

Yes, Sir. Sir, you know. Why not? You got married, right? I don't drink, Sir. You’ll make a habit of it soon. - Cheers. - Thank you, Sir.

I went to an all-girls college, so I developed many habits. What are your habits? Well.. Any pastime you can indulge in without getting tired. I love cooking. What about you? Then I guess I have no habits.

I always feel tired. That’s what I was like when I was your age. Age is just a number, Prudhvi. After his 25th year, every man is an ‘Uncle’. If he's above 50, he’s a ‘Grandpa’.

You're right, Sir. Marriage is like wine, - - but the wife isn’t a peg. The first peg does nothing. The second one is intoxicating.

After the third one, - - you'll just stop giving a damn. I don’t see how this analogy works, Sir. This is my third peg. So I will spout bullshit philosophies. Ignore them. You can’t ignore - - everything that troubles you.

You both got married. He married you & you married him. It's not just that 'he married you'.

How does it matter, Madam. No matter who marries whom, - - only together, they’re called a couple. So ‘who married whom’ is an irrelevant discussion, for a couple.

Perceptions, dear. You can understand it in any way. But you shouldn’t forget living on your terms. Have you guys forgotten us? We’re coming, Sreenu. Alright, Prudhvi. Let's have dinner. Take a seat, dear.

Meghana, do you eat meat? No, Sir. Neither does Vasu. So Prudhvi, you're a converted vegetarian like me. That’s not an issue, Sir. I’ll cook if he wants me to. You’re really lucky. Yes, Sir.

Not everyone gets to be this lucky. Thanks. So, this year you finished B.Tech. What next?

I haven’t even decided on tomorrow's breakfast menu. So naturally, I haven’t figured out my career path yet, Madam. Just passed-out, right? Figure your career out in the next 2 years. No hurry.

No, Sreenu. Your take-it-easy philosophy doesn’t apply to this metro generation. Maybe, the philosophy we choose depends on our perception, Madam. Meghana.

That’s correct, Meghana. Whenever you feel like doing a job, give me the first call. I want people like you in my office.

What do you mean ‘correct’? - Getting married because you don’t know what else to do in life? - Sis! That was unnecessary, Vasu! No, Sreenu. We must instruct people this age. They should have a goal, right? Life isn’t easy. And if there’s no goal at all? Tell us. Don’t force us. Suggest us, but don’t dictate to us. You decided 10th, Intermediate & B.Tech. Let us figure out what’s next.

Let me figure out what I’m capable of. - And on top - - Meghana! That's enough. Let her continue, Prudhvi. Sis, you too? She’s a little girl.

Ignore what she said. No one’s fighting here. Let her speak. Speak. Nothing. Nothing. See? That’s exactly my point.

‘Nothing’ won’t take you anywhere in life. She has no goal even after graduating. That’s why it’s important to obey everything the elders say. Sis, please let it go. I’m 30 & I still have no answer as to why I married her.

Cut her some slack. She’s a little girl. She’ll learn soon enough. Let’s eat. Please. Finish it.

I’m very sorry, dear. Vasu is.. unpredictable. That’s okay, Sir. I can understand. Please don’t worry about it. Right, Meghana? But, the next time we’ll have fun. Sure, Sir.

Okay? Sorry again. - You guys take care. Bye. - Bye, Sir. Wow, this cab ride is too expensive. Meghana! Meghana! Stop.

Meghana, stop. Meghana. Meghana, stop. Meghana, please. Stop.

I can’t run on a full stomach, Meghana. There’s an ice-cream shop nearby. Can't we relax there for a while? I just had my fill at dinner. You go. Oh, that? Chill. I warned you about Vasudha beforehand.

That’s her. Let it go. Why didn’t you pull back? You HAD to retort to everything she said. Don’t you have any shame? You blame her because you’re pissed at her. I’m neutral & I think you’re both to be blamed. What the hell did I do wrong? Well, I mean.. You shouldn’t have pissed her.

Did I piss her? Did I? When the topic shifted to marriage and goals, you could’ve kept quiet. Why should I do that? It’s not like I got married to some moron because I had no goals & had nothing better to do with life. You may not know you married me. But I know why I married you - - & why only you. Okay, you know. But did you have to debate with her on that? Just shut up.

When will you stop thinking of me like I’m a little girl? For how long will this go? You think I can plan this, like an IPL schedule? I don’t know. Of course. You don’t bloody know. You don’t know what happened in the kitchen. But you know you should stop me from talking.

She wants everyone to live according to her rules. .. & they should stay aloof, not let anyone get closer.. .. apply rules, restrictions, limits & boundaries.. What the hell is this? Life or a cricket stadium? She spoke about something else. Yes, independence.. She says I shouldn't serve you coffee. I shouldn’t behave according to your liking.

And that you should obey me & I should obey her. Screw her damn rules. You know what? I’ll live on my own terms. I’ll let you scold me, I’ll let you hit me. I'll scold you & even kick you if I feel like it. What's it to her? Sits in front of her laptop & doles out opinions like she’s the saviour of this country.

That dumb bitch. Mind your language. She’s older than you. So freaking what? Look, I’m controlling myself. Don’t irritate me. Don’t make me use foul language.

It’s better if you come home after an hour. Meghana!

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